Second Chance Blessings Part 2
By D.virtue

Questra brought Gabrielle close to her and whispered to her to go to the carriage and wait. Gabrielle looked at Questra for a moment, and then Questra used her eyes to tell Gabrielle to go ahead. Gabrielle looked back at everyone and then at Diana. She waved to her before turning and walking to the carriage where she was assisted up into it and then sat waiting.

Questra turned her attention back to Diana and stepping up to her, she spoke to her as a concerned parent would speak to a child, who has just been separated from a dear friend/family.

" Little one, I know this is hard on you and on Gabrielle, but I must look out for what is best for our own personal lives, as well as, what is good for all of us as a family. I hope you don't hate me for doing this, but if Gabrielle cooperates, then we will be back. If that is a day, fine, a week, month, year or years, then so be it. I hope it will not be more than a week, but I don't know. Gabrielle is so concerned about not hurting you more, that she is willing to sacrifice what makes her happy, and I know that is not what your intentions were. I love you Diana, you are family to both me and Gabrielle and I do want us to return as soon as possible, do you understand?"

Diana nodded her head reluctantly as she fought the tears that were trying to fall. Questra pulled Diana into her arms and held her, allowing Diana to hide her pain from Gabrielle's gaze. After Diana composed herself a bit Questra handed her over into Xena's arms and they enveloped Diana. Questra turned and looking over her shoulder and waving at the group after she made it to the carriage, she stepped inside and the footman closed the door and then stepped back away from the carriage. The driver, one of Xena's personal guards, along with an entourage of soldiers were to escort Lord Questra and Gabrielle to Questra's Palace.

After the carriage pulled away, Lady Xena and Noor turned to the other two.

" Diana, are you alright?"

Diana gave a weak nod of her head to Lady Xena's question, but kept her head buried in Xena's chest as she sobbed.

Xena excused herself and Diana from Lady Xena and Noor's presence and took Diana back to their chamber. Once they were back inside, Diana broke off from Xena and was about to storm into the other chamber, but Xena caught Diana's arm and pulled her back and turned her around to face her.

" Attitude?!" Xena asked with a raised brow.

Diana lowered her eyes, and after a moment, she went back into Xena's arms, apology written all over her behavior.

" That's better." Xena said, as she wrapped her arms around Diana and led her into the other chamber.

Xena let go of Diana and headed over to the table where she called for Dancea to have the morning meal brought up to their chamber. She then sat down and watched Diana go and sit on the bed, a pout on her lips and tears rolling down her face. Diana sat with a thoughtful yet teary gaze in her eyes, looking straight ahead. Having completely forgotten about the pain to her behind. Xena sat studying her mate, a look of both concern and thought running across her face.

The two sat quietly, each in their own thoughts, although Diana's were about the baby and Gabrielle, Xena's were about Diana, and what she was going to do with her. She felt the depression setting in on Diana, and she knew the only way to get rid of it would be to give in and give Diana a child, which was
not an option.

When the food arrived, Dancea and Ludmilla set it up in the bedchamber at the table. Xena continued to just watch Diana. After the two servants left, Xena spoke to Diana.

" Kitten, come on over here and sit down, you need to eat."

Diana broke the trance like gaze she had when she heard Xena's voice, and lowering her eyes for a moment, and then raising them to focus on Xena, she stood up and walked over to the table, with Xena watching her the whole time. Diana took a seat to Xena's left. Xena had her long legs stretched out in front of her, towards the center of the room, rather than under the table,
so when Diana sat down on her left, Xena was facing her.

Diana waited for Xena to eat first, but instead, Xena used her fork to lift some of the quail eggs, and brought the fork to Diana's mouth. She waited for Diana to open, and when she did, Xena placed the food on Diana's tongue and then took her fork back to her plate and ate some herself.

Xena did the whole meal that way, mainly because she knew if she let Diana feed herself she would most likely end up getting upset with Diana for not eating enough, this way she knew Diana ate what was expected.

After the meal, Xena wondered if Diana was composed enough to meet up with Noor and Lady Xena, who were planning on returning that same day to their own home so that they could conceive there. Xena decided that Diana would not be good company, so she told her where she would be and if she thought she was composed enough later then she could join them by the lake,
if not she was to stay in the chambers.

Xena then leaned over and kissed Diana. At first Xena had planned for it to be a short kiss, but feeling Diana's lips once again on her own, and the sweet taste of raspberries in Diana's mouth, Xena lowered her hand to Diana's waist and lifted her up onto her feet. Diana wrapped her arms around Xena's neck, and the kiss deepened as a result.

Xena's body was once again humming with need for Diana. Diana's body was matching Xena's need. Xena tried a few times to break their kiss so that she could speak to Diana, but each time she tried, she felt a stronger need to continue. Diana was moaning into Xena's mouth, which only served to ignite Xena's passions further.

Xena finally just lifted Diana up into her arms and carried her back over to the bed, where she laid her down on it and while still locked in a passionate kiss, Xena began to undress Diana, as Diana did the same with Xena. Once both were nude, Xena abruptly and painfully broke their kiss; the need to speak to Diana interrupting her thoughts of claiming her.

Diana tried to lift up to retake Xena's lips, but Xena held her down with one hand. Passion was written all over her face, yet there was a sternness to Xena's gaze as well, one that looked like a warning.

" Kitten...." Xena said, breathless from her need. " I will not tolerate ANY deception or attempts at tricks. I want you, but by the Gods Diana, if you try to do ANYTHING like before…. I will leave you in so much need you will be virtually paralyzed, but I will not have the problem, because I will
make you pleasure me. You got that?!"

"Yes!" Was all Diana could manage before she grabbed Xena and pulled her back down to take the kiss she wanted.

Xena allowed Diana to pull her back in for another searing kiss. Xena laid on her side with one leg over top of one of Diana's, as she slowly spread Diana's legs apart using her knee. Xena thought to herself, and then slid her hand down into Diana's soft curls, and rubbed firmly over Diana's pleasure peak. Diana lifted her hips slightly to allow Xena even better access, but Xena was not long in her touch to Diana's peak, she had other more pressing needs.

Her long fingers slid downwards until Diana's flower enveloped them. Slipping deeper and deeper into Diana as Diana gasped and then when Xena's long fingers touched upon Diana's maidenhead, Diana jumped as a result of being surprised that it was there, it had been a while since Xena laid claim to her.

Diana's eyes closed tightly as she tried not to think of the pain but the bliss that would follow, but Xena wanted to see her love's eyes, the sapphires sparkling their identifying shade.

" Open your eyes Consort." Xena commanded, in a husky passion filled tone.

Diana's long, dark, curled, lashes fanned open slowly as her identifying orbs came to focus on Xena's sapphires.

" Yes.....Kitten, you are all mine. I rule everything about you Kitten, even down to my claiming of you." Xena purred, as she then pushed into Diana's flower firmly enough to break Diana's maidenhead. Diana started to scream but Xena absorbed the scream as she consumed Diana's sweet open mouth.

Xena immediately began thrusting deeply into Diana's flower. Diana was dizzied by the kiss, the pain and the sheer pleasure she was feeling racing through her. Diana wrapped her arms tightly around Xena's neck as Xena took her higher and higher towards the pinnacle, and when she was near, her core began to quiver continuously. Diana's mind only cleared long enough for her to ask
with her mind. Xena answered in the same way, and Diana's back arched as her body tightened and soon she was spiraling headlong over into ecstasy.

Xena's skilled fingers had changed to a miniature form of a mouth and had connected to Diana's core and was now siphoning the cream that Diana was relinquishing for Xena's thorough enjoyment. By the time Xena stopped, Diana was exhausted, and near the edge of falling into a deep sleep. Xena did not remove her buried fingers from Diana's core, but instead left them so that
when she woke up later she could start in once again. Which is what Xena did; again and again throughout the day. By the time she was completely done with Diana the young woman laid in a deep slumber, Xena got up and went to see Lady Xena and Noor, but they had already gone. A message was left for Xena and she read it and a smile came to her face as she thought about how
anxious the two must have been to leave the way they had, but she understood completely. She said as an after thought, to herself but in response to the note.

" I wish you all the luck Xena, your second chance and will indeed be a all of us."

Meanwhile, Lady Xena and Noor had returned to their home, sooner than they had planned, but it was late in the evening when they made it back. Lady Xena had left Xena word, that they wanted to get started on their family.

" Do you think Lord Xena will be upset with us for leaving? I mean we were supposed to have morning meal with her and possibly Diana?"

" No, she will not, I left her a message, and I know she will understand. Besides, after you conceive My Little Light, we can go back to visit while you are with child or children." Xena answered, as she lifted her light up into her arms and ascended the stairs to go to their bedchamber.

Once they had arrived, Noor was surprised by what she saw, Lady Xena had sent a message ahead of them for the servant to prepare the chamber. The windows were open but the only light that came in was from the setting sun. Candles were lit and spread throughout the chamber, the smell of Jasmine was in the air. A tray of food was on the table with fruit and cream, sliced pheasant, a creamy vegetable soup, and honey rolls, that Lady Xena knew Noor loved, as much as Gabrielle loved nut bread. The servant also had wine for Lady Xena and cider for Noor.

" Aw... Love, it's so.....wonderful. You're wonderful." Noor cooed at Xena, and Xena blushed. Noor wrapped her arms around her Xena's neck and placed a deep, passionate, devoted kiss on her and Xena moaned into Noor's demanding kiss.

Lady Xena abruptly was on the move once more with Noor in her arms, heading to the bath chamber to get both of them cleaned up so that they could get back to the bedchamber. Lady Xena undressed Noor and herself and then walked into the scented bath with her heart in her arms. The two bathed each other with loving devotion. The candles that floated around them, flickered ever so softly, waving over the gently moving water.

When the two of them had finished bathing each other, they took turns drying and then oiling the other. Both taking the opportunity to show their love for the other, with kisses and loving touches to different areas of the other's hot body.

Finally, when Lady Xena had finished with Noor, she leaned down and placed a needful kiss to Noor's receptive lips. Noor wrapped her arms around Xena's neck and was suddenly lifted up into Lady Xena's arms and carried to their bedchamber.

Lady Xena laid her on the silk bedding, and then crawled up onto the bed next to her. She was balanced on her side, resting on her elbow, as she caressed Noor's soft body with her other hand and fingers. Noor was laying on her back gazing up at Xena, the love she felt for her showing in the depths of her eyes as clear as day.

"I love you Noor. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have filled me with a love I never knew existed within myself, and never thought I would even want to know. Now that I do, I am ever so overjoyed that you have shown it to me. My heart could not be fuller." Lady Xena had not intended to say what she did, but somehow it just felt right.

Noor's hand came up to caress Xena's cheek, as a warm smile came over her face. Xena caught Noor's caressing hand, and brought it to her lips whereshe kissed it tenderly and lovingly. Then her gaze took on a more impassioned glint and she slowly sucked one of Noor's fingers into her mouth.

Noor watched her Xena love her fingers, one at a time, and she closed her eyes as Xena kissed her way up her arm, and up her neck and then eventually to her waiting lips. Although Lady Xena was already tight and needy of her love, she forced herself to love Noor slowly, and with every bit of tenderness and gentleness Noor had ever shown her. She wanted the conception of their
child/ren to be one of the most memorable memories that the two of them had.

Noor wrapped her arms around Lady Xena's neck once again, and held her to her as their kiss deepened. Xena slowly rolled over top of Noor, and she finally broke the kiss and once again she begun kissing Noor's face, and slowly lowered herself down Noor's body, kissing as she went.

The soft skin of Noor's neck was nibbled at and then bits of it sucked gently into Xena's hot mouth. Noor's head tilted back slightly to allow more of her to be taken, and Lady Xena complied. By the time her mouth left Noor's neck, Noor had a passion mark on each side of her neck, where Xena had gotten more desirous, before she had a chance to pull herself back.

Noor didn't mind, in fact it was during those moments that she moaned deep in her throat. Lady Xena's hands were kneading at Noor's ample breast, and her fingers were fondling the firm tips. She kissed her way down to them and at first, she kissed and nibbled and sucked at the breasts themselves. Noor's chest had risen when she first felt Xena's hands kneading her breast, but
now she was trying to indirectly guide her love to her tight tips, and Xena knew it and smiled.

"Are we a little anxious love?" Xena teased.

"Please sweetheart, don't tease me? I need you to feel...."Noor couldn't manage to get the words out due to the need, and Xena chuckled to herself and then brought the two breasts close together with her hands, and then licked over both tips somewhat firmly, and Noor's chest rose further, as a gasp escaped her lips.

Lady Xena then sucked one and then the other into her mouth, only for moments at a time, and then she would do the same thing to the other. Noor was straining, trying to push herself more into Lady Xena's mouth. Xena then finally sucked both into her mouth, as she squeezed Noor's breasts close together. She let her passion have its way slightly as she sucked with abandonment on them.

Noor encouraged her more and more with ever sound she made, her belly tightened more and more with every passing moment. When Xena bit down on them at the same time, Noor's body went stiff as her breath caught in her throat, and a sudden wave of pleasure rippled through her. Xena sucked hard on the tips as she held them now in one hand and let her other hand slide
down into Noor's soft curls and between her nethers and then into her slick entrance. Xena never wanted to waste any of Noor's sweet nectar, so she modified her fingers so that they could absorb and yet still enjoy Noor's ecstasy.

Noor was stiff as she felt Xena enter her and a high pitched squeak escaped her mouth as she felt the converted digits filling her and tasting her at her ecstasy producing core. When Noor's bliss ended finally, she collapsed back onto the bed. Xena had been enjoying the sweet wine Noor's breast was producing for her as she drank deeply from Noor's hard tips.

Noor's breathing was deep and rapid as she lay still, trying to catch her breath, but Xena was on fire and her own need feeding it more and more. She needed Noor now! She let go of Noor's breast with her mouth and for a moment lifted her head up and kissed Noor's open, panting mouth. She whispered words of love to her into her ear, and then she left and lowered herself down,
kissing as she went. Delighting in Noor's soft flesh, and teasing the inverted belly button with her tongue, she then spread Noor's legs with her hands and lowered herself between.

