by Leigh McEoghan

Sex/Violence: No violence, suggestion of sex between too gal's...nothing to get hot and bothered over ;O)

Authors note: Hey all, me again! This is just a little something I wrote a while ago. It's a little strange little ditty and I have the feeling that people will either love it or hate it, no in betweens. It was inspired by a poem I read once eons ago. I started it with good intentions but towards the end I think I crapped out :O) I'm posting it anyway because I haven't posted anything in ages. I would love to get some feedback on this! youngirishbard@hotmail.com
Finally, enjoy!

Dedication: To whoever enjoys it! A big Thank Ya!

I walked one day, down to the lake.

The sky was clear, the air was crisp; it was a cool late September day. I was, as always alone. It was how I preferred to be. The wind was low; it hardly moved the leaves that hung from low braches, ready to fall at the slightest breath.

I walked softly down that path like every other day, to sit and wait and think awhile until the sun went down and left me dark. Everything was in its place, or so I thought at first, until I heard a gentle sob that broke the evening's stillness.

I turned the corner only to see a woman, small and frail. She sat amongst the meadow flowers and wet them with her tears. She saw me as I saw myself, reflected in her eyes.

They shone with pearls, yet unshed and begged my presence, two bright emeralds calling me. I sat and soothed her, for what I don't know, I asked but she never replied.

She turned her face towards my own and spoke to me at last. Her skin was pale and flawless, her voice like music. She thanked me for my presence and smiled a golden smile.

I asked again what upset her so. It was "nothing anymore," she said and gently squeezed my hand. Her touch was like a feather: light and full of hope.

She stood and walked towards the lake, I rose and did the same. She wore flowers in her hair, they were like none I'd ever seen. She dipped her toes in the sapphire water and sighed a happy sigh. I stood back and quietly watched, terrified to intrude.

She turned around looked at me, a question in her eyes. I moved and stood beside her and she smiled. She told me my eyes were the blue of the water that we gazed upon.

She told me of a place she knew, within the forest deep. A place of peace and beauty unknown, to all but her. I asked if I could see this place. She laughed and hugged me and pulled me from the waters edge, back into the forest.

Through the trees she skipped and sang leading me to this secret place. I wondered about this little adventure I was on, but strangely, never though it odd that I should be here with this mysterious girl.

She stopped ahead and I caught up, she turned to me and said "Close your eyes and take my hand, I will lead you there. I did as she asked and felt myself pulled into her magical realm.

We stopped and stood, my eyes still closed, I heard her gentle command. "You can open now." She giggled when she saw my face, I couldn't quite believe that this place was undiscovered but to her and me.

A stream went through the middle; it's waters clean and clear. The trees held all their leaves still; the birds within them sang a song that spoke of summer. The air was warm and was filled with the fresh scent of wildflower.

I turned and smiled a thank you smile, she motioned I should sit. We passed the hours side by side, listening to the forests music.
The sun went down the forest grew dark, I asked if we should leave. She told me we had hours yet and turned to look at me.

She touched my face and stroked my hair. When she kissed my lips the spell was cast and I knew I'd never leave. We joined our souls and hearts that night and slept, entwined beneath the stars. My mind was clear, I dreamed no dreams, she'd chased away the shadows
But when I woke I was alone, no beauty bye my side. I searched for her, in the forest, the meadows, by the lake. But she was gone, out of sight, I wondered if I dreamed it all until the wind blew and I heard her voice
She told me that I shouldn't cry, that she was alright. I asked why she had to go and thought I heard her sigh. Before I felt her presence leave the wind caressed my face. I knew it was her goodbye.

I turned my head to face the sun and felt its comforting warmth. My mind held no questions, just acceptance and it soothed my aching soul.

Now everyday I take walk down to that same lake. Occasionally I'll hear her laugh carried by the wind. I visit our place in the forest deep and think about the day I met a woman who healed my soul and opened my heart again.

The End.

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