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By Shsway



Disclaimer: Xena and Gabrielle are characters belonging to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. This story takes place the same night after "Return of the Valkyrie".  Since this story is also a PWP, it deals with two consenting adult women in love, and acting on it. In fact, that is the whole idea! *Grin*  If this makes you uncomfortable in any way, hit the back button now! Any comments are welcome and greatly appreciated at the e-mail address provided.


OK, the main rule of thumb when reading this story is to mentally picture what the second party (here unmentioned) is saying. In other words "Choose your own dialogue!" *Grin*


Dedications: This is for my own Amazon family: Nightsong, Eptalk, Marty, Pixie, LA and Tang. I love you all, let the Amazon Tribe be Reborn! (ATR, for those who don't recognize my plug.  )   To my new friends Hapshetsout, Gabs Abs and Eyes of Love; you guys are sweet, fun, and inspiring! My love for you is endless! *Lip print* :D


And finally to my best friend D, there are no easy answers as to how life works - I'm just glad ours were able to link together.




There's something we need to talk about.


Yes, now.  I don't think this can wait much longer.


You already fed Argo, and brushed her down too.


This is about what happened in the Norse lands.  I want to know something.


Look at me, please.


Why did you kiss me?


It WASN'T the only way. I find it hard to believe you just knew it the thing to do.  Did anyone tell you it was the only way to wake me?


That's what I thought.


Look at me, Xena.


I want to know why you kissed me.  Now, and before. And why we never talk about it.


What are you afraid of?


Nothing could make me turn away from you now. We've gotten through some tough things, you and I.  As you say, you are my light, my source.


Take it easy, breathe a little. There's no rush.


I know, I love you too.


What do you mean by more?




You mean…




(Silence, then a cough.)


Well guess what, that's how I feel about you too.


No, I'm not fooling myself, and this is no joke.  I've known for a long time now, I think, but you never said anything. So I didn't either.


I know, I want to be with you too.  I always have.


Let's not get into this again. I don't care about the danger; I can take care of myself.


What else do you see me doing? Ruling the amazons? You and I both know that's not what I want. Or what you want, for that matter.


Shhh, you don't have to say anything more. All I need to know is in your eyes.


I know it does, it feels good to hear it. I love you too.  I always will.


(Long silence, then ragged breaths.)


I've been wanting to do that forever. It seems like our kisses last for only seconds.


Mmmmmm, that feels nice.  Do it again.


(A moan.)


Xena, do you…


Don't look at me like that, I've been among the Amazons, my dear warrior. I know more than you think.


Oh no, there will definitely never be a scroll about this.


Here, let me help. 


(Rustling fabric.)


Gods Xena, your hands, they're so hot…ohhhh, harder…Mmmmm…


(A moan.)


I want you to do it too, but I want to see you. Let me see you.


(Jingling metal and rustling fabric.)


Ohhh, you are so beautiful.  Hmmm, they like my touch.


That's right warrior, let go. I love the way you say my name. I've never heard it like that.


I agree, let's.


(More rustling and metal chimes.)


You're glorious, did you know that?  I didn't know warriors blushed.


Yes, it' s my turn. But let me do this for you, please?


(Slow and prolonged rustling.)


Mmmm, come here.


(Long silence and stifled moans. Heavy panting.)


I can't wait anymore; I have to have you NOW.


(A thump. Moans, then sucking sounds.)


I know it does, Xena.  Now the other one.


(Sounds resume, intensifying.)


(Husky.) I like it too, baby. 


(A gasp.)


You're soaked, darling. All for me?


In a minute…mmmm, you taste good. Just like the rest of you.


What? I thought I was leading here.


Oh you do, huh?


You want this? Do you?


Well maybe I…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Xena, your tongue…


(Breathless.) It feels…I can't describe it.


Oh shut up…just….ohhhhhhhhhh…just…right there….right there.  Gods, harder!


Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't…AhhhhhXenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


(Heavy panting.)


And now to return the favor.


I'm not tired. And I know you're ready. I know you want it.


That's right, feel me, Xena.  Feel my love for you.


Doing to you? I want you to let loose. Now…scream for me.


(Muffled moans and sucking sounds.)




I know…I know.


I love you too, Xena.  I'm yours, always. 





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