21st Century Babes

by Amazon Moon


Happy New Year (I didn’t say Millennium because technically it only starts next year, in 2001) Xenites! I’ve started a new series after killing off Dena and Abby, as you have seen from the little prelude in that last Armageddon chapter of the Uber Adventures. No, I have not been reading that Revelation chapter of the Bible, if that’s what you’ve been wondering… *LOL* Haven’t touched that book for ages.

I hope you will enjoy this new one. It’s got a younger environment and setting. But even though everyone’s younger, I’m sure you can still see the resemblance of the characters.

This one’s for you Ashwolf… remember, Watashi Aishiteruga! HAI!!!

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Amazon Moon


Victoria Kelly could not keep her blue eyes off the new student. She awkwardly fumbled with her dark tresses and stared at the girl’s scruffy boots, a shy blush appearing on her face for no apparent reason.

Corky Noel couldn’t help the sparkle in her bright green eyes as she looked at the obviously attractive young woman before her. Corky adjusted her seasoned down soldier green sling-pack and extended her hand. "Hi, my name’s Corky. I’m the new kid on the block."

Vic finally found her senses and quickly took her hand, shaking it and grasping it a little too tight in the meantime. She found herself shaking inwardly, an odd sensation so peculiar she had never experienced before. Gazing into Corky’s emerald coloured eyes, she found herself sinking into a soothing warmth she felt herself longing for.

"What’s your name?" Corky asked, raising her eyebrows and trying not to show a sign of a grimace as Vic still continued the hearty handshake while still gawking at the shorter girl.

"Victoria," Blue eyes fluttered bashfully as Vic took away her hand. "But most people call me Vic around here."

Corky smiled, her sunny exterior giving her a sense of a person with the love for the outdoors. Like an adventurer or a backpacker, Vic mused as her gaze swept over Corky’s toned body. Nice abs too.

Corky didn’t notice Victoria’s gaze on her. Her hands were busy smoothing out a rather crumpled piece of paper which Vic realised was her timetable.

"My first class is World History," Corky’s brow furrowed as she poked a finger under a line of words. "Where can I find the class?"

Vic couldn’t believe her luck. She made sure she didn’t beam too much when she checked her schedule. They shared classes throughout; music, English and Literature, Gym, besides World History and other subjects.

"We’re sharing the same class," Vic smiled, tapping her thick History text with a tapered finger. "C’mon, we better get go-"

"Vic!" A whiny voice screeched quite suddenly, forcing Corky to look up from stuffing her timetable into her jeans. Three girls suddenly appeared beside Victoria, a sneering look on all their faces.

The one with bright frizzy orange hair wrinkled her nose distastefully. "Vic, don’t tell us you were talking to this… tramp while we were discussing about Maxwell?"

"She’s that new kid isn’t she?" The girl smacking a disgusting glob of gum whispered as if it was bad news that shouldn’t be heard.

The shortest girl with purple tresses and purple lipstick rolled her eyes (purple contacts). "Really Vic… what would people say?"

Corky’s eyes darkened and her smile disappeared. She adjusted the weight of her pack, keeping her angry gaze fixed on the ground. "See you around Vic."

As Corky walked away, she could still hear the three bitches blabbering in prissy girl talk on what a freak she is. Corky gritted her teeth and jammed a clenched fist into her hand-me-down jeans. Whatever made her like Victoria anyway? A girl who mixes with witches like those three must have some attitude problem herself.

"Wait. Corky!" A voice pleaded from behind her.

Corky turned, surprised to hear Vic’s voice. Surprised that the girl even bothered following after her. Victoria seemed desperate, squeezing through people just to get to her. Corky waited, an eyebrow raised as she waited for the beautiful dark haired woman to come to her.


"You better go back to your friends Vic," Corky said bitterly, her green eyes now cold. "People like you and me don’t mix."

Vic seemed stunned. She took a moment before she unfroze. "The lecture room’s this way."

"Where are your girlfriends?" Corky asked, losing the anger she felt back then with every step she took beside Victoria.

"They don’t share the same class," Vic answered simply as she pushed open the door.

"Wait," Corky sighed as she reluctantly raised her eyes to meet Vic’s. "I just want to apologize… I was angry and was a little harsh just now. You didn’t deserve that."

A brilliant white smile flashed across Victoria’s beautiful face, making Corky’s awestruck heart skip a beat. "Don’t worry about it."

