Unlimited Sexual Favors

Part 3

by Cephalgia and MJ

Authors' notes: See Part One

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Part Three... The Consummation

Taking the lead, Darcy made a beeline into the kitchen. Her bare feet padded upon the gray linoleum flooring as she headed toward the tall, white refrigerator. Wilder followed her, an amused smile covering her lips; her eyes remained fixed upon the edge of Darcy's t-shirt. Giving Darcy a short length garment meant she was afforded a clear view of the brunette's lower butt. Wilder had to admit to herself, it was a side of Darcy she had only just captured but was instantly enamored by. To Wilder, Darcy looked extremely inviting and already she could feel her sexuality reasserting itself.

Pulling open the door to the fridge, Darcy peered inside the fully stocked compartment. Brown eyes searched out the bottles of fruit juice and she swiped the nearest one from the shelf. Shrugging at the unusual flavor of banana and mango, Darcy flipped open the cap and drank directly from the bottle. Wilder's eyes remained upon the uncovered areas of the body in front of her. She walked up behind Darcy and sat on the rectangular, solid pine kitchen table. Darcy turned to Wilder, handing her the juice and Wilder accepted the drink with a smile. The sweet, fruity flavors were a welcome relief to her parched throat.

Darcy turned back to the refrigerator. Her eyes moved over the assortment of foods and stopped at a particular item. Dark eyebrows drew together in confusion.

"Since when you have been able to afford caviar let alone like it?"

Wilder placed down the bottle. "Oh, that stuff tastes great. As for how I got it... well lets just say I did a favor for a customer at 'Leather and Chains.' She gave me this along with a variety basket of other expensive foods as a thank you. You know, oysters, truffles, that kind of thing!"

"What was the favor?" Darcy asked, thinking it was peculiar for somebody to give such a strange item as a thank you.

Do I detect just a hint of jealousy? Wilder pondered the tone of Darcy's question as she replied. "Well, the women I did the favor for wanted me to set her up on a date with Magenta."

"The pushy redhead?" Darcy asked in surprise.

Wilder chuckled. "The one and only. Seems she was a little intrigued!"

"How do you mean?"

The barmaid thought best on how to word this. "Well, Magenta is a transsexual... but has not yet quite got all the parts yet."

Darcy took a moment to mull over Wilder's words. Dark eyebrows rose to her hairline. "You mean she is really a he?"

Wilder frowned. "Not quite. She was a he. She is now a she but with one remaining part that once made she a he... but she is definitely a she. Do you get me?"

Darcy scratched her forehead. "Just. So how did it go with them?"

Shrugging, Wilder took another drink of the banana and mango juice. "I suppose I'll find out next week." Sliding off the table Wilder placed the juice back in the fridge and took out the caviar. "Do you like this?" She waved the jar back and fourth under Darcy's nose.

The brunette grimaced. "Fish eggs? No! Something about the mere thought of that makes me shudder. I have enough trouble with my own eggs causing havoc in my body once a month."

An idea suddenly started to form within Wilder's mind and she hoped Darcy would be game to go along with it. A shiver of enthusiasm tickled her spine at the sheer notion. Wilder opened the cap. "Trust me. Just try a little bit. Close your eyes if you want but just try some."

Seeing Wilder was sincere, Darcy was unable to refuse. With a nod she closed her eyes. Very soon she felt the tip of Wilder's finger slide against her bottom lip and she opened up to let the finger into her mouth.

"Just taste it." Wilder's voice trembled as she felt Darcy's tongue move over her finger. "Feel the texture on your tongue. Tell me what you think." Wilder withdrew her finger from Darcy's mouth as she opened her eyes. Her brows rose in question.

"Not as bad as I thought but I still wouldn't consider buying any."

Wilder shrugged with a mysterious smile. "Well at least you were willing to try." Blue eyes twinkled. "Want to try something else?" she asked as she placed the jar back into the fridge.

"Like?" The curious edge to Darcy's tone was unmistakable.

Giving the executive a leer that caused a flutter of excitement within her, Wilder placed her hand on the brunette's arm. "Wait right here."

Darcy watched with intrigue as Wilder trotted off back toward her bedroom. The sound of multiple drawers opening and closing filtered through to the kitchen before Darcy heard Wilder let out a little exclamation of triumph as she obviously found what she had been looking for. Soon the barmaid was returning to the kitchen with one hand behind her back.

Darcy gazed at Wilder cautiously. "Should I be nervous?"

Portraying a sly smirk the blonde revealed the hidden item. A black silk scarf hung loosely from her fingers. "You trust me!"

The statement was just that. It was not a question. Darcy knew this and was confident in Wilder's intentions. Although she had no idea what Wilder had in mind she knew it would be nothing that would harm her and because of that Darcy was game for whatever the blonde barmaid intended. Then there was also the small fact that Darcy found herself unexpectedly aroused.

Running the silk between her fingers, Wilder stepped forward. She hooked the black scarf around Darcy's neck and pulled her closer. The executive moved willingly and placed her hands upon Wilder's hips.

"What do you intend on doing with this?" Darcy looked down at the scarf. "Not planning on tying me up are you?"

Shaking her head, Wilder kissed Darcy. Her lips nibbled upon the brunette briefly before traveling down the fine sculpted chin to her neck. Wilder placed light suction kisses over the soft skin. She could still detect the faint aroma of Darcy's perfume. The musky spice had been a favorite of Darcy's since Wilder had bought it for her for a graduation gift. It was an aroma a young Wilder McNeil had instantly wanted for Darcy while shopping with her mother and had sacrificed a month and a half of allowance just to buy it. She had never regretted her decision.

Feeling Darcy's moan vibrate through the tenuous column of her neck, Wilder's hands lowered to the edge of Darcy's t-shirt. Silk scarf still within her grasp, Wilder slipped the garment over Darcy's head. A cool chill from the open fridge door prickled Darcy's skin yet her shiver was due to the devouring gaze Wilder had fixed upon her breasts. A small part of the brunette felt a shade of embarrassment at once again being naked in front of Wilder despite their recent actions, but her desire remained undimmed.

