Part 1

By Shadowdancer


Disclaimer: I did not create the characters of Xena, Gabrielle, or any other familiar character from Xena. Now the unfamiliar ones I DID create. Please save all applause until after you've read the story.

Warnings: Well, as for violence, not much, the usual Xena stuff, and tame for that no doubt. We all know I don't do fight scenes well if at all.

Classification: Alternative

Xena was in her last season of carrying her baby, and she and Gabrielle were on their way to Amphipolis so that she could give birth where she'd been born and raised. As Xena rode and Gabrielle walked along side, Xena spoke up; "It's going to be strange going Amphipolis now after all this time. We haven't bee there since Lucifer". "I heard that it's thriving since we were last there. Cyrene's Inn was rebuilt, and a lot of people have moved there, taking a chance that the demons have gone. They even built a memorial to Cyrene; those who were there pay tribute to the memorial and her memory once a day, and the ones who weren't there maintain it, and honor her by keeping up the Inn and the grounds as she would have. They try to run it the way she did, keeping everything the way it used to be". "I wish she were here to see this baby when it comes" Xena said in a melancholy tone, laying a hand on her large, round stomach. "She could be there when her grandson, or daughter is born". Gabrielle was silent for several minutes, her own memories of Cyrene going through her head. "She will be there Xena, you'll see. She wouldn't miss this for the world. Talk to her, tell her what you'd tell her if you could talk to her face to face, she'll hear you". "I know, I just wish she could be here". Gabrielle looked at her best friend, and bondmate, and touched her on the leg to show that she understood and sympathized.

Part 2

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