Reece's Faith, Part 60

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They barely made it home. Reece's hunger escalated as she smelled Faith on her face with every breath she took. Halfway there, she forced Barry to pull over so she could jump into the front seat to avoid the situation that was sure to occur if she had spent one more second looking at her lover, who was giggling over Reece's behavior. Barry didn't need to witness that. He wasn't stupid, by any means, he knew what was going on and was very relieved when Reece relocated. The tension radiating off of the tall woman was enough to make him squirm. He laughed at the way Reece yanked Faith from the car and dragged her up the stairs to the door. He was surprised that they had made it that long without an incident and didn't mind having to get out of the car to close the back door.

Once inside the house, Faith sat on the coffee table to take off her shoes. That was as far as she got on her own before she was practically tackled and stripped in one motion.


Faith's legs dangled over Reece's shoulders, her upper body pressed into the coffee table. The club owner's fingers dug into the actress's thighs as she held her trembling body close enough to satisfy her hunger. Faith's arms were over her head as she gripped the edge of coffee table behind her for support.

Reece rubbed her face all over her lover's sex. It had only been four days, but one would have thought it was a lifetime, considering the intensity she displayed while licking Faith. The actress definitely had something to do with Reece's condition, teasing her mercilessly the entire time, not letting her touch or taste her while she had her way with the tall woman. Reece wasn't going to let her forget.

Faith gasped and groaned as her lover's tongue speared deeply into her depths. Reece pumped the muscle in and out while she shook her head back and forth, rubbing her nose against Faith's clit. The actress's surging hips aided Reece, pulling her deeper with each thrust of her tongue.

Reece tensed her body as she felt her lover's heels dig into her back. Faith started bucking, one hand let go of the coffee table and found its way into the club owner's hair, clutching her closer, holding her in place. Reece grunted her approval as the smaller woman began to jerk, her thighs clenching around her head. She held on tightly and doubled her efforts, wanting to feel Faith explode, lose control of her body, call out her name, cover her face with her juices.

"GOD... Reece!" the actress thrashed around, unable to tear herself away from her lover's relentless mouth. She was helpless but to ride out the elongated orgasm for as long as Reece wanted. "Fuck!" she shouted as the club owner lapped up all her offerings, purring and groaning into her sensitive flesh. "Please! Enough... Reece!" she begged.

Reece backed up, taking one last lick and lowered Faith's backside into her lap. She leaned over and rested her cheek onto the sweat-slicked, twitching belly and lifted her gaze to meet cloudy green eyes.

Faith took a deep breath and blew it out through her mouth. Reece had a very satisfied expression on her face. "You just keep grinning like that," Faith chuckled.

"Hey, I'm quite proud of myself. I love it when you beg me to stop."

"Can I get up now? I can't feel my legs," Faith joked.

"Don't you go anywhere, I'm not through with you yet. Not halfway," Reece leered at her lover and then cupped her sex.

"Oh, baby..." Faith slid her legs off Reece's shoulders. "What do you have in mind?" she asked with a leer of her own.

"I'm going to fuck you," Reece stated and then kissed the pubic hair under her nose. "Long and hard."

Faith shivered. "Mmmm." She stretched her body gaining a growl from the tall woman. "What are you waiting for, baby?" Green eyes twinkled with anticipation.

Reece pulled Faith up for a quick kiss, which turned into a devouring one very quickly. Faith moaned around Reece's tongue, feeling it spear into her mouth as it had between her legs. Tasting herself on her lover's lips excited her and she pressed her lower body into Reece's stomach. Faith pulled away from the kiss panting slightly, still moving against hard abs. Their eyes locked, and Reece licked her lips.

"You better get upstairs now or I'll have to taste you again," Reece warned.


Reece began slowly withdrawing the dildo until only the very tip was left buried and then she slid it back inside just as torturously slow. After a couple more slow thrusts, she withdrew completely. She held Faith down to the bed with a heavy hand on her pelvis as she reached over to the side of the bed and swiped something off the night table, knocking things over in the process.

