As the Bard Squirms

by wildbard



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OOOooo YES!! If the thought of sex between two women bothers you, GO AWAY! As for the rest of you, please enjoy.

This little story started off as a joke to a friend, kind of a little teaser. Well she enjoyed it so much, she asked me to post it out on the web so that the rest of you may enjoy as well.

This is my first little attempt at fan-fiction. Please send all comments to me, if ya have any, would be great.

This story is dedicated to my 'Little Earth Cookie' and inspired by my soulmate.

Note: I was listening to 'Enigma MCXMC a.D.' And 'Deep Forest Boheme'. Just to give you an idea on the music of the story. :)

The sounds of music filled the night air through the Amazon Nation. This was the evening of the Dionysus festival, and it was well under way. Amazons were milling around the center of the village dancing, singing, drinking and enjoying the company of friends or lovers. This night was special to the Nation; Queen Gabrielle was present at the main celebration with her champion Xena at her side. It wasn't a hidden fact that Xena actually had her guard down a couple of marks this evening. Xena was enjoying the atmosphere of the evening, laughing, dancing and drinking a little more port than normal. But the looks that were exchanged between these two women were unmistakable. They were in love.

The evening air was cool, the breeze was gentle as the Queen and her champion crossed the center of the village.

" Hey! Where do you two think your going?" A voice boomed behind them.

Xena and Gabrielle turned in unison toward the familiar voice.

"Don't worry Ephiny. Well be back. I just want to go freshen up before the party really gets going." Gabrielle replied to her Regent. Ephiny nodded in agreement and went back to the main fire to dance with the rest of her friends.

" And you." Gabrielle turns to meet her lover’s eyes.

"Yes. What about me?" Xena answers as she lazily raised an eyebrow.

"You’re drinking a little more than your usual. Are you alright?" Green eyes looking into the blue pools with a bit of concern. Xena slowly runs her hands up and down the bards back.

"I'm fine. I'm just really enjoying myself.........You asked me to relax and have a good time...well that’s what I'm gonna do." Xena leans forward to where their foreheads touch, then kisses the bard lightly on the nose. A rather large grin crosses the bard’s lips.

"Good. It's really nice to see you just relax and 'Enjoy' yourself for once...Thank you."

"'s nice. I feel good to just let go and enjoy the feeling. Don't worry I'm not going to drink to where I'll regret myself in the morning. I just feel happy....and you're welcome. C'mon." Xena slowly turned them in the direction of the Queens hut as they moved across the drum circle.

The evening was filled with the dancing shadows of the evening torches as the spirits began to spread their magical spells to all. This was the time of the night when all the formal royal duties were finished that the party was able to move at full speed. The music was deep, colorful and full of energy. People we everywhere and nowhere to be found. Some circle of women talked about past battles, loves, training, and politics. While others were couples dancing, kissing or just looking into each other’s eyes. Magic.



Xena was looking out over the village festival from the western balcony, while enjoying the last of the rays from the setting sun. Xena closed her eyes and let the sounds of the music fill all her senses. "Gods does this feel nice." She thought to herself as the effects of the port were beginning their hypnotic dance on her soul. She couldn't remember feeling this good in a long time, and by the gods she was going to enjoy it. There was just something telling her inside to do just that. To let down some of her walls and enjoy the feeling of living and loving, 'Go with your gut.'

Soft footsteps could be heard padding across the room. Xena slowly turns to see the most beautiful site in her life. Her breath actually caught in her throat. The woman before her wasn't the bard she sees daily, but the Queen of the Amazons. Her presence was so overpowering that the warrior was at a loss for words. 'Gods is she beautiful."

"Xena...Are you alright?" Gabrielle noticed the slightly lost look on her warrior’s face.

Xena slowly shook her head to bring herself out of the small daze she entered. A smile swam across her face, and their eyes meet one another.

"Yes.....You just take my breath away every time I see you dress like this." Xena confessed. Her voice was so gentle, so honest it made the bards heart skip a beat. Xena’s eyes danced over her soulmate slowly, taking in all the beauty and power that made this woman Queen of the Amazons. Xena felt a power build from within her very soul. She slowly closed the distance between them. Blue met green. Two strong hands slowly wrapped themselves around the Queen’s waist, pulling her ever so gently into an embrace. The cool feeling of leather touched the Queen’s skin, making her gasp at the sensation. Green pools looked deeply into the warrior’s eyes, which were filled with passion.

