Anita Louise: Biography

In early childhood I exhibited a proclivity to the Arts. It was rewarding, and indeed a challenge, when the children of the neighborhood would gather at my doorstep and wait patiently for the next episode of whatever my mind had decided for that particular day in "story-time".

Throughout my school years the Drama Club was my "first love". I was honored to become president of the Drama Club, which in turn, afforded the opportunity for the club to go "on the road" so to speak.

Additionally, I scripted and directed plays. Here my aspirations to write began.

Upon graduation I left to attend The Pasadena Playhouse College Of Theater Arts. I auditioned for the producers and directors the first day. My choice was a solo performance of "Joan Of Arc", at the time of her imprisonment. When I heard the applause I knew I had "made it".

Learning the refinements of television, motion picture and stage were "eye openers" and worthwhile lessons in themselves. Whether it was practicing fencing on the backlot or learning ballet, it was a wild and wonderful time.

It still is my "first love".

I am an avid horsewoman. In the past I have broken and trained horses and traveled the rodeo circuit.

My jet black quarter horse, Shane could spin on a dime in the Barrel Race. What an overflow of emotion within when you ride in the "Grand Entry" under the colors of the flags. I worked with Shane to dispel his fear and hatred of men, a result of his abuse by a previous owner. Shane was a proud horse with his head held high, as was mine, as we won the awards.

I love to write and have been doing this most of my life. I love the series, Xena Warrior Princess and look forward to taking the characters on my treks. I am also happy the character of Sea Troll has touched many, having created her, I feel wonderful knowing others love this fantastic character.

The above is just a small part of my biography but it does give one insight into my persona.

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