Reece's Faith, Part 7

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Reece wanted to take them to a secluded little spot near Washington Square Park, but they never made it there. Putting Faith behind her on the bike wasn't the good idea she'd thought it was, and she had to pull over and put her in front. If she hadn't, they would still be idling at the stoplight in the middle of Times Square, giving a show that she thought no one should see for free. So here they were, not five minutes from the spot she had picked out, making out and groping like teenagers on a hot date.

Reece was straddling the gas tank, facing the rear of the bike. She had one arm stretched to the limits, holding on to the sissy bar for balance. The other one was holding Faith's body up against her, as close as possible. They were moving against each other, breast against breast, mouth against mouth. Reece couldn't remember a time when she was so preoccupied with kissing. She couldn't seem to get enough of anything when it came to Faith. She mumbled into the kiss.

"Hmm?" Faith opened her eyes.

"I said I love you" Her blue eyes locked into the startled green ones. Even if she hadn't said it, Faith saw it plain as day.

"Oh Reece." The actress consumed the club owner's mouth once again. The emotion she felt was too intense for words. Surprise...

The tall woman groaned as her tongue was sucked into Faith's mouth. It made her wish another wet warm orifice was engulfing it. She shifted her position to accommodate the twinge in her crotch.

"Babe, that fantasy..." she breathed in Faith's ear.

The blonde shuddered.

"Tell me about it." she purred, sucking the earlobe into her mouth.

"You... me... bike..." Faith groaned.

"What else?" Her mouth traveled around to meet Faith's.

"Mmmm..." The actress hummed her approval. "This is a good start," she replied between kisses.

"I could kiss you for hours," the club owner confessed.

"I could let you," the actress smiled.

"Where do you want me to kiss you?" she whispered in Faith's mouth.


Reece slowly worked her way down into her cleavage and stuck her tongue as far down as the shirt would let her. She was rewarded by a loud moan and another thrust against her abdomen. With both hands occupied, she tried to lift the shirt up with her teeth. Faith gasped when she felt the suction on her ribcage. Unable to wait, Reece closed her teeth around Faith's hard nipple through the shirt. The blonde held Reece's head in place and started a rhythmic thrusting against her. The club owner grunted.

"Something you want, Faith?" she teased.

"Touch me dammit!"

"Show me where." She knew she was playing with fire, and it was getting her so hot.

Faith unwrapped her legs from around Reece and pulled the arm out from behind her. She fell back onto the bike seat and braced her feet on the handlebars. She shoved Reece's hand between her legs and pushed her hips up.

"Oh, my baby's pretty horny huh?" she chuckled as Faith's crotch was practically eye level now.

The blonde whimpered when Reece put pressure behind her hand. "Open my pants." she demanded.

"Yeah? I thought we'd just..." Reece raised an eyebrow. Public displays were ok with strangers, but Faith?

"Shut up and touch me... now!" Faith opened her own pants

Reece looked around quickly. Seems deserted. She shrugged. She was still afraid they'd get caught. "Hey, c'mere. I got a better idea." She got up off the bike and sat in the passenger's seat, pulling Faith into a sitting position in front of her. She took a deep breath of Faith's neck and shivered. "I love the way your skin smells."

Faith took hold of both Reece's hands and squeezed them to her chest. She craned her neck and wet her lips. Her unusually mushy lover was making her heart swell. Reece took the bait and kissed her senseless. Faith guided one hand under her shirt, the other inside her underwear. She let out a loud satisfied sigh when long fingers found her nipple.

The club owner slid her fingers into the slick folds and groaned. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feelings as a rush spread throughout her body. Her fingers explored, rubbed and circled, giving her aches of empathy. She pinched and rolled with both hands, Faith bucking against her, groaning. She tried to enter her lover, but cursed her big hands as she struggled to maneuver in such a tight place. "Fuck!"

Sensing her lover's frustration, Faith had an idea. "Just stay there baby." She drew her arms up behind her and wrapped her hands around Reece's neck. Shifting just a bit, Faith started moving herself against the long fingers.

Reece felt her adrenaline pump. "Oh yeah," she groaned. "Do it for me Faith." She looked down the length of her actress's arched body and the visual was getting her more turned on by the second. She began to rub and pinch Faith's nipples harder.

"That feels so good." Faith whimpered. Her slow steady movement allowed her to savor the sensations. Reece allowed this to go on until she thought her heart would explode out of her chest.

"You feel so good... so wet..." Reece angled her hand so two of her fingers were just entering Faith but not all the way. The blonde jerked, and tried to get them inside, but couldn't.

"God... come on!" She begged.

"What do you want?"

"Inside, please..." Faith gasped.

Reece plunged her fingers inside fast, causing a long sexy moan from her lover. Faith started to ride the fingers, slowly at first, but quickly building speed.

"Reece... oh god..." the actress whimpered.

Reece felt an orgasm start to build. She blinked a few times and wondered how the hell that could happen when no one was touching her. "You have no idea what you're doing to me." she whispered into Faith's ear.

"Gonna come baby..." The smaller woman impaled herself one last time and ground down onto Reece's palm. She yelled out and threw her head back. She was met with a hungry mouth and a devouring kiss. The sound of Faith's strangled cry, combined with the feeling of her silky muscles throb around her fingers, caused Reece to join her and groan loudly.

Faith felt the body fall against her back and tremble. After a moment to recuperate, she pulled back from the kiss to study Reece's face. "Did you just come?"

"Yeah, I think I did." she answered breathlessly.

"Wow... thank you." Faith stared at her.

"Thank me?"

"Yeah." she kissed Reece again. "For the fantasy, and the compliment."

The club owner blushed a little before composing herself and lifting the kickstand.

"Reece! My pants are open!"

"Yeah, and mine are wet. We'll be home in a sec... I want more." She brought the bike to life. Faith rolled her eyes in mock annoyance. "What else is new."


Violet and Cori were just sitting down to some coffee after a very adventurous shower.

"Cor? Get me some more sugar?"

The dancer ran over and sat in her lap.

"Well then, if I could pour you in my cup, I would." She replied with a kiss.

"If I wasn't sliding off your lap, I'd sit here all day. Ew. When is the heat going to be fixed?" Cori made a sour face and fetched the sugar bowl.

"I spoke to the landlord's machine yesterday." Violet shrugged.

"I guess I shouldn't complain. I like you in your underwear." The dancer wiggled her eyebrows.

"You'd like me in a potato sack."

"I'd like to be the potato sack. With or without an 'e.'"

"You're insane babe." Violet chuckled.

Cori picked up the kitchen knife and made "Psycho" noises. "Have you met Mother?"

The phone rang and Violet picked up the cordless. "Insane Asylum."

"Uh... hello? This is Brad Rogers. Is Faith there?"

"Hold on a sec." She covered the receiver. "It's Brad, for Faith."

Cori took the phone. "Have you been a good neighbor, Mr. Rogers?"


"It's Cori, the disappointing freaky chick. You really gotta lighten up honey. What can I do you for, Brad?"

Cori nodded, hmmed, and nodded again.

"Ok Brad, will do. Thanks." She hung up the phone and pursed her lips.

"Spill it." Violet prompted.

"The agency got a phone call yesterday, from a Mr. Quinn Ashford. Faith's father. He wanted to know how to contact his daughter."

"What did they say?"

"Nothing, yet. They forwarded the call to Brad's voicemail, and he just found it this morning. Being that he was looking to find Faith, Brad thought it might be a good idea to talk to her first."

"Good man. So, what are you waiting for? Call her."

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