The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls:

Part 3 - Breaking Down the Barriers
Shana and Kye

The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls is a series of ALTERNATE writings which cover the same issues from both the Warrior Princess and her Bard's point of view. Each part is a story unto itself, and some will follow along with various episodes of the series, while others may not. Most, if not all, of the scrolls will feature explicit sex, and each will contain its own specific disclaimer. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Xena and Gabrielle do not belong to us. We are just borrowing them for a while, and will return them all unharmed, although Xena and Gabrielle will be a lot happier. Any other characters, Mantra, Alantidus, etc. belong to the bards, in some form or another.

Violence: Nope, not a lick of it...heh heh

Language: Some, including the dreaded f word. This time Gabrielle felt the need the need.

Sex: Uh...yep! And loads of it. You know the rhetoric, if females having sex with other females offends you, OR if you are under the age of 18, best be moseying along. There's a small amount of male/female sex hinted at as well.

Spoilers: The Debt, possibly, if you have a fevered imagination.

Author's Notes: There are two scrolls for each part of the series. One is from Xena's point of view, the other is from Gabrielle's point of view. One of the authors believes Xena and Gabrielle were lovers on the show. The other doesn't, but has a healthy imagination. Can you figure out which is which?

This scroll picks up where #2, Coming Clean left off, so you might want to go back and read it first. Not all the scrolls will be in chronological order, but in this case, they are.

"Let's go back to our room, Xena." Those few words echoing through my mind were the only thing that allowed me to put my legs in motion. The mighty Warrior Princess, fearless in battle, defiant against the gods, unblinking in the face of death, was suddenly reduced to a nervous, insecure idiot just from the nearness of this little bard. I found myself thinking over and over again, 'What if I am misreading what she is telling me?' But she stopped, and even as the sunlight was almost gone, I could still see the glow in her emerald eyes. She told me she loved me…I was the only one for her…and she was very sure of herself. The blood raced through my veins, warming me from the inside. I just looked at her, through lowered lashes, as I was afraid the heat would rush from me and singe her. Then we continued walking.

Mantra saw us enter the tavern together, and raised a hand with a knowing smile. What did she know? HOW did she know? I didn't know until I had felt Gabrielle's kiss, and I was supposed to be the observant one.

But that didn't matter now…still holding hands, I steadied myself and led my love upstairs. One thing I was aware of was the fact that Gabrielle had never been with a woman before. And in fact, had been with very few men. If my suspicions were

correct, she had only been with one man. It wasn't a subject we discussed much, as it always made me uncomfortable. I was ashamed of my conquests of the past, but that wasn't the reason for my discomfort. It was the aching throb that always centered itself in my being…and the need to add Gabrielle to my experiences that made me stop. I had always been able to control my sexual feelings…holding in my passions till the appropriate time…but with Gabrielle...

We were back in the room now, and I shut and locked the door behind us. I turned back around, and Gabrielle was already crossing the room. I followed, observing that she had lit several candles, readied the bed, even laid out my towel by the tub. I sucked in my breath when I realized that she had planned her seduction in the other tavern. All the signs I had interpreted as her teasing me suddenly fell into place. She had been well aware of what she was doing to me, and not the innocent flirt I had thought. She WANTED me, and gods, how I WANTED her.

I couldn't stop myself. She drew the curtains, and I turned her and drew her into another searing kiss. This time I controlled the kiss, and I didn't hesitated to delve my tongue between her sweet lips. Her pliant mouth beneath me answered any doubt I might still have lingering. She moaned a little, and I felt her sag against me…my keen sense of smell telling me she wanted my touch now.

Tugging at my breastplate, she wanted me to undress, and I made some joke about seeing her first. She giggled, a little nervously, but held herself still as I reached to unfasten her top. I chided myself silently for my trembling fingers, but couldn't control the shaking as I finally released the laces. I pushed her shirt open, and knelt on one knee to look up at the perfect globes of her breasts. Her pink nipples were drawn hard and tight, and above them, I could see her eyes were closed. Her face held a silent expression urging me to hurry.

