An Unexpected Pleasure Trip

Part 3

by Ri

        Dina woke with arms protectively around Colleen. I have never been so happy and scared at the same time in my life before. I really can't believe I told her I need her. I do. I just can't believe I told her. Dina took a deep steadying breath and brought the smaller woman even closer to her. She felt a soft breath against her neck and a musical laugh floated to her ear. Then the soft words, "As much I love this closeness I think I need to breathe a little."

        Dina loosened her arms and smiled as beautiful green eyes fluttered open looked at the taller woman with amusement.

        "Hi. Do always looked so damn perfect in the morning?" Asked Dina as she mussed the shiny blonde hair.

        "I don't know. I've never been told that before. You look pretty damn good yourself."

        For some reason that hit Dina's funny bone, "Do I ?" She asked as she chuckled. Then she sighed and caressed Colleen's cheek. "One more day, Half a day really...Sweetheart, I really want you in my life. This isn't going to end here is it?" She asked the younger woman searching her face to see how she felt.

        "No, I don't want it to end either. I want to be with you too. Um, Can you use a new agent in your office?" She asked with a smirk.

        Greatly relived Dina replied with a matching expression, "Oh, I think I might be able to squeeze one small blonde agent in." She then proceeded to tickle the smaller woman till she shouted "Uncle."

        Once Colleen got her breath back she asked the dark woman, "Is that part of the intitation for your office?"

        Dina laughed and stroked her fingers through blonde locks, "Nope, Your just so cute I couldn't resist. I love touching you and I love to hear you laugh. So I...."She tickled Colleen again.

        Colleen was wiggling and shouting, "No fair, no fair!!"

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        They were now showered and changed heading for the beach. They walked from their room to the door leading to the Caribbean. Once out side they stopped to look at the white sand and the turquoise water. Colleen sighed and said, "Isn't that simply gorgeous."

        Dina was looking at Colleen who had on an electric blue bikini and white mesh cover up with matching sandals, "Yes, Just gorgeous."

        Colleen looked up into the admiring blue eyes and blushed. "You look pretty stunning yourself, " She replied with a smirk. Dina had on a one-piece black bathing suit and White with black checked flannel shirt on over it. "Thanks roomie, Come on lets go splash down." She grabbed a little hand and ran toward the beach and the surf.

        The two never saw the narrow gray eyes that watched there every move. He had to figure out a way to get her separated from the tall bitch but how?

                ***                ***                ***                ***        

        They were now walking through the streets of old San Juan and Dina didn't let Colleen out of her sight for a second. She was holding tightly to the little hand and she was greatly amazed that the younger woman stopped at every shop and vendor in her quest for bargains. Dina was very attentive but she was constantly aware of their surroundings at all times. She was not going to let those guys anywhere near Colleen.

        Colleen was looking through the post cards and said sadly, "Too bad we don't have time to go the other side of the island to check out the wine country."

        "Next time, Love. We'll come back and stay as long as you want and we'll island hop too, OK?" She asked affectionately.

        Colleen's face lit up at the mention not only of a next time but they would do it together. "I would love that, Thank you," She replied hugging the older woman.

        Dina sank into the hug, relishing it. She knew that was all they could do in public. When they parted she mussed the blonde hair and asked, "OK, where to now, my beauty?"

        "Can we check out the island's museum before we eat lunch?"

        "Are you sure you don't want lunch first?" She asked the younger woman with a knowing smile.

        "Well I am a little hungry..."

        Dina laughed and led the way a restaurant near the museum, "Lunch it is."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        After lunch they went to the official museum of Puerto Rico. Both women were impressed by its rich history. Dina had been to the island before but she just soaked up the rays she couldn't of given a damn about its history at the time. But this time her little loves enthusiasm was infectious and she was really enjoying the museum too. She did, till she felt the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She knew they were being watched again. This time she sensed real evil close by not just some little schnook hired by the powers that be. She held on to Colleen's hand tightly and said quietly, " I think were under the microscope again, Roomie. Come on lets go."

        Colleen nodded and they started to leave, But two men in black suits blocked the door of the small exhibit room they were in. Shit! She thought to herself as she gently put Colleen behind her. She kept an arm around her holding her close.

        One of the men approached her and said, "Hold her as tightly as you want Sweetheart, she's ours," With that he grabbed Dina's arm and tried to pull her away from Colleen. With a growl and hardly visible move she had the man flying across the room into his partner. Another man approached from behind them and she raised an elbow knocking the man out by hitting him so hard on the chin his neck snapped back. Dina spun around and gently she pulled Colleen into her protective arms.