She brought her arms under and then over Noor's thighs, as she wanted to make sure Noor did not squirm away from her, since she knew it was a habit of Noor's to do that, when she was still trying to catch her breath. But Lady Xena was not going to allow her to this time, she needed Noor and she wanted her more than anything. She always delighted in feasting on Noor's ladyhood, and she knew Noor loved it as well and also loved to do the same to her.

Lady Xena used her fingers to expose Noor's peak, and wasted no time latching onto it with her hungry mouth. Noor jerked at the attachment, and inhaled sharply as she felt Xena sucking her still throbbing core. Xena slid two fingers down and into Noor's entrance once again, but this time she
pumped in and out slowly at first, building Noor up once again, which was not taking long. Noor's hips moved to the rhythm Xena had laid down, and as Xena increased, so did her hips. Following where her Lady was leading her,and willingly.

Xena's mouth and tongue were everywhere on Noor's ladyhood, but mostly delighting on Noor's peak. As Xena felt Noor nearing once again, her rhythm picked up, as did the depth in which she was thrusting into Noor. Noor was encouraging Xena to take her, her words coming out in broken
syllables, as her climax neared, and her breathing was now panting sounds, as the rhythm and rate increased.

Xena locked onto Noor's throbbing peak once again and sucked hard as Noor raced to the top, and then....once again, she suddenly stiffened and her breath caught, her mouth opened as if to speak, but the only sound that came out was a strangled gasp.

Xena continued to thrust into Noor's ladyhood, pulling at her ecstasy, and when Noor released, Lady Xena's fingers once again changed. This time they formed as one and the tip formed a mouth and tongue as Lady Xena kissed Noor's core and began sucking ever so gently on the opening, pulling Noor's ecstasy from it's very depth.

Noor's back was arched so much that it looked as though she would break in half, but her Lady held her so that she would not have to bear her own weigh during her ecstasy. Lady Xena had yet to release; her only focus was to provide Noor with blissful pleasure for as long as Noor could handle it without falling into a deep slumber. Xena's plan was to release when she was ready for Noor to conceive, but the strain of controlling herself, was now starting to show on her brows.

Perspiration beading on her brow, but she didn't mind at all, all she thought about was how much she loved ALL of Noor, and she was thoroughly enjoying Noor's responses. When Noor's body finally went limp in Xena's hands, Xena lowered her back to the bed and then crawled back up her body. She kissed Noor's open mouth, then rolled to her side and took Noor with her into her arms and kissed her forehead while whispering to her how much she loved her.

Noor managed to whisper her own words of love back, and then drifted off to sleep for a brief nap that Lady Xena allowed her to take. When Xena felt Noor stir, she rolled Noor onto her back and she rolled over onto her side. She lowered her head and took Noor's earlobe in her mouth and sucked on it ever so gently. At times her tongue popped out to flick over the rest of Noor's ear, and Noor moaned and rolled her head towards Xena's stimulating mouth and tongue, and Xena captured Noor's sweet mouth and ravished it.

Noor returned the ardent kiss and wrapped her arms once again around Xena's neck. Xena only allowed the kiss to go on for a brief time, before she broke it with some effort. Then she rolled out of the bed and got the food that had been brought up earlier in the day, and was either re-warmed or prepared all over again by the servants, over to the table next to the bed. She sat up in the bed and then opened her arms for Noor to come into them, and Noor lay across Xena's lap and Xena picked up some of the food and she began to feed Noor.

Noor wasn't quite sure why Lady Xena wanted to eat at that moment, when they were still so over-stimulated, but Noor had to admit, she was very hungry. What she didn't realize was that Lady Xena knew it, and although she was nearly beside herself with the need to take Noor, this time to conceive, she wanted to make sure Noor was comfortable and would be able to drift off
without concern about anything, especially being hungry.

Xena fed herself between each offering to Noor, and then when she thought Noor had enough without feeling over full, she set the rest of the food aside. She then leaned down while Noor lifted up to meet her with a kiss. Xena repositioned herself and Noor and then rolled over top of Noor. She looked down into Noor's radiant sapphires, that were identifying Lady Xena as her heart, and showed the desire she had for her.

"Are you ready to conceive My Light?" Xena asked of the woman laying beneath her.

"Yes, My Lady. Yes." Noor cooed back with love and excitement.

Lady Xena's heart nearly burst with the joy and love she was feeling. She positioned herself between Noor's spread legs and changing her womanhood to now have the tool necessary to give Noor the child they wanted so badly. Only it would not be just one, Lady Xena had already decided that, but she was going to make it a surprise for Noor.

Lady Xena let the thought to reform Noor's purity cross through her mind, and then she began to kiss and titillate Noor once again, building her desire higher. When Noor was sufficiently ready for her to enter her, she slipped in easily, and she slowly pumped in and out, making sure
not to go too deep as to touch the maidenhead.

The two found their rhythm quickly and were soon dancing as one. Both delirious with want of release, but both wanting to enjoy the feel of the other for a while longer. Then Xena's head lifted up from the kiss they were in and looking deep into Noor's mirrored eyes. She clenched her
teeth and with a deep, meaningful thrust she broke through Noor's shield. Noor cried out, but never lost her rhythm with her lady. Xena was now thrusting with meaning, and then she felt Noor's body stiffen and her head craned back and her back arched deeply, Xena held her up as she thrust. Just as Noor's core was about to begin releasing, Lady Xena's tool attached to it and she released directly into the opening of Noor's core. Noor's body shook from her head to her toes from the force of the release, and the crashing of her ecstasy and Lady Xena's ecstasy directly into her core. Her own body seemed to elevate and she was now not breathing, but locked in such a
spasm of release that her nipples became illuminated. Lady Xena's eyes locked on them and then her mouth came crashing down onto one of them as if it was what she was supposed to do.

Xena's mouth instantly began suckling on it, and she felt her extension being sucked into Noor's very core, and then closed around, as if her core was now sucking the very life force from her body. The sensation sent shock waves crashing through Lady Xena's brain and her own body was now moving without her control. Both women were locked in such heavenly bliss that both
had stopped seeing, and were only feeling. Their body was one big nerve ending and it's only sensation was bliss. Xena suckled Noor's nipple continuously, drinking a sweet but tangy tasting drink that she had never tasted before. She didn't know what it was, but she couldn't have stopped drinking it even if she had wanted to, but thankfully, she didn't want to.

The two women slipped into unconsciousness still locked in their blissful releases, with Noor's body pulling the life forming essences from Xena's extension. Despite being unconscious, Lady Xena's body continued to release, and her mouth continued to suckle. The conception lasted for
two days and nights, and when it finally ended, both women slept in their unconscious state for the next week. Both their bodies returned to their natural form while they slept. The servants had been told what to do before hand, so when the two were out they came into the bedchamber and after
cleaning the chamber of the food and things, they then went to cleaning up the two women and the bedding.

The servants made the two women comfortable in the bed, with Noor lying in Lady Xena's arms, and both covered with fresh linen. They then left the two to their slumber, but checked on them over the next week.

Meanwhile, a different scene was taking place at Questra's palace, and it was building fast into someone being punished.

"Gabrielle, stop it, I know you're upset and hurt that I had to bring you here, pulling you away from Diana, but I will not tolerate such behavior from you! You are Not Diana and I am certainly NOT Xena, and although I have more patience than Lord Xena, I am not without my limits, and you little girl are about to reach it with this insolent behavior of yours!" Questra's tone was low
and filled with warning. Her eyes flashed the same as Lord Xena's and Lady
Xena's when they two got upset.

" It's not fair! I am her sister and neither you nor Lord Xena have the right to separate us just because of your own whims!! She was hurting and you tore me from her, you ordered me not to see her, or her me, and then you expect for me to just lay down and let you impregnate me as if everything is fine?! I won't do it!! I love you but you have NO right to do what you have done Ques. You and Xena are wrong! And I will see my sister whenever I choose to see her! I will help her through this, and not you or Xena is going to stop me!!" Gabrielle spat bitterly, as she turned and stormed into the palace after disrespecting Questra in front of her servants and other household staff.

Questra's eyes narrowed, and when her gaze scanned around her, those who were standing watching with their mouths open, suddenly found their mouths were able to clamp shut and they scattered to attend to things that was their business.

Questra's stride into the palace seemed to be light and graceful, and silent. She went straight to where her body told her Gabrielle had gone, which was the library. When she walked in, she said nothing, she simply walked over to where Gabrielle sat, her arms crossed in defiance and her eyes focused on nothing in particular, but appearing to be looking at a shelf full of books.

Questra walked over to her, and the only words she said to Gabrielle told Gabrielle everything she needed to know.

"Limit exceeded!" Questra hissed, and snatched Gabrielle out of the chair, dragged her to the staircase and up them with Gabrielle pleading with Questra to not punish her. "You should have thought about that when you showed no respect for me and who I am to you and the rest of this
household." Questra stated tightly, as she pulled the struggling Gabrielle with her without any apparent effort.

When they had reached the bedchamber, the guard opened the door and then closed it behind them. Questra went straight to the bedchamber and without letting go of Gabrielle she went and lifted a leather belt off of a hook. It was the belt that was always used to punish Gabrielle whenever they were at the palace, so it was always kept there.

"Ques I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't punish me? Please don't?" Gabrielle cried, as Questra stopped pulling her once she had reached the bed.

"Strip Gabrielle." Was Questra's only response to Gabrielle's pleas. And despite Gabrielle hoping Questra would not punish her, she began stripping out of her clothes since she knew if she didn't do it, Questra would, and that would only upset the already angry woman.

Once Gabrielle was nude, she let her tears plead for her, but Questra simply grabbed her arm, whirled her around and gave a slight push to her back to send Gabrielle falling onto the bed on her belly. Gabrielle crawled to the middle of the bed and taking a pillow in her arms she buried her head
in it, as Questra wasted no time in laying the leather strap down against her round behind.

When Questra was finished, she hung the belt back up on the hook and then turning to look at the hysterically crying young woman in her life. She loved Gabrielle more than her own life and her heart tightened in her chest, as it always did after she had to punish her. Questra's gaze went to the reddened globes that now showed the punishment, and then she exhaled angrily at Gabrielle for
forcing her to remind her of whom she was. She stormed out the door and left Gabrielle crying in bed from the pain to her backside and that to her heart for both Questra punishing her, and for her making Questra punish her.

Meanwhile, back at Xena and Diana's, Diana was in a mood of her own.

"Diana I'm very pleased with your behavior earlier, if I hadn't known better, I would have not thought you were acting. I'm very pleased kitten."

"Well at least one of is!" Diana hissed at Xena and then turned and stormed away.

Xena stood where she was, and simply tilted her head in wonder that Diana actually believed she could just storm away from The Conqueror and she would allow it. Xena simply gestured with one of her fingers, and before Diana could take another angry step away, she was stopped and turned around and was on her way back to Xena as if Xena had taken her by the waist herself and was
guiding her.

Diana struggled to pull the other way, but she didn't even manage to slow her return to Xena.

"Damnit let go!!" Diana shouted at the invisible hold that was on her, still struggling, in vain.

Finally she came to a stop directly in front of Xena, where she had originally been standing. Xena simply looked down at her struggling, and Diana stopped and looked up at her. Xena brought one of her hands up to Diana's chin, and cupping it in her hand she lifted Diana up off of the
ground as she spoke to her. Looking hard into her eyes.

"You'll learn kitten, I promise you, YOU WILL LEARN." Xena then lowered Diana back to the floor and gave a quick glance with her eyes towards the stairs, which indicated for Diana to proceed up them to their bed chamber.

"I won't do it again." Diana said contritely, as she knew what Xena's plans were for her if she went up those stairs.

"I know. But just in case you forget and do, you'll know what to expect." Xena stated matter-of-factly. Then waited for Diana to move. Her gaze casual and undisturbed.

Diana stood gazing back at her, until Xena raised a warning brow at her. Diana then lowered her eyes, and searching for something to say to change Xena's mind, she was unable to come up with anything that would be good enough. She raised her gaze once more, but not seeing any change in Xena's eyes, only a steady set gaze, Diana's eyes begin to glisten at the thought, and she turned with stress etched on her brows. She headed for the stairs, and eventually towards the bedchamber.

Xena didn't even hesitate, she turned and immediately followed after Diana. She thought about what she wanted, and the next thing one knew a leather strap with small cutout circles running throughout it appeared in her hand. Diana heard when Xena snapped it together, that she was ready to punish
her for her attitude.

When they made it to the chamber the posted sentry opened and then closed the door. Diana suddenly turned to face Xena as she brought her hands to Xena's waist and held her as she looked up into Xena's curious eyes.

"Please Xena, don't punish me, I won't do it again, I promise? I just feel so sad, and lonely without Gabrielle being here, and you not wanting to have children with me. Xena, that's all I want, nothing else. I will do everything, they won't bother at all, please?"

Xena's anger abated as she listened to her kitten tell her how much pain she was in already, and how she could fix it for her.

"Kitten, I know it hurts that Questra took Gabrielle from here, but you have to understand, they have to be happy in their own lives outside of us. They are after all Consort and Lord, therefore Gabrielle's first responsibility is NOT you, but Questra her mate and Lord, just like yours is me, and mine is you. You left Questra no option but to do what she did. Gabrielle after all was perfectly happy and even excited at the thought of having a child with Questra, but then after seeing you, she suddenly doesn't want to have any right now. You tell me Diana, what should Questra have done about that? Can you tell me anything that she could have possibly done, short of whipping you?"

Diana looked up into Xena's sincere and loving eyes, and although she did not want to admit she couldn't come up with anything, she however did.

"No!" She cried as she fell into Xena's arms and wrapped her own around Xena's waist tightly, burying her head in Xena's breast, as she cried. Xena wrapped her arms around her mate and then with a thought the strap was gone and she lifted Diana up into her arms and carried her into the bedchamber. Diana kept her head buried in Xena's neck the whole time, tears rolling down
Xena's neck from Diana's grief.

Xena laid Diana down on the bed and Diana immediately curled up into a fetal position and continued to cry. Xena had not planned on going to bed so early, but she could not leave Diana in such a way, so she changed out of her clothes and then undressed Diana, and climbed into bed with her. She pulled her into her arms and held the weeping young woman.

