Best Poetry

(Return of Callisto)

By Firefly


Sunset slices the sky, dark and low.
Silent screams are in calm, frozen air . . .
Itís example Iíd rather not know
Of old saying that life isnít fair.

I will wait outside ancient temple
With her flowers -- joke of misfortune
Through the rhythmic staccato of heartbeat
I will hear you calmly approaching.

I had promised to visit her often,
But she knew I am leaving forever.
Thereíre again just the two of us, Argo,
Facing hopelessly meaning of never.

Bloody wounds are painted by sunset.
It feels lonely -- so bitter and clear.
After all, I am only a human,
My old friend, donít blame me for tears.

Let us ride through the night to horizon.
Please, away from this place! Faster! Faster!
Donít tell anyone of my weakness
As you sense the despair of your master.


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