Part V

By Shadowdancer



Genre: alternative

Violence: we're talking amazons here, probably, though a minimum amount, my amazons don't fight unless they have no choice, and only kill if they have no alternative, unless the target is male, and he pushes his luck, which men usually do. (evil grin) enjoy!

The usual bright sunny day in the Amazon's woods, Eponin and Solari awoke at day break to find a few of their sisters up and about their morning shores already, some going to the river for their morning swim, others coming back, nodding to the two as they passed. Roughly fifty feet from the river, they saw the Queen and her guards approaching, and immediately knelt and saluted as their rank dictated they should, averting their eyes so that they would not look her directly in the eyes unless told to do so. In this tribe, one did not look the Queen or her First Warrior in the eyes unless instructed to do so unless she was challenging their authority, in which case tribal law dictated that she fight them to the death, which ever she'd "challenged". If the one she had challenged won, she retained her title of course, and achieved higher status in the tribe for having defeated a challenger to her position; if the challenger won, she won the right to take the position and assume all authority and power that went with it. If the Queen or First Warrior were well loved by her tribe, as was usually the case but not always, the challenger would have a very hard time in her new position. Eponin and Solari were well loved by all in the tribe however, and should they do such a thing and win, which is doubtful, they would not have a hard time of it. As Ephiny was well loved by all, and Danalia much respected, and held in high esteem by all in the tribe, which ever died would be sadly missed by all.

As they approached the much-favored warriors Danalia nodded her head in greeting; she hadn't smiled since Ephiny's death, and hadn't been known to do so very often if at all before her death. "Eponin, Solari, rise Favored Ones" Danalia said, speaking to them formally as Danalia was a stickler about protocol. She had rarely if ever walked beside Ephiny at an equal pace unless asked, and even then she balked at it; she believed that as First Warrior and Second in Command, she should always remain at least two paces behind Ephiny at all times when walking, riding, sitting, standing, or even running. Even in battle she had never been consciously in front of Ephiny, and the only time she stood even with her in battle is if she had been right besides her defending her. Eponin rose, and helped the very pregnant Solari to her feet. "When are you to deliver your child Solari?" the straight-faced Danalia asked, "Very soon My Queen, Healer Corinne says she believes I am in my last season, she estimates that I carry in my eighth month. Eponin and I are very excited". "I bet you are Solari, have you thought of a name yet?" "We were thinking of Ephanalia perhaps, a combination of both of your names, to honor you both. Or perhaps Dannay, also a combination of the two". "I think Ephanlia is a bit of a mouthful, for such a little one. I like Dannay better, don't you Danalia?" Ephiny said, deferring to her bond mate. "Yes my Queen, Dannay is preferable. I am flattered to have your child named for me Solari, thank you for the honor".

"Yes, as am I Solari" "You are both welcome. We hope that she will grow up to be a great warrior like you both, strong, and intelligent, agile, and fleet of foot". "Yes, if she has half the speed of the First Warrior both on the ground and in the trees we will be very pleased" Eponin spoke up for the first time since encountering them. "Yes, Danalia is the fastest in the tribe in both cases, and a most proficient hunter as well" "Aye my Queen, is there nothing the First Warrior does not excel in?" Eponin said, as she saw Danalia's face flush at such praise. "I do not excel in weapons combat, I am secondary in that, I am better at hand to hand combat, weapons feel unnatural to me. We are not born with weapons, but use them to enhance our natural abilities, there fore, I rely more on my hands than on weapons. Weapons can be lost in battle, your hands cannot". Trying to lighten the situation, Ephiny decided to move them on, the sun was getting high already in the sky, and heat came quickly to the jungle. "Yes, well, I'm starved, let's go Danalia, see you two later". Eponin and Solari bowed, said their farewells, and continued on, as did Danalia and Ephiny.

When they arrived at the river, they found that they were the only ones present, and could enjoy a nice, quiet, leisurely swim alone for a time. Because Solari is head of the guard, and Eponin a member of the Royal Guard, if others came, they would likely be given a few minutes before others joined them. Solari undressed and Eponin watched in appreciation, she was even more beautiful in her advanced state of pregnancy than she was before. "Aren't you going to join me? " "Just admiring your beauty my love" she moved over to Solari and put one hand on her large stomach, as she loved to do, "touching the baby" she called it, and another on her shoulder. She kissed Solari slowly, gently, on her soft, sensuous lips, rubbing her stomach in a circular motion; this often brought comfort to the baby, and her mother as well. The longer she kissed her, the more Eponin wanted to take Solari right then and there, but Solari stopped the hand that was easing it's way down to her center. "Not now love, others will come soon, wait until we are alone in our lodge, be patient" Eponin's sexual drive was insatiable.

"I want you now, not later, now," she kissed Solari's throat, easing her way down her chest to her ample, milk filled breasts. Solari again pushed her away gently, but firmly, when Eponin wanted something she could be forceful; she was never aggressive with Solari in a cruel away, but she was exceptionally strong. Eponin's arms bulged with muscles, her strength well known in the tribe, and equaled Danalia's. The two often had contests of strength in fun only, and more often then not it was a draw, Danalia insisting not getting favoritism because of her rank.

"Ep, come on, please, love, wait, just a short while? We must bathe first, and then we can make love before the first meal. Danalia has requested that we meet with her after the first meal, but we can skip it and make love, and then we can go and see what the Queen wants all right?". "Alright, but let's hurry" Eponin stripped quickly and ran in swimming like a fish as Solari waddled in after her and joined her.

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