Second Chance Blessings Part 2
By D.virtue

"I know this is coming at you from left field, but....yes, we do." Diana said, with a nervous gaze into Xena’s eyes.

The older women all sat stunned. Then....Lord Xena spoke again.

"Kitten.... I think it is a wonderful gift that the three of you want to bear children for us. I can only speak for myself as far as how I feel about this, and therefore, I think we need to talk about this alone."

"Okay, if you think it is necessary?"

"I do kitten." Xena then stood and spoke to the others. " Ladies, if you will excuse us, I think this is a conversation that Diana and I really need to sit down and talk about. As far as the four of you, whatever your decisions are, I will say again that your desire to procreate is a very loving thing and I hope your decisions will be the best for you all. Have a nice evening Ladies." Xena then turned and opened her arm for Diana to come into it, and they headed out of the library, with Diana looking back at the others who had also now stood and were separating to also go and speak
privately with each other in their respective chambers.

Xena and Diana arrived back at their chamber and Xena took her arm out from around Diana and went to place some scrolls she had in her hand, on the table in the sitting chamber. Then she went and made herself a drink. Diana in the meantime, stood watching Xena move about the chamber, obviously avoiding looking at her until she was ready to. Xena paced with her port in her hand, sipping it, and moving stray strands of hair out of her face. Finally when Diana moved towards where Xena was pacing, Xena stopped pacing, turned and pulling out a chair she sat down and levelled a gaze on Diana that made Diana stop in her tracks.

"Are you mad at me Xena?" Diana asked, not sure of what Xena was feeling, due to the look levelled on her and the fact that Xena was blocking her physical connection at that moment.

"No kitten, I’m not mad at you at all. I’m just surprised that you want to have a child right now."

"Why, you know how much I love children?"

"Yes I know, but kitten, children are A Lot of responsibility."

"I’m sure they are, but I have no problem with that. Xena are you telling me that you don’t want to have children with me?" Diana asked, with obvious disappointment.

"OH! Kitten, come here." Xena said, opening her arms for Diana to come to her and sit on her lap.

Diana walked over to where Xena was and she sat upon her thigh with tears balanced to fall, gazing into Xena’s eyes searching them for her answer.

"Kitten, there is nothing on this earth that would please me more than to have a palace full of children with you, AND I AM SO....THANKFUL TO YOU FOR wanting to give me such a wonderful gift, it is something that I will treasure forever, and I love you for offering me such a gift."

"But?" Diana asked, hearing the unspoken word as if it were shouted at her.

Xena took a deep breath and then caressing Diana’s back and side, she looked her in the eye and spoke to her based on how she saw things. Based on experience.

"Kitten, I know this all seems like a wonderful and simple thing, just make love and have a baby and whatever comes, comes, and we’ll deal with it. But it isn’t that simple."

"Why isn’t it?" Diana asked, standing up to look at Xena easier.

"Sit down." Xena said, as she pulled out a chair for Diana with her foot. Diana sat down on the chair and Xena continued.

"Because Kitten, it isn’t, especially for us."

"Why not?" Diana whimpered.

"Because of who we are."

"But Xena that’s even more of a reason. You're the Ruler of this land, and I am your Consort and co-ruler, if it’s not simple for us then who?"

"Diana, you're romancing our lives, and normally that’s fine, but with something like this you have to be realistic."

"I am being realistic Xena!" Diana shot back somewhat brashly.

Xena’s eyes narrowed at the tone and Diana sat back in her chair and crossed her arms with a slight pout on her lips, as she waited for the lecture she knew was now coming. Xena didn’t disappoint her either. She levelled a piercing gaze on Diana and then spoke in a somewhat tight tone of voice.

"You are NOT being realistic Diana, because if you were you would see how completely wrong it is for us to have any children at this time in our lives."

"Why is it wrong?"

"Be quiet and listen." Xena chided. Then once Diana sat back again in her chair she continued. "Diana because of who we are makes it dangerous for us to have children....right now."

"Oh..." Diana started to say, but then received that look for her Lord and went silent once again.

"Anyway, our lives are constantly in danger for the most part, and because of that I don’t see how we can even think about children right now. I mean it is just TOO dangerous, for a number of reasons."

"Like?" Diana asked in a rush, then went silent again.

Xena narrowed her gaze at Diana but answered the question anyway, since it had already been her intention to do so.

"Like....the clone Questra is still out there, which is the first danger, especially seeing how she KILLED your sister right in front of us. What makes you think she wouldn’t do it with a child of ours, especially after spoiling her plans for you? She will do anything to get you, including kidnapping and killing our child, and I will be damned if I will take a chance on losing you to your darkness! Then there would be no one here for Gabrielle and the others, because I too would lose that battle to my darkside. Secondly, all of the Warlords, Kings, and other Rulers who happen to either have a grudge against me or you, or who are looking for a way of gaining leverage over me and my Realm would not hesitate to attempt to take our child, and they would not hesitate to kill that child if it served their purpose...Think about it Diana, you even killed children out of vengence, and you have a loving heart. What’s to stop those who don’t if someone like you can do it?"

"That’s not fair." Diana said, with tears rolling down her cheeks at Xena’s comparison and the dashing of her dreams for a child with Xena anytime soon.

"No Kitten it isn’t, but you know as well as I do. Life is NEVER fair, it’s all about how we choose to conduct ourselves within this life, based on the choices that are within our control."

"But Xena this is a choice in our control, we can protect our child, I know it."

Xena turned away, frustrated at Diana’s inability or unwillingness to see how wrong she was. Then she turned back and with her arms in an akimbo position she told Diana honestly once again.

"Diana wake up! Think about what you're saying? How in the world will we be able to protect our child without keeping the child in our presence at all times?!!"

"The same way we protect everything and everyone else in our lives!!" Diana shot back, as she came to her feet and walked around to the far side of the table...just in case Xena got really angry with least she thought Xena was angry. Xena wasn’t angry, just frustrated, but at the moment it appeared to be anger.

"Diana?!! I can’t believe you're this naive?!!" Xena accused.

"How am I being naive My Lord?!" Diana asked sharply and somewhat defensively.

Xena heard her tone and NOW she was angry.

"Diana you and I have both died at least once, you and Gabrielle have both been kidnapped, you twice. You’ve been raped, tortured and beaten, and yet you can stand there and tell me that we are capable of protecting our child, even with all the evidence that we can’t! You are my weakness and strength. I am not able to protect you when someone else threatens me with you or Gabrielle, that is why you were tortured and died. Whenever I was away, you were threatened and hurt. With this life there is no sign of my not having to go away at times for one reason or another, leaving you alone with our child. If the clone Questra shows up, how will you protect our child without it resulting in your death or at the very least the maiming of you?!

"If that’s what it comes to Xena, I am willing to take that risk." Diana said calmly.

"I’M NOT! You are my life Diana, and I will not risk you for ANY reason, we have a choice about whether or not to have children, and I am making that choice right now! The answer is no, we will not have any least not right now."