"Kitten it's going to be alright, I promise. I know you want children and I give you my word we will have them. It's just that it's just too dangerous right now. Do you understand?" Xena asked, as she caressed Diana's Raven hair.

"Yes. But we can protect them Xena, I know we can! If we can't, who in the world could? With the amount of power between just the two of us, why couldn't we Xena, I don't understand that?!" Diana cried, as she raised her head up to look Xena in the eyes, pleading with her to give the idea a chance.

"Kitten we've talked about this. I told you, no matter how hard we try, with some of the dangerous people still out there wandering around, just waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on you and or me. I am just not willing to take such a chance with you being pregnant, and someone grabbing you, or having the child and someone grabbing him or her and possibly doing harm to them. Diana you and I both know where you would go, and I would have no choice but to follow you, and then what? What happens to the Realm, the subjects, and all of those people who are our family?
We would not be safe to be around Diana we could end up destroying this planet, literally. You trying to find the person's responsible, and me trying to protect you from people you hurt out of your blind rage and grief, therefore innocent people would die, by both our hands. Kitten I can not
and will not allow you to go through that. I've seen you when your anger and your hatred has past after hurting innocent people. Your remorse is so great. I know this would only devastate you more. To be honest with you kitten, I would rather you be depressed about us having to wait for children then to have you depressed about having hurt so many innocent people as a result of trying to get vengeance on those who would be responsible for harming our child. Do you understand?"

"Is it me that you're worried about, or yourself Xena?" Diana asked flatly, not moved by Xena's explanation at all, at least from all appearances it didn't seem like she was.

Xena however was somewhat taken aback by the flat affect of Diana's tone and behavior now. Diana had sat up in the bed and had her arms crossed, loosely resting on her lap as she cut her eyes to look over at Xena when she asked the question, a skeptical gaze written throughout her expression.

"Both. For where you go Diana, I have no choice but to follow. Who knows, I may be the one leading the way when it is all said and done Diana, I know us, I know we both have such drives in us that.....that bloodlust, and although when things are fine, you are better able to bury yours, the fact of
the matter is, that you are also quicker to sink into that depth when it comes to threats leveled against your loved ones. Diana, I know as sure as we are both sitting here that you will have NO control over the darkness that will consume you, just like when I was killed by Gerard. Even if you had
tried to keep the darkness from growing in you, you would not and did not succeed. You love too deeply, and feel to deeply, your whole essence is wrapped up in your responses to the love you not only receive, but more in the love you give. Diana I have never known anyone who loves the way you do. Yet it's not necessarily a possessive type love either, but more of an accepting love of the faults and flaws in people. You have no prejudices against anyone, no matter their level within the Realm, or outside of it. You have flaws, and you know what most of them are, for I have told you many times before, and even after all of this time, some are still very much a part of you. But the one that makes having a child at this time in our lives, is the fact that you are too trusting...."

"I won't be! I won't let anyone near our child, I promise Xena!" Diana blurted out, unable to hold her tongue any longer.

"Silence Diana! Just listen. Your trust in people is as natural to you as water is to life. It is both a wonderfully adorable quality to you that I instantly locked onto. It is your strength, but it is also your greatest weakness, and because of that, it would be fool hearted to proceed right now Diana, with a child of our own. I realize as I have from the first day you told me that all of you wanted children, that this was and still is very hard for you to accept. For that Kitten I am so very sorry, if I could make the pain go away, without compromising you, or me, or our family, and this Realm Diana, I would, believe me! But right now I don't see any options other than what I have decided on a long time ago. Forgive me for hurting you, but if I have to hurt you now, to prevent you from hurting others later....then so be it. I will do it and not regret a moment of it, because we will both know the purpose of the pain, and it is and will be for the greater good. So be upset if you want to, but always remember to whom you are speaking, and know I will accept nothing less than the respect I deserve as both your Lord, and your mate, do I make myself clear Diana?"

Diana's pout was now full blown, but she knew Xena expected an answer from her, despite whatever she was feeling.

"Yes. Very clear Xena."

"Good. Now, maybe you should lay down and try to rest. I will lay here with you until you go to sleep, and then I need to go take care of some things, alright?"

"Fine." Diana said, as she went to lie down, and Xena opened her arm for Diana to lay in. Diana rolled over into Xena's arms, and the moment she was enclosed by Xena's secure and loving arms, she buried her head in Xena's neck and cried herself to sleep.

Xena then eased out of the bed and went out of the bedchamber to go and sit in the sitting room, and handle some of the decrees that she had not gotten a chance to deal with, as well as other documents. As she was going through them, she came across a note rolled up in one of the scrolls, so when she unrolled it, the small piece of parchment fell out.

" I just thought you should know My Lord, that her Highness has been having secret meetings with Queen Nebula's people, regarding a newly discovered land. She has been leaving the palace using the traveler thing of hers, and has been returning before the end of your meetings. I am only telling you this because of a message that was sent to the infirmary, asking if her Highness was okay. The healer told me that her Highness had sustained a very bad injury to her back, from a stone that had fallen from one of the buildings that was being built. Apparently Her highness had seen the stone
falling and saw that it was about to strike one of the workers, but because of her distance from him, she was only able to get to him and knock him out of the way before the stone landed on her. My Lord it was a good size stone I'm told, and they thought she was dead when it first landed on her. She didn't move for long moments, and the workers had to work together to get the stone off of her while she was still unconscious. When she finally came around, she was sore, but it seemed as though she was going to be okay. The captain pleaded with her to see the Healer, and at first she refused, but then finally gave in. I don't know if you ever saw anything, because the healer
said by the time she left her, she had no signs that she had ever been injured except for the fact that her back was tender. The healer gave her some medicine to take that away so there would be no sign of her ever having been injured. My Lord I was so worried about Her highness, I wanted to come to you in person, but I was and am afraid that her Majesty would never trust me again. I beg your forgiveness My Lord for not coming forward sooner, but I thought you knew. Forgive me. Ludmilla your humble servant My Lord."

Xena's fury was evident. She sat for a moment just calming herself, so that she didn't kill Diana herself. Xena sat for long moments going back and forth as to how to deal with Diana's disobedience, and the fact that she had been so badly injured, and did not tell her.

"Damnit Diana....I could wring your little neck! But....I won't, instead, I will deal with it another way." Xena said to herself as she finally came up with a plan. "Yes, that will work very well."

"Guard!!" Xena bellowed, despite the fact that Diana was asleep in the next room.

" Yes My Lord?"

"Send a message to Queen Nebula and tell she is invited to noon meal with myself and Her Highness tomorrow. Also have the Captain of my Royal guard present herself to me, NOW. Go!"

"Yes my Lord!" the Guard said, bowing as he backed out of the door and closed it after him.

Within 15 minutes, the Royal guard presented herself to her Lord.

"My Lord, you sent for me?"

"Yes Marisa, Since Miki has been promoted, and you put in her place, I have...up until now, been very pleased with your performance, but I want to know why Her Highness is leaving this palace and no one knowing about it?"

" My Lord?!! I had no idea!"

"Obviously." Xena hissed. "My question to you is WHY DIDN'T YOU KNOW?!"

"My Lord, forgive me? I have been derelict in my duties and I've no excuse." The Captain said, bowing low and awaiting The Conqueror's sentence upon her.

"No..there is none. Report to the punisher for 25 lashes, then after a day for you to recover, which I expect you to do." Xena said, her gaze boring into the bowed soldier's head.

"Yes My Lord?"

"I expect to know everything that My Consort does daily, from the time we are apart, to the time we finally come back together. Now go, and have Kalissa present herself to me."

"Yes my Lord." Marisa said bowing, and then she turned and headed out the door to do as she was ordered.

Meanwhile, Xena stood up and walked back into the bedchamber to go and see if she could find the pain medicine that Diana had used to hide her injury from her. Her steps quiet as if on pillow covered floors, she went through the room thoroughly and quickly, and finally found what she was looking for. She then opened it, and covering it with both her hands, she changed the contents of it to nothing more than a plain drink only it still had the color and taste of the medicine, yet none of the medicine.

She then put it back and left the chamber and went back to sit at the table she was working at, before she found the note. She waited for Kalissa to come to her. In the meantime, she returned her attention to the scrolls in front of her and about half a candlemark later, Kalissa was being announced.

" My Lord, you sent for me?"

" Yes Kalissa. What are you supposed to be doing?"

" My Lord? I am the Chaperone to the Queen and Princess."

"Yes, that is what you are supposed to be doing, so why is it that I find out that My Consort has been leaving this palace, and not even my Royal guard knew about it?"

"My Lord, forgive me for my misunderstanding? But Her Highness told me that you would be attending to her from now on, until you told me differently?"

"When did she tell you this?"

"Months ago My Lord. I don't mean to sound disrespectful in anyway My Lord, but I have to tell you, I did not fully believe her Majesty."


"My Lord, despite Her Highness going along with being catered to, I still felt she was never comfortable with it. Therefore, I assumed that Her Highness was just trying to get her way by telling me that you would be attending to her, so...for the first week, I discreetly watched her and the

"And what did you see?"

"I saw them with you or Her Lordship Questra, so I thought her Highness had indeed told me the truth. From then on, I busied myself with other things, waiting for when you called for my service again My Lord. I did not realize I had been misled."

"I am upset with you that you did not follow MY orders to the letter, you are only to do as I have ordered, or Lord Questra, and NOTHING is to be changed unless We say differently, no matter what Our Consorts tells you. You will resume your duties as her Chaperone, beginning immediately."

"Yes My Lord! Forgive me for my disobedience, it shall not happen again." Kalissa said, as she bowed her head and waited for The Conqueror's final words to her.

"Forgiven, but if it happens again Kalissa, you shall feel something to your back that is NOT soft. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes My Lord, and thank you for your reprieve My Lord, I will not misunderstand again."

"Good. You're dismissed for now, return in the morning."

"Yes My Lord, and thank you again." Kalissa then bowed once again, turned and left the chamber.

Xena stayed up for a while longer, and then standing and stretching her long limbs, she turned and headed into the bedchamber to go to bed. Climbing in the bed next to Diana she put her hands behind her head and laid there thinking for a while about the note and the things that Diana seem to be doing lately. She was concerned by all of it, it was not like Diana to be secretive, and Xena hoped it was not a sign of a pattern beginning. She was relieved to know about everything, despite feeling angry about all of it as well.

The next morning Diana went to roll over, and felt the pain in her back. It had been a couple of weeks since the accident, but the pain seemed to be lingering. She looked over at Xena, whom she thought was asleep, and after a few minutes of just watching Xena's slow and even breathing, she decided to chance getting out of bed to try to make it to the drawer where she had the pain medicine.

She knew it would take a little time, because of the type of accident it was. One did not get crushed under a mortar block everyday, so she knew it would be a few weeks before the pain went away. She had just not counted on being punished on top of everything else, so she had to get the pain medicine, so as not to let on to Xena that she was in pain.

Diana eased over to the side of the bed, her back ringing loudly, indicating how painful it still was, especially with her stealthy moves. She watched Xena, making sure she did not wake up, all the while flinching as she moved to the edge of the bed. It had been a while since she felt the pain, but she had not taken the medicine at all yesterday, due to everything, so now it was catching up with her.

Diana finally made it off of the bed and walking as quietly as she could, considering it was Xena's ears, she made it to the dresser. Reaching into the drawer, she took out what she thought was the pain medicine. She took a sip of it, then eased it back into the drawer, not realizing that all the
while Xena had watched her. When Diana turned around and went back to the bed and got in. She carefully eased down and lay back on her pillow, closed her eyes and exhaled slowly, trying to let the pain ease up until the medicine took affect. She slowly started to drift back off, relieved that
she was able to make it to and from the drawer and back to the bed before Xena noticed.

Xena opened her eyes 20 minutes later, just waiting for Diana to drift back off. She suddenly rolled overtop of Diana, and Diana startled from the weigh of Xena on her, thus on her back, and then the passionate kiss that took her breath away as Xena's hands were everyone, but stayed no where

Xena knew Diana's moaning was a mixture of pain and pleasure, but she was going to force Diana to tell her what was going on, otherwise she would continue to put her to the test.

Xena's mouth burned it's way down to Diana's bare breast and not taking anytime to tease, her mouth covered the hardening tip and she sucked voraciously on it. Diana's chest rose up, despite the pain in her back, and she gritted her teeth while melting into Xena's passion. Xena then abruptly
ended her suckling of Diana's now firm tips, and throwing two pillows next to her and Diana, she suddenly moved from over top of Diana and positioned Diana across the pillows on her belly. She then laid over top of Diana's back and behind, and with a thought, she was now entering Diana from
behind. Diana buried her head in the pillows due to the pain of both the entry and her painful back. Tears rolled down her face, but at the same time, she did not have time to think about all of it, when she felt Xena begin a needful thrusting into her.

Soon both Xena and Diana were panting, and breathless, as they both reached blissful release. But as soon as Xena caught her breath, she pulled out of Diana and rolled the still breathless and sore Consort over onto her back. This time she thought away the extension, while at the same time
reforming Diana's shield with her mind, she brought one of her hands up and onto Diana's belly, and began caressing her way down into Diana's silky flower. Without warning or foreplay, she entered Diana with three of her long fingers, and buried them deeply, thus breaking through the thin
shield. Diana screamed from the surprise of it all, but soon she was once again panting and breathless, begging Xena to allow her to release. By the time Xena was done, Diana was unconscious, sore, and probably in pain from her back, but she was not feeling anything as long as she was in the deep slumber.

It was nearing noon meal by the time Diana awoke, lightheaded and dizzy and in tremendous pain in her back. She found it hard to move in the bed, let alone get out of it.

"Damnit, I can't be in pain, Xena will find out. Gods she can't find out! I'm just going to have to grin and bear it, I've had worst pain....I think." Diana chided herself, as she tested different positions to see which would be the best way to get up, if she had to.

"Kitten, time to get up, we have to meet some people for noon meal, and you know I don't tolerate lateness, not even when it's myself." Xena called over to the bed as she was nearly dressed, with the help of Dancea and Ludmilla.


" Yes?"

" you mind if I skip noon meal? I really am not feeling quite up to it right now."

"You know I don't tolerate you missing ANY meal. Now what's going on?" Xena asked, already knowing the answer because of the feelings she was getting from Diana.

