Second Chance Blessings
By D.virtue

“ Then we’ll treasure the experience.” Noor said with a bright smile.

“ So Lady Xena, what’s going on? I would have thought you would have bedded
your Consort the same night you bonded?”

“ That was my plan, but I discovered that she was a virgin?”

“ Of Course she was, what did you expect?”

“ I truly didn’t expect that, I mean you know how much such a thing means?”

“ Yes I do.”

“ Anyway, I was so mood by your ‘s and Diana’s gift, that I just wanted to
enjoy having her, holding her, just feeling that pure light in her.”

“ I understand. But that doesn’t answer why you still haven’t?”

“ I wanted to know something before I did?”

“ What?”

“ I’m sure you realize the significance of Diana’s actual shield?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well, with you and I being....twins for a lack of a better term, and Noor
being the same physically, then I was wondering if....”

“ If you can reform Noor’s virginal state?” Xena said finishing Lady Xena’s

“ Yes. To be perfectly honest.”

“ If I told you you couldn’t, would that change your feelings towards Noor?”

“ Not in the least. She is my life, my light, my everything. This was just a
question that I had thought about this morning.”

“ I see. How does Noor feel about this question, or did you tell her?”

“ No I told her, and she thought it was something that I should find out, not
only for me, but also for herself, especially since it is her body that will
be feeling the pain of that claiming.”

“ Hmm...and you just want to know if it is....available?”

“ Yes.”

Xena stopped and looked at Lady Xena thoughtfully, and then she glance back
at Noor and Diana talking, and laughing with each other. Xena then looked
back at Lady Xena and then turning around and facing back the way they had
come from, Xena then said in a nonchalant voice, as she headed back in that

“ Yes.” Was her simple answer.

“ Yes?!”

Xena glanced over at Lady Xena and raised a brow at her.

“ Yes. You can reform....both.” Xena added.

“ Both??”

Lord Xena then smirked and walked on. Lady Xena looked over at Xena and
nodded her head in true appreciation.

“ Thank you Lord Xena, I am so grateful to you for all of this, and your
forgiveness, it is more than I could have ever thought imaginable.”

“ I didn’t think I would be so willing, but you have earned the right to be
happy, I wish you both the very best.” Xena said as she glanced over at the
other Xena.

The two arrived back over where Diana and Noor sat talking.

“ Finally you two made it back?”

“ Did you find out what you wanted to know My Lady?” Noor asked as her Xena
settled in behind her. And Diana’s settled down next to her and leaned back
on the tree for support, and pulled Diana into her arms.

“ Yes.” Was lady Xena’s simple answer.

“ Lord Xena, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Nebula, she’s
such a wonderful person, I think there maybe something about to happen
between us, I mean I feel so close to her already, and I just met her.”

“ Your welcome Jeanni.”

“ Are you ready Jeanni?” Nebula asked coming over to where Jeanni had walked
over to.

“ Yes, I’m ready.”

“ Where are you two off to?” Diana asked.

“ To Summaria, to see Nebula’s homeland, then I’ll take her to see mine.”
Jeanni said with a bright smile to Nebula, who smirked at the acknowledgement.

“ Jeanni wait for me, and I will be right with you okay?”

“ Alright.” Jeanni replied as she gave a bow to Lord Xena and Lord Questra
and then walked a short distant away.

“ Lord Xena. Thank you, I never thought I would find anyone I could be
interested in.”

“ Your welcome, now maybe you’ll leave my Consort alone?” Xena said with
amusement in her eyes.

“ Yes, well the way things seem to be going, I think.....well, hopefully
things continue the way they seem to be going.” Nebula said being cautious
with her feelings.

“ I understand, well I hope the two of you will be happy, your both good
people, and excellent warriors.”

“ Thank you for that.” Nebula remarked.

“ Nebula, don’t be a stranger, and I don’t expect to hear that you’ve gotten
bonded without asking us to be there?” Diana chimed in.

“ I would never think of not inviting all of you, especially you Diana.”
Nebula said as she gave a hug to Diana and then a warrior’s handshake to
Xena, and bowing to Lord Questra while saying her goodbyes to Gabrielle and
the others.

Nebula then turned and headed over to where Jeanni stood waiting for her. The
two looked back and waved at everyone and then turned and headed away from
the lake talking to each other.

“ Well Ladies, me and My Amazons need to be getting back, but it has been
wonderful as always being here with all of you. Noor, Lady Xena, it has been
a pleasure, I look forward to seeing more of the two of you, maybe you will
come and visit me and my Amazons on our land?” Queen Ephiny said as she and
her Amazons all came to their feet along with Shatara, who was going to see
Ephiny out.

“ The pleasure was ours Queen Ephiny, and we would love to come and visit.”
Lady Xena answered as she gave a warriors Handshake to Queen Ephiny, and
Shatara. Elain and Charli both said their goodbyes to everyone and they all
headed away from the lake.

“ Well....Lord Xena...” Questra drawled.

“ Well what Lord Questra?”

“ It appears to me that you have become quite....well....the match maker for
lack of a better word.”

“ Ha, well I wouldn’t say all of that?”

“ I would.” Diana said as she interjected her two cent.

“ So would I.” Ephiny said joining the conversation.

“ I’d say so also.” Gabrielle added.

