by Tegan Jovanka

DISCLAIMER: The Characters of Xena and Gabrielle are the sole property of MCA Universal.

ADULT WARNING: This story contains not only contains sex between two women, but graphic sex and of a rather kinky nature. This is an alternate fan fiction comedy. If you are under 18 or if this material offends you, please click to another story. If you are over 18 and want to read this story, then hang on….it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Xena was furious!

She parried her sword against that of an enemy soldier and plunged it through him, before pirouetting about and slashing three of his comrades attacking from behind.

Another village, another warlord, She fumed, as she struck at the attackers. Another group of villagers of ….…what was the name of this place, Pissyant….were fighting for the freedom from the warlord…What's his name?…Smarty Pants? This simply wasn't what she wanted to be doing at the moment.

Two soldiers drew up their horses and charged at her. With a yell, a quick jump and a kick, Xena landed a foot into each man's face, catapulting them from their mounts.

As she landed, she looked around for the object of her desire.

Gabrielle was a few yards away, knocking soldiers down with her staff, urging the villagers to press their attack. Xena shook her head. She kicked each of the fallen riders in the head, as they attempted to rise up and attack her. It had only been a few short months since they had finally become lovers and Xena found that all she thought about now was Gabrielle. She no longer cared about oppressed villagers, evil warlords, or supernatural demons. All she thought about was Gabrielle, her supple body, her moist lips.

Talk about raging hormones.

For some reason, and Xena was inclined to think Ares might have a hand in it ( The deviant ), they have had very little time to…..explore possibilities. Every time they seemed about to spend some quality time alone, some disheveled villager or begging headsman would come seeking their help to drive some warlord or gang of mercenaries from their homes.

Where was Hercules when you needed him?

Worse, when they did find time to be alone, that idiot Joxer would pop up, destroying the mood and then hanging around for days on end. No amount of hints would drive him away. He would follow Gabrielle around like a lovesick puppy, totally oblivious to the fact that there might be someone else the Bard would be interested in.

Xena smiled, as she remembered the little " accident " she arranged. With a broken leg, Joxer wouldn't be following them for quite a while. At least, she hoped.

" Death to Paracelsus! Free Okana! " cried a villager



Great! Xena shrugged, Now the village has a name and so does their foe. Xena would be happy to sever Paracelsus' head from his body, if that would get her head between Gabrielle's legs that much sooner.

Gabrielle threw Xena a glance. She knew what the Warrior Princess was feeling, as she was feeling it herself. But Xena knew that Gabrielle felt that they should help all who asked for their aid. Xena plunged her sword through two mercenaries attacking in a straight line and shook her head at the Bard. The next thing you know, she mused, Gabrielle would have them plowing the fields for the besotted folk.

" On to the castle! ", Someone cried, " Save Kianna! Kill the warlord! "

Yes, Xena agreed, By all means…Let's get this over with!

Xena joined Gabrielle, as Beril, the head villager, led them to Paracelsus castle, where he was keeping Beril's daughter, Kianna, captive. Both women, sensing the battle was nearing it's conclusion, fought like demons, as they defeated Paracelsus' men and made their way to the dungeon. Xena and Gabrielle were the firsst to enter, followed by Beril and the villagers. They all stopped short.

Kianna was hanging unconscious from the ceiling. Her wrists were encased in fur-lined cuffs connected to chains in the ceiling, the cuffs being the only clothing on her body, save for a set of nipple clamps. Her young nubile body was displayed for all to see, a fact not lost on the women warriors.

" Yowser, " Xena breathed, her nostrils flaring.

" Got that right, " Gabrielle agreed, her mouth watering.

The villagers moved forward and tried to bring her down. Gabrielle quickly spotted the crank controls for the overhead pulley system and lowered Kianna into reach, where Xena uncuffed her and cradled the unconscious girl in her arms. Xena's fingers unconsciously pressed into the girl's soft flesh. Gabrielle stepped to her side and nudged the warrior gently in the ribs.

" You can give her to her father any time now, " She whispered coyly.

Xena shook her head slightly and handed her charge to Beril, who took the girl into his arms.
Another villager appeared at the door.

" Beril! Paracelsus is running for the woods! "

" You men, after him! " Beril commanded, gesturing to a group of four men, " The rest of you, take his men into custody. I'm taking my daughter to the healer. "

The men filed quickly out of the room, Xena and Gabrielle bringing up the rear. As the pair neared the doorway, Xena stepped between Gabrielle and the portal, swinging the door quietly shut. As a last measure, she threw the bolt into place. Gabrielle gave her an exasperated look.

