Best Poetry


I Have Watched

by Argo

I watch as a young girl follows my friend
I watch as the young girl struggles to keep up
My friend grooms me and mumbles into my ear, all I hear are grumbles
from my
friend as the young girl snores in her sleep
I toss my head and twitch as this young girl tries to scratch and pat my
My friend just laughs as this young girl frowns
I watch as this young girl now keeps up, her muscles beginning to show
plump young skin
I watch as my friend starts to smile a bit more and mumbles less into my
I watch as bedrolls once separated by the night fire glow warm from a
I listen as my friend grumbles once again as she watches the young girl
Aaaahh the grooming intensifies
The girl returns, they travel together again seldom apart
I let the girl ride up upon my back my friend seems happier now
I watch as a girl breaks my friends heart
I watch as my friends death breaks the girls heart
My own heart aches as I bear her burden upon my back
My friend alive I feel older now
I watch the woman take her place, standing proud, standing tall beside
her friend
Together we travel
Together they love
I watch as a bond for eternity is formed unshakeable
I watch the skin of the woman my friend calls her lover, ripple from
taut muscles
I feel snow in the air
My breath stops mid way
I freeze......I stand stock still...
My friends are no more
I bow my head I eat no food
I remember my friend the woman, her strength, her loyalty, her changes,
her life...
their life
I stand alone now the tears are my own
Cold night rain pours unnoticed upon my back I care not then about my
I lift my head, I know not how, the lovers return!
I nuzzle my friends hands and toss my head into the womans chest
Magnificent she looks!
I watch now with pride as the woman fights at the side of my friend
I laugh at her own horse she thinks she can ride
I am happy now though my hide doesn't gleam
I have watched a young girl grow to become the woman of my only friends
And I a war horse
Their true friend indeed