“ Well I’m not.” Xena said defensively.

“ my Love feeling picked on?” Diana teased.

Xena cut her eyes over to her and with a silky voice she said, “ Wait until
we’re alone, we’ll have a who’s being picked on.”

“ Just kidding.” Diana remarked quickly.

“ Uh-huh, but I wasn’t Consort.”

Diana then took a drink of her water, and Xena smirked and then turned her
attention back to the others.

“ As for all of you, I suggest you drop this.”

“ No offense meant Lord Xena, but it is true.” Questra said as she smirked at
Xena and then dropped the subject.

“ Good.” Xena said relieved that everyone was letting the subject drop.

“ So....Noor, now that your with Lady Xena, what is your plans as far as your
life?” Gabrielle asked curious about how Noor would spend her days.

“ Are you asking me what type of work I plan on doing?”

“ Yes, I mean I know you and Diana are two different people in some ways, but
I would still think you two have the same skills if nothing else?”

“ Your right Gabrielle, I do have a lot of the same skills Diana has when it
comes to my knowledge base.”

“ So....what are you going to do?”

Noor glanced back at her Xena and then leaned into her, as Xena wrapped her
arms around her light.

“ I’ll work from our home. I plan on being home for My Lady Love when she
comes home from a hard days work.”

“ Your going to be a homemaker??” both Diana and Gabrielle asked in complete

“ Yes.” Noor said with knitted brows at the two people’s reaction.

“ What’s wrong with that?” Lord Xena asked mainly of Diana, but also of

“ Well...It was your idea for her to stay home wasn’t it Lady Xena?”
Gabrielle asked.

“ No, Actually My Lady asked me what I wanted to do, and she was more than
willing to let me do whatever I wanted, whatever would make me happy and be
fulfilling for me.”

“ And?” Diana asked as she looked completely stunned.

“ And I thought it was the most wonderful thing thing, but my only thought
was what would make My Lady the happiest.”

“ What about your own happiness?” Diana asked somewhat in wonder.

Lord Xena cut her eyes over to Diana with wonder of her own in them, and then
back to Noor.

“ I’m happy when My Lady is happy, and therefore I asked her what her heart
wanted, at first she kept trying to get me to choose something, but I felt a
longing in her, and therefore I pressed her to tell me what she wanted, and
she did. I couldn’t be happier about it either, it tells me that she
appreciates me.”

“ I not only appreciate you, I adore you.” Lady Xena added. Noor blushed and
smiled brightly at her, and hugged her arms tighter around lady Xena’s
embracing arms.

Diana smiled and nodded her head. Questra held Gabrielle closer, and Lord
Xena studied the two.

“ I think you are very lucky Lady Xena.” Lord Xena remarked.

“ I think so too, thanks to you and Diana.”

“ Yes, well just continue to be happy.” Xena said as she came to her feet.

“ Lady Xena, you and Noor are more than welcome to stay as long as you like
here at the palace while your visiting.” Xena offered.

“ well we wouldn’t want to be in the way?”

“ You wouldn’t, I’ll have one of the servants prepare one of the guess rooms.
Diana.” Xena called as Diana came to her feet and went to stand by Xena. “
We’ll wish you all a good night.” Xena then turned and her and Diana strided
away, heading for the palace.

Once the two of them were in their chamber, Xena went about getting ready to
turn in for the night, she had a lot of things on her mind, but Diana was not
ready to go to bed just yet, at least not sleep.

The two went and got into the bath to clean up and Xena sat in the bath just
watching and listening to Diana.

“ So what do you think about that? She’s going to waste her talents by
staying home.”

“ Why is that a waste?”

“ What do you mean why? Xena, she could be or do anything, and yet she’s just
going to stay at home waiting for Lady Xena to walk in the door, as if she’s
a pet waiting for her master to come home and pet her, it just doesn’t make
sense to me, I mean I think it is wonderful that she wants to make Lady Xena
happy, but I don’t know about just staying home.”

“ Diana are you telling me that if I allowed you to do whatever you wanted
that you would choose to leave here every morning to go and work somewhere

“ Xena it’s a little different for us, I mean this is a palace and there are
plenty of jobs to be done within the palace itself.”

“ So your saying that if I asked you to not work but just attend to me, you
would have a problem with that?”

Diana looked up at Xena with perplexed look on her face.

“ Xena, of course I wouldn’t have a problem tending to you, I do that now.”

“ Do you?”

“ Yes. Are you saying I don’t?”

“ No.”

“ Okay then.” Diana said as she went back to cleaning herself up. “ Well I
will see you in the bedchamber Xena.”

“ Hmm....okay?” Xena said studying the young woman, as she left the bath.

Xena came out after a bit and after checking over a parchment or two she went
and got into bed.

“ What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes.’s been a long day, how are you feeling?” Diana asked

“ Tired. Sweet dreams kitten.” Xena said as she kissed Diana and just as
Diana reached for her, Xena broke the kiss and laid down and rolled over and
closed her eyes and proceeded to go to sleep.

“ Xena?”

“ Kitten I’m really tired.” Xena replied.

“ Okay, well sweet dreams.”

“ Hm.” Xena said as she snuggled into her pillow.

Diana laid on her back awake for candlemarks due to her aroused state.
Eventually she drifted off, and Xena got up and dressed and went to go to her
private library for a while.

