The Children of Ares

part 6

by Willowluvyr

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Rating: NC-17

Note: My thanks to my beta reader Jennifer for her wonderful help in writing this piece and for my new wife Shuana, who is helping me break down some walls. I introduce a new character in this part. The Celtic Warrior, Murphy, I promised to put a friend of mine into the story. Here you go Murph.

Summary: An alternate universe, where Romulus didn't kill Remus. They each founded a city. Romulus founded Rome. Remus founded Reme. Centuries later Romulus controls the Roman Empire, the lands of Southern Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain and Carthage. Remus controls the Kingdom of Reme, the lands of Northern Italy, Gaul, Britannia and the Norse Lands. Now the sons of Ares meet his daughter, Xena the Conqueror.

Chapter 26: The First Trial of Callisto

When Callisto had left Corinth, the blonde took a Greek merchant ship to Antipolis a border city between Greek Gaul and Remian Gaul. It took all the dinars the young warrior had to get to Antipolis. From there, the former courier landed a job as a guard on a Remian trade vessel that was headed for Marseilles. They had an easy run and didnít even see a pirate.

Marseilles was the oldest city in Gaul and was protected by high walls and two legions. The young blonde had little money and was forced to stay in Marseilles working as a courier for a rich merchant. The merchantís name was Leonidus, he had a messenger and delivery service between Marseilles and Glamuria.

Callisto, after three trips, became Leonidusís top courier. The doe-eyed courier was making from fifty to seventy-five dinars a run. With her new funds, the blonde woman purchased a horse, better armor and new weapons. Her true mission was giving way to the pleasures the young woman could buy with the money she was making.

After her fourth mission in seven days, Leonidus introduced the blonde woman to his concubine, Kamala. Kamala was a small woman with blue black hair, hazel eyes and a well-portioned figure. Her skin was smooth and pampered pale from lack of exposure to the sun and Callisto was immediately smitten. Leonidus had no idea that his young concubine was entertaining others for a price.

For four days, Callisto heaped lavish and expensive gifts on the voluptuous concubine. The blonde courier was due for a mission the next day and went to see the dark-haired concubine. Leonidus was away on business and Callisto planned to take advantage of his absence.

The doe-eyed woman secretly entered Leonidusí overly posh home to surprise the hazel-eyed brunette, only the blonde intruder was surprised as she found the concubine enjoying pleasures furnished by her maid and a pot-bellied, middle aged man.

Dejected and hurt, the young courier went on her mission slightly early. While careless and thoughtless riding to deliver a bag of dinars that were in her saddlebags, Callisto questioned herself, ĎWhat could she expect? The woman was ready to cheat on her man with me. Did I think she would be loyal to me? I was such a fool.í

While thinking about Kamala, the dejected courier forgot she was on a mission and recklessly rode into the middle of a band of bandits. Not caring about her own safety nor the completion of her assignment, the young woman raced her horse into the men. Callistoís sword was slicing and slashing without any skill or reason. The doe-eyed warrior just didnít care what happened. When the battle was over, the grieving blonde killed three of the bandits and wounded two others though the reckless warrior was nearly crippled from a deep cut to her leg. She managed to make it back to Marseilles with her message, but was forced to bed for a full lunar cycle.

While in bed she was visited by a vision of a young woman wearing a hooded white robe. The vision was calling to her. It was then that Callisto remembered her true mission. After regaining her health, the young blonde loaded her horse and rode to Vienne a walled city on the Rhöne River. From there the blonde warrior hired her sword to a merchant caravan that was headed toward the river town of Alesia on the Seine River.

Callisto sold her horse and bought passage on a river barge that would take her to Channel, where she planned to find passage to Dover. However, The Fates had other plans. The Arverni attacked the barge.

The tiller was killed early in the battle and without steerage the barge soon found itself beached on a sandbar. Callistoís sword was soon notched in several places and blood made her footing difficult. The blonde warrior had killed six of the Arverni when she slipped on their blood and hit her head.

When Callisto woke up she found she had been stripped nude. Her wrists were tied together and she hung suspended from a tree. A tall barbarian noticed that she was awake and walked over to the nude woman. He reached out and roughly grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed them until she yelped in pain. He said, "My name is Vercingetorix and I am leader here. You killed six of my men. You will replace those men for us. We will all take you and when you have had six sons, then we will let you go."

