Semper Fi
Part 6

by Larisa

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John had been released from the hospital and put on leave until he was 100%, his wife was relieved that he would be out of the danger part of his job but he still insisted on doing some of the paper work from home to help Ronnie as much as he could. After a week his wife wished he was back at work, he was driving her crazy. He whined 22 hours out of 24 about the pain he was in or he was thirsty, hungry, bored or that his now favorite soap opera was interrupted by some political bullshit and now he would never now what happened between the two soon to be lovers.

"Nice boxers little man." Ronnie laughed as John tried to cover himself with a Soap Opera digest.

"My savior, oh mighty Warrior would ya get me a beer?"

`"How about ya get off your lazy spreading ass and get me one?"

John gave her a pouty look and laughed at her raised eyebrow. "Ohh all right, I tell ya I slave all day in this house and all I asked for is a lousy beer." He got up and grabbed his crutches, before he was out of the living room he yelled to Ronnie ta clue him in to what was going ta happen on his soap so he wouldn't miss anything.

John came hobbling back in with a beer under each arm and trying not to wipe out at the same time as he hurried in to the living room. "What'd I miss?"

"How the hell am I suppose ta know, I don't watch these sappy things."

Brennan was in her office tipped back in her chair feet on her desk sound asleep, she never heard when the person crept in and made their way to the front of her desk. All she heard was a click. Her eyes shot open, she was just about to scream when she caught camel colored eyes smiling back at her.

"Damn ya caught me!" Poni sat down in the chair across from Bre's desk.

"What was that click I heard?" A mischievous grin covered Poni's face as she held up a ruler. "And what is that for?" She questioned her. "Uhhhmm, would ya believe I was measuring somethin? Bre's eyebrow shot up at her. "Nope, well....How about I was gonna scratch somethin?

Then Bre noticed that Poni was looking at her legs crossed at her ankles and that her skirt had rose up on her thighs. "Uhh huh sure ya were!" Bre swung her legs down off her desk as fast as she could but by the look on Poni's face it wasn't fast enough. "You are such a dog Poni! Where's Jack?"

"She's at the Commissary getting somethin for supper."

"And your here because?"

"She won't let me go with her cuz I run off with the cart and run people over and sneak all kinds of pogey bait in it when she's not looking?" She gave Bre a big toothy grin. "You and Ronnie still over at Lisa's?"

"Until they get all the windows fixed."

"Good cuz were cooking over there tonight, so if your done we can get outta here."

They were just walking out of her office when the phone rang, Bre answered it and within 2 seconds she went pure white. Poni rushed to her side and helped her sit down in her chair. "What's wrong, is it Ronnie?"

"No they found another body, this ones out near the rifle range. Can you take me out there after I call Ronnie?"

Ronnie answered her cell phone and was out the door without saying a word to John, kicking her Harley sideways she skipped it across Johns front yard throwing up grass as she jumped it over the curb and on to the road. She was 15 minutes away from the crime scene but only half that if she cut through the trees and got up on to Rt. 1 and hit the side roads. She got there at the same time Bre and Poni did. The MP's had the area all roped off with crime scene tape, the photographers were just walking away when they approached. Bre walked up to them and gave them instructions that she was to get the pictures before anyone else did.

"You two stay here, I'm gonna take a look." Ronnie told them as she walked past.

Bre leaned into Poni and whispered. "I hate when she plays the protector like that, makes me feel like I'm a little innocent kid, I can handle anything she can. I've seen lots of horrible stuff!" Poni just looked at her as if she had gone nuts. "Come on Poni, I wanna see what's going on over there."

"Are ya sure about this?" She squeaked as she was dragged behind Bre. "I really don't think they need us over there!"

"Here and I thought you were this big bad Amazonian bitch Poni?"

"I am except when it comes ta dead gross things!"

Ronnie was bent over the body of the young woman taking notes in her little black notebook. She scribbled continuously until she heard retching coming from behind her.

"Gods Bre!"

Poni was holding Bre around her waist and trying to get her away from the crime scene while trying not to toss her cookies right along with her. Ronnie finished up with her notes and then talked to the investigating officers before she went over to where Bre and Poni were both hunched over in the weeds.

"Cute guys." She leaned over their shoulders and looked at the ground. "Poni you still eating those nasty animal crackers?" She got a smack in the stomach for her try to lighten the moment. "Lets get outta here." She walked between the two pale faced cookie tossers holding them both up.

"Ya know Ronnie it's Bre's fault I got sick, I'm one of those sympathetic thrower uppers."