Wilder backed Darcy up to the edge of the table. Darcy sat upon its corner, an expression of intrigue in her eyes.

"So, do you want to play a guessing game?" Holding the scarf with both hands, Wilder moved it left and right.

"What did you have in mind?"

Pursing her lips, Wilder brought the scarf up to cover Darcy's eyes. "Wait and see!" Wrapping the black silk around the back of Darcy's head, Wilder constructed a loose bow. "Can you see anything?"

With her eyes closed against the blindfold, Darcy was unable to see a thing. "Nope."

"Great!" As silently as she was able, Wilder slipped her own shirt over her head. Dropping it on the floor she turned to the fridge and began pulling out specific items from the shelves. Darcy heard the clank and clatter of various containers and she frowned behind her eye covering.

"What are you up to, Wild?"

"Well..." Wilder lined up her treats. "You and I are going to play a little guessing game. It's called 'guess the foods'... only there's a catch. You can only sample the flavors from my kisses. I'm not allowed to touch the foods with my fingers; only you can do that." Wilder licked her lips. "And the final rule. I can eat the food from anywhere but your fingers... only you have to decide where that food goes. Got it?"

Behind her blindfold Darcy processed Wilder's rules. Slowly understanding of what Wilder was proposing sunk in. A blush colored her cheeks. Wilder watched that russet tint as it flushed down her neck. She smiled and pressed her body closer to Darcy. Sifting the silky strands of brunette hair through her fingers she asked, "Are you up to the challenge?"

"It does seem to be the night for it," Darcy replied.

"Seems so!" Wilder cupped Darcy's cheeks in both hands and leaned closer. Indicating what she intended to do by first brushing her nose softly against Darcy's, Wilder kissed her eagerly. Their lips meshed moistly and separated to allow tongues to connect for a deep but brief kiss.

Pulling away, Wilder looked down to the selection of jars and cartons she had placed on the work surface. Wilder had chosen only foods that were nondescript and soft in consistency. Her plan was to use only foods Darcy would be able to scoop up with her fingers.


Darcy nodded. Her heart fluttered with nervous excitement. "Uh huh."

Biting her bottom lip Wilder lifted the first jar and quietly unscrewed its lid. She brought the sweet mixture up to her nose and inhaled the fruity aroma. Licking her lips, Wilder looked back at Darcy.

"Hold out two fingers... ready to scoop."

Darcy raised her right hand, holding out her index and middle finger. "Like this?"

"Bend your fingertips down." Wilder watched as Darcy did as asked and then she held the jar underneath her digits. "Okay."

Pursing her own lips, Darcy brushed her fingers into the cold mixture. It was thick around her flesh as she scooped a small amount out of the jar. She heard Wilder place the container back down and wait eagerly. The anticipation was unbearable. She knew what Wilder required of her yet she felt embarrassed to make the first move. Darcy heard the door to the fridge rattle shut before she felt Wilder's gaze upon her.

"You know the rules," the barmaid said. "I would be breaking them if I were to eat that from your fingers now, wouldn't I!"

Darcy paused before deciding to play the first round safe. Doing all her nerve would allow she placed the cool mixture upon her back of her hand.

Wilder grinned but said nothing as she tucked blonde locks of hair behind her ears and moved closer. Picking up Darcy's left hand she trailed her tongue slowly across the flavored flesh. Her eyes remained fixed upon Darcy and she saw as much as heard the sharp intake of breath rush past the brunette's lips. Swallowing the bulk of the mixture but confidant there was enough flavor left on her lips and tongue, Wilder moved in to kiss Darcy. The executive's tongue slid around Wilder's mouth, as she tasted the sweet substance. After brief moments she pulled away.

Sucking her own lips one last time Darcy thought for a moment. "Is it grape? It tastes like grape jelly."

Wilder beamed. "Correct. That's one for you! Right, round two."

Darcy removed the remaining flavor from her fingers as she heard Wilder open another container.

"Okay, same position as before with your fingers."

Darcy held out the same two digits and scooped up a small amount of the next food. This one was runnier, smoother upon her fingers and parts of it slid easily from her flesh. Feeling a little bolder Darcy spread the thick and creamy substance down the side of her neck. A smile lit up Wilder's features as she realized Darcy was beginning to get the gist of her game. Hungrily she dove in. Her lips and tongue sucked and licked upon the corded plane of Darcy's neck much to the delight of the brunette who moaned out her appreciation breathlessly.

Once all the remnants had been removed, Wilder moved to Darcy's tantalizing lips. They kissed as again Darcy examined the flavor.

"Oh that's easy. It's yogurt... banana yogurt."

"And that's two for the naked but incredibly sexy brunette wearing the blindfold," exclaimed Wilder. "Want to continue?"

Darcy nodded eagerly and cleaned her fingers. A warm glow began to swell deep inside.

Wilder flipped the cap of the wide bottle. "Okay, this time hold your fingers out with your fingertips facing up." She waited for Darcy to comply and then poured a small amount of the thick, slimy substance onto the digits. Darcy immediately felt it begin to trickle down her flesh. Moving with swift but subconscious intent she spread her fingers over the top of her right breast. The stickiness clung easily to her skin.

"This is so turning out to be the best meal I've never had," Wilder mumbled and moved in to remove the topping. Her tongue brushed teasingly at first before she applied a firmer pressure. Darcy hissed and pushed her breast harder toward Wilder. The blonde held onto the succulent flesh as she willingly and with heightening arousal, removed the sweetness. She remained longer than she intended and had to pull herself away before the flavor disappeared from her lips completely. Both breathing a lot deeper, the women kissed. Darcy held the back of Wilder's head and sucked her tongue as they both felt a responding throb through lower parts of their bodies.

Darcy pulled away first and took a calming breath. "Strawberry syrup. I knew you had to slip it in there somewhere!"