They quickly found seats in the room. Their lecturer for World History, Corky found out, was a rather young and funky looking woman called Quinn Rufus. She was something Corky did not expect of, for a History teacher. She spoke of things with great conviction and she didn’t dress in dead drab colours. Instead, this lecturer was clothed in style and even wore a turban-like thing on her red hair for the day’s lesson. Corky caught a glimpse of her Indian nose-ring.

When they were finally settled, Quinn smiled, her lively green eyes gleaming with excitement. "Good to like, see you guys again. Today we will complete our fantastic journey in history… in our tour through the golden ages of the richly-cultured Indian continent."

Corky sighed as she drew doodles on her notepad. Her mind was entering a familiar haze, blocking out the lesson and the drone of words. It was no use. Monday morning: first day at school and she was already on the way to decline.

Beside her, Vic studiously jotted down notes in her small notebook while listening to Quinn Rufus’ animated talk about the ancient belief that special drawings on the body, rather similar to present day tattoos, have special powers that can only be good.

A casual glance from the eccentric lecturer showing the class her new foot tattoo, to her right made Victoria realise that her friend had zoned off into a distant land of dreams.

Corky found herself in her favourite dream again. It was never the same episode, but Corky knew the events happened in the same time, in the same world. And with the same special woman. It was a world where she was a traveling bard from ancient Greece, called Gabrielle.

She was dressed in a different exotic outfit this time, kind of Indianish instead of her usual green top and skirt. But that woman was there with her too. Like her, she was in the exotic clothes, very much different from the black leather armour she always wore.

Xena, Corky smiled and felt great affection, as she gazed into her unique sky blue eyes. Somehow Corky felt it must have been her doing, her persuasions, her constant words spoken to convince. And also her pleadings, that had succeeded in making the warrior woman exchange her leather for those new clothing.

They must have been lovers, Corky mused as Xena ruffled her blonde hair. Corky liked being Gabrielle. She felt so loved and cherished by the warrior princess. So protected and that special feeling was so nice and warm.

Corky loved those dreams she had of Xena and Gabrielle making love. She was always Gabrielle and Xena was always so giving. So gentle and so loving. Unkowningly, she let out a deep sigh and a dreamy smile which did not go unnoticed by her classmate Victoria.

The dreams Corky always had had a dreamy effect and the images were usually smoky, like a long lost forgot memory suddenly starting to revive. It was only with time that Corky could see things in her dreams more clearly. And Xena, Corky marvelled at her favourite warrior’s strong torso, was looking more and more defined with each passing dream. Corky loved her blue eyes the most. But today, when she gazed into them, she felt a strange sensation… as if somewhere, she had seen them before. Weird. It was as if she had seen them looking at her in this world. In this lifetime.

For Music, the lovely teacher Jade Lin had decided to let the students pick an instrument and play. Either that or they could sing. They could do it individually or in a group.

"Damn, wrong place, wrong time," Corky grumbled at her luck to Victoria beside her. "Why does god always play such tricks on me?"

"Just sing something and you’ll be fine," Vic whispered as Guy Blanche, the school’s football captain poured his heart out on the grand piano. He finally finished the piece he had been practising on for months and everyone clapped. It was the worst two-fingered rendition of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ they had ever heard and they were glad it was over.

"Corky Noel?" Jade called out from the list, her kindly brown eyes resting on Corky’s fresh face. "Would you be kind enough to do a little performance for us?"

"This isn’t graded or anything, is it?" Corky asked cautiously, still keeping her seat. Vic noticed a hint of stubborn rebelliousness in Corky’s voice.

"No, it isn’t," Jade smiled as she invited Corky to stand before the class. "Just do what your heart desires."

Corky hesitated for a while before picking up the guitar which was lying in the corner. She pulled up a chair and sat down on it, her fingers stroking the strings of the instrument tenderly, lovingly. She did that, gaining rhythm as well as the attention of the whole class. Victoria felt her heart leap with every note Corky played.

"Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide

Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time

The night is my companion, and solitude my guide

Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?

And I would be the one, to hold you down

Kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath away

And after, I'd wipe away the tears

Just close your eyes dear."

Vic felt Corky’s intense green eyes pierce through her, slamming its unblockable impact on her soul. Her breath caught on as Corky continued.

"Through this world I've stumbled, so many times betrayed

Trying to find an honest word to find the truth enslaved

oh you speak to me in riddles

And you speak to me in rhymes

My body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive."

Corky rose her head again and opened her eyes. They were deep, passionate, soulful. Victoria felt this song must have come from within.

