It Takes All Kinds

Part 7

by Ri

"Danny, don't argue with me. Now is the time. Come on, They're short an operative and they're in a panic. Just get the damn warrant and get it over here!!" Liz said as she slammed down the phone down on the receiver on her desk.

She glanced at her computer, Toni was diligently working on a background check on Mark. Liz couldn't help but smile. Toni looked so cute when she concentrated on something. And when she found even the smallest fact her face would lit up like a Christmas tree. It was so adorable. Just then Toni looked up and met amused blue eyes. Toni rolled her pretty green ones and stuck her tongue out in a playful manner to her love. "What?"

"God, You are so damn cute." Liz replied wistfully.

Toni blushed a deep red and looked down. Liz walked over and sat on the edge of her desk..She gently lifted Toni's chin and kissed her on the cheek. "I love it when you blush like that for me. It makes me feel like...well that I am a part of you. I could just eat you up."

"Oh, God when you say stuff like that I feel so ...well..."


Toni nodded her head and their lips slowly met in a passionate kiss. Liz's hands reached around Toni's shoulders bringing her as close to her as possible. Then with a slight twist the smaller woman was in
her lap as Toni began to reach under her sweater toward a waiting breast....suddenly the phone rang scaring the hell out of both them. Liz almost dropped Toni onto the floor but she made sure Toni was safely tucked in her arms as she picked up the offensive instrument. "What?" Liz growled into the mouthpiece.

"Liz, Its Danielle. I got all the poop you wanted..."

Liz tried to calm her breathing, Toni smiled and caressed her cheek to comfort her. Her hand was
now safely out her loves sweater. "Fine, could you please fax it to me?"

"Yes, How about a thank you?"

"Thanks Danny, Sorry. of got a little distracted. Thank you for finding the stuff I wanted so fast, did you get the warrant yet?" Liz said smiling at Toni caressing her shoulder and stroking her hair.

"I am still working on that, I'm waiting for a call from my contact at the county court house. I'll call you as soon as I do, Ok?"

"Ok, Thanks." She said and hung up the phone and looked deeply into sparkling eyes. "Come here you, I need to continue our research." She picked up the smaller woman and crossed the room to the comfortable couch to continue their interesting investigation...


They were outside of a garage across from the Arlington Race Track. Liz and Toni were in the
back seat of an unmarked police car. There were five other unmarked units up and down the side the street
that ran next to the garage.

"How do we know any of the cars are still there?" Toni whispered to the investigator beside her.
Liz smiled at her and replied, "You don't have to whisper. These guys are on our side."

"Oh. Sorry."

"S'Ok. We don't but the last car jacking was last night and they need somewhere to take the car to strip it. Mark owns this joint."

"How can a junior Realtor afford....Oh?" Toni said as she realized that she answered her own question. "He bought it with the money from the jackings?"

Liz smiled brightly at the other woman and tapped her gently on her nose, "Excellent."

"How did they pick a car if Jean is still behind bars?" Asked Toni smiling back at the tall woman.

Liz shrugged her shoulders, "Don't know, We'll have to ask them when we arrest them."

Two low beam lights turned a corner and entered the garage. From Toni's research they knew that it was Jennifer. "Ok Boys, All the players are in place...Go!" She yelled into her walkie-talkie.

Suddenly there were bright lights surrounding the garage like it was opening night for a Premier.
Clique lights lit up the garage and a bullhorn was heard telling the inhabitant to give up and come out with their arms up and then lay flat on the sidewalk.

Three people came out following instructions to the letter. Suddenly there was flying bullets as the fourth Mark came out shooting. The glass shattered in front of Toni from the car she was hiding behind and Liz made a flying leap toward Toni as she heard more bullets coming in their direction. As the two of them hit the pavement Liz heard a bullet whiz by her ear. She made sure that Toni didn't hit hard against the asphalt at the same time she used her body as shield to protect the smaller woman.

A barrage of bullets was heard and then silence. The policewoman near them gave an all clear. When they looked up Mark was in a pool of blood. The others were being put into patrol cars. Liz met Jennifer Harrington's eyes and if looks could kill she would be dead. She looked at the coed distastefully as the pretty young woman was motioned toward the car she shook her head in disgust.

Liz heard someone clearing her throat, She looked down and saw she was still on top of Toni.
"Sorry Love." She said as she helped her up.

"S'Ok. Um...I guess it over, huh?"

Liz smiled and nodded.

"I guess its back to travel agency work for me. I mean I can't live on one story." Tony said hoping Liz would ask her to be her permanent partner.

"No, I don't think so," Liz said as she helped Toni up and lead her to the own car which was parked down the block.

"What do you mean you don't think so?"

Liz stopped and looked deeply into green eyes and said, "You know damn well why. You and I are partners and I'm not going to let you out of it." She replied with a large smile.

Toni blushed and looked down, "But I thought it was a bit too much for you? I mean... you worry about me and..."

"I always will, but I don't want you to go back to a job you hate. I don't want to wait for you forever to come home from work. I want you by my side all the time. I know I'm selfish but..."

Toni's tiny fingers covered her lips, "Your not love me. But Sweetheart, Am I good enough?" She asked the investigator sincerely.

Liz kissed the fingers still on her mouth then took them in her hand and lead to their car.
"You are more then good enough. You are such an asset that I am going to have you added to the staff of Anex. Come on Partner, Get in the car."

Toni's face was red from blushing but her eyes were lit with a joy beyond description. Her eyes met sparkling blue ones as she winked and closed the passenger door. She went to her side of the car and slid in. She started the car and said, " Come on, Partner, Lets go home. I want to do some more of that research we were doing last night in the office," Liz said with an amused lift of an eyebrow.

"Ok Partner, I'm up to that kind of research anytime, anyplace...I love you Liz."

"I love you too Toni, passionately...forever."

The End

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