His men emerged from the shadows and spread her legs wide. The leader opened the flap in his pants and pulled out his inflamed penis. Callisto was dry, so he spit on his hand to wet her vagina and himself before he shoved his engorged member into her small opening. She could feel the tearing inside her womb as he took her in long hard strokes. He soon came and walked away, but another man replaced him. The young woman refused to cry or scream.

Chapter 27: Callistoís Second Trial.

Time had lost all meaning to the tormented woman. Callisto not only lost track of time, but also of number of times and the manner of violations to her body. They no longer tied down the battered courier. However they kept her nude. The woman with the lifeless brown eyes had long since given up struggling.

The broken warrior finally noticed that she was being dragged toward the stream. They had done this before, so the violated woman could wash away the blood and semen from her bruised body. The Barbarians would feed the tortured woman and then start anew.

Unexpectedly, the green-eyed blonde remembered the vision that had come to her while she was unconscious. Her fogged brain forced the remembered dream to the forefront of her mind:

The hooded woman in white sat in a beautiful clearing in the woods, flowers were all around and colored leaves hung from the trees. She sat on a white marble bench in the style of Greeks. The woman removed her hood and Callisto was stunned by the beauty before her.

The woman had unnaturally white hair with piercing green eyes. The battered woman had seen eyes like them a while back, though she couldnít remember where she had seen those eyes. The woman asked, "Why are you still there? You can leave anytime you wish."

The broken warrior whined, "Iím scared and the pain..."

The white-haired woman replaced her hood and said, "Then you are not who we need."

Her memory was interrupted when the abused blonde felt herself flying through the air toward the river. Her doe-eyes had a new fire in them. All her life, the young woman had been able to call up an inner strength. The dream had awakened that inner strength and the warrior in her knew what to do. Her memory called up the lay out of the river; she had been here at least twice since her capture.

As the tormented woman went below the surface of the river, she maneuvered herself into position to swim below the surface to the reeds at the bank of the river. The damaged woman wasnít in the best shape and before she reached the reeds, her lungs were burning.

The injured blonde forced herself to stay under the water and swam for the reeds with her last bit of energy. At the bank of the river, the Barbarian warriors were too busy to be worried about their charge. A pair of angry bears was attacking the two Arverni warriors. The two warriors swung slicing cuts at the advancing bears.

Abruptly, a paw connected with one of the soldierís arm sending his sword flying through the air. The disarmed warrior was knocked down by the large animal, which pounced on the prone man. The other Barbarian tried to help his sword mate, which diverted his attention from the bear that was menacing him.

Callisto emerged from the water in the deep reeds. The naked woman listened for the sounds of her guards. All the young blonde heard were the growls of some angry animals. The abused woman needed some clothing; she was getting very cold. Slowly, she crept out of the reeds and into the woods.

The tormented blonde skirted the edge of the woods trying to search out some clothing, while staying concealed in the woods. The battered warrior found her two guards and former tormenters dead. She quickly stripped the smallest man of his clothes. They were bloody and stank, but she couldnít be too selective at the moment. She took both packs and their water skins. Then the wounded warrior took their two knives. A sword would be too tiring in her injured condition.

Her heart begged her to go get revenge on her rapists, but she wasnít in good enough health for such a fight. The battered woman needed to heal. So, the abused body of the former courier forced itself deep into the woods. She found a hollowed tree that had collapsed of its own weight. The area was thick with brush and narrowly spaced trees. It was a perfect hiding place.

The experienced courier knew how to survive. Using a dried birdís nest and the tinderbox from the dead Barbarianís pack, Callisto started a small fire to which she added dry twigs. The young warrior found a curved piece of bark that resembled a shallow bowl. She poured some water into the makeshift bowl and added a couple pieces of jerked venison. Using several small stones, the doe-eyed blonde propped the piece of the bark so that it just touched the fire, making sure that the fire didnít reach over the sides and burn the wood.

Using a piece of cloth to hold the heated bowl, the abused woman began to drink the hot venison broth. She made three more bowls of the hot soup. With the last bowl, the wounded warrior was even able to eat a few bites of the softened jerky. With a belly full of broth and jerky, the battered woman curled up by the dying fire and slept in the stinking furs of one of her dead tormenters.

The next morning, the wounded woman made herself three more bowls of soup before she continued her journey. Callisto was sore from her torment and from sleeping with a tree root in her back. By moving slowly through the dense woods with a slight limp, the injured courier made her way to a small stream, where she refilled her water skins.

