by Amber Thompson

This story is mine, and no one elses. It is written before the deliverer and after Destiny. All characters belong to MCA studios. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

Prologue-The Argument

"I'm sick of it Xena, really sick of it. I'm an Amazon Queen, remember? If it weren't for me, you'd probably still be dispised by everyone in every town that we go to. You saw me in that last fight. I was kicking butt. I knocked at least ten of those men unconciuse. You killed and knocked eleven men. Face it- I'm almost as good as you are, and you still ignore me." Furious green eyes stared into shocked blue eyes.
"Gabrielle, that's ridiculous. I DO NOT treat you like a baby. It's just that you don't always do things the way you're supposed to do. Plus, the only reason you got so many men was because I let you have the easy ones." Xena explained in a tired voice.
"I'm leaving. There's nothing that you can do to change my mind, either. If you don't want to admit that you're wrong, the least you could do is change your mind about me being the faithful bard that follows Xena. I'll meet you back here in two winters, Xena. Take care of Argo for me, O.K.? "
Gabrielle left, not even leaving a trail of dust.

Chapter one- The Army

" I wish that Gabrielle were here. I can't believe she had the nerve to tell me that I treat her like a baby. Whoa Argo. Quiet girl," the blue eyed warrior said, stopping suddenly.
Yelling a battle cry, she jumped into a series of complicated flips
and with a determined grunt, threw her charkrom. It hit one of the bandits, that she recognized as one of Caesar's soldiers, directly in the throat.
" Joxer, duck!!" Xena yelled to the wanna-be warrior who had just ran into the clearing.
She caught the sword that was flying through the air straight towards him. With all of the trouble Joxer managed to get into, Xena was surprised that he was still alive.
"Hi Xena! I didn't know that you were here. Where's Gabrielle?" Joxer excitedly asked after the fight was over, "and why did you seem to be fighting that army with more anger than you usually do? "
The smell of and sight of the dead bodies and the blood was really starting to get to Xena. When Xena answered Joxer's question, she answered with a look of hate and disgust.
"Gabrielle's out finding new conquests and making her name famous. The army is Caesar's-my most despised enemy. Joxer, listen closely. We've got to find Gabrielle. If we don't, I know she'll go after Caesar herself. Then he'd kill her when he found out that she's my friend. Got it?" Xena explained, panic-stricken.
"What are you talking about?" asked a confused Joxer.
" I'll explain along the way". answered Xena.

Chapter two-The Story

"When I was young, I destroyed a city. In it there was a man. A very powerful man. He was Julius Caesar. The second I saw him, I pictured us sailing around the world together, each of us destroying villages and towns. But he must of had a different idea. About three days after we captured him, I called him to my room. He gave me a ridicules story about emotions and such stuff. After a slave became our hostage, he sabotaged our boat. Holding me with a knife at my throat, we sailed to an island. Once on the island, he tied me and my crew to crosses. Then he took a sledge hammer and broke my legs. Starting a month ago, I stated hearing rumors that Caesar was once again in Greece. Now we have to find out where he is, as well as Gabrielle. Because if she finds him before I do, she's as good as dead. Xena said, after finishing her story."