"I said no Diana. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you're ready for a child, as well as us being in a position to protect that child properly. I can’t be here all of the time to make sure everything is alright."

"But Xena, Lord Questra is here! Even if you don’t think I can protect our child, although I believe I can."

"I will not have you or my child dependent on anyone else to protect you but ME, is that clear?!"

"Yes. But we’re all family, and I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind. Matter of fact she would be more than happy to. Just like we would and will look out for them." Diana stated with certainty.

"Of course she wouldn’t have a problem looking out for you and our child, but that’s not the point. You are MY responsibility, and if they decide to have a child, then her priority will be to Gabrielle and their child. Diana, I know you're trying to come up with a way for this to work out, but right
now it’s not going to happen."

Diana stood with her eyes averted, as she tried to stay calm and not just breakdown and cry.

"Fine!" Diana finally managed as she looked back into Xena’s studying gaze, then the tears started to roll down her face and that’s when she decided she wanted to be anywhere else at that moment. She turned and rapidly walked into the bedchamber, leaving Xena standing in the middle of the sitting area, looking after her. Xena turned, and sat down on the sofa, spread her arms along the back of it and threw her head back. She shook it in frustration over what she knew was going to be a long and trying time for the two of them. But Xena was resolved in her stand, so she
sat on the sofa just thinking.

Meanwhile Gabrielle and Questra were having their own discussion about children.

"Blossom....are you sure you want to have a child right now....I mean you are so very young?" Questra asked, as she stood letting Gabrielle remove her clothes so that they could bathe.

"I’m not that young, I’m in my twenties."

"Yes, but your early twenties."

"So you don’t think I’m ready to have a child?"

"It’s not that I don’t think you're ready. It’s just that raising a child is not easy and it takes a lot of time. You're not only an Amazon princess, you're also My Queen and there is so much on your plate already, I just don't want you to get overwhelmed."

"I understand what you're saying, but I know it will be work. It will be a labor of love, one in which I will gladly take on with all of my heart. I want to have a child for you as much as I do for myself. I have my soulmate and I see no reason to wait, unless you honestly don’t think I am ready?"

"Blossom....I will make a deal with you. I want you to take some time to think about this. If after you do, you still want to have children, then I will happily accept such a gift from you. Plus it will be begin. I need to talk to Xena about some things, but in the meantime you think about this, deal?" Questra asked, as she pulled Gabrielle into her arms and held her close, looking deeply into her eyes, as their nude bodies touching one another began to speak to them.

"You have a deal." Gabrielle managed, just before Questra covered her mouth with her own and laid a heartfelt kiss on the now weakening young woman in her arms.

Questra then broke the kiss, and with passion in her eyes, she let a knowing gaze fall upon Gabrielle, thereby ensuring that Gabrielle knew what her intentions were while they bathed. She turned and taking hold of Gabrielle’s hand, she led her into the bathchamber and once there, the two not only bathed, but during the bath, they experienced moments of ecstasy. While the
two of them were talking and bathing, Lady Xena and Noor were also talking in the guest chambers they were staying in on their visit to the palace.

"Noor My Light and My Love, I am so very moved by the gift you want to give me."

"My Lady, all I want is to show you how much I love and care about you. I want to make you the happiest woman in this land and the world. I want us to grow as a family. I know we have family and friends that love us, but it’s not the only family that you and I deserve. All of the stories I have heard about you, sometimes I can’t help but just sit back and look at you, it was possible for such a passionate and loving woman as you are, to have ever been dark. I have and can only see the bright light in you. I feel it daily, and I felt it more intensely when the
conversation about wanting children came up in the library. I felt and still feel the complete love and joy you have for me, as I do for and about you. Allow me to continue to show you that love, by blessing me with a child or children, whichever the Gods see fit?" Noor confessed her love to Lady Xena as she sat on Lady Xena’s lap, facing her on the bed, with her legs on either side of her body.

Xena brought one of her hands to Noor’s cheek and caressed it, as a thoughtful gaze lit her eyes.

"I feel how much you love me, and I don’t need for you to have a child for me to know that. But, I am so moved by your wanting to have children, and I know you will make a wonderful mother for them."

"So is that a yes, you’ll have a child with me My Lady?"

"I will do whatever your little heart desires My Light. If you want a child, if you want a house full of children, you shall have them. I am here to make you happy Noor, as you have done and still are doing for me, you are my life and I am dedicated to your happiness." Lady Xena said, confessing her own deep abiding love for her mate. She then guided Noor’s face to her with her hands,
and before their lips met, Xena said in a loving tone, "we shall start that journey tomorrow, but tonight, I just want to enjoy and consume and fill myself with your light." Noor smiled lovingly, and then she was guided onwards to Xena's lips, and the two of them glided into their lovemaking that
night, for tomorrow would be the beginning of a great change in their lives. That thought made Lady Xena smile against Noor’s lips, as her heart swellled and she smothered Noor with the love that strengthened her as she thought about the woman showing her pleasure to her so openly and completely.

That night when Xena finally went into the bedchamber, she found Diana standing out on the balcony in her robe. She watched her for a few minutes, and despite their disagreement, Xena still felt her desire rising inside of her. Diana stood leaning against the rails of the balcony, the breeze
catching and lifting her hair ever so gently, as she gazed out over the grounds of the Palace. The moonlight shimmered and reflected off of Diana’s ebony colored hair. Her robe, lifted away from around her long legs, and the robe’s sheer fabric showed Diana’s nude outline with every puff of the breeze.

Xena walked out to where Diana stood, and Diana felt her coming, but she did not look back. Xena came to stand next to Diana, and at first she too just looked out over the land, then made a remark about the evening sky.

"It is beautiful. It‘s such a rejuvenating time of evening."

Diana didn’t answer, she just continued to look out over the land. Xena looked over at Diana, and thought about whether she should just let it go, or say something. She looked back outwards for a moment while she thought about it, and then, not liking what she figured was going to be Diana’s
behavior if she allowed it, she decided to say something about it.

"Are you going to say anything to me kitten?"

Diana didn’t speak she just kept looking outwards.

Xena then turned and faced Diana, as she put one hand on the rail.

"Kitten I’m speaking to you."

Diana continued in her line of gazing, although she began feeling Xena’s mood changing from concern to anger, and she chewed her lip at the thought. She just didn’t won’t to talk to Xena now, she wanted to be mad.


Diana swallowed with some difficulty, but she remained silent.

"Okay, you want to be silent, SO BE IT! You are not to speak, until I say differently." Xena growled. Diana then looked up at her as if to say something, but seeing the look she recognized it for what it was. So she remained silent, as she turned her head to look back out over the land, so as not to let Xena see the anger she felt, but Xena felt it. "You may stay out here for a few minutes more, and then I want you in bed with me, is that clear?"

Diana didn’t look at Xena, but she nodded her head in understanding. Xena chose not to call her on it this time, so she turned and went back insideand changed and got into bed.

