Two Tuesdays

by MJ

Disclaimer: These characters may bare a resemblance to a certain duo (who don’t belong to me) that we all know and love, but that’s all. This is an uber story and the characters are mine.

Also, this is a sequel to my first story Four Mondays; if you have not ready it you may not get certain aspects of this story.

Language warning: Hell yeah, it’s there

Love and sex warning: Yep that too, though not graphic.

Thanks: I want to thank Garnet, for editing this story and helping me ironing out the literary creases. And thanks to everyone who read Four Mondays and all the feedback I received.

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Alice Bateman sat in her office thinking. Her elbows stood on the desk top, amidst the ‘comforting clutter’, and her chin rested heavily in dainty hands. Delicate gold-rimmed glasses, hung precariously upon the tip of her nose. She was slightly aware that one swift movement would send them flying into a shattering oblivion, but she was too engrossed in thought to care.

The room was silent except for the hum of her computer working diligently by her side. She had started a program and had left it running in the background, knowing it didn’t need her attention at that moment.

It was early, seven o’clock to be exact and here she was, on a Friday morning in the office, before anybody else were probably even be awake.

Bed, she thought, that’s where I should be! Yawning, she pushed her hands through short golden locks and ruffled the strands.

It was still dark outside, and a small black lamp on the edge of her desk, lightened the tasteful office. It cast her shadow upon the pale walls making her appear larger than her petite size. Leaning back, she pushed the spectacles safely up her nose and folded her arms.

Alice hadn’t been able to sleep; she never could if she was away from Leah for the night. Since their pre-ordained meeting three months ago, they had spent hardly a night apart. Either Alice would stay around Leah’s flat, or vice versa. But tomorrow things were to change.

Leah and herself had decided to take the next step in their unexpected relationship, and move in together. So last night the older woman had spent the final night in her own place, packing her sparse belongings. Alice had offered to help, but Leah reminded her about presentation of her new program she was to do this morning. She told her to get a stress free early night and they would meet up for lunch later today.

‘Stress free, early night’ my ass, I spent most of the time tossing and turning, because a certain brunette wasn’t by my side!

Alice shook her head and leaned forward onto her desk. She was actually surprised she wasn’t more nervous. She had been working on this program for months, and now that it was time to show the finished result, she was sure she should at least be a little anxious.

She looked at her watch; it was half past seven. Deciding she needed a caffeine boost, she took off towards the drinks machine.

The whole building seemed deathly quiet. Alice gingerly walked over to the machine and selected her drink. She waited impatiently until her cup was filled with the aromatic beverage. Picking up the white container, she moved it towards cautious lips.


Alice jumped, spilling the contents of her cup onto the floor. She turned around shocked.

“Jesus Christ, Mandy. You just scared the life out of me.” She placed her free left hand over her rapidly beating chest.

The red headed secretary couldn’t contain her chuckle, as she looked at the stricken young woman. “Well yes it is a good morning…sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you. I couldn’t resist though, you looked so timid…standing here in the half darkness…all alone.”

Alice rolled her eyes, “Yeah…well I just think you aged me at least ten years.” The programmer turned to her reflection in the closest door window and started inspecting her hair.

The red head looked at her bemused, “Whatcha doing?”

Alice squinted, “Looking for grey hairs. After the fright you just gave me, I probably have liver spots as well.”

The secretary shook her head, “Oh please…I said I was sorry…you’re not going to make me beg are you?”

Alice grinned, “No…so…what are you doing here so early in the morning anyway? I thought your husband had to practically drag your unwilling butt out your bed every day.”

The woman looked sheepishly at the little blonde, “I guess I was kind of nervous. What with your big presentation today…I wanted to make sure you were ready, though to be honest you don’t seem that concerned.”

Alice shook her head, “Yeah, well I just think you ignited the spark.” She giggled, “So you were nervous for me hey? Oh…that’s so sweet.”

Mandy rolled her eyes, “Yeah well, Leah asked me to make sure you were fine, as she couldn’t be there. She is kind of a hard person to refuse you know. She has this no nonsense look that would make even the Terminator cower with fear.”

“She didn’t use that look on you, did she?”

The red head shook her head, “No, but I wasn’t planning on refusing so I could see it either. Damn intimidating it is, gives me the willies!”

Alice laughed and turned around to fill her cup with coffee once again, the spilt beverage still on the floor forgotten. The carpet was dark anyway, so nobody would notice it!


As the morning progressed, Alice started to get the jitters. She began pacing her office, looking constantly at the time. The presentation was at eleven o’clock and it had only just gone ten. She looked down at her black two-piece suit hoping she had made the right decision. The skirt was a little on the short side, but as Leah said, it could go in her favour! Sighing Alice began her pacing with increased vigour.