In the shallow stream, the experienced survivor found some mussels and three crayfish. The young woman collected the food and moved along the bank until she found a tree with exposed roots. It made an excellent shelter. Using the root system to diffuse the smoke, the injured warrior made a fairly large fire to warm her wounded body.

Using her bark bowl, Callisto made a gumbo of mussels and crawfish. Using roots and leaves from a nearby tree, she thickened the broth to a stew. The injured woman needed more sustenance if she was going to get her strength back. The smoke produced by her fire was filtered by the branches and leaves of the tree.

After the damaged woman warmed her body, she forced herself away from the fire to gather more food. The accomplished forager found a small patch of wild onions and potatoes. She found several mushrooms, but very few were edible. Before she went back to her hidden haven, she set three small snares. A rabbit or a squirrel would provide her with some needed fresh meat.

The hungry warrior cut up the onions and potatoes into small pieces and put them in the bark bowl with some water and a few pieces of jerky. After the stew was nearly cooked, the injured woman added some mushrooms. The starch from the potatoes thickened the stew and her the fuel her failing body needed.

After she ate her stew, the exhausted blonde banked her fire and slept. Her dreams were of a hooded woman who kept beckoning her to hurry. Callisto knew that she needed to get some help soon or she wasnít going to make it.

Chapter 28: Soft Caresses

Her name was Lena and she led the tall Celtic Warrior unerringly through the dark corridors to the chambers of the Conqueror. Lena had visited these chambers many times before the Bard arrived at court, but since her arrival the Conqueror had not entertained anyone.

Lena was five foot three inches with blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She wore a simple linen frock and smelled of flowers. Murphy had fallen for the young maid the moment she saw her. The harden warrior knew that the small maidís resemblance to her Queen added to her allure, but it was the blondeís gregarious personality that had captured the stoic Celtís heart. The Princeís Champion had been so surprised when the object of her desires had agreed to come to her room, she just hoped that her Queenís intrusion hadnít spoiled the mood.

Lena had noticed the tall warrior when she arrived with her Prince. The warrior was tall and physically dominating. Her warrior braids and tattoos made her exotic and interesting. The two women had done nothing more than talk and Lena found the innate shyness and undemanding manner cute.

The young domestic looked at her muscular warrior and saw her nervousness. The experienced handmaiden chuckled to herself, the innocence in such an obviously battle hardened warrior was attractive and inviting. The blonde maid knew she would have to take charge, so she asked, "Would you like a hot bath?"

The apprehensive warrior nodded her head slowly and deliberately, yes. The chambermaid of the Conqueror pushed the fidgety warrior into an elaborately decorated chair and ordered, "You get out of those clothes and I will go get the bath ready. The Conqueror keeps an iron reservoir filled with heated water."

As the anxious woman sat in the ornate chair, she noticed the urn of wine on the table next to her chair. Taking a golden chalice, the Celtic warrior poured herself something to calm her nerves. Murphy drank the wine without tasting that it was old and had soured. The now fortified woman rose to her feet and stripped down to her linen tunic.

The stoic Celt heard her lover call to her to join her. The tall warrior strode into the bathroom and stopped abruptly. Her mouth fell open when she saw the compact maid sitting on the side of the bath naked. Her body was well portioned with magnificent breasts that were tipped with large, hard nipples. The blonde maid pouted and said, "Youíre overdressed. Arenít you interested?"

The Amazon Warrior ripped the tunic off her body and used it to wipe her mouth as she moved gracefully toward the smaller woman. The strong woman pulled the young handmaiden to her feet, into her arms and kissed her wantonly on the lips. The inflamed servant opened her mouth and felt a warm and equally wanton tongue enter her mouth.

Without removing her tongue from the young maidís mouth, the strong Amazon lifted the smaller woman into arms and stepped into the marble bath. As she sat her body into the hot water, the Celtic Champion set the impassioned woman onto her tanned and scarred thigh. The brown haired warrior looked into the domesticís enraptured eyes and whispered softly, "Iím very interested."

The smaller woman tried to rub her sex across the strong thigh of the Celtic warrior, but the stronger woman held the young blonde in place with her other leg. A wicked grin reluctantly appeared on the warriorís chiseled face as she used her leg to raise the level of her loverís nipple to her mouth. She took the hardened nipple between her teeth and bit it lightly. Then the warrior opened her mouth and flicked her tongue against the excited nipple.