" What are you doing!? Paracelsus is getting away! "

".Let him. These villagers will catch up to him. He can't go far in the Black Woods ".




" And his army in the village? "

" They're already finished. Just a matter of mopping up. "

Gabrielle noticed that Xena was moving from table to rack to table, examining the devices and bottles laid out. There was a strange fierce gleam in her eye.

" So you lock us in a dungeon? " The Bard inquired, " Suppose something else comes up that we're need for? "

" Like what? " Xena half-snarled, her eyes gazing over the overhead pulleys and ropes.

" Like….like the plowing. " Gabrielle suggested.


Gabrielle was taken aback by Xena's fury. She knew that Xena was….anxious, but this anxious?
She decided it was best to humor her.

" Well, " She said coming up behind Xena and wrapping her arms around her waist, " It is a bit dank down here….but it could be romantic….in an incredibly goth sort of way . "

" Romance isn't quite what I had in mind ", Xena remarked, looking at the fur-lined handcuffs that had entrapped Beril's daughter.

" Then why did you lock us in here? " The Bard inquired, stepping in front of her, " Surely you don't….."

Gabrielle caught the glint in Xena's eyes, the twist of her smile. She then backed away, looking about the room and back at her friend with an expression of disbelief.

" Oh, nooooo……..you can't be serious! "

Xena only smiled.

" Xena…This is a dungeon! People are brought down here to have PAIN inflicted on them. "

" Yeessssssss, maaaam! " Xena replied, " Oh, lighten up, Gabrielle. Consider the possibilities. "

" I am. That's what I'm afraid of. "

" Believe me, you have nothing to be afraid of. "

" It depends if I am going to be the inflicter…or the inflictee. "

" Think about it a minute. "


" Xena, you've been giving me looks like a crazed minx all day today…which I can understand, since I'm in a definite minx mood myself, " The Bard declared, as her eyes glinted with a haze of lust,
" especially after seeing Beril's daughter… hanging there…the sweat glistening on her white nubile…..".


Gabrielle quickly shook herself out of that memory and stated, " But this is not what I had in mind. "

" Precisely the point! " Xena replied, " I am trying to….widen your perceptions. "

" How? By using a branding iron on my butt? " Gabrielle sneered, " Besides, I seem to recall that it's my turn tonight. You got to play " Warlord and The Village Virgin " last night. "

" And you were a WONDERFUL " Warlord ", Gabrielle, " Xena complimented, " That's what I mean… This might get you to be a little more…er, assertive. "

" I'm not WHAT!? I'm not assertive!? Is that what you said!? I 'm a sidekick in bed too!? "

" I didn't say that, " Xena replied defensively, " I'm just trying to……. spice things up a bit. "

Gabrielle looked around and remarked, "Yeah…in Ares' playroom. "

Xena only shrugged and moved around the room. Gabrielle stepped over to a table and picked up a small rubber object, examining it. With a quizzical expression, she turned to Xena.

" What's this? "

Xena turned and said, " A plug ".

" A plug? For what? " She stated, looking around, " I don't see a drainage hole in the floor anywhere. "

" No, no, Gabrielle, " The warrior shook her head, " You put it in……Well, you shove it up…"

Xena made some gestures that only increased Gabrielle's baffled countenance. Finally, she shrugged in defeat.

" Never mind ".

Gabrielle shrugged in return and placed the plug down. She picked up another object.

" A riding crop, like the ones the Romans use ", She observed, " Don't need to guess what it's used for here ".

She replaced the rod and looked about the table, placing her staff to one side. She picked up a small set of metal beads, the string attaching them ending in a small metal ring. She held them out to Xena, who was looking over a rack.



" Are these what I think they are for? " Gabrielle asked.

" Look at this! " Xena said, disappearing behind the far side of the rack.

Gabrielle placed the beads aside and walked over to the rack, just as Xena rose from the opposite side of the device. In her hands was a leather corset with small chains.

" These guys were party animals", Xena declared with a smile.

Well, you're half right, " The Bard remarked in a disapproving tone, " Care to explain what that is? "

Xena held it up. The object was a leather belt attached to the corset. In the front below the buckle was a rubber representation of a large male penis. A thing thong connected the phallus to the back of the belt with a thin leather thing. Two shoulder straps ran over the top part of the belt and between the front of the shoulder straps were several rows of small chains laced horizontally between them .