She stopped suddenly when the phone rang. Thinking it might be Leah; she dived to the annoying apparatus with the usual giddy feeling she got whenever she even thought of the courier.


“Stop that marching before you wear the pile down on that lovely carpet.”

Alice looked out the window of her office to where Mandy sat with the phone to her ear, smiling. She shook her head and mentally rolled her eyes. Still she felt a little disappointed that it wasn’t Leah, she could have sworn she got that ‘Leah Vibe.’ The ‘Leah Vibe’ was what she used to describe her uncanny ability to sense the other woman.

“Sure…I’ll stop pacing, just as soon as the presentation it over.”

Mandy laughed down the phone, “Well I know what will make you stop.”

Alice mock scowled at the woman through her window.

“How about a tall, dark and sexy courier on line one?”

Alice spun around, pushing her finger on the phone to connect to the other caller. She could almost see the amused expression of Mandy’s face.

“Hi.” She smiled, oh yes; the Leah Vibe is still going strong.

“Hey, Ally…how you doing?” The velvet voice sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine.

“Better for hearing your voice, I missed you last night.”

Leah grinned down the phone, “Missed you too. Listen I can’t talk long I have a delivery, but I just wanted to wish you good luck for the presentation…and to say I’ll see you at one o’clock for lunch.”

Alice sat on the edge of the desk, “Can’t wait…I love you.”

The courier smiled, “Love you too…bye.”

The young programmer hung up the phone and resumed her pacing, much to the amusement of the red headed secretary, out in the foyer.


Alice fell back against the conference room door, her legs still feeling like bowls of jelly. She clutched her briefcase tightly in her right hand for fear it may fall out. Moving her left hand, she pushed it through her blonde locks, disturbing its presently natty state. Breathing a sigh of relief, she felt the strands of hair whip around her forehead.

The presentation had been gruelling, long and gruelling. The worst part was that she had felt anxious the entire time, and constantly wondered whether she was babbling or making a fool of her self. She hoped the board members were not aware just how self-conscious she really was in there.

Self-conscious my ass…I think I spent more time making sure I didn’t accidentally do something embarrassing, than I did on explaining my new programming system.

Inwardly rolling her eyes she looked at her watch.

“Oh God half one…Leah is waiting for me!” And with that she dashed off down the hall, towards the stairs that would lead her to the second floor.


Leah leant fully over Mandy’s high desk, discreetly looking in one of the secretaries’ private draws. She snuck a quick look to the right; in the direction the red head had just disappeared to make sure she wasn’t on her way back. Chuckling quietly to her self, she closed the draw she was presently inspecting and moved to the next one. This was lower and she had to lean further over the desk only just managing to keep her feet on the ground. She pulled the draw open and looked inside.


The tall woman jumped back, surprise written all over her tanned features. She whirled around in shock.

“Do you really think I would abandon my chocolate, when you are around?” Mandy said waving the chocolate treats in front of the couriers face.

Leah rubbed her jean clad backside, “I guess not…but did you have to slap my ass? Damn…and I thought I left my mother in America!”

“That’s what you get for trying to steal my chocolate.” The secretary stated with raised eyebrows.

Leah crossed her arms, “I was not trying to steal it…just liberate it from its darken prison.”

“Yeah just so it could enter another,” Mandy prodded Leah’s firm stomach.

The courier shrugged, “Well at least it would have achieved its purpose in life.” She grinned slyly.

Mandy shook her head, what am I going to do with her? She is as bad as the blonde.

Just then Alice slipped through the twin doors. Both Leah and Mandy turned to look at the petite woman with questioning faces. The chocolate all but forgotten Leah took a step towards the young woman, trying to read her facial expression. Already she was feeling nervous.

Shaking her head, Mandy stepped forward. “So don’t just stand there, what the hell happened? Oh God Alice say something…you know how impatient I am.” She nudged the tall woman beside her.

Leah jolted forward, “Yeah, what happened baby?”

Alice allowed them a couple more seconds of torment, before letting rip!!

With an almighty, “YAHOO,” the short woman jumped into the air and pumped her fists.

The whole office turned in her direction, trying to see what all the commotion was about.

Leah broke into a radiant smile, “They want to use it?”

Alice nodded her head, laughing.

Leah ran towards the blonde woman, picked her up and twirled her around in the air. Surprised, Alice clung on to the unexpected ride and wrapped her legs around the dark woman’s hips. The whole scene caused varying degrees of confusion from the on-looking work mates.

Mandy watched them with an amused expression, “Hey…Alice dear?”

The programmer, still wrapped around the tall brunette, looked towards the secretary with happy, questioning eyes.