Wilder chuckled. "And it's never tasted better. That's three for you. Okay... next."

Darcy cleaned her fingers as Wilder opened and held out the container. "Fingers in the first position," she said and directed Darcy's fingers into the plastic pot.

This was definitely a little runnier than the last and Darcy knew she would need to move quickly. Boldly she wiped the wiped the cold dessert over and around her left nipple. The chilled temperature had an immediate effect as her nipple responded and puckered instantly. Wilder whimpered at the sight and only just managed to place the pot back down on the counter safely before her lips wrapped around Darcy's nipple.

"Oh, yes!" cried Darcy and held Wilder's head against her chest. Long pulls and teasing swipes of the tongue forced an overflow of arousal to seep from Darcy's core. She squeezed her eyes tighter closed behind her blindfold. The feeling sent a wave of tingles to her clit and she desperately desired a more direct contact.

Pulling Wilder from her breast, Darcy sealed their lips together. Wilder moaned into the kiss as her hand returned to Darcy's breast and cupped the full flesh. The brunette moved away breathlessly and gasped, "You didn't leave me any flavor!"

Wilder grasped Darcy's fingers and moved them teasingly over her breast before swiping her tongue over the aroused nipple. She kissed Darcy slowly and then withdrew, her hand still caressing the executive's breast. Wilder found she was unable to keep her hands off Darcy but it seemed Darcy didn't mind.

"Come on, Darce... what was it?"

"Cream," she answered simply.

"Correct." Still not wanting to cease the torturous pleasure, Wilder grabbed the next container. She opened the lid and looked upon Darcy with lustful eyes. "First position." The throaty timbre of her voice surprised even Wilder as she spoke.

Licking her lips Darcy held out her fingers facing down. She dipped them into a thick, cool mixture and with a sly grin wiped the trail down the center of her torso from breasts to just above her mound. Leaning back onto her elbows Darcy became a tantalizing vision to Wilder.

"Ready when you are."

Wilder swallowed thickly as she felt all the blood in her body move south and engorge the more lower parts of her anatomy. She stepped in between Darcy's spread legs and squeezed her own thighs together in an attempt to ease the throb in her clit. She leaned over Darcy.

"I've always been ready for you, Darce," Wilder whispered hoarsely and lowered her lips to the executive's body.

"Oh," Darcy sighed. "That's nice. That feels so good."

Wilder groaned her agreement as she trailed her tongue and lips down Darcy's body. Wet sucking sounds mixed with harsh breathing and breathy moans punctured the still of the room. Wilder caressed Darcy's breasts with skilled hands as she followed the sweet trail lower and lower. Her tongue swirled around the red preserve and dipped briefly into her navel before continuing. The flavor, mixed with Darcy's very own scent and taste, proved to be an addictive concoction. Wilder realized it was one she would willingly enslave herself to. That was the thought that made her pull away harshly. This isn't forever, she told herself and that thought brought a feeling of despondence. It was soon vanquished, however, as Darcy pulled her in for a heady kiss. Wilder's breasts lay upon Darcy's and their nipples scraped together with aching precision.

Darcy released the blonde's lips and fell back to the table with a harsh groan. "Ugh, you feel so good, Wild."

Wilder pushed herself against Darcy and both women moaned as their clits meshed together.

"What was it?" the blonde panted.

"Jelly... raspberry."

"Yes..." With effort Wilder puller her body away completely.

"God no, Wild, please don't stop."

"Have to." Wilder picked up the final jar. "We only have one left... so you better make it a good one!"

Understanding the blonde's meaning, a shiver of pure exhilaration fluttered through Darcy. She held out her fingers and rose to a sitting position.

Wilder unscrewed the cap from the last jar and held it under Darcy's fingers. "Okay."

Darcy eased into the syrupy substance. The dense fluid maneuvered around her digits effortlessly. Immediately the brunette knew this was a thick and sticky mixture that would trickle as soon as she moved away from the jar. Darcy twisted her fingers so that the tips faced the ceiling. She leaned backward, bracing her weight upon her free hand as she pulled away. Darcy felt the substance drip a trail across her thigh as she moved her fingers to the only destination she wanted Wilder's mouth to be.

Wilder watched in unbridled lust as Darcy's fingers moved through her swollen lips. Unable to tear her eyes away, Wilder fell to her knees. She watched Darcy's fingers move up and down her slit before centering upon her clitoris with slow circular movements. Wilder looked up to Darcy, just in time to see the brunette fall back onto the tabletop. Her hips moved in time with her fingers. Soft breathy moans filtered past her lips.

"That's so fucking hot." Grasping Darcy's busy hand Wilder pulled it away and lunged forward, pushing her tongue through Darcy's engorged lips.

"Oh... Wild...!" Darcy clutched Wilder's head and held her in place as she felt a thick tongue move purposely through her center.

Wilder feasted happily, unconsciously seeking out that what she had for so long desired. Feeling Darcy's hand clutch her head, hearing the ragged chain of appreciative moans – Wilder was in heaven. No fantasy would ever again compare to the real thing. Feeling the soft skin of Darcy's thighs against the side of her face as her tongue slid into her was enough to force Wilder's own hand to ease her own powerful ache. It was only when she became aware of Darcy's increased thrusts that Wilder moved away reluctantly.

"No...!" Darcy sat up, yanking the silk scarf from her eyes. Brown orbs, wild with desire pleased helplessly. "Please. Why did you stop? I was almost..."

"I know." Wilder rose to her feet and pulled Darcy in for a wet kiss. Her hands ran down Darcy's back and she pulled her roughly against her own body. The edge of the table supported their weight. When the need for breath became essential, Wilder pulled away.


Licking her lips, Darcy swallowed deeply. "Tastes like honey."

"It certainly did!" Wilder smiled. "Go to the head of the class. So, are you ready for your reward?" Not even waiting for an answer Wilder lowered her head to Darcy's neck and kissed a path to her ear. Running her tongue over a succulent lobe, Wilder bit gently. "Turn around," she whispered. "Brace yourself on the table." Wilder felt Darcy's body shake. She smiled against the brunette's hot skin and helped her turn.

