A Little Distraction

by RI

Disclaimers: Xena and Gabrielle are owned by Renpics and I only borrowed them for a short time. No copyright infringment is intended and the author does not benefit financially from this work of fiction.


Xena and Gabrielle were walking quietly side by side silently enjoying the beautiful day. It had be a very quiet time; no attacks or problems had cropped up. Gabrielle quietly watched Xena from beneath her long eyelashes. She knew the warrior had to be as bored as she was herself. She knew this quiet time was not good for her but how do you distract someone like Xena in a way that she didn’t know she was being distracted?

‘Good question’ she thought to herself. Suddenly a huge smile spread across her pretty young face as an idea flashed in her mind.

"Xena, is there a swimming hole around here, I really need a bath?"

Xena smiled at her friend and sniffed under arms, " Now that you mention it I think that is an excellent idea. There is a very pretty and private one just a few miles from here," she replied with a delighted smile.

Xena led the way and her mood was already brighter and her step lighter as she led Argo down the path. Gabrielle’s smile was bit larger as she gently angled her new horse in the same direction, happily thinking about a job well done.

Xena caught her friend’s reaction and realized they were both very tired after all they’ve been through lately and really needed some relaxation time. This would be a great idea for Gabrielle. She had been working so hard lately and really needed a little distraction. Then she realized with all the fighting and strain they’d been under of late that she was being completely insensitive to Gabrielle’s needs. Time to make up for a few things, Warrior!

* * * *

As they rounded the corner of a large hill that they were following a path through, they suddenly approached a stunning cove. It was beautiful with a clumps of flowers and trees lining a sparkling blue lake with a large convenient rock to either lie on or jump off.

Gabrielle ran to the edge and was bouncing in place as she turned a glowing happy face toward her friend.

Xena smiled, delighted by her friend’s reaction to this and asked with a chuckle "So, What are you waiting for?"

Gabrielle didn’t have to be asked twice. She threw off her dirty clothes and tossed them in pile near Argo and ran toward the rock. Xena jumped into the highest tree with a large pleased grin on her face.

The beautiful blonde jumped off the rock and landed perfectly in the center of the lake. When she rose to the surface she looked around for her friend. Xena had a very amusing view of her friend diving and calling for her. She shook her head and quietly chuckled to herself, waiting for the right moment to make her entrance.

"Xena! Xena?," The girl was now searching frantically and the tall beautiful woman had to bite her lip to keep from laughing out loud. Suddenly when she felt she had given her friend enough excitement she out let her war cry and landed in the center of the lake with hardly a single ripple in the water.

Gabrielle’s face rapidly expressed two reactions; first relief and then anger. When Xena came up she found her friend on the rock and her face showed not a little displeasure.


"What? Is that you scared me to death and you did it for your own perverse amusement....Also...."

"Come on Gabrielle, I just gave you what you needed; a little fun and a little excitement that came to happy conclusion for a change. I do know you a little bit. I know when you need a change of pace." Xena said looking up at her brooding bard.

"Mmm!" Grunted the bard and turned her head.

Xena suddenly smiled and a long arm slowly snaked out of the water and gave the ankle she had detected a little tug. She watched with amusement as the blonde turned furiously toward her.

"Xena of all the mean, cruel..."a splash interrupted her hitting her square in her mouth. Full of fury Gabrielle started splash back and soon they had a full-blown water fight going.

Suddenly both the friends were exhausted and swam back to the clearing. They both flopped on their backs in the grass to dry off in sun. Every time they looked at each other they burst out in a fit of laughter. It was quite some time before they could calmly looked at each other again.

They both got up and did their chores quietly setting up camp in their drying under garments. Xena hunting and then cleaning both horses, while Gabrielle cleaned the clothes and cooked dinner.

Finally clean ,dressed and fed they looked at each other and smiled warmly. Both thinking that their mission was accomplished and that it was a job well done.

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