Reece's Faith, Part 61

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Violet, Reece and Faith stood huddled over the tattoo artist like expectant mothers while he drew up the design. It was a small, but strong, design that would frame the symbol in the middle perfectly... reverently. It was just what Reece had wanted. When he finally finished, he held it up to the tall woman's bicep and waited.

"Wow, baby, it's gorgeous!" Faith hopped up and down excitedly.

Reece was more nervous than she let on. Sure, she had a piercing, but it was one needle and it took a split second to finish. This was a whole lot of needles and it was going to take an hour. She blamed her nervous sweat on the small, stuffy studio and Faith seemed to believe her. Good thing, too, the club owner was more afraid of Faith finding out that she was scared than she was of getting the tattoo. She watched as the artist applied the design to her skin and nodded her approval when she looked in the mirror.

"Okay then. All set. Just take a seat over there," Violet said as she nodded to the dentist-looking chair. "I got a client now."

Reece's eyes widened, but she obeyed and lay back in the chair. Faith pulled up a stool and sat next to her with a huge, proud smile.

"Are you as excited as I am?" the actress spontaneously kissed her lover.

The club owner chuckled at Faith's enthusiasm. "Yeah, I can hardly wait," she mumbled.

Faith leaned down and kissed Reece's ear, then whispered in it, "You don't fool me. I know you're nervous, baby, that's why I'm going to hold your hand."

Reece grinned and nodded. Faith knew her better than anyone. Grateful that her lover twined their fingers together, she took a deep breath and relaxed. "Let's go, buddy. I haven't got all day," she said in her best irritated voice.

Faith leaned over her lover to watch the artist start tattooing. She saw Reece's arm flinch of it's own accord when the needles hit. She glanced at her lover's face only to find her staring down her shirt with a big grin on her face. "Does it hurt?"

"Not really. Can you lean a little to the left?" Reece craned her neck to see further into Faith's cleavage.

The actress laughed. "I can't sit like this the whole time, baby," she teased.

"Hey, tat' guy, can she sit on my lap?"

The man stopped working and assessed the situation. It would certainly be a first, but he didn't see any problem as long as Reece didn't move her arm. "Sure, get comfy, but you can't move after I start again, okay?"

"You hear that, Faith? You'll have to sit still."

He pulled the chair into an upright position and Faith sat between Reece's legs, leaning her back into her lover's front.

Faith groaned after they got settled. Reece was breathing down her neck. "Oh, god, this is going to be torture."

Reece grinned evilly and tasted Faith's ear.


"Okay, it's all done. Go take a look at it."

Reece was reluctant to move, having enjoyed Faith being between her legs and at her mercy for over an hour. The actress scrambled off her lover's lap, flushed and breathing erratically. She flashed Reece a look that was a cross between relief and desire. Reece snickered and stood up quickly to hide her own desire.

"Oh, honey, it's awesome!" Faith exclaimed of the tattoo.

The tall woman studied the new tattoo in the mirror from all angles. The black designs around the Japanese faith seemed to twine around it and hold it, almost cradling it. It was perfect. "That looks great. Thank you," Reece smiled widely at the artist.

"I love it, Reece!" Violet said happily. "It looks fantastic!"

"Thanks. It means a lot to me, too. It's not just random ink," Reece said seriously.

"I know," the piercer nodded, sharing a deep moment with her friend.


Reece didn't feel like going into work that night, not after the way Faith behaved when they gotten home from the tattoo shop, but work was work, so here she was. The tall woman didn't want to wear a tux, either. She knew the fresh tattoo would rub annoyingly against the shirt and the ink was going to stain it. Faith suggested Reece change the outfit a little and wear her black long-sleeve T-shirt under the jacket instead of the tux shirt and bow tie.

Reece was glad she listened as the soft cotton felt much more comfortable than the stiff shirt she'd usually wear. Settling onto her usual barstool, the club owner smiled politely at Amber the bartender and then turned to face the club.


Faith lay in bed and looked at the clock for what was probably the twentieth time in two hours. She missed her lover already; it felt like she'd been gone forever. The actress felt even more connected to Reece now, as if the tattoo sealed some sort of open door and she was forever a part of her lover. She felt confident, more than she'd ever been, and she felt special. She rolled over and smooshed her face into Reece's pillow, inhaling and experienced an overwhelming feeling of need wash over her with the scent. Not a sexual need, but a longing to feel the woman she was suddenly so connected with, a need to look at her physical body and not just inhale her essence. Faith became worried at her behavior; after all this time in their relationship, she wondered why she felt this way now. Surely, she could wait the few more hours until her lover came home? Faith felt like she may bust with anticipation. It scared her.


