Reece's Faith, Part 65

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Dear Cori,

Well, here I am in sunny Cancun and, yes, we did manage to leave the hotel room, as I am sitting on the beach while I write this. Reece is a couple yards away... get this... playing volleyball with some of the other guests. Can you believe it? She has never looked more relaxed since I've known her. Cancun becomes her. Then again, it could be because she's now a married woman.

Faith sat back in her lounge chair and sucked on the end of the pen while she watched her wife dive for the ball. The sunlight glinted off of Reece's platinum wedding band and Faith reflexively held out her hand and stretched her fingers, admiring how the two rings looked on her own finger. She smiled indulgently as she stared at the rings.

Yes, dear Freak, I said married. I can hardly believe it myself. It would seem that our Reece planned the whole thing. We got married two days ago, here on the beach. Nothing fancy. In fact, I was wearing a bikini, flip-flops and a sarong, she was wearing a wet suit and water shoes, the Jet Ski primed and ready for us to fly off into the sunset. It was more than I could have dreamed and, believe me, I dreamed.

Cori fell back in her bed and stared at the letter, her mouth hanging open in shock. "That little... VIOLET! Get in here!"

The minister was wearing a garish Hawaiian shirt and a Speedo. The people on the beach all gathered around, most of them newlyweds themselves, and threw flowers at us when it was all over. It was a short ceremony, again, nothing fancy, but it will be a day I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Faith leaned her head back and tried to blink away the joyous tears. Just thinking about their ceremony made her cry. She felt like the happiest woman alive. The actress jumped as the volleyball bounced onto her legs. She grinned contentedly when she saw the tall, sweaty woman trot over to retrieve it.

"Hey, why are you crying?" Reece dropped to her knees and kissed Faith on the lips, ignoring the errant ball.

"I'm happy. I love you, baby," Faith pulled her wife into a crushing hug.

"Hey… get a room, willya?" someone called from the net.

"I gotta get back. Are you okay?" Reece wiped away the tears with her gritty hands making Faith grimace. "Sorry... we're almost done," she grinned lopsidedly in apology.

"Take your time, Reece. I'm not going anywhere."

"You can't now, it's forged in platinum," the club owner wiggled her ring finger. "Forever," she said confidently. "I love you."

Faith watched Reece sprint back to the game with the volleyball under her arm.

Reece was so nervous. I first noticed it on the plane, but I chalked it up to flying. Little did I know...

"Wow, babe! I can't believe it!" Violet shook her head in astonishment. "Reece tied the knot."

"Faith seems so happy. I could just spit that we weren't there! But I could cry at the same time. How wonderful!"

When we first got here, I couldn't get her to stand still -- not even when I sat in our hot tub naked with a bowl of fruit and a bottle of champagne. I couldn't imagine what had gotten into her. I tell you, Cori, she was pacing and edgy and I thought we were going to have a trying vacation with her in that mood. Turns out, she was a nervous wreck. My big bad butch. I love her so much. She almost hyperventilated minutes before the ceremony! She blamed it on the sun. I suspect that she hadn't eaten since New York. It all seems so clear now, but, at the time, I was so distracted with packing and the excitement of actually going away, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to my needy fiancé. Don't you worry, though, I made it up to her… and then some.

"I'm sure she did," Cor snickered.

"Do ya think they joined the Mile High Club?" Violet wondered.

"Reece? Fit in those bathrooms?" Cori laughed at the vision.

"Hmm… you've got a point... there's no rule that it has to be in the bathroom," the piercer pulled the covers up and demonstrated the alternative.

"Ooo, hey, cut that out. I want to finish this."

"Speaking of making it up to her... did I thank you, sweet Cori, for adding those extras to my carry-on? You did know that, with our luck, we were checked at customs. I don't have to tell you the color of my face when the man rummaging through my bag came up with edible underwear and a thigh harness. God, I could have just died. Reece managed a fierce growl that scared the men enough to zip up the bag and send us on our way. I'm more than relieved that he didn't find the other goodies you stowed in there. I'm not being ungrateful, mind you, they were put to very good use. By the way, Reece said the grape panties tasted like cough medicine.

Cori had to stop in order to catch her breath. She was laughing so hard at Faith's airport dilemma, Violet was afraid she'd choke.

"I can't believe you did that!" the piercer managed between fits of her own laughter.

"Well? Who knew it was their honeymoon? I woulda stuck the toys I had saved up for that in her bag."

"You didn't..."

