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This ballad reflects thoughts from the warrior, the bard
and the trusty horse. I wrote it down last night when I felt deeply
inspired and encouraged. This is for all my wonderful readers who
have sent in all those kindly and supportive emails. Without you
people, there isn't a point in writing, is there? <smile>

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Okay then... here goes my second attempt at poetry...
Amazon Moon 1999c.

Years ago she stopped by my village,
a stranger no one knew.
Her raven mane and striking eyes,
held me stiff; had me mesmerized.

I watched in awe
as she saved us all,
from the hands of slavery.

She never knew
how I felt when my heart fluttered so.

I had to follow her, I knew:
It was my destiny,
to give up all that I had around
in search of a whole new life.

I trailed with fear inside,
hoping to be accepted.
I knew I'd die if she would
tell me to leave her side.

She didn't.

>From peasant girl,
to inspiring bard,
the warrior princess changed me so.
To Amazon princess,
and warrior bard.
I knew I loved her so.

Those nights together,
warm by the campfire,
I'd gaze at her stoic figure.
Those eyes that could
hold me transfixed
would be locked unto your dinner.

Your fingers,
strong and nimble,
I'd fantasize about.
Of wonderful travels
on the landscapes of my skin.

I watch as you stick your tongue
to taste the food I'd cooked.
To visualize what it was like,
I wished I were your fish.
I desparatedly wanted you to
touch me here and
taste me there.

Time rolled by
and we were the
best of friends,
side by side.

We talked and laughed,
I sang, you listened.
But I never told
you what my heart truly desired.
It bled everytime
your arm brushed mine,
it cried so shrilly down inside.

My red beating drum,
the container of my
innermost feelings,
of thoughts and dreams.

It goes out of control
whenever your eyes
touch mine,
letting loose control.

All those nights of slumber,
when we'd sleep beneath the moon,
positioned just inches from each other,
I'd sneak peeks of you sleeping.

The fierce warrior asleeping,
looking so defenseless by the moon.
I'd long to kiss those lips,
to feel them touching mine.
The feel of your breath,
the caress of your hand...
All I secretly longed for.

Every travel, every journey,
when you're up on Argo-
I think of us when I walk,
smiling at the thoughts.
But I just wished I knew
exactly what to say,
and not fumble in my speech.

I know you think of me
as a talented bard,
but I'd get lost for words,
sweet Xena,
whenever I attempt a try.

~ the Poteidaian bard*

So many days of travel,
I'd look down by my side:
of a pretty blonde of Poteidaian breed
who's proved herself worthy
of being a companion,
a friend, a bard and queen.
So many times I'd look,
and notice a smile upon your lips.
Of who I gently wonder,
and play with the possibilities.

I love the ways
you look at me,
the inquisitiveness of your eyes-
the brillant sparkle within them,
giving all things life.

Your smile so carefree
and innocent, your laughter
makes me glow.
Your stories I love immensely,
'tho I seem so stoic within.
Your questions amuse me,
one strangely unused to so.
But I knew I'd found a treasure,
and it wouldn't be wise to let go.

Those nights by the fire,
as we dig in for the meal-
I'd wish your cooking was you,
and that I was licking your toes.

By the light I observe,
you diligently working on your scrolls.
You never look up at me
and that's my chance to peek
at your spectacular beauty,
which is just so uniquely you.

I dreamt of going over
to kiss you on the cheek,
to show you what I thought of you
and give you all that you need.

And I know I am a warrior,
a mighty fighting one at that-
but I have just zero confidence
'cos my strong knees buckle
at the thought of your smile.
I had no idea either,
if I'm really the one.

I deeply, madly crave you-
to touch you in places
you never would have dreamed.
To hold you in these arms
and kiss you deep within.

Yet there we sit together,
like the best of friends should be;
laughing and talking
but capping our feelings.

Everytime you touch me,
I shudder so deep inside.
Everytime I'm faced
with the impossible,
I think of you
and it works miricles.

Gabrielle, oh Gabrielle,
just to hold you so,
to press your lips to my skin,
if only I could let you know.
So I'm sitting here
in my lonely hell,
waiting for a sign.
To tell me that you want me
then say that I should show.
~ the warrior princess*

These two humans I know,
best friends to the world,
they love each other so.
But why can't they see,
each other's hearts
and reconigze their own true needs?

The warrior princess
wears a mask,
to protect the vunerability inside.
Her heart, I see, yearns
for the touch of the
lovely Amazon bard.

She walks around so proud,
so tall and strong
for Gabrielle's by her side.

Her eyes I know,
go bright whenever
she touches her so.

Yet why, I muse,
she doesn't tell her so.
She chooses to keep her
feelings within,
by not letting the other know.

She sits in hell
almost every night,
desiring the woman in her dreams:
Her hands would encircle
her imaginary waist
and her lips would kiss her so.

These strange humans,
I don't know.

The bard, the friend,
I see her too-
as clear as I see the sun.
Her heart yearns
for my mistress Xena,
every detail tells me so.

Her touches, her smiles,
her laughter, her eyes
- they all show me so.

But I can't understand
why both don't see
that they're made for each other so.

Gabrielle, in her dreams,
would see her warrior
in a sacred garden by the moon.
She would brush her hair
and kiss her lips,
gazing into those blue eyes.

The bard would smile,
dreaming unconscious thoughts
of fantasies of the two.
The faraway look of those green eyes
show me more than words could say.

Yet still they sit
and talk and laugh
but never follow
their hearts;
pushing away their true feelings
and pretending to be
what they're not.

I sigh every time
a chance is wasted,
don't they know it yet?
They think they've all
the time in the world
where stars freeze
while people breathe
but it simply just isn't so.
~ the trusty battle horse*


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