by Darkraider & de Bonheur

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Gabrielle left the imposing gray mansion as soon as she could, leaving behind murmurs of approval and whispered complaints. Even after a millennium, the facts remained the same: you just can't please everybody, no matter how fair you try to be, or how hard you try.

"Take us home, Andrew." She told the tall uniformed man, letting out an inaudible sigh of relief. Still, tonight had gone much better than Gabrielle had hoped. Yes, she had always been their leader, and everyone stood by her through the ages. The clan supported and carried out all her decisions; no one ever doubted her governing abilities, or challenged her judgements. It was not that Gabrielle disliked these family gatherings. Actually, it was good seeing some of the sisters again, she smiled, remembering the camaraderie that developed when she was briefly their queen.

But Xena was in London.

Sir Lonsdale, I wonder how he's doing. Gabrielle made a mental note to telephone Wales the next day, as she settled further into the tall tan seats of the Leyland. Edward Lonsdale had been their business manager for almost three decades now. He was not only a capable negotiator, but also a devoted clansman. Normally, he would attend all the important meetings for on the couple's behalf, but his mortal wife was taken seriously ill, and they agreed to give him leave.

Xena, Gabrielle's thoughts quickly return to her lover. And board meetings. She chuckled softly, remembering the conferences they used to attend before Lonsdale came along. Let's hope she didn't kill anyone. Running her hand gently along the fine leather upholstery, the blonde's expressions turned sombre. She tore her attention away from the empty space beside her, and focused on the darkness beyond. Do you miss me as much as I miss you?

Her partner's absence was beginning to take a toll on Gabrielle. She and Xena were seldom, if ever, apart, which made these rare separations that much more difficult. The bond between them had always been strong, and as the centuries passed it had become unbreakable.

Wish you were here, with me... The bard didn't know when her warrior would be home again. Business meetings were always agonizingly long; and it could take weeks to settle something like this. She knew Xena would make it go as quickly as possible, but truth was: even with her partner's "many skills" there was a limit to how hard she could push and still come out on the plus side. I hope you're at least having fun. Though centuries passed, Xena was still a warrior, and still enjoyed the battle. Now it was in the board room, and the enemies were just as ruthless and the stakes just as high.

Still, tonight, Gabrielle missed certain other of Xena's talents, and the thought of another night alone in their bed was not something she relished. "Gods!" The things Xena did with that sensuous mouth and those wonderful hands. Oh, stop it! Gabrielle chastised herself. She was getting herself all worked up with no way to satisfy those rampant desires.

She tried to think of something else. Maybe sitting in a tub full of ice cubes would help... She mused; but no amount of ice or cold showers would. Xena's lips and hands were the only thing that could quell the growing heat Gabrielle felt at that moment. Stupid meetings. The bard silently groused. There was no telling when her lover would be home.

Gabrielle toyed with the idea of sending for their private jet and flying to London to join Xena, but there were a few more ideas she needed to present to her family and issues she must iron out with the different factions of the clan. It was a nice thought. But not a practical one, she sighed, and allowed her mind to focused on the upcoming conferences.

Soon, she felt Andrew slow the Leyland to a stop, and realized they were at the ferry to their island, where they had settled over two hundred years ago. Their little haven had weathered pirates, hurricanes, pestilence, alligators, and a Civil War. It provided them a perfect home: the solitude which Xena craved, the privacy for Gabrielle to write, and protection from the prying world.

There were a few who knew their secret: family of course, and Andrew, the groundskeeper cum chauffeur, and Muriel, his wife, their housekeeper. For obvious reasons, they kept only a select group of mortal friends; and most of them were privy only to limited aspects of their existence. Surprisingly enough, from time to time, the Gods who were kind to them in the old days still pop in to visit. Xena thought of it as a major nuisance, and maintained she had as little use for them now as she had in the beginning. Gabrielle was a little kinder in her thoughts of the ancient ones, and enjoyed their rare company. But I guess you really can't blame her...

The sound of the boat's motor snapped Gabrielle back to the present. Thank goodness. They would be home soon and she could retreat to the library and read. Books were her greatest solace when Xena was away. Andrew would join his wife for a late dinner, and leave Gabrielle to herself, which she preferred at times like this.

The ferry docked. The big black car and its passengers were soon on the road to the house. Andrew let Gabrielle off at the front door of the main house and drove the Leyland back to the garage. The bard let herself in, locked the door and armed the security system. She leaned heavily against the door and sighed.