Diana stayed out on the balcony for a while longer. When she heard Xena slam down a proclamation scroll, and the metal holders hit the table, Diana knew it was Xena’s way of warning her. So she decided to go in and get in bed.

When Diana removed her robe, and climbed under the covers, she saw how Xena looked at her, and then turned over onto her other side to face away from her. Although Diana didn’t know why Xena had done it, she assumed Xena was just mad at her. Actually, Xena was frustrated, and althoughshe wanted to take Diana in her arms and make love to her, she knew Diana didn't feel loving towards her at that moment. She could force Diana’s body to respond to her, but she didn’t want to, so she turned over to try to calm herself.

Diana chewed at her lip for a few minutes, and with some sadness in her eyes at her own behavior, she thought that maybe she could convince Xena to change her mind about the baby if she showed her in some way that things would be alright. She had to think of how that would be, but in the
meantime, she laid down and moved close to Xena’s body. She cautiously laid her arm over Xena’s waist and laid her head on Xena’s pillow, hoping Xena wouldn’t tell her to move.

Xena felt Diana’s tentative moves, and at first she thought to remain where she was, but when she felt Diana kiss her shoulder, she decided to turn over to see if she was sensing Diana correctly. Xena slowly turned over to face Diana, and Diana moved enough so that she was now on her back. Xena elevated over her, balancing on her elbow, as she looked down at Diana with somewhat doubtful eyes. Xena thought about asking Diana what she was doing, but her need wouldn’t allow her to take the chance of another argument starting, so she didn’t.

Xena brought her hand to Diana’s face, and with a tender touch, she caressed Diana’s cheek, moving stray strands of hair out of her face, and slowly moved her hand down Diana’s long neck, down to her chest and slowly to her breast. All the while she watched Diana’s reactions to her touch, Diana closed her eyes, but Xena didn’t want her to.

"No, look at me." She ordered.

Diana slowly opened her eyes, and looked up into Xena’s steady gaze. Xena’s hand began manipulating Diana’s breast and she closed her eyes reflexively as a result of the sensation. This time Xena allowed it, and she leaned down and still watching Diana, she kissed her. Diana responded by reaching up for Xena’s face to hold it in her hands, their kiss deepened when Xena felt Diana’s caress.

Both Xena and Diana’s need of each other came through. Xena’s hand slid down to Diana’s flower, and without much foreplay in that area she immediately thrust into Diana. Diana’s breath caught, and then slowly it eased out of her lips and soon her breathing was irregular and labored. She lifted up just enough to take one of Xena’s taut nipples in her mouth as she bathed it
with her tongue, loving it. One of her hands went to kneading Xena’s other breast, but as she felt herself nearing she called to Xena.

"Yes....kitten, give me what is mine." Xena purred in Diana’s ear. Just before Diana’s back raised, she slid her hand down between the two of them and slid into Xena’s dark curls and then into her womanhood.

Soon Diana’s thrusts were mirroring those of Xena’s and before long, Diana was taken. Xena immediately felt Diana’s teeth let go of her nipple and she moved her body to claim Diana’s mouth. She drew the breath from her as Diana’s ecstasy washed over her and Xena soon followed in her own release. After a bit, her’s subsided. Diana’s was just about to end, but Xena had caught her breath and now moved down Diana’s hot flushed body. It was still slightly stiff from her subsiding orgasm, but Xena was not through. When she arrived at Diana’s flower, she immediately reignited Diana’s flame, and then she held Diana in the blissful release until Diana fell unconscious. Xena continued for a moment longer, and then finally she crawled back up Diana’s now hot body, while Diana’s esctasy continued to ease, and finally ended.

Diana’s body fell limply to the bed, exhausted, while Diana had slipped into a deep slumber. Xena kissed Diana’s forehead, and then she rolled off of her and onto her back. She brought her arms behind her head, and letting her own body quiet back down from the mulitple releases, she soon drifted off. Xena had caused Diana to slip into a deep slumber because she knew Diana, and she
knew that eventually Diana would bring up the subject of a baby, so Xena not only filled herself with Diana’s sweet essence, but made sure that there would be no argument that night.

The next morning, Xena had awakened, and after dressing and giving instructions to Ludmilla and Dancea, she left to go and hold court. Diana had awakened a few hours later and she was in a weakened state.

"Gods Xena... you just drained me. Ludmilla!" Diana called for her personal servant, as she laid on the bed weak.

"Yes My Lady, you called?"

"Yes Ludmilla, can you hand me the silver vial out of that top drawer please, and then go fill a bath for me?"

"Yes, My Lady, as you wish." Ludmilla bowed and then went and got the the vial and after handing it to Diana, she went to go and fill the bath. While she was gone, Diana put a drop of the liquid on her tongue and then closing the vial back up, she placed it on the bedside table and waited to
feel her strength return. When it finally had, she glided out of the bed. Putting on her slippers and robe, she went into the bathchamber and proceeded to get in the bath.

Ludmilla stayed and assisted Diana with her bath and then laid out her clothes. She then went to go and tell the guard to have Diana’s breakfast brought up and set up in the sitting area, on the table. She returned to the bedchamber to assist Diana in getting dressed. Once Diana had dressed, she went to go and eat her breakfast. When she had sat down, there came a knock at the door. Ludmilla looked at Diana to see if she wanted her to answer it, and Diana nodded her head as she went on with her breakfast.

"Sis! Goodmorning! How are you feeling?" Gabrielle asked, full of gaiety and energy.

"Fine. I don’t think I need to ask you how you're doing this morning? You seem to be on cloud nine!"

"I am!" Gabrielle exclaimed as she leaned down and gave Diana a morning hug, and Diana hugged her back, and then Gabrielle turned and took a seat to the right of Diana.

"So....what’s got you on that cloud this morning?" Diana asked, already sure of what the answer would be.

"Questra said "yes"....we’re going to have a baby! Isn’t that just the greatest news sis?!!" Gabrielle gushed, as she squeezed Diana’s hand, completely taken over with joy.

Diana looked at her and although she had a loving smile on her face, her heart felt as though it were being squeezed.

"Yes, yes, that is absolutely wonderful news Gabrielle, you will make a wonderful loving mother, you and Lord Questra." Diana replied, as she leaned over and gave Gabrielle a congratulatory hug. She then leaned back and offered Gabrielle something to eat. Gabrielle was never one to turn down
food, so she took a sip of milk and then began eating.

"So... any idea as to when you two want to actually conceive?" Diana asked, after she swallowed a piece of fresh baked, fruit filled, roll.

"Probably tonight or tomorrow at the latest, I am so excited about this! I mean I’m going to be a mother. I’m going to give life to! What a concept!" Gabrielle gushed, and then felt a little embarrassed at herself for hogging the conversation, when Diana was going to have a child as
well. "I’m sorry, I just got completely carried away."

"No problem sis, you have the right to be happy, it’s a wonderful thing."

"Thank you. So tell me about you and Xena...when are you two going to start? Or have you already?"

Diana chuckled at Gabrielle’s bright eyed gaze, and then she answered somberly.

"We’re still discussing it."