“ Lord Xena?”

Xena looked over and saw Noor sitting with a few scrolls laid out in front of

“ Noor? I thought you would be with Lady Xena?”

“ I was, but she wasn’t ready to take me in that way yet, she wants to be at
our home when we experience that. So we made love and in other ways, and
before she drifted off I asked if I could come to the library and read for a
bit, she thought it was a good idea, considering how much I like to read, she
thought I would really find the library quite impressive. She was right, it’s

“ Thank you.”

“ So what brings you here this time of night?”

“ I was coming to write for a while, I have a lot on my mind.”

“ Hmm....well I don’t want to hold you up if you want to leave?”

Xena studied the young girl for a moment, and then she smiled.

“ No, I think I will enjoy the company, if you feel like keeping me company
for a while?”

“ It would be my pleasure Lord Xena.” Noor said as she gestured for Xena to
sit down.

“ So, where is Diana?”

“ She’s in bed asleep.”

“ Aha, I’m sure you’ve worn her out, I can’t wait until My Lady and I are
together in that way, I can only imagine.”

“ Well....actually, we didn’t, I had a lot on my mind.”

“ Now that’s amazing to me. I mean from what My Lady told me about you and
Diana’s relationship, it was full of a constant sexual energy?”

“ It’s true.”

“ Then I don’t understand, I mean, Diana is the most beautiful woman I have
ever seen, and she is the sweetest and most loving, although impulsive,
person as well.”

“ Your right, she is all of that.”

Noor studied Xena for a bit, and then she put the scroll she had in her hand

“ You know Lord Xena, I saw how you looked at Diana when she asked me about
my own happiness, it was as if you thought that’s what she thought about her
own relationship. Do you think Diana isn’t happy?”

“ No, I know she’s happy.”

“ But are you happy?”

“ Very.” Xena said picking up a scroll and scanning over it.”

“ I believe you, but there is obviously something that you want, that your
seeing how much you want?”

Xena looked over her brows at the young girl, and then she cocked her head
and put the scroll down.

“ You seem to be very perceptive?”

“ Isn’t Diana?”

“ Yes, but sometimes she loses focus.”

“ She’s comfortable with you.”

“ Which is how it should be.” Xena asserted.

“ Yes, your right it should be. But you feel like there’s something missing,
something that would just turn you into a big marshmallow if Diana were to
accommodate you?”

Xena smirked at the marshmallow comment.

“ Okay, maybe marshmallow was a little over the top. But I think you would
love for Diana to do what I’m doing for My Lady?”

Xena didn’t answer she just listened.

“ and My Xena are alike in that.”

“ What?”

“ Not wanting to admit anything. Anyway, I know Diana adores you, as much as
you do her, I also believe that while Diana is involved with so many things,
I think she is only doing it to try to please you.”

“ What?”

“ Yes, the story that My Lady has told me about Diana, is both heartbreaking
and heartwarming, with most of that warmth coming from her time with you, the
other part is those of her sisters.”

Xena still said nothing but now she sat back on the chair and regarded the
young girl more.

“ Now I’m not saying that she does not enjoy working, I think she finds some
fulfillment in it, also it’s a way for her to make an identity for herself,
especially considering she was the head of some of the most powerful
companies in her time, and was a rich as you are here, yet she’s given all of
that up for you, albeit she didn’t have much choice about it initially, but I
bet now if you were to ask her if she wanted to return to her time even if
you two were to breakup, which will never happen, but still, I know she would
probably say her home is here, no matter what happens with the two of you.
But I know Diana would make her name known throughout the lands if you two
were not together, to be perfectly honest, she would and could be just as
successful as you are if you two were not together.”

“ So your saying I’m holding her back?”

“ No. I think Diana has been subconsciously looking for someone to help her
discover who she really is, and what truly makes her happy, she has always
been under someone elses thumb, and although she lived with it, did not mean
that she liked it. But there is a difference here.”

” Oh?”

“ Yes. I’m surprised you of all people don’t see it?”

“ Tell me.”

“ With Diana’s other Chosen, My Lady told me that they had asked her to marry
them at one point or another?”

“ Yes.”

“ But yet she didn’t even consider their offer, why?”

“ Why?”

“ Because she did not love them the way she loves you, yes there was the
connection between her and all of you, but the love she has for you is deeper
than that connection Rah created in her, I think if you were to allow her
more freedom, you will be surprised by the effect?”

“ What effect?”

“ I think you can change Diana way of thinking about certain things if your
willing to trust that she will be alright?”

“ I trust Diana.”

“ I know, it’s everyone else you don’t trust around her, strangers I mean.”

“ So what’s your point Noor?”

Noor smiled patiently at Lord Xena and then continued.

“ You know I have a lot of Diana’s characteristics, and feelings, albeit not
necessarily the same in how it’s presented. But I know that when My Lady
asked me what I wanted to do and would have accepted my choice, it was enough
for me that she even asked, yet alone be willing to accept it, knowing her
heart wanted me to be always available to and for her. I cherish the idea of
taking care of My Lady. It’s an incredible site to see her smile, that bright
full radiant mother of pearl showing toothy smile. It just touches me to my
core, and just to think of it, makes me you can see?” Noor said
bringing her hand to one of her cheeks.