" Party gear ", Xena laughed, " See this little protrusion under the leather patch behind the …Well, every movement of the front produces an equally…stimulating sensation to the woman wearing it. "

" How delightful, " Gabrielle remarked cynically.

Ignoring the slight sarcasm in the bard's voice, Xena put it up against her body.

" Too small, " The warrior remarked in a disappointed tone : Too bad ".

The pair expressed forced smiles. With a look of resignation, Xena tossed the harness aside and moved away from the rack. As she did, Gabrielle picked up the harness and looked at it. She then looked at Xena, a smile coming over her face.

" Not assertive enough, huh? "

Xena stepped over to a table against the far wall. She glanced at a burning candle, before turning her attention to a row of several bottles, each vial a different color. Xena picked up the yellow bottle and removed the stopper. She smelled the contents.

Mmmmmmm…..lemon, She thought.

She placed her finger against the opening and tabbed a little on her finger. She then dabbed the fluid against her tongue and smiled. Replacing the stopper, she moved to the next bottle and removed the stopper. She then held the open bottle to her nose.

Mmmmm….Raspberry. My favorite.

She dabbed some on her fingertip and placed it against her tongue. The result was almost instantaneous.
Xena choked and coughed, waving her hand in front of her tongue.

" Hot stuff ", She remarked with distaste, as she replaced the stopper.

" Xena? "


Xena turned, expecting to embark on another argument with Gabrielle. The sight that greeted her literally took her breath away.

Gabrielle was attired in the harness, the rows of small chains barely hiding her breasts. In addition, she also wore black leather gloves with open fingers, thigh-high black leather boots, and a spiked dog collar. In her hands was the riding crop.

" You like? " She inquired in a tantalizing tone.

" Gee, I ..er, that is.., " The stunned warrior stammered with a smile mirroring her nervous and eager anticipation, " You look…Yowser, wowser. Where did you get the rest of the outfit? "

" Oh, here and there, " The Bard replied, stepping towards the warrior , beating the tip of the riding crop lightly against the palm of her glove, As she walked around Xena towards the table with the bottles, the warrior's eyes fell immediately on Gabrielle's buttocks, the thin thong running between then. She gave out a low whistle.

Gabrielle smiled at the gesture of appreciation and picked up one of the bottles. She examined it with disinterest, then put it down and turned towards Xena, who faced her with an barely controlled anticipation.

" Well, what should we do first? " She asked coyly.

" I thought, Gabrielle, that we …"


The riding crop struck Xena's left shoulder hard. She backed away, rubbing the injury, as she gave Gabrielle a look of exasperation.

" What was that for!? "

" You will not refer to me as Gabrielle. You will call me….Mistress! "

Xena gave her a baffled look and asked, ' Gabrielle, what do…"


The crop hit her right shoulder. Restraining the impulse to snatch it away from the Bard and beat her half to death with it, Xena gave her a look of furious exasperation. Gabrielle simply smiled, tapping the palm of her left glove lightly with the tip of the crop. She gave Xena a questioning glance. Xena met her expression with a look of fury, then finally shrugged.

" I was thinking…..MISTRESS……that we could…"

" Tut! Tut! Tut! " Gabrielle smiled, strutting towards Xena with an air of superiority, " I think I have the perfect idea ".


Gabrielle put down the riding crop on the table and removed the string of beads from her leather belt. Hooking the ringlet on her finger, she began to twirl the beads around, a whistle coming from her mouth, her eyes moving up. Xena noticed that Gabrielle's smug gaze was looking upward. She followed the stare until her eyes settled on the object of the Bard's interest.

" Uh-oh ", She gulped.


Beril watched as the village healer applied salve to the marks on Kianna's body, swearing that Paracelsus would pay for the vile behavior he heaped upon his daughter. Fortunately, Kianna had not been…violated, probably because the Warlord thought a relatively unharmed hostage was more valuable, but she had been

" Beril ! "

The leader turned as Janus, a local farmer, rushed in.

" Beril! Paracelsus' trail leads across the center of the Black Woods, then stops. We've lost him! "

" NO! " cursed Beril, " He cannot escape our justice! What about Xena!? "

Janus appeared baffled, as he replied, " No one has seen her. "

Beril pondered for a moment, then smiled.