“Not that I want to ruin the moment,” She lowered her voice, “But that skirt is rather short, you know?”

Alice’s eyes bulged, as she looked down at her fully exposed thighs, “Shit!”

She slid down Leah’s body and landed as gracefully as she could, on top of the other woman’s feet.

Leah grimaced, “Damn…those heals are sharp.” She stepped back with a limp and grinned at the blushing blonde.

Mandy placed well manicured hands on her hips shaking her head, while observing the two women, it’s so much fun watching this pair.

Alice looked down and began straightening her skirt, by pulling on the hem. Leah shook her head and laughed, thinking that any more force would result in the skirt pooling around the woman’s ankles. That was a sight reserved for her and her alone!

She moved forward, “So you wana get going before I start chewing on my sleeves for nourishment?”

Alice folded her arms and looked over at the still grinning Mandy, “Anybody would think I never fed her.”

Leah moved closer and lowered her voice, “Oh believe me baby…if I could survive on your essence alone I would die a happy woman…unfortunately I need stable food stuffs.”

Alice, red faced and stunned looked over to Mandy, only to find the red head doubled over in fits of hysterics. The rest of the office had once again looked over to see what the three peculiar women were up to.

Alice picked up her forgotten briefcase, shaking her head. “Right that is it…what is it when you two get together anyway? I’m going and when you two finally stop laughing I expect stretch here, to accompany me.” With an effort of keep the smile off her face she spun around and left the office.

Leah calmed down, “Ok…I’m off to find my lover. Mandy I will see you tomorrow…you haven’t forgotten have you?”

The secretary took a breath to calm her bubbling mirth, “No, no…moving in tomorrow…I offered to help…be there with bells on…see you then.”

Leah nodded her head grinning, and walked out the door.


Alice arrived back at the building an hour later. She walked into the office to see Mandy holding a bunch of red roses. Curiosity getting the better of her she sidled up to see whom the woman’s flowers were from. She frowned when she noticed the red head peeking through the envelope.

“Why not just open it?”

Mandy looked up with a guilty expression, “Alice…oh…I was just being nosy…sorry…they are actually for you.”

Alice stepped back surprised, “Me, who would send me flowers?”

The secretary mentally shook her head, “Oh…ok so exactly how many women do you have on the go, little miss programmer?”

Alice chuckled, “One…of course. It’s just that these are not from Leah, she knows my favourite flowers are daisy’s, besides I would just know if they were from her.” And I definitely do not feel the ‘Leah vibe’ here, she thought to her self.

Mandy rose and plucked the card from the bouquet, handing it to her with an expectant expression. The blonde took the envelope and opened it; she read the card out aloud. “Congratulations on a job well done. What…that’s it? No from ‘so and so’, or ‘what’s his face’.”

Mandy moved from around her desk and looked over the blondes shoulder, “Hmm…It’s probably from the company…you know how ‘personal’ they can be.”

Alice shrugged and placed the card on the red heads desk, “Yeah you’re more than likely right.” She turned towards her office, placing the roses under her arm. “Well I have work to do…see you later Mandy”

Mandy smiled and watched as the blonde disappeared into her office.


Saturday Morning, Leah stood outside her block of flats, waiting for the cavalry. Alice was to collect the truck and Mandy was to follow behind in the blonde’s car.

The crisp morning air signalled the coming of the summer sun, already making an appearance from behind white, fluffy clouds. It was going to be a warm day and the tall woman had dressed for the occasion, in a pair of devastatingly high cut denims, and white tank top. After pushing dark sunglasses onto her head, she folded her arms.

Everything was packed; she only had the barest of furniture, and the rest of the furnishings came with the soon to be vacant flat. If she were to tell the truth, she was so glad to be leaving. It was not that it wasn’t a nice area, because being on the outskirts of the city did have its advantages. But the rent was so damn expensive and the neighbours…well don’t get her started on them. It would be best for her to simply state that the woman to the left of her worked in one of the oldest professions known, and she got to listen to it every night. Well when she was there anyway, and it did provide entertainment for Alice on her first visit. After that though it was as annoying to her as it was to Leah.

The sound of a transit engine emerged from the distance, and Leah look up the road to see whom it was. Sure enough she spotted a white van making its way up the street and by the overcautious driving, she knew it could only be Alice. The woman hated big vehicles, which was why she stuck to her ‘baby.’ The ‘baby was’ what Alice named her small sports car!

Walking to the side of the road, she waited for Alice to stop, noticing Mandy behind in Alice’s little red M.G. She shook her head, looking at the expression on the red heads face; it was one of sheer exuberance.

Alice parked the van and jumped out, landing in Leah’s waiting arms. She felt the instant head of the other woman’s body invade her senses.