"I'm just a little sore from everything, that's all." Diana said, answering honestly but without elaborating on anything.

"Hmmm, well I know I was a little rougher than usual, but I didn't think I was that rough?"

"Maybe just a little."

Xena raised a brow at Diana's answer, and then pinched her lips to prevent herself from losing her temper with Diana.

"Well, I think movement is the best medicine for...that...type of soreness, so come on, up you go." Xena reaching down and literally lifted Diana up off of the bed and onto the floor in one fluid motion.

Diana gritted her teeth and held her breath to prevent herself for crying out.

"Ok, go ahead and get cleaned up, I will expect to see you in the Royal dining hall within the half-hour. Ludmilla, help your Mistress get ready, if she is late, I will blame you."

"Yes My Lord."

There came a knock at the door of Xena's and Diana's chamber. It was Kalissa, who had come earlier, but was told that the two were busy and could not be disturbed, so she left and came back.

Dancea went to answer the door, and then came back and announced who it was.

" Aha...very good! Have her wait in the sitting area and I will be out to talk to her in a moment."

"Yes My Lord." Dancea then left to inform Kalissa of their Lord's command.

"Diana, half a candlemark, don't be late, or I may get upset, alright?"

"Yes, I'll be there...even though I am sore." Diana called after Xena, as Xena headed for the door to leave and go and talk to Kalissa, about what was expected of her again.

"Yes, I'll be there...even though I am sore." Diana called after Xena as Xena headed for the door to leave and go and talk to Kalissa, about what was expected of her again.

" I got that. Now get moving." Xena called back over her shoulder as she left the chamber.

"My Lord." Kalissa greeted with a bow, and waited for Xena to recognize her.

"Kalissa, I have instructed Her Highness that she is to join me in less than half a candlemark. Diana's personal servant has been informed that if she is late, then she will be punished, I tell you the same thing. If Diana is late, I will not be pleased at all, and therefore YOU will be punished. Go and
attend to Her Highness, have her brought to the Royal dining hall."

" Yes My Lord, it will be done as you have ordered. By Your leave My Lord?"

"Granted." Xena said gesturing for Kalissa to leave, and go and attend to Diana, Meanwhile Xena headed to the Royal dining hall to meet her guest.

Xena arrived in the dining hall and those within rendered the proper respect, albeit , only the Royal guards and advisors and other such people of rank and status were allowed to dine in the hall.

Xena arrived at the table where Nebula and Jeanni, and Ephiny and Shatara, and Charli and Elain were all standing, as she approached. They all bowed as she came and took her seat and then motioned for everyone to take their seats.

"Well Ladies, it has been a while since we all saw each other last, I can only believe that all is well, with the Amazons Ephiny?"

"Very well Lord Xena, thank you."

"Queen Nebula? All is well in your homeland?"

"Yes My Lord. Sometimes I wonder if it is too quiet?" Nebula answered without realizing what she had just said.

"Yes, it does seem to be pretty quiet, doesn't it? Maybe it will change....soon." Xena slightly hissed, with a deceiving smile type smirk.

"Yes, well, where is Diana?" Nebula inquired.

"She will be along anytime now, she was not really feeling quite herself." Xena stated with a somewhat hard look at Nebula.

"My something wrong?"

"No, Nebula, everything is fine, why do you ask?"

"Oh, it's just that you seem a little put off by something?"

"Do I? Well it's just because I may end up being if Diana doesn't make it here within the next few moments."

Just as Xena said it, Diana was being brought in on the litter. Everyone watched as Diana was delivered to Xena, and once the litter was set down, next to Xena's double chair, made specifically for Diana to always sit with her. Xena reached out her hand, and Diana took it and was assisted off of the litter, and sat down in the chair with Xena, so that Xena could hold Diana. Diana slightly flinched upon the initial move from the litter to the chair, and Xena knew what she was flinching from, and her eyes immediately went to watching Nebula's reactions to Diana's discomfort.

"You barely made it kitten." Xena purred into Diana's ear, as Diana glanced at her out the corner of her eyes and whispered back to her.

"I told you I was sore." Diana then positioned herself more comfortably in the chair, next to Xena, and then she looked out at the table and greeted all of their friends. "Hello everyone, it is great to see you all."

"Diana, it is wonderful to see you, it has been a while, I hope you and Lord Xena will forgive us for being such strangers?"

"Forgiven, just don't do it again." Diana teased with Ephiny, then turned to Charli and Elain. "And how have you two been? Although, I already know, considering how I heard you two started doing some training of the younger Amazons with Jeanni."

"Yes, and it has been an amazing experience, although Jeanni is not there a lot, due to her and Nebula being away months at a time taking care of some other venture that they are involved with. Although they still have not told us what it is, maybe either you or Lord Xena could get them to tell us, what it is that takes them away for so long?" Elain suggested, without realizing she was opening up a possible can of worms.

"Is that right? Well Nebula, Jeanni, why don't you two fill us in on what you have been doing all these moons?" Xena asked, seizing the opportunity.

"Oh, well we ...." Jeanni started, but was interrupted by Diana.

"Oh, Xena! Really now, they more than likely have been spending quality time with each other, I mean they are a couple after all. Elain, you should know that?" Diana said trying to lessen the importance of what the two women were really doing, a lot of the time.

"Hmm, yes that is true, they are one of the newer couples." Xena said pretending to go along with what Diana suggested. But then she went on. "But I don't think that is all they do, isn't that right Nebula?"

" Well, Lord Xena, it's not, we do have other business that we attend to, besides each other."

" I thought so, so...what is the other business?" Xena asked not relenting any.

"Xena, I'm sure you did not invite our friends over to talk about business?" Diana inquired, feigning surprise.

Xena gave her a sidelong glance, as she slightly raised a brow at her for making such a comment, Diana discreetly bit her lip, and then picked up a glass of water and took a sip.

"No, I didn't, although, I am interested. But...we can talk later about it Nebula and I. Isn't that right Nebula?"

"Yes, yes of course Xena."

"Good, well, shall we eat?" Xena asked, once the servants had finished placing their meals in front of them.

The rest of the conversation was relaxed, but only because it was how Xena chose it to be, although Nebula for some reason kept looking over at Diana. Catching her attention once, she gestured for Diana to join her outside of the dining hall. Diana shook her head slightly and feigning a slight
stretch, she flinched when she reached the limit, indicating to Nebula that she couldn't even if she wanted to. Xena of course saw and even read Diana's mind and although her mask was firmly in place, she was very upset.

"Kitten, you know what I want you to do for me later today, to help me relax?" Xena whispered into Diana's ear as she every now and then nipped at the lobe.

"What?" Diana asked, squirming from the tingling sensation, and sighing at other times.

"Dance for me." Xena purred, as she sucked the lobe into her mouth and slowly rolled it around. Diana leaned back against Xena and her eyes closed as she allowed Xena's seductive voice and warm breath caress her every nerve. As a result, without thinking about it, Diana made the mistake she would regret.

"Yes love, anything for you." Diana sighed, as the others at the table discreetly watched the two.

Diana appeared to Nebula to not be as upset about not having a child, at least that's the way it appeared, but the truth was, despite Diana's demeanor of being at peace about it, she in fact was hoping that Xena would change her mind. In fact at that moment that Nebula thought it, Diana
realized she was in too much pain to try to dance for Xena. She realized that regardless of the pain, she would do it, and hope Xena would be so tight for her, that she would be more receptive at the thought of impregnating her. A second thought ran through Diana's mind at that same time in contrast to the first.

"Yeah, right, no matter how turned on Xena gets, she is ALWAYS in control of her senses. Oh well, who knows." With that thought Diana let herself go, as Xena had now brought her hands up and under her blouse and was actively stimulating her.

"Xe....Xena My Lord?" Diana whispered, as she was afraid that if they continued Xena would take her right there on the table in front of their friends and the Royal Dining hall patrons.

"Yes Diana?" Xena asked, as she sucked some of Diana's soft neck into her mouth, and hearing a moan escape Diana's lips served only to increase Xena's desire.

Diana didn't realize Xena was so turned on because of her overwhelming need to feel the control over Diana again as a result of what Diana had done and what she was doing. Xena felt as though she had been too lax in her control over Diana and that was part of the reason Diana had been doing what she was doing. Xena's plan was to take her consort right there, at the table, if not
on the table, right in front of everyone. Thus showing Diana as well as all of them that Diana was her's and Diana would do what she wanted before and above anyone else.

"Shouldn't we excuse ourselves or our guests My Lord?" Diana asked, slightly breathless.

"They're fine, you're mine and they know it. I want you now, and I plan on having you." Xena said, as she then pinched both nipples in between her fingers hard and Diana gasped as her eyes lit to up.

Everyone at the table now knew where things were going, but because they had not been dismissed by Lord Xena, they did not dare try to excuse themselves. Instead they engaged in conversation with each other, while at the same time not being able to keep from looking over at the two women, and feeling their own desires being ignited.

Xena had now made Diana turn and face her, as she opened Diana's blouse and took one of her bronzed nipples into her mouth and teased and licked and sucked over it. She slid one of her hands down between Diana's straddling thighs, which had her wide open to Xena's desires, which Xena
took full advantage of.

Diana weakly pleaded with Xena not to take her in the dining hall, but Xena huskily but sternly scolded her for asking her not to, and as a result she would reclaim her. So with a thought, she bit onto Diana's nipple and at the same time she entered Diana's flower. Diana screamed and
inhaled sharply, as Xena thrust and stroked deeply within her.

Everyone in the dining hall startled as a result of Diana's sudden scream. Xena paid no attention as she built her consort to such a height, that Diana's whole body was affected as it ran through her from her toes to her head, and everything in between. After Diana released she could only lie
heavily against Xena, and thank goodness for the cover of unconsciousness that followed immediately so she did not have to see the looks on everyone's face.

Xena however, repositioned Diana in the chair once again, this time so that Diana was literally curled up in her lap, in deep slumber. She then brought her fingers to her mouth and although they were already cleaned, she made a symbolic point of sucking on them, nonchalantly. Then picking up her
drink, she gave a meaningful gaze at everyone in the dining hall, but her gaze lingered on those at the table, and especially Nebula.

Xena finally dismissed everyone after a while longer of conversation, and the first thing they all did, was grab their respective mates and disappeared to their homes and exhausted themselves on each other's love.

Xena meantime had carried Diana back up to their chamber and laid her down on the bed after getting her cleaned up. She then turned and left to go and deal with the business of the rest of that day. When she returned to their chamber later that day, Diana was awake but in a lot of pain, to the point where she had to call for the healer to come to her. Just as the healer was finishing up her attending to Diana, and was leaving, Xena walked into the chamber.

"What's going on? What are you doing here?"

"My Lord, I was summoned by her Highness."

" Is she alright?"

"Yes My Lord, she'll be fine."

"What's going on Diana?"

"Nothing My Lord, it was just the soreness."

"You're that sore from our lovemaking that you needed to call the healer to our chamber?! You're dismissed Healer!" Xena commanded, as an afterthought.

"Yes My Lord." The healer then bowed and left the chamber. Xena paid her no attention, instead she was focused on Diana.

" Well, I thought I could deal with a little discomfort." Diana stated not giving away anything.

"Are you that sore back there from our lovemaking?" Xena inquired, although she already knew the answer.

"Not just there." Diana insinuated, purposely trying to mislead Xena, just in case she suspected something.

Xena visibly relaxed with Diana's statement, assuming Diana was going to finally tell her what was going on, but Diana was not quite ready to do that. "My front is a little sore also, but it will be alright."

"That's it! That IS IT!" Xena hissed. She stormed over to the bed, as Diana tried to move away, but her back was to painful, so Xena was on her within seconds.

Xena immediately and in one fluid motion flipped Diana over onto her belly. She grabbed one of her wrists and restrained it, then grabbed the other and did the same, despite Diana's struggling.

"Please don't whip me Xena, Please?!" Diana cried, from both the pain in her back from the unexpected change in position, as well as her struggling, and the fear that Xena was about to whip her.

"Whip you? Ha! No Diana, I'm not going to whip you, but when it's all over, you will wish I did just that." Xena stated through her teeth as she sat down on the bed next to Diana's back. Clapping her hands together, she built up a natural heat, and then she placed her hands on Diana's behind, only as a distraction, and then moved them up to her back and began a deep, penetrating, heat inducing, massage.

Diana buried her head in her pillow and cried into it, not wanting Xena to know she was hurting badly in her back. Xena knew it was, but she didn't seem to show any concern for her sobbing consort.

"PLEASE?! Please Xena stop, please?!!" Diana finally cried out from the pain.

" Why? You didn't say anything about your back hurting Consort. Why is your back hurting so badly? "

"Um....Please stop?" Diana cried, trying not to have to tell Xena the story.

"I am not going to stop until I have finished, and stop struggling to get loose, it's not going to happen!" Xena scolded, as she then applied pressure to a really sensitive area of Diana's back and Diana practically screamed. But Xena didn't let up.

"Okay, Okay! I'll tell you just stop please?!!" Diana finally said, crying out.

"I will finish and then you will tell me the whole story, and then I will tell you what your punishment will be." Xena then focused on Diana's back, and after half a candlemark to relieve the pain, and another to massage the rest of Diana's tight body, Xena took the restraints off of her wrists.
Diana folded her arms under her head and laid on them and continued to let her tears roll down her face.

Xena in the meantime, changed her clothes, went and spoke with Ludmilla, and then climbed in the bed next to the teary young woman. She let Diana continue for a few more moments, and then she tired of it.

"Sit up!" Xena ordered.

Diana looked up at her and saw the stern look in her stormy eyes, so she rolled over and sat up, loosely crossing her arms so that she was pretty much just cradling her arms in each other.

"Begin Consort. Tell me what caused your back to be hurt like that. Tell me why you found it necessary to conceal that you were hurting in such a fashion. Tell me why you lied to me. Tell me why I should not whip you until I tire. Tell me Diana, Tell me why you would LIE to ME?!" Xena's anger was apparent and in full swing.

Diana swallowed hard, and tried not to look over at the eyes she knew were showing their anger and possibly the hurt, that she was sure Xena was feeling. But Xena had no intentions of letting Diana off of the hook.