Just before they got to their vehicles Ashford pulled up and got out of his car, limping and holding his one arm close to his stomach. Ronnie couldn't help herself she walked up to him and hit him in his shoulder.

"Come ta see the new handy work have ya?" She asked him. "You don't look so good maybe you ought ta skip this one, go home get some rest?"

"Get the fuck out of my way!"

"Ya kiss your wife with that filthy mouth of yours?" Ashford pushed past her hitting his sore shoulder against her. "Fuck you !"

"No thanks, you've got unwanted parts!" She joined Bre and Poni and continued to watch Ashford as he made his way over to the ambulance where they had just put the gurney in with the latest victim on it.

"Ron what's wrong?" Asked Bre.

"I don't know, Ashford seems in kinda bad shape." She filed away the information to reevaluate later.

Ashford looked at the crime scene and noticed that the cloths of the victim were folded in quarters and placed next to where the body had been. Everything was just like all the other murders, her swore under his breath then hobbled off to his car. Pulling his cell phone out he made the call. "We have another one sir, you have to do something I can't keep covering this stuff up."

"You will cover them up, because there will be no where you can hide that the FBI won't find you and make you pay for what you did in the past!"

Ashford's complexion was pale when he hung up the phone. He had made mistakes in the past but the biggest one was not getting here before that Dyke and her groupies. There was one thing he could do that would take care of them that would get them thrown off the case and save his life in the process, he would take care of that tonight if it killed him.

When Ronnie and Bre came downstairs after taking their shower they found Poni laying on the couch whining about how shaken up she was from seeing the dead body and that she needed Jack to take care of her. Ronnie busted up laughing then in between snorts she told Jack that Poni had tossed her cookies because Bre had thrown up on her boots. Poni shot her an evil glare. "Thanks Ronnie, you bitch!"

"No problem Pon's."

Jack glared down at her wife. "Your cut off, ya hear me CUT OFF!"

"Poni jumped up off the couch and chased after Jack pleading with her not to cut her off, that she was just kidding. "Please baby, don't cut me off, I'll do anything! I'll even wear that little black French maids uniform!"

Jack gave Ronnie a high five as she passed her in the kitchen on her way out to check the steaks on the grill. "Works everytime!" She whispered.

"Wanna clue me in here Ron?"

"Oh, well everyone knows about Poni and her sympathetic way, so we set her up." She grinned at Bre.

"You are dangerous! Bre whispered in her ear.

When Ronnie got to her office she found an envelope on her desk. Dumping it out she found a plastic evidence bag with small lapel or tie pin in it of a Italian flag. She opened the file that came with it and found where it was logged in as evidence found at the crime scene. She knew that after reading the reports they got from Ashford that at all the others no such object was found, she knew that this was probably something that had been left out of all the other reports or taken before anyone knew about it. She had one more thing to check to confirm her suspicions. Picking up the phone she called the coroners office and spoke with the coroner who had performed the autopsy that morning. There were self-defense wounds on the victims body along with tissues under her fingernails and allot of blood on her hands that did not match hers. Ronnie was now convinced that Ashford was involved.

Brennan was at her desk signing off on vouchers when the Major walked in to her office carrying 2 manila folders in her hand.

"I found these on my desk this morning, one of them is the crime scene photos from last night." Bre reached for them to have the Major hold them back from her. "The other one I want copies made of certain pictures for my personal use." Bre's eyebrows hid in her hairline. "Ma'am that sounds kinda gross."

"Not when ya see them it won't be, oh and it came with a letter that I am ignoring for personal reasons also."

Bre opened the said folder and was horrified at some of them. "Oh my Gods!" Her face turned 10 shades of red. "You seen these, of course you did, that was a stupid question. Did the letter say who sent them?"

"No, the person just wanted me to know what kind of Marines I had in my Command, who ever it is needs to get a life."

Bre shuffled through the pictures of her and Ronnie having sex and stopped suddenly. Turning the picture upside down she looked up at the Major. "I didn't know you could do that!" Looking closer at the others she started laughing. "Copies of these ones." The Major grinned at her. "Ooohhh yeah, I have a personal use for these ones, paybacks are a bitch! I hope who ever took these enjoyed themselves."

On her way to Lisa's Ronnie tried to figure out how she would get Ashford's blood type to compare to the autopsies. At Lisa's she found Bre in the kitchen with her and Laura giggling over pictures. "Wanna share the fun?" Bre wiped tears from her eyes as she handed a picture to her lover. "What the hell, I didn't know ya could do that!" She turned the picture every which way. "I gotta tell Poni that it's against the law with someone with legs like hers ta wear a French maids uniform. Where'd these come from?"