        Then the door opened and closed again. The voice from behind her chilled her blood because she recognized it.

        "Hi Dina, How have you been?"

        Dina looked over her shoulder with icy blue eyes and Colleen could feel her shudder. "Uncle Frank. I was great till about three seconds ago. "When Dina said Uncle Colleen looked surprised but she was met with alert blue eyes which telegraphed, "Trust me" She nodded and waited for Dina to do what ever she had planned.

        "Now is that anyway to talk to family?"

        "You stopped being family when you tried to kill my Dad," Dina's voice was now pure ice. She looked the older man in the eye and asked point blank, "What are doing stalking my girlfriend?"

        "Girlfriend? Do you mean a friend that's a girl or you know?" He motioned with his hand in a homophobic way meaning gay.

        "I'd say 'You know' Uncle Frank, "She replied in a superior tone of voice.

        "Well I guess that does alter my plans. You see this guy here on the island wanted your girlfriend as a nice addition to his harem..."

        "Harem?" Squealed Colleen.

        "Its OK, Sweetheart, "She said quietly to Colleen stroking her hair. She looked up right into the older man's eyes and said in a once again cold voice, "Well you can tell this son of a bitch where he can stick that fucking idea. I'm not as easy as Daddy was to get rid of thanks to you and you damn well know it."

        "Young lady, did you know that your hero here use to be a member of an opposing gang..."

        "Until I got some help. You son of Bitch! I finally realized thanks to counseling that life was precious...even mine."

        "Especially yours," Said Colleen in a strong voice. She suddenly was mad hearing this wonderful woman under attack from her own family. Looking the cruel man in the eye she said, "No, I didn't know that. You want to know something, I really don't care. She is special in so many ways you could have no idea. How dare you treat her so"

        "Shhh, Its OK, honey." Said Dina grateful for the sudden and unexpected defense. She kissed the crown of her head and said quietly, "Thank you."

        Colleen leaned into the comforting arms, "No need, I love you." She whispered back. Dina brought her even closer and whispered, "Ditto"

        She looked at Frank and said harshly, "I don't think she's type to suit a harem. She has brains, Character and spirit. More then that, I will kill anyone in this room who lays a pinkie on her. Got that Uncle Frank?"

        He smiled and shook his head, "Yes, I can see that." He glanced at his men and said, "OK you can go."

        "But sir, I was watching them all day and the boss..."

        "I said go. I'll take responciblilty."

        He then looked at his niece and smiled again, "It was nice seeing you again, Dina." He nodded once toward Colleen and left.

        The two women looked at each other and let out a breath that neither realized they were holding.

        "I'm so sorry Colleen. It's my fault..."

        "Woa, wait a minute how on earth is this your fault?"

        "He is my relative..."

        "Did you know he was involved?"

        Dina looked down and shook her head, "No, I haven't seen him in years. Since I left the streets and went straight. They don't want anything to do with me. I just wish I could have told you in a more gentle way about my past. Does it change..."Her voice drifted off into a whisper and she leaned against one of the display cases.

        Colleen gently lifted her chin till their lips were barely apart and said quietly, "This should give you an idea., "Then she kissed the stuffing out of the surprised older woman.

        "Wow," Said Dina breathlessly as they drew apart. "Yeah, I guess it does. Come on lets get the hell out of here."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were sitting side by side on the plane home. Dina was discretely holding Colleen's hand. She had her other arm around her shoulders and she was stroking her arm. Colleen had her head on Dina's shoulder her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the attention.

        Dina moved her hand to the blonde locks and continued the gentle stroking. She felt like she was floating she had never felt so happy or at peace. My God, I'm in love and she loves me back. She knows the worst about me and she still loves me. Wow!



        "Where do you live?"

        Dina smiled and said, "Where ever you want me to."

        Colleen giggled, "Come on really. Where do you live?"

        "Sherman Oaks, Why?"

        "Just curious. I live in Encino. I guess we'll just have to see who has room for all the other persons stuff..."         Dina was chuckling into her ear, "What's so funny?"

        "You can fit all my stuff in one box and my apartment is furnished. Um...How about yours?" She asked shyly.

        "My stuff could fill a whole moving van, Um...I guess my place, huh?"

        Dina nodded and kissed her cheek, "Yep, unless....Well I don't want you to feel like I'm invading your privacy...."

        "No, I feel like your finally filling a void I've had all my life."



        "Thank God."

        "My very words, Roomie." Colleen said happily and they slowly fell asleep on the way home toward their future.

                The End J

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