Faith jumped as the cool liquid splashed onto her overheated sex. She forced open her eyes to see Reece squeezing the cherry flavored lube all over her dildo, the excess sliding off and dripping onto Faith. Her carnal sneer expressing her immense pleasure at the way it looked as it dripped onto Faith's engorged clit. The actress twitched her hips; trying to quell the need for her lover to fill her, touch her.

Reece responded by dropping the empty pillow of lube and reaching down between them, smearing the sweet, sticky liquid all over her cock. Her eyes locked on Faith's as she placed her slippery hand on her lover's open sex, working the lube from top to bottom, from ass to clit.

"Ooohhhhh yeeaahhh...."

Faith's long groans echoed in Reece's head. Taking Faith's ass with both hands, she lifted her up to her face and buried her tongue deeply inside. The combination of tastes was new to the club owner and she relished it. Drawing her tongue out of the warm tasty haven, she sucked on Faith's clit teasingly, watching the green eyes widen and then shut with pleasure.

Reece pulled once more with her lips before lowering her lover back to the bed. Faith opened her eyes and groaned at the vision Reece presented. She was glistening all over, but the way her face and chin shone sent stabs of pleasurable pain to her clit. Faith reached between her legs as Reece once again took hold of her dildo and stroked, while her tongue reached out of her mouth to swipe up the juices from her lips and chin.

"You like watching me play with my cock?"

Reece's raspy voice aroused Faith even more. She opened her legs wider and slipped two fingers inside, offering Reece a better view. The club owner stopped her motions to enjoy the sight. Faith's fingers created wet sounds as they delved into her depths. This drove the club owner crazy and she pushed Faith's fingers away roughly.

"I'm not through fucking you yet," she growled.

"Then finish," Faith replaced her hand to open herself up.

"You want it bad, don't you? You wanna feel me pounding into you." Blue eyes fixed on the sight and Reece's voice cracked with her own need.

Faith narrowed her eyes and reached for the dildo. "Stop playing with your dick and put it in me."

Reece grunted deeply in her chest and allowed Faith to pull her down, guiding her inside. The tall woman thrust her hips hard; burying herself all the way up inside and Faith's pussy ate it up hungrily.

"Fuck, Reece! More!" The actress wrapped her hands behind her knees and pulled them up to her shoulders opening herself as wide as she could.

"Look at you," the club owner grunted through her teeth, the sight before her making her heart pound furiously. "You need me inside you... so deep," she panted, thrusting her hips hard.

"I love you... inside me," Faith breathed between the powerful thrusts.

Reece adjusted her long frame and placed her hands above Faith's shoulders, leaning her weight heavily on them, allowing her to slide her knees down. She straightened out her body and resting only on her toes and hands, she lifted up and drove herself inside her writhing lover.

"Oh... YES!" Faith screamed.

"Uh huh..." Reece grunted with effort. She focused on Faith's mouth as the actress moaned and whimpered with each thrust.


Reece propped her leg over Faith's back as she wound her arm around the actress's thigh. They lay side-by-side, head to toe, each lost in the taste of the other. Faith was totally satisfied and reveled in the long, soft strokes of her lover's tongue as its velvet length slowly lapped at her sex. Reece, however, was not completely sated and her pelvis rocked as Faith's tongue moved purposefully against her, knowingly touching and lingering in all the sensitive places. The actress's hands skittered all over Reece's body, causing little jerks and twitches from the long, muscular body.

"You're driving me crazy," Reece muttered into Faith's thigh.

"Mmm hmm," the actress nodded, scratching Reece's lower back teasingly.

Reece rolled them over so Faith was on top and the actress slithered away from her grasp. "Hey, where ya going?"

Faith repositioned herself between her lover's legs and smiled. "No distractions," she whispered before kissing Reece's sex adoringly.

The club owner folded her arms behind her head and pouted.

Faith chuckled. "You've had enough, Reece. Just lay back and enjoy it."