"And I would be the one to hold you down

Kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath away

And after, I'd wipe away the tears

Just close your eyes dear

Into this night I wander

It's morning that I dread

Another day of knowing of the path I fear to tread

oh into the sea of waking dreams

I follow without pride

Nothing stands between us here

and I won't be denied

and I would be the one

to hold you down

kiss you so hard

I'll take your breath away

and after, I'd wipe away the tears

just close your eyes…"

The strumming of music that echoed the last remains of the song left the audience awestruck and in tears. Even Jade stood and clapped, her smile wider than usual. Vic didn’t trust herself to stand, afraid she might just topple if she tried. She never knew Corky was capable of such talent.

"Quite a performer, I must say," Jade nodded her approval as Corky bashfully took her seat, clearly unused to all the attention she was getting.

The music teacher scanned the list and picked a name randomly. "Victoria Kelly?"

Vic swallowed, her knees had turned to jelly and she felt her stomache rumble with panic. She felt a warm hand on her arm and Corky’s friendly voice murmuring "You can do it Vic. Break a leg."

Victoria sighed as she stood alone before the class, her arms hanging limply by the sides. She pulled out a violin from its case and taking a moment, eased the instrument and settled it in preparation to play.

Corky watched as Vic’s face took on a wave of serious concentration, then the bow started moving. Violin music was different from guitar. Corky marvelled at its elegance and beauty. Violin was something you had to go to classes for, unlike the guitar which can be easily self-taught.

Victoria felt the music take over her soul. She didn’t know what she was playing. All she knew was that the violin was playing itself and music floated on its wings. And it was good. Suddenly, one of the strings snapped.

The young woman frowned but continued playing, determined to finish what she had started.

Jade gasped when the second string snapped but Vic still carried on and the beautiful music still continued. Corky frowned when the third string broke but Vic still carried on playing.


"I’ve been secretly practicing," Xena smiled when they settled for the night. "Might sound a little awful but hey, cut me some slack."

Gabrielle grinned. Trust her lover to come up with a surprise for her on her birthday. The dark-haired warrior woman pulled out something from their saddle bags… something that was definitely one of her creations. The bard raised her eyebrows. "What’s that?"

"Something I made," Xena replied as she raised the music instrument, tucking one end under her chin while holding the slimmer end to it in her left hand. In her right hand, she held a little stick with horse tail hairs strung to it.

Gabrielle settled herself quite comfortably and waited for her soulmate to perform for her under the midnight stars. She grinned as she folded her arms over her knees. "Ready when you are."

Xena smiled, melting the bard’s heart. Then she played. It was the strangest, yet most beautiful music Gabrielle had ever heard. Music played, floating in the cool night air as Xena pulled the bow across the four tight threads she had strung across the sturdy instrument’s wooden body.

It was the most special birthday gift Gabrielle had ever recieved. "I love you, Xena."


It was music from the soul, Corky realised. It was the kind that came from within and possessed the fingers. Victoria finally finished the piece and as she pulled the bow away, the final string of the violin snapped.

Corky clapped like she never did before. Victoria had many skills.


Lunchtime finally came but by then, Corky’s stomache was already rumbling to be fed. The spunky blonde packed up her literature books and swung her pack over a sturdy shoulder, making her way towards the door.

Corky knew Vic was staring at her as she made her way out of class. Doesn’t matter, Corky shrugged as she strode to the nice grassy field on the campus grounds. Victoria Kelly would most probably be munching with her sickening sweet girlfriends anyway.

Flipping open her pack, Corky pulled out a generous sandwich that looked like a heavy-laden mountain full of stuffing. She had made it herself, from whatever she could find. She just had a weird feeling she might need her energy on the first day at school.

"Mind if I join you?" a soft voice asked above her head. Corky raised her head, squinting at the rays of golden sunshine that poured down against the person standing before her.

"Sure, Vic," Corky welcomed as she patted a nice tuff of grass beside her. She watched as the beautiful young woman took her seat beside her, noting the demure ladylike way she folded her skirt and crossed her legs. Those legs… Corky allowed herself a good appreciative view of Vic’s long slender legs that could only be shaped and trimmed by regular exercise. Corky made sure she kept her fingers to herself.

"Why aren’t you eating with your girlfriends?" Corky wondered out loud as she pulled out a tumbler. "Surely you guys have lunch at the cafeteria together?"

Vic fumbled for a while, idly picking at some stray blades of grass. "The food there… stinks."