"On the contrary......You take my breath away." Gabrielle breathed out as a pair of soft lips descended onto hers. The kiss was soft and playful. Xena’s senses were pushing to overload. She deepened the kiss and her persistence paid off. The first taste of the bard’s mouth was electrifying. Her entire body was on fire with the incredible urge to take the bard at this moment filled her very soul. And by the gods she was going to.

The feel of the warrior’s leathers against her skin, she was happy about the missing armor, sent Gabrielle’s mind racing out of control. Her knees felt weak, heart racing, and her sex began to throb. Knowing if this kept up they would never make it back to the party, but she just couldn't stop kissing Xena. And kissing Xena can turn into an addiction. Fast.

The sounds of drums danced along the night, as the smells of sandalwood and daisies filled the cool night air. The melody was so intoxicating, so full of fire and spirit. Xena slowly let the music dictate her movements. Slowly she began to move her hips from side to side, all the while her hands began a slow caress of the queens shapely behind. Gabrielle moved her hands up and along Xena’s' backside, leaning into the warriors hips as thier powerful dance continued. Xena slowly backs the bard up a step and against the wall. Gabrielle, not wanting to break contact with her warrior it felt to good. But know that the other might come looking for their queen if she away to long.

"Xena....I don't want to start something we can't fin......oh gods!" Gabrielle was cut off with a grunt as the warrior leans a knee between her legs while pinning here hands above her head.

"OOoooo...I think we can finish what 'I' started." She whispered into her ear. The tone in the warrior voice was unmistakable. Xena’s' eyes were filled with passion, want, and even before the bard could speak, her lips were taken by the warrior. The kiss was hard, lustful as Xena demanded access to the queens mouth and wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. Their tongues battled for control, as Xena pressed her weight into the queen a little more for contact of leather to flesh. Gabrielle let out an uncontrollable moan. Xena pulled away from the breathless queen, eyes bored into surprised eyes.

"And if Ephiny and the others want to keep their good state of health.....*grin*... they... will just have to wait." Xena’s' eyes were a deep blue. The deepest blue Gabrielle has ever seen them. The sound of the warrior’s voice was unmistakable. Want. Pure and simple want. Gabrielle was so taken off guard at the way Xena was acting, and it excited her so much, she could actually feel how wet she was becoming. The thought of Xena totally taking control of her sent chills down her back. She could feel Xena’s hot breath on her neck as she continued to kiss, nibble and lick her. Letting her senses go, she began to grind against the warrior, her hands were slowly lowered as the tempo in the music began to change. Hips began to grind, as Gabrielle lowered her hand to Xena’s waist, she reached under her leathers...."Oh gods!!" Was all she could moan out. Xena wasn't wearing any underwear. Which came in handy on those long rides on Argo.

Her lover’s eyes captivated Xena. She wanted to take this woman to a place that neither of them has yet been. The desire to make love to this woman was more than she could stand. The feeling of Gabrielle against her, holding her, touching her was setting her entire being on fire. Her lips began to nip and suck the soft curves of her neck, as the music changed so did the bard. She felt the bard beginning to grind against her thigh; she could feel how wet the bard was becoming. Small gentle hands lowered themselves across her back down toward her sides, then slowly fingered their way under her leather skirt. The feather touch of the bard made the warrior whimper into her mouth. The jolt went to her nipples making then hard, wanting to be touched.

Both women became lost in the touch of one another. Their hearts were racing, hands were roaming and hips were grinding. Emotions were beginning to build frenzy among them, emotions that have never been felt by the bard. They were so different; Xena was different some how. She was just so erotic that it driving her to just wants to scream. The gods know that her throbbing sex was screaming for more. Much more. She wanted Xena more than she has ever wanted her before. The music was simply fueling this lustful rage within the warrior, a fire that wanted out. Before the bard knew what happened, Xena pulled her top off her with a quick yank, exposing the soft milky skin of two beautiful breasts. Gabrielle taken by complete surprise yelped at the sudden shock of her top being taken forcefully. Xena wasted no time taking the hardened nipple into her mouth, sucking them like a newborn, with occasional tease of biting them lightly.

Gabrielle was all whimpers; her sex was on fire, wanting now to have the warrior touch her. She was helplessly at the mercy of the warrior. Running her hands through Xena’s thick mane, pulling her closer, wanting Xena to take more of her breast into her mouth, the sensation of the warriors tongue lick and flicking her harden nipples was melting her knees.