Xena smirked and then she smiled at the blushing young girl.

“ So, your saying if I allow Diana....more freedom.....then she choose to
stay near me?”

“ Lord Xena, Diana does not want to get away from you, she is just trying to
figure out who she is and what will make her the happiest, thereby, being
able to make you happy.”

“ I know she doesn’t want to get away from me, but I am so set in my ways.
I’m use to controlling things, and people, especially Diana. But.....I
understand what your saying. She’s been asking me about this next trip with
Princess Nebula.”

“ And?”

“ I told her I’d think about it.”

“ well, I think you should think about it, and then decide.”

Xena regarded the young girl for long moments, and then she said as she came
to her feet.

“ Although your not Diana, and I realize there are great differences between
the two of you, your wisdom and her’s still amaze me. Thanks for keeping me

“ Your welcome Lord Xena, and thank you for the compliment.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena then brought her hand up to the young girl’s cheek and
gave a gentle caress of it as she looked into the girl’s eyes.

“ Your blushing Noor.” Xena said as she lowered her hand and then turned and
walked back out of the Library, rather than staying and going to write.

Noor blushed more, and then laughed at herself and then picked up one of the
scrolls and went back to reading. Xena meanwhile returned to her chamber and
removing her clothes she climbed back into the bed next to Diana.

Xena pulled Diana into her arms and Diana stretched, but rolled into Xena’s
arms and snuggled close. Xena smiled and kissed Diana’s forehead, and then
she brought her other arm up behind her head, while holding Diana tightly
with her other arm.

Noor returned to her’s and Lady Xena’s chamber and after removing her clothes
she climbed into bed.

“ Hmm...I’m glad your back, I was missing you.” Lady Xena said through a
yawn, as she opened her arms for Noor to come into.

“ I’m sorry work you, I’ll be more careful.”

“ You can try, but I would know when you left and came back before you even
came into the room. “

“ are you saying that a part of you is missing when I’m not near?”

“ That’s exactly what I’m saying my belove it.” Lady Xena remarked as she
rolled over top of Noor. ‘ Now let see how many ways I can bring you to
ecstasy without claiming you in that way my sweet belove it.”

“ Xena....” Noor said as she wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and planted
an arden kiss on her, that lit Xena’s passions. By the time the morning came,
Noor was exhausted, and remained sleeping when the servant brought their
breakfast to the chamber that Noor had asked to have brought up the night
before, for the next morning.

Lady Xena had the servant bring the tray of food over to the bed, and then
she dismissed her. She then uncovered part of Noor’s body, exposing her
breast, and with a feather light touch, she covered the sleeping woman’s
nipples with some of the peach cream, and she then ran it along the girls
belly, straight down.

Noor sighed, but did not wake up. Xena smiled, and then after taking a drink
of her cold Goblet of milk, she then straddled Noor’s body with her own, only
she did not touch her, but instead held herself up off of the girl as she
then lowered her head to Noor’s cream Peach covered nipple.

She let her tongue glaze over one of the peaks, and Noor moaned. Lady Xena
then began licking at the peak and Noor moaned again, and just as her eyes
begun fluttering to open, Lady Xena sucked one of the peaks into her mouth
and sucked ardenly on it.

Noor’s eyes shot open and she called Xena’s Name.

“ Xena.....?”

Xena answered without removing her mouth. Noor’s hand’s wrapped in Xena’s
heavy tresses, as Xena slowly worked her way over the cream on Noor’s body,
Noor was squirming, and her breathing labored as Xena finally made her way to
Noor’s passion flower.

Lady Xena ran her tongue over Noor’s pulsating clit. Noor’s breathing was now
more of a pant. Then Noor’s body begun trembling just as Lady Xena slipped
her tongue inside of the young woman’s essence, after a few minutes, Noor’s
body stiffened, and her breath cut off, as her ecstasy waved over her.

Lady Xena feasted off of the young woman’s cream, all without deflowering
her. By the time she allowed the young woman’s body to rest. Lady Xena
crawled back up Noor’s heavily breathing body, and balanced on her elbows, as
she looked down with a catlike grin on her face.

“ You are sooo......very sweet My Belove it.”

“, are something My Lady love.” Noor managed as her
breathing slowly returned to it’s regular rate.

Lady Xena lowered her head and kissed Noor’s sweet lips, tenderly and

Meanwhile, Xena was awake and dressed, by the time Diana woke up.

“ Well sleepy head, you finally woke up. How did you sleep?”

“ Mmm...fine. How about you?”

“ Fine, but now I think it’s time for you to get up so we can get to the
Royal court.”

“ Hm...okay.”

After Diana had dressed she and Xena went to the Royal court where Xena held
session. Diana whispered to Xena through the session about each case, and at
times would ask a question. After Court, Xena had a few meetings with some of
her Advisors.

“ Do you need me for those meeting?” Diana asked.

“ Why? What is it that you want to do?”

“ I was going to go talk to one of the navigators.”

“ Why are you going to talk to them?”

“ Well I figured you would let me go with Nebula on her next discovery
adventure, so I wanted to start getting things set.”

Xena pinched her lips, and then looking around for a moment as if trying to
decide on how to tell Diana something she would not want to hear, she looked
back at Diana who was patiently waiting for Xena to answer her question about
going to talk to the Navigator.