Darcy's legs shook as she turned to face away from Wilder. She braced her trembling hands upon the solid light wood table and closed her eyes. The executive had never in her life felt such a frantic need to come before. Her clit throbbed out its desperation for her body's completion. Grasping her bottom lip with white teeth, Darcy waited as Wilder moved behind her. She felt the blonde's mound against her buttocks and two hands slid over her hips and up her sides. Darcy knew instinctively where they were heading and her wetness increased in sheer anticipation. Her breathing was shallow and irregular, her focus centered only on Wilder's hands. Soft fingers slid easily over her torso to cover her breasts and on first touch Darcy shivered, humming in delight. Both her nipples were treated to an exquisite manipulation of almost painful pleasure that her entire body appreciated.

Feeling the weight of Darcy's breasts, Wilder pressed moist kisses across her back. She could feel the brunette's need for more contact and lightly tickled her way down Darcy's torso. They both gasped as her fingers sunk into a seemingly limitless overflow of desire.

"Ugh... you feel so hot... so thick and..." Wilder brought her right hand from Darcy's other breast and moved it behind the brunette. She used the weight of her body to push Darcy down a little further before entering her with three fingers. Darcy almost screamed out her gratitude and her inner walls instantly tightened around the fingers.

"And ... I'm gonna make you come."

"Oh yes," moaned the brunette as she impaled her body upon the thrusting fingers. Darcy braced her hands upon the table; its joints creaked under the added pressure.

Wilder used a steady rhythm to enter Darcy with repetitive and fluid strokes. Her other fingers focused upon Darcy's pulsing nub and massaged her at an accompanying pace. Darcy moved against Wilder's thrusts. For blissfully long moments, Wilder gradually pushed Darcy closer to the edge.

The brunette panted hard as she gasped out, "Wilder... you feel so good in me."

"Prove it," came Wilder's response and she moved faster and harder. "Let me feel you come all over my hand. God... you're amazing."

At Wilder's words Darcy felt her body begin to rise. "I'm close," she panted helplessly. An intense aching tide of pleasure surged towards its peak.

"Let me hear you, Darce."

The brunette moaned.

"More." Wilder moved harder.

Darcy moaned louder.

"Say my name."

Darcy panted uncontrollably. The blonde's deep voice rumbled through her, manipulating her senses with undiluted pleasure. "Oh, Wilder."


She felt herself teetering on the edge. "God, Wild... I'm gonna come." Sparks set alight Darcy's body as colors danced behind her eyes.

"Come for me, Darce." Wilder felt her fingers held within a strong grasp. "Let me feel you."

"Oh... God, oh, Wild... Oh yes!" A tidal wave of rapture rushed through the brunette's body like a cresting tsunami. Darcy shouted out Wilder's name over and over – helpless in her climax. Wilder graduated her movements inside Darcy, slowing down then speeding up faster – again and again. Multiple waves undulated through Darcy, pushing her from her peak only to return and go over repeatedly. Long seconds passed as Wilder brought Darcy to the ultimate height of satisfaction and when at last the waves eased, the executive slumped down onto the table in exhaustion. Wilder lay on top of her, her fingers still held by Darcy's center.

Over a minute passed as Darcy's bewildered body regained some semblance of control. Wilder began to ease her fingers from inside Darcy and winced as the brunette groaned.

"Sorry." She couldn't help but sample the moisture upon her digits.

"Wow!" Darcy breathed from beneath Wilder. "That's never happened to me before."

Wilder grinned in triumph and kissed Darcy's back. "Hmm. Well if I'm correct that makes it three, four, five and possibly even six! Sounds like we have a winner on our hands!"

"What?" Darcy turned and Wilder extricated their bodies so they could once again face each other. Still feeling a little weak, Darcy leaned against the table. "What do you mean three, four, five and possibly six? Since when?"

The blonde frowned. "Well, multiple does tend to insinuate something more than one, Darce!"

"I don't think so!"

Now it was Wilders turn to ask, "What?"

Darcy shook her head with a simple quirk of the lips. "I define the subject of orgasm by each act that leads to the big 'O'. That may have been multiple..." Darcy paused as the thought caused a shiver in memory; the action was not lost upon Wilder. "But that's still one instance... one act... one orgasm."

"Since when? I don't remember this being a rule."

Darcy shrugged. "But that's the way it is and to be honest... I'm feeling a bit exhausted now."

Crossing shaky arms over her breasts Wilder drummed her fingers in thought. Suddenly a sly smile wove a seductive pattern on her features. "Oh I get it... Admit it, Darcy Gardner. You just want me. You can't get enough of me!"

The brunette's mouth fell open as Wilder stalked toward her and wrapped her arms around her back.

"What's going to happen if you get addicted to me, hmm?"

Shaking her head, Darcy sighed. "You know what you are full of, Wilder McNeil?"

Blue eyes twinkled. "What's that?"


Wilder chuckled. "Well so were you a few minutes ago but you weren't complaining!"

Finding herself once again at a loss for words, Darcy had to laugh. What she did however silently admit to herself was that Wilder might indeed be right. She did want more from her – but how much more? Looking into sparkling blue eyes, Darcy kissed Wilder and the blonde pulled her closer but did nothing to deepen the light connection.

Taking a relaxing breath Wilder smiled happily. "So how about a shower?"

"A shower?"

"Hmm! You know, that thing that squirts water." Wilder moved her body away from Darcy and they both felt the stickiness on Darcy's skin as they parted.

"I see what you mean." Darcy, much to Wilder surprise, actually giggled. "Maybe you're right. It seems my body isn't eager to let you go!"

Ignoring the comment that she saw as nothing more than a helpless grasp at false hope for herself, Wilder took Darcy's hand. "Come on. If you're lucky I might introduce you to the delights of my deluxe shower head!"


