Reece's Faith, Part 8

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Reece grabbed her gym bag and was on her way out the door when the phone rang. She chuckled when she heard Cori's heavy breathing on the answering machine. The tone of the dancer's voice made her stop and listen.

"Hey baby... whaddya wearing?

Reece chuckled.

Come on sexy momma.. talk to me..." Cori choked on an inhale. "Fuck me. See, Reece? I'd make an awful perv. Pick up, I gotta talk to you."

Reece stifled a loud laugh, not wanting to wake up Faith.


"Ooo, I love you too, boss," and she blew a kiss.

"Well speak. I'm halfway out the door."

"I got a call from Brad just now... Faith say anything to you about her parents?"

"What does one have to do with the other?" Reece was getting annoyed.

"Faith's dad called the studio looking for her. You know, she hasn't mentioned much to me about them, what about you?"

"Um, nothing. We never around to it?" Reece kicked the door closed, sat down and took off her jacket.

"No need for excuses, babe, we all know how chatty you can be." Cori laughed.

"Yeah well..." The club owner frowned. Why didn't she tell me about them? Was I supposed to ask?

"Hey, don't get all stupid now, Reece. What do you think we should do? You think she'd freak out that her parents found her?"

"Why is this all of a sudden "us"? Shouldn't Faith be the one.." Then it dawned on her. "Oh, if that were the case, her parents wouldn't be looking for her."

"So, should we tell her?"

"If anything, I'd like to find out why she left in the first place. It can't just be her dad's attitude. Something had to happen. She's just not like that."

"If she was that lacking in patience, you wouldn't have lasted a day, legs."

"Thanks asshole. I think there's a difference there."

They both sighed, brains working too hard this early in the morning.

"Cor, why don't you meet me at the gym. Faith's still sleeping, and then she's got a hair dye appointment..."

"Hold it! A girl never dyes her hair.. learn that."

"A freak on the other hand..."

"Oh, you're a riot. It must piss you off that they fuck with her hair on that show."

"Nah, red, blond, it's all the same to me. She's still mine."

"Oh please, I'm gonna swoon from the romance. I'll be at the gym in half an hour."


Faith lay in bed for a long while after Reece had left. She'd picked up the phone before Reece did, thinking her lover had already gone. Now she had a stomachache. She felt a little guilty for listening in, but mostly sick about her parents. What the hell do they want from me? This is not good. My father will flip out if he knows I'm living here with Reece. God, he'll flip out if he finds out she owns a strip club!

She threw the pillow on her face. Maybe if I keep it here, I'll starve myself of oxygen and fall blissfully asleep. Mom. She'll drop dead if she finds out I'm sleeping with a woman. Fuck. She rolled over on her stomach and hugged Reece's pillow. It calmed her down. What are Cori and Reece going to do? Hide it from me? Lie to me, confront my parents? Reece will flip out if my dad says something typically derogatory about me. Oh god no... if my father pisses her off...shit. Everything was fine. Why did they have to come into the picture?

Faith groaned and had a tiny tantrum in the bed. She kicked her feet and punched the mattress. Oh yeah, that was mature. I'm an adult! Why do they make me feel like a kid? I don't have to justify anything to them! This is ridiculous. I'll just tell them flat out. Mom, Dad, Reece is my lover. Then after we revive Mom and bail said lover out of jail for attacking Dad after he slaps me... we can all go out for pastry.


Reece was nearly done when the dancer came bouncing into the gym. She flopped herself down spread-eagle on the floor at the club owner's feet.

"Whoa, nice view, boss. I need coffee."

Reece did another squat, blowing out a long breath.

"Oh yeah, that's very nice form." Cori drooled.

"Oh, that's what you were gawking at? My form?" She squatted again.

"Soooo lovely. I'll dream about this you know."

The tall woman lifted the barbells off her shoulders and shook out her arms. "Show's over."

"Oh well, you get what you pay for." Cori fanned herself. "I swear, Reece, whatever force created you, was a lesbian."

Heads turned curiously towards the pair.

"Great, as if I need more of an audience." Reece shook her head and stalked off to the lockers.

Cori jumped up and followed after her. "Oh really, Reece. Like you don't notice the entire gym staring at you? Please."

"No, I don't, thank you. But now, I'm sure they will since you declared god to be a lesbian." She stepped out of her shorts and twisted out of her wet tank top. She wiped the sweat off her naked torso.

"She's gotta be." Cori's eyes bugged out. "Look at you!" she yelled louder than intended.

Reece looked around at the few women who had followed the dancer's instructions and were now openly staring at her.