"Really? Why?"

"Gabrielle there is alot more to Xena and I having a child then just doing it. We have to think about all of the possible problems that could arise as a result. I mean it’s not like Xena and I are loved by our enemies, and a lot of those enemies would want to get their hands on anything or anyone in our
lives, especially a child."

"You sound like Xena." Gabrielle said, noticing the tone.

"Yes, I guess I do, but I agree with her. We do need to think about this, it could be very harmful to all of us if we didn’t take the time to think about it." Diana said, trying to sound more convincing than she felt within herself.

"Oh....I guess you're right, I hadn’t thought about that. It makes sense, especially with you and Xena being who you are. Well....I’m sure you two will decide to have a child or more."

"Have you heard from Lady Xena or Noor as to what their plans are?"

" No, but I’m sure they will, Lady Xena adores Noor, and I can’t see her saying no to her. Can you?"

"No. Well it would be wonderful for them as well. Where is Lord Questra?"

"Oh, she went to hold court with Xena, and then she said she wanted to talk to Xena afterwards about some things."

"Hm...okay. So what is on your agenda today?"

"To hangout with you and Noor...maybe, if she and Lady Xena aren’t ...busy." Gabrielle said, with a wry grin.

"True. Okay, so do you feel like going with me to talk with the engineers about the new land that Nebula and Jeanni and I are working on?"

"Sure, but I didn’t know you were working on another land?"

"I know, Xena doesn’t even know it."

"What?! Diana? What are you thinking? If Xena finds out, she will be pissed."

"She’s not going to find out."

"What?! Why?"

"Gabrielle don’t sound so panicked, she’s not going to find out because I want it to be a surprise for her."

"Oh... okay, I think I can understand that, but what happens if she finds out before you finish?"

"Then I’ll just tell her why I did it. It’s not a big deal sis."

"How do you figure that? Diana, you know that Xena doesn’t really like the idea of you going anywhere without her, especially these days."

"I know, and it’s not like I am on site all of the time. I only go to see how things are progressing. The rest of the time they come here and give me updates, like today, the head engineers are here to update me."

"What about Nebula, does she come here to update you as well?"

"No, we’ve worked it out so that we communicate via messages which are specifically delivered to me, and NOT Lord Xena. I stressed the importance of it, by telling them that if Lord Xena found out, she would have their heads, and my behind. I’m sure they got the message."

"ahahaha, yeah she would.' Gabrielle chuckled at Diana’s candidness.

They had made it to one of the meeting halls that Diana had been meeting with the different groups in. It was located at the other end of the palace, where Xena really did not go that often. Diana and Gabrielle were carried there via the litters.

"Good morning everyone." Diana said in greeting, all of the men and women engineers, as she rose up off of the litter and took a sit in the large chair behind the desk. Gabrielle rose up off of her’s as well and greeted the group. "Please have a seat." Diana commanded, and everyone stood
up straight and then sat down

"Good morning to you both your Majesties."

"Alright let’s get right to it. Where do things stand with the Capital city?"

"The city is built, and the Palace is nearly complete. Another week or so and we should have the Capital, and the Palace and it's lands completely done. Then the rest of the cities will be a breeze Your Majesty."

"Wonderful. I think this one will be just as much of a crown for Lord Xena as Xenadia is."

" long have you been working on this?" Gabrielle whispered to Diana?"

"A few months."

"Really?! Wow."

"Oh I can keep a secret, that’s never been a problem. Now you on the other hand, well we won’t even go into that." Diana said, teasing Gabrielle.

"I can keep a secret....if I want to." Gabrielle replied with a little pout showing on her face.

"Yea...right. Anyway, Gentlemen, ladies, have there been any problems that I should know about, or are Nebula and Jeanni handling things well enough?"

"All is well in hand your Majesty."

"Okay, well here are the designs for the other cities. Look them over and let me know if there are any conflicts with them and the land. If so, I will make the adjustments that are necessary. Oh, also, did you leave an area in the Palace for temples?"

"Temples?" Gabrielle asked, surprised that Diana even cared about them.

"Yes, Xena uses them more than I do. We’ll talk about it later."

"Yes your Majesty, in the palace as well as in the Capital and they're planned for each of the cities and villages."

"Okay, that’s fine. Alright, anything else?"

"Just one thing your Majesty, but it can wait if you like?"

"What is it?"

"Princess Nebula would like to know if you have decided on any names for the land and or Capital?"

"No, not yet, but I’m sure I will have some by the time all is done."

"Alright, we’ll pass that on to her when we return."

“"Great! Well, I think things are pretty much in hand, but if there are any problems that Princess Nebula can’t handle, I expect to hear about them."

"Yes Your Majesty."

"Okay then, that will be all. Send my appreciation to Princess Nebula and Jeanni when you return."

"It will be done your Majesty." One of the original engineers replied. Diana and Gabrielle both returned to their litters and the bearers lifted them and exited the chamber with the engineers all bowing as thetwo passed.

They headed back to the main area of the palace, where they were met by Noor and Lady Xena. Diana had the litters lowered and the two of them stepped off to go and greet the women.

"Hello you two." Diana said in greeting to the two women who stood waiting for them to come over.

"Well hello to you two also, how is everything going?" Lady Xena asked with a raised brow at Diana.

Diana knitted her brows in response to the obvious question that was being asked, although there were no spoken words. Xena knitted her own brows at Diana’s expression, and she then decided to find out what was going on with Diana.

"Diana, we would like it very much if you and Gabrielle will join us for lunch in the garden, if you two don't have something else you have to attend to?"

Diana continued to watch Xena, but she answered her.

"Thank you Lady Xena, it will be a pleasure to join you both for lunch, we were heading to get something to eat anyway."

"Great. Shall we then?" Xena asked, as she gestured for Gabrielle and Noor to go ahead of her and Diana.

Diana couldn't help feel uneasy at the way Lady Xena was behaving. It was like she suspected something, and already knew the reason for the problem.

"So Diana, I take it Lord Xena said no."

Diana stopped walking and turned to look up at Lady Xena, as if completely shocked that she would know that. Xena stopped and looked down at Diana with compassionate eyes, yet they were levelling a steady gaze on her.

"Don't look so surprised that I know. It is exactly what I would expect, and would do also if it were you and I together."

"I don't know what you're talking about Lady Xena." Diana replied, using a formal tone of voice.

Xena cocked her head at Diana's tone, and Diana looked away, due to the look in Xena's now narrowed eyes.

"You know exactly what I am talking about."

"I don't want to talk about this."

"Of course you don't, it hurts too much. I feel your mood Diana, you forget who you're dealing with."

"Whatever!" Diana said sharply, and turned to walk away from Xena, only to have her arm caughtand pulled back.

"You need to talk about it." Xena chided the stubborn young woman.

"Is everything alright back there you two?" Noor asked, seeing how Xena was holding Diana by her arm.

"Yes. Noor, I need to talk to Her Majesty for a few minutes. Why don't you and Gabrielle go on to the garden and we will be there in a few minutes?"

