Reece's Faith, Part 64

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The wrap party was a huge affair; Reece had no idea how many people it took to make a movie. The number of bodies floating around made her uncomfortable, but she knew it wasn't going to get any easier from here. Events such as this would be plentiful from now on, she'd have to escort Faith to the movie opening, and with pleasure, too but it was going to take some getting used to. She wasn't too thrilled with all the attention she'd soon be receiving, but, for Faith, she'd do anything. Faith's hand slipped from her grasp and the actress gave her a winning smile before she hurried away. She wasn't eager to let Faith out of her sight, but the actress had much mingling to do. Reece smiled indulgently as she watched Faith gush to yet another person as she held up her hand. Yep, you did good, Corbett. The club owner found herself a drink and made her way to a semi-empty corner to watch her soon-to-be wife. She felt a strange sort of tickling in her stomach when they made eye contact.

John watched Reece as she made her way across the room. The tall woman looked slightly trapped, but each time she laid eyes on Faith, her face visibly relaxed. He had grown attached to Reece, through Faith's constant chatter about her, and hoped they'd stay in contact. Reece started out as an enigma to him, but now that he knew so much about her, he felt like he had known her for ages. He waited until the tall woman got settled in her corner before approaching her.

"Hey, Spike, congratulations," he smiled and held out his hand.

"Yeah, thanks," Reece mumbled, shaking the outstretched hand.

"You take care of my Louise or I'll put a serious hurt on you," he said as macho as he could muster.

The club owner chuckled. "You got it," she smiled seductively.

John knew that smile had nothing to do with him and he followed Reece's gaze. Faith was attempting to have a conversation, but was blushing under Reece's spell. "She's special, isn't she?"

"Oh, yeah," Reece narrowed her eyes as Faith turned sideways, giving the club owner a good view of her ass in her sexy, tight dress. When Faith looked over her shoulder, Reece felt her heart pick up speed and her groin twitch.

John sensed the electricity in that look and he raised an eyebrow. "Is that all it takes? One look across a crowded room?" he joked.

"That's all it takes, buddy," the tall woman licked her lips and grinned as Faith's eyelids drooped.

The make up artist fanned himself, "Oh lord." He caught Faith's hooded gaze, "I take it I'll be making excuses for you two in about five minutes."

"Make it three," Reece said as she started purposefully across the room.

"Good god, those two are animals," he chuckled and made his way over to the food.

Reece came up behind Faith and put her hands on the smaller woman's shoulders, squeezing slightly.

The man Faith was talking to smiled up at her. "Congratulations, Ms. Corbett. I think you broke many hearts with that ring."

"I know how lucky I am," she replied with a cocky smirk.

Faith snickered and turned around to face her lover. "Are we blowing this taco stand?" she asked with a sexy little grin.

"Oh, yeah," Reece purred causing the man next to them to blush and clear his throat.

"Well then, let's go."

The two women excused themselves briefly before practically running out the door. John watched them with a huge smile on his face.


"But, Reece, I can't wait until we get home!" Faith whispered loudly as they jogged to the limo the studio had sent for them.

"Why wait?" Reece wiggled her eyebrows and jumped in the limo, winking at the driver holding the door open.

"Baby! What if he hears us?" Faith hissed with embarrassment, climbing into the car quickly.

"We put up the partition and turn up the radio," the tall woman shrugged, already taking off her jacket.

Faith couldn't control herself and had her hands all over the bared arms, "Did I tell you how hot you look tonight?"

Reece nodded pulling at the back of Faith's dress.

"It's a zipper, Reece, you'll break it!" Faith swatted Reece's groping hands and attempted to unzip herself.

"I don't give a fuck if it's stapled. I want you."

Faith groaned out loud, Reece was hotter than she'd been in a long time. The actress knew this was going to be a hell of a ride. "Baby, listen to me," she held both of her lover's hands. "We have to wait until we get home, I want this to last a long time, I don't want it in the back seat of a limo." Reece growled. Faith gulped, "Please?"

The club owner closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Several times.

Faith watched Reece struggle to gain control and was pleased to see those bright blue eyes open. "Okay?"

Reece nodded then drew down the partition. "I want to be on Bank Street now," she narrowed her eyes at the driver.

He took one look at her dangerous glare and stepped on the gas. "Yes, ma'am!"

The partition went up and Reece found Faith staring at her with lust.

"I want this just as much as you do, Reece. Believe me, I do," Faith took Reece's hand and put it between her legs.