" Of course! She and her young friend must be circling the outside of the woods to catch Paracelsus when he comes out. Send men out to join her search. Quickly! "

Janus nodded and left. Beril settled back, his posture more comfortable than moments before.

Xena is brilliant, He thought, She would never be caught with her guard down.

" Snug? "

Xena could only stare at Gabrielle with wide eyes. Any reply she could have given was muffled by the
wooden ball in her mouth, a ball tied to her head by a thin cord. She was naked, hanging face down in a harness suspended above the floor by the ropes from the ceiling pulley system. Her hands were tied behind her back, encased in the same fur-lined handcuffs that had entrapped Kianna, but with the links twisted together to keep her wrists pressed against each other. Although the harness kept her body relatively flat, her legs were kept apart and her knees were bent upward.

Gabrielle smiled and asked, " Comfy? "

Xena again gave Gabrielle a frustrated stare, moaning against the ball in her mouth. With a smile of resignation, Gabrielle reached around and untied the cord, removing the ball from the warrior's mouth.
Xena coughed, then gave the bard a exasperated stare.

" Is all this really necessary!? "



Xena winced, as Gabrielle brought the crop down on her bare buttocks. Her face became more enraged.

" Is all this necessary….Mistress!? " She asked in a low growl.

Gabrielle pinched Xena cheeks.

" Oh, come now….It hasn't hurt that much. "

The Bard dropped the riding crop to the floor and suddenly leaned forward, kissing the warrior deeply, her tongue reaching deep into her mouth. Xena's rage slowly melted into a different kind of heat. Helpless as she was, she tried to push her mouth harder against Gabrielle. Her hands struggled to break the chains, to reach out and grasp her lover into her arms. Xena felt Gabrielle's hands on her shoulders, rubbing them, trying to ease the tension of the struggle from her. She then lowered her hands and seized Xena's breasts, which were protruding from two holes in the harness. She caressed them roughly, flicking her nails over the nipples. Xena bucked against Gabrielle's mouth, as if to convey back the passion the Bard was bestowing on her. Gabrielle met her thrusts, as her hands traveled back to Xena's shoulders, her tips resuming her massage of the warrior's back. Gabrielle broke the kiss, licking Xena's cheek as she moved away, but continuing to massage the woman's shoulders.

As Gabrielle stood up, her crotch came level with Xena's face. The warrior stared at the phallus protruding from her partner's belt, her tongue moving across her lips. She looked up at Gabrielle, the plea evident in her eyes. Gabrielle took the object in her hands and moved the tip to Xena's lips. Xena's tongue lashed out and licked the head. Gabrielle stepped forward, her hands resting on Xena's back. The warrior took the object deeper into her mouth, , allowing Gabrielle to move her hips slowly back and forth. For every thrust forward, Xena would push the object back with what strength she could muster. The protrusion inside the belt pressed against the Bard's folds, producing a wave of sensation in her body. Gabrielle began to thrust harder against Xena's mouth, who in turn returned each thrust in kind. Gabrielle dug her nails into the warrior's back, as the waves washed over her. Xena twitched from the assault, but continued her efforts. Gabrielle finally broke away, taking several gulps of air.

" Oh….that was too good! "

" Gabrielle " Xena started, then noticed the bard giving her a stern look, " Mistress….
….let me out of this! "

Gabrielle turned and leaned down to pick up the riding crop, giving Xena a generous view of her backside within inches of her face. Xena strained her body forward to touch her lover's flesh with her lips, her tongue. But Gabrielle straightened up, taking the object of Xena's lust from her reach. Gabrielle turned and smiled at her companion.

" I don't think so…not yet. "

She leaned forward and whispered in her captive's ear, " We haven't started yet. "

Gabrielle leaned back and stared directly into Xena's eyes the look of passion holding them in a long moment of silence.

" Mistress? "

" Hmmmmmmm? "



" Can I ask a question? "

" You may. "

Xena took a breath and asked, " Are you…….. Hope? "

Gabrielle smiled seductively, moving her eyebrows up and down in two quick moves. She then kissed Xena again, stood up and walked along the side of the warrior's body, slowly running the tips of the nails of her right hand along the warrior's shoulders and flanks as she walked.

" That was NOT reassuring, " Xena remarked, quivering against the Bard's touch.

" Why? Because innocent little Gabrielle would never act like this? That it must be some incarnation of dark evil like Hope or Ares who would be uninhibited enough to play this little game…but not a poor farm girl like Gabrielle. "

The Bard dug her nails into Xena's buttocks, causing her to yelp.

