Eyes Of An Angel

by Marion D Tuttle

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Yes this does depict the story of two women very much in love. If that bothers you then this is not a story you want to read

Authors note: This is a short little exercise in self indulgence Not a lot of plot, no conflict. Give me a few days and I'll get back to normal. In the mean time I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it I have found my own Angel that has inspired this story, this one is for you love

Xena laid in her own bedroll watching her companion toss fitfully in a light sleep. She had to reach fight the impulse to reach out and touch her. toughest bombarded her as she continued watching her friend sleep. "I've fought thieves, monsters, warlords every kind of imaginable thug in the known world. I am the warrior princess, a woman that inspires respect for bravery in the hearts of my friends and fear in the hearts and minds of my enemies. So why can't I find the courage to tell Gabrielle the truth about how I feel?"
She bombarded herself with recriminations over the self-doubt that kept her from admitting all to her friend. The last thought she had before sleep finally clamed her was "I can't go on like this I have to find a way to tell her."

Gabrielle tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position, some thing that was getting harder and harder to do lately. She pretended to be asleep so that she wouldn't have to face Xena. Every time she even looked at the warrior lately she was hit with so many emotions that she couldn't understand or control. She had come close on more than one occasion to telling Xena how she was feeling, but some thing always stopped her, her thoughts crowded in on her "Why is it I can stand in front of a room full of strangers and captivate their attention with story after story but I can't find the words to tell my best friend how I feel?" Her last thought before sleep took her was "I have to find a way to tell her."

Morning found both women waking with eyes bleary from lack of sleep. Xena
was determined that come Tartarus or high water today she was going to find
a way to tell Gabrielle about her love. This had to end one way or another,
she couldn't deny she was still terrified of getting a negative reaction from Gabrielle but she could no longer stay in this state of limbo.

Xena came to sit by Gabrielle seeing the tired look in her friends eyes just strengthened her resolve they were both worn to a frazzle living in a constant state of tension, it had to end. "Hey Gabrielle, what do you say to taking a few days off, we could both use a break."

"What did you have in mind?"

"There's a place a days ride from here that's always been very special to me, I'd like to take you there."

"Sounds good."

Xena gave the bard's arm a gently reassuring squeeze "Great, let's break camp and get going."

They set about their familiar division of labor to break their camp in about a quarter of a candle mark they were ready to go. Xena reached down from her seat on top of Argo. "Would you ride with me today?" She knew Gabrielle wasn't fond of riding "It will save us some time." she reasoned. Gabrielle only hesitated for a moment before taking Xena's hand to be pulled up behind her. If only Xena really knew the truth. Gabrielle's reluctance to ride stemmed less from a fear of heights than it did the fear that she would not be able to control her ragging desires from being that close to the warrior.

They rode on towards their destination each woman lost in her own musings. Just before sunset they arrived at the clearing that Xena had in mind. Seeing the breath taking beauty before her Gabrielle was enough to render the Bard speechless. The trees formed a canopy over a crystal clear waterfall that led to a warm stream. The rays of sunlight filtering through the over hanging leaves gave the impression of a blanket of diamonds stretched out upon the water. As the sun sank lower in the western sky a pinkish glow was cast over the clearing, lending it a magical appearance. Xena came to stand behind her gently placing her hands on her friend's shoulders. "What's this? Have I finally found a way to steal the bard's voice?" Xena lightly teased.
"Xena" Gabrielle said, the awe was evident in her voice "This place is magnificent, How did you know about it?"

"Well I guess you could say technically it belongs to me."

The bard was totally dumb struck by this revelation "You own this?"