“ No, I can handle these, I’ll see you later, or sooner if I decide I want
you to come to me.” Xena said as she lifted Diana’s chin to look her in the

Diana was so excited, that she did not catch the longing look in Xena’s eyes,
until after Xena had kissed her and was walking away. Then she stood for a
moment wondering if she saw what she thought she saw, but then she let the
thought fade to the back of her mind, as it seemed from Xena’s stride that
everything was fine.

Diana strolled away and went to talk to one of the main Navigators. While
Xena was in her meeting, which she held in one of the chambers overlooking
one of the fields. Xena saw a very contrasting sight.

Just a little off to one side was Gabrielle and Questra, they were sitting in
the grass with Questra lying on her side balanced on one elbow, caressing up
and down Gabrielle’s thighs, as they whispered sweet nothings to each other.
Then there was Lady Xena and Noor off to the opposite side, a distances away
sitting under a tree with Noor evidently trying out different foods on her,
as she fed her with her fingers, and then Lady Xena would hold the finger in
her mouth and suck on each one for a few minutes and Noor would blush and
then Lady Xena would pull her in for a sweet passionate kiss, and then after
Noor would stop swaying she would reach for another tasty bite of food, and
bring it up to her Xena’s mouth and Xena would do the same thing with each

Lord Xena watched the two couples as their Consorts softness shined brightly.
Xena sighed to herself as she half listened to one of her Advisors telling
the others one of the provinces of Greece were having a treaty problem with
one of the descendants of Khan and his land.

Xena spoke to them without looking away from what she was now looking at,
when she finished her comment the advisors excitedly spoke about her plans.
Xena meanwhile continued to watch her Consort and Tasen, one of her
navigators talk, and go over a list of items on some scrolls, and Diana would
at times draw a line through something and add something else.

Xena watched Diana and saw how determined and focused she was, Xena watched
her brilliant Consort sit down on the grass just below the window of the
chamber she was in and Tasen sat next to her and Diana opened a blank
parchment and begun sketching on it. Then when she finished she showed it to
Tasen who was in awe at how detailed the impromptu drawing was.

Xena looked down at the drawing and saw that Diana had drawn her next
development project down to the landscape. Xena shook her head in
frustration, anger, hurt, and disappointment. Xena knew Diana, and despite
what anyone said, Diana was looking forward to going on the next adventure. X

Xena suddenly turned and called an end to the meeting and she left out of the
chamber leaving the advisors with their mouths hanging open. She headed for
her’s and Diana’s chamber and once she was there she sat down at the table in
their bedchambers and thought.

Xena thought about how much she adored Diana and how much she wanted her to
be completely happy, she thought about them being away from each other for
the length of time the development was going to take. She thought about
everything different people had told her, and especially about what Noor had
told her. Xena figured that Noor had more insight into Diana’s psyche than
anyone, considering she was made form Diana’s D.N.A.

“ Let her go huh? Alright, I will, Diana my kitten, you are about to have
that freedom you want to explore and develop.” Xena thought to herself, as a
determined gaze lit her eyes.

Later that evening when they had all met for evening meal, Xena was quiet
doing most of the conversations, but pleasant. She teased Diana with food,
and kissed her along her neck and every now and then she would daze Diana
with a passionate kiss, which would leave Diana breathless and weak.

Diana’s eyes would sparkle from Xena’s passion, and she would snuggle closer
to Xena and sigh. Xena saw her plan was working, but it was a lot more to be
done, which the majority would take place as soon as the conversation
changed, if it ever did.

Xena waited patiently for all the different conversations to take place and
then finally.....Diana brought up the subject.

“ Well, I’ll be leaving soon to go on the next voyage with Nebula, and I
would suspect Jeanni will be joining on us this one, considering how they’ve
become friends, and who knows what else. “

“ Oh, I didn’t know Xena said yes, you didn’t tell me sis.”

“ Oh, sorry, actually I just found out myself, anyway, it’s going to be
wonderful.” Diana said as she spoke to the group at the table.

“ Well Lord Xena, you said you were indebted to Nebula, but I thought you
paid that by matching her with Jeanni?” Questra asked wryly.

“ Well, Diana obviously wants to go, and I won’t stand in her way, I do want
her to be happy.” Xena said as she took a nonchalant sip of her wine, while
she looked at Questra, who happened to knit her brows for a split moment and
then returned her expression to one of neutral, although she knew something
was up.

“ Isn’t it wonderful, and Xena you won’t have to worry about us not being
able to see each other, we can do the same thing as last time.” Diana said
assuming Xena was in agreement.

“ Actually kitten, I won’t be able to come and see you while your gone, there
is just too many things that I have to get caught up on, I don’t know if I
will get all of it done even before you return.” Xena stated factually.

“ But Xena.....well, that’s alright, I can always come back here, so it’s no
problem.” Diana said offering the alternative.

“ That would be wonderful kitten.” Xena replied.

“ Good, then it’s all settled.”

“ But, I can’t promise that I will be available when you come, I really have
to handle these things, I mean with all of the time that has gone by, with
the war, your wandering, and everything, it’s just there is so much to be
done. I think we won’t see much of each other, therefore we won’t have a lot
of time together. But of course I will try, alright?” Xena said as she hugged
Diana to her.