"Are you sure My Lady?"

"Yes, we'll be right along." Xena answered warmly to her mate.

"Alright, if you wish. We'll see the two of you in a few minutes?"


"Okay." Noor and Gabrielle turned reluctantly around to head on to the garden, worried about what was going on with Lady Xena and Diana. But then they figured it was just something that they needed to talk about, probably to do with the babies.

Xena then returned her attention to Diana.

"Come with me." She said, as she practically pulled Diana with her.

She took the two of them to an empty chamber and going inside, she closed the door behind her and Diana.

"I don't see what business this is of your's Lady Xena?" Diana said, as she jerked her arm away from Xena's now loose grip.

"Don't be rude Diana." Xena warned.

Diana looked over at her, and after a few moments of just looking, she decided maybe she was being just that.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I don't get why you're so interested in my business?"

"Because, I know how much you want a child. I feel it all over you, and no matter how much you try to hide it with Gabrielle and Noor, which I could tell immediately is what you were planning on doing, it won't work. They will see it, Gabrielle will most likely feel it, and that could cause
problems within her own relationship."

"I don't know what you mean, how will my feelings affect Lord Questra's and Gabrielle's own plans for a child?"

"Because Gabrielle is loyal to you to a fault, as you are to her. You will make her feel guilty about having or even thinking about having a child before you do."

"You're wrong."

"Am I? Diana tell me what do you think Gabrielle will do the minute she hears that Lord Xena has said no to the two of you having children right now?"

"She'll feel bad for me, but she will still go on with her life with Lord Questra and they will have their own children."

"Ha! Do you really believe that Diana? Are you THAT naive?"

"I am not naive!" Diana said, raising her voice and then crossing her arms angrily.

"You ARE, and even more so than I thought, if you truly believe what you just said."

"I would not have said it if I didn't believe it!" Diana said sharply.

Xena inhaled slowly to keep herself from getting upset with her friend and ex-lover. Diana felt Xena's tension, and she lowered her eyes as a result of those perceptions. Xena felt Diana's contriteness and her own body relaxed.

"Diana I am not saying you have to tell the world, all I am saying is that you need to tell at least Gabrielle. She is your sister after all, and you know in your heart she will follow after whatever you do, whether it is the best thing for her or not. Plus I know you, you will want to be happy for
her, but your heart would be eaten away at the thought that you are envious, as well as the fact of not having a child of your own. Talk to her." Lady Xena encouraged.

"Gabrielle will be fine." Diana said stubbornly.

Lady Xena just shook her head, and with a studying gaze at Diana, she said with concern.

"I hope you're right. But I know you're not."

Diana looked at her and pinched her lips as her gaze became thoughtful.

"Are we done? I know Gabrielle and Noor will begin to wonder where we are."

Xena pinched her own lips.

"Yes." She said simply, since she had already decided what to do about Diana's stubbornness.

Diana then stepped around Lady Xena and headed out of the chamber to go and join Gabrielle and Noor for noon meal. Lady Xena inhaled and slowly let it out, and then she followed after Diana, feeling her mood.

"Oh, there you two are, everything alright?" Gabrielle asked, as Diana arrived at the garden and took a seat on the grass near the fountain, where a picnic had been set up by Noor and Gabrielle.

"Fine." Diana said moodily.

Gabrielle and Noor both heard the tone and they looked up at Xena with inquisitive brows as to what was going on. Lady Xena just glanced at the two of them and then focused her gaze on Diana, as she sat down near Noor.

"What's going on?" Noor whispered to her mate, noticing how Diana and Xena would look at each other and Diana would avert her eyes whenever she found Xena watching her.

The meal started out quietly at first, but then Noor brought up the subject of her's and Xena's plans for a child, hoping to pull Diana out of her mood.

"You know My Lady and I have decided that we want to have children, a house full." Noor said, with a loving glance back at Xena, who had moved behind Noor so as to hold her in her arms. She caressed along Noor's arms, but when Noor and Gabrielle began talking about Noor's announcement, Lady Xena looked over at Diana who tried to fix a smile on her face. But Xena felt Diana's emotional mood.

"What do you think Diana, isn't that just the most wonderful news?" Noor asked, to include the quiet Diana in the conversation.

"Yes it is. I think you will make a wonderful mother, just as I think Lady Xena will also. I have to admit, that a while back I would have told you or anyone that I never thought Lady Xena would be good for anyone, but now, she's not only good, but an inspiration. The two of you should be very
happy, and I hope the Gods bless you with as many children as your hearts desire. You both deserve to be happy. I also think you and Questra will be very happy with whatever number of children you both decide. Here's to all of you." Diana said, raising her glass of cider in salute to the three of them. They acknowledged her salute and then Diana took a sip of her cider.

Xena raised a brow at Diana, because despite Diana's noble words, Xena felt her pain.

"You know, I need to go do some things. Thank you for a very nice meal Noor, and again congratulations Gabrielle. I'll catch up with you later alright?"

"Okay, I'll just hang out with Lady Xena and Noor ...if it's alright with you two?"

"Of course, it would be great to spend time with you."

"Yes, and we can talk about our plans, and things for the babies?"

"Yes, that would be wonderful!" Gabrielle said, excited at the idea of talking about their baby plans.

Lady Xena discreetly looked up at Diana and saw the sadness, as well as felt it. So she sent a thought to Diana.

"You alright?"

Diana didn't acknowledge Xena's sent thought, but instead spoke to all of them.

"Well I will talk to all of you later, have a great day." Diana then turned and rapidly strode away, heading for the palace to go to her chambers.

Lady Xena watched Diana, and then she looked at the two young women talking away about their upcoming pregnancies and the decoration plans for the children's nursery's.

"Ladies, I need to go have a word with Lord Xena about some other plans, so Noor, if it's alright with you, I will see you later?"

"Yes, of course it's alright, we'll see each other later, besides, Gabrielle will be excellent company for me in the meantime."

"Great." Lady Xena kissed Noor, and then gave a pat to Gabrielle's cheek. She then turned and headed in the same direction Diana had gone, only she was going to speak to Lord Xena.

Xena and Questra had just finished holding court, and both women came out of the chamber and they were talking to one another as Lady Xena approached.

"Hello Lord Xena, Lord Questra."

"Hello Lady Xena, how are you today?" Questra greeted.

"Fine, yourselves?"

"Very well." Xena said, seeing something in Lady Xena's eyes.

"Hmm..well Lord Xena, if you have time, I need to speak to you about something that I think is very important."

"Certainly. We can talk as we walk."

"Great. Lord Questra, Princess Gabrielle and Lady Noor are off talking about their plans for the babies, you can probably find them at the hall of artists."

"Okay, I got you, no problem, I will find them. Lord Xena, thank you for the information, also, I will see you later for evening meal?"

"My pleasure, see at evening meal."

Questra then turned and left the two standing. A moment later they too turned and headed in the opposite direction than Questra.

"So...what is this about, Lady Xena?"


"What about her?"