I chuckled to myself, suddenly more confident in my actions. Slowly, I reached my hands up, and slid them around her ribs and to her back, up under where the shirt was still loosened. I planted a long, wet kiss on her flat stomach…reveling in the baby soft skin of her body. She slumped again, and I felt her trying to slide down to the floor, but I steadied her with my hand on her back, and stretched my head upward.

"Xena", I heard her gasp, as I closed my mouth over one of her nipples. "Steady, there," I crooned against the little bud, "We have all night." I stroked her abs as my teeth and tongue worried her nipple, sometimes nursing her, sometimes scraping lightly against her. She was wonderfully sensitive, and I soon learned that everything I did to her breasts was sending waves of arousal to her more hidden parts. As I turned to her other breast, I kept one hand on her lower back, but let the other creep up her thigh to push her skirt upward. I cupped her mound, and felt the warmth and wetness drenching her underwear. She moaned again, and this time even my hand didn't keep her legs from buckling. I rose swiftly and pressed my thigh between her legs, supporting her body on mine.

She immediately began rubbing herself on my thigh, trying to grind out her pleasure on me. I heard her express her relief at the contact, but her hands were tugging at my armor again. "I want to see you…all of you…" she said, her voice full of purpose.

"Not yet," I admonished. I don't know why, but I had to make sure she was satisfied before I unleashed my own desires. I wanted to make sure she enjoyed it first.

She sighed and released the brass fastenings, instead wrapping her fingers in the back of my hair and pulling me down for another kiss. Her hips never stopped their incessant travel along my thigh. Her movements were growing more frantic, and harder against me, and then she stopped suddenly. "Not like this," she whispered, and I knew what she meant. I knew what she wanted me to do. I gathered her up in my arms.

"I feel so…weak with love," she whispered to me as I gazed down into her face. "You're beautiful," I told her, and lowered my head to kiss her as I carried her back to the bed. I laid her down gently, and paused long enough to remove my long boots, then turned back to her. Her lower half was slowly writhing against the bed, and I watched her dance for a few seconds before I reached down and slid her skirt and underwear completely off her, taking her boots with them. She was now totally naked, and stilled her movements so I could observe her body in all its glory.

I was in danger of losing control again, as the sight of her creamy skin and firm curves made my mouth water. I laid myself along side her, and once again, kissed that tender mouth that was making all my dreams come true. I could feel her struggling for breath, her thigh nudging me, even as her hands unconsciously nudging me to take her. The

scent of her arousal was overpowering.

She tore her mouth from mine, and gasped, "Do you want me to beg?" and I saw the arousal clouding her eyes. I realized I had misjudged the depth of her need, and was teasing her too much. She needed release, and soon.

"No, my love," I replied, nuzzling my face in the curve of her neck. My hand began to travel downward, to pinch and toy with her breasts, then over her stomach, and finally to rest against her heated center. "I just want you to feel," I told her, and then my fingers slipped between her thighs.

She wasn't a virgin…I knew enough about her wedding night with Perdicus to know that cherished gift was the only thing he had of my bard. The rest was now mine. I didn't hesitate to slip a finger between her swollen lips and enter her hot cove. She sighed above me, and once again, her fingers interlaced behind my neck. I pressed my mouth to hers, my tongue entering her mouth in the same rhythm as my finger was entering her below, and it was very effective.

Her thighs tightened around my hand as she whimpered her pleasure into my mouth, and I began to press the ball of my thumb into her clitoris. Her hips began to move involuntarily, as she caught the rhythm, and she suddenly sharply drew in her breath and froze.

"Let it come," I whispered against her mouth, and by the gods, she did, her body clamping down on my hand as she reached her fulfillment. Her eyes were wide open, staring into mine, and I was frightened for a moment that I might have somehow hurt her. I jerked my head back, but she followed the motion, never releasing me. Her mouth was

moist and hot against mine.

Gradually, she relaxed, and released my head, lying back on the bed. "Are you all right?" I asked her, as I saw the embarrassed smile sneak over her features.

"Oh yes," she whispered back, her eyes now growing softer. "I didn't know it would be that…intense."