Warm soapy water cascaded over two very sticky bodies. Wilder was amazed at the sudden shyness of her friend. Over the last few hours they had explored each other thoroughly and yet Darcy was reluctant at first to get in the shower with another person.

"Sex is one thing, but this is bathroom stuff," she complained.

Wilder merely placed her hands on her hips and stated in a firm tone, "Look, when it comes to real 'bathroom stuff' you can be in here solo I promise. This is just a shower.
I've got an apartment sized water heater and I'm not waiting twenty minutes after you're done before I get cleaned up. Now get in there and get soapy!"

So here they were using Wilder's sponge and strawberry scented body wash.

"This body wash smells great," Darcy commented as she brought a handful of suds to her nose. "Do you use this all the time?"

"Nope, whatever is on sale is good enough for me. The shampoo is coconut scented." The blonde plucked a beige bottle from the wire basket hanging from the neck of the showerhead. "Turn around, I'll wash your hair. You've got a little bit of jelly in it. My, my...you sure are a messy eater. Oops, I mean I am."

Darcy blushed as she turned; glad that ducking her head under the spray covered the pinking of her cheeks. Within a moment Wilder's hands began a slow massage of shampoo through the executive's locks. She sighed in contentment with the attention.

"God, that feels good. You have one month to stop it."

The blonde smiled. "All part of our personal services here at Orgasms R Us."

Darcy laughed and as she did she realized how much fun she always had with Wilder. The age difference didn't seem to matter when they were together. They were friends and it didn't seem like the sex was going to change that. If anything, it seemed to give their banter a new ease. Darcy was glad about that, she liked and respected Wilder and didn't want to lose her. She's really important to me the brunette admitted to herself. Maybe more than I realized. Turning under the stream of cleansing water she allowed the last of the shampoo to be dispelled from her body.

Wilder stood back to survey the results. "Looks good. Looks damn good." She leaned forward and gave her friend a small peck on the lips. As she pulled back, Darcy stopped her by placing a hand on the back of the barmaid's head. The smile on Wilder's face dropped slowly as her gaze locked with her friend. Tugging gently, Darcy brought the blonde closer. She leaned forward until her mouth was a mere breath away from Wilder's.

"Look good enough to eat?" Their mouths came together in a slow appreciative exploration. Darcy held Wilder in place but she really didn't need to as the blonde had no intention of moving. The kiss deepened and the remaining distance between them vanished. Any weariness either participant in the bet felt evaporated with the contact.

"Want to move this into the bedroom?" Wilder murmured. "I do believe I still owe you one more."

"And I plan on collecting," the executive returned. With an effort Wilder moved away and turned the water off.

"Hold on just a second," Wilder instructed as she started to exit the shower. Leaning back in she kissed Darcy quickly before heading out the bathroom door. "Don't go away!" she tossed back over her shoulder.

Darcy chuckled at the barmaid's words but stayed in the relative warmth of the shower cubicle. A few seconds later Wilder returned with two large fluffy towels, one already wrapped around herself.

"Nothing like a towel right out of the dryer! I put these in while you were getting the water temperature just right." Darcy reached for the second towel but the blonde moved it out of her reach. "Let me," she said as she moved closer to the brunette. The barmaid wrapped the towel around her friend and was rewarded with an involuntary "Oooh" as the toasty fabric came in contact with the executive's skin.

Wilder moved her hands over the towel, effectively absorbing the moisture beneath it. The brunette shivered at the sensations the light caresses caused.

"You cold?" Wilder asked in concern.

"To the contrary, I don't think I've ever felt this warm in my life."

The blonde ceased touching her friend though it was difficult to do so. "Wait right here. There's a few things I need to do and then I'll be right back." Wilder moved to leave but was stopped by Darcy's voice.

"Don't forget me in here," she teased.

"Not possible," her friend said seductively then headed out the door again.

Darcy could hear sounds from the rest of the apartment as she waited and wondered what Wilder was up to. Her answer was soon in coming as the barmaid leaned in through the bathroom door and tossed a comfortable terrycloth robe at her.

"Put this on." Wilder was dressed in a similar fashion in a robe of blue terrycloth. Shrugging into the garment, Darcy luxuriated in the feel of the material against her skin. When the belt was tied loosely at the front Wilder reached for Darcy's hand. Gently being led into the bedroom the executive was surprised to see the room completely transformed. The candles that had burned low were gone and the soft glow of the lamp on the bedside table illuminated the room clearly. The silky sheets were removed and a fresh set of percales with a tiny floral pattern was in their place. The curtains were open, revealing the late San Francisco night to their view.

Darcy turned to Wilder with a question on her face. "What happened to the great seduction scene?" I thought you owed me one more?"

"I do," Wilder said soberly. "I just thought the last one should be without any games or set-ups or scenes. This room is me now. I like to be casual and comfortable without any pretense. Frankly, I'm tired of pretense."

Darcy was impressed with the sincerity. "Do all your women get treated to a look at the 'real' Wilder McNeil?"

"No," the barmaid answered quietly, " but I wanted you to see me as I am, not as the seductress the bet set me up to be."

The brunette felt the honesty in those words and answered in the same manner. "I really like the real you, Wilder, I always have."

Wilder looked down with mild embarrassment. "I've always liked you too, Darce. More than liked in fact."

A quiet fell between the women as feelings were examined and accepted.

Darcy broke the silence. "I'm pretty sure I should just give up now and admit I was wrong but curiosity about number four has got me. So what did you have in mind?"

"Do you remember when we talked about our kiss at the bar? Remember how I said it would be better if both of us were involved?"

"Oh yeah, I remember it clearly," Darcy said, indignation tingeing her tone.

"Relax, relax. I was just teasing you then. It was actually a very nice kiss. A great kiss in fact."

"Really?" Wilder could almost hear Darcy's pride being mended.

"One of the best ever, Darce. I just thought we could take that theory and apply it here. You know, with both of us involved." The barmaid reached over and fingered the belt on the brunette's robe. Wilder raised here eyes from her friend's waist and trailed a line up to brown eyes regarding her with something like faint amusement.