"Oh, god..." Reece groaned. "You're so hot..." she banged her head on the seat and closed her eyes.

"Burning... and it's all for you," Faith gasped. "Hon, you can take your hand away now..."

"Oh, no... you put it there," Reece sat up and turned to face her lover. She slipped her fingers beneath the panties and her nostrils flared at the wet heat.

"Baby?" Faith squeaked.

Reece stared intently into Faith's eyes as she began moving her fingers in a knowing pattern. Faith's legs dropped open and she gripped Reece's forearm in a death grip.

"Oh... Reece... yes..." Faith whispered, her eyelids slowly lowering.

"Don't close your eyes."

Faith nodded, her hips began to rock on the large hand.

"God, you're so horny," Reece breathed into Faith's ear.

The actress shivered. "Only for you..." she groaned. "Come back here."

Reece pulled back from Faith's neck and looked in her eyes. They were almost all pupil. She moved her fingers faster, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth.

"I love when you do that," Faith said with difficulty, seeing Reece's white teeth glow in the dark car. "Oh, baby..." she whimpered.

"That's it, you're gonna come for me, aren't you?" Reece's eyes narrowed to slits as she watched her lover's pleasure play out across her face.

"Yessss..." Faith hissed, her nails digging into Reece's flesh.

The car came to a sudden halt. "We're here, ma'am."

Reece pulled her hand away as the partition came down.

"Oh god, NO!" Faith cried.

Reece shook her head and snickered. "Easy, baby... plenty of time to continue."


Faith had trouble walking and Reece had no patience, so she picked her up and carried her into the house. Faith was already stripping as Reece kicked the door closed behind her. The tall woman reached out and tore the dress off as Faith pawed at Reece's shirt.

"Arms!" Faith grunted.

Reece bent at the waist and stuck her arms out so Faith could pull the shirt from her body. As soon as their bras were off, the two women came together hard. Reece wrapped her left arm around her lover as she used her right hand to get rid of her pants. Faith, meanwhile, had a firm hold of the club owner's nipple with her mouth as she yanked her own underwear down. With all the frantic commotion, the couple wound up in a heap on the floor, not two feet from the front door.

Lips crashed together in a bruising kiss, Reece rolled Faith underneath her and the actress promptly wrapped her legs around the strong back. She had been so close to coming just moments ago and was burning up. Reece thrust herself into Faith's need, both women groaning into each other's mouths. Reece was on fire, responding to Faith's wild behavior; Faith was on the edge of bliss, silently begging her lover to touch her. It was at this moment that Smudge finally appeared and eager to greet them. Finding his auntie's position all too inviting, the pup climbed up on Reece's naked back and started digging between her shoulder blades. The tall woman started bucking, trying to lose the dog. Faith cried out at the loss of contact to her body and tore her mouth away from Reece's to complain.

"Wha... what are you doing?" she whined into her lover's neck.

"Get him off..." Reece grunted, her arms wrapped snugly beneath Faith's body.

Faith strained her neck to look over Reece's shoulder. "Honey, I love you, now go away!" she hissed at the puppy.

He climbed off of his auntie's back and onto Faith's head, licking her face.

"Smudge... please..." Faith growled.

Reece stopped sucking on her lover's neck and lifted her head. She was eye to eye with the pup and she gave him her meanest snarl. It did nothing for the dog, but the sound shot straight to Faith's clit.

"Smudge! Be a good boy and go lay down!" Reece pulled an arm out from under them and slipped it between their bodies. Faith whimpered at the contact, "Please, boy... Mommy has to come real bad."

Reece looked down into Faith's flushed face, then over at the pup who sat down next to her head and made himself comfortable. "Listen to me, little man, go lay down NOW!"

The dog obeyed and laid down.

Reece growled long and hard, picked up her lover and carried her up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door behind them. She dropped Faith on the bed and hurried to their toy box; she didn't want to have to stop and retrieve things once they got started again and, judging from Faith's mood, she was going to need them. Reece was hunched over, rooting through the box when she heard Faith's groan.

"Mmmm... yeah..."

Reece whipped her head around to face the bed with both eyebrows in the air. The actress had her hands between her legs, touching herself with a purpose. "Hey, what do you..." Faith's eyes rolled back and her hips rose off the bed as she came. Reece stood with both hands on her hips and narrowed eyes.

"Yeah... I needed that..." Faith's arms flopped to the bed and she sighed in contentment.