Xena feeling the bard’s knees go soft; she edged them to a table, not once breaking their kiss. Xena pulled Gabrielle upon the table spread the bard legs apart and stood between them. Gabrielle reacted by wrapping her legs around the warrior and pulling her in closer, wanting to have as much contact with her lover a possible. Xena broke off the kiss at this bold move by the bard. The arch of an eyebrow told the bard that this night she was going to be taken, by the’ Destroyer of Nations'. The look in Xena’s eyes was unmistakable. Lust. Pure lust.

Gabrielle enjoyed when Xena let the 'warlord' come out to play and the anticipation of what Xena will do next, excited her even more. As she looked into the warrior’s eyes, they soften for a moment. Xena spoke in a whisper to her, "Remember, Enough.....ok?" This was to let Xena know if it became too much for the bard, not wanting to hurt her love.

Gabrielle looked into her lovers eyes stroked the side of her face and replied with all her heart. "I know...I love you Xena." They leaned into one another for a kiss. Slowly the passion began to gain momentum; their breathing became labored. Moans were more constant as the kiss deepened. Xena sounded almost primal.

"I'm going to take you my Queen...right here." Her voice hissed like a snake ready to strike. The sound sent shocks through her already over loaded body as the warrior claimed her breasts once more. The queen cried out, sending chills down the warrior’s back, Xena moaned at the sound as a shiver could be felt from the bard.

"OOoooo you like that..huh?" As she looked up from her meal.

"Ple...ase..don't..sto..stop." Gabrielle barely got out as the warrior started sucking 'hard' on her swollen nipple. The drums began to beat faster; the bard thrust her hips into Xena’s to gain more contact with the warrior. Xena reacted by pushing Gabrielle back onto the table, her legs hung off the end, and her breast exposed, nipples erect with her hands once again above her head. Xena gazed into green pools of passion that were only for her. Xena began to grind slowly against the queen. The table was the perfect height hip to hip. Grinding against the queen, Xena lower herself a bit to claim her nipple, Gabrielle arched her back to push her nipple deeper into the warrior’s mouth. Gabrielle tried to pull her hands away from the warrior, but was stopped with such force it stunned her.

"No. No touching me." Xena spat. Quickly using one hand to restrain the bard’s wrist, using the other to reach for her whip. With a flick of her wrist she sent the whip looping around the spindle of a chair, then tying the slack around Gabrielle’s wrists. Xena stood over the bard, taking in this woman, this beautiful woman. Her blood was now boiling, her heart pounding in her ears and her sex was aching for release. Looking over the body of this woman, she notices her eyes were deep green, cheeks pink, lips wet, breasts perfect, nipples hard and her breathing was just a little agitated. A sneer curled up at the ends of the warrior’s lips. Small glazed eyes burst open in a sudden green flash of life.

"Wha..what are you going to do?" A panicked whisper floated from the bard. The bard whose hands were tied above her head, no top and laying flat on the main dinner table in her hut. She watched as if the world was in slow motion, Xena pulled out her breast dagger and just smiled. Gabrielle began to squirm not knowing what her warrior had in mind. Xena lustfully looked into the bard’s eyes as she slowly begins to cut her skirt open, exposing the bards sex to her. Gabrielle cannot suppress a moan at the sight of Xena gaining access to her in this manner. Gabrielle’s mind races at the thought of Xena buried between her legs lick and sucking her.

Xena let out a small moan at the sight of the bard’s soft blond and wet curls that are calling her name. Placing the dagger off to the side, she slowly begins to stroke the bard with her fingers, light running them over her swollen sex, causing the bard to arch her back from the feeling. Xena slowly inserted one finger into her dark cave feeling the warmth and wetness of the bard only increased hers. Gabrielle’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt the warriors strong finger enter her, light stroking her on the inside. Her hips began to move, wanting more of the warrior inside her, her heart was pounding in her ears as the music continued to feed the warrior’s mood. She jumped at the feeling of the warrior inserting another finger, this time with a forceful thrust, which made her grunt.