"I think you're about to have a major problem with her, and it's going to spill over onto Gabrielle and Lord Questra's relationship, don't do something about it soon." Lady Xena stated without hesitation.

"What are you talking about?"


Xena's eyes narrowed at her clone, and she turned slowly to face her as they came to a stop.

"Are you telling me Diana discussed our business with you and the others?"

"No, just me, and I was the one to initiate it."


"Because I felt Diana's frustration and a mood in her, and I didn't want Gabrielle or Noor to be affected by it. She's not happy with your decision, and I think she will make that known to you by way of misbehavior, or mood."

"So My Consort is pouting?"

"Yes. I felt her anger whenever I said I could understand your decision."

"Do you really understand?"

"Yes. Xena I would say the same thing to her, if it were me who was in your place. It is not safe for you two to have a child right now. It's not really safe for any of us, but you two are the focal point for any would be menace to attack for whatever reason.

"You're right."

"I only brought this to your attention Xena because we both know Diana and her stubborn nature, especially when she wants something. I feel for her, I can see how much she wants to have children with you, but I think she will have a terrible effect on Gabrielle's relationship with Lord Questra. I'm
wondering if we should have included Lord Questra in this conversation?"

"No, not right now. If I see Diana affecting Gabrielle in anyway, I'll deal with talking to Questra about it. I'm afraid that if she's told now it may cause her to want to keep Diana and Gabrielle away from each other, and that would only hurt both women. No, I think I'll just have a little talk with my Consort. Thank you Lady Xena. Why don't you and Noor join us for evening

"You're welcome. It would be a pleasure."

"Fine, we'll see you then." Xena then strolled away from Lady Xena and headed for her chambers.

Diana was out on the balcony once again, this time she was dressed, and sitting on one of the reclining chairs, tapping her fingers with frustration.

"Is something on your mind kitten?" Xena asked evenly.

Diana heard the tone and her fingers stopped tapping, and her stomach tightened out of nervousness for some reason that she didn't even know, but she felt Xena's irritation towards her.

"Just thinking, that's all." Diana answered, trying to not sound disrespectful towards Xena.

"About?" Xena asked, as she came out onto the balcony fully, walked to the rail and turned around to face Diana while leaning back on it.

"Things." Diana said, trying to avoid looking at Xena's eyes.

"Things like what, specifically?" Xena asked, with a more demanding tone than when they first began speaking.

"If I tell you you'll just get upset." Diana said, finally looking up into Xena's eyes, and too her chagrin, Xena's piercing blues were now flashing.

"But you can talk to Lady Xena about our business?" Xena asked angrily.

"I didn't volunteer to talk to her, she made me tell her."

"How in Tartarus could she make you do anything?! Did she threaten you?!"

"No, not directly."

"So she did threaten you?"

" No."

"Then how Diana?! How is it that you had to say anything to her about our business?!"

"Xena she looks and acts a lot like you. She has the same temper you do, and those same eyes! How am I supposed to tell her NO! You tell me Xena?!" Diana said, coming off of the chair to go and stand away from Xena at the other end of the balcony.


"HA! Funny!" Diana scoffed at Xena's simple answer.

"NO It's not funny at all! Matter of fact, even if you hadn't opened your mouth to say a word, your attitude gave you away long before you even came in sight of Lady Xena. If she hadn't pulled you to the side, I'm sure Gabrielle and Noor would have eventually picked up your mood."

"What is the big deal if they pick up how I'm feeling!! I want children!! Is that so damn bad, for Gaia's sake? I don't care if they sense my mood, I'm hurt and I'm angry that you don't think I'm mature enough, or that I'm capable of protecting our child, MAN!! " Diana shouted, as she turned and headed for the door of the balcony to go back inside to the sitting area.

Xena had another idea. Rather than telling Diana to come back, she brought her back using the belt that was invisible, and more of a mind link than a real belt. She tapped her index finger twice, and then slid it back towards the palm of her hand. Suddenly Diana was stopped in her tracks, and a gasp escaped her lips when she felt herself turned around and literally brought back to stand directly in front of Xena. Her feet were barely off the ground, but despite her efforts to touch the ground she couldn't.

"Now, you listen to me little girl. First of all if you ever raise your voice to me again, you'll feel my anger on your behind. Secondly, the reason why it is so important for you not to let on to Gabrielle about how your feelings....."

"That's the same crap that Lady Xena was throwing out to me!"


Diana was sent to the floor by Xena's open hand across her cheek . Xena hissed her displeasure at Diana's disrespectful words and tone.

"Diana I realize you're hurting, and I'm sorry for that, but little girl don't try to stand here and be disrespectful to me. I will not put up with it!"

Diana stayed where she was with tears rolling down her stinging cheek, while Xena continued to speak to her.

"Now, because you seem to not want to see things as they are, then I will give you incentive to stay that attitude of your's. If Gabrielle picks up this attitude, and she and Questra start having problems as a result of Gabrielle's preceptions, then I will do something that I know will alleviate any further problems of preception by others. Am I making myself clear Diana?" Xena asked, still towering over Diana as Diana remained on the floor of the balcony.

"Yes." Diana answered, as she came slowly to her feet due to the dizzying affect.

"Good." Xena said, as she stood waiting for Diana to come over to her.

Diana saw the raised brow, and lowering her own eyes, she stepped into Xena's arms. Despite her own frustrations, she still felt that same secure feeling in Xena's strong arms. Diana sighed into Xena's chest and let herself be comforted by her love. Xena felt Diana's body relax, and
she hugged Diana tighter to her when she felt it.

"Diana you know I love you, and woud give my life for you, right?"

"Yes." Diana sighed again, and her arms wrapped around Xena's waist to hug her back. Xena smiled a loving smile that Diana didn't see, but she felt it, and Xena kissed her on the top of her head.

While Xena and Diana were out on the balcony, they overheard a conversation between Gabrielle's personal servant and Lord Questra's.

"I overheard Lord Questra ask Her Highness if she was ready to begin their family tonight."

"What did her Majesty say?"

"She said "yes" of course, but then proceeded to say she wanted to talk to her Majesty Diana, because she sensed something was bothering her."

"Hmm...maybe her Lordship doesn't want a family?"

"No I can't imagine Her Lordship wouldn't want a family with Her Majesty...can you imagine how beautiful their children would be, not to mention all of their special gifts? No I can't imagine her Lordship not wanting children with Lady Diana."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Isn't it going to be wonderful to have children in the palace?"

"Yes! I think we better get back, they may need something done before my mistress returns from seeing Her Majesty."

"Yeah you're probably right."

By the time the two got out of hearing range Diana was once again upset. Xena felt it when it came over Diana and she immediately put Diana at arms length to look her square in the eyes.

"Diana you had better get over this mood right now, otherwise I will forbid you from seeing Gabrielle until after she and Questra have conceived."

"Damnit Xena! why do you think I would want to do anything to hurt Gabrielle? I wouldn't! and I resent the insinuation!" Diana shouted, as she snatched her arm from Xena's loose grip, turned and stormed inside the sitting area of their chamber.