"You just couldn't wait for one more second?" Reece was appalled and stared at her sated lover's smiling face.

"No," the actress sat up and smiled guiltily.

"Was that it?" the tall woman asked impatiently.

"Are you crazy? You better get your sexy ass over here and make it quick!" Faith laid back on the bed and spread her arms and legs out in invitation.

Reece's heart beat frantically and a sly smile spread across her face. She took the entire toy box with her as she jumped on the bed.

Faith's eyebrow rose in question, "Everything, Reece?"

"Heh heh heh..." Reece snickered as she buried her face in the actress's cleavage.

"Oh, boy!" Faith breathed excitedly.

The club owner nodded as she moved to the left, capturing a tasty nipple in her lips. She hummed happily as she sucked the hard flesh into her mouth, teasing it with the tip of her tongue.

Faith buried her hands in Reece's hair, pulling her closer, wanting more. "Please, baby... hard."

Reece held the nipple with her teeth complying with her lover's wishes and rolled it slightly between them. She groaned at Faith's gasp and inhaled hard as the fingers in her hair tightened their hold.

"God..." The actress yelped when strong fingers began an assault on her other nipple. "I want you so bad..." she whined.

Reece crawled over Faith's body and, before she had a chance to settle herself, two legs wrapped around her and pulled her down hard. So, she wants rough, does she? The club owner released the nipple in her mouth and looked into her lover's deep green eyes. She slowly slid her hand around the back of Faith's neck until her fingers were buried in blonde hair. She watched as wet lips parted in a quiet moan, then suddenly took hold of a handful of hair and yanked Faith's head to the side. The quiet moan turned into a loud yelp. "Is this what you want?" Reece growled lowering her head and sucking deeply on Faith's neck.

"Fuck, yeah..." Faith groaned.

Reece tightened her grip on Faith's hair, sucked the skin into her mouth through her teeth and bit down. Faith writhed underneath her and the club owner smirked, the adrenaline flowing through her body like wildfire. Oh, yeah... it's been a while, hasn't it?

Faith raised her hands behind her head and gripped the headboard tightly, egging Reece on, knowing the tall woman would read that gesture for what it was. She grunted when sharp teeth nipped their way towards her breast. Faith tried to lift her head up to watch Reece, but the grip in her hair forced her to stay put.

Reece held the nipple in her teeth as she spoke. "You wanna watch?"

"Yes... please..." Faith squirmed and panted. With the tall woman's assistance, Faith was soon sitting up with her back against the headboard; her knees bent and splayed open lewdly. The whole time, Reece never stopped biting and nipping at her breasts.

The actress had her arms spread open, still holding the wrought-iron headboard. Reece pulled at the nipple hard with her mouth as her hands roughly pawed and groped Faith's breasts.

"Oooohhh..." the actress groaned.

The club owner felt herself get wet at the sound. It had been a long time since she'd let The Animal come out during their lovemaking. It was about time. Slowly... make it last...

Reece sat up on her knees suddenly and stared into Faith's eyes, just to make sure this was what she wanted. The arousal she saw thrilled her and she narrowed her eyes. Reaching up, she wrapped a hand around Faith's throat and crushed their lips together, their tongues fighting almost immediately. She heard her lover panting and all her doubts slipped away. She growled ferally into the kiss, her heart pumping furiously, her breath loud and fast through her nose. Reece felt almost light-headed with excitement.

Faith's tongue retreated into her own mouth and Reece extended her tongue, probing deeply into the warm, wet haven, tasting every nook and crevice of Faith's mouth. She dropped her free hand between Faith's legs and, without warning, plunged her fingers inside. Faith bucked up hard and groaned loudly; the palm Reece had against Faith's throat vibrated with the sound and the club owner's nostrils flared.

Faith gyrated and flexed in frustration, silently begging for Reece to move her fingers. Reece pulled away from the frantic kiss to watch her fingers as she pulled them out.

"Oh god, please..." Faith whimpered breathlessly.

"Watch me fuck you," Reece slid her hand from Faith's throat to the back of her neck and pushed her head down.

Faith almost sobbed with relief as Reece thrust her fingers in and out, hard.

"Oh, yeah, you want me, you're so fucking wet," Reece felt her sex throb as she watched herself fuck Faith.