"I certainly did! I even had Faith pick it out herself," Cori snickered. "I made believe I needed her opinion on it and asked her which one she would absolutely love to have."

"Well... since they won't be needing it..." Violet wiggled her eyebrows.

"Just hold that thought," Cori winked.

Just between us... and Violet... (Hi, Violet) The thigh harness is my absolute favorite new toy. I can touch Reece while we... well, you figure it out. I'm blushing now and Reece is giving me the eyebrow.

The tall woman downed her glass of iced tea in two gulps and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "What ya writing that's got you all bothered?" she teased.

"I'm writing to Cori," Faith blushed some more.

"Uh huh. Did you tell her about how the lounge chair collapsed on us last night?" Reece sat on the lounge next to Faith's side and grabbed the sun block. "You're getting pink on your chest, lay back," she instructed.

"No, I didn't get to last night yet. Thanks, I feel myself burning," Faith hummed as Reece's hands rubbed the cream into her skin. "Do you think its normal for me to be so turned on by such an innocent gesture?"

"Who said I was being innocent?" A long finger strayed under the tight material of Faith's bikini top, causing her to gasp.

"Reece! There's people!" she covered the strong hand with her own and pulled it off of her breast.

The club owner laced their fingers together and brought their hands up to her face. "I can't get enough of you, either, if it's any consolation," she admitted, kissing each of the smaller fingers.

"God, I love you," Faith breathed out.

"Now, Faith," Reece warned, "you keep looking at me like that, we're going to get arrested out here."

"Sorry, I could look into those baby blues forever," Faith leaned forward and kissed Reece's lips, sucking on the bottom one before pulling away.

The tall woman growled and bounded towards the water, diving right in. Faith giggled at the sight.

You know, Cori, I can't believe I can still turn her on like I do. Me, Faith Ashford from Long Island, have captured Reece Corbett's heart. When we first met in that dive bar on the Lower East side, did you ever think it would turn out like this? I sure didn't. I hope this power lasts forever. I want to be old and gray and still hear that frustrated little growl from deep in her chest.

God, I look at her now, emerging from the ocean... a goddess. My stomach does flip-flops and my heart beats wildly. Just who has the power again? The things she makes me feel. I want to feel them forever.

"Are you crying, babe?" Violet asked.

"Yeah. I remember when I first met Faith. I remember when I first met Reece. So much has changed… so much. I never thought this would be the future, not in a million years. I'm so happy for them both, they're my dearest friends and I love them so much. I can't tell you how wonderful this is."

The piercer smiled knowingly at her emotional lover. "They are lucky to have you, Cori, and you're just as lucky to have them."

"Thanks, babe. I love you."

My mother called me on my cell phone this morning. It seems she knew all about the ceremony Reece had planned. My wife called her and asked her to snoop around the P-FLAG people to find a minister who would marry us. She said she didn't call yesterday because she figured I'd need at least a day to recover. Can you imagine? My own mother joking about my sex life. Then again, she did buy me a dildo. God, maybe she really is as cool as everyone thinks. Ew. I don't want to think about that right now. Anyway, she told me that Dad was pretty miffed that he didn't get to give me a huge wedding and walk me down the aisle. Do you think Reece would have a fit if I asked her to consider a big affair? Mom was pretty disappointed that we eloped, but she didn't let on. I could tell, though. Damn Cor, I don't know. I'm very satisfied with the way things turned out. Maybe I'll just let them throw us a big party in the house in the Hamptons. That should satisfy them.

"Hey, Vi? How do you think the media is going to take all this?"

"Hmmm… I don't know. I mean with Melissa and Julie, and Ellen and Anne... they may try to fuck shit up by claiming Faith is straight and using Reece or something of that sort. Then again, they're both pretty well off at this point. I don't know, babe. I hope what ever they do, Reece and Faith are prepared. I know they have you and me behind them.

"Hell, I'll stand in front of them if that's what it takes," Cori said seriously.

"I love you, babe. You rock."

Did I tell you how gorgeous my wife is? She is, you know... laying out on her chair... with those long legs and that sexy belly. Oh yeah, she's all mine. You'll have to excuse me while I lick her abs.

"Hey! I thought there was too many people, Faith?" Reece raised an amused eyebrow.

"I couldn't help myself. It was calling to me," Faith grinned.

"I can tell you what else is calling you. Loudly, too," the tall woman opened her legs lewdly and let them dangle off the sides of the chair.