I felt a smile melt my own expression. I couldn't help but chuckle at her sated look. "Oh yes," I purred, "and it will get better from here on."

"Don't you want to get undressed now?" she hinted, and finally, I acquiesced. I sensed she wanted to see me as much as I had wanted to see her. I reached for the fastenings of my armor, but she said, "No, let me," and scrambled to her knees beside me. I shrugged, and let her take over.

It was quite a view, watching her breasts bob and her stomach hitch in breaths as she removed my breastplate, gauntlets, and arm guards. I saw her nipples harden impossibly more as she worked, and my mind drifted back to other times when she had helped me undress in the past. Her face always took an indecipherable expression, and now I realized what it was. Seeing her whole body responding to her ministrations, I realized she was wanting to love me at those times. How could I have been so blind? Was it her innocence that kept me from seeing the passions of a woman? Or was it the fact that I had been sheltering my own lusts from her to the point that I denied myself even thinking she could be attracted to me?

Whatever it was, I was well aware of what she was feeling now. She had my armor off, and her fingers were skillfully undoing the leather fastenings of my dress. It was on the floor in seconds, and then I knelt beside her in my shift, and my own arousal was very apparent. "Xena…" I heard her whisper, and she was looking up at me, her eyes full of love. She reverently removed my shift, leaving me naked except for my breeches, and I'd have to get off my knees to remove them.

She was thinking the same thing, as she whispered to me, "Lie down. I want to worship you." I had to swallow, as my mouth was suddenly dry. No words whispered in the heat of passion had ever affected me like those did. A tremor ran through my body, and then I moved to do her bidding. I lifted my hips so she could slide the last remaining article of clothing from me, and then I lay as still as I possibly could.

There was no mistaking the hunger in her eyes, as she slowly let them rake over every inch of my enflamed skin. I knew at least part of what she was thinking. We had seen each other naked before, even slept with our arms around each other naked, after a surprise rainstorm had soaked our clothes and left us shivering for warmth. But nothing could prepare her for seeing my nude, impassioned body waiting for her touch. I had felt the same when I saw her.

"I'm not sure what to do," she whispered, and I saw the hunger slip a little bit as doubt crossed her mind. I knew what she was thinking…that her lack of experience would show and she might not bring me the satisfaction I had brought her. But I was at the point of no return. "Do whatever you want to do…" I told her. "Touch me, Gabrielle…love me."

Gods, her tentative touches were far more overpowering than a firm assured hand of any of my past lovers! She started at my face, tracing my cheekbones, the length of my nose, my lips. "I love it when you smile", she whispered, so I rewarded her with that expression. She smiled back, delightfully wrinkling that nose, then grew serious again as her eyes followed the path her hands were blazing. She moved over my collarbone, down my chest, until she was resting her digits on my breasts. She paused.

"Touch them, please," I whispered, knowing that was what she wanted. And touch them she did, exploring, kneading, learning. The bard in her couldn't resist. "They're so different from mine…darker…and your nipples are bigger."

"I've had a child," I reminded her, "and I like the color contrast we have."

She beamed up at me. "So do I."

Her hands continued to touch me, driving me insane with her gentleness, as they traveled down over the length of my thighs. "Your legs," she said softly. "I have always wanted to feel them wrapped around me." I moved to fulfill that desire, but she pressed me back. "Later," she told me. "I'm not done looking."

I couldn't help but grin as I settled back in again. She learned fast! Her hands trailed up my inner thighs, and I let them relax, as my legs parted for her. I held my breath as she finally moved to touch my center.

Her eyes narrowed in its discovery and the groan that filled the room was from both of us. "You're so wet…" she whispered, her eyes daring to fill themselves with me. "And soft…and warm…" She stroked my clitoris with feather light touches, and this time, the groan came just from me. I closed my eyes and bared my teeth in pleasure.

The stroking continued, and I heard a soft rustling below me, and knew she was changing positions. I felt her warm breath on me, and had to open my eyes again to see what she was doing. "Gods, Gabrielle, are you trying to make ME beg?" I choked out, when I saw her peering at my secret parts, her look indescribable.