The actress was groaning continuously, she let her eyes wander to Reece's forearm and watched the muscles move under the skin before looking higher to her bicep, suddenly having an urge to suck on the bulging muscle. Not being able to reach Reece's bicep, Faith sucked her bottom lip into her mouth instead. Her eyes rolled a few times as Reece's fingers began twisting as well as pumping. "Don't stop..." she grunted. She let her gaze fall between Reece's legs and she whimpered.

"Fuck... you just drenched my hand, Faith."

The club owner pulled her fingers out and Faith watched them disappear into Reece's mouth.

"God, you taste so good."

Faith's mouth opened and her tongue poked out to wet her lips.

"I want to taste you now, but you want to watch, don't you?" Reece grinned teasingly.

"Please," Faith nodded desperately.

"I suppose I can wait." Reece looked at the full length mirror covering the closet door and smirked, "Get on the floor in front of the closet."

Faith looked puzzled at first until it dawned on her. She scrambled off the bed quickly.

Reece took the opportunity to slip into her harness, adding a pretty ample-sized dildo and then dropped to her knees behind Faith.

Faith was kneeling, facing the mirror and she watched as the large hands came up and covered her tits. A jolt of excitement made her clit twitch and she opened her knees wider.

Reece chuckled at the blatant invite and she bit into Faith's neck. "Hold yourself open for me," she whispered into the flushed ear.

Faith reached between her legs and spread her lips, staring at herself in the mirror. She had never looked at her own sex this closely before and became slightly embarrassed. When she saw the tip of the dildo poking from between her legs, all embarrassment faded and a hungry want replaced it.

"Look how hard your clit is," Reece snaked a hand between their bodies, scratched her nails down Faith's back, over her ass and underneath, to touch her wetness. She watched the look of pleasure on her lover's face reflect back at her from the mirror. "Keep it open like that," she whispered as she rolled her fingers in the wetness. "Now watch," Reece moved her two fingers up and spread them on either side of Faith's clit.

"Oh!" The actress watched the long fingers as they teased her. It was like nothing she ever experienced. It turned her on more than anything had in a long time. "Shit..."

"I thought you'd like that," Reece licked a trail up Faith's neck as she moved her fingers up and down, framing the swollen nub, but not touching it.

Faith's head fell back on the strong shoulder behind her, but she never took her eyes away from her sex. It was incredible. Her hips started moving without her knowledge and she watched in shock at their behavior. She rubbed herself up and down the length of the dick sighing at the friction it caused.

Reece rolled Faith's nipple between her fingers, moving her hips along with Faith's, watching her fingers tease her lover in the mirror... her cock slide back and forth between her lips.

The actress's eyes opened wider as the fingers disappeared into her wetness again, grasping the dildo, rubbing it against her clit, teasing her opening, but not entering her. She thrust down, attempting to impale herself, but Reece pulled away.

"Uh uh," Reece shook her head. She dragged her fingers upwards and rested them on Faith's clit, her stomach tightening at the loud groan she caused. "This is what I see when I touch you," she said then began moving her fingers, stroking Faith's clit slowly.

Faith felt the arousal drip out of her body. She moaned and groaned at the display before her. The feelings were one thing, but watching it happen drove her wild. Reece wasn't touching her to make her come and she was making her crazy. The actress tried desperately, gyrating, thrusting, pumping, but Reece would not add pressure or change her rhythm. The cock was reasonably fat and it would not simply slide in without some help, this drove Faith insane.

Reece's eyebrows shot up as Faith's hand covered her own, pressing her harder, thrusting herself into their hands.

"Oh yeah... like that, Reece..." Faith panted.

The club owner allowed this for a moment, getting off on watching this play out in front of her.

Faith let go of Reece's hand, reached up behind her lover's neck and held on.

The tall woman immediately went back to her leisurely stroking and gasped at the sensations produced by the nails that dug into the back of her neck. Reece was very close to pushing her lover down and fucking her, but she didn't want to do that yet. She was learning to control the Animal; learning how to pace her cravings and needs. She wanted Faith to get all she could out of this and the nails in her neck were making her shake. "Don't move," she said as she let go of Faith's body completely, resting her own hands on her hips.

Faith bit her lip and tried to comply as her lover moved her hips first in a circle, then up and down. The only thing touching her was the dildo, it spread her lips and slid through them, then thrust up and rubbed her clit teasingly, with no set pace, just whatever Reece felt like doing.

"Oh, yeah," the tall woman breathed on the back of Faith's neck. "Look at that... look at how it touches you..."