“ No Xena, it’s not alright, I can’t handle not seeing you.” Diana said
turning slightly in the double chair to look at Xena.

“ I’m sorry kitten, it’s the best I can do.”

“ Xena how am I suppose to be able to concentrate on developing when there
will be so many things going on with me?”

“ Kitten if I could turn some of these things over to Questra or Gabrielle I

“ Why can’t you?”

“ Because they are going away for a second honeymoon for a while.”

Diana looked over at Questra and Gabrielle and both nodded. Diana took a deep
breath and then looked down at her hands.

“ Kitten, I know your disappointed, but I will be here when your done with
this development. I know how much you love making a name for yourself outside
of my shadow. I know your use to having something of your own, I mean you did
have your own companies, and was a powerful woman in your own right.”

“ Xena where is this coming from?” Diana asked looking around at Xena.

“ I was just thinking about things, and I realized that I may have been
hindering you, with my controlling ways, I decided to ease up and let you go
do what makes you happy, and it’s obvious it’s these voyages, and developing
and things.”

“ But Xena I’m not doing this for me, I mean, yes I enjoy it, but only
because I know you will appreciate it.”

“ Diana I know you think your doing this for me, but it’s not, The first time
was for me, but these others aren’t for me. ”

“ What do you mean? Xena of course I’m doing it for you, why else would I be
willing to go away for such long periods of time?”

“ I thought you were trying to discover who you were, find your own identity
external to us?”

“ Xena?” Diana said stunned, but then she turned to look out at everyone else
at the table who were listening to the conversation between the two. “ Lord
Questra is that what you see?”

Questra looked and spoke with compassion to Diana, but it made no difference,
her words were as sharp as a knife in Diana’s heart.

“ I’m sorry Diana, but that is what I see.”

“ Gabrielle?” Diana asked as her eyes moisten.

Gabrielle could only nod her head, as her own eyes glossed. Diana looked away
from her and then glanced up at Lady Xena.

“ It is the way it appears.”

Diana looked back down at her hands and then she heard Noor's voice.

“ Diana, I know it’s hard to accept, but it is how it appears. But we all
know you believed your doing this for Lord Xena, but I think you really need
to look in your heart and find out if it is for her, or if it was a way of
asserting your independence, I mean having never had true freedom to make
your own choices, your voyages would give you some control over your own
life.” Noor said knowing it was not Diana’s real motive.

“ That’s not it, I’m not doing this because I need to assert my independence.
I’m doing this because I love pleasing Xena.” Diana said with a smile as she
turned to look at Xena.

Xena smiled back.

“ Diana, can I ask you something?” Noor asked as she put her goblet back on
the table, to focus on Diana even more.

“ of course.”

“ Well......actually, Lord Xena, will you excuse Diana and myself for a few

“ Of course.”

“ My lady I will be right back alright?”

“ Certainly.”

Noor then stood up and invited Diana to come along with her. Diana stood up
and she and Noor stepped away from everyone else and went out of the dining
hall and down the corridor to the inside fountain.

“ So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about Noor?”

“ Diana, I know I’m a stranger virtually, to you, but you know that I know
you none the less, at least what’s inside, your subconscious, so therefore I
feel I can say what I’m about to say.”

“ Which is?”

“ Diana, you said you go on these voyages so that you can please Xena?”

“ Well yes, I mean I go because I know it pleases her when I develop a land
that was once dead, and after I finish with it it’s alive and full of life,
then it’s one more land that belongs to Xena.”

“ Diana I believe Xena does appreciate all that you do for her, but do you
really believe she likes when your away from her?”

“ No, I know she doesn’t like that part of it, but neither do I. But we both
realize it’s only for a short while.”

“ Diana, after everything that has happened to all of you, is going away what
you really want to do? I mean can’t you send others to do what you want, and
still be confident that they will do what you have designed?”

“ No, of course not. But I have to see the land to make sure that what I have
designed will work.”

“ Diana, I know you know there are ways to handle that without you having to
go on the voyage?”

Diana studied Noor for a moment and then she stood up and with a bright
smile, she hugged Noor tightly, and then letting her go, she turned to leave
and called over her shoulder.

“ Yes, yes there is. I need to talk to Xena. Thanks Noor, it looks like we
have another wise woman among us.”

“ Including yourself Di.”

Diana stopped and looked back at Noor, who had a brow raised in amusement.
Diana chuckled and then said as she opened her arm for Noor to come into,
which Noor did, and the two of them walked back to the dining hall talking,
with bright smiles on their faces. But when they arrived at the dining hall
they became serious, although their eyes showed amusement and then they
walked into the hall and heading over to the table where Xena and all of them
had stayed to continue to eat and talk.

Diana’s eyes locked with Xena, and she headed straight for her. Xena’s brows
knitted, but she went on to take the drink of wine she had waiting at her
mouth. Diana arrived at her, and without saying anything, she took her by the
hand, and pulled Xena from her seat.

Everyone, including Xena was stunned.

“ Diana?!” Xena exclaimed shocked at how Diana was able to pull her from her

“ Sorry, but we need to talk.” Diana said as she headed out of the dining
hall with Xena being slightly pulled behind her.

Diana pulled Xena to their bedchambers and Xena allowed herself to be lead,
although she studied Diana’s behavior. Finally, Diana let go of Xena’s hand
and then she turned to look at Xena.

