Best Poetry


Tobias: The Mule I Knew, The Jackass I Loved

By LN James

Thirty-five dinars was all he cost
one look into his eyes and I was lost.
A mule such as he was fine and sturdy
even if I stepped in his hay-fed turdy.
I gave him away to some guy and a lady
too bad I didn't keep him to carry Xena and her baby.
I have a horse now and 'Handsome' is his name
but Tobias was my first love, not Perdicus--he's lame!
If you ever find an ass as nice as him,
don't give him away on prayer and a whim.
I miss him every night as I pine away,
Xena's good in bed but I miss his...hey!
This is the end of my little ode
to Tobias the Ass and his heart of go'd!