Faith leaned forward and braced her hands on the mirror; she was torn between looking down at herself and her reflection. In the mirror, she could see Reece's eyes, her arms and her mouth as it spoke the words that made her so hot. Looking down, she could see the head of the dildo as it poked up and out from between her legs.

"Hold yourself open again, I want you to watch me play with your clit," Reece whispered into Faith's ear.

The actress shivered at the hot breath and did as she was told. She'd do anything at this moment, just to have Reece satisfy her need. The constant thrusting was one thing, watching it happen was a whole new experience and she loved it.

Reece growled as Faith spread herself open. She used all her will power not to bury the dick up inside of her; she wanted to make Faith watch herself come first, then she'd fuck her brains out. "Watch me."

Faith's gaze followed Reece's hand as it cupped her breast. Two long fingers reached up and pinched her nipple rolling it around, making her cry out, "God, Reece... please, harder!"

The club owner chuckled and squeezed the nipple hard. Her lover jerked her hips back and forth, smearing the dildo with her essence. Reece was jealous of her cock and moved her other hand to join it. She positioned the tip of the dildo at Faith's opening and thrust quickly and lightly, never quite penetrating her, but stretching her.

"Fuck, yeah, baby..." Faith groaned, grinding her hips in time with Reece.

"You like the way my cock stretches you open?" Reece grunted, loving the way Faith was rooting around in front of her, the mirror providing a clear view of her whole body as it moved.

"Yes!" the actress gasped as Reece's fingers found her clit and pressed it firmly, letting Faith's motions please herself.

"That's it, Faith... do it... move for me," the tall woman bathed Faith's neck with her tongue.

Faith watched Reece's fingers twitch as they tried to stay still. She took hold of Reece's wrist and guided her hand. "Please... make me come, baby..."

The club owner swallowed hard, Faith's plea was too much for her. Long fingers began massaging Faith's clit, while her hips took up speed, rubbing the dildo up and down faster. She was nipping and biting at the skin on Faith's shoulders.

"Oh... oh... yes!" Faith whimpered and moaned. She was so close to coming. Watching Reece's fingers was ten times better than just feeling them. She collapsed onto the mirror, grateful for the cool glass on her overheated cheek. She couldn't tear her eyes away from her reflection.

"Oh, you wanna come so bad, don't you? You wanna come all over me," Reece bit out, her own clit throbbing at the show in the mirror.

Faith groaned, glancing up at her lover's face. The vision reflected back at her made her stomach clench. Reece's eyes were narrowed, staring at her hand, they were full of hunger and need, her lip was turned up in a half sneer, her mouth slightly open and her tongue piercing shining from within. Faith looked away to watch Reece's fingers work her clit, the fire started to spread from her belly and she groaned.

"Yeah, baby... come for me. Watch how hot you look..."

Her heavy panting began to fog up the mirror. Faith stole a peek at Reece and their eyes met. That was all it took to make her come. "Oh, my god..." she gasped and lost all control of her body.

Reece slid an arm up Faith's torso and held her up as she came. The club owner moaned with her lover as she twitched and spasmed uncontrollably against her body. Faith's thighs snapped shut, trapping Reece's hand and the dildo, her jerky movements jamming the base of the cock into her clit. The Animal growled, she'd had enough control for one day and pushed Faith down on all fours before the actress had the chance to recover.

Faith's stomach was still twitching as she felt the dildo enter her in one powerful thrust. "GOD!" She felt incredibly full, tremors of her orgasm making her vagina grasp at the invasion, prolonging the contractions. "Reece! It's so big!" She fell onto her elbows and her forehead dropped onto her forearms.

Reece pushed it in once, "Shit..." Twice, "Fuck..." Three times, "Jesus!" The tall woman fell onto Faith's back as she trembled in climax.

The actress breathed deeply as her lover lay across her back, knowing it was only a momentary respite from all the sensations. She relaxed her stomach muscles, grateful for Reece's release. She shivered as the damp hair stuck to her shoulder and hot breath blew across her skin.

The Animal growled in frustration, not expecting that lapse of control at all. She narrowed her eyes and pushed up onto her knees, grabbing Faith's ass cheeks for leverage. She looked over her lover's body and saw the way she was clutching her head, her breathing loud and measured.

"You okay?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah... just, go slow" came the muffled response. "It's so fat..."

The tall woman looked down at her hands and grinned wolfishly. She spread Faith's ass cheeks wide and studied the sight, "It's a beautiful thing, Faith, the way it looks buried up inside you."