"You're spoiling me, Faith. Ah!" Reece jumped as Faith's tongue tickled the tip of her clit.


The tall woman closed her eyes and groaned. This was the life.


Faith lovingly kissed Reece's temple and the vein that throbbed under the skin, then licked the salty wetness from her lips. She giggled at the condition of her usually controlled lover as she twitched and groaned intermittently. The actress felt pretty good about herself at the moment, reducing Reece to a pile of mush. She propped herself up on her elbow and traced a line down from Reece's forehead to her lips, studying the face that she adored so much. Running her fingers through thick wet black hair, Faith noticed blue eyes attempting to glare at her. The blonde gave the club owner a quick peck on the lips and sat up, smiling.

Reece narrowed her eyes. "I'm glaring at you. You're not supposed to be happy."

"And just what am I supposed to be doing?" Faith asked running her hands up the long legs beside her, her fingers sliding sensuously over the bent knees.

Reece sighed dramatically. "Well, not that," she gestured with her chin to Faith's hands as they began to lightly massage her thighs.

Faith grinned crookedly and watched her hands as they moved. "I think you have the most fantastic body." She started widening her massage to the tall woman's calves, pulling a soft groan from her throat. Green eyes twinkled in delight. "I love to touch you."

"Wait a sec..." the club owner purred in pleasure, stretched her body as long as it could get and flexed every single muscle, letting all of her limbs hit the mattress with a thud when she was done. "Okay, I'm better now."

Faith gulped, "God, baby. I swear you're perfect." Her gaze danced back and forth, up and down the relaxed body. She replaced her hands on Reece's legs and rubbed.

"Hey," the tall woman leaned up on her elbows. "What's up? Why are you paying so much attention to me? Not that I mind, of course."

"I like it," Faith looked up through her bangs as she watched her fingers flit over Reece's skin, "and because I can." She shrugged. "These last four days, I felt this power, a good kind of power. I had total control of your pleasure and your body." She bent down, kissed and then licked Reece's knee.

"Whoa, hey... that tickled," Reece chuckled, reaching out to pull Faith's chin away from her leg.

"It just startles me sometimes that you are all mine. The fact that you trust me with you in the most vulnerable state, that you give yourself to me willingly..." Faith paused, looking into smiling blue eyes. "I just want to keep touching you. I'm afraid that you'll take it all away from me. I don't know what I'd do if you did."

Reece sat up and kissed her lover. "I can honestly say, I know exactly what you mean."

Faith blushed, seeing the truth in deep blue eyes. "Oh, Reece, I'm not that special. You can have anyone..."

"Stop. You just cut that out. We've been here before. If I can finally accept that you aren't going anywhere, then you can, too," the club owner stared unblinking into Faith's eyes, trying to show her the truth. "God, Faith, I've never trusted anyone, with anything. I trust you with my life. You gotta believe me."

Faith smiled, slightly embarrassed for going there in the first place. She was insecure and sometimes it hit her when there was no reason at all to worry. Like now. "I'm sorry, baby," she grinned sheepishly. "I believe you, I really do. I don't know why I said that."

Reece accepted the kiss and made a satisfied noise in her chest when Faith's arms pulled her impossibly close. They shared kisses, tightly enclosed in the circle of each other's arms for a long while before Faith pulled away to burrow her face in Reece's neck.

"You better now?" the tall woman asked, running her hands up and down her lover's back.

"Much," Faith yawned. "I could sleep right here. Mmmm."

"I gotta pee like a racehorse."

Faith slapped Reece on the shoulder. "Gosh, baby, always the romantic." Reece chuckled. "Go pee."



Faith jumped, Reece groaned.


Faith slapped Reece on the butt; a blue eye glanced at the clock. It was a reasonable enough hour, but, still, she was exhausted.


A long arm reached from under the blanket and grabbed the annoying object. Reece growled into the receiver. A tousled blond head lifted up and a bloodshot green eye popped open to investigate.

"Oooo, Reece, bad timing?"