They both laughed, enjoying each other’s company under the warm rays of blessed sunshine. Corky’s eyes twinkled under her cap as she laughed her cheery laugh. It sounded so genuine and sincere to Vic, unlike the many posers she knew in school. Corky Noel was special.

"Hey, want a bite of my sandwich?" Corky asked when she realised Vic didn’t bring anything. She grinned between mouthfuls, giving hints of the filling she’d stuffed inside. "It’s really yummmmmmy!"

Vic just couldn’t resist when Corky tore a generous half portion and handed it to her. "Thanks," Vic grinned, showing her sparkling white teeth and sending Corky reeling inwardly. She sank her teeth into it and immediately rolled her gorgeous blue eyes in pleasure. "This is really delicious!"

Corky beamed, enjoying the sight of Victoria wolfing down her lunch. She really was very pretty… even with food stains and cream around her mouth.


A week had passed and Corky had never felt happier in her life. School had been a breeze, with Vic’s wonderful companionship beside her. She found herself loving life, embracing it with full zest again. Victoria had given her friendship and in it, Corky found life.

All this in a few days. But Corky was beginning to feel a little skeptical. Would their friendship last? Hell, the blonde shrugged as she shut the door of her locker. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

She turned to go but suddenly felt a light tap on her shoulder. Corky swerved around and saw blonde, lanky Jodie Keeper. They shared the same classes too and Jodie sat next to her in class. Sometimes she would even join Corky and Vic for lunch. Jodie was rather quiet but Corky liked her honesty and felt she was good friend.

"Hey Keeper," Corky grinned as Jodie adjusted her cute cat-eye glasses which were slipping off her nose. "What’s up?"

"It’s Vic, Corky," Jodie whispered nervously as she stepped closer, as if making sure no one could catch what she was trying to say. "I was getting my stuff out of my locker when I overheard Emma Rory speaking to her girlfriends about… punishing Vicky."

Corky’s green eyes narrowed to slits. She felt a wave of protectiveness rush over her like a gigantic tidal wave. "What?"

Jodie swallowed at her friend’s soft, angry tone. "They were mentioning about beating her up in the bathroom. Nadia Ackman suggested they lure her to the deserted one near the science labs and…"

"When did you hear this?" Corky gritted her teeth, her intense green eyes searching Jodie’s frightened hazel coloured ones.

"About two minutes ago-," Jodie had barely finished when Corky had grabbed her wrist and they were off running to save Victoria.


"We need to talk, Victoria Kelly," Emma Rory confronted Vic coldly, her friends standing behind her, an equally serious expression on their faces, thickly painted with makeup.

"Can it wait?" Vic asked uninterestedly, lifting a bored eyebrow as Candy Laker popped one of her gross coloured gumballs in what she had thought of as an intimidating manner.

"You will come with us now." Nadia Ackman ordered with an air of authority. They stepped forward, catching her by her wrists before she could object.

"Hey!" Vic yelped when they started dragging her away. She tried prying their fingers away but only succeeded in breaking one of Nadia’s nicely manicured nails.

A bloodcurdling scream issued from the self-proclaimed rich heiress. "YOU!" Nadia screamed as she slapped Vic across the cheek. "BITCH!"

Victoria felt a painful sting across her cheek where she had just been hit. With further resentment, her three kidnappers took her away. Victoria could only hope someone would see them.


"Corky! Corky!" Jodie puffed as she tried keeping up with her friend. "What are we going to do?"

"We’re going to put up a fight, Keeper," Corky snarled as she sprinted up the stairs. "It’s gonna be a fair trial- three against three!"

Jodie started when Corky mentioned ‘fight’ and undoubtedly slowed down her pace, standing rooted to her spot in disbelief. Before she could say anything to change Corky’s mind, she was instantly yanked to follow on.


"What are you guys doing?" Vic demanded when her three ex-friends pushed her into an empty girl’s washroom. After roughly shoving her to the floor, Emma flicked away stray strands of her dyed purple hair and placed her hands on her lips, firmly keeping a foot on Vic’s white Gucci blouse.

"What’s it look like to you, traitor?" Nadia sneered as she removed a hairpin from her frizzy orange mop of hair. She pushed a small button and something flicked out. It was actually a hidden nail-filer-cum-weapon, much to Victoria’s horror.

"Put that knife down!" Vic shouted, her blue eyes wide open. Her heart raced in panic as Nadia approached Vic’s fearful face with her lethal blade. Vic cringed as the blade got nearer her cheek. They were going to disfigure her face to teach her a lesson?