Cori couldn't wait to get finished with her set. She was waiting all night to see Reece... and her new tattoo. Not only couldn't she believe that the woman who called her a freak had gotten a tattoo, but also what she decided to put on her skin forever nearly floored her. Violet had described it in detail and even drew it for her. She told her that it was the perfect embellishment for the perfect bicep. Faith... who woulda thought? The depth of its meaning didn't get passed the dancer and she was almost misty over the whole thing. Of course, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to tease her boss either, so she continued to squeeze through the crowd towards the tall club owner.

Reece could feel the tattoo throbbing and shifted uncomfortably. It wasn't like she was even thinking about it, it simply made its presence known. It burned some and she likened the feeling to a skinned knee. The design wasn't as elaborate on the inside of her arm as on the bicep, but, still, there was ink there and it was pretty sensitive. She held her arm away from her body slightly and pursed her lips. Maybe I need to put that stuff on it now, she thought and then pursed her lips even tighter when she realized she'd have to take off her clothes to do so. Fuck. Reece pouted until she saw the curious looks she was getting from Amber and grinned sheepishly.

"Whassup, Boss? You look kinda moody," the bartender said as she swiped Reece's glass away.

"Ah, it's nuthin." Blue eyes looked up and Reece's gaze traversed the expanse of skin Amber was exposing, stopping on the thin Celtic style armband.

Amber blushed at the blatant examination. She, like all the other women in the club, harbored a big crush on the boss and the way the tall woman seemed to be checking her out made her giddy. She spoke before she could control herself. "See something you like?"

Reece's both eyebrows shot up and she fought the blush of embarrassment she suddenly felt, just that second realizing how she was misinterpreted.

"Uh, actually, yeah," she stammered. When the hell did I become such a nerd? she wondered, never before having been flustered over a woman's advances. "How long did that take to heal?" she pointed at the tattoo she had been staring at.

"Oh, is that what you were looking at?" Amber blushed again. "I thought... sorry, Boss." Reece tipped her head slightly in acceptance, so the bartender continued, "Oh, about a week or so, I really don't remember. Why? Ya thinking of getting one?"

"Got one today; it's driving me crazy," Reece grit her teeth when she spoke for emphasis.

"Where? What of?" Amber lit up, having finally found something in common to talk to the quiet woman about.

Reece lifted her elbow and grimaced as the shirt stuck to her tattoo. "Armband, it's tribal with a kanji in the middle."

"Yeah? Can I see it?"

The club owner graced the bartender with her best sly, sexy grin. "For that, Amber, I'd have to take off my shirt."

Amber's cheeks turned red and she spilled the drink she was putting in front of her boss. "Well... in that case..." she laughed nervously.

Reece grinned even wider. Phew, thought I was losing it for a minute there.

Amber saw the shit-eating grin, caught on to Reece's game and went one better. She leaned closer and rested her tits on the bar. "Just keep putting ointment on it, don't let it dry out. You probably need to put some on it now, that's why it's irritating you. The long sleeves don't help any, either."

Reece narrowed her eyes at the display in front of her and then she chuckled at Amber, "Got it. Thanks. You can put those away now, before someone gets hurt."

Amber laughed, winked at Reece and walked away. When the club owner swiveled her stool around, she met Cori who was standing with her arms folded and her foot tapping, a big Cheshire grin on her face.

"You look like you're about to explode." Reece observed.

"Welcome to the club... freak," Cori beamed.

"Oh, I see. One tattoo does not a freak make."

"When it's on you, it does. So, when are you dying your hair purple?"

"Ha. You kill me," Reece replied dryly, then winced.

"Ooo, it's annoying you, huh? Can I see it?" the dancer asked expectantly.

"Yeah, why the fuck not. I gotta put stuff on it now, anyway."

The club owner got up to head towards her office, confusing Cori. "Where are you going?"

Reece yelled over her shoulder. "I gotta take off my shirt. Are you coming or what?"

Amber raised her eyebrow at the boss; Cori did the neener-neener dance at Amber. "She doesn't wear a bra," she teased and hurried to catch up to Reece.