“Well, I must say I definitely approve on the dress code.” She commented, running her hands up Leah’s back until they disappeared in the mass of dark hair. She moved forward pulling waiting lips towards her own.

Leah smiled, “Glad I pass inspection.” She muttered before sealing her lips with the blondes.

Their simple greeting soon intensified as Leah parted her lips, requesting the other woman’s entrance. Alice, not wanting to deny the brunette,

As if I could, took full advantage, pushing her tongue into the waiting woman’s mouth with increasing passion. Leah moaned; pulling the smaller woman tighter towards herself and feeling Alice do the same.

Body heat increased and breathing became laboured; yet still the two women did not come up for air. Finally a distant clearing of the throat sounded.

Leah heard it first and attempted to pull away, but Alice only followed, grasping the tall woman at the back of the neck and pulling her forward. Outside sounds quickly forgotten; Leah resumed her pleasurable task.

Mandy frowned, grinning from hear to ear. She moved towards the women and was sure she could feel the heat flow from the over stimulated bodies. She shook her head, chuckling silently and moved to with in five inches of the pair. “Do you two have gills or something?”

Alice blinked and pulled away from her lover, “Huh?”

Mandy rolled her eyes.

Senses coming into play, the young programmer finally realised where she was. She turned to Leah stunned, who stood there looking at Mandy with an indulgent grin.

“Oh Mandy I’m sorry, it’s just that sometimes…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Mandy waved her hand, “You don’t have to explain, and I get the picture.” Her eyes twinkled, “You know hubby offered to help today, and now I think it was a good job I turned him down. I don’t think he would have gotten any work done with you two around.”

Leah watched the blush work its way up Alice’s face, as the red head continued.

Mandy folded her arms and leaned closer to the blonde with an accusing stare, “You never greeted me like that this morning.” She pouted.

Alice felt a mischievous spark, “Do you want me to?” She asked, her voice dropping at least two octaves.

Mandy looked a little stunned.

Alice leaned in further, “Cause all you have to do is ask.” She licked her lips. “You know Leah and I can be quite adventurous at times, always open to new experiences!”

The red heads mouth flapped open twice before a deep red blush worked its way over her cheeks.

Alice couldn’t contain her self any longer and had to turn away, a deep laugh erupting from within her.

Leah stood, hands in pockets, shaking her head at her lovers antics. With effort she tried to contain her amusement, as her own little minx came into play.

Alice turned back to the red head laughing, “Oh…I’m sorry Mandy it’s just that you should have seen your face…I can’t believe I just got one over on you…God now I know how you feel.” She sucked in a breath, trying to contain her laughter.

Mandy huffed, “Ha…well don’t get used to it…because remember I always get my retribution.”

“Yeah…Yeah…Yeah.” Alice chimed. She turned towards Leah who was standing with an introspective look on her face.

“Oh come on Lee, you have got to admit…that was a good one!”

Leah looked towards Alice thoughtfully, “You know, just as a matter of interest…have you ever considered it?”


“You and me,” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, “And another…you know…a threesome?”

Alice scowled, “You’re kidding me right?”

“Absolutely not…I mean…I’ve never tried it but always wanted to.”

The blonde blanched as the red head covered her mouth, in an attempt not to laugh.

“You’re serious.” It was a statement, not a question.

Leah nodded her head sincerely.

Alice’s eyes grew wide as she began stuttering, “Well I…I mean…that’s… Oh god…No…I don’t think…I…could…I’ve never…. err…thought...”

Leah arched her eyebrows and scratched her nose in an attempt to cover she smile, finding it increasingly difficult to keep a straight face. Mandy’s on the other hand was having no such luck. With an unexpected shriek, the secretary burst into fits of laughter making the other women jump.

At that, Leah’s resistance dissolved and she too started to laugh.

Alice narrowed her eyes, realising her leg was being pulled. She folded her arms watching the two women continue their merriment. Damn I can’t believe I fell for that. A smile worked its way onto her lips as she continued to watch her lover and workmate; finally there laughter began to subside.

“I was beginning to wonder when you two would calm down.”

At her words, the women started up again and it took another thirty seconds for them to settle.

Leah put her arm around Alice’s shoulders, “Oh…I’m sorry Ally,” She kissed the pert little nose, “It was just too much of an opportunity for me to pass up.”

Alice shrugged, “That’s ok.” She leaned up onto tiptoes, placing her lips close to her lover, “Just remember I will pay you back for this.” She snaked her tongue out and ran it along the length of Leah’s ear slowly, “And you remember how I like to get my revenge.” She whispered.