Chapter three-The Amazon Queen's Adventure

"Now which of you is Meg?" Gabrielle asked to the group of girls in front of her. When one of the littler girls of the group raised her hand, Gabrielle smiled,
"You'll be the first to see how a true Amazon declares her membership". taking her hand and pointing towards a fellow Amazon, she threw her towards Ephiny.
"Show her how to use a staff, will you Eph? Now which of you is Sara? Come with me please."
" I'm Gabrielle, queen of the Amazons. This is my chamber. Yours too now. I want to teach you what to do when we go to bed. The bathroom is over there. First you'll wash my hair, then your own. I am just kidding, of course. I leave in the morning. Ephiny will teach you all you need to know. Here's your weapons and clothing. Go get changed. Today you fight your first battle." Gabrielle explained in her bardly like manner.
"Against whom, may I ask .Queen Gabrielle," Sara asked.
"Please, just call me Gabrielle. And yes, you may ask. Don't ever be scared to ask who you're going to be up against. You need to know what you
are going to be up against ahead of time. We're going to fight Caesar, Julius Caesar, "Gabrielle said with an excited glee in her eyes.
Finally. After all these years I'll be known. Xena wouldn't ever let me go up against Caesar. I don't know if I want to, but I will. Xena will probably come and try to stop me, but I WON'T let her. Hearing screams, she turned and saw a man that from Xena's description, she recognized as Caesar. Throwing a metal disc, he caught it, rode up, grabbed Gabrielle, and rode off with her.
When she woke up, her arms and everything else was sore. Looking around her, she saw that almost the entire Amazon nation was around her, all tied to poles on the ground. She expected that she'd be on one too, but when she looked around her, she found that she was at least 15 feet in the air and tied to a cross.
"I'm surprised to see you awake. When I found out that you were the Queen, I just HAD to put you in the very center. Now, I know this is going to hurt a bit, so I'll just go ahead and tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to take this knife and slowly kill you with it." Caesar explained with a content smile on his face.
" Why don't you just break my legs like you did Xena's," Gabrielle asked with dread in her stomach.
"Oh, so you ARE the little sidekick that travels with her. In that case, I will break your legs. Hammer please." Caesar took a big swing and came in contact with her legs.
In the second that it took him to swing it, Gabrielle felt every feeling possible to mankind. She actually started to cry. Sweat started to pour down her back and her hair went soaking wet. She went blind from the light of the sun, and pain racked through her body as she imagined what it would feel like. Her breath came out in short, ragged breaths, and her throat went sandpaper dry.
When the hammer actually hit her legs, the scream that came from her throat was so loud and sudden that it made the actual land shudder, as in a small earthquake [ at least that's what it felt like to everyone else that heard it]. The pain was so great that she vomited all over herself and Caesar. Gabrielle clenched her eyes shut and her teeth together so hard that her eyes started to turn red and her gums began to bleed. Sobbing in earnest, she stopped breathing. Yearinating everywhere, her body went limp with pain.

Chapter four-Xena & Joxer meet Hercules & Iolas on the way

"Hey Xena, is that Hercules and Iolas?" Joxer pointed out two very familiar figures.
"Thank goodness it is. Hercules! Iolas! " Xena yelled aloud.
"Hi Xena, hi Joxer. How's it going?" Iolas asked.
"I'm fine. We're looking for Gabrielle. Have you seen her? Caesar is on the war path, and we all need to be careful. HEEELLLPPP" Xena yelled as somebody put her into a inescapable body lock.
"Take one step toward her, and not only her, but her little friend dies as well. Oh, by the way, my name's Caesar, Julius Caesar. Have a nice day," Caesar disappeared into the trees with a struggling Xena.
All three guys immediately started calling out her name. Searching through the trees, Joxer finally found footprints.
" Hey, I found footprints! And they make a clear path into the woods. I think we should follow them." Joxer said.
The other men agreed. When they came to the edge of the wood, they saw dozens and dozens of Amazons, plus Xena all tied. But what they saw dead center shocked them. Xena had been tied to a cross right next to Gabrielle's-but that's not what shocked them the most. Caesar had the sledge hammer and swung it right into the warrior's legs. Screaming a scream that seemed to echo forever, Joxer jumped about a foot into the air, Iolas ducked beneath a tree, and Hercules yelled aloud to no one in particular. Seeing that he was out of hearing distance, he screamed threats to Caesar.
"You're going to be sorry for doing that to her, I promise you. Nobody hurts Xena without getting a good beating from the Gods. ARIES! SHOW YOURSElf!!" Hercules went mad at seeing two of his best friends, especially ones that he loved, being hurt.
"So, little brother, what did you want?" Aries said when he came down from Olympus, "Oh, I see that you found your little surprise. Like it? I hope so. Bye-bye now," and with that, he disappeared from sight with a laugh.
Hercules uttered a irritated groan as Iolas and Joxer ran up to see what was wrong. He quickly explained a plan to save the women.
Smiling, Joxer skipped into the clearing singing his trademark song, "Joxer the mighty, he roams through the country side, he never needs a place to hide.....oh, hi. My name is Joxer. If you let me have the one of the ladies on the crosses, I'll see to it that you receive a big award. Have we got a deal" Joxer acted like a warlord as he said this.
"I don't think so. I know who you are. You're one of their friends. Xena here is going to be my new symbol for battle. The little Amazon Queen that travels with her is here for Artemis to see that her choice of laws are ridicules. Tell me Xena's biggest weakness though, and I will be nice enough to let you go. Now, what is it?" While Caesar waited, Joxer looked into the woods for help.
Stepping out of the forest, Hercules walked up to Caesar and smiled.
"Her weakness is pain. Especially when it happens to the Amazon Princess. Can I see your hammer for a moment? Thanks," Swinging, Hercules winked at Gabrielle and hit her stomach as hard as he could.

