Black Soul
by B.S. Barber

Sorry if this doesn't come out right; I go brain dead on the technical stuff. "Xena"; et al belongs to MCA/Universal. Lucy and Renee belong to themselves (or each other). My ideas, no matter how warped, are mine. Most of my stuff does contain some form of loving relationship between women,
either real or imagined. It also contains violence, after all, this is the Xenaverse. If you are not supposed to be reading this, don't get caught. I get into enough trouble being responsible for my own actions.
Thanks for taking the time.

Have I turned another from their true path? Visited blood on the hands
of an innocent and stained a pure soul with my dark presence.

Would that these nightmares were mine alone, and not true.

The first, I gave my brother's life as forfeit to redeem that look of
joy from her eyes, saying it was my doing that had led her to it.

The second, I convinced all that in truth, it had been my hand that held
the dagger, my will that had cut the thread of Velasca's life.

But the third, I was not there to forestall, though it had been my rage
that had brought her to this place. Nor could I ease the blackness that

Now, I see the flush that comes over her, as she watches me fight. I have
seen it's like before, though she protests it is but from concern of me and
thrill at my victory.

Her passion burns brightest after such battles. Her low moans cry for me
to release my demons as she draws blood in her need. And my own black heart
quivers in response, the pain of desire consuming me in its blaze.

Gods be! Is this truly what I long for?

Can it be that my soul has turned so far around, I must drag this sweet
innocent into my damnation with me?

I struggle to throw up barriers, yet the scent of her body shatters my
fake walls like panes of glass.
Her eyes capture my mind, holding it ransom to my desire, till we
collapse in sweat-soaked bedding.

But how long will this sate her?

How long till the blood lust returns to those eyes?

How long, till she becomes me.

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