Mandy watched fascinated as the blonde moved to whisper in the tall woman’s ear. She looked on as the smile left the brunettes face and her cheeks flush while listening to what ever the petite woman was saying. She wondered whether she should offer assistance as Leah’s countenance faded. She looked like she was about to melt into a puddle, and a visible tremor rapidly working its way through the tall frame.

She grinned when Alice shot a wink in her direction, and walked away.

“Gosh, what did she just say?”

Leah squirmed uncomfortably, “Err…” She swallowed audibly, “I think she just reminded me who’s the boss!” She ran a shaky hand through her hair, feeling a gust of air cool her rapidly heating body.

Mandy looked on bemused, “Well I think we better get occupied…before you start emitting steam.”

Leah looked towards the woman with unfocussed eyes, “Huh?”

Mandy shook her head and slapped the brunette playfully on the back, “Come on Romeo, let’s get loading shall we?”

Leah numbly nodded her head and walked towards the block of flats.


It had taken the three women a little over an hour to clear Leah’s flat. Alice and Mandy had carried the lighter boxes while Leah took the heavier ones. Alice watched lecherously, as the tall woman had single handily lifted the heavy items, watching clear muscles strain in her legs and arms. Twice Mandy had to tap the blonde and tell her to drag her mind out of the gutter.

The journey home, only took them twenty minutes and an hour and a half after that; everything was out of the van and in their home.

They sat in the living room amidst a clutter of cardboard boxes. Hardly a square inch of the dark blue carpet could be seen around the floor. Alice rested her head back against her pale sofa and sighed. It had just gone lunchtime and her and Mandy were waiting for Leah to get back from picking up some take away food.

“You know Alice, this is the first time I have ever been in your place.”

Alice arched her eyebrows, “Yeah, I guess it is…say we will have to invite you and Brian round for dinner sometime.”

Mandy grinned, “That sounds great.”

Just then the Front door opened and Leah ambled in caring two brown paper bags. She disappeared into the kitchen, before remerging a minute later with a triumphant smile.

“Dinner is served.” She proclaimed and proceeded to pull the food out of the one brown bag she now held. Alice eyed her curiously, wondering where the other bag was.

Leah passed the white packages around, “Fish, chips and curry sauce for the veggie.” She said looking at Mandy. “Fish, a jumbo sausage, chips and mushy peas for the blonde.” She said grinning at Alice. “And Chicken pie and chips for me.” She sat down and opened her package. “You know…this is one thing I love about this country. Your chip shops are almost like an institution to you all, there are about twenty or so in every town.”

Alice laughed, “No ten or so…it is more like, twenty or so Indian takeaways in every town.”

Mandy nodded her head, “Too right, I don’t think my Brian would survive without his twice a week visit to the local balti house.”

Alice agreed, “Yeah and you know what…Leah here has never even had one!”

Mandy looked at her incredulously, “You have got to be kidding me.”

Leah shrugged, “Look I am not a fan of foreign food, is all. I don’t know what all the fuss is about anyway.”

The red head placed a chip into her mouth, “Oh then we will have to show you sometime.”

Alice nodded, “Yeahf,” She stated with a mouth full of food, “Juft you waich and scee, I promifs you wiw lofve it.”

Leah shook her head, “Well…I think I understood that!”

Alice grinned and continued tucking into her food.


By late afternoon most of the boxes had been cleared, books on shelves, clothes in wardrobe. Only a few containers remained and Alice decided to dump them in the spare room for another day, a decision firmly agreed upon by the other two women.

It had just gone five, when they declared defeat and trundled into the kitchen for a well-earned drink. Alice moved to get out the coffee but Leah stopped her.

She moved to the large white fridge freezer and opened the door, digging around for a second until she pulled out a bottle.

Alice eyed the object, “So that’s what was in the other bag earlier.”

Leah nodded, “Yep…I have an announcement and though we may as well intertwine it with a kind of moving in celebration as well.”

Mandy grinned, “Well don’t just stand there…my bodies been dying out for a drink since I looked at those heavy boxes this morning.”

Leah twisted the cork on the bottle of Champaign as Alice hunted around for some glasses. Finding them in the back of a cupboard, she pulled them out and held them mid-air for the courier to fill. Once done, the glasses were handed out.

“So what’s the announcement?” Alice asked excitedly.

Leah leaned against the tabletop, “Since it looks like I am staying in this country, I handed in my notice with the delivery centre.”

“Yeeaahhh…?” Both women said in unison.

“And…” Leah stood tall, “Well I didn’t want to say anything until I was certain, but I got confirmation yesterday evening.”

“Oh come on don’t make us wait, you know how impatient we are.” Alice groused.

Leah took a teasing sip of her drink, “Well, two weeks from now I will start my new job.”