“ You know, I was really hurt when you and the others said what you said?”

“ Kitten, you know we would never....” Xena started to explain, due to
Diana’s admission that she was hurt.

Diana walked up to her and put a finger over Xena’s lips to quiet her.

“ I’m not anymore, I realize what you all were saying was actually true.
Although I still have a lot to discover about myself, but I don’t need to do
it by going on these voyages, I mean I like them, but I would love them if
you were with me.....”

“ But kitten...”

“ But.....I realize that you can’t do that because of your responsibility as
Ruler, therefore.....after talking to the wise Noor.” Diana said with
amusement flashing in her eyes. Xena smirked, and then bit the inside of her
cheek to keep from laughing. “ She opened my eyes to something that I sort of
knew already, but didn’t know if I were ready to admit it or not.”

“ What’s that?”

“ Well....let’s just say I’m not going on the voyage.”

“ Really??” Xena asked as if she didn’t expect it.

“ Yes. I decided that I actually learn more about myself when I’m with you
than when I’m apart, so.....why go out there to try and find what is right
under my nose. I think I can coordinate everything that needs to be
coordinated from here.”

“ But What about your needing to see the lay of the land, so that you can
develop the plans?” Xena asked to see if Diana had answers for those things.

Diana turned away and headed over to the bed, and went to sit down on it.
Xena followed her and sat next to her, facing her.

“ I figure I would go to the actual land when they arrive at it, and stay
only during the day hours, and only maybe two or three times a week, and then
return back here to be here for you, if it’s alright with you that I go?”

Xena narrowed her eyes slightly as she regarded Diana and what Diana was
asking. After a few minutes, Xena begun undressing Diana, and laying her back
over the bed, Xena covered her and lowered her head to Diana’s and then
leaning slightly over to one side of Diana’s head, she whispered to her.

“ I like it, and I love you.”

Diana sighed, and Xena leaned back to look at the blushing young woman. She
then leaned in and kissed Diana’s sweet lips. Xena and Diana were not seen
for the next three days, and when they finally did emerge, it was Xena who
had to handle some of her Royal duties. Diana remained exhausted but

The next morning when Xena had arose and went to attend to things. Diana woke
up a candlemark later and it was that day that she decided she was going to
show Xena just how much she was actually enjoying their time together.

“ Ludmilla?!” Diana called out.

A few minutes later, Ludmilla entered into the bedchamber.

“ Yes your Highness?”

“ Find Kalissa, she’s probably with the priestesses.”

“ Yes Your highness.” Ludmilla went to find Kalissa, and then, after a while
Kalissa arrived at Diana’s and Xena’s chamber.

“ Your Majesty wanted to see me?”

“ Yes Kalissa, I want you to do something for me?”

“ Anything.”

“ I want you to arrange things so that I do not have to touch the ground with
my feet.” Diana said with a smirk, knowing Kalissa would know instantly what
she meant.

“ You mean it?”

“ Yes, I decided that the only time I need to walk anywhere is when I go away
to handle the land development, or if My Lord says it’s okay. But any other
time, I think I need to start getting use to people doing for me.”

“ What made you decide?”

“ I absolutely LOVED the last four days being in Xena’s arms, I can’t even
describe it. My heart just felt full and free, my head was spinning the whole
time, and I don’t me literally, I mean I felt dazed, in awe, you name it. The
light in Xena is sheer bliss, and my soul shivers when she’s near me,
completely unsteadied, and I am LOVING IT!!!! GODS!! I just.....Kalissa get
it done....within the next few candlemarks, I want to be waiting for MY Lord
in the Royal Dining Hall for noon meal, Gabrielle and Lord Questra, as well
as Lady Xena and Lady Noor will most likely be there as well.”

“ As your Highness wishes. Your Majesty, if I may say, I can tell you now,
Our Lord will be floored by this. I will go and make all of the arrangements,
and then I will return to help you with the other things. I will send in
Ludmilla in to bath and massage you, and the Royal Dresser will be waiting
to dress you. And by the time your ready to go to the Royal Dining hall, the
Bearers will be here waiting.”

“ Thank you Kalissa.” Diana then laid back down for a few minutes just
thinking about things.

A few minutes later, Ludmilla came in said reported that the bath was ready.
Diana put her slippers on, and robe and walked into the bath, after she was
bathe and massaged, she went out of the bathing chamber and was greeted by
the Royal Dresser.

“ Your Majesty, I think this will do well with you today.”

The Dresser then dressed and combed Diana’s hair, and Diana remained in the
chamber talking to Kalissa about some things, and then before noon meal,
Kalissa called for the Bearers.

Diana sat, and then leaned back on the couch type litter and swinging her
feet up, the Bearers then closed the sheer silver curtain, and they lifted
the couch and Diana, by the shafts, that were placed so that Diana’s weight
would be evenly distributed.

They left the chamber and carried Diana to the Royal dining hall, where the
table had been set. The Bearer’s lowered the liter so that Diana could step
out. Diana sat down in her’s and Xena’s chair, and dismissed the Bearers.

Diana thought about all of the comments that were made as she and the Bearers
passed them. Diana came out of her relervie, and ordered for the servants to
bring the drinks and food out, and have everything ready.