"Look at me Consort!"

Diana turned herself so that she was better able to look at Xena without having to turn her head, and then she slowly lifted her head to look at the eyes. Xena's gaze was intimidating, as only the Conqueror's leveled gaze on one could be.

Diana swallowed hard again and then bit her trembling lip.

"W.E.L.L...." Xena's impatience beginning to sound in her voice and tone.

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment to compose herself from the look in Xena's eyes. Then she looked back up at the eyes, and began telling Xena everything that had happened and why and how long it had been going on and how it had helped her in recent times since Xena refused to give them a child. Diana explained that she didn't tell Xena because she knew she would be upset and probably forbid her from doing it.

"So sneaking around, leaving this palace without escort, OR my permission, and lying to me is supposed to be better, and I'm supposed to accept that, right?" Xena's voice dripped with sarcasm and disbelief.

"I didn't mean to lie Xena." Diana said contritely.

Xena just gave Diana a look that told her to continue, and Diana lowered her eyes once again as tears ran down her cheeks. She then raised them back up and continued. The only time she saw any real reaction to what she was telling Xena was when she got to the injury part. At that point Xena's lips actually twitched, and her hands were clenched tightly into a fist. Not that she planned on using it on Diana, but the thought was obvious that she wanted to use it on someone, and possibly that person would be Nebula. Diana flinched when she saw Xena's twitch and her clenched fist.

When Diana finally finished, Xena was looking straight ahead, although she watched Diana out the corner of her eye. She then said in a nonchalant, yet deceptively calm voice, that sent a shudder racing through Diana.

"This is what is going to happen, until I tell you differently Consort. You will not speak to anyone, you will only answer my questions to you directly. Other than that, I don't want to hear your voice. You will not sleep in here with me, but the connecting chamber. You will not be allowed in here unless I call for you. You will be at my side from now on, except for when I dismiss you to return to your temporary chambers. I will call you when I want you. You are not to see Nebula again, unless I say it is okay...which I won't, because I will be banishing her, from the rest of my kingdoms. She will only be allowed to stay within her own lands, which are mine, but I will allow her to stay, if I don't kill her first." Xena mused out loud, then started to continue, but Diana couldn't hold her tongue.

"Banishment?! Of Nebula?!! Why? Why would you think to do something like that? She hasn't done anything Xena. Nothing! You can't banish her!"

Xena cut her eyes slowly over to look at Diana, then she turned slightly so that she could level her gaze on her.

"I...Can do...Whatever....I ...Damn well please Consort! And it would serve you well to learn to hold your tongue."

"Xena it's not fair! First you tell me we can't have children because of the risk of something happening to them! Then you turn around and allow Questra to take my sister away from me, for only the Gods know how long! So that I won't INFLUENCE her! Now you're sitting here telling me that you are not only going to forbid me to go on anymore discoveries, but you're also going to banish my friend, our friend, the woman who helped me and Gabrielle when you and Questra were away. How can you do that? How can you do this to me and expect for me to stand for it? I won't! It's not fair! You're treating me as if I am a child! I'm not!" Diana hissed and then went to jump out of the bed. She could have done it since her back was healed up, but just as she was about to leap, Xena caught her by her hair and pulled her back down onto the bed. She actually laid her over her lap so that Diana's head was on Xena's lap and she was looking up at the storm that was Xena's eyes.

"Do you think you have ANYTHING to say about ANY of THIS? You forget who rules whom. But let me remind you Consort. I AM Xena! The Conqueror! And You Diana are MY Consort, and Property. You will not only do what I say, when I say, and how I say, but you will ALSO, not argue with me about it." Xena then gripped Diana's hair tighter in her fist, as Diana tried to pull out of
Xena's grasp, but the more she struggled the tighter Xena's grip got, and eventually Diana had to stop struggling or have her scalp pulled off of her head.

Diana crossed her arms in frustration from not being able to get loose, and having to lie on Xena's lap, being made to look into those angry eyes. When Xena saw that Diana was through struggling, she continued her scolding.

"And, as far as you not being a child, you have certainly not proven that to me by your actions of late. Do you think it is ok to sneak around and lie?"

" Of course not."

"Then why did you do it."

"I…" Diana started to answer what she really didn't think was a question, but she didn't want to take a chance that it was and her not answer it.

"It's not a question. My point is; your behavior has been very immature and inappropriate for someone in your position. You are my Consort, and I love you with my life, and would give that life for you. But you promised me that you would NEVER lie to me, and what did you do, you turned
around and not only did you lie, you purposely tried to conceal an injury from me. You left this palace without ANY protection, or any information as to where you were. YOU know that evil clone is out there, you know that! And yet, you saw fit to leave this palace without telling me> What if she had gotten hold of you? Then what?! How do you think I would feel, knowing that
you were back in that woman's evil hearted clutches again? Damnit Diana! " Xena spat angrily.

Diana had tears rolling down her face, as she saw the pain she was causing Xena. She was still upset herself, but she tried to not push anymore of Xena's buttons.

" I was thinking..." Diana started, but was cut off by Xena interjecting and continuing her tirade

"Silence Consort!" Xena demanded, as she tightened her hold on Diana's hair, making Diana have to arch her back to try to relieve some of the tension on her scalp. " I know what you were thinking! You were thinking about yourself! You were being completely and unreasonably selfish! I never thought I would see the day that YOU out of ALL people was not only capable of selfishness, but also willingly doing it. After all of the times you have sacrificed for all of us, you now turn around and do something like this. Something that, if I had not been informed about it earlier today, could have turned into a really dangerous, if not worse situation. You didn't think about how I would feel if something had happened to you as a result of that stone falling on you. You didn't think about how I feel having punished you with a whipping from my leather strap, with you already having such excruciating pain in your back! By The Gods Diana, how do you think that makes me feel?!! Do you think I enjoy punishing you? Is that what you think!"


"NO! That's right, I don't. I just want to love you Diana. Protect and care for you. I want to have a house full of children with you one day, and just watch them grow and learn. Diana I want a life full of adventure with you, but not danger. I don't want to have to be punishing you, it hurts me to do that. But by The Gods Consort! I WILL. Just as I am now. Instead of me bedding you, you will simply pleasure me, and then I will dismiss you to return to your bedchambers."

"So you just want me to pleasure you for your comfort and needs, what about mine?"

"Let me make this clear to you Kitten. You will either pleasure me WITHOUT complaint, or I will simply get one of the women from my harem, that I use for my guests, to do it. You will be right there to watch, but not allowed to partake of, so you decide which it will be. Now get up out of this
bed and go to YOUR temporary chambers, which will be your new quarters until I say differently." Xena said, letting go of Diana's hair, as she gave her a slight lift up.

Diana sat up, then stood up in one fluid motion, and then turned to look back at Xena.

"So you're actually going to make me sleep in another chamber, and not consider any of my needs?"

"Consort..." Xena said, as she now leaned back against her pillow and turned her head and eyes to look straight out in front of her rather than at Diana. She spoke with both disappointment and Her Conqueror's certainty. "If you were anyone other than who you are, I would set you aside for having disobeyed me the way you have, and having lied to me, and withheld things from me, concerning you."

" You mean.... like a divorce??"

Xena then slowly turned her gaze on Diana, her mouth in a sneer of sorts, her eyes narrowed, but leveled and focused squarely on Diana.

"Exactly like that Diana. Now go to your chamber, and I will expect you to be waiting for me in the morning right outside of your bedchamber doors, in the appropriate fashion for your position as my Consort. "

"Fine. By Your Leave My Lord?" Diana asked, angry, but keeping her tone respectful.

"You have it." Xena the Conqueror returned.

Diana searched Xena's eyes for a brief moment, and seeing the unflinching gaze leveled on her, she turned and stormed towards the door, with the intentions of storming out of the chamber. But she heard Xena inhale and felt her temper rising, so...she stopped in her tracks, and without looking back, she headed once again to the door, her pace now slower, and more dignified.

"That's better. Goodnight Consort." Xena stated, loud enough for Diana to hear her without having to raise her voice.

Diana sent her reply back to Xena, but she used her mind, just as she was closing the door.

"Yes My Lord. Goodnight." Diana closed the door and went to the connecting chamber.

She crawled in the bed and at first she was determined not to cry, but she couldn't help it. She buried her head in the pillow and proceeded to cry herself to sleep. Xena heard and felt Diana's mood, but instead of sympathizing with her, she only grew more angry at Diana for making her hurt
her more than she already had. But she was determined to impress upon Diana how irresponsible it was of her to put herself in harms way, knowing there was and is a real risk that the clone could find her and kidnap her again.

Xena lay in her bed and thought about the next weeks, and exactly what Diana's punishment would be. She also just listened to Diana crying herself to sleep. The next morning was the start of a terrible few weeks, for both of them. But to look at Xena, one would not have known it.

Xena was up early as she usually was, and Diana was awoken by Ludmilla and Kalissa was also in the chamber attending to Diana, which was a previous order made by Xena.

Diana was stubborn about a lot of things, and although she did not say anything, she did however make it obvious with her tantrum she was throwing, which was also unlike her. She was throwing things and Ludmilla was scared that Diana would actually have her punished for the first time since coming to the palace.

"Your Highness please? I have to do this, My Lord would be angry if I didn't. Please?" Ludmilla pleaded as she ducked and dodged different flying objects. On the other hand Kalissa was standing watching Diana's tantrum and every now and then would duck something that flew in her direction.

After about half a candlemark of it, Kalissa finally spoke.

"Your Highness, I am quite stunned by your display of ill behavior. Your Lord had her reasons for sending you to sleep in this chamber as opposed to in her bed with her. With this behavior I can see why it has happened. It's as if you no nothing of softness, when in fact I know you do. Well, we will
start from scratch if we have to, but Our Lord has given me specific orders concerning you. Ludmilla also has her orders and I know as well as you do that if ANY of us fail to do what has been commanded of us, then the risk of punishment becomes a reality. Now I think you should just let us do what we are suppose to do, and if you have any problems with anything, that you take it up with Our Lord." Kalissa stood with her arms down by her side, as she gazed into Diana angry eyes.

Diana glared at her for long moments, her hand trembling as she held a stone carving figurine, she was in such pain and hurt at what Xena was doing, as well as embarrassment at having scared Ludmilla so badly. The emotions that ran through Diana actually caused her hand to crush the figurine as if it were made from dry dirt. Both Ludmilla and Kalissa startled as a result. They knew Diana was strong, it's just that they had never seen it up close and personal, and what was even more disconcerting for the two women was they didn't know what it meant.

Diana suddenly stood and stormed into the bathing chamber and undressing she got into the bath. Kalissa and Ludmilla took a deep breath and they both followed her. Ludmilla went and began bathing Diana, her hands shook as she did because of the set, angry gaze Diana had showing across her face. But she let the two women do what they were supposed to do. Then Diana took her place on the litter that was awaiting her, and Kalissa took her place behind the bearers. They went out into the corridor with the intention of being there when Xena came out of her chambers. But when they stepped out and turned the litter in the direction that they were to head, Xena came out. They found themselves suddenly staring into the depths of raging seas, which were Xena, The Conqueror's eyes.

Xena said nothing, just looked at the servants, and then leveled her gaze on Diana. With a gesture of her head in the direction of the chamber they had just come out of, the guards opened the doors and Diana was taken back inside, followed by the two servants, and then Xena. The doors were closed
behind them and the bearers were motioned to take Diana back into the bedchamber and Ludmilla and Kalissa were both ordered to wait out in the outer chamber. Xena followed the bearers and Diana into the other chamber and after setting the litter down, they were dismissed to wait outside in the corridor until they were called for.

When Xena and Diana were alone, Xena spoke to Diana.

"Late! Because you were in here throwing a tantrum." Xena stated knowingly, and to Diana's complete surprise. Yes Consort, I heard everything. Well, it's alright, you won't be late again."

With those ominous words, Diana's eyes went wide. Before she could think to move from the litter, Xena had not only sat down on it, but she had grabbed Diana and pulled her over her lap with her behind positioned to be whipped by Xena. Diana thought to plead with Xena, but she remembered she was not suppose to speak unless she was spoken to by Xena. Diana tried to struggle free, but Xena had her pinned so that she could not move, and yet Xena's hand would be free to deliver as many painful swats to her backside as she wanted. Which is exactly what she did. By the time Xena finished, Diana was sobbing hysterically, her face buried in her hands, as she was made to take her place back on the litter, and sit on her painful behind.

By the time Xena went out into the other chamber, Diana was more composed, and well disciplined. Xena simply snapped her fingers at Kalissa and Ludmilla and they both knew immediately what The Conqueror wanted of them. Ludmilla went and told the bearers to return, and retrieve Her Highness, and Kalissa, went to attend to Diana and wait for the bearers.

The Bearers lifted the litter with the contrite and uncomfortable, yet quiet Consort on it, and headed out of the chamber with Xena leading the way. They went to the Royal dining hall, where they ate, with Xena once again feeding Diana, knowing that Diana would only pick over her food if she didn't.

Afterwards, Xena went to meet with her advisors, and Diana was placed where Xena could reach her if she had a need to. Diana took the opportunity to get off of her backside, which felt like the fires of Tartarus was right under her. She rolled onto her side and balanced herself on her elbow as she listened to Xena and the advisors. Every now and then Xena would spare a glance over at her quiet Consort, and find her with a pout, and her eyes lowered, but she saw the glistening on her lashes, that told her Diana was trying to not cry.

The Advisors knew that they were not to speak to her Highness due to having seen the tactic used before on Diana, so they kept their gaze and their attention focused on Xena. At the end of the meeting the Advisors were dismissed, and Xena stretched her long limbs. Feeling her need, she turned her gaze on Diana, who was now lying on her side having fallen asleep, due to not being able to interact in the meeting, plus it took her mind off of the pain she was in, and would be in for many days.

Xena thought about letting her nap, but then she had things she had to get done, and she didn't need to be uncomfortable when she could do something about it.


Diana's eyelashes fluttered, and then opened, she then heard the call again.


Diana's eyes instantly focused and looked up to see Xena's steady gaze on her. Diana rose up onto her side immediately, hoping Xena had not been calling her for a while. Diana rose up to show Xena that she had her attention.