"Well now you won’t have to worry about Vic winning prom queen," Candy wisecracked to her two friends, passing a smug look to Vic’s terrified gaze as she smacked her gum.

"I don’t think so," a soft but angry voice objected. All three attackers looked up and to their horror, Corky Noel stood by the doorjamb, a deadly look in her dangerous green eyes. Awkward lanky Jodie Keeper, three time winner of Youth Chess competitions, vice-president of the library club, infamous bookworm, stood stoically beside Corky, an equally stubborn look on her face.

Nadia had forgotten about her mission to destroy Victoria’s face. Emma looked dumbstruck at their intruders. Candy just left her mouth hanging, showing gross gum for the world to see.

Taking the chance, Victoria heaved Emma’s foot from above her, knocking both Nadia’s knife as well as Emma to the ground by surprise. Not missing a second, Corky was on Emma’s prone figure, straddling her by sitting on her back before she could even stand.

Victoria grabbed Nadia and instantly, the catfight had begun. Jodie and Candy eyed each other warily, circling in a protective stance while throwing aggressive growls at each other.

"You’re a mean one, aren’t ya?" Corky hissed as she yanked at Emma’s beautiful purple tresses. "Did you actually think you can get away with a crime like that?"

"Geroff me, you lil bitch!" Emma squirmed helplessly under her. "Lemme go!"

A sudden movement and a metallic glint caught Corky’s eye when Candy accidentally kicked Nadia’s hairpin knife towards Corky. Emma’s eyes widened, her purple contacts threatening to pop when she saw Corky pick up the weapon. "Nooooooooo!!!!!"

Lifting pieces of Emma’s priced purple hair, Corky sliced off chunks at random, humming a happy tune as the tearful girl wriggled fruitlessly beneath her, sobbing as pieces of her treasured hair floated unto the floor.

"Ya know," Corky grinned as she shorned purple hair from Emma’s scalp. "I think I’d made a really funky hairdresser." Beneath her, Emma could only moan haplessly.

Further down the girl’s room, Vic and Nadia were engaged in a heated pinch fight. Nadia was constantly in tears, making her mascara run because her nails kept breaking.

Jodie and Candy were still eyeing each other, moving round in circles in their protective kung-fu stances, now and then throwing false moves and attacks on each other to threaten and to scare.

"Kapuuuuuuit!" Candy suddenly spat out a disgusting blob of seaweed coloured gum. Jodie ducked instantly, barely missing the deadly Japanese imported chemical weapon. She shuddered at the thought of the millions of germs that might had touched her if she had made contact.

"You missed!" Jodie jeered at her war enemy. "Well, see if you can do this. Just follow what I do."

Jodie clapped thrice above her head, did a little jiggy and hopped five times before turning to do a star jump. Candy watched her, making sure she got all the moves down correct. Jodie pointed at her. "Think you can do better than that?"

Candy gave a smirk which said ‘watch me win’. Jodie simply smiled and watched. Candy gave three loud claps above her head, did an overly done exotic jig with her hips and hopped five times. Just as her feet left the ground in the midst of her final jump, Jodie moved in and gave Candy’s unsuspecting ample butt a shove, pushing her forward and propelling her headfirst into a waiting fresh toilet bowl.

Leaping onto the girl’s back instantly, Jodie pulled the flush, her brown hazel eyes sparkling with glee at the sounds of Candy’s spluttering protests. It must have been a lifetime since she enjoyed herself this much.


Ten minutes after they first barged in, Jodie, Corky and Victoria walked out of the washroom, a look of smug victory and triumph on their faces.

"Mustn’t be late for class now," Corky grinned as she shut the door behind her, pulling the lock down not very accidentally. "It’s gonna be a long walk from this deserted place to the classrooms…"

Some time later, during their lunch at the school cafeteria, the trio heard a commotion. The school janitor had unlocked the bathroom door apparently, after hearing what had seemed like strange animal-like noises that sounded like something was strangling in there. Instead he found three miserable looking wretches that screamed and clawed at him immediately.

Corky watched in amusement as Emma, Nadia and Candy streaked across the crowded cafeteria. It was such a sight- Emma with her new hairstyle- purple hair shorne randomly off her scalp in a punky-funky unsuiting fashion. And Nadia with her broken nails and hideous face dirtied by her streaked mascara. And of course there was Candy, with her entire head wet and her hair limp and smelly. Corky had to hand it to Jodie for that one.

School life had never had its meaning until then.

January 1st 2000

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