Diana sat there thinking and arranging things as she sat in the chair, and
then after about 15 minutes, Xena and everyone walked in. They were talking,
but when they saw Diana now standing beside the chair she was just sitting
on, they all stopped Talking and all of them looked at the way Diana was
dressed, and the demeanor she had on her face.

They walked over and Diana did not speak to any of them, except she bowed her
head, and lowered her eyes as Xena stood facing her. Xena’s brows knitted for
a moment, and then she saw a curl come to the corners of Diana’s mouth, and
she lifted her hand to Diana’s chin, and cupping it, she lifted Diana’s head
so that her eyes could see hers.

“ I love you.” Was all Xena said, and Diana blushed and beamed all at the
same time.

Xena pulled Diana to her and buried her face in Diana’s thick tresses, to
cover her emotions. Diana wrapped her arms around Xena and sighed into her,
and Xena let out a deep sigh of her own, and Gabrielle and Noor both inhaled
deeply and then hugged each of their respective mates arms tighter around

Finally, Xena had composed herself enough to lift her head and without taking
her eyes off of Diana she told everyone else to take a seat. She then kissed
Diana with the love she felt, and then turning they both sat down, and Xena
held Diana tightly to her, and continued to nuzzle and kiss on Diana’s neck.

Finally, Diana spoke to everyone else.

“ Hello everyone...AHH!” Her breath catching in her throat with Xena
capturing the bit of her neck where she had been kissing on. Diana shivered
as a result, and her attention went back to Xena.

Xena was lost in Diana’s behavior, and her only focus was on making Diana
happy about her decision. The next two years was complete bliss for all of
them, no wars, battles, no big disagreements, Xena had not had to raise her
hand to Diana once, in fact Xena was now even more loved by all of her
people, Diana was at Xena’s side supporting her, but at the same time, she
had developed three new lands, without ever having to get on a ship.

Nebula and Jeanni’s relationship had blossom into a foreseeable bonding in
the near future. Shatara and Ephiny had their bonding on Amazon land in the
Amazon tradition, Gabrielle’s position as Royal scribe and Princess, were now
fully in use, as Xena had her scribing all sorts of things, and Lord Questra
looked to Gabrielle for advice on political issues. Elain and Charli, also
were now a bonded couple, and they all spent lots of time at the Palace.

Noor and Lady Xena were tighter than ever, and even after the many years that
had past since Xena finally deflowered Noor, Noor still blushed fiercely
whenever it was brought up, and Lady Xena would smother Noor with passionate
kisses, despite where they were, or who was around.

A day came when Diana and Noor and Gabrielle were all talking and Noor
brought up the subject of children.

“ I love how My Lady and the children that she teaches all get along so
wonderfully, they love her and adore her. I think she would make such a
wonderful mother.”

“ I think they all would.” Gabrielle added.

Diana looked at both of them with a thoughtful look, and then she looked over
to the Palace that was off to the side of them as they all laid on the grass,
looking up at the full white clouds, that were few in number compared to the
bright clear day. But Diana was on her side.

“ I agree, you know what I think?” Diana asked as she now looked at the two,
who now rolled to their sides to look at Diana.

“ What?”

“ I think we should see where our mates are about the idea of children?”

“ I think that is a great idea!” Noor exclaimed.

“ So do I, but one question, where are we going to find infants to adopt?”
Gabrielle asked practically.

Diana smirked, and then said in an assuring tone of voice.

“ Don’t worry about it, let’s just see what they think, and then we can go
from there.” Diana said as a bright smile lit her face, and her eyes sparkled
at the two other women who’s expression were identical.

Diana called for the Bearers and all three of them were carried back to the
palace, where they sent word to Lord Xena, Lord Questra, and Lady Xena, to
meet all of them in the newly added Solarium.

“ Okay ladies, what’s going on?” Lord Xena asked after she was greeted with a
kiss by Diana, that warmed her to her toes. Gabrielle and Noor also greeted
their loves with a loving kiss.

“ Have a seat, we want to talk to you three about something.” Diana said
taking the lead of things. Since she was volunteered by the other two, with
the excuse that she was the most senior in rank among all of them.

“ Okay kitten, what is it?”

“ First, we all know how much children love the three of you, and how good
you are with them, sometimes it surprises me at the contrast in your
behaviors towards children. I mean it’s like none of you would even think to
lose your temper with them, as if they are a breakable treasure.”

“ yes, well children are very important to the world, and they should be
treasured.” Lord Xena said casually.

Diana leveled a smile on her that actually made Lord Xena blush.

“ Hmm...where are you going with this kitten?”

“ Well, Gabrielle, Noor and myself were talking, and because of how wonderful
things are going and now that we all seem to have settled comfortably and
blissfully into our roles and lives, we were just thinking about.....” Diana
paused as she looked at the three older women, and then looked at Gabrielle
and Noor, who both nodded their heads slightly encouraging Diana to continue.

Diana took a deep breath, and her eyes focused on Xena.

“ We were just thinking about how wonderful it would be our
lives, our hearts, and our homes?”

All three of the women caught the meaning at the same time, none of them
could speak, as all of their mouths dropped open, and their eyes filled with

“ Di.....Di....Kitten, are you saying that the three of you....want to

The end of part 1
Second chance blessings
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