A low moan escaped the young maidís lips as she felt the Celtís mouth suckle on her breast. Desperately the blonde domestic wanted to ride the warm wet thigh that her sexual center straddled. However, the warriorís other leg had her calf trapped under it and she couldnít do anything except ooze fluid and gloriously suffer.

The older woman shifted her focus to the chambermaidís other nipple and breast. This time her tongue traced large Oís on the areola of the young maidís bosom. The teasing Celt ran her hands tenderly along the blue-eyed handmaidenís arms and then along her sides. She circled her arms around her lover and grasped the blonde domesticís firm buttocks. Using both hands, the tall warrior spread the smaller womanís soapy cheeks and firmly worked a finger into her soapy rectum.

The young Greek gasped at the invasion but did her best to facilitate the progress of the aggressive finger. Murphy opened her mouth wide and sucked in a large portion breast and began to alternate sucking and chewing on the soft flesh. Soon she had her finger buried in the eager maidís exposed opening. Only then did she free the young servant to rub her enraged sex along her firm hot thigh.

An old scar provided extra fiction and a small bump that kept thumping her engorged clit. The aroused handmaiden grasped the warriorís head and pulled her head firmly into her bosom and increased her rhythm. With a few more strokes the smaller woman exploded with a glorious orgasm that lasted for several seconds before she collapsed against her powerful lover.

Chapter 29: A New Deal

At the sound of the door closing, Xena pulled the young Bard into her arms and claimed her with a deep and passionate kiss. Their tongues warred with each other in a battle to claim what each had wanted since they had met. The Warrior Empressí height provided her with better leverage and she pressed her advantage to the fullest. However, the tenacity of the smaller blonde would not be denied and her tongue fought bravely and soon found its way into the Conquerorís mouth. Soon the green-eyed Bard gave in to the passion of the dark woman and sucked Xenaís tongue into her wanton mouth.

The Dark Warrior lifted the younger woman into her arms and carried her to the bed. There she began to tear at the clothes of the blonde Bard. Gabrielle for her own part did her best to get at the naked, tanned skin of the Warrior Empress. Her desperation and desire seemed to equal if not exceed the woman known as the Destroyer of Nations.

Suddenly the Conqueror stopped her attack and looked into the Bardís eyes. A look of remembrance clouded the warriorís blue eyes and she said, "We had a deal. I would not take what was not freely given."

While her green eyes burned with desire, the young woman replied, "What?! Do you want it writing? Get me a quill and a scroll."

It was all the Conqueror needed, she knew she had a new deal. The deal that she wanted. The deal that she needed. The deal that made her life complete for the first time. Momentarily, the Empress of the East, the Destroyer of Nations, the Conqueror of half the known world felt fear.

The blondeís emerald eyes registered the fear and answered the unspoken question the only way she knew how. The young Bard slipped her hand under the Conquerorís kimono and cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple gently. A wry grin crossed the Empressís face as she raised a knowing eyebrow and said, "So, you want to play. Have you ever played this game before?"

Gabrielle continued to massage the soft flesh that felt so warm and shook her head no with a small smile. The Conqueror held a dangling string from the Bardís leather top and started wrapping the leather string around her long index finger. The tall Monarch leaned forward and began to peck kisses on the young blondeís face as she said, "Well, it looks like I get to show you how the game is played. The question is...which game do you want to play?"

The Bardís wisdom answered, "What game is your favorite, my Empress? I will play that one."

The Darkness inside the Warrior danced happily, until Xena answered, "No, you donít want to go there."

Sincerity glowed in the young Bardís green eyes as she replied. "I will go anywhere you want to take me. I love you and that means I want to share your good side as well as your dark side. I know it is there. I have seen the darkness in you, my Love, but it does scare me."

The Warrior Empress was totally confused, the Darkness within her was screaming for release, but the love she had for the smaller woman prevented her from harming the young woman. However, the young Bard had offered to share the darkness, while professing love. ĎHow could such a woman love the dark creature that is in me?í mused the stoic ruler, ĎDo I want to take this one into that Dark place? It will scare her and I will lose her.í

The young Bard recognized the confusion in her loverís eyes and told her, "Xena, you cannot scare me from you. We are bound by the Fates and by our love for each other."

At that moment, Xena emerged and took charge of her soul. The Darkness held no more power over her. She had found someone who embraced her Darkness, who loved her without any reservations. The Dark Empress had found her soul mate and was content to love her without sharing her Darkness, at least for now.

Xena rose from the bed and quietly began to disrobe. Gabrielle smiled and silently did the same. They discarded their clothing onto the floor and Xena knelt on the floor between the Bardís legs. The reclining blonde rose to her elbows to watch what the Warrior Empress planned to do.