"Someone sent them to your mom." Replied Bre.

"Ohh Gods, probably trying ta get them in trouble."

"Those aren't the only one's you buff thing you." Lisa informed her.

"I don't think I can handle seeing anymore of Poni's legs."

Her eyes shot open at the pictures of her and Bre. "These are from last night!"

"Yep, who ever took them must be part monkey cuz they had to be up in one of the trees to get them." Ronnie took all the pictures of them and stuffed them in the envelope then in to her coat. "What are you doing?" Bre asked her. "I'm gonna put them somewhere safe."

"I was gonna put them in the family album." Bre snickered at the horrified look on her lovers face.

John called a few days later, he had gone over all the reports and compiled all the evidence together. "Ronnie that pin that was found at the scene, I've seen one somewhere before but for the life of me I can't remember where! I'm gonna get on the web tonight and see if I can't track one down."

"Check with Govt. type stuff, ya know like Senators, Congressman things like that, I have this feeling that it's connected somehow."

"Will do, anything else?"

"Do you have a scanner for your PC?"

"Yeah why?"

"I'll come over tomorrow and fill ya in." Ronnie hung up the phone and grinned until her boss yelled her name and told her to get her ass in his office. Groaning she got up and ignored the comments she received from the guys in the office.

She left her bosses office with a look on her face that could plant half of the guys in her office 6ft under. Before she could get two steps out she heard her boss tell her that it went no further than his office.

Jack booted up her PC and checked her e-mail and found one from some porno site with an attachment to it, the picture came up on the screen of her and Poni. Across the top was written "Can ya teach us this position? Love ya, the Nation." Her scream could pierce eardrums, Poni came running in to the room and just about fell over when she saw the picture. "Son of a bitch! Where the hell did that come from?" Poni asked her lover. "Ronnie, but where and how is what I want ta know."

Ronnie sat starring at the crime scene photos, she had just about given up when she seen the small pin under the victims fingers of her right hand that was lying over her left breast like she was saying the pledge of allegiance.

Brennan was walking in her building in her PT gear when Ashford came up behind her. "So Lt. Magdoon when's your Court Marshal?"

Bre spun around to face him. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I figured after those pictures went to your CO that you would be up for a court marshal. Or haven't they told you yet?"

"You son of a bitch!"

Bre went at him with all the pent up rage she had buried for years, she slammed him against the wall and pummeled his face and chest with her small fists. Ashford swung catching her in the side of her face slicing her cheek open with his ring. She wiped her cheek with her fingers and seen the blood covering them, a war cry tore from her chest, she dropped down sweeping his legs from under him, with the contact she heard a loud crack like a stick breaking. when he went down she continued to kick him in his ribs. Hands grabbed her and pulled her off of him, she fought trying to break free, all she saw was red, the ringing in her ears from the punch kept her from hearing her lovers voice. Ronnie wrestled with her, dragging her down the hall to her Ma's office.

"Bre stop, it's me!" Bre collapsed in Ronnie's arms sobbing. They sat on the office floor until the Major came in. "Ronnie what happened?" Brennan looked up at the Major with red rimmed eyes. "I lost it Mom, I don't know why it happened?" Tears slipped over and ran down her cheeks, burying her face in Ronnie's chest she started sobbing again.

"They took Ashford to the hospital, they think his one leg is broken, you'll love this part, when they cut his pant leg open they found a bullet wound that was infected, the Paramedic says it's over a week old. Sound familiar?"

"That night we were shot at Bre fired my pistol at the person, there's only one way ta find out if it was him and that's if he has a knife wound in his shoulder, compliments of Jack." Ronnie's thought's wandered for a minute. "I know it's him! The other day when I seen him he was carrying his arm all stiff!" Picking Bre up she carried her out the door. "Ma call Poni, tell her ta meet me at Lisa's."

Please Bre just stay her with Lisa and Laura, we'll be back as soon as we find out something. Call me on my cell phone as soon as Jack gets home." Ronnie kissed her then went to find Poni.

Poni was on the phone in the kitchen trying to find Jack, she had a worried look on her face when Ronnie walked in. "I don't like this Ron, she should have been here 3 hours ago! I called everywhere, our truck is still in the parking lot at OCS, one of the guys seen her head towards the gym, I called there and they said she never showed up."

Jack woke to find herself in the dark with her hands tied behind her back and the rope attached to the ropes on her ankles. The back of her head was pounding along with the right side of her face, all she could remember was cutting through the trees to get to the gym, then nothing. She struggled with her bindings only to make them tighter and pull on the rope that was around her neck. Lights came on and blinded her for a minute until her eyes could adjust.