"Reece!" Despite her protests, the actress's gaze zeroed in on Reece's crotch. She bent sideways to peek up the leg of her wife's shorts.

"See anything?" Reece asked playfully.

"No," Faith pouted, "you've still got your bathing suit on under there."

"Good. Then it will be all new to you when we get back in the room," A black eyebrow wiggled and the club owner closed her legs and sighed.

They have so many things to do here, at all hours of the day. Reece has tried every water sport they have; she managed to water ski, boogie board, scuba dive and snorkel. I snorkeled with her and, Cor, it was amazing. I was a little afraid and I kept getting water in my breathing tube, but, wow it was beautiful! Reece has stunned me with her ability to not only get along with total strangers, but learn all these new things, as well! She's been such a different person. Just last night, they had karaoke.

Cori put the letter down on her chest and closed her eyes. "Oh no, please don't tell me Reece got up and sang. I don't think I can take it."

"Come on, Cori! Lemme see! What if she sang 'Fetish'?" Violet took the paper away and began reading where Cori left off.

Well everyone was begging Reece to sing, I had no doubts in my mind that she'd gracefully decline, so I wasn't bothered. After about three or four cocktails, there she was, reading the list of available songs. Suddenly, she gets all excited and bursts out of her chair and goes straight to he guy in charge. Before I know it, there's my wife in her big, baggy-ass shorts, her backwards baseball hat and a tank top with no bra, wiggling her hips and singing. What was she singing, you ask? Elvis. Yes, Elvis. I give you a moment to recoup Cori. (Tapping my foot)

"Oh, god no! Gimme that!" Cori grabbed the letter away from Violet. "You're totally lying to me now," the dancer skimmed over what her lover just read and her mouth dropped open.

"See? I was not lying. Now are you gonna finish reading or should I?"

Cori cleared her throat and continued.

I hope you're ready for this. Then the woman who I promised to love forever in front of God and everyone, kicks into a mean rendition of "Don't Be Cruel", complete with hip gyrations and lip curls. If I could explain what she looked like in her droopy drawers, I would, but I can't. You just had to be there. Next, my lovely wife has the crowd up out of their chairs, clapping and shaking their butts along with her. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. She shook, gyrated, sneered and crooned for all she was worth. God, it was absolutely priceless. I will never be able to hear Elvis again without turning blue. When it was all over, Bob and Joyce from the room next door bought her more drinks. I admit, at first, I was mortified, but after a while, it was the single most adorable thing I have ever seen in my whole life. I don't want this to ever end; I don't want to come home and have to start living life again. Okay, Cori, you may laugh now.

Violet was patting her lover on the back as silent hysterics overcame the dancer, "Breathe, baby... come on..."

"Oh... god... Reece..." Cori gasped.

"I would have liked to have seen that. I hope someone took a picture," Violet shook her head in disbelief.

"Oh, my god. I can't believe it. Faith sent some photos along, maybe one's in there."

"That would be just too good," Violet snickered.

Anyway, after that was over, it was pretty late and everyone stumbled into their rooms, except for us. Reece wanted to sit on the beach and watch the ocean. It was beautiful. Seeing her sitting there, all laid back on the sand, got me a little romantic and, well, before we knew it, one thing led to another and we broke a lounge chair.

"I just told her about last night," Faith mentioned to her reclining wife.

"You didn't tell her about..."

"I certainly did!" Faith laughed at Reece's blush.

"You suck," the tall woman pouted.

"I know. And very well, from the compliments you screamed out into the night."

"Wanna do it again?" Reece sat up and leered.

"Later, baby. I'm almost done," Faith turned away from the blue gaze, afraid she'd relent.

"Suit yourself. I'm hot; I'm going for a swim," she peeled off her shorts and walked towards the water.

"God, that ass in a bathing suit," Faith hummed as she watched said body part disappear into the ocean. She thought about what happened when they got into their room last night after breaking the chair.

Reece tackled her on the bed and began to ravish her, picking up where they left off.

"Hon, are you okay? You did have a few to drink," Faith worried.

"I'm fine," the tall woman peeled off her tank top and kicked off her shorts. "In fact... I feel good," Reece broke into James Brown, "na na na na na na na," she shook her naked ass in Faith's face. "I knew that I would," she danced ala the King Of Soul, "na na na na na na na," this time she bent over and wiggled her ass as she sang.

Faith couldn't believe what she was seeing, "What has gotten into you!?"