A soft familiar fragrance tickled her senses. Hm... Gabrielle's nostrils flared as they picked up another faint, though sharp scent. Alerted, she surveyed the foyer. Then her eyes came to rest on the bottom step of the long stairway to the second floor. A single, long stem red rose lay at the foot of the stairs.

As she bent to pick up the sweet flower, the blonde caught the sight of a large droplet of blood on the step above the rose. It's fresh! She touched the glistening drop, and brought her finger to her tongue.

"Mmmm..." She moaned. It was slightly salty, rich and full with life; just the small taste had made her head begin to spin and filled her with a ravening hunger.

"Xena?" No other creature's blood had ever made her react that way.

XENA. She slowly climbed the stairs following the trail of fine drops of blood until she reached their bedroom suite at the end of the hallway.

The soft heat of candlelight laced with a sweet, delicate incense. Leave it to Xena... To set the proper mood. Her partner still surprised her after all of their time together; and she still found new ways of seducing her bard. Though it wouldn't have taken much... At the moment...

Gabrielle opened the door slowly and took in the sight before her. Their room was bathed in a deep saffron glow from the countless candles, while a fire burned low in the fireplace. But there was no sign of her lover. Where are you? She could smell the strong scent of the warrior's blood, and her senses reeled from hunger and desire. Both needs fought to claim control, neither would win. But both will be satisfied. Gabrielle knew before this night was over.

As the bard's vision became accustomed to the soft light, she finally saw Xena standing before the open french doors that looked out onto the verandah and their private garden. She could see her only in profile, until the warrior slowly turned to face her. Gabrielle gasped and her eyes grew wide.

Xena was dressed in a form fitting, soft black leather cat suit that accentuated her bare, broad shoulders; leather armbands and gloves completed the ensemble. It showed off every stunning attribute the dark haired woman had: the round firm breasts, powerful rippling muscles, narrow waist, and legs that seemed to go on forever... Oh! How Gabrielle desired to get her hands on that body.

Xena stepped slowly into the light and Gabrielle could see the long thin stiletto that her lover held in her right hand. By the gods! The blonde inhaled sharply. Through the neat, precisely split leather over her breast, a thin line of deep crimson trailed from the side to just short of her nipple. "Xena?" She swallowed. The lush red of Xena's blood shone brightly against the flat ebony of the leather.

The slow drip countered the mad rhythm of her own pulse. Gabrielle's stood wavering, Gods. Xena had once more succeeded in surprising her. As the last rational thought flitted cross her mind, instinct and need took over.

She didn't remember covering the rest of the distance between them, until she was feeding greedily on the warm, rich liquid life she had come to know so well.

The bard firmly cupped the warrior's left breast as she continued her feasting, while softly kneading the tender flesh of the right through the supple leather of the cat suit. "Mmmm..." The blonde thought of nothing more than quenching the raging thirst and desire her lover had aroused in her.

Backed against the wall and trapped in her lover's passion, Xena braced herself. She had never failed to be amazed at how insatiable Gabrielle could be when aroused. The sweet face and honey red hair hid the latent fire that existed behind those beguiling green eyes. Eyes that were now tinged dark with desire. She became a different creature altogether as they made love, one who would not be denied.

"Oh, Gabrielle."

She groaned as her partner began to stroke her nipples through the soft, thin leather. Please Gabrielle, she silently pleaded.

Patience, my love. The blonde growled softly and pressed her point, pulling at the erect flesh gently with her teeth. She continued this exquisite torture, alternating between feeding and nibbling and stroking, never stopping the steady pressure on one very aroused warrior. Making love to Xena as she fed on her blood was something she didn't do often, but would never grow tired of, and she wanted to take full advantage of the offer.

"Gods, you taste so good," she gasped sharply. After so many years with her lover, she knew best how to drive Xena wild with want and need.

The wound had healed slowly together, but not before the bard had slaked her taste for the warrior's blood. Now she could focus all of her attention on satisfying every desire she had created in her partner.

"Xena." She raised her head slowly from Xena's breast and saw her lover: her head tilted forward, eyes closed, her breathing becoming more labored. I love you.

The bard ran her tongue quickly up between her lover's cleavage, up to the hollow of the tall woman's neck. "Gabrielle..." The warrior let out a loud moan. She lingered there, nipping lightly with her teeth, before moving on to caress her neck with feathery kisses, softly sucking until she reached an earlobe begging for attention.

