Strangers When We Meet

Part Two

by RI

Please see disclaimers in Part One.

Randy entered Brittany's condo with butterflies the size of B2 Bombers buzzing around her stomach. Why this was so important she couldn't put her finger on. She just knew that it was very, very important.

Brittany led Randy into her home and she felt like she was shaking all over.

She was not shaking with fear it was just pure nerves of the unknown. She wanted everything to be just right. She gazed quickly around her to make sure there was nothing out of place. Suddenly she saw her laundry and her eyes widened as she remembered what her bathroom look like. She muttered a quick, "Excuse me..." and she shot out of the room very quickly.

Randy was stunned as Brittany suddenly ran out of the room. She followed her concerned that something was very wrong. What she saw as she entered the beautiful blondes bathroom made her smile at her new friend with affection.

Scattered about the room was bits of white silk; The room was literally an explosion of underwear. The blonde looked up through her bangs at the tall brunette her face beat red, "Uh...I...."

Randy laughed. She couldn't help it, Brittany just looked so damn cute. She leaned against the doorway of the bathroom laughing gently and asked good naturally, "Can I help?"

Brittany seeing the humor glittering in the beautiful blue eyes smiled and shrugged her shoulders replying, "I could use a little help, yes."

Randy nodded and with utter delight started to fold the pretty bits of silk and placing them in a neat pile on the side of the tub. With that task complete, Brittany picked up a pile and then held out her hand for Randy's. Randy's smile brightened and her cheeks turned a shade of red that deepened her tan.

She picked up her pile and took the little hand as she was led out of the bathroom.


They entered a bright and cheerful sky blue bedroom, with white lace curtains and beautiful antique furniture. Randy found that she was immediately comfortable. She found the pretty room soothing since it was so much like it's owner.

Brittany placed her underwear in the appropriate drawer and then nervously sat down next to Randy on the large four poster bed.

Randy seeing how tense the young woman was quietly said, " We could just talk."

"No...I mean, yes...God, Randy, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I mean.

Its just...I....I,"She suddenly got up to leave the room when a gentle hand grasped her arm, "Shhh, Its ok. Come on, sit down we can just get to know each other. We don't need to do a damn thing. I...Uh....I really like you, and..."

Brittany had stopped her departure at the light touch. She was facing her friend and several emotions were reflected on her pretty face, relief, graditude, affection. She smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you. I'm never...I'm kind of new at this sort of thing..."

Randy's eyebrows shot up, "New?"

Brittany nodded her head slowly.

Randy got up gently taking a small hand in hers she led Brittany back to the girls living room. She took her to the couch and sat down bringing the stunned blonde beside her.

"If this is the first time it has to be if it is going to be with me."

Tears formed in Brittany's eyes, "God, You are so sweet, so" She bent her head down as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Randy embraced her and stroked her back in soothing circles, She whispered gently into a little ear, "It not sweet, its selfish. I'm a perfectionist. If this is your first time; and that special time is going to be with me; then it must be perfect. And I...I uh...I'm already crazy about you. So I..."

Green eyes locked with blue, "Really?"

"Yes, I'm overwhelmed by this thing. I want you to be happy. I want you to be comfortable with me. So we go very slow, Ok?"

Brittany nodded, "Thank you, "She replied still crying gently on Randy's strong shoulder.

"Shhh, Its ok. I'm not going anywhere. I'll wait for you to be ready. I'll wait forever."

"You will?"

"Yes, I'm here for the long haul. I think...I...I think....I'm in love with you."

To Be Continued......Part 3

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