“As?” Mandy questioned.

“A lawyer.” Leah answered.

Mandy did a double take, “You not a…you’re a lawyer?”

Leah grinned, “Well that’s what I studied to be…then I got the travel bug…I was to go back to America and join my fathers law firm…but now I am joining one here instead, being as though I have a reason to stay and all.” She looked lovingly towards the blonde.

Alice, the information finally sinking in, came out of her muteness and moved swiftly to hug her lover, “I can’t believe it, and this is amazing, I’m so proud of you. Whom will you be working for?”

Leah smiled smugly, “Tate, Tate, and Henry.”

Alice stood aghast, “The most reputable law firm in the city, probably the COUNTRY! No offence…but how did you manage that. It’s just that…well you haven’t practiced law for a few years now and I know for certain that they only go for the hot shots.”

Leah gave a smug shrug, “It kind of helps when I told them I was daughter to the chairman of one of the biggest law firms in Washington.”

“And they brought it?” Mandy asked.

“Well it is the truth.” Alice stated.

Mandy chinked her glass against the others, “Well you know what they say ‘you learn something new every day.’”

The blonde hugged her lover again, “Congratulations baby.”


Turning off the shower, Alice pushed the door open and reached out for a towel. Once in grasp, she wrapped it around her body and stepped out the cubicle, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the wooden floor. She stood in front of the mirror and wiped her hand across the condensation.

“Oh shit Ally, come on wake up.” She was tired, and hoped the cool shower would stimulate her senses. She look accusingly at her reflection, “It’s Lee’s first nigh and you have be half asleep by nine o’clock? Damn…it’s a good job Mandy’s left, other wise you probably would have zonked out on the sofa during conversation.”

Sighing she lowered herself down to the sink, and proceeded to splash handfuls of cold water onto her face. It did no good. Great…I fall asleep before she even gets back from taking Mandy home.

Yawning, she excited the bathroom and made her way to the bedroom. Opening the door and stood back surprised.

Four large, vanilla scented candles stood in each corner of the room. The lights were off giving the four flames full reign over the darkness. Compelled by the ambience, she took a step into the room, but was halted when two familiar hands rested on her shoulders. Alice sucked in a deep breath as the hands glided down her arms and around her towel clad waist.

“Miss me?”

The small woman shuddered hearing the velvety voice, “Always.”

Leah moved forward until the length of her body was flush against Alice’s. She moved her hands slowly over the edges of the towel until she found what she was looking for. With intended slowness, she pulled it from Alice’s body and let it fall discarded to the floor.

“Oh God.” Alice whispered, as Leah’s soft hands began tracing a path around the front of her body. She smirked to herself, tired?

The taller woman lowered her head and placed tiny kisses along Alice’s shoulder, up her neck, and over the side with intentional laziness. The blonde pulled her hand up and tried to increase the contact, but Leah pulled away and started a slow caress of kisses down the petit back.

Falling to her knees behind the weakening woman, the brunette kissed firm cheeks, while her hands took a lazy path back up the front of Alice’s body. Only stopping when they came into contact with Alice’s soft breasts.

“Oh…F…F…oh God.” Alice swayed forward, as an aching heat moved southwards. Leah quickly rose again and turned the smaller woman around, and that’s when Alice noticed. The woman was naked.

Looking over the sculpted form in front of her, Alice moved her fingers into play. Starting from the hips, she trailed a scorching path up the inviting flesh. Looking up she gazed into blue eyes laden with desire, and smiled.

“Well counsellor, are you just going to stand there…or kiss me?”

Leah ran her hands through the short blonde locks, “Which would you prefer?”

Alice shook her head, “The way I’m feeling…now isn’t a good time to be playing games.”

Leah grinned, “I thought you liked our games?”

Alice lightly grabbed the dark head and pulled it down towards her lips, “No more small talk.” She stated, before their lips met in a heated kiss.

Leah groaned, and pulled the smaller body into full contact of her own. Bending slightly at the knees, she lifted Alice’s smaller frame, as short muscled legs wrapped them selves around her waist. With trembling steps, she walked over to the large bed and knelt on the surface, the blonde still not relinquishing her hold. Moving forward she placed the smaller form on top of the sheets lay gently above her, their kiss un-renounce.

Feeling a need for air, Leah pulled away and gazed into dark green eyes. Alice smiled and rolled over, trapping the larger body beneath her own.

“I think it is about time I gave you my welcome home gift.”

“Now?” Leah asked breathlessly.

Alice grinned, “Oh believe me you will definitely want this now.” She stated, before trailing a moist path of kisses southwards upon the aching body.

“Oh yeah,” Leah groaned, directing Alice’s head with insistent hands, “I want it…now.”