"You mean a repeat of what happened in the kitchen minus the food and plus my reciprocating?"

Wilder wanted to smile. Even when she talked about sex Darcy's analytical mind didn't stop working. The barmaid figured being anything but blunt was a waste of time. She maintained her hold on Darcy's belt but brought her other hand up to caress the executive's cheek. Edging slightly closer she locked eyes with Darcy.

"I want to taste you again. I want my mouth on you and this time when you come I want your mouth on me. I think maybe you want that too." Wilder decided she was glad she had made the request even as the words left her mouth. If Darcy has any lingering questions about her desirability or sexuality, that statement ought to answer them.

For her part, Darcy was stunned at the words even though she knew by her friend's expression that she was serious. Did she want that with Wilder? Did she want to give Wilder the same pleasure in the same way she had been given earlier? This was way beyond what she had expected of the night. She could admit her curiosity about lesbian sex. She had thought about Wilder and her women before and she had been excited by it. She supposed every woman had a hidden fantasy or two about what it would be like with another woman but Wilder wasn't someone she only wanted to experiment with. Wilder deserved better.

Darcy opened up her mouth to say that very thing but found that the words wouldn't come. Realization hit her like a thunderbolt. Wilder wasn't an experiment. Darcy did want Wilder to love her again, she did want to come with her again, and she did want to give Wilder the same sensations. Simply, she wanted Wilder.

Instead of speaking, Darcy turned her face until her open mouth encountered the barmaid's fingers that had remained lightly on her cheek. She took the first two of them into her mouth and gently bathed them with her tongue then gently pushed them out depositing a small kiss to each as they left.

Wilder smiled slightly at the intimate gesture and her smile broadened at the words that finally did come forth from her friend.

"Bet or no bet, Wild, I want you to know I choose to do this. My eyes are wide open and I want to make love with you."

It was the first time either of them had referred to it as "making love" and the barmaid was glad Darcy had used the words first. She tugged gently with the hand holding the terrycloth belt and Darcy's robe fell open. Wilder gazed openly and appreciatively at the executive's nakedness.

"You're so beautiful, Darcy." When the brunette would have protested, Wilder shook her head. "You're beautiful to me and I want to make love with you too."

The executive blushed but let her actions speak for her. She opened Wilder's robe and moved to erase the distance between them. As their skin merged a moan of pleasure issued from the connected flesh; a sound that apparently came from them both.

"You're gorgeous, Wilder," Darcy whispered. "I know why the women in the bar find you so irresistible."

As long as you do Wilder thought and brought her mouth to Darcy's. The kiss was warm and sweet and the barmaid yearned to taste more but when the kiss deepened a moment later it was Darcy's tongue that made the request first.

The executive was pleased with her own boldness and moved her hands up to drop the robe from Wilder's shoulders. It fell to the floor with a muffled thump, followed shortly by her own robe. Wilder broke the kiss and both women moved toward the bed together.

The light floral scent of fabric softener rose from the fresh sheets and Darcy felt an unexpected sense of comfort as they eased onto the bed. She reached for Wilder and they moved together again as if there was a magnetic attraction to their flesh.

For a moment they merely lay on their sides like that, touching and enjoying the connection. The executive placed a tentative kiss on her partner's lips and became shy for the first time since the shower.

"You know I've never done this, Wild. I don't want to disappoint you."

"I won't be disappointed," the blonde replied. "I couldn't be disappointed with you. Just talk to me, okay? It really will be better if we do that. Tell me what you like, what feels good and I'll do the same. I already know you're a woman of great passion, this time I want you to know it too."

Darcy had never heard those words from a lover before and her appreciation for Wilder in that regard grew even more. She silently marveled at the tenderness that was being shown to her by the same woman who had been so forceful and dominant in the kitchen.

The barmaid moved back slightly so she could bring her mouth to Darcy's already stiffening nipples. Moving from one to the other she stroked her tongue causing the pink tips to peak. The breast not in her mouth was not neglected, receiving attention from her hand and thumb.

"Tell me what you like." The executive heard Wilder's voice in her mind and she took the barmaid at her word. She reached out to move Wilder's head closer to her breasts. "Harder, Wild," she whispered.

Wilder was compliant with the passionate request and increased the pressure to Darcy's breasts, adding her teeth in a gentle nipping action. Darcy moaned in response, her legs moving apart unconsciously. Wilder did not lose the opportunity and slid her thigh firmly between her lover's, reveling in what she found there.

"Jesus, you're so wet, Darcy. I love how responsive your body is to me. Feel what you do to me when I know what I'm doing is exciting you." The barmaid took Darcy's hand and brought it between her thighs. The fresh flow of slick hot wetness the executive found there was surprising and her startled gaze flew from the blonde's center back up to her eyes.

Wilder might have laughed at Darcy's shock if she hadn't been feeling such incredibly arousing sensations from Darcy's fingers exploring in the trimmed hair between her legs.

"You're doing that, Darce. You're making me hot and wet for you just by enjoying what I'm doing to you." Wilder's eyes slid shut and she groaned as Darcy's fingertips slipped between the slick lips of her sex and glided over her clit. Wilder surged forward against the questing fingers and fought the urge to continue to ride the talented digits. The executive made her fight easier by suddenly removing her hand at that point.

Wilder was about to sigh in relief but she chose that moment to open her eyes again. She was treated to the sight of Darcy placing her wet fingers slowly in her mouth. The first taste was tentative but then all hesitation was lost and she mumbled, "sweet" in a heated way. The budding sigh was replaced with a moan and Wilder knew the time for going slow was rapidly receding.

"I need you, Darcy. I need to feel your tongue on me and in me. I want your taste in my mouth. I need it now, Darce."

The executive heard the urgent tone but wasn't completely sure of how to make the barmaid's request happen. Recognizing the blonde's superior experience, she gave control up to her friend.

