By moonwarrior

"Come on Gabrielle we better go. Lets both ride."

(Argo>Yeah sure, lets both ride, well warrior, how about me. I'm the one that has to carry the extra weight. And speaking of weight, stop feeding her so much nut bread!)

"Can I sit in front this time? Gabrielle asked with pleading eyes. She knows it has to be more comfortable in the saddle then on Argo's rump.

"Sure" Xena says smiling at her lover., unable to deny her anything,.Xena helps Gabrielle into the saddle.

(Argo> UMPH)

Xena then jumps on Argo from behind with little effort.

(Argo> UMPH)

Xena takes hold of the reins with one hand and places the other around Gabrielle's waist.

(Argo> Sure, sure, I walk, they ride. Is that fair?)

Argo walks up the steep road with our travelers aboard. Xena and Gabrielle rock from side to side.

(Argo>Keep them rocking maybe they will walk to. After all, do they think carrying them and everything else is easy going up hill.)

As Argo steps over the larger rocks, Gabrielle leans back into Xena "ouch, damn I wish she didn't have on her breast plate" she said to herself.

Xena's hand is rubbing across Gabrielle's stomach, squeezing it at times, thoughtlessly exploring every square inch of it.

(Argo>Ohhhhh, finally, the road levels off)

When the road smoothes and the ground is flat Gabrielle takes the reins out of Xena's hand "let me drive for awhile."

(Argo>NO, no, Xena, please don't let her drive)

Gabrielle gently places Xena's other hand around her waist.

(Argo>Okay, maybe this can work. Easy girl easy)

Xena holds her love tight. Gabrielle leans back into her felling the cold metal of her breast plate thinking its not as distracting as before.

Xena's hand begins to move again, this time to Gabrielle's breast. Xena whispers in her ear "Do you know how much I love you."

(Argo>What, what Xena, I couldn't hear you. Did you say you were going to drive again)

"Oh yes" she responds pushing herself back harder into Xena's body. "Gods" Gabrielle says "Do you know what you do to me everytime you touch me."

(Argo>Everytime you touch me, OHHH NOOO not that again)

"Hummmmmmmm" is all Xena can sound as she nibbles on the back of Gabrielle's ear.

Slowly Xena moves her hand down Gabrielle's stomach. Her fingers find there way under her leather belt and down touching her curly hair. Slowly Xena's hand finds it's way into Gabrielle's wetness.

(Argo> Hummmm, it's awfully quiet, there never this quiet.)

"Oh Gabrielle"

(Argo>then maybe again, there not!)

Gabrielle's legs go weak, she leans forward then stiffens. "Xena…I….Ohhhh.

(Argo>Gods, I hope theirs no one around, this could prove most embarrassing for me)

When Gabrielle is able to catch her breath, she moans "I feel so weak, please don't let me fall"

(Argo> Fall, Hummmmmmmm)

"I would never let you fall Gabrielle"




Xena is on the ground sprawled behind Argo "what the"

(Argo>Be nice)

Gabrielle sitting on Argo is trying not to laugh at her warrior sprawled on the ground "Thank you for not letting me fall."

Xena half heartily growls as she picks herself up "come on, we better walk" As Xena narrows her eyes, raises an eyebrow and gives Argo THE LOOK.

(Argo> yes Xena, problem)

Argo looks at her warrior whinnies and nods her head in her most innocent way. She continues down the road.

Argo looks back at Gabrielle helping Xena to her feet . Xena grumbles to herself and rubs her rear as her and Gabrielle catch up to Argo.


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