" Was I over the top? " She asked innocently, " This isn't like " Warlord and the Virgin ", where you could take over whenever you feel like it. "

Gabrielle moved to the table with the bottles and picked up the lighted candle. She looked at the melted wax running down the sides, the flame reflecting the hungry glint in her eyes. She carried it over to Xena's exposed backside, her eyes searching for the exact spot to begin. She brought the candle over to the top of Xena's buttocks and tipped it, dripping the hot liquid on Xena's naked flesh.

Xena yelped, then moaned, as Gabrielle allowed the liquid to puddle at the top of her buttocks, trailing down into the small of her back. Gabrielle blew out the candle with a smile and tossed it aside.

" You see, I am open to possibilities, Xena. "

Gabrielle ran her hand up the upraised right leg of Xena, caressing it with her nails, rubbing against the foot, as she moved towards the toes.

" This is my game, " She said seductively, as she began to suck on Xena's toes.

Xena absorbed the sensations that Gabrielle was sending to her, while trying to ponder her words. Xena reflected that she tried not to treat Gabrielle as anything but an equal, but, perhaps, her attitude in their lovemaking had assumed a certain amount of innocence on the Bard's part and, ergo, the warrior tended to dominate things a bit, still subconsciously considering Gabrielle as relatively inexperienced.

As Gabrielle's teeth nipped at Xena's toes and her fingers clawed at her calves, the bound warrior decided she would have to revise that opinion.





Gabrielle moved down Xena's legs, nipping and licking, each action bring a moan from Xena's lips. Her nails ran a path down Xena's calves, causing the bound woman to shudder in her harness. With a look of unbridled lust, Gabrielle dropped to her knees between the warrior's thighs. She lowered her head beneath the harness and began to lick at the exposed pubic region. Xena closed eyes, as Gabrielle lapped at Xena's fleshy folds. The bard slowly spread them apart with her nails, plunging her tongue into the aperture deeper.

Now, instead of fighting to break her bonds and dominate her lover, Xena fought to restrain herself. Gabrielle was right and she deserved every chance to take command. The pleasure that Gabrielle was sending to her was excruciatingly wonderful and it took all the powers at the warrior's command not to break her bonds.

Gabrielle moved her head higher, swabbing her tongue in the area between the two orifices, an action that sent a tingle through Xena's body. The Bard eyed her goal, a small ringlet protruding from the anal
aperture. Gabrielle hooked the ringlet in her teeth and very slowly began to pull on it. One at a time, a metal bead in the string attached to the ringlet would pop from the orifice. Each time, Xena would yelp with pleasure. Gabrielle laughed, tossed the beads to one side and attacked their hiding place with her tongue. Xena tried to sway the harness back, to meet Gabrielle's thrusts, but the Bard slapped Xena's buttocks in a gesture for her to remain motionless. Xena began to squirm, as Gabrielle replaced her tongue with her finger, followed by another, thrusting in and out.

" O, Zeus! Zeus! ZEUS! "

Gabrielle smiled again, as she replaced her tongue to Xena's pubic mound, while continuing her thrusts with her fingers. Xena began to squirm harder against the assault.


Xena's cry caught Gabrielle unaware and she stopped motionless. She raised her head between Xena's thighs, until she was peeking above her wax-stained buttocks, gazing over Xena's sweat-stained back.

" What is it? " She asked, trying to keep the masterful tone in her voice.

" Now! " Xena replied in a anxious whisper, " Please, Mistress……put it in now! "

Gabrielle was baffled for a moment, then looked down between her legs at the distended appendage hanging there. With a shudder of both apprehension and anticipation, Gabrielle rose to her feet, standing between Xena's thighs. Slowly, she inserted the phallus into Xena, again feeling the nub inside the belt rubbing against her inner folds.

God! It felt good!





With a thrust, Gabrielle buried the member deep into Xena, bringing a scream from the warrior's throat. Gabrielle also yelped, as the belt generated a similar wave of pleasure in the Bard. Gabrielle seized Xena's buttocks and began to stroke in and out by pushing her lover's body away and pulling it back in the suspended harness, plunging herself as hard as she could against her lover. Each cry of Xena's was echoed by Gabrielle, as sweat began to glisten on the Bard's body.

As she continued her motions, Gabrielle looked down at Xena's body. The tense muscles of her buttocks suddenly brought an idea to the Bard. With a sudden motion, she pulled away from the warrior.