She was on her elbows between my thighs, but peered over my body to lock eyes with mine. "Could I do that?" she asked, sounding surprised and pleased. "Make you beg?"

She was just full of good ideas, wasn't she? It was obvious she was feeling a new sense of power over me, and for a moment, I thought about giving in to her, letting her have full reign over her command. But I couldn't…not yet…I was growing too desperate. I tried to sound confident and sure as I said, "Do what you want to do." Her mouth lowered instantly against me, and I hissed my pleasure through clenched teeth. I lowered my head, and just…felt her make love to me.

Her tongue traveled the length of my slit, from top to bottom, gathering my juices. I heard her swallow, and moan in my taste. She whispered something, but my blood was pounding in my ears, and I couldn't hear what she said. Her tongue pursed around my clit, and one of my hands found purchase in her hair. "That's it," I managed, and she continued to suck, coaxing more fluids from me, and taking my sense of reason. When her finger slipped inside me, I bore down hard on it, and she entered me with another, and another, until I relaxed and let her move.

Oh gods, this was it…this was what I had dreamed about for so long! She made little noises in the back of her throat as she continued to torment me, and the sounds filtered through to my brain, telling me she was enjoying this too, but her needs were far from being met. She nipped at my enraged clitoris, and that was all it took, I was spilling over the edge to a climax that caused me to burrow my head in my own shoulder to keep from screaming out to the world. My body convulsed against her face, but she rode every thrust out beautifully, milking my pleasure for all it was worth. I finally collapsed against the bed, forcing myself to gulp in some air, before my mind gave out on me. The fact that it was Gabrielle doing these things to me increased my pleasure ten fold. And the moment my thoughts began to clear, I wanted more.

She was continuing to lick me, drinking in the juices that continued to flood me, and I felt my clitoris contract again at the pleasure, but it was her turn now. I was satisfied for the moment, and wanted to bring her the same rapture with my mouth. My taste buds were tingling with anticipation, and I pulled upward with my hands, to bring her head to mine. She lingered where she was, whimpering a little as her mouth finally pulled from me with a soft, erotic sound, and I pulled her to lie atop me. Her face held a slight pout, but I wrapped my thighs around her, and her wetness was suddenly intermingled with mine.

I kissed her gasp away at the new sensation, and licked my own taste from her lips before asking, "What's wrong, my love?"

I liked that expression, and I saw her eyes flame up as she did too. "Your taste," she whispered. "I tasted myself and imagined what you would taste like, but…I could never imagine how exquisite it really was." I had to chuckle, and she shivered as the

vibration moved through her. But she continued. "I want to taste more, Xena…I don't think I could ever get my fill."

"I understand, my love…but don't you think you're being unfair? I want to taste you too." The promise in my voice got the response I wanted, and her mouth was on mine in an incredible kiss of thank you.

I rolled her over, and began to love her with my hands and mouth, no longer afraid of hurting her with my dark desires. She was so gentle, so feminine, so delicate, yet at the same time, her body was signaling it was ready for my love. My touch was firm, my mouth insistent, and I stroked and licked her salty skin for long moments. Every perfect curve, every hill and valley was a delight to me. I traced my tongue over her nipples, then used my fingers to continue pleasuring them, as I moved my mouth over her ribs, her stomach, even dipping my tongue into navel, which caused goose bumps to prickle her skin. She was wiggling beneath me again, and her thighs closed around an errant elbow, as she thrust her center against me.

"Steady now," I whispered again, and then I stopped the torment, leaving my hands on her breasts as I suddenly burrowed my face between her thighs. She cried out in surprise, her body shooting up to a half-sitting position, but as I settled in with my explorations, she relaxed a bit, and let the comfort of the bed aide her in her satisfaction.

I slipped very easily into a pattern that I knew would bring her rapture, and even as I did so, I realized I had not been with another woman since I had begun traveling with Gabrielle. In fact, since I had found the path of goodness with Hercules' help, I hadn't even desired another woman. Lao Mau had been my first woman lover, and she had been in control of every step of our relationship. She had reduced me to sobbing with the depth of my feelings of passion, and after that, when I took other women to my bed, I had steeled myself not to feel those feelings of submission again. I was the one in control, I was the one who brought out the tears in others, I was the one who took pleasure from being the master of emotion.