" Feel good?" Xena spat she continued to push her fingers into the bard at a slow rhythm. Xena watched the bard as she began to move herself against her hand; this was so erotic she thought her clit would explode. Xena knelt in front of the squirming bard, slowly removing her fingers as the bard whimpered from lose of contact, Xena could now smell the sweet nectar of the bard’s sex. Placing her hand on either side of the bard’s thighs slowly pushing then apart, exposing all of Gabrielle to her lustful eyes, desperately wanting a taste.

Gabrielle could feel Xena lower herself between her legs, which only increased the amount of wetness there. Xena hands were slowly caressing her inner thighs as she pushed them apart. Her eyes were shut as her mind raced out of control as she waited for Xena next move.

"Gods!!" Gabrielle cried as the feeling of warm lips wrapped themselves around her swollen and throbbing nub. Gabrielle instinctively wanting to grab the warriors head but was stopped by her restraint. The chair slammed into the table, Xena never once stopped at the sudden noise. The bard was on fire as the warrior continued to lick and suck on her clit, driving her closer to the release she so badly wanted. Hips began to move automatically to the feeling and music. Xena wanting no movement out of the bard, she quickly grabbed her ankles and pulled them downward stopping movement from the bard. Xena thrust her tongue into the bard, tasting the sweetness of her. Moans and cries were constant out of the Gabrielle, who was trying desperately for more contact with the warrior. Xena stopped the assault on her clit, released her ankles and stood. She grabbed the bard knees and gave her a ruff pull towards her. The feeling of cold leather against her sex made the bard groan wanting more. Xena smiled and leaned into her, while slowly moving her hand between the bard’s legs.

Feeling Xena’s finger trace the lips of her sex, then slowly and ever so lightly caressing her clit. A gasp escaped the bard as Xena once again entered her and slowly began to move with a steady rhythm. The bard’s hips began to move with the warrior’s hand, pushing onto her wanting her deeper inside. Xena continued to thrust her fingers into the bard as she watches her intently. Her bard’s face was full of passion, breathing was short and quick, her tongue slowly licked her dry lips.

Xena leaned her body over the bard while still thrusting her fingers deep inside the bard.

" You like this...don't you." Xena’s low voice hissed into the bard ears. The low tone of her voice made the bard moan, then she slowly opened her eyes to look into pools of blue.

" Yy....*thrust*...eeee..*thrust*....ssss."

"Good." Xena replied as she stopped.

"Gods ....please don't stop.." Gabrielle begged her warrior. Xena’s brow was now full of sweat, her eyes full of want and her soul was full of desire to have this woman. Still hearing the cries and wants of her lover drove her over. She wanted her release.

"I’m not……" Xena slowly rose from her kneeling position and leaned into the bard. The cool feeling of her leathers made the bard quickly inhale. Blue eyes locked onto green and the edges of her lips curved ever so slightly.

"Wha…….. What are you going to do?" The bard’s voice went almost unheard. Her heart was pounding so hard she was sure of Xena got any closer she would be able to hear it. She kept her eyes fixed on the warrior, trying to figure out what she was going to do next. She slowly licked her dry lips wanting the warrior to close the distance between them. And it worked.

Blues eyes looked into hers, as the music’s pace began to take up a sexually rhythm. Xena now leaning over the bard, hands tied above her head, legs dangling over the edge of the table and naked. Xena could feel he heat off her soulmate as she closed in. Her lips now inches away from the bard’s.

"I told you…*passionate kiss*…I want to feel you." Xena straightens and pulls the bard into her hard. The bard’s shapely ass was now on the edge of the table. Xena pushes her skirt of her leathers out of the way with one hand as the others exposes the bard clit. ‘Gods what is she going to do?’ Gabrielle screams to her self; a slight panic rises from the anticipation.

"Please." Was all she could say. Xena slowly leaned into the bard, feeling the first touch of the warmth of the bard was too much for words.

"Gods!" Xena exhaled as she grabbed onto the bard’s hips and began the slow ancient rhythm. Xena began slow a first, feeling the bard had to be the most erotic, sensual and loving feeling she had ever felt. Gabrielle’s mind was spinning out of control from the feeling she wanted to cry. It felt so wonderful, feeling all of Xena was new to her since they only have been lover a short time and this was the closest she has ever felt to the warrior. Gabrielle was overloading.

"I love you Xena." Xena looked into the green pools of her soulmate.