Chapter five-The Pain

When Hercules winked at her, she thought that he wanted her to scream when he pretended to hit her. But when he actually hit her stomach, she felt like somebody had let Aries use her as a punching bag. The pain was so great that she passed out from it, and the scream seemed to echo forever. She could feel each of her ribs crack and break. Her sobs were harder, louder, and more painful than before. The wetness that dripped and slid down her legs was a reminder of the pain in her legs. Sweat slid down her body, making her cloths stick to her, and become a painful reminder of her stomach. The sun burned lips started to bleed when she bit them in surprise. Her hair was limper than a wet rag, and the boots that she had a sense was what was stopping Caesar from breaking her feet, felt like led weights tied to her feet.

When Xena saw what Hercules had done, she felt like taking her charkrom and killing him. Tying him to the cross and breaking his legs and ribs. The sobs that Gabrielle echoed, even after she was unconscious, was enough for Xena to scream in anger. But when he turned to look at her, she couldn't
believe who she saw. Just to make sure it was him, she looked towards the woods. And sure enough, she could just barely make out the figures and sounds of Hercules, Joxer, and Iolas. The Hercules that had hit Gabrielle was Aries, with two of his servants.


Chapter six- Hercules Falls For Aries Trap

The scream startled Joxer so bad that he nearly wet his pants. But he knew that scream. He could of placed it anywhere, "Gabrielle!! That's Gabrielle. We've got to save her," He expected someone to agree with him. But when he looked around, he saw Hercules and Iolas running up the path.
When Hercules got to the path, he saw himself swinging a huge sledge hammer right into the stomach of Gabrielle. The scream she echoed shook the ground he walked on. But that's not what amazed him the most. After seeing himself look at Xena, she looked at the woods and winked at him, not after glaring at him first though. Whispering to Joxer and Iolas that he was going to go help Xena and Gabrielle, he left.
"Aries. What makes you think that Caesar will believe one of your most untrue lies. I couldn't care less about my son and Gabrielle. But if you hurt me, that's a different story. My bones are still weak from the first time Caesar broke my legs." Xena hoped that he would believe her lies. If she could make him turn and look at her, then Hercules wouldn't be able to come and help Gabrielle.
He couldn't of stopped Xena if he tried. When he heard what she was saying to Aries, he wanted to go over there and punch him in the stomach. But when Aries jumped and finished off Xena by hitting her in the head, he let out a furious scream that mixed with Xena's scream and started to run towards the crosses. But he fell in a hole that Aries had obviously made himself.
The scream was the first thing that Gabrielle heard when she regained consciousness. When she saw who screamed, and why, she knew that she'd never trust Hercules again.
Xena saw him jump and swing the hammer at her head. But she thought he wouldn't really hit her. But when he did hit her, she knew that the scream that tore from her mouth would be the last thing that she ever said. The cracking of bones, the shortness of breath, and the sight of Hercules falling down a hole, was the last thing that registered in her mind. But the thoughts of her son, Gabrielle, and Hercules kept her from letting herself leave her body. When she started shaking and felt the mucus rise in her mouth and her bladder ache with pain as it filled with all the liquid in her body. But she knew if she so much as let it all out, Aries would hit her


Chapter Seven-The Escape

Taking a look around the hole, Hercules could see only one way out. Unfourtnatly, he'd need somebody's help. Hearing footsteps in the woods, he knew that one of the pairs belonged to Iolas. He guessed that the other belonged to Joxer. Iolas! Help!! I'm in here, Hercules whispered when he heard his name being called.
"We're coming big guy," Iolas yelled as he raced over to the hole.
Joxer held out his hand for Hercules to grab onto. But when the demi-god grabbed it, he nearly fell in the hole as well. When Iolas saw this, he grabbed Joxer from behind and held him in place.