"Show me, Wilder. Teach me how to make love to you."

Wilder looked deeply into her lover's eyes, saw the uncertainty there and knew she was being trusted to take the lead. She leaned forward and initiated a hot kiss using her tongue to explore Darcy's mouth again. It was a kiss that made the executive know her trust was not misplaced and both women were a little breathless when it ended.

"Move over me, Darce," the blonde whispered. "Straddle my face. That way you can control the contact." Wilder used her hands to assist Darcy into the position she desired. As the executive's leg passed over her face, Wilder leaned up to place a sensuous kiss to the inner thigh. Darcy stopped suddenly as the seemingly simple gesture generated a surge of arousal.

"It'll be fine, Darce," Wilder reassured, "We'll go as slow as you need. Whenever you're comfortable and whatever you want to do, just know that I'm okay with it.

Feeling surer of herself, the brunette looked down. Directly beneath her was Wilder's neatly trimmed blonde sex. The aroma of passion and glistening evidence of her excitement was clearly visible as the barmaid moved her thighs apart under Darcy's scrutiny.

Almost hypnotically Darcy lowered her head and placed a soft kiss on the slowly petaling lips. Reaching under Wilder's thigh, the executive stroked the length of the slit. Wilder found it difficult to remain still for the intimate exploration but wanted to give her friend all the time she needed.

Again Darcy stroked the length, this time with more firmness. She ran two fingertips from the deep opening to the top, drawing moisture up and over the protruding clit. She circled the nub with rhythmic caresses. Wilder could hold back no longer and her hips set up a movement creating greater friction between her friend's hand and her own moist heat.

Darcy watched the response in fascination until she felt her own clit bathed by Wilder's searching tongue. That indescribable sensation from earlier had returned and she was determined to reciprocate the feeling. Lowering her head again to Wilder she slipped her tongue out and across hot, wet female flesh for the first time. Darcy knew her earlier assessment of "sweet" was an understatement. Wilder's juices were like an addiction now and Darcy couldn't get enough. Her tongue made a complete circuit of Wilder, delving deeply into her then teasing the clit lightly. Every sensation she gave she felt being given back to her by her partner. The lovemaking became more frantic with occasional moans and encouragements until it was no longer clear who was the teacher and who was the student.

Darcy knew she was nearing the edge and she was moved even closer when Wilder inserted two fingers deep inside her then matched their rhythm to the working of her tongue. The executive kept control long enough to mimic Wilder's action and slide two of her fingers easily into the barmaid's dripping core. The movement of tongues, fingers and hips became almost frenzied.

"So close," panted Darcy. "Fuck...Gonna come."

Wilder lifted her head only to gasp out, "Now. Together."

With renewed vigor they brought each other to the edge and finally over in a rolling wave of sensation. The intensity of the orgasm was unmatched by any of the earlier ones and for several moments Darcy was incapable of coherent thought. The first realization when sanity returned was the exquisite pleasure she was experiencing as she felt Wilder's tightness spasm around her fingers. A final swipe of her tongue across the barmaid's clit and Wilder collapsed back onto the bed.

Both women lay exhausted, fighting to regain control of their breathing. Finally Darcy moved her body off Wilder, pulling her fingers from her friend's steamy depths. As she moved to the side of the bed Wilder's fingers slipped from her as well and she felt an emptiness that had nothing to do with the barmaid's hand.

Turning, Darcy collapsed next to the blonde. Wilder gazed at her for a long moment before leaning up and bestowing a warm kiss on her friend's lips.

"Thank you," Darcy whispered feeling overwhelming sleepiness creep up on her. The executive's eyes fluttered closed in sleep as she snuggled against Wilder.

"It was my pleasure," Wilder murmured as she pulled the sheet over them and closed her eyes too.


As the late Sunday morning rays of the sun slowly made their way around the small apartment building, Wilder's bedroom became aglow with direct shafts of light streaking into her room. The dazzling beams shone upon her face and it was this that pulled her from a restful sleep. Squinting against the brightness, Wilder held up one hand to shield her eyes as she rolled her sated body from the bed and pulled the curtains closed. Going to sleep with a picturesque view of the San Francisco night sky was one thing but waking up to direct sunlight was quite another!

Naked and still half asleep the barmaid padded her way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. There upon the table she founds the remains of her and Darcy's antics the night before. Wilder shook her head as she took two glasses from the drain board by the sink and poured out generous amounts of orange juice in each. While heading back to her bedroom, Wilder thirstily gulped down half the contents of her glass before placing them both upon her bedside table. She then looked down at the still slumbering form of Darcy. The brunette was facing away from her, light covers draped over her hips exposing the unblemished flesh of her back. Wilder sat upon the bed and reached out to touch Darcy but stopped before her fingers made contact.

"You have no idea, do you?" she whispered sadly. With regret, Wilder wondered how she would ever be able to go back to her old way of life now that she'd had a brief experience of truly loving Darcy. Wilder thought back to the night before and the words that had slipped so easily from her friend's lips. She had called what they had done 'making love' but Wilder knew as much as anybody that during intimate times like that, when physical emotions are at a high, many words are spoken whether they are meant or not. For Wilder, she had truly made love to Darcy. How was it that her heart felt whole yet broken at the same time? Wilder wondered whether last night had been a good idea after all.

Moving a little closer, Wilder rolled onto her side and this time didn't stop her fingers from trailing through Darcy's locks. It was this act that roused the sleeping brunette. Feeling light tickling sensations graze over her head, Darcy smiled and rolled onto her opposite side. Slowly brown eyes opened to momentarily capture the sadness in hazy blue before it flickered away.

"Morning," Darcy whispered.

Wilder smiled in response, "Morning to you too. Did you sleep well?"

"Never better."

With a small nod Wilder searched Darcy's expression.

"You wont find any."

"Any what?" Wilder questioned with confusion.

"Any regrets," Darcy answered. "Because I don't have any. What happened won't change anything between us, Wild. I want you to know that."