The blonde head hit the pillow and Faith turned over, snuggling her naked butt into her lover's side. Reece continued in a gravelly voice. "Is my house on fire?"

"No, but..."

"Are you on fire?"

"Reece, I just..."

"Good then." As soon as Reece hung up the phone, it rang again. She bolted upright and gave the phone her evilest glare. Faith grumbled and pulled the covers over her head, glad the phone was on Reece's side of the bed.

"This better be fucking good, Freak!" Reece paused and hung her head. "Oh man, sorry, Mr. A..." The comforter groaned and Reece shot the lump beneath it a look. "Hold on a sec."

Faith's hand appeared and she took the phone under the covers with her. Reece made tracks to the bathroom, grumbling under her breath.

A loud groan was heard from the bedroom and Reece felt a little better that her lover was suffering the effects of their late night-early morning lovemaking. "What did he want?" she yelled around her toothbrush.

"He wants to take me to a baseball game. Did you ever?" Faith padded up behind her lover and rested her face against her naked back.

Reece snickered as she felt all of Faith's weight lean into her body. She's gonna fall asleep like that, she mused, spitting out the toothpaste. "Come on, sleepy head, you gotta get into the shower."

"Don't wanna."

"Your dad don't need to smell you or me, for that matter." Reece aimed her sleepy lover towards the shower and patted her on the butt.

"No. Changed my mind. Not going." Faith fell into the tall body, wrapped her arms around her back and sighed contentedly.

"Aw, babe. He really wants you to go. Just this once wouldn't kill you." Reece kissed the top of Faith's head and walked them towards the shower. "I'll wash you?" she offered, turning on the water.

"Mmmm. K. That sounds good." Green eyes opened and Faith grinned at the nipple near her face. "Morning there cutie," she said to it.

Reece chuckled, "If that's what motivates you..." She let go of Faith and pinched both her nipples to attention, then stepped into the shower.

Faith's eyes lit up, her vision narrowed on the two rigid points. "Oooo yeah. I'll follow those anywhere."


Reece didn't have much to do that day, so she went back to bed. Lately, with what Faith had been putting her through, the gym seemed almost silly. She was sure all of her major muscle groups got the workout they needed, the minor ones, too.

After her nap, the club owner dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and took Smudge out for a walk. On the way back to the house, she spotted Faith before the actress saw her first. Reece snuck up behind her lover and whispered in her ear, "Hey, little girl, wanna piece of candy?"

Faith shivered. "Oooo, what kind are you offering?" she turned around and wound up in the circle of Reece's arms; Smudge jumped up and down trying to get her attention.

"Any kind you want," Reece kissed her lover and released her, allowing Faith to bend down and pay attention to the puppy. "Did you and your dad have a good time?"

Faith picked up the dog and started walking towards the house. "You know... I did," she smiled. "It was like being a kid again. Me and my daddy, just like the Pancake House. I had a great time." The actress stopped in front of the house and faced Reece with a big smile.

Reece smiled back, "I knew you'd have fun."

Faith nodded rapidly, "Yeah, only this time my dad bought me beer and hot dogs. Did you know I never ate a Nathan's hot dog until today?"

Reece feigned shock as they entered the house. "No, say it isn't so!"

Faith giggled at her lover's expression, "Oh, cut it out." She settled into the living room and took off Smudge's leash. "What did you do today?"

Reece grabbed a beer from the fridge and joined Faith in the living room, sitting on the recliner. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing," she grinned.

"Really? Not even the gym?" Faith watched as her lover swallowed, loving the way she tilted her head back when she did.

"Well, I kinda thought it would have been redundant after the way you've been working me," Reece smirked wickedly and stretched out her body to make her point.

Faith gulped. She was already loving Reece's throat, and now the smirk. "You just keep doing things like that and I'll never let you out of bed, Reece."

"Ooo, now that's scary," she chuckled.

Moments of silence passed as Reece drank her beer and Faith watched her tongue wipe her lips.