"I love you Gabrielle." Xena slowly raised up slightly, increased her rhythm hearing her bard beneath her was sending her over the edge. Her release was coming. Faster and harder she fucked the bard. The wetness from both women was feeding their fires within. Grunts, cries and labored breathing were bouncing off the wall of the queen’s hut. The table began to creak as the warrior repeatedly pounded against the bard. Xena was becoming so lost in the feeling of the bards wet cunt beneath her she jumped slight as a pair of lips wrapped themselves around her hard nipple. Gabrielle has some how managed to free her hands and was happily sucking on her nipple. Xena kept up the steady rhythm as the bard slowly licked around her nipples. Moving between the two she slowly rolled her tongue round the hard nipple, nipping and sucking hard. With each assault on the warrior nipples made Xena grunt with every thrust.

Xena moved her hands on either side of the bard’s head to increase the pressure. Her mind was running in thousands of directions at once. She has never felt such a strong connection to the bard as she did at the very moment. Feeling the soft lips around her nipple, sucking them slowly, as if for the first time. Her clit was on fire, her sex hard and wet wanted to continue this feeling stopped as she felt the bard wrap her legs around her waist increasing the feeling 10 folds.

Xena’s pace grew faster and her grunts turned into whimpers. Gabrielle could feel her warrior tense up and knew that Xena was not going the last much longer and neither was she.

"Look at me… I want to see into your eyes." Gabrielle exhaled hoarsely. Xena’s eyes met hers, a bond that now would not be broken.

Xena knew what her bard wanted and intended to give it to her. The emotions running through her were so powerful, so full of such life that she wanted to cry. It was so beautiful just like her bard. Gabrielle has shown her and taught her so much about life and love these last three years she will do anything she asks. Even letting her look into her soul. Not having the will to with stand the overpowering force of the fastly approaching orgasm, Xena began to quicken her pace.

"That’s it love… let me see you." The soft whisper was the breaking point. Xena arched her back, let out a soft rolling loan, and looked into her bard eyes, watching her. Xena leaned forward to increasing the pressure as she slowed down her pace against the bard’s sex, increasing the sensation. Xena was about to lose her mind. This was heaven.

Gabrielle was loving the feeling of the warrior against her skin. She was hot, wet, and hard. She could feel how wet Xena was, her sex sliding and grinding against her hard clit. The music just filled the air and fueled their fire. Xena was very open and very sexual due to the amount of port she drank tonight, but she wasn’t about to complain. Gabrielle grabbed onto the warrior at the hips to increase the contact

Xena’s entire body was on fire. The feeling was soul shattering as she felt the bard help herself increase the contact between them. Every time the bard touched her a shock ran to her clit, and she wanted her release. Now. She listened to the music outside, and looked deep into her bard eyes that were filled with such pleasure, they were glazed over.

She concentrated on the bard’s movements below her. ‘Gods she feels good’ she thought. Now her movements were conducted by the bard. Gabrielle began to move in a slow rolling movement with her hips, as their nipple began to rub against each other due to the closer contact. Their bodies were now covered in sweat. Gabrielle leaned up and captures the warrior’s lips a deep kiss. Their tongues begin to dance on to their own rhythm. Xena pulls back to continue kissing the bards neck tasting the sweat and feeling all of Gabrielle beneath her. Their hips rolled and pushed against one another, their rhythm increased as did the pants and cries.

"Xena", the bard snapped.

"I have you…look at me" she whispers. Blue met green. "Let go." Xena watched with bated breath as Gabrielle began to climax.

"Gods Xena." She exhaled as the first wave of her orgasm took over. Gabrielle was watching Xena as her wave after wave of pleasure took her to a new level of ecstasy, when Xena’s face began to redden, she new.

"Gods!" Xena let out with a low growl. Xena’s face turned a light shade of crimson, her brow connected, here eyes were a deep brilliant blue that she has ever seen. It was beautiful. They intently watched each other. Gabrielle’s cheeks turned pink, sweat beaded on her forehead as they slowly rocked into a gentle dance as they enjoyed wave after wave together.

"I love you Xena." Gabrielle whispers as she pushes back sweat soaked bangs.

"I love you too Gabrielle." A muffled response came from Xena whose form is draped over her lover totally spent.

"Xena, I think we…well I need to get dressed. You know Ephiny."

" Ya, ya I know, but I’m really comfy right now."

Before Gabrielle could get another word out a knock was heard.

"Xena…Gabrielle…Are you guys alright?"

"See I told you." Gabrielle replied to the look on her lover’s face.

the end

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