But now, I was feeling close to tears again. Gabrielle was the most beautiful person I had ever met, and I wanted so desperately to please her. Not just this way…sexually. But in ALL ways. I wanted to submit myself to her.

"Xena…" I heard her low voice drift over my ears, and knew I was certainly pleasing her at the moment. I cleared my head of all thoughts except the task at hand, and stabbed my tongue deep inside her, as my nose pressed into her burgeoning clitoris. Her fingers dug into my scalp, and I felt her body lurch up toward my mouth. She was nearly there


"Xena…" I heard it again, and then she was there, her lower half spasming as she reached her peak. "Oh gods…oh gods…oh gods!" I heard her strangled cry above me, and my mouth tightened against her as I smiled. I knew from experience that pleasure on one's own fingers could not match the climaxes brought on by the one that loved you. And there was no doubt that I loved her. Just as she loved me.

I pulled myself up, and was shocked to see that she was crying. My own eyes burned with tears as I pulled her into my arms, and rubbed her head and back, softly crooning to her. I knew what brought on her tears, and I knew my little bard was overwhelmed with emotion.

"I love you," I whispered into her ear. "And I always will." She trembled harder, and I reached down and pulled the covers up over us. "Sleep now, Gabrielle, and in the morning, you'll see things aren't going to change."

She sniffled, and gazed up at me with those eyes that were the color of summer leaves on a summer morning. "How did you know what I was feeling?" she asked.

I smiled gently. "Because I was feeling the same," I told her, and with one last tender kiss, she wrapped her arm around my ribcage, and laid her head on my chest. I snuggled my nose into her hair, and let my mind drift, content in the feeling of her against me. She was where she belonged.

I barely remember feeling the ground as we walked from the tavern to our room at the Inn. A warm breeze blew across our skin and seemed to stimulate the excitement that already existed. It had turned out to be such an odd evening. Xena learning of my true feelings hadn't exactly happened as I had planned, and certainly not as romantically. All that didn't matter because when I first entered her mouth with mine, love itself seemed to race through my veins. At that moment, our souls fused into one and could no longer survive separately.

The tension that we had experienced all day had vanished. What a weight that was lifted from our shoulders! It sort of felt like I was in a dream, and if it was a dream, I definitely never wanted to wake up. She was especially beautiful in the dim lighting along the street. Stopping, I turned to her and said, "You know I've loved you for quite some time. For once, I've been at a loss for words to try and tell you how I've felt." Placing her hand behind my head, she asked, "Gabrielle, are you sure about this? I can be such a monster, and I haven't treated right at times. You could do better." "No way, Xena. There's

nobody that fulfills me the way you do. Our life together…I can't imagine going back and living with my family. We belong together, and I could never love anyone the way I love you." She looked down at the ground and kicked at a rock, seeming to be deep in thought. And then she looked at me with those eyes. "Well, that settles it. Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with the Warrior Princess?" "The rest of my life…" I looked at her and had no doubts, no fears and no regrets. Yes, she was the one.

We picked up the pace during the remainder of our walk. I couldn't wait to get to our room. To be in her arms and to feel her skin against mine was practically within my reach. I was sure I didn't know the list of lovers that had been in her bed, even women. When I first began to realize my feelings for Xena, I worried about my lack of experience. But in time, my own vivid imagination helped me feel more confident, because I knew the one thing I could offer her was my heart. It wasn't going to be just a fling for her. I knew she loved me and I would make sure I never betrayed that love.

I had planned on bringing her back with me, no matter what I had to face. I had lit several candles around the bath, turned down the bed, and placed her towel on the rack beside the basin. When we entered the room, Xena turned and locked the door, saying, "Very nice," with approval in her husky voice. Gods, she excited me. I walked to the window to draw the curtain, and she silently stepped behind me. As I turned around, my face was only inches away from her chest. She reached for me and gave me a passionate kiss. I heard a groan and realized it was coming from me. Her tongue stroked my tongue, and it felt like she was licking me. I immediately became drenched, and being held by her reminded me of her strength. I asked her, "Care to take this off?" as I tugged on her breastplate. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she said half-smiling. I couldn't help but laugh to myself, because it was so liberating to see her play and flirt. I knew this was going to be the best night we had ever shared.