Reece raised an eyebrow at Faith's hooded look, "What are you thinking about?"

"You have this most sexy habit. Every time you take a swig of beer, you wipe your lips with your tongue. It's hell watching you drink in public."

"We're not in public now." Reece emptied the bottle and left her lips wet. "Wanna do it for me?"

Faith was straddling her in a flash, sucking the sexy lips she'd been fixated on.

Reece groaned. She pulled herself away and stared at Faith's flushed face. "I do that to you by drinking a beer?" she asked curiously.

"Oh yeah. Then again, it doesn't take much, Reece. I am so into you."

The club owner smiled brightly. "The feeling's mutual. I like that I turn you on."

"Do you ever." Faith wrapped her arms around Reece's neck and kissed her, this time not so hungrily, but sensuously.

The tall woman relaxed and accepted Faith's love. When the kiss ended, both women were smiling.

"What do you want to do with the rest of the day, baby?" Faith asked as she laid her head on a strong shoulder.

"What do you think about a tattoo?"

Faith sat up and stared at her lover, both her eyebrows arched in confusion. "Huh?"

"Well, I think I want one."

"You do? Where? Of what? When did this happen?"

Reece snickered, "Yeah, I do. I was thinking of an armband, right here," she pointed to her bicep. "I saw something I liked down at Violet's shop, but I don't want something that someone else will get, ya know? I want it to be only mine. I was thinking about a small tribal band, maybe with a personal design in the middle of it. Something symbolic. Japanese maybe."

Faith almost laughed at Reece's enthusiasm. "Well, you've obviously given this some thought," she chuckled. "I haven't heard you go on about something like that before."

"Well, what do you think?" the club owner asked expectantly, rubbing her hands up and down Faith's back.

"You're asking me? Its your body, baby," the actress played with a lock of Reece's hair.

"It's more your body than mine, Faith. You certainly have a right to an opinion."

"Are you serious? Oh, Reece, that's so sweet! Of course you can get a tattoo."

Reece lit up. "Yeah? Thanks, I really want this."

"I'll admit that I was surprised that you didn't have any to begin with." Faith leaned her head back on her lover's shoulder and idly ran her fingers through thick, black hair.

"I always wanted one or some, but never could come up with something I wanted to have forever. It's a big decision."

"I always wanted one too, but I was chicken of the pain. Once I got my nipple pierced, that whole fear went out the window. Nothing could hurt like that did."

"Oh? It hurt?" Reece kissed the top of Faith's head.

"Like crazy. Violet wanted to numb it, but I got visions of the dentist and my lip feeling like it was forty pounds. I couldn't imagine my nipple in that condition, so I went for it without the numbing. Bad choice."

"Why didn't you tell me it hurt so bad?"

"Cuz it didn't any more by the time you saw it. Besides, you should have seen your face." Reece chuckled, making Faith smile against her neck.

"I like it. A lot."

"I know, baby." Faith sat up and gave Reece a quick kiss. "Hey, what about animal."

"What?" Reece furrowed her eyebrows.

"The Japanese symbol in the armband. How about animal... or strength... or love..."

"How about Faith."

The actress's mouth hung open. "You'd get that on your arm forever?"

"Why not?" Reece shrugged. "Uncle Frankie always told me to have faith. A million times a day, I should have faith. Then it happened. Faith walked in to my life and changed it completely. I can never go back and I can never forget. It would mean a whole lot to me to wake up every morning and see faith on my body."

The actress looked like she was going to cry as Reece cupped her face. "That is the most wonderful thing..."

"So it's okay?" Reece asked hesitantly. Faith nodded and kissed her lover's palm. "You're not going to cry every time you see it?" she teased. Faith shook her head and sucked a finger into her mouth. "Okay, so it's a plan... what are you doing?" Reece shivered.

"Loving you." Faith continued to suck on Reece's fingers.

"Mmmm, my lips are feeling pretty left out."

"I can fix that."

"No doubt." Reece slipped her hand into Faith's hair and guided her lips to her own.

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