"Come over here and pleasure me, I have another meeting to attend to." The tone was without emotion.

Diana's eyes began to glisten as a result of that tone, and the indifferent gaze in Xena's eyes. Diana bit on her lip to keep it from trembling as she moved slowly off of the litter, and down onto her knees between Xena's spread thighs. Diana slowly opened the exotic robe Xena was wearing, just
enough so that she could get to Xena's jewel.

Diana then looked up at Xena, and Xena looked down into Diana's eyes, and at first she thought to just take Diana, but then she knew that would defeat the whole purpose of the punishment. So instead of a sympathetic look. Xena simply raised a questioning brow. Diana knew what the question was and she lowered her gaze back down. She thought about all she had done, and the fact that Xena was still allowing her to partake of her, knowing how much Diana enjoyed the taste of her. Diana let that thought carry her through as she leaned in and with deliberate strokes around and then on Xena's hidden peak she heard Xena's pleasure sounds.

Diana actually felt some satisfaction that Xena allowed herself to enjoy her attention. Diana slowly sucked the throbbing peak into her warm mouth, and covered it with her loving tongue sucking gently and then more needfully on the peak. Xena's hand came down to wrap in Diana's tresses as she rocked against Diana's talented ministrations. Diana then slipped her tongue deep into Xena's jewel and immediately allowed it to connect to Xena's core. Xena's breathing was now deep and labored, her sounds a mixture of moans and a growling undertone.

The tip of Diana's tongue had converted to a miniature mouth, and was sucking gently on Xena's core opening. While her hands slipped under and up Xena's robe, to caress Xena's breasts, hoping that Xena would change her mind about taking her. Diana was definitely having the affect she wanted. Xena was nearing her climax, and Diana had changed her hands to connect onto Xena's tight nipples, and was sucking savagely on them as she continued doing the same to Xena's jewel.

Xena's hands suddenly gripped Diana's hair tightly within them, and rocking hard against Diana's buried tongue and covering mouth, Xena's head turned sharply to the side and she released with an intensity that sent shockwaves up her spine. Her ecstasy lasted for over 20minutes, and Diana did not dare let any of the sweet nectar spill as she drank until Xena's body went limp, and her breathing returned to normal.

Diana thought to do it again, but Xena was quite sated from the one.

"No. Enough. Return to your place Consort." Xena ordered, as if Diana were just a servant, and had only done a duty and now that it was done, she had no need for her.

"Guards!" Xena called, not sparing Diana a second glance as Diana moved from her knees and went back to where she had been before she was ordered to pleasure Xena. Hurt obvious in her eyes.

Diana eased slowly down on the litter, and then quickly positioned herself on her side to stay off of her behind. She laid her head down on the pillow, and wanting to close out all of the pain, she closed her stress filled eyes, and the tears still found their way down her cheeks.

The bearers lifted Diana, and she did not even open her eyes, she just allowed herself to be taken wherever Xena wanted.

"What is his crime?"

"My Lord, Zerac was accused of theft."

"From whom did he steal?"

"The silversmith."

"Really? From my capital city?"

"Yes my Lord."

"What have you to say Zerac?"

"My Lord, I only meant to take but a little of the silver, to pay for a gambling debt."

" you were going to commit one vice to fulfill another? Is that what you are foolishly telling me?" Xena's eyes narrowed with impatience at such a foolish man.

"Well I....I"

"Zerac, you realize the penalty for theft from anywhere in my kingdom, is punishable by the lost of that limb, but to steal from my capital cities is a crime punishable by the lost of both limbs?"

"Ye...Yes, Yes My Lord. Please, I beg your forgiveness?"

"How do you plead Zerac?" Xena asked with a wicked glint in her eyes. One that Diana had not seen in a long time.

The man looked over at Diana, hoping that the Queen would speak up for him as he had heard she had done with others. Thus lessening the punishment, by appealing to The Conqueror's compassionate and adoring side for her Highness. But as it was, Xena was not feeling very adoring towards Diana, and she was very upset with her. Even if she had been allowed to speak, Xena would not take Diana's advice at this time, considering Diana was barely in Xena's good
graces herself.

Xena saw where the man looked for his champion, and with a smirk, she then repeated her question.

"How do you plead Zerac? I shall not ask again."

" Guilty My Lord."

"Yes, you are, but it's nice to know you know it to. Take him away and carry out the sentence." Xena said with a casual tone.

It was at that point that Diana tapped Xena on the arm. Xena cut her eyes over to Diana, an agitated gaze showing in her piercing eyes. Diana choked down a lump, and lowering her eyes for a few moments to steady her nerves, she then looked back up at Xena. Using her eyes only to talk with Xena, seeing how she couldn't even use her mind to talk, she cut her eyes to the guards leading the struggling man out, and then looked back at Xena with pleading eyes.

Xena cocked her head at Diana, and just studied her for long moments, as the guards continued to escort the struggling man towards the side doors where he would be taken to the Axe man for him to carry out the Conqueror's commands.

"Why should I spare him his just punishment Consort? He knew what the punishment was, and yet, he committed the crime anyway."

"My Lord?" Diana asked, uncertain if Xena was asking her the question or just telling her.

"You may answer."

"I agree with you that he should be punished My Lord, it's just take away the use of his hands would serve no use to your people My Lord. Why not make him go to work in the mines? Or on one of the many farms, or something like that? I'm sure he has a family, and he would be of no use to them without his limbs."

"Guards stop!" Xena bellowed out at the exiting soldiers. "Bring him back here."

The guards looked at each other, and the man looked more than just a little relieved. They headed back to where they had just left, and as they did, Xena looked back at Diana with a slightly raised brow, but a studying gaze, and continued her questioning.

"So you think I should just punish him by making him work?"

"Yes My Lord. That way he is a productive member of your Realm, rather than a beggar."

"There are no beggars in My Realm."

"True, but why start now My Lord?"

Xena's eyes narrowed and she pinched her lips together at Diana's tone of cheekiness. Diana saw it and swallowed with some difficulty, as she lowered her eyes and proceeded to try to avoid Xena's piercing gaze.

The Guards came to stand in front of The Conqueror once again with the sentenced man. Xena, after a few more long moments of just glaring at Diana, finally turned her attention back to the man.

"Thank your Queen for her compassion Zerac. Rather than have your hands cut off, I have decided to put you to work. Do you have a family?"

" Yes, Yes My Lord, a little girl and two boys, and my wife of course."

"Hmm, again your Queen thought that may be the case and it is for their benefit that I do not have the sentence I had imposed on you carried out. You will work in the hospice, caring for the sick. You will report to the healer daily to get your assigned duties."

"Thank you My Lord, Thank you!"

"No, don't thank me, thank your Queen."

" Yes, My Lord, Of Course. Thank you Your Highness, thank you for your compassion for a wretch such as I am."

Diana simply nodded her head, and although the man was a little surprised that she didn't speak to him, he was none the less extremely grateful. Xena motioned for the guards to take him away, with a warning.

"If I hear one thing from the healer about you not doing what you are supposed to do, or that you are causing any type of problem, then just know: I will have my previous sentence carried out immediately!" Xena gave a meaningful nod of her head as her brow rose to emphasize her point.

The man flinched, and then bowed nervously.

"You won't hear anything My Lord." The man called over his shoulder, as he was being led out.

"Lord Conqueror, shall we call the next case?"

"No." Xena stated simply, ending the long morning of presiding.

After the Magistrate called an end to the days proceedings, the royal throne room was cleared, by Xena's orders. Once it was, Xena turned her attention back onto Diana, but she didn't say anything, she just sat looking at Diana. Diana in the meantime was trying to keep from flinching under
Xena's piercing gaze.

Then without ever saying anything, she snapped her fingers for the bearers to come and retrieve Diana. Once they had, Xena led the way out of the Throne room and to another meeting. Xena ignored Diana most of the time, and when she did speak to her, it was to have Diana relieve her needs, and then Diana was set aside while Xena did things she had to take care of.

Before the end of the day, Xena had sent a messenger to Nebula, telling her she wanted to have her present herself before The Conqueror, first thing tomorrow morn. Of course the message was received by Nebula with wonder as to why Xena sounded so formal.

"What do you think that is about Nebs?" Jeanni asked, after reading the message to Nebula.

"I don't know, but something is up, and I don't like the feeling I am getting from this. Something is wrong, and I don't think I am going to like what it means." Nebula's thoughts echoing into her mind.

By the end of the day, Xena returned to her chamber and Diana was sent to her's without so much as a goodnight. Xena heard Diana crying, and although her heart tightened at hearing it, she was resolved to teach Diana a lesson she would not soon forget. For some reason, Xena couldn't help but feel like something worse was going to happen, and it was that feeling that would led to Xena using her protective mask to hide her fears or concerns. The Xena of old was about to make reappearance, unfortunately for Diana, and all those who crossed her. The first casualty of the old Xena would be Queen Nebula.

Xena was up early, as she usually was. She had dressed in dark, wine colored, leathers, which were underneath one of her formal robes. Kalissa and Ludmilla had gotten Diana ready and were waiting in the outer chamber of Diana's room, for Xena to come and retrieve Diana.

The doors to Diana's chamber opened, and Xena stood talking to Regent Calisbis, from one of the western provinces of Greece. Xena did not even spare a glance inside the door, yet alone enter, but instead she only stopped her conversation long enough to motion for the bearers to get Diana, and then she went back to her conversation as she and the Regent headed towards the staircase. The Regent spared only a glance at her Lord's Consort, and only in wonder as to why Xena had not greeted her as she had seen so many times when she visited.

Xena continued the conversation despite noticing the discreet glance back at Diana. They arrived in the Royal Gallery of Maps where Xena greeted the scribe responsible for knowing everything about where certain maps were located, and then retrieving them for The Conqueror.

Xena was handed the maps she had asked for and she spread them out on the large desk in front of her. The Regent and Advisor Draco, who had now joined them, stood on either side of The Conqueror. She pointed out an area just outside of Calisbis's Province she wanted The Regent to focus on as a result of the information that Draco and the other Advisors thought was becoming a problem. It seemed as though one of her other Regents refused to share a water system temporarily with Calisbis because of her refusal to allow Regent Lainz to use one of the waste systems he needed when a fire destroyed one and he had a temporary need until it could be repaired. He had to go to one of the other regents to get what he needed, and in so doing some of the people near the burned out system became ill from the sitting waste. Xena hadn't known about it because Lainz
told those under his care that if they had to go to The Conqueror about every little problem then she would wonder whether or not to allow the Province to be free of further scrutiny. She would probably take the power away and deal with any and all problems that would occur from that point on. Having convinced the people to do it his way, he had to deal with those who became ill, as a result of waste that sat atop the land, until he could get a neighbor Regent to allow him to use their system until his could be repaired.

Now the need was switched, but Calisbis did not have access to one of the other regent's aqueducts because of where the need was. Only Lainz's was close enough to relieve the need, but he was being stubborn and vindictive. No matter how Calisbis tried to get him to agree, he always brought up the people who suffered because she had refused him her help. Now it was he who was refusing.

Calisbis had no choice but to go to The Conqueror and see if there were any other aqueducts near the needed area. If not then maybe she would talk to Lainz and make him share his until her's was repaired. Meanwhile Diana was once again set right within Xena's sight, but was ignored the whole time, except for while Draco and Calibis were discussing things.

Xena turned to look at Diana. A look of complete submission was written on her face, contriteness obvious, need radiating, and hurt evident. Xena's eyes narrowed, and she walked to the litter that Diana was made to stay on during any and all dealings until she was returned to her chamber or Xena's. She sat down on the edge of it, and a strange smirk came over her face, a look long past in their relationship now was showing brightly in Xena's eyes.

Diana's own eyes narrowed in wonder at what she was possibly seeing. Her answer came quickly.

"You need me don't you Consort?"

"You know I do Xena." Diana answered with knitted brows. Trying to deny what she thought she was seeing and now feeling. Xena was now purposely igniting Diana's need more.

"I know you do, but you know I have no intentions of releasing you, right?"

"Then why are you increasing my need for you?" Diana asked, now holding her belly, and trying to keep herself from showing her increased need to the two other people in the chamber.

"Because, I want to, and I can."

"What? What did you say?"

"You heard me." Xena said, and with those words she sent a surge of sexual energy slamming into Diana. Then she rose and returned to the two people who were now staring at Diana.

"GODS!!" Diana shrieked, as she curled into a ball and held her belly, trying to catch her breath as the tightening sensation knotted her insides.

Xena went back to talking to the two bewildered people, as if nothing was going on behind her, despite Diana's sobs. Although they did not know why she was crying, they knew she was in some kind of discomfort.

When Xena paused for a moment to think about something, Calibis took a chance to ask.

"My Lord, shouldn't you see to Her Highness, she really looks like she is really uncomfortable, I would even say pain?"

"Is that what you think I should do Regent Calibis?"

"Well....Well yes My Lord."

"And you Draco, is that what you think I SHOULD DO?" Xena's tone dripped with sarcasm.

"My Lord, she is your Consort to do with as you please. I have nothing to say about it, and would not dare to even make a suggestion as to how to handle what is yours."

"You're a wise man Draco. To bad Regent Calibis didn't know that." Xena's gaze was laced with daggers as she leveled her eyes on Calibis. Her next statement was not directed at her, but instead at her sobbing Consort. "Consort, if I hear one more sound from you, I will really give you something to cry about, now be...quiet!" Xena's head whipped around to glare at Diana. She saw the stress on Diana's brows as she tried to do as Xena had just told her to do, so as not to be punished further than she was already.

Diana choked down the sobs as Xena's gaze held hers, warning her.

"Three seconds Consort." Xena stated through her teeth. Her own need lit as a result of all of the emotions she was feeling, all battling for control.

Diana held her breath and her body shook from the strain it was under as well as the fear that was now being put on her. Xena listened and watched Diana for a few minutes more, until she felt Diana would not make another sound, then she broke the gaze she held Diana's eyes with, and turned back around to talk to Calibis.

"Is that better?" Xena asked with a sneer.

"Yes My Lord!" Calibis stated rapidly, and then bowed her head in respect.