She turned my nervousness into ultimate desire as she began unlacing my shirt, and then opened it to expose the anticipation I had been hiding. With the same motion, she made a move that literally stole my heart all over again, and for the rest of my life, I will never forget the honor and complete seriousness in which she treated our newly confessed love. She knelt on one knee before me, like she was going to propose. She commanded the regard of a dashing knight, and I was so taken with her it seemed that my mind could think of nothing else. Her combination of gentleness and strength always left me weakened. Being this near to her and feeling all the emotion that emerged from us both made the room fill with a certain energy. I closed my eyes and took it all in, memorizing this moment forever. She whispered, "Just let me feel you. We have all night."

And then her hands…the heat from my skin seemed to ignite with every inch her rough warrior hands caressed. Her touch felt incredible…it was making me want her more than ever. I could feel the reaction begin to stream down my leg. I had never been so wet, so open, and ready to completely give myself to anyone. She slowly kissed my stomach, and I knew I could no longer stand. It was amazing to feel completely weakened in certain body parts, and stronger than ever in others. The sensation I experienced as she touched my breasts with her mouth was incredible. My nipples and clit seemed to be

connected, and when she sucked my breasts, it felt exactly like she was sucking me lower down. I never realized I could feel this way just from her mouth on my breasts.

Having her kneeling in front of me gave me such a sense of security. Xena always made me feel safe, and in this situation, the safety in her love and how I knew she would make love to me was the best part of it all. She had her hands placed around my sides and moved one around to my back, helping to support me. It's a good thing, because when I felt her other hand move and begin to travel up my thigh, under my skirt, and then between my legs, I could easily have fallen to the ground. I had dreamt so many times of this moment, of the moment she held me close and kissed me softly over my entire body. I wanted her to take me completely and ravish my body with her love…not only to find satisfaction for myself, but I wanted her to find such satisfaction for herself-so much that she'd never think of loving anyone else.

When she first held her hand between my legs, I could have exploded. "Xena…" was all I could manage, and she moved so that her thigh replaced her hand. Gods, I wanted her inside me. I wanted all of her that I could take. And then it still wouldn't be enough. It could never be too much. My reflex was to start moving against her, grinding against the ache-- but I was more than ready to lie on the bed. I wanted her naked, on top of me, and all the visions I had hidden were suddenly within reach. I wrapped my hands in her hair and forcefully pulled her in for a kiss. Devouring her mouth, I became more and more excited and was nearly begging. My body couldn't remain still any longer and she swooped me up and carried me to the bed.

She finished undressing me and was so gentle. Who would have ever thought this fierce warrior could be so tender? Her love left me with no doubts. She had held me off as long as I could stand. No longer able to hold my body still, I asked, "Do you want me to beg?" almost feeling upset. "No, my love," she said as she calmed me and began touching my body, working her way down to my wetness. When she went inside me, the pleasure was immediate. She made me feel so good, and very much wanting more. Much more. She moved in and out, and kissed me with the same motion, her tongue following the lead of her fingers. I was literally pouring into her hand. I had wanted to be with her for a long time, but this particular day and all the emotions we experienced had provided ample foreplay. I wanted to savor her touch for as long as I could, but I was so close to reaching my first orgasm at her hand. She sent me over the top when she said, "Let it come." I discovered early on that Xena's knack for words during our lovemaking was quite a talent she harbored. She could excite me almost to the point of coming without even touching me. Thank the gods she did both. The intensity of that first orgasm was beyond belief. All the time we had waited and not let the other know her feelings had bottled up tremendous passion. Xena's beauty and sexuality were incredible.