Xena followed Diana into the chamber and grasped her arm again. "Don't ever even think of pulling away from me again little girl or you will feel my displeasure all over your backside!" Diana nodded her head slowly at Xena. Xena continued to glare at her for a moment, and Diana lowered her eyes as they began to fill with moisture. Xena put a finger under her chin and lifted Diana's head until she was looking into Xena's eyes. Those eyes softened as Xena saw and felt the pain radiating out of Diana.

"I know you are hurting Kitten, and I wish I could alleviate your pain but right now I have no choice but to stand by my decision. I'm sorry that hurts you, but you know I still love you, and right now, I need to make love to you.'

Xena pulled Diana into the bedchamber and pushed her towards the bed. "Strip." She said. Diana looked at her for a moment and began to remove her clothes. Xena rolled her onto the bed before she finished undressing. Diana found herself under Xena, being kissed senseless. Xena's hand attached themselves to Diana's breasts and both women began moaning.

Xena suddenly rolled the two of them over so that she was now beside Diana, still connected with her. Suddenly Xena's hands let go of Diana's refreshing breasts, and she finished undressing Diana completely. The hunger in her actually caused Xena's eyes to change to where the pupils slitted like those of a large cat and her teeth became razor sharp. The rest of her stayed the same, except for the changing of her womanhood so as to be able to enter Diana's flower. She was just wired with energy, and the pheromones that her body was radiating were overwhelming to Diana's
already stimulated body.

Diana gasped audibly when she felt Xena's passionate mood, and her eyes immediately slitted to match those of Xena's. Xena gave what sounded like a growl to Diana and it made Diana's purr in response. She raised her arms over her head, and took hold of the headrail. Xena gave a thought with her mind as she gave a quick glance at Diana's wrist and hands, and suddenly Diana's hands were tied to the rails.

Xena gave another growl type command, and Diana once again sounded as though she was purring her response, as she spread her legs. Again, Xena glanced quickly at each ankle and they too suddenly were tied. Xena's eyes then locked on Diana's and she lowered her head to capture Diana's lips and she ravaged them as Diana's body flexed to feel more of Xena's hotly flushed body.

Xena wasted no time. She let the thought flash through her head and Diana's flower was once again made to be virginal. She then entered her, but rather than quickly, she entered slowly, and as she did, she lifted her head up so as to be able to watch Diana's response to her claiming of her.

Diana's head was moving from side to side as she tried to get past the pain of it, which she figured would end soon enough. Xena caught her head with one of her hands and held her head still.

"Open your eyes." Xena commanded.

Diana's eyes opened and both her's and Xena's were still slitted, but shining in their brilliant radiance.

"G.o.o.d...." Xena purred, as she pushed into Diana's virginal flower. Diana's mouth opened as if to say something, Xena's mouth curled into a feral grin as she pushed on. Finally, just as she felt the energy released from Diana's breaking shield, she began thrusting deeply into her. Diana's
mouth was now claimed just as she would have screamed.

Xena feasted on Diana's sweet mouth as they both found their mutual rhythm and although Diana was restrained, it didn't stop her from receiving everything Xena wanted to give her, or take of her.

While Xena was distracted, and despite Diana's own consuming fire sweltering within herself, her goal was not far from her mind, and with that she focused on her ovaries, and caused them to release an ovum. When that happened, her core connected to Xena's thrusting appendage's tip, and held it. An electrical sensation ran through Xena's body, and she felt herself about to
release prematurely. She sensed within herself what that release was about. Her eyelids flew open, and despite the paralysizing effect of what was about to happen, Xena's sheer will stopped the release just as it was about to erupt from her body. She absorbed it back inside herself as she, with pain and effort, pulled out of Diana's body.

"NO!!!" Diana screamed, as she tried to get loose of the restraints to roll atop of Xena.

Xena gritted her teeth at the pain she was in from her unfulfilled need at having to come to an abrupt halt. She laid on the bed, stiff and trying to squelch the pain. Eventually as her anger rose, the pain subsided. The disbelief at what Diana had tried was beyond her. Finally she allowed herself to hear Diana, who was screaming at her about how unfair she was being and that
she couldn't leave her in such a state.

Xena didn't answer her for a moment, but just concentrated on her breathing, trying to keep herself from whipping the Tartarus out of Diana.


"SILENCE DIANA!!!" Xena hissed, as she now painfully rose up off of the bed, and initially bent over to decrease the pain in her belly that she thought she had eased enough. With her hands on the bed, she looked up over her brows at the restrained young woman. "I can not believe you tried to do that. I am so absolutely ....stunned and angered by it, that I am only going to say this
once. I don't want to talk to you for a while. I don't want you to say anything. I don't want to hear your voice, not even in my mind. You will sleep here, I will sleep in one of the guest chambers. If you dare to speak I will not be responsible for what happens. Do I make myself clear?"

Diana started to answer her as the tears ran down her face with fear and hurt and pain. But Xena held up her hand as she stood to her full height.

"Not a word....just nod your head."

Diana gave a quick nod of her head and Xena exhaled with a satified breath. She then turned and with some difficulty from her tightened need, she strolled to the bath chamber to get cleaned up. Once she had finished, she came out and dressed, then went and untied her sobbing mate. Xena didn't say a word to her, just pointed to the bath chamber.

Diana went to roll to her feet, but the moment she went to stand, she felt the acute pain of her own need, even more so than Xena's, now that she was able to recall her released ovum.

"AH!!" she gasped, as she went to her knees and curled over, holding her belly.

Xena's brows just raised, and she simply pointed to the bathchamber once again, then turned and walked out of the bedchamber, leaving Diana to make her way to the chamber by herself. Xena's anger was palpable and Diana felt it. Diana sat on the floor for a few minutes, just crying. Then she slowly made her way to the bath chamber and shewent to call for Ludmilla to help her get cleaned up, but she wasn't able to due to Xena's command.

Diana eventually got herself cleaned and and because of her tightness she was not able to focus so as to just levitate herself to the bedchamber, so she struggled once again to make it back to the chamber. When she had made it back to the bed and had managed to climb up on it, she let out a sigh of relief at being able to curl up, and relieve some of the discomfort. She didn't notice that Xena had come back into the room, so as she cried, Xena sat at the table drinking a glass of port, just watching her.

Diana finally cried herself to sleep, and Xena once again got up and left. She had left the first time to go and speak with Kalissa about her attending to Diana personally. She also told her that Diana was not to speak a word, and if she did she was to be told immediately. Xena this time left to go to the library. They had both completely missed dinner, and although she could have it anytime she wanted, right now she was just angry, and needed to have some time to herself. Her body ached from need, which only angered her more. Her heart ached from what Diana had tried to do, but it also hurt for Diana. She knew Diana was hurting and desperate for a child, or children,
whatever they decided, but Xena had such a forboding feeling that she just could not shake.

Xena went into her private library and picked up a blank scroll and quill. She sat down in her writing chair. It was way after full moon, but she stayed there and just wrote and thought.