Maybe I've lost my mind, the actress wondered of her impulsive behavior as the cab pulled up in front of The Lounge. I should leave her alone... we spent the whole day together, it's not like I haven't seen her. She only left a few hours ago. Faith paid the driver and got out of the taxi. She stood in front of the club, trying to make sense out of why she came there. Is it crazy that I just need to smell her neck? Green eyes rolled at her own question. Of course, it's crazy. We spent the better part of three days making love... I had plenty of chances to smell her. God, I'm so needy all of a sudden. She paced back and forth gesturing and mumbling, finally coming to the conclusion that Reece was going to feel smothered if she went inside and turned on her heel to hail another cab. Oh, but she looked soooo delicious in that outfit tonight... Faith closed her eyes and enjoyed the vision in her mind for a few second before shaking her head. Stop that! Go home.

"Hey, Faith!" Sam called out. Shit. The actress turned around and smiled guiltily.

"What are you doing out there? Aren't you coming in? Are you okay?"

Faith knew she couldn't go home now. Sarge would tell Reece that she had been there and that wouldn't be a good thing at all. She took a deep breath and slumped her shoulders a little. "Yeah, I'm alright. Just coming to spy on the woman," she tried joking.

Sam grinned and nodded, "I don't think you have anything to worry about, boss lady is a whole new person now that you came along." Sarge held the door open for Faith.

Sam's words went straight to Faith's heart. "Thank you, Sarge, that was the nicest thing to say."

"It's the truth," the bouncer shrugged.


Reece tossed her jacket on the desk and smirked at Cori. "You sure you can control yourself when I take off my shirt?" she teased.

"I don't know, Reece," Cori said with mock seriousness. "Maybe you should tie me up."

"Hmmm," The tall woman pulled her shirt out of her pants. "Not a bad idea," she walked around her desk and opened a drawer. "Now, where did I put that rope?"

The dancer chuckled nervously, "It was a joke, Reece." She couldn't see the tall woman trying desperately not to laugh as she bent down.

"No, I think you're right. My tits are magical, one look at them and who knows what you'll do?" she teased holding up a length of rope.

"You're kidding, right?" Cori backed up; Reece advanced. "Come on, Reece, you know how I get when someone ties me up."

"Oh yeah, I sure do. I have first-hand experience," Reece chuckled and wiggled her eyebrow. "If I can recall, you get pretty hot." Without warning, she grabbed Cori's hand and spun her around.

"Oh god... why are you doing this?" Cori groaned as the club owner tied both her wrists together behind her back.

Reece laughed, "Aw I'm just having fun with ya. Think about it, how many women out there," Reece pointed to the door, "would pay to be in your position?"

Cori snickered at the whole thing. "True," she tested her bonds and found that Reece didn't really tie her tightly; she could get out any second. "Not a good job with the ropes, boss lady."

"Told ya I was just foolin' with ya."

She lifted the shirt over her head and while the shirt covered her face, Cori pounced on her and attempted to retaliate, leaving Reece sprawled on the desk on her back with her shirt half on.

"You fucker! That's not fair!" Reece huffed and struggled while the dancer managed to tie her one arm to her chair.

Cori laughed maniacally. "Now how many women would pay to be in my position?" she asked between giggles, straddling the tall woman and holding her free arm with both hands.

Faith stood in the doorway, shocked half out of her mind at what she was seeing. Her mouth was hanging opened and her eyes were as wide as pie plates.

"You suck so bad! I can't believe how bad you suck!" Reece growled. "At least take my shirt off my head!" She bucked her lower body, trying to dislodge Cori.

"No fucking way. God, I wish I had a camera." Cori took in the whole picture and snickered, "I wonder if you're ticklish?"

"Don't you even THINK about it! Fucking freak!"

"Hey, all I wanted to do was see the tattoo, you were the one who had to tie me up."

The actress started breathing again, relief washed over her like a Valium and she almost slid to the floor. When she first walked in, she really didn't know what to think. Now that she had some sort of idea, she figured Cori was retaliating and, boy, was she surprised to see how the dancer had bested her lover. A grin spread across her face as she got a really devious idea.

"Get off me! Cori! This isn't funny!" Reece was dragging the chair back and forth during the struggle and it finally fell over, taking her upper body with it.

Cori laughed her ass off as the tall woman's shoulders slid off the desk, arching her naked chest to the ceiling. "Oh, yeah, this is priceless. I really wish I had a camera."

The dancer jumped a foot in the air when she felt the hand cover her mouth. When Faith stepped into her line of vision, Cori paled visibly and her eyes threatened to pop out of her head.

"You're too quiet, Freak... what are you planning? This is sooo unfair. You just wait until I get up! You are so dead!"

Faith nodded her chin towards her struggling lover and winked at the dancer, letting her know it was okay. Cori, breathed an audible sigh of relief, so loud that Reece stopped struggling and craned her neck to try and understand what was going on.