It was almost funny when I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me with a little fear, like she had killed me. I just needed a few moments to regain my composure, because I was more than ready to touch my warrior. I had waited long enough to see how good this really could be. "Don't you want to get undressed now?" I asked, and she granted my wish by starting to take off her armor. I stopped her and began undressing her myself. Even though I had helped her undress numerous times, I wondered if she had ever sensed how much I loved her. I had seen her gorgeous, naked body before but I wasn't allowed to touch. This would be the first time I could feel her, and finally taste of the fruit I had craved for so long.

The fact that she was submitting to me…letting me undress her layer by layer…was very stimulating to say the least. Just the fact that she wanted me to touch her and to love her was worth more than anything I could imagine. I literally adored this creature, and at my request of "I want to worship you", I think she knew beyond doubt that I was going to love her like nobody ever had. It wasn't about experience or knowledge…it was about pure love and unwavering commitment.

I touched her skin with a hunger. I wanted to know how to please her. I wanted to bring her to heights of pleasure and make her want more. I shyly told her I didn't know exactly what to do, but her reassurance took away my lack of confidence. The mood that filled the room only made her more stunning. Feeling her breasts and seeing the response of her excitement made my mouth water. I worked my way down, taking every muscular curve into memory. Her long legs were so inviting, and I ran my hand between her thighs, her juices already dripping. It took my breath, and I moved myself between her legs. I was ready to savor her wetness. For a brief moment, I simply wanted to look at her. Her black hair perfectly outlined her center, tempting me to part her lips. I slid my tongue up and down her sex, drinking in the moisture and the essence of her being. She tasted unlike anything I had experienced or had ever dreamed. It would be impossible to get my fill. "Gods you are perfect," I said, moaning at the sensation it was creating in my own body. She seemed to respond favorably to my movements, and I began teasing her clitoris while licking her and then made my tongue a bit firmer. Finally, I began going inside her, establishing a rhythm with my fingers and my mouth…completely devouring my lover. My lover. Finally this was reality. She had her hands wrapped in my hair, and I began to suck her clit harder. I could feel her body began to mildly shake, and directed my complete attention to bringing her to ultimate satisfaction. I could feel her wanting me…she didn't have to speak or instruct. It was so natural, and I began fucking her harder, and sucking her until her body arched and convulsed with enormous pleasure. Her thrusts were rampant, but I maintained my hold and continued touching her, even on her way back down.

I could have gone on and on, tasting her--relishing her flavor. Lost in my own paradise, I felt her pull me to lie on top of her. She laid me between her legs and I could feel my own wetness streaming to meet with hers. The sensation itself was overwhelming. "But Xena…I want to taste more of you. I never imagined it to be this good." Telling me it wasn't fair, she was ready to experience my taste on her tongue, and kissing me intimately, rolled me onto the bed. She continued to kiss my body, her mouth working to make me crave her even more. Finally, her hands remained on my breasts as I spread my legs for an invitation to her mouth and tongue. I became even more excited just watching her make her way from my breasts, kissing a path down my stomach, and finally finding a place to settle in. She spread my legs even further apart, looking at me and tracing her fingers around my swollen lips. My desire mounting, I had no clue how feeling her tongue on my lips would be. Making me exert even more wetness, she wildly licked from top to bottom, sometimes sucking me, and sometimes slowing the pace. I had never felt anything so good. Once her fingers were inside me, she said, "Gods, Gabrielle, you are so tight. You feel wonderful. I want to be inside you." "Xena…" was all I could muster, because to feel her touch practically took me to a place I had never been. My body responded to her lovemaking perfectly, and I was ready for millions of nights just like this. I came with such force, and there was no possible way to have her close enough to me…I wanted her literally inside me.

The experience was more powerful than I ever imagined. Enough so that tears began to flow, but they were tears of happiness and contentment. Like my search was over. This woman was my ultimate desire, my untamed passion, and my enchanted love. Xena moved up beside me and lovingly held me close, and whispered so sweetly, "I love you, and I always will." She pulled me tighter, and reached down and covered us both. I held on tight, knowing I'd never find a place I'd rather be. We belonged exactly where we were meant to be…in love. Drifting off to sleep, I remember anticipating waking up next to her. I wanted to make love every time like it was the first time.

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