Gabrielle started with the tip of her tongue lightly along the edge of Xena's ear. She increased the pressure of her fingers on already sensitive nipples until the combination of sensations elicited a long low moan from her warrior.

"Please, Gabrielle..."

She waited, drawing out the feeling but finally took Xena's earlobe between her lips and gently bit down as she slid her tongue back and forth over tender flesh.

"Gods, Gabrielle." Xena whispered. The dark woman held on to the bard, helpless against wave after wave of pleasure her golden haired lover brought her. Gabrielle stopped and abruptly moved to capture soft lips with her own, outlining them with her tongue, seeking entry and receiving ready access. She kissed the warrior deeply, demanding submission, which was gladly given.

They kissed this way, hard and passionately until they were both breathless, neither wanting to let go. Yet, the need for oxygen being basic, demanded they do, and Gabrielle took the break and changed tactics once again. With her thumbs and forefingers, she manipulated and teased her lover's nipples unmercifully, until her breath came in ragged gasps.

"Gods." Xena moaned with each pull of Gabrielle's fingers on her nipples.

And she let out a growl of complaint when fingers left her right breast, "Gabri..." She stopped when she realized where they were heading. Her heart pounded in anticipation as her lover tugged at the zipper of the cat suit.

"Oh, Gabrielle." She breathed in delight as hands pushed the straps swiftly off her shoulders and down her body until she was bare from the waist up.

The blonde took a few seconds to admire the view. She smiled at her partner. Then with a feral grin, she captured, with her lips and tongue, the nipples hard and erect from need. Sucking fiercely, she slowly caressed the warrior's body with her free hands.

"Please..." If Xena had felt pleasure before, this border on the divine.

Bent on driving her partner wild, Gabrielle ran her fingertips lightly down her lover's well-muscled arm and back up her side, gently dragging her nails further arousing sensitive flesh.

Then she ran her tongue slowly along the underside of Xena's breast in ever decreasing circles, until she had covered every inch of skin, purposely avoiding the hardened nipple that was beginning to ache with want. "Gods, Gabrielle, please." The warrior pleaded.

"Patience, my love," Gabrielle purred, "You know better than to try and rush me," exhaling her warm breath over her partner's nipple, before enclosing it with her lips and tongue. She sucked softly while her tongue slowly stroked against hard flesh. Feeling strong fingers tightened, gathering her closer in reflex, then loosening, carefully burying themselves in her silken tresses, the blonde smiled. Gabrielle had a few skills of her own her warrior had come to appreciate over the years.

She began caressing her lover everywhere. Light touches and tender manipulations that drove the warrior insane.

Gods. Please. She let out a small, frustrated whimper. Xena wanted, no, needed Gabrielle to make love to her now.

Please! She silently urged. It had always been that way; the more Xena wanted, the longer her lover made her wait. Pressing her back muscles firmly against the wall, the dark woman took a deep breath and fought for what little control she was able to maintain for the moment. Okay, okay. She would just have to be patient until her bard was ready.

Oh, bloody... The last vestige of her self-control flew out the french door as her partner moved to her other breast. "Christ!" She almost screamed.

Gabrielle had taken the taut nipple into her mouth and sucked hard, biting down just barely with her teeth. Pleasure with just the slightest touch of pain, something she knew her warrior loved. And she strove always to give her ebony-haired lover all the pleasure she could handle.

She ran her hands slowly down Xena's back, over powerful muscles, feeling her arch forward with each pull of the bard's lips on her breast. The warrior's breathing was definitely faster and much louder now.

Finally, Gabrielle finally let her hands come to rest, one on each firm cheek. She slowly squeezed the delicious flesh, eliciting more guttural moans from her partner.

"Please," she pleaded. "Please..."

The bard began to switch from one breast to the other, sucking and nibbling, driving the warrior to distraction.

"Gabrielle?" She tried again, holding onto her lover's shoulders for support.

In answer, the blonde slid her knee up and down the inside of the taller woman's leg, only adding to the sensation of a body on overload.

Then she pushed her pelvis hard against Xena's center; clenching firm flesh with her hands, she pulled her partner forward.

"Don't," Xena let out a sharp gasp, "Don't stop..." Her eyes flew open, and she looked down at the bard. Bright green eyes, filled with feral lust, returned her gaze.