Feeling her heart sink lower, Wilder rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. "That's good," she replied numbly.

Once again Darcy saw that hint of sadness in her friend's eyes. Not truly comprehending Wilder's feelings, she placed a tentative hand on Wilder's arm. "Does it change things for you? I didn't want this to ruin our friendship, Wild. That's important to me."

Wilder turned to Darcy, conviction shining in her eyes. "NO! Of course not...never. Nothing could ever harm that! Hey... we've been friends from the moment you covered for me when my baseball smashed your parent's kitchen window!"

"And they still don't know it was really you!" Darcy joked. "I was just surprised you had such a good arm. I knew right then you would be perfect for the little league team my dad was coaching!"

"Star pitcher!"

"And you looked so cute in your little uniform!"

Wilder waggled her eyebrows. "Want me to put it on? It might be a little tight but..."

"A little tight?" Darcy slyly hooked her index finger around the edge of the quilt and pulled it down to expose Wilder's breasts. "Now forgive me if I'm mistaken but you sure didn't have these back then and there's no way they would fit in that uniform now."

Wilder laugh out loud. "Hey, I've never had any complaints about the size of these babies before!"

Darcy shook her head with a smile. The sense of ease and comfort she felt around Wilder was something constant in their relationship. She was glad that hadn't changed but a wistful desire for something more between them remained. Wilder's reputation as a prize catch was well known yet the blonde seemed happy with her life of playing the field.

Wilder frowned as Darcy's gaze drifted. "What are you thinking?"

"Oh nothing." Darcy sat up and crossed her legs as she turned to face the blonde. "I was just looking at your bed post and wondering whether you would be sticking my notch on it along with everybody else's."

The inquiring look fell from Wilder's face. Though Darcy didn't realize it, those words hurt. Rising to sit facing Darcy, Wilder studied the carved wooden headboard, her thoughts running amuck. Clarity hit her as Wilder realized the only way to make Darcy fully understand her actions was to tell the truth. She looked back at Darcy seriously.

"You know, for you Darce I'd throw out that bed post. I'd be happy to get a new one with just your notch on it for the rest of my life."

The executive frowned.

"You never knew, did you? You still don't"

"Know what?"

Wilder shook her head. "Darce, it's always been you. I've been in love with you for so long I can't remember a time when my heart didn't feel whole just because you were breathing the same air as me. Looking up at the same night sky. Feeling the same gusts of wind on your face as I do. I probably fell in love with you the day you took your parent's punishment for me breaking that window. You were and always will be my hero, Darce. I love you."

Darcy literally felt her heart expand within her chest at Wilder's softly spoken admission. She knew Wilder had a crush on her when she was younger but she never realized she felt so much more. "But you... all those women..."

"Were just distractions." Wilder looked down at the bed. "I knew I could never have you. I knew you would never love me the way I love you. I gave them all I had to offer... my body. My heart was taken long ago."

Darcy too looked away, her heart hurting at the dejection so clearly evident in Wilder's voice. It was a side of her Darcy had never seen before. Wilder had always portrayed the self-confident player yet now she seemed open and raw... exposed and fragile and it was all for her. Darcy looked around the bedroom seeing it as Wilder had intended – without the scene set for seduction – the real Wilder McNeil. The woman that she loved... but how far did that love go? Darcy realized she was more than willing to find out. Being with Wilder felt so right, even making love with her. Darcy knew she had called it that and knew it was exactly how it felt. Taking a deep breath, the brunette looked back at Wilder. With gentle fingers she cupped Wilder's chin and re-directed her gaze. Watery blue eyes gazed back at her and Darcy knew Wilder feared she'd made a mistake in her admission.

"I... am willing to trust you with mine."

This time it was Wilder's turn to frown.

"My heart," Darcy explained. "Look... I can't say I've never thought about it and I can't say it doesn't scare me but being with you feels so right, Wilder." Darcy wiped away a single tear that rolled lazily down Wilder's cheek. She had never seen Wilder so vulnerable and the knowledge that the blonde entrusted her with that was a feeling she never wanted to betray. "I like that feeling and I want to keep it. I want to be with you, to be loved by you and to give you that love in return."

"Are you saying you want to give 'us' a try?" Hope sung in Wilder's voice.

"That is exactly what I am saying."

Wilders head slumped and she shook it side to side. Darcy heard a loud sniff and alarm overtook her. "What is it? Are you alright?"

Wilder looked back with tear filled eyes and a wide smile. "Alright? I have never been so happy in my life!" Moving forward she grabbed Darcy and fell back against the bed, the brunette lying above her. Darcy cheerfully tucked her head within the crook of Wilder's shoulder as the blonde's arms wrapped around her.

"I think I could become addicted to making you happy." Darcy's voice was muffled as her lips caressed Wilder's bare shoulder. She leaned back and looked at Wilder, feeling soft fingers run through her hair. "Just think... if all goes well we may be able to give our parents some good news. They're always nagging us to find somebody and settle down. Beware of what you wish for!"

Wilder chuckled. "Yeah, we could give them a surprise at the annual summer barbeque!" She ran her hands down Darcy's body and over her behind.

Darcy closed her eyes as Wilder's hands squeezed softly. "Can't wait," she replied and lowered her lips to meet Wilder's. They kissed languidly and without any rush as the slow burn of their desire rose. Darcy straddled Wilder's hips as her lips began a trail down Wilder's neck. Suddenly a disturbing tap upon her back, brought Darcy's head up to look questioningly at Wilder. "Yes?"

"You know what I've just realized?"

"What's that?"

The blonde grinned. "I won the bet. Four orgasms in one evening, right?"

Darcy nodded.

"So I win... Unlimited Sexual Favors... sex... anytime... anywhere!"

"And what does that mean?" Darcy asked curiosity mixed with escalating arousal.

"That means..." Wilder flipped the cover up over their heads. Twin sets of chuckles erupted from beneath the sheets. "This is where the fun really starts!"

The end...?

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