By shadowdancer


Danalia planned on promoting Eponin to Personal Guard, a great honor for any Amazon, and Helena as well, she had become very fond of the two Amazon and knew of their skills and abilities. As Helena was the tribal trainer, she might prefer to be Danalia's Personal Aid, in fact, she would probably offer her that position rather than Personal Guard. The two would be together in their duties, and Eponin would feel better being with Helena while she carried their child. Danalia grinned as she thought about how protective Eponin was of her bond mate in her pregnancy, “Just like an expectant father” Danalia said aloud.

“Did you say something to me My Queen?” Isolda, a small girl of one and a half seasons said, bowing to Danalia; she had been assigned the duty of serving Danalia for the day, part of her training.

“No Isolda, I was only talking aloud. You tend to do that when you get old”

“You're not old my Queen, you're no older than my mother, and she's only ten seasons old, (30yrs)."

“Thank you Isolda, you flatter your Queen, but I am two seasons older than your mother, but still, the compliment is appreciated. Would you bring me a new quill and another parchment please Isolda?”

“Yes My Queen, right away”, the small daughter of the cook of the tribe hurried to obey, anxious to please, and to honor her mother by doing the best that she could. Her mother had been proud that her daughter had the duty of serving the Queen today, beaming with pride at dawn when she woke the child for her duties.

The child brought the requested items and bowed to the floor as her mother had taught her. “Thank you Isolda. When Eponin and Helena come, I'd like you to go to your mother and retrieve the special platter I asked her to make for me alright?” Danalia was not overly fond of children, but Isolda was just so cute and so eager to please and obedient she couldn't help but love the child.

“Yes my Queen” Isolda said, bowing to the floor again, causing Danalia to grin. The child bowed correctly for her rank as Servant Class, and she bowed at the appropriate times, Danalia just couldn't help but grin at the eager child trying so hard to do everything correctly.

“That's all for now Isolda, return to your post”

“Yes my Queen”, another bow, and the child backed away four paces, then turned and went to the far corner, picked up her scroll work and began her lessons again where she left off. The very small Amazons in training were permitted to do their lessons as they waited on Danalia in this way, when they were older, four or five seasons old, they would be expected to sit at attention, attentive to the slightest motion, or sound Danalia would make that might be a command to them for something she required.

A candle mark later Eponin and Helena entered the Queen's hut and bowed as their ranks dictated, “Sit Eponin, Helena. I have a proposition for you both. Eponin, I have watched you and your skills, and I would like to offer you the position of Royal Personal Guard, and Helena, I would like to offer you the position of Royal Companion and Advisor. I would offer you the position of Personal Guard as well, but because of your condition, that isn't a good Idea. Do you accept the positions?”

Eponin was so surprised and happy to be offered such a position, and extremely honored. “Yes my Queen, I am extremely honored thank you”

“I also accept my Queen, you honor us both greatly”

“It is no more than you both deserve. Eponin, as Royal Personal Guard, you will be expected to be with me during waking hours at all times, fully armed in my presence unless I direct otherwise. Helena, you will be expected to be with me all the time as well until dismissed."

Both Amazons answered, “Yes my Queen” in unison. As she sat there, the baby kicked, and Helena gasped, thrilled, she quickly grabbed Eponin's hand to share it with her.

“Your baby kicks Helena? May I be permitted to feel also?”

“Yes of course my Queen, Helena moved to the Queen's side, and guided her hand to where the baby kicked. Danalia was thrilled, and smiled for the first time since Ephiny had died.

“That is the most marvelous thing I've ever felt Helena, Thank you." Danalia said as she held her hand where Helena had placed it, careful to be very gentle, and not to press, or allow her hand to flex in anyway.

Some people have an unconscious habit of constantly moving some part of their bodies or extremities constantly as they sit still, and Danalia is one of these; whether she's standing still, or sitting, some part of her body is always moving. Danalia was one of the few who were aware of this habit but unable to stop it; this being the reason why she was careful to keep her hand still as she held it on Helena's very large stomach. When the baby stopped her kicking, Danalia moved her long fingered hand away and said with a strained smile, as she is not one to smile often, “Thank you Helena. When your daughter is of age, I would like to sponsor her personally if you will allow”

Helena gasped, the honors she and Eponin were receiving were remarkable. What had they done to merit such honors? “Thank you my Queen, we are greatly honored, Ep and I do not merit such honors.”

“Yes, you do, or I would not have done so. Now go about your daily business, I've my own work to do. I have Queen Kia's delegation coming at mid day and I should like you to here Eponin."

“Yes my Queen, as you wish”

“You as well Eponin, go to Troya and tell her that you are to be Royal Guard, and that you have been given the rank of Personal Guard to the Queen as well. She will outfit you properly." Eponin didn't want to remind her that she had always been Royal Guard, Danalia had become forgetful of small things since Ephiny's death, but it would have been rude to do so. One did not correct the Queen unless one was the First Warrior or the Queen's bond mate, and Eponin was neither.

“Yes my Queen, as you wish, you will be obeyed” Both warriors bowed and left, Eponin helping Helena to her feet. They hurried to their hut to get what they would need, and went on the assignments Danalia had commanded them, Helena returning to her side, and Eponin going to Troya's hut to be fitted out for her new, higher rank, now wearing full battle armor.


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