Gabrielle flashed her partner a saccharine smile, and returned to the thrusting. Grinding. "You want this, don't you?" Knowing her lover couldn't take much more of the delicious friction against her center. And grinned again when she heard the swallowed "yes."

"Yeah?" She rasped, and slipped her hand between them, pressing tight against the damp, heated leather. Stroking hard.

"Yes!" Xena breathed, matching the thrust. "Oh gods, yes, YES!" Don't stop, please don't...

Not again! "Gabrielle?"

She knew her lover all too well, and as Xena approached the very edge of climax, Gabrielle stopped.

Xena opened her eyes in confusion, and looked down in surprise at her lover. Greeted by a knowing smirk on the bard's face, the look of confusion was quickly replaced by a slightly mad, feral look.

Ooops! She'd done it now. She had pushed the warrior too far. And she tried to resume the stroking, hoping she could appease her partner, and wouldn't have to pay the consequences.

"Oh, no, you don't." Xena held onto the slim wrist. Straightening to her full height, she gathered the small woman in her arms, then launched herself in one of her famous leaps.

A very startled Gabrielle found herself flat on her back in the middle of the bed, with one lustful warrior on top of her, one who was very much in control of the situation.

"I'll teach you to play games with me, bard." The dark woman growled. "Now, it's my turn, and I promise you I won't stop until you scream."

Mercy. The blonde looked up, and swallowed hard.

Xena took an agonizingly long moment to study how the soft silk of Gabrielle's evening gown clung to her body and how it showed off the well-muscled curves she so adored. She grinned with appreciation and mischief as her lover melt slowly in her gaze. Mine.

All mine. She gathered the crimson fabric in her hands and pulled. The fragile material gave with a muffled tear, and was soon off the bard, exposing all of the delicious flesh underneath.

"Xena," The bard complained, "My dress!"

"Uh-huh?" Her lover replied nonchalantly, her fingers working to divest her of other garments.

"I thought it was your favorite?" She squeaked, as her silk garters joined the shredded pile. The look on Xena's face told Gabrielle it didn't matter if the dress was her favorite. It was in the way of what the warrior wanted.

"I've got others." Xena explained lightly. Nothing ever kept her from getting what she desired most. "Right now," deep blue orbs bore down on smoky green ones, "I want you."

She wasted little time in divesting herself of the rest of the cat suit, tossing the gloves and boots aside. All the while, she gazed appraisingly over the graceful neck, soft firm breasts, flat stomach, and slender hips.

Soon, only the leather arm bands remained. Running a finger along the cold brass design, Xena smiled. So you like this. Her dark brows quirked knowingly as she noticed the tiny flutter in her lover's throat.

Shame about the dress, she supposed. It did show off all of the bards best features. But it had been in the way. Besides, her lover had tortured her beyond all reasons, and there were many other things she'd rather be doing than worrying about the now worthless pile.

Xena lowered her head and ran her tongue slowly up the underside of the blonde's left breast, stopping just short of the nipple, gliding back down to repeat the process all over again. Over and over, she worked around her lover's breasts, caressing and teasing with the tip of her tongue, setting velvety smooth skin afire.

Gabrielle whimpered, her nipples hardening in response to the thorough ministrations. Her breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps until the warrior was rewarded with a loud groan. "You're running me crazy!" She moaned as the warrior licked across the narrow valley, as she began kissing and nibbling along the curve of the other breast.

She loved the way her bard responded to her, the way she softly moaned, the way she arched into her touches... I love you, Gabrielle...

Xena... The bard felt only the sweet sensation of her lover's warm tongue caressing her breasts, stroking, taking her higher and higher...

"Gods!" She screamed when warm lips gathered her taut nipple, "Oh, gods," as hot tongue pushed hard against sensitive flesh.

"Xena..." Her mind reeled, never expecting the sudden change in tactics. Her body responded in wave after wave of pleasure. "Oh, yes!" Gabrielle cried out as she pulled the warrior's head close against her chest.

"Not yet," Xena grunted, grabbing her lover's hands and forcing them back down to the bed. "You'll wait." She changed her approach once again, this time with the mildest pressure as she sucked the nipple back and forth between her teeth.

The pain was ever so slight, just enough to be an exquisite form of torture. "Xena," she breathed, "Gods," her eyes closing against her desire.

That feels...

"So good..."