"What was that for?" the club owner asked.

"Just admiring your tits," the dancer glanced at Faith who covered her mouth and giggled quietly.

"Cori, don't play like that. Let me up," Reece said with discomfort in her voice.

"Do you know what I can do with you in this position, Reece? God, the possibilities are endless."

Faith snuck over towards Reece's chest and leaned over her lover.

Reece's whole body flinched when she thought that Cori was breathing that closely to her breasts.

"Okay, Cor, that's enough," she started dragging the fallen chair around in an effort to get up.

"Yeah? Then why are your nipples getting hard? Hmm?"

Reece gulped, "Hey, it's only normal that they would, I mean..."

Faith bit her lip at her lover's babbling.

"Yeah... yeah. You know, I dream about you sometimes, Reece, mmmm, yeah," Cori squirmed on top of the tall woman or emphasis and Reece stiffened her body. "You won't tell if I have a little fun, will you?" Cori winked at Faith who rolled her eyes at the dramatics.

"Uh, come on, Cor, I'm getting uncomfortable. All the blood is rushing to my head."

Faith breathed on an exposed nipple and Reece tried to back away unsuccessfully.

"Fuck, Cori! That's enough!" Reece's body acted on it's own accord and her nipple got even harder.

"Ooo, yeah, look at that..." Cori bit her lips so she wouldn't laugh.

Faith opened her mouth and the dancer almost died. She had no idea what Reece would do if she thought that she was licking her tit. She prepared to for the worst, gripping Reece's arm like a vice. The actress flattened her tongue and bathed her lover's nipple, Reece gasped and continued to struggle. Faith bit the nipple and the club owner went wild.

"What the fuck?" Reece bucked violently trying to get Cori off. "Are you demented?" she asked in a near hysterical tone, thrashing around on her back like crazy.

Faith reached up and ripped the shirt off her lover's head, grinning like a maniac.

"Faith? Oh shit... you have no idea..." Reece let her head fall back over the side of the desk and tried to calm her heartbeat.

Cori got up off of Reece and stood with a shit-eating smile. The two women high-fived each other and waited until the tall woman gathered herself together.

"Would someone mind untying me?" Reece asked meekly. "I see spots before my eyes."

Faith volunteered, but when her lover sat up and pulled her shirt back down, she had to laugh, "How the hell did Cori get you in that position?"

"She ambushed me," Reece said with a small embarrassed blush.

"You had it coming," Cori stuck her tongue out. "Now can I see that tattoo?

"No fucking way am I pulling my shirt over my face again with the both of you in the room. Uh uh," Reece gripped the hem of her shirt tightly.

Faith laughed. "It's okay, baby, we'll behave," she and Cori winked at each other.

Reece narrowed her eyes. "You have no idea what I went through just now. I thought that Cori was... well... you guys suck."

"Oh, my god! Is that a pout?" the dancer pretended to be shocked.

"Cute, huh?" Faith wrinkled her nose.

"Fuck you both," Reece pouted harder.

Faith went over and pouted back at her lover, looking as pathetic as she could, sniffling and everything.

"The only way I'll forgive you is if you finish what you started," Reece poked Faith in the forehead. "You, on the other hand," she shot a look at Cori, "are not ever forgiven."

"You're just pissed 'cuz I got you," Cori gloated. "But seriously, Reece, you need to put stuff on that tat."

"You promise not to move?" Cori crossed her heart. "Alright then." The club owner gave the dancer a final glare then quickly pulled the shirt over her head.

"I'll cover your tits, baby," Faith said as she palmed both Reece's breasts.

"Gee, thanks," the tall woman gulped and beckoned the dancer over to see.

"That's awesome, Reece! Wow!" she studied it for a minute and watched as the tall woman spread the ointment on. "So, that in the middle means 'faith'?

The actress stood taller and smiled proudly. "Yep," she answered for her lover.

"That's so cool. I'm totally tingly over this whole thing," Cori smiled warmly.

"You sure it wasn't my tits?" Reece teased, leaning into Faith's hands.

"Oh, yeah, that was it," the dancer rolled her eyes.

"Speaking of her tits..." Faith gestured to the doorway with her chin. "I got something to finish."

"Roger that." Cori marched out of the office and closed the door behind her. She opened it again to tell them to lock it and found that Faith was already attached to Reece's breast, the club owner's head thrown back. I don't think their honeymoon will ever be over, she mused to herself as she closed the door again.

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