The Queen of the Amazons was in a most undignified position as she watched the Empress spread her legs and push her knees towards her chest. The dark woman gave the young Bard a half smile and ran her tongue along the back of the young blondeís thigh. The electricity generated by the touch of that silky tongue cause the Amazon to collapse into the furs on the feather bed.

Gabrielle could not believe the sensations that Xenaís roving hands and wandering tongue were generating in her body. The True Bard had her knees propped lewdly on the Conquerorís shoulders as the tall warriorís hand kneaded the Bardís tender breasts and the Empressís tongue teased the young womanís inner thigh.

Without thinking about it, the dark ruler started pinching the blondeís nipples to erection. The tall monarchís blue eyes noticed that the Amazon Queenís virginal lips were swollen and oozing fluid. Playfully, the raven-haired Empress licked the juices from the Bardís distended mound with quick flicks of her long tongue.

With each flick a surge of passion radiated through the inexperienced Bardís body. Nothing in her life had prepared her for the ecstasy the young woman was feeling. The double sensation of Xena massaging her breasts and of her tongue licking her swollen lips was driving her mad with desire. Just when the blonde Amazon thought she was going to go insane, she felt a new sensation as the Empress spread her nether lips with her fingers.

The tender movements of her virginal lips heightened her responses. Then she felt a single finger enter her and she was forced by passion to arch her back and moan, "Oh, Goddess!"

The Conqueror encountered the young Bardís virginal barrier. To help with the pain breaking it would create Xena bit lightly on the Amazon Queenís enflamed clit as she pushed her finger through the blondeís hymen. A small stream of blood flowed from the fresh wound as a small yelp escaped the inexperienced blondeís lips.

The raven-haired woman placed a second finger gently inside the Bardís opening. With steady gentle strokes, the dark ruler steadily increased the rapture of her lover until the young womanís breathing was coming in short gasps. Xena increased the rhythm and started nipping the blondeís clit with her teeth.

The Amazon Queen was pumping her hips rhythmically trying to get more penetration. The sensation of the fingers and the nipping of her clit were bringing the green-eyed woman to the brink of orgasm. By timing her assault on her younger lover, Xena soon had the unschooled Bard just short of orgasm and just beyond frustration. Unable to take anymore the young woman begged, "Please!!!!í

That was all the encouragement the Conqueror needed; she had her conquest, so she relieved her lover. The expert lover increased the tempo of her sliding fingers and started suckling on her Bardís clit until the young Queen exploded in sensual bliss. Wave after wave of orgasm surged through the blonde woman. Slowly the raven-haired monarch brought her inexperienced lover back from the realm of sexual release.

Chapter 30: The Vision

Murphy slept soundly wrapped around the lithe body of her new lover. Dreams of a home and no more war visited the Celtic Warrior. Like most soldiers, she dreamed of a family, a home and a place where her spear would be no more than a trophy over the mantle place.

The dream changed and Murphy found herself in a familiar place. Many times she had visited the sacred place of stones. Tall stones circled a stone altar. Every two stones supported another large stone. There was a small inner circle and a larger outer circle.

Before her sat the Keeper of Love on a small stone bench in front of the altar stone. She was a woman of quiet beauty and disposition. No one has ever seen anger from the Druid Priestess. She was the compliment of her fiery sister. The young Druid spoke, "Greetings, Champion. I have come to you with word from the Prophet. I have a prophecy for you."

The young woman put on her hood and said in a cold monotone voice,

"You are at crossroads, Champion. You have before a decision. Next to you lies the happiness you seek. You can take her to the highlands and live on happily. I see a sheep farm free from war and strife. I see many barns and a long life. I see two lovers growing old together.

I see another road. I see a great warrior on the field of battle. I see that warrior killing three other warriors of renown. I see the warrior falling in battle and dying in pain, childless and surrounded by friends. I see her name on the lips of all Amazons as a war cry.

You choice is before you. If you choose happiness, take your woman and leave for the highlands. If you choose your duty, you must seek Callisto in Gaul. She is in need. If you seek her out, you will find her. Then she will be given a choice of two paths.

If seek her, you will tell her, ĎVengeance is not justice.í

Murphy awoke and felt the young maidís warmth tempting her, but she had been a warrior too long. She knew her duty and a single tear was all that she would allow to mourn her lost happiness.

End of Part 6

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