The actress gasped as a fingertip wandered around her asshole. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that Reece would get involved with her ass for a while, just until her body relaxed. If she started fucking her now, she'd be coming immediately and she knew she had The Animal behind her... it would be relentless.

"You have such a beautiful ass, Faith," The Animal slipped her finger down into Faith's wetness and then brought it back up to tease her anus. No... go slow... The club owner quickly removed her finger before she plunged that inside Faith, too. She wanted to be inside her everywhere, it was an overpowering urge and she had to close her eyes to stop it.

Faith breathed easy, knowing that her lover was trying to take it slow like she wanted. She felt confident that she could start moving now and she lifted her head up, craning her neck to look over her shoulder. Reece was gorgeous, her muscles were tense as she gripped Faith's ass and the actress traced every sinew with her gaze, coming to a stop at the intense expression on her lover's face.

Reece's eyes opened slowly when she felt Faith start to move. The first thing she saw was the swaying of the upturned ass in her hands and she groaned, she then noticed that Faith was watching her, staring at her with a look of pure lust on her face. The adrenaline started twisting its way through her veins, igniting a pulsating feeling in her crotch.

"Give it to me, Reece," Faith breathed over her shoulder, licking her top lip seductively.

Blue eyes lowered back to where their bodies connected and she slowly pulled the dildo out of her lover, watching intently until only the very tip was left inside. "I'm gonna fuck you so good," Reece stated confidently.

"Oooooh yeeessss..." Faith groaned loudly as the long fat dick penetrated her again. She had never felt so entirely full before and it was a wonderful feeling. She felt the leather of the harness meet her skin and she pushed back into her lover, swirling her ass, giving the tall woman a show.

"Why, Faith, you little slut... look at you..." Reece nearly chuckled in shock, one eyebrow raised high.

Faith looked up into the mirror at her lover's surprised expression and smiled deviously, "Come on, Reece, do it, baby." She narrowed her eyes and pouted sexily at Reece's reflection.

Blue eyes widened at Faith's antics and the tall woman dropped her hands to the floor around Faith.

She bent down to her ear and whispered, "Be careful what you wish for, Faith," she then trailed her hand up Faith's arm to her shoulder, into her hair and grabbed it roughly, pulling the actress's head back. The aroused gasp the action caused forced Reece to close her eyes. There was a battle inside of her. She thrust her pelvis into Faith's ass a few times, knowing that the big dildo was touching places inside her that had never been touched. Faith's exposed throat was calling out to her and the tall woman hunched over and bit into it. The blonde hissed her pleasure, arching her body into the weight of her lover. The Animal won control and purred, "Ohh, yeah... I'm gonna fuck you like I want to now."

Faith closed her eyes at the growl in Reece's voice. It was deep, sexy and full of promises. She swallowed hard and tried to nod her agreement but her head was pulled back too far. She grunted her approval instead. The actress loved her Animal and wanted to let it be known it was perfectly okay with her for Reece to let go. She missed it; she craved it.

"You want it, don't you?"

The warm breath against her neck caused goose pimples to sprout all over Faith's body, her nipples becoming painfully erect. "Yes. I need you," she whimpered.

Reece wrapped an arm under Faith's body, around her waist and pulled her impossibly close.

The actress moved her knees, spreading her legs wider, pushing into her hunched over lover.

Reece narrowed her eyes and grinned. She released the blonde hair, slipped her hand under Faith's arm, across her chest and grasped her shoulder from underneath. "You're so fucking hot... I can't wait to hear you scream."

The actress let her head drop and looked under her body. She could see Reece's strong thighs were flexed and ready, her hand gripping her shoulder and the other one holding her hip. She braced herself for The Animal.

Reece pulled Faith upright until her back was against her body and she rotated her hips. "Feel me inside you, Faith?" she purred into a pink ear.

"Yes... more..."

The tall woman smiled as she brought her hips back, sliding the dildo out halfway before thrusting it back in hard. Faith gasped loudly and Reece felt the smaller body tremble. "Is it too much?" she whispered.

"No... I need you!" Faith begged.

The club owner pulled out and thrust again, this time Faith moved with her, pushing back as Reece thrust forward. The tall woman did it again and again, until she had a steady rhythm. She let her hand wander from Faith's shoulder to her breast and found a rock-hard nipple for her to play with. Looking down over her lover's shoulder, Reece watched her hand pull and roll the hard flesh.