"Good, now I have another meeting with someone else, so I will leave you two to figure out the rest of this. If I find you are unable to come up with a satisfactory solution, then I will handle it, and remove you, Calibis and Lainz from the positions you now hold. Draco, handle it! Or I WILL!" Xena then turned and her robe swung out and flew behind her as she headed for the exit to the Hall of Maps. Without losing a step she snapped her fingers for the bearers to take up Diana and follow.

Diana had her head buried in the pillow, as she continued to stay off of her backside from the punishment of the other day. She also battled the need to stay on her side, curled up, to ease some of the tightness in her belly as a result of Xena showing Calibis whom she was questioning.

They arrived in the smaller throne chamber, and Diana was set next to Xena's throne while her own was moved to allow the litter to be set down. Xena then called for Queen Nebula to be brought in, and the Magistrate and scribe both stood ready to hand over the decree that Xena had the Magistrate prepare. The scribe was there as usual for record accuracy.

"My Lord Xena, Queen Nebula and the Amazon Jeanni present themselves at your request." The soldier announced, as he led the two to the appropriate spot they were to stand in when addressing The Conqueror in a formal matter.

Nebula and Jeanni both were wondering as to why the formality, and why was Nebula facing Xena in such a fashion, and also what was Diana crying about? They both had many questions, but no answers, at least not yet.

"My Lord, you sent for me?"

"Yes Nebula, and I see that Jeanni has accompanied you. Well good, I'm sure she will want to be a part of this, considering the two of you are a couple. Therefore, she may stay."

"Thank you My Lord." Nebula said with a respectful bow of her head. Xena's eyes narrowed, as a result of the irony of the respect Nebula was showing now and the lack there-of she showed when she encouraged Diana to disobey her and help her with the development of the new land, without
asking. Xena's mouth twitched at the corners as she thought about it, but when Nebula raised her head, the expression was no where to be found upon Xena's face.

"I called you here before me in this matter Queen Nebula, because of the seriousness of the situation. Being that it is a situation that requires a decree, it has to be held in this matter." Xena said, answering one of the unasked questions.

Nebula was now really concerned. Diana lifted her head to stare at Xena, obviously trying to speak but not quite being able to get the breath necessary to make the sounds, because of the great need, her mouth simply moved, but Xena either didn't see it, or was ignoring her. Jeanni and Nebula
now both had hairs standing up on the back of their necks, from the foreboding look of things.

"A decree My Lord?" Nebula asked, not understanding why they were there, mainly herself.

"Yes Queen Nebula, a decree, that will directly affect you." Xena's mouth curled up into an evil looking smile, that was more of a smirk, one that could even be called predatory.

"Me? In what way My Lord?"

Xena sat back on her throne, and reveled in the look of concern and fear that was starting to really show itself on Nebula's face. For some reason Xena seemed to be enjoying Nebula's discomfort. She casually looked over at Diana and saw that Diana was trying to reach out her hand to touch Xena's arm, as her mouth continued to try to speak. Diana flinched with each move, but she
couldn't let Xena banish Nebula.

Xena reached her hand out to take Diana's hand, and when she did, Diana felt an instant easing of her need. As the need decreased, Diana's breathing became audible, and then gasps were heard escaping Diana's lips, as she slightly collapsed on the litter, as a result of the eased need. Her eyes
however still held the identification of who was her Lord, but at least she could breathe better.

"Are you trying to tell me something Consort?"

" Yes!" Was the gasped response.

"I wonder what it could possibly be?" Speaking through her teeth, as her gaze held Diana's.

"Please My Lord, please don't do this! It was not her fault, it was entirely me. I contacted her to tell her I wanted to do another discovery, please? It wasn't her fault, she told me that she couldn't allow me to go, not without your permission. It was me My Lord, not her, please don't punish her because of me, please?"

"Oh, but I have to. I have to teach YOU a lesson kitten. You seem to think it is alright to disobey me every now and then, and I am determined to impress upon you that it is NEVER okay to disobey me." Xena's hand caressed Diana's cheeks as she admired her Consort's beauty.

"Please My Lord, I will do absolutely ANYTHING! Anything, just please don't do this, please?!" Diana now had tears rolling down her cheeks, and Xena's fingers just caught them as she continued to caress Diana's cheeks, as if the tears were not a problem.

"No. When you lied to me Consort, that appeal went right out with it. When you withheld things from me, my resolve was made to teach you a lesson. When you left out of this palace without anyone, especially me knowing, yours and Nebula's punishment was sealed." With those words, Xena suddenly turned her attention back to the two waiting and confused women.

Queen Nebula, you have been found guilty of crimes against My Realm, in the corruption of my Consort. As well as breaking of the laws of this land, by not reporting any and all noted indiscretions by MY consort. You as well as the rest of my Realm are responsible for being watchful and protective about Your Queen, but instead, you chose to allow her to sneak around and do
whatever in Tartarus she wanted to. AND THEN, she gets hurt, an injury that would kill anyone else, and rather than you coming and telling me what happened, you and MY Consort conspire to keep it from me. She was in much pain and discomfort as a result of another punishment that I had put upon her because I did not know that she had been hurt and was in pain already. You lied to me, deceived me, misled me, and I have little reason to trust you. Therefore for all you have done, I could have you put to death Nebula!" Xena emphasized, as she paused only long enough to let her words sink in to all three of them, and then she finished her thought. "But, because of your past help in the care and protection of MY Consort while I was away, I will not impose that on you, for I am forever in your debt for that invaluable assistance. So I will only impose this on you: You Queen
Nebula of Macedonia, I hear by...."

"PLEASE XENA DON'T DO THIS??!! PLEASE?!!" Diana screamed out, without thinking about what she was doing, until she felt her mistake across her face. She went flying off of the litter she was on, back onto her behind, on the floor.

Nebula and Jeanni both stood completely shocked by what had been said and what had just happened. Their mouths agape in disbelief. Diana whipped her head around to look back at Xena, hurt and even more pain showing in her eyes.

"Do that again and your backside will feel more of what it already is." Xena's tone was low and threatening.

Diana could not believe what she was seeing. Xena had actually slipped back into her old ways, but she could not figure out why. She knew, this was not a safe time to question Xena about anything. Xena had NO patience for such things. So Diana laid on the floor as her tears rolled to those of
precious stones. She only moved when Xena snapped her fingers for her to return herself to the litter. All the while their eyes locked on each other's matching orbs.

Once Diana was back where she started from, her cheek started burning from the strike by Xena's strong hand. She sat on her side for a moment, and then rolled onto her belly and buried her head in the pillow. She sobbed quietly, knowing if Xena heard her, she would only get more upset.

Meanwhile, Xena turned her attention back to Nebula and finished her decree.

"Let it be known from this day forth until I, Xena The Conqueror decide and decree that this ruling I am about to pass down on Queen Nebula of Macedonia, is rescinded, she shall until then be....Banished from any and all lands of My Realm, except those of her homeland, which I shall allow her to remain and rule over, should she be found outside of it and on any of the
rest of MY Realm she shall immediately be arrested and tried for treason."

"By The Gods My Lord Xena!! Please don't do this to her! I know she was wrong, and I see it in her that she knows it. Diana, I'm sorry, but I can't just let her banish Nebula without telling the whole story, forgive me for my weakness? But I have to tell her. My Lord please consider that she had from the beginning implored Her Majesty to tell you, to ask you for your permission. She knew you would be angry, every day that the development was going on was tearing her up, because of her dread of the day you would find out, and them not telling you before then would only compound your anger. She knew this My Lord, she tried many, many times to get Her highness to tell you,
but each time My Lord, she was pleaded with to not tell you, and then asked to swear she would not tell you. How could she or anyone refuse her Majesty anything, especially when she tells you that she needed to do something? Please my Lord don't banish my Love, I beg of you?? Forgive her and allow her to stay, I will take her place, I am the new one to all of this, it won't be hard for anyone to get over me leaving. But to banish Nebula My Lord, is to tear apart a family. Please My Lord, I am one of your warriors of old and new, and would fight and die for you, but she is my love and I
would fight and die for her as well. Please don't separate her from all of you?" Jeanni's desperate pleas touched all of them.

But Nebula could not and would not allow Jeanni to take a punishment for her.

"Jeanni, I love you for what you have just offered for me, but there is NO way I am going to allow you to take this or any other punishment for me. I was wrong, but my love for Her highness blinded me to what was right. I am weak when it comes to anything that Her Majesty wants, and therefore it was not in me to deny her, and I didn't. My Lord Xena, I accept your ruling, and I will abide by it. I only ask that you find it in your heart one day to forgive me for NOT protecting Her highness as I should have, by telling you the truth. Diana Your Majesty, I am sorry I let you down, I will always think of you and all the rest of the family I have come to know and love. Thank you for that."

"So be it. Queen Nebula, you are hereby banished until or unless I rescind it, starting two days from today. I will give you time to say your goodbyes to the Amazons, and whomever else you must, although they are free to visit you, you are just not allowed to visit them, if they are on any part of my
Realm. Diana is the only one you are not to have ANY contact with, and let me stress this to BOTH of you! If I hear or find out, that either one of you have broken this decree, in any way, then you will both wish you never heard of me or this place. Nebula I will beat you so badly you will not even
recognize yourself, and then I will think about other such punishment. Consort, if you dare to defy me, then you will be in such pain from need as well as daily whippings that you won't know which one hurts the most. There are other things that I will do, but I think I will let your vivid imagination run with what they may be. Guards, escort Queen Nebula out." Xena ordered with a snap of her fingers.

"My Lord?!"

"What is it Jeanni?" Xena asked, now tired of these proceedings.

"Will her Highness Princess Gabrielle be allowed to visit Queen Nebula?"

Xena thought about the request, for a moment, seeing how she had not thought about Gabrielle or Noor going.

"Yes. But should you be thinking of having anyone, especially Gabrielle or Noor bring back any communication from Queen Nebula, then I suggest you think again. There is to be NO contact between MY Consort, and Queen Nebula, period! Now, if that is all?"

"Yes My Lord."

Xena gestured with her head and the guards escorted Nebula and Jeanni out of the chamber. Diana watched them go, and her heart broke once again because she was the cause. But she could do nothing about it. This Xena that was showing, was not one she wanted to battle with, she knew she would lose, she just could not believe that Xena was being so harsh towards her.

After Nebula and Jeanni were gone, Xena snapped once and the bearers came and lifted Diana up, and Xena once again led them to where she wanted to go.

Diana was surprised that Xena had gone into a changing chamber, and removed her royal robes. She was now dressed in the dark blue leathers. Xena then headed to the master's training chamber.

Once there, she had the bearer's set Diana down near the benches, as she headed over to talk with swordsman.

"My Lord? It has been quite a while since you have been here, is there anything particular you require?"

"Yes, sparring partners. Starting with the trainees, and working up to the elite of my soldiers, outside of my Royal guards. She then turned and went to warm up.

She had HER sword brought to the chamber by her personal servant Dancea. So she walked over to where her sword sat near Diana, and when she picked it up she spared a glance at Diana, who laid on her side, avoiding Xena's gaze.

"You know I have not worked out in a long time, the way I should." Xena stated, not because she was looking for a conversation with Diana, but because she wanted to see what Diana's response would be.

"No, I didn't know My Lord. Diana said, without looking at Xena.

"Hmm....I may have to speak to you about that habit of yours of not looking at me when I am talking to you, or you to me."

Diana heard the warning, and because of it having been a long and trying as well as painful day, she decided to tell Xena what she thought and then deal with the resulting punishment.

"You're right! It is rude of me not to look at you when we are talking to one another, so I'm sorry! But you cannot blame me for being upset with you, after everything that has happened, all the things you have either let happen, or made happen. You took away the one thing that helped to distract
me from the issues about children. You took yet another friend and family member away, I can't believe you banished her! Jeanni told you what had happened, Nebula could do nothing else but what I asked of her. It was ALL MY FAULT! If anyone should be banished, it should be me. I lied, I concealed, it was I who used her feelings for me to force her to do what I asked, which was
NOT to tell you. Xena it was me who was wrong, not her, please rescind your decree and allow her back, I will take her place in banishment."

"HA! Do you actually think I would ever banish you from here? YOU ARE MINE! I would banish the whole of my Realm before I would even consider the idea of banishing you. That is an absolutely foolish thought on your part. Another thing, I know it was you who coaxed Nebula into giving in to you, against me, and it is for that very reason that I didn't kill her."

"Kill her??"

"Yes. You forget. Anyone who goes against MY laws are subject to death, despite who they are to me. MY laws are above and beyond anything you may say."

"So you would kill me Xena?"

Diana received a firm slap across her cheek once again, but not enough to move her off of the litter she was on.

"Don't you ever presume it is alright for you to talk to me like that. I would NOT hurt you in such a way, unless you tried to leave me."

"So you would...." Diana caught herself when she saw Xena's eyes narrow. Rubbing her already painful cheek, she didn't want the other to feel the same way, so she rephrased her statement. "I know you love me My Lord, as I do you." Diana saw Xena exhale slowly and then her brows relaxed a little. "But I cannot help the pain I feel at so...many losses. I will behave myself
and do what I am supposed to do. I won't mention children, or going on any discoveries, or anything. I will just allow you to tell me what it is you want me to do, and I will do it. Please Xena, please bring Gabrielle and Nebula back?"

"I can see you are sincere, and you REALLY mean what you're saying."

"I do."

"Yes, well, the only problem I see with all you have said is, you've said it before, and for a while, you are the sweetest and most attentive woman, so soft, so delicious, I could just consume all of you, and NEVER fill. But then, the moment you really want something, and no matter how much I tell
you why it is not a good idea, you start to sulk, and then you slowly begin to show that stubborn side, and then you become cocky with me. You have a way of covering your real meaning when I give you a certain look, so then you soften up again, and hope I didn't hear what you said the way you said it, but kitten...I hear everything, LITERALLY! So while you mean this now, and
most sincerely, your punishment will continue. Nebula will be banished in two days, and she is lucky I made it in two days, rather than starting today. Also, Gabrielle will stay where she is until Lord Questra says differently. But thank you kitten for the offer." Xena ended with an image in her mind
that curled Diana into a fetal position. She then snatched up her sword and turned and headed for the practice area and began a series of moves to stretch her muscles, until her requested sparring partners showed up.