The club owner turned back around and jumped on the bed, straddling Faith, "You. I love you. I have never felt better in my life," then she bent down and kissed her wife possessively. After the kiss, she whooped loudly.

"Oh god, baby, I like you like this!" Faith exclaimed with a loud laugh.

"Me Animal. Make love to woman... now," Reece crawled over Faith and grinned madly.

"EEP!" Faith shouted as the tall woman nipped her neck hard.

"Shhh… you don't want Oh Joyce and Shit Bob to hear us."

"Reece, that's bad," Faith slapped Reece's naked butt.

"You heard them, too. Ooooohhh, Joyce... Shit, Boooobbbbb," Reece groaned loudly.

"Baby! They'll hear you!"

"Oh, they'll hear me plenty," Reece chuckled as she started biting a path down Faith's body.

The actress smiled with the memory, then turned back to her letter.

This morning we fed each other breakfast in bed. Later, Reece went off to jet ski some more and I just watched her zip along the ocean. I could watch her forever. Hey, I will watch her forever. God, that feels good. It's official, Cori, we're married. Had I known this was going to be my honeymoon, I'd have packed some sexy lingerie. Reece loves that lacy, feminine stuff. I have to tell you, she makes me feel pretty sexy when I wear it, too. I can't believe she's really my wife!

We talked about changing our name to hyphenated versions. I think I like Faith Ashford-Corbett just as much as I like Faith Corbett. It's no difference to me or to her. We have plenty of time to think about that, though. Reece warned me that there will probably be rag-magazine torture now, I don't look forward to it, but it's inevitable. I just wish they'd find something else to write about.

I love you, Cori, you have been so important to me; you mean so much to me. I'm sorry you weren't here to see our wedding. I sent along some pictures, though. I hope you can forgive me. I didn't know this was how it was going to be. I don't regret any second of it, don't even think I do. I am the proudest woman in the world.

Oh, my sexy wife is giving me that look again. Perhaps it's because I took off my bikini top about five minutes ago while her eyes were closed. Oh, boy! You can guess where that steely blue gaze has landed, I think I can actually feel her eyes touching my skin. I think it may be time for us to get back in the room and celebrate a little more. She looks hungry.


Green eyes fluttered open and Faith sighed contentedly. Her head was lying in Reece's lap and the tall woman was running her fingers through her hair.

"Mmm, baby, that feels good," the actress snuck her hand out from under the sheet and rested it on the leg stretched out in front of her.

"Better than a half hour ago?" Reece teased.

"Oh, no... nothing was better than that," Faith smiled into her wife's thigh.

"Oh, so before was better than in front of the mirror?" the club owner let her fingers wander down to Faith's shoulders.

"Hmmm..." the actress closed her eyes and remembered what she felt while watching Reece and The Animal make love to her in front of the mirror. "Do I have to answer that?"

"It's okay, Faith, I don't think I felt anything as intense as when I watched you make me come," Reece admitted as she tickled her fingers down Faith's back.

"Yeah, that whole night was intense. Thank you for that," Faith kissed the thigh under her cheek and wiggled. "You're giving me goose pimples, baby," she giggled.

"I see. I like it," the club owner snickered.

"I like it when you touch me," Faith sighed pulling herself up until her head rested on Reece's shoulder.

You know, Cori, Reece fascinates me. She can be so incredibly gentle and loving that, most of the time, I forget what she is capable of doing. I don't want to forget that side of her, it's part of who she is... but there's such contradiction sometimes... what I'm trying to say is, those beautiful fingers that give me so much pleasure can kill and I've come to terms with it. It doesn't frighten me any more. I think she finally feels at peace, too. I think she senses my realization. She smiles so much more now; she's breathtaking when she smiles.

I wish I could keep writing, but we have to go to dinner. I miss you, my friend, and can't wait to get home so we can jump up and down and scream. We're married, Cor. Reece is my wife and I've never been happier.

I love you, Faith.

Cori, Violet and the dancers all huddled around the bar, passing the pictures between them. Some dancers oohed and ahhed at Reece in a bathing suit, Reece in shorts and a tank top, Reece in general. Cori had to admit, the two women looked happier and more relaxed than she'd ever seen them. Marriage looked good on them.

"Oh, hey, Cori?" One dancer held up a picture. "I never saw that before," she was pointing to the tattoo encircling the club owner's bicep. "What is it?"

Cori took the picture of her laughing friends and smiled at their happiness. "That, girls, is Reece's Faith."

The End.

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