"God, yes!" Faith cried out. The steady pumping, combined with the pinching at her nipple, started to make her sweat. She thrust herself harder into Reece, who growled into her ear.

"You do need this; you need me to fuck you."

"I do... please... more..." she whined.

Reece didn't reply and she didn't comply, either. She kept up her steady pace of thrusting as much as her lover struggled in front of her. She looked up at the mirror to see Faith writhing in front of her, one hand resting on her own hip, the fingers of the other teasing her other breast. The Animal felt a surge of arousal jolt her between the legs as she watched Faith's reflection. "Touch your clit," she said before she bit into the neck by her mouth.

Faith's hand left her hip and slipped between her legs. She slid one finger between her folds and stroked herself slowly, the contact causing her to jerk her hips suddenly.

Reece felt the base of the dildo dig into her sex and she gasped. "Yeah... so fucking hot..." she groaned, sucking the flesh into her mouth, marking Faith's neck. She thrust the dildo harder and quicker into her lover, making her groan loudly.


The tall woman bathed Faith's neck with her tongue, nipping at the sensitive skin as she pumped her dick faster into her depths. Faith stopped touching her breast and reached behind her to hold on to Reece's neck.

The Animal groaned as the nails dug into her flesh. She stopped moving all together and sat back on her heels, pulling Faith down with her. "Don't move," she said to Faith's bewildered reflection.

Strong hands held onto small hips and long legs unfolded and stretched out in front of her. Faith was now straddling Reece's legs, the dildo still buried inside of her. The actress looked in the mirror at the sexy smirk on the tall woman's face and she knew what was next. She felt hot breath on her shoulder and an even hotter tongue lick across her back.

"Ride my cock, Faith."

Faith placed her hands on Reece's legs, just above the knee and held on tight as she lifted herself up, watching the dildo appear in the mirror. "God..." she breathed at the sight and the feeling. She had been on top before, but never facing this way and never in front of a mirror where she could watch herself display such carnal expressions.

"Fuck it! Let's go!" The Animal slapped a taut ass cheek.

Faith yelped and complied, watching her lips slide down the length of the dick, engulfing it entirely. She felt her heart beating wildly in her chest at the reflection. She lifted herself up and down again. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation alone.

The Animal watched with great interest as green eyes rolled shut. She raised her knees causing Faith's legs to open incredibly wide so she, too, could watch the action in the mirror. "Open your eyes; look at yourself."

Green eyes opened slowly and Faith whimpered at the new vision. She was spread wide open, her legs on the outside of Reece's. She watched as a large hand snaked between her legs. "Oh, god..." she groaned.

Reece started thrusting up as Faith came down, the actress's legs were shaking and the tall woman could feel the resistance as her muscles clamped on the dildo while she fucked her. Faith was close and The Animal needed to see her come. "Look how your pussy swallows my dick."

The actress watched Reece's fingers as they touched her clit. She screamed, but heard nothing but her blood pounding in her ears as she felt herself start to tremble.

"That's it, baby... I want you to scream..." The Animal thrust up hard into Faith, fucking her with such force that the blonde was lurching forward with each pump of her hips. She attacked her clit with abandon and was rewarded with a loud whine. She watched as Faith's abs clenched and felt her fingers dig into her legs painfully hard.

"Fuck... oh, REECE!" Faith screamed as she came.

"Yeah... that's what I wanted." The tall woman held onto her lover tightly as she trembled and twitched on top of her. She stopped touching her clit and wrapped both arms around her body, pulling her close, feeling her orgasm. Wave after wave of delicious spasms wracked the small frame and Reece reveled in them. She'd made them happen and she was very pleased with herself.

"Baby, out... please..."

The tall woman understood the whispered plea and lifted the spent actress off her body, backing her self up and allowing the dildo to slide out. Faith jerked again as Reece did this and she fell heavily onto her tall lover.

"God, Reece!" Faith breathed.

"Good, huh?" Reece bent her head and kissed the sweaty neck. "Turn around, I want to see your face."

Faith groaned as she sat up and turned around, but smiled at the cocky expression on Reece's face. "You're pretty happy with yourself, aren't you?"

"Yeah. I made you scream, that's always good," Reece gasped when Faith reached between her legs.

"Take this monster off," the actress pulled at the dick then rolled her fingers in the abundant wetness, "I want to lick up every drop."

Part 65

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