Diana in the meantime sobbed as a result of the intense need that Xena had inflicted on her, and Xena's words.

Xena sparred and beat every opponent soundly. She sent some to see the healer to have cuts attended to, although none were damaging. Xena did make her point with each partner. Diana watched Xena despite her pain, and was, as she had always been, awed by Xena's catlike moves, and the power that seem to just radiate from every pore of Xena's body. As Diana watched she
realized it was doing nothing for her already great need, which she knew Xena had no intention of releasing her from. With that thought, Diana buried her head back in her pillow and cried the rest of the time Xena sparred.

When Xena finished, and after talking with the Master swordsman, she wiped her face with a cloth. She headed over to where Diana laid in obvious discomfort, from the light layer of perspiration, Xena noticed glistening on the exposed area of her body, and Kalissa lightly drying different areas as
Diana allowed.

Xena's gaze raked lustily over the napping woman's body, and she thought to take Diana just the one time. Just as Xena was thinking about it, Diana started to wake-up, but with her need, she shut her eyes tightly and groaned, and it was at that moment that Xena snapped out of her thoughts.
Snapping her fingers for the bearers, she gave Diana a last glance, and then as Kalissa came past to go and stand in her place by Diana's litter, Xena threw a command at her.

"Take her to her chambers and get her cleaned up. Then have her evening meal brought to her chamber. I want her to remain in her chambers for the rest of the evening. She will attend me tomorrow. "

"Yes My Lord."

Xena, never missing a step, headed to her own chambers, and was attended to by Dancea, and then she left her chambers once again, but rather than head to see Diana, she headed in the opposite direction and went to the Royal harem. When she arrived, the guards bowed and then opened the doors, and Xena walked through. She had not been there in a very long time, but she had some
concerns about Diana, so she wanted to make sure she would not have to think about certain things.

When Xena walked in, after the sentry announced her, The Matron of the Harem, came over and with a deep bow, she greeted Her Lord.

"I have come to inspect my Harem."

"Yes My Lord, as you wish. Ladies, ladies, take your places, our Lord wishes perform an inspection of all of you." The matron called, as she clapped her hands for the women to line up, which they quickly did.

Xena The Conqueror was now once again in her full mode. With her hands clasped behind her back, she slowly walked the lines of her women. As she did, she let her hands touch whatever they felt like touching, and she watched the response of each as she made some of the intimate touches.
She wasn't concerned as to whether she could elicit the responses, she was in the mood just to hear them. She came to one young woman and cocking her head at her as she let her gaze peruse the woman's body. She had a caramel complexion with big brown eyes that were almond shaped, long dark hair, and innocence written all over her, except for her shapely body.

Xena's hand came up and caught the girl unexpectedly by her chin. She lifted the girl's head to look in her eyes, and a look of lust shot from Xena's eyes as the young girl had some minimal attributes of Diana. Xena's eyes were piercing, her teeth bared as she leaned down and took the young woman's
mouth, and ravaged it. The young woman could do nothing but moan and hold on tightly to Her Lord's arm. When Xena finally broke the kiss just as abruptly as she had started, she let go of the girl and then with a final look at the swaying young woman, she turned and headed back out of the chamber. As she went she called over her shoulder back to the matron.

"When I call for anyone, it will be her you send to me!" Xena then went through the open doors, and was gone as quickly as she had come. The young woman then took that moment to touch her lips, and with a look of sheer joy and pleasure, she fainted, a smile on her face.

The Matron went and had the other women help the swooning woman to her bedroll, and she looked up at the others who were whispering excitedly about The Conqueror wanting one of them again. The Matron gave a gentle smile at all of them and said with mixed emotions.

"Yes, to be chosen to attend to the needs of the Conqueror would appear to be a wonderful thing. But the fact of the matter is that when she calls for one of us, it is only because she is angry at her highness, and we are here to fill her needs until they are back on course."


The problem with that is there is no one who can satisfy The Conqueror except for Her Highness. We can provide only limited satisfaction and that being on our knees. We are not capable, no one is, except Queen Diana, of relieving that great need. So, yes, be happy for Mirra, but pray to the Gods that Our Lord is not in a bad mood, otherwise the greatest day of her life will also be last." With those words, all of the women went silent and into a thoughtful mode.

The next days and weeks were unbearable for Diana, but she had not choice but to endure. She had been punished more times than she cared to remember, as had Kalissa and Ludmilla, for their failure in performing their duties of having Diana ready, because of Diana's morning tantrums. Albeit it she never spoke, she just threw things or refused to move from her bed, or refused to get dressed. But as the last week of the month approached, Diana was thoroughly depressed, but respectful and attentive to Xena's commands of her.

Xena was pleased with Diana's behavior that week, and one day as she and Diana were heading to their chambers she changed what had become the norm.

"No, here." Xena ordered the bearers to bring Diana into her chamber. Diana glanced at Xena as she was taken past Xena into their old chamber, which she had not been in since being ordered to reside in the connecting chamber.

The bearers stopped to wait for Xena's orders as to where she wanted Diana put down at specifically. Xena gave a nod of her head that indicated they were to take her to the bedchamber. Diana was put down near the bed, but she did not move from the litter until Xena told her what she wanted. Xena dismissed the bearers and gave orders to Kalissa, and then dismissed her. She then turned and focused on the perplexed looking young woman still sitting on the litter.

Remove your clothes and get on the bed Consort." Xena said simply, as she went about pouring herself something to drink and then stood watching Diana carry out her order. Diana remained on the litter after she was nude, her body glistening from a fine layer of perspiration that was a constant
with her, considering she had not been allowed a release since her long painful punishment started.

Diana's eyes were identical to her Lord's the whole time, showing that she was continuously in need and ready for Xena to take her anytime she was ready to.

"Get on the bed, on your back." Again stated matter-of-factly. But Diana moved onto the bed and positioned herself as she was ordered.

Xena strolled over to the bed, and glancing casually over Diana's trembling body. She set her goblet down on the table next to the bed, and then she began to remove her own clothes. Diana's eyes filled with tears at the thought that Xena was going to make love to her after so long.

Xena saw the emotion, although she had felt it the moment she told Diana to remove her clothes. Xena moved onto the bed next to Diana. She positioned herself so that she was looking down at Diana.

"Diana, I have been very pleased with your behavior this last week and I decided it was time for me to forgive you for your disobedience. Tell me I have made my point with you, and I will make love to my kitten.

"I won't do this ever again Xena, I promise." Diana said with all the conviction she could muster.

Xena's eyes narrowed in thought as she let Diana's eyes tell her what her mouth had just said.

"Then I forgive you kitten, I have missed you terribly, I..." Xena didn't have time to stop before Diana reached up and pulled her down to her and took Xena's mouth.

Xena didn't pull back, but instead changed who was in control. She ravished Diana's mouth. Diana and Xena moaned into each other's mouths, their needs bursting forth. Xena lifted her head away from Diana's lips, and looking deeply into Diana's sapphire eyes, saw them pleading with her to not stop.

"I have no intentions of stopping Kitten." Xena then planted a passion filled kiss to Diana's receptive lips once again.

By the time Diana and Xena came up for air, they were exhausted and spent. Diana slipped into a deep slumber as Xena lay with her in her arms. She just caressed Diana's arm as she held her tightly and nuzzled her face in Diana's thick mane.

Xena soon drifted off.

Over the next weeks, although Diana was not on Xena's list any longer and they were back in the same bedchambers and things, Diana was silently depressed. She did not show it outwardly, but the baby issue still had not left her thoughts. In fact, after overhearing a conversation between the
servants about having seen Lady Xena and Lady Noor in the market place in one of the other provinces, and that Noor was seen to be showing, Diana's depression surrounded her heart.

Meanwhile, back at Lord Questra's Palace, Gabrielle had become more of herself. She was actually more receptive to the notion of having children with Questra, but only after weeks of reassurance and support and warnings, from Questra.

"Ques...if we do this, you will make sure that you will talk to Xena about some of the options that we came up with that could possibly allow Diana to bear children with Xena right?"

"Blossom, you have my word I will talk with Lord Xena about your ideas."

"Do you think they are good ideas?"

"Yes, for the tenth time. But Gabrielle, you need to be aware that there is a real possibility that Xena will still say no. You know she has excellent reasons for her concerns, and I will not diminish those concerns. So if she decides that the ideas are not prudent...for whatever reason, you will accept
that and let it be, right?"



"I promise."

"Good. Now....can we begin our procreating?" Questra's gaze was seductive and desirous.

Gabrielle blushed, and then lowered her eyes, ever so slightly, to indicate that she was in agreement. Questra understood and did not waste time. A bright smile lighting her face and eyes, she swept Gabrielle up into her arms and carried her to their bedchamber.

Their kiss continued as Questra set Gabrielle down on the floor and they began to undress each other frantically, nearly ripping the clothes from one another's bodies. Questra had a little problem with one of the clasps on Gabrielle's skirt, so she just ripped it off of her as a curse escaped her lips.

When they were both nude, Questra once again took a moment and looking deep into Gabrielle's eyes, she whispered with the love she felt.

"I will always cherish you blossom. Thank you for your love."

Gabrielle's eyes nearly instantaneously filled with tears as Questra brought both her hands to either side of Gabrielle's face. Holding each cheek ever so gently between them, she leaned forward and Gabrielle lifted upwards and they brought their lips together. The depth of their devotion to each
other flowed freely and completely over them.

Questra heard herself and Gabrielle moan and her heart skipped a few beats. She ever so gently lifted Gabrielle back up into her arms, their kiss once again carrying them through to their next destination. Easing Gabrielle down onto the bed, Questra positioned herself over her and slowly began to kiss every part of Gabrielle's hot blushing body, starting with her forehead.

She held her weight up off of Gabrielle for the most part, although their bodies were touching in all of the right spots for both of them. They kissed and caressed over each other's body, and slowly Questra nibbled, kissed and sucked her way down Gabrielle's ready body.

Gabrielle's pink tipped, hard nipples sent shockwaves through her when Questra's tongue loved over them. When she sucked one and then the other into her mouth, Gabrielle was ready to release at that moment. After a few more pleading moments of asking Questra to take her, she released once, and Questra simply smiled and continued to suck on the panting, out of breath, young woman's nipples. Soon they were once again just as hard and sensitive. Once Questra had returned the nipples to where she wanted them, she then moved downwards.

She took a few minutes to play with Gabrielle's belly button and even to run one of her fingernails down Gabrielle's side, making Gabrielle try to stifle a giggle as well as a deep moaning sigh. Questra used one of her hands to ease Gabrielle's legs apart further, and then she moved to position
herself between.

Gabrielle was already ready for Questra to take her, her nectar's aroma permeating the air, and Questra felt drunk from the sweet scent. Without further foreplay of such, she used one of her hands to spread Gabrielle's nethers so that she could go right for the button. Questra's tongue lashed
out and took a swipe over the throbbing button, and Gabrielle would have jumped out of her skin had it not been for Questra holding her in place.

Questra smiled at the taste of Gabrielle's already expended essences, but she was not through. Her tongue then licked along the inner nether of one side and then she repeated it on the other side. Gabrielle was desperate for Questra to cover her button, but at the moment Questra wanted to
continue tasting her Consort's sweet juices. Her tongue and mouth soon took on a mind of their own as they ravaged Gabrielle's blossom. Gabrielle released a few more times as a result, but this time Questra absorbed all of it, she then eased back up the spent young woman's body and placed a sweet kiss to her lips. She allowed Gabrielle to rest for a moment, even allowed her to take a nap briefly. But Questra was not about to let things end before she put Gabrielle with child. After waiting for a few minutes to see if Gabrielle was going to wake up on her own, Questra began kissing and
sucking on very sensitive places, so much so that Gabrielle was brought back to consciousness moaning and squirming.

It was while Gabrielle was moving in such fashion that Questra positioned herself between Gabrielle's muscular thighs. Using her own powerful thighs she lifted Gabrielle's bottom up off of the bed with her mind and placed a pillow underneath her. She lowered her back and now Gabrielle's
hips were elevated, and her legs spread. Questra used the gift that was given to her after she and Gabrielle were bonded and she entered into her love's blossom.

Gabrielle's breath caught as she inhaled deeply, and then Questra and Gabrielle's bodies danced to a rhythm of love all their own. Suddenly, just before Gabrielle was about to release, Questra's gift connected onto the opening of Gabrielle's core and she used her body weight to hold Gabrielle
down and in place, because of what Xena told her would happen if she didn't when she released.

Questra's grip on Gabrielle's wrists, that were now pulled over her head and held down on the bed, was firm but not painful. Suddenly both her's and Gabrielle's heads whipped back and they locked there. Gabrielle could only move how Questra was now moving them, her thrusts deep and
forceful. At the moment of their release, Questra's head whipped down and she took Gabrielle's open mouth and ravaged it as she sucked the air from Gabrielle, and Gabrielle tried to suck back. The force of Questra's release was pretty much the same reaction when Lady Xena and Noor conceived. Gabrielle's release was intense, and flowing, but Questra's forceful release overrode Gabrielle's and after a moment with both still releasing, they both felt an electrical shock race up their spines. Neither could help but allow the heavenly sensation of conception to milk the fertile seeds
from Questra as Gabrielle's body now seem to be in reverse mode as it sucked Questra's Gift of the seeds that would lead to them having a family of their very own. Questra was only able to send one thought to Gabrielle and Gabrielle could only return one.

"I love you with all I am Gabrielle and I will forever be humbled by your gift this night to me, for us."

"You're welcome My Lord, and I will always love you with all that is in me. Thank you for choosing me to gift you with children, and for loving only me."

With those words thought with their minds and sent to one another, neither Gabrielle or Questra remembered repositioning themselves before they fell into a deep slumber for the next 5 days, and the servants were the only ones to attend to the two women. The servants saw how the two were laying in bed, both had smiles on their faces, although they were asleep. It seemed as though they were passing secrets to one another they way they laid facing each other, only a hairs breath away from each other's face. They also, saw strangely enough, that one of Gabrielle's hands was on her belly, and one of their Lord's hands was covering Gabrielle's, both appearing to appreciate
something that was only known to them at that moment.


The end of Second Chance Blessings 2
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