"Your awake Mommy, good now we can play just like we use to!"

Jack tried to talk but her throat was dry. She was dragged across the floor to a concrete sarcophagus, her binds were cut and retied to the handles after her cloths were removed. Now completely naked she lay in front of the unkept woman.

"I know you." Jack forced past her dry throat. "You DOR'd from the 13 series!"

Putrid breath assaulted her. "And it was all your fault Mommy, I never was good enough at anything! She screamed. "And now your going to pay for all those years you beat me and defiled me! Rough hands grabbed Jack's face jerking her to look into the crazed brown eyes of the former Candidate Callis. You keep coming back, no matter how many times I kill you! I killed you in Italy and you followed me here, this is the last time, I know what I have to do this time!"

Ronnie and Poni tore down the back roads of base heading for the parking lot of OCS. Poni was screaming and slapping Ronnie on her back the whole way. Ronnie skidded to a stop at Jacks truck, Poni stumbled off of her Harley.

"Are you fucking nuts! You could of killed us, 120mph on those roads on the back of a Hog!"

"Chill Pon's, you go check the office I'll go check the gym, then we'll meet back here and go see Ashford."

Brennan was pacing in front of the TV, driving Lisa and Laura nuts.

"Bre will you sit down, they'll be all right and Jack will show up, she probably is over at the E club with some of the DI's having a beer."

"She would have called if she was gonna be late. Where's my car keys? I'm going to the hospital to see Ronnie."

"I don't think that's a good....ok ok. Lisa come on we'll take her over there then we'll all go look for Jack."

Jack was left alone, Callis went to get her preparations for her ritual. Jack continued to struggle with the ropes, she had the ones at her ankles loosened enough that she could slip her feet out of them, now all she had to do was get the ones on her wrists done.

Poni hung on to Ronnie for dear life, she had given up on screaming because all it did was make Ronnie go faster. They pulled right up to the emergency doors blocking it completely. Heading to the Nurses desk Ronnie flipped her wallet open to show her badge. "Ashford's room where is it?"

"Visiting hours are over you have to...."

"I don't give a dam! His room NOW!"

"314, he's in 314"

On the way up Ronnie ducked into one of the open storage rooms and stuffed stuff in her pocket. "What are you doing? Lets go Ron!"

"Ready, come on!"

Ronnie grabbed a jug of blue stuff as they ran past a cleaning cart, taking the stairs two at a time they busted through the door to run down the halls looking for 314. Poni slid past Ronnie when she went in to 314. Ashford was laying in a bed with his broken leg in traction. His eyes grew wide when he seen them come in, he reached for the buzzer to call a nurse but had it ripped from his hands.

"Get out before I yell for a nurse!"

"Ooohh you don't want ta do that, cuz you see we're just here ta have a nice little chat." Ronnie sat down on the edge near his broken leg, leaning on it enough to cause him to gasp.

"I'm not telling you anything!"

Poni's face was red with rage. "Let me have a chat with this asshole!"

"You see Ashford, we're on to your little game. I'll make a deal with you, you tell us who's killing these women and maybe she'll let you live!" She pointed to Poni

"Fuck you!"

Poni hand me that jug, tough guy here wants ta play!"

Ashford's eyes bulged at the jug, his panic grew when Ronnie pulled a 20cc syringe out of her pocket and filled it up with the blue all purpose cleaner. "Here ya go Poni, since it's your wife that's missing I'll let you do the honors." She held out the plastic IV lines to Poni. "Now, tell us or ya get ta turn this pretty blue color in lets see." She reached over and turned the drip on his IV so that it dripped faster. "Really really fast!" Ashford tried to move up in his bed to get away from Poni. "I told you..."

"Do it Poni!"

Poni pushed the needle into the IV line. "Shit! Ok ok the Aquia Harbor Cemetery, the old tomb, check there!" Poni handed the syringe to Ronnie who just looked at it, then jammed it into the IV and pushed the plunger home.

"What are you doing?" Ashford screamed!

"I never said I wouldn't kill you, I said Poni wouldn't. Later!"

They left his room with him screaming for a nurse. "Ronnie, I can't believe you did that! He's gonna tell them you did it and then your gonna go ta jail!"

Ronnie just laughed as they ran down the hall. "Only if you go ta jail for turning piss green. "I had his catheter tube in my hand!"

Bre, Lisa and Laura ran up to the emergency doors just as Ronnie and Poni were coming out. Bre jumped into her lovers arms. "Did you find Jack?"