"What!? You never saw a woman in her underwear?" she growled at the poor women.

"Uh, babe? I don't think they got that far down yet."

Reece threw her sweaty clothes at Cori and tossed on sweats. "Oh, I'm bending over now, ladies." And she tied her sneakers. The women hurried to get to their own business, properly embarrassed. Reece chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"I was hoping to fart while I bent over."

"And here you call me the freak."


Faith arrived on set early and plopped down heavily in John's chair.

"Buck up, Buttercup!" he smiled and danced.

"Shut up, John."

"Ew." The make up artist frowned. "If it isn't Suzy Sunshine." He replied sarcastically. "I'd have thought you got yours last night."

"Just do my hair please. I'm not in the mood for chatting."

"Again I say.. ew."

Faith shook her head defeatedly.

"Oh come on, Faith. It can't be all that bad? Was Spike a bad girl?"

"It has nothing to do with Reece. My parents are annoying me."

John smiled triumphantly."Oh? What about?" He put the apron on her. "Speak up, honey, I can't hear you."

"That's because I'm not saying anything."

"If you hadn't noticed, I'm a really good listener."

"And a blabber, too." she glared at him.

"Yeah well, I swear I won't repeat this. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a penis in my eye."

"Somehow, I don't see a penis in your eye as an act of torture."

"In some countries it is, Louise." He shook his head solemnly.

"Oh alright. I left my parents, and my life, back in Long Island where they belong. I moved here, got a job, met a talent scout and got this job."

"Aaaand, there's scandal in there somewhere just screaming to get out."

"Yes and no. To us, it's not scandal. To my parents, it's horrifying."

John jumped up and down. "Scandal and horrifying all in the same breath!"

"Easy there, honey." Faith chuckled, glad he could make her laugh.

"Well? I'm plotzing here!"

"Ok, I first got a job as a waitress, in Alphabet City. My apartment was a rat and roach infested nightmare, but I had no skills and couldn't make a better living. Then I met Cori, she's well, she's sorta different. " She glanced at John who was wide-eyed, waiting for more. "Cori is an exotic dancer..."

"Oh goody! A stripper! Here's the scandal! " He tipped her head down to spread the color lower.

"Sooo, she thought I'd make a lot more tips if I worked as a bartender in the club she works know, get a better place to live." She paused for a second.

"Ok, so.... you got the job, fell madly in love, realized you were gay, and now you can't tell your uptight froo-froo parents that you like to eat..."

"JOHN!" Faith interrupted his assumptions.

"Sorry, I got carried away." He grinned sheepishly.

"You know, you're not too far off there." Faith stared at her feet. "Actually, I was really freaked out by it. I wasn't upset that Cori was gay or that the women took off their clothes, though. I was disconcerted by my reaction when I met the owner of the club, Reece Corbett." She blushed.

"Oooh, someone's turning pink. Did you take the job?" John watched as the blush creeped up the back of her bent neck.

"Yeah, and I even danced too."

There was a clattering sound and cursing followed by John's astonished face appearing under hers.

"You mean tassels on the titties dance?"

"Get up. " she laughed. "Yeah, but no tassels."

"Whoo hoo! Girl! You didn't! Scaaaandalous!"

"Yeah, but that's after I told Reece where to go. She came on to me, I let her, but then I freaked out. I blamed it on the alcohol I consumed. Anyway, I danced at a rival club. She showed up there in drag and watched me. It was so cute."

"It's not Shakespeare, but I'll give Butch the 'e' for effort."

"OH, but you should have seen the reaction she had... and what she was wearing..." she blushed harder, and cleared her throat.

"Honey, you know you'll be giving me details at a later date." He thought a second. Hmm, maybe not. To turn that particular shade of red, it has to be entirely too juicy.

"Ok, to make a long story short, my parents are looking for me. They apparently saw me on TV and called the studio. I hadn't told them where I was going, not that they'd care. I really don't have anything to say to them. As a matter of fact, I don't want them in my life anymore, but they're my parents for Christ's sake. Part of me wants them to approve of me, and the other half wants them to fuck off. My mom's not so bad, but I soo want to see my father's face when he sees Reece."

"I wanna see too! Oh yeah! You gotta have her take him for a spin on the bike! Or how about if you put Spike on a leash or..."

"John, I hardly think.."

"Faith, listen, play with this! It's a lot more fun than getting sick over it. Have them come stay by her house and everything! At least think about it. The possibilities are endless."

Faith cocked her head and thought. He has a mighty good point there don't he? Play with it. Hmmmm.

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