It was now or never Xena told herself, taking a deep breath Xena launched into her explanation. "Years ago when I was still a warlord I had an encounter with an oracle that had been wounded by a reneged band of raiders. As evil as I was I made it a point to never persecute women and children. When I found her she was close to death, I considered plunging my sword into her heart to hasten her end."
Gabrielle looked at her with a horrified expression, Xena knew right away she had misunderstood the intentions behind that statement. She rushed to correct the mistake.
"I know what you're thinking, but I was just thinking of a way to end her pain. She was so badly wounded that there was nothing I could do. I thought a quick death would be more merciful than lingering for who knows how long while the life slowly drained from her body." The bard relaxed, Xena hadn't been acting the monster. She had been trying to spare the woman pain. Weather or not she agreed with her chosen method was another matter. But the important issue in Gabrielle's mind was that however misguided Xena had been trying to be merciful. The warrior continued on "Just as I had raised my sword to finish what some low life Bastard had started I was blinded by an amazing white light. When I regained the ability to focus I was standing here, the wounded oracle standing before me. No longer wounded and looking quite healthy. She spoke to me without actually speaking. Her thoughts told me she had been waiting for me. That I was destined to become so much more than I was. Of course being the hard case that I was I laughed in her face." Thinking of what that encounter must have been like Gabrielle surprised an inward shudder. Just when she thought Xena could not possibly say anything that would surprise her about her former life as a warlord, she always did.
"She told me that this was a place that would bring peace and light into my heart and in her gratitude she wanted to give it to me as a gift, I of course told her that she was crazy
know one give away something this beautiful without there being strings attached." Xena stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts, then continued on. "It was then she told me that I was right there was a condition attached. She asked me if I knew what Angels were. I was mystified, she then told me they were divine creatures that were sent to safeguard man kind."

When Xena didn't continue right away Gabrielle looked up to see that the warrior had unshed tears in her eyes. She didn't want to push but an inner voice told her she needed to hear the rest of this story. Gently embracing her friend she quietly urged her "It's alright Xena, go on."

Xena cleared the moisture from her eyes and caressed the side of Gabrielle's face with a feather like touch. She had to finish this. "She told me that she wanted me to have this place, but since it was a place of peace and light I could never claim it until I could find those things in my own heart. When I started to turn from her and say it would never happen she told me that one-day I would meet a person with the eyes of an Angel that would free my heart and soul, as surely as they claimed them. Of course I dismissed the entire thing as impossible."

Comprehension was beginning to dawn on the bard she held her breath, praying this was not just wishful thinking on her part. "What are you trying to say Xena?"

Her hand slipped from Gabrielle's cheek to the back of her head, pulling her slowly closer "What I'm saying Gabrielle, is I have found that person. You are my Angel I have fallen totally and completely in love with you. You are the person that has laid claim to my heart and my soul."

Crystal blue met sea green, tears flowing freely from both women's eyes now
"Xena I have hoped for so long to hear you say that you felt the same way I do. I love you...." her declaration was cut off by a pair warm lips making a tender demand. Xena pressed warm kisses on the bard's mouth, along her jaw line and down her throat. She couldn't believe her hands where shaking as she lowered her friend to the ground. "Gabrielle please let me make love to you."

"Oh yes Xena, I want you too."

The warrior felt as if her heart would burst at the joy she was feeling She returned her lips to the sweet assault that she was making on Gabrielle's heated flesh while her hands worked to free the bard's breast's from the restraints of the short green top. She worked her fingers over the swollen nipples drawing a ragged moan from Gabrielle "Xena please..."

"Please what my Angel?"

"Take me.... please... now...I'm on fire for you."

Xena slid her hand under her lover's skirt and found warm wetness awaiting her. "Gods Gabrielle you are so wet."

The bards ability to speak was rapidly fading all she could manage to gasp out was four words "It's... all.. your... fault." Xena plunged two fingers into Gabrielle hard and fast, causing the bard to arch her back off the ground. She knew that Gabriele was close so she increased the pressure "Come for me love... do it now."

Those words were enough to throw Gabrielle over the edge, she screamed her release to the sky, holding on to Xena as if her life depended on it Her heart beat so rapidly in her
chest she thought it might break through her ribs.

Xena cradled her against her body while she waited for her lover to regain her breath
Has she came back to her self she surprised the warrior by flipping her over onto her back, noting the look of amusement in Xena's eye's Gabrielle said to her you didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?" She pulled the leathers down Xena's body, her lips following the path of the clothes. Xena was already in such a state of heightened desire that every touch threatened to push her into a frenzy.

"Gabrielle I can't wait....I need you right now!"

Feeling her lovers need Gabrielle moved her hand to cover the center of Xena's desire, the heat threatened to burn her fingers "Gods you're hot"

"Please...." she took hold of Gabrielle's wrist indicating what she needed and said again "Please..." The bard wanted to bring her lover to the same heights she had experienced she pushed her fingers into Xena and was rewarded with a deep growl of satisfaction. "Oh yeesss harder." A few more thrusts from a very loving hand and Xena was overcome by a bone-jarring climax.

They lay together basking in the after glow of their love making holding each other close. Xena kissed Gabrielle tenderly "I love you so much, I have for a long time."

"I feel the same way love." She looked into her bards eye's "That Oracle was right, you do have the eyes of an Angel."

The End

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