It was an annoying ringing, persistent in its attempts to irritate the two sleeping forms. Alice rolled of her comfy spot atop Leah, towards the irritation. Groaning she picked up the receiver.



“Jesus,” she whispered… “HELLO?”

Leah rolled onto her side, she had already been awake for twenty minutes, but was loathed to move away from the sleeping blonde. Not that she thought she would have been able to anyway.

“Who is it?”

“If I knew that I would not be shouting HELLO.” She shouted the last word again down the receiver.

Give me that. Leah took the apparatus from Alice and put it to her ear, “Yeah?” She said in her most irritated voice. She heard the obvious disconnection tone and handed the receiver back to Alice. “Hung up.” She sighed.

“Bastards…Waking me up on a Sunday Morning.” Alice dialled the caller identification number. She listened briefly before hanging up with an aggravated growl.

“What?” Leah asked.

Alice rolled onto her back, throwing her arms above her head, “Withheld number, damn fuc…” Her profanities stopped when a pleasurable sensation engulfed her senses.

“What ya doing?” She asked, looking down at the dark head with a smile.

Leah looked up with twinkling blue eyes, “Watch and find out.” She whispered, while lowering her head.


The television flicked from one channel to another, not even giving Alice enough time to identify what each program was. She sat cross-legged on the sofa, arms folded and looking at the dark woman beside her with bemusement. Great she’s a remote hog!

Realising she was being stared at, Leah turned to Alice, “Yeesss?” She purred in a long, deep voice.

The blonde sidled her hand towards the remote, but a grinning brunette moved it out of reach.

“You are a remote hog…I was just going to make sure the thing hadn’t gotten its self welded to you hand yet.”

Leah chucked the little black object from one hand to another, “No…and I am not a remote hog! I am just getting acquainted with the channel numbers. You know my place had cable and we have satellite here. You wouldn’t want me to miss the x files would you? It’s not a pretty sight.”

Alice held up her hands, remembering the almighty pout Leah portrayed last time she missed her favourite program, “God forbid.”

Leah’s retort died as the ringing of the phone interrupted them. Alice looked at the taller woman uneasily.

The telephone had been ringing sporadically throughout the day. The taller woman always being the one to answer as Alice was beginning to get a little concerned as to whom it could be. She had never gotten this problem before, but all of a sudden somebody, (as she presumed it was the same person) was making all of these calls.

The phone continued to ring.

“Right that’s it,” Leah asserted, rising from her seat with mounting anger.

“No hold on,” Alice, moved beside the woman, “Let me try again.”

Leah frowned, “You sure?”

Alice nodded and moved to pick up the receiver; hesitantly she placed it by here ear. “Hello?”


Alice looked towards Leah, “Who is this please? Look this is not funny any more.”

Leah stood behind Alice and put her head to the phone, she placed her left hand on the other woman’s arm in a silent communication of support. Alice put her hand onto of the larger one and passed the phone over the Leah.

The dark woman grinned and placed the receiver by her ear, “Listen ass hole…why don’t you get lost, find something else to do before bed time. Wouldn’t want you to be late for school tomorrow.”

She heard the definite sound of breathing, before the line was disconnected.

Leah pulled the apparatus away from her head and looked at it. She shrugged and handed it back to Alice, “Hung up…what can I say?”

Alice sighed, “Leah, I’m a little nervous, I don’t like this.”

Leah pulled the small woman into her arms and circled her back gently, “Hey is probably some idiot with nothing better to do…but…if it bothers you that much we will do something about it tomorrow…how does that sound?”

Alice sighed, “Ok…sounds ok as long as you keep up what you’re doing.”

The dark woman grinned and kissed the blonde head beneath her chin, “Want me to show you what else I can do?”

The little programmer chuckled and looked up into darkening blue eyes, “My aren’t we full of energy today.”

“Yep…and I can think of only one way I want to burn it off.” The courier waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Alice pulled away and started a mad dash towards the bedroom, “LAST ONE TO THE BED IS ON TOP!”

Leah grinned, and started an idle gait, “And that would be bad…how?”


The morning sun shone with determination, through the open curtains of the bedroom window. Aggravatingly happy birds sang their morning chorus with unusually increased fervour. Alice rolled onto her back and pulled a pillow over her head, she hated the summer mornings. It got too bright, too early and that meant not enough sleep. She much preferred the Autumns and Winters, where it was dark by six in the evening and didn’t get light till about seven the next day. Yep over twelve hours of darkness meant more cosy time, and she was all for that, especially with a certain brunette to make it more interesting.

Alice pushed the pillow tighter over her ears, “Agh…why didn’t I remember to close the damn curtains.” Was her muffled groan.