"No, but I think she's been taken by that Psycho, Go to Ma, tell her and have the Police meet us a the Aquia harbor Cemetery on RT1." They turned when the heard yelling and seen the hospital security guards coming towards them.


"Go now before they get here!"

Callis was standing naked at the foot of the sarcophagus, her shoulder length blond hair as wild as her brown eyes. In her hands was a Marine Corps Officers dress sword.

"I sharpened this all by myself, You see Mommy I killed you all the other times by ramming a broom handle inside you, basically fucking you to death. But for some reason I think you enjoyed it as much as when you use to do it to me, and that's why you keep coming back! But this time I'm gonna cut you in to tiny little itty bitty pieces!"

"I'm not your mother you insane bitch!"

"Yes you are, you gave birth to me and you made me what I am today! Aren't you proud? I'm just like you Mommy!"

Callis stepped closer to Jack with the sword raised over her head. Before she could bring it down Jack kicked out with one of her feet sending Callis back against the wall. "You bitch!" Callis got up and grabbed Jacks ankles, holding them down she tightend the ropes. "I'm not gonna be nice anymore Mommy, I'm gonna kill you slowly now!" Jack started yelling at the top of her lungs hoping that someone would hear her.

Ronnie was breaking the sound barrier weaving in and out of cars the whole way down rt 1, at one point she went off the side of the road to pass slower cars. All Poni could do was pray they didn't die before they got to the cemetery.

Callis took the sword and made a cut across Jacks left breast, blood ran down across her ribs to puddle beneath her. "All the other times Mommy you screamed when I fucked you, and you know what the louder you screamed the wetter I got! And with your last breath I would have one hell of a climax. But now I don't feel anything, why?" she screamed.

Brennan was in-between her friends flying behind the police and MP cars towards the cemetery. The Major had stopped off a the base quarters to pick up John.

"Major I tried calling Ronnie, that pin she has is a diplomats tie pin, they all wear them to signify which country they represent. And if that belongs to a diplomat there's not a dam thing we can do to them!"

Ronnie slid her bike sideways launching both of them off, stumbling they ran towards the back of the cemetery jumping over tombstones as they went.

Callis cut the other side of Jacks breast and watched her blood run, dozens of cuts covered Jacks body, her face wash ashen from blood loss. she didn't know how much longer she could hold on. The last thought she had before everything went black was of her wife Poni. Callis screamed horribly, raising the sword above her head she was bringing down at Jacks neck when she was slammed into the wall of the tomb. The sword slipped from her fingers. Ronnie picked her up by her throat and slammed her fist into her face knocking her out. Poni cut the ropes from Jacks wrists and ankles, grabbing her cloth she covered her up. In the distance they could hear the sirens coming and knew that everything was over. Poni picked up the sword, noticing that it was covered with blood. She started to walk towards Callis when Ronnie stopped her.

"Poni no, we stopped her, let the Police handle it from here."

"But look what she did...she was gonna kill Jack!"

All they heard was a blood curdling scream and then Ronnie was on top of Poni on the ground, Callis was lying across Ronnie's back laughing.

"It's over, you win Mommy!" Her brown eyes clouded over, blood ran from her mouth then she dropped her head on Ronnie's back. Bre ran into the tomb to find them that way. "Ronnie! All my Gods!!"

"I'm all right just get her off me."

The coroner took Callis's body away and Poni went with Jack in the Ambulance to the hospital. John told Ronnie and Bre about the information he found out on the pin. They were just leaving when the Majors cell phone rang.

"It seems that Ashford had the green piss scared out of him." Ronnie grinned at everyone. "He gave up the story of how he came to be the cover up guy for all the murders and get this. Callis is the daughter of the Italian Diplomat over at the Embassy. They came here because of her little problem over there in Europe. Ashford was part of the FBI detail over there investigating the crimes when he sort of got caught buying narcotics from an undercover Narcotics Officer. Who just happens to be related to Diplomat Callis. So Ashford works out a deal that he will keep the investigation from getting his daughter if they forget that he was buying drugs. Now case closed"

"He really fucked up when he took pot shots at us that night, not to mention pissing off my little woman."

"I think this calls for a celebration." Bre looked up in to crystal blue eyes. "And Ronnie's buying!"

Weeks later Jack was fully recovered from her injuries, her and Poni and the rest of the gang including Mom and her lover were at Ronnie and Bre's to attend their Joining. They all stood in their dress blues in the traditional two ranks as Ronnie and Bre came down the center of them. Everyone of them smacked Bre on the ass with their sword bringing squeals from her. Once at the end they jumped on Ronnie's Hog and rode off in to the sunset.

The end

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