"Lord Xena." Came the familiar voice from the past.

"Indite, what brings you here, at this time of night?"

"What else? You, Lord Conqueror."

"What about me Indite?"

"I know what is happening here. Just like I've seen all of the other things that have happened to all of you. Mainly you and Diana, since you two are the key."

"Okay so since you know already, that saves me having to tell you." Xena said through her teeth.

"Xena I know you're having doubts about whether what you have decided is actually the right answer."

"Well wouldn't anyone, especially when they see the person they love more than anything, hurting? I mean hurting so much that she would try to deceive me." Xena said, more to herself than to Indite.

" You're right, she is hurting. But you already know the dangers of the two of you having children, so I won't go into that. I can tell you if you use the viewer, then you will see what lays ahead of the two of you with children within a year of having them."

"So something horrible does happen, if we have children right now?"

"You will have to watch for yourself, but just know.....the stance you have taken is the right one." Indite was ready to disappear, but Xena called to her.


"Yes Lord Xena?"

"Will Diana and I ever have children?"

"Yes, a palace full, but right now there are too many real dangers, that must be dealt with, those now and in the near future." Indite then faded feom the library, Xena having never turned, even once to look at her.

Xena closed her eyes and let her mind drift, and soon she drifted off. The next morning, Xena rose from the chair she had slept in and went to her chambers to get cleaned up and check on Diana. When she arrived at the door of her chambers, she hesitated for a moment, but then putting her
Conqueror's mask firmly in place, she opened the door of the outer chamber and went inside. Then she headed to the bedchamber door, and entered thechamber.

She found Diana sitting on the bed rocking herself, with her arms wrapped around her knees and her head buried in her arms, still sobbing. Diana didn't hear Xena enter at first, and she couldn't sense her because she was in too much pain, but when Xena closed the door somewhat firmly, Diana's head popped up and her eyes locked with those of her love. Despite the anger
shining in Xena's eyes, Diana saw the hurt, and knew she was the cause of it.

Through her pain, Diana rose from the bed and slowly made her way over to where Xena stood by the door. Xena watched her come towards her. When Diana had finally made it, through lots of effort, she looked up into Xena's eyes once again, and after a moment she lowered her eyes and slowly went to her knees in front of her. Xena immediately felt all that Diana was giving her.
She raised her own head and closed her eyes, absorbing Diana's humbleness before her, her contriteness, and her sorrow. The two of them stayed like that for the next few candlemarks. Neither one of them moved. Finally, Xena inhaled and looking down at her humbled mate, she waited for Diana to look up at her.

When Diana finally did, Xena simply shook her head ever so slightly, and Diana knew what she meant immediately. Diana aubily gasped and dropped her head and once again sobbed. Xena stepped around her and went to go and change. While she was in the bath, Dancea was attending to her, and she told her to have breakfast brought to the chamber, along with telling her that all
of Diana's meals were to be brought to the chamber. She also told Dancea to prepare one of the other guest chambers for her.

Dancea didn't understand at first why her Lord wanted the other guest chamber made ready for her, but she soon found out. When Xena had come out of the bath and dressed, she pointed to Dancea to get certain things and take them to the other chamber.

Diana watched in horror, and her heart seemed to have lost all rhythm. She was lightheaded at the thought, but she couldn't just let Xena move out of their bedchambers, despite her still being upset with her. Diana rose with an effort to go to where Xena was finishing up her orders to Dancea. She
slipped her small hand into Xena's larger one to gain her attention. Xena stopped what she was doing and looked down at her hand, that Diana had slipped her own hand into. Xena then looked back at Diana, and Diana's eyes pleaded with her.

Xena looked back at Dancea and gestured for her to continue and then she turned to face Diana once again. She didn't say anything to her, she just shook her head once again ever so slightly to tell Diana that it wasn't going to work, she was moving into the other chamber for a while. Diana fell into Xena's strong body and wrapped her arms around Xena's waist and cried.

Xena wrapped her arms around Diana and held her. Then after a few minutes, she moved Diana back away from her and caressed Diana's cheek. She then let her go and turned and headed out of the door at a rapid pace. Too rapid for Diana to keep up with, in her current condition. Xena went to the other chamber, had her breakfast and then went to go and handle the duties of her
rank. Questra joined her in her walk to the counsel chamber, noticing the set look in her eyes.

"Lord Xena, is something wrong?"

"No." Was Xena's simple response, as she continued her trek to the chamber.

"That's not how it looks! It looks like something is weighing heavy on your mind." Questra continued to push, trying to get her friend to open up to her.

Xena finally stopped and looking over at Questra, she debated whether she wanted to tell her, or anyone. She knew she needed to talk to someone, and Questra was a good choice.

"Fine, you want to know what's going on with me? It's Diana. She wants a child, and I won't give her one. She's depressed, hurt and angry about it, at me. Last night when we did not join all of you for evening meal, it was because she had tried to deceive me."

"Deceive you??"

"Yes, she tried to trick me into impregnanting her, by inflaming my passion to such a level that I would not recognize what her body was doing to my own."

"I take it, it didn't work?"

"NO! It didn't! I left us both unfulfilled. In such a way, that I am actually in a great deal of pain right now, so you can imagine the pain she is in?"

"You're obviously angry with her, but do you think it is a good idea to leave her in such a needful way?"

"YES! It will teach her to NEVER, EVER try this again."

"Well I guess she's learning?"

"I moved out of our chambers this morning. I will be in one of the guest chambers for a while, until I can calm down enough to allow her to speak again, and me to speak to her."

"WOW! This isn't leading to anything permanent...I hope?"

"No, Diana is my life and I will not lose her for any reason. But I am the master in our relationship, as well as in this Realm. She has no choice but to accept my decision."

"And if she chooses not to?"

"Then she will receive the appropriate punishment for her misbehavior. Questra, right now I am not as patient with Diana, and I know if she disobeys me about not speaking, I will lose my temper with her. I have never felt so.... well, the point is she was so wrong, I just can't believe she
tried such a thing with me." Xena said, as she looked away in thoughtful consideration.

"I understand both your sides, and I will help however I can."

"Thank you, but the best way you can help is to conceive a child with Gabrielle before she finds out about what's going on with Diana."

"Why is that?"

"Because Gabrielle is very sympathetic to her sister and she would undoubtedly not want to hurt Diana anymore than she already is hurting, by becoming pregnant."

"You really believe Gabrielle would deny our happiness, just to protect Diana from something that is obviously good for her?"


"Well, I don't know."

"Well I do. I don't want to forbid Diana from seeing Gabrielle, nor do I want you to do it. However, if you don't handle things with Gabrielle soon, then I can tell you, Diana won't mean to cause any problems, but I don'tbelieve she will be good company right now." Xena said, as her gaze took on a thoughtful expression.

"Well I will handle things with Gabrielle, tonight matter of fact."

"Good." Xena replied, and then turned and both she and Questra headed to speak with the advisors about some things that were coming up.


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