Leah rolled onto her side, propping her head up with her hand, “Oh come on Ally, it’s a beautiful day.”

The blonde only pushed the pillow tighter still onto her face, “I am sure it will be a nice day,” She muffled, “But it is still sleeping time as far as I am concerned. Jesus…I think mother-nature, and the universe has it in for me.”

Leah grabbed the pillow and tried to pull it from the woman’s face, after three gentle tugs, it was pulled free. She looked down at the little woman, who was now shielding her eyes with her hands.

“Hey how can you possibly think Mother-nature, the universe and all, has it in for you…they brought us together.”

Alice pulled her hands from her eyes and looked towards the dark woman lovingly, “Hmm…I guess you are right, and who am I to argue against such an all knowing all powerful force hey?”

The courier nodded her head, “Yep, so come on and get your ass moving. Because I don’t think you realise just what time it is.”

Alice frowned.

Leah nodded towards the clock on the bedside table, “Ally, it is almost half eight…you have to be at work in half an hour.”

“Oh SHIT…”

Leah watched amused as Alice dived out of bed and a naked butt flew past her towards the shower.


It had been working fine. The steady hum of the air conditioning unit, cooled the heated office to just the right temperature, that was until ten o’clock. Then the quiet hum of the building was taken over by a series of cranks and scrapes until nothing. Not a sound. A look of horror over took the calm expressions of the workers faces, as they realised the AC had just conked out.

Alice sat at her desk; sweat trickling down her temple. She was glad she had chosen to wear a light pair of khaki trousers and white t-shirt; still she was as hot as hell. Pushing herself away from her desk, she got up and stalked out of her office.

Mandy sat by her desk, sheets of papers in one hand that she was using to fan her heated body. She looked sympathetically at the saturated blonde.

“Oh dear Alice, it must be torture in that office…the sun shines right inside.”

The blonde rolled her eyes and picked up a small pile of the secretaries’ papers to copy the red head.

“I though British summers were not supposed to get this hot?”

Mandy shrugged, “Well you know how unpredictable the weather is…and not that I want to put a damper on things…no pun intended…but it is only mid morning, just imagine how hot it will be by midday.”

Alice sighed, “Great, I’ll be stripping soon.”

The secretary looked at the blonde with mirth, “Oh please…don’t start teasing us now, it maybe hot but at least we are still able to get SOME work done. We do not need any more distractions.”

Just then Neil appeared by Alice’s side.

“So…I hear congratulations are in order.”

Alice frowned, “What for.”

The curly haired man frowned, “What you didn’t here? The bosses want to start integrating your new system. They will run the old system parallel with yours for a few weeks, before bringing yours on-line completely.”

Alice stepped back surprised, “No…I had no idea they were going to do it quite so soon, that’s amazing.”

“It sure is.” Mandy piped in proudly.

Neil dropped his head, looking at his boots before returning his attention to the blonde, “So you want to go out and celebrate.”

“No…I am busy tonight...”

Neil butted in… “How about at lunch time…we could get a bite to eat or something.”

Alice sighed.

“Oh…I am sorry Neil…I am afraid I have already nabbed Alice for lunch today.” Mandy interjected.

The programmer turned to the secretary with a look of thanks. Mandy delivered a ghost of a wink.

Neil pursed his lips, “Fine, ok then…some other time. But I must warn you Alice, I will not wait for ever.”

The blonde cringed, “Look Neil…”

He interrupted, “Yeah it’s ok…now I think about it I am busy today anyway…yeah it will have to be some other time.” And with that he walked away.

Programmer and secretary looked at each other stunned, neither of them quite believing Neil’s forwardness. Mandy was the first to speak,

“Ok…did I just miss something here?”

Alice shrugged, “God knows…Mandy do you think I’ve lead him on in anyway?” She watched as the dark haired man made his way to the other end of the office, before disappearing into one of the back rooms.

“You have got to be kidding…I bet almost anyone in this office can vouch to hearing your constant rejections of that man.”

Alice nodded, feeling like the words ‘constant rejections’ sounded almost mean and calculating. She never intended to be that way, if that was the case. But why the hell didn’t he just get the hint? She was sure most of the co-workers were aware of her relationship with Leah; surely he did as well.

“Right that is it, I am going to straighten things out with him once and for all, even if I have to damn well spell things out for him.”

Mandy raised her eyebrows, “Whoa…you go girl…if you need me to help just yell…I am great at spelling things out to men. Especially when it involves instruction on house-hold chores.” She winked playfully, easing the slight tension that had gathered within the blonde.

“Sure will,” Alice stated and walked of to the back rooms at the end of the office.

Cont in Part Two


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