" What are you doing! " Xena demanded anxiously, gasping for breath, " Don't stop! "

" Wait ", Gabrielle cooed, stroking Xena's thighs, " Only a moment! "

The bard moved quickly to the table with the bottles of oil. She opened one.

Lemon. Not bad.

She replaced it quickly and opened the second bottle.

Raspberry…My favorite.

Bottle in hand, Gabrielle returned to her former position between Xena's thighs. She poured some of the liquid on the palm of her glove and rubbed the phallus with it. She failed to notice a few drops splash to her belly and begin to slide down beneath her belt.

Gabrielle moved the tip of the object, not towards it's former target, but the aperture above it. With a grin of anticipation, Gabrielle thrust forward, an action that caused the droplets beneath her belt to fall on the inner device and plunge into the Bard.

The resulting action was simultaneous…both women screamed .

Xena reaction to the fire in her buttocks was immediate. Her legs broke free of their restrains. Using her heels, she dug her feet into the Bard's buttocks and pushed her body forward.


Locked in the grip, Gabrielle thrust deeper into the warrior, in turn causing the fire to burn deeper inside herself. They began a rhythm of thrusts that carried their ecstasy higher and higher.

Their screams echoed through the chamber.

Beril walked through the village, inspecting the damage, trying to bring an air of hope to his people.
Kianna was asleep, safe, and he could now turn his attention to the concerns of his people. Paracelsus had been captured by his men and locked away awaiting final judgment. His mercenaries had been driven away. The only puzzling enigma was what had become of their two saviors?




As Beril helped a peddler upright his cart, he spotted Xena and Gabrielle walking down the street.
His joy at seeing them turned to concern, as he noticed they seemed to be walking……funny.
They seemed unharmed, except that each had a small sack slung over their shoulders.

" Xena! Gabrielle! We were worried about you! We thought that you might have gotten lost in the Black Woods pursuing Paracelsus! "

The women exchanged looks and then turned back to Beril, nodding.

" Yes, that's what happened, " Xena agreed.

" Lost in the forest ", Gabrielle chimed in, leaning on her staff and twitching her hips slightly.

" Are you all right? " Beril inquired.

" Er….Rash, " The Bard replied, " I ran through some …bad ivy. You know the type. "

" Me too, " Xena remarked, trying to keep from scratching her buttocks.

" But there doesn't seem to be any rash on your legs, " Beril pointed out.

Both women looked at their exposed legs, exchanged looks, then looked at Beril.

" Did I say " run"? " Gabrielle stammered, " I meant " sat". We SAT in some bad bushes "

" Growing on a log, " Xena interjected, " Didn't even notice it until it was too late. "


" But don't you wear…? " Beril began.

" Did they catch Paracelsus? " Gabrielle asked quickly.

Berill smiled and nodded.

" We have him safely chained in one of the grain warehouses. Some of us wanted to take him to his dungeon and torture him! "

" That would have been a surprise, " Xena remarked under her breath.

" What was that? " Beril inquired.

" She said …that would have been a surprise, considering how peaceful your people are, " Gabrielle replied, shooting a disapproving glance at the warrior.



Beril nodded in agreement and asked, " Is there anything we can do for you? You've done so much for us . "

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged looks at their sacks and shook their heads.

" We're fine ", Xena replied, " Oh….One thing. If a man named Joxer comes looking for us, tell him we went south to Coraopolis ".

Beril nodded. The two women turned and started to walk away.

" Ladies! " Beril called.

They turned about and faced the village chieftain.

" You're heading north, " He pointed out.

The women looked at each other, then back at Beril and nodded. They then turned and continued on their journey. Beril thought for a moment and then realization crossed his face. He nodded with a smile, as he turned back towards his people.

" You think he believed the rash story? "

" I don't care, Gabrielle. I may not sit down for a week. Er….You did bring the oils with you,
didn't you? "

" Got 'em safely packed away. You got the belt and the beads? "

" And a few things you didn't across before, " Xena added with a grin, " You know…it's my turn tonight.
It's going to be interesting to see how you feel dangling from a tree. "

" Well, if that's what you want, " The Bard commented.

" What is THAT supposed to mean? "

" Weeellllllll…What would you think would be more fun….Being the Master…or being the slave? "

The two walked along in silence for a long time.

" Xena? "

" I'm thinking…I'm thinking".

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