Shifting, never breaking the rhythm set by her teeth and tongue, Xena ran her right hand down across the bard's ribs, along the smooth flat plane of her stomach, and through the very edge of soft blond curls.

Oh, gods. She inhaled. Please, please...

The dark woman smiled, hearing the small, sudden breath of expectation, and caressed slowly down the inside of a shapely muscled thigh. Her fingertips barely touching as they lightly skimmed over the surface of soft skin.

Small, powerful hands grabbed satin sheets and clenched. Xena! She silently screamed.

As if responding to her voiceless plea, Xena stopped her gentle stroking mid-thigh. She skipped to the other knee and began to drag her finger tips upwards, slowly moving towards her needs in the same light teasing touch. All the while, she continued to lick and nibble at the bard's nipples, slowly, leisurely, then picking up the pace only to return to the soft, maddening caress.

Gabrielle had long given up coherent thought, letting her body respond to Xena's skillful hands. She felt only the warrior's touch and the intense pleasure that coursed through her body with every passing moment.

"Please, Xena." Gabrielle pleaded, once more, never seeming to get enough of her lover.

Against the soft voice of this woman who saved her soul, she swallowed hard. You know I can never deny you.

"Anything." She relented, and finally ended her teasing ministrations. She slipped her fingers over the bard's swollen clitoris, "Gabrielle," and moaned involuntarily at the slick wetness.

"Yes!" She held onto the broad shoulders for support, as Xena moved her fingertips slowly back and forth over the sensitive nub.


She felt the stark chill on her breasts as her partner kissed up her throat, and whispered against her ear.

"I want to taste you," her lover breathed, taking her sensitive lobe and sucking gently. She shuddered, and swooned in anticipation as warm tongue hot mouth moved across her chest down firm stomach to navel.

Almost, She paced herself, there, placing long sensual caresses with her lips along the trail to soft golden curls. Patience.

Xena. She whimpered softly, her hands insistently pushing against the strong shoulders, encouraging, hoping, trying to get the hot, sensual lips to where she needed and wanted them most.

Feeling the ever increasing wetness, the warrior slowed her fingers, ceasing the teasing massage. She inhaled deeply.

"Please, Xena!"

And Just as Gabrielle cried out in protest, she replaced her fingers with her lips and tongue.


She hung onto bucking hips, Anything, Gabrielle, and began nibbling, sucking, licking, lavishing long hard strokes down the bard's center, back up to clitoris, down again, thrusting in deeply, dragging her tongue up, pushing against swollen flesh, over and over and over.

"Xena, take me," The bard moaned aloud. "Please!"

She smiled, knowing exactly what her lover wanted. Using the first two fingers, she thrust deeply into the soft wetness of her lover.

"YES!" Gabrielle's hips came up off the bed as the warrior took her.

She kept up a steady rhythm: barely pulling out before sliding back in, each time harder and deeper than before. Simultaneously, her mouth returned to the tender bundle of nerves; lips closing gently, surrounding it, sucking, pulling in; her tongue ran back and forth, pushing hard, creating a delicious friction that built steadily higher and higher.

Yes, yes, don't stop. The combination of tongue and mouth with the steady thrusting of her partner's fingers drove the bard to a long slow build up.

She pushed the bard ever closer to the very edge without going over.

Again and again.

Knowing just how much her bard could take before the pleasure became pain and anticipation turned into frustration, she picked up the pace of her thrusts feeling the bard's hips rocking against her with increased intensity. As the cries of her blond lover came faster and faster, Xena added a third finger filling Gabrielle completely.


Still deeper and deeper...

Harder and harder...

Until the bard's muscles begin to clench at her fingers.


Tongue pushed against clitoris, fingers pulled almost completely out before thrusting deep and hard one final time.


This final assault pushed the bard over. She cried out and clung to the warrior as she lost herself to the pleasurable release.

And she never stopped her loving, stroking, giving Gabrielle everything she could...

'Til she felt the bard began her gradual descent to the reality of her lover's body.

Then, very slowly, she slid back to Gabrielle's side. Settling her dark head against her lover's fair one, she wrapped her arms around the small, heated form, and pulled her into a warm loving embrace.

Finally, the laboured breathing stilled to normal, and the familiar sparkle returned to those beautiful green eyes. Without saying a word, she pulled her partner into a fierce hug.

Xena kissed her softly and smiled, "I missed you too, Gabrielle."



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