When Hercules was safely out of the hole, the three men ran to rescue the women. The sight that met their eyes was amazing. Xena seemed to be dead, but each of the three hoped and prayed that she wasn't
Gabrielle seemed to be in great pain, and her twisted legs
hung at odd angles beneath of her. Her stomach was swollen and red, with little bumps sticking out that appeared to be her ribs. The Amazons all were sunburned and had chapped skin. Other than that, everything seemed to be okay.
Looking at the enemy, Caesar and his army seemed to be talking about what to do about the Amazons. Aries seemed to be having a fine time looking at Mount Olympus, his new home.
Hercules, Iolas, and Joxer looked at each other and nodded towards each other in agreement. Sneaking into the camp, they each started to untie the Amazons, starting with Ephiney. Ending with the one's that Gabrielle had started to teach earlier that morning. Next, they walked over to where Xena and Gabrielle were. Suddenly Caesar, his army, and Aries turned and ran towards them. With a couple of swift jumps, Hercules and crew jumped over them.

Chapter Eight-The Fight

When Aries charged towards Hercules, he gave Aries a good, swift kick and knocked Aries to the ground. When Hercules charged towards Aries, he ended up knocking him into dizziness. Disappearing from sight, Hercules ran to help fight Caesar's army.
Iolas had been doing just fine with the army, but even he new that it was to big to fight without someone to help. Even if Joxer was a good warrior, it wouldn't be much help. Fortunately, Hercules came over to help.
Caesar was uniting Xena. He knew from fighting Xena before that she wasn't really dead. Sure enough, when she fell into his arms, she was still warm and breathing. She was even sweating. When he went reset her bones in her face , and could feel that they weren't really even sprained, just swollen. Turning to the guys that were defeating his army, he laughed, holding Xena in front of him with a sword at her throat. Knowing that she couldn't escape, he yelled at them.
"Hey, aren't you warriors forgetting something? Caesar asked, grinning.
" Xena! Let her go Caesar! If you so much as lay one finger one her you're dead meat!" Hercules yelled in anger and fear. Knowing that Xena was in no condition to defend herself, he knew that Caesar could perfectly kill her.
Caesar laughed and began to run the sword down Xena's leg. Yelling in furry, Hercules ran towards him. When Xena looked at him and told him to stay where he was, Hercules stopped in mid-air.
"You aren't so big and powerful now, are you? Do what-ever you want with the bard , but if you touch Xena, she's dead. Caesar replied with a grin.


Chapter Nine-The Plan And The Rescue Of Gabrielle

Joxer ran forward to save Gabrielle. Unfortunately, he tripped over his feet and didn't make more than four feet. Iolas saw this so he ran and threw two little daggers up at the cross, causing Gabrielle to fall head first to the ground. Fortunately, Hercules was right under the cross and saved her from hitting the ground.
When Gabrielle fell from the cross, she felt an enormous pain go through her body. But she didn't have to worry about screaming though, because the fear of killing herself made her breath shorten up, causing her voice to go dead. When Hercules caught her, her breath slowly returned. Thankful for them saving her, she let out a gigantic shout of relief, deciding to make a great story out of this.
But her joy quickly slowed down when she saw Caesar dragging Xena into the woods. She tried to yell out her name, but her stomach hurt to much, so it came out a whisper.
"Hercules, reset my stomach and leg bones. We need to rescue Xena,"The young bard barely managed to say in pain.
"Gabrielle, I don't know. Do you know how much pain that'll cause you to be in? Why don't you just wait until they heal?" Hercules asked.
Pointing to the pressure point for pain, Gabrielle laid Joxer's hand there. Knowing that if he was able to apply enough pressure to it, then he'd
pretty much leave them alone for awhile. Gabrielle knew that his one and only weakness was helping somebody. After helping her, he'd go away for an hour, at least.
Joxer tried with all his might, but he just wasn't able to apply the pressure needed. So Hercules had to be the one that applied it. When he reset Gabrielle's legS, to his surprise, all she did was sit there and talk to Iolas. And when he reset her stomach, which he thought would make her cry with pain, she only talked to Joxer about Xena.
"There you go. Are you ready to see if you can walk?" Hercules asked.
"No. You've got to push the pressure point again. Gabrielle said squeezing Iolas's hand with all of her might. She knew that when Hercules released the pressure point, itwas going to feel as someone hit her in the head with a ton of stones.
"Ouch. Gabrielle, that hurts," Iolas complained in pain.
"To bad. What Hercules is about to do to me is going to hurt even more," Gabrielle replied with a look that she clearly learned from Xena, that Hercules had learned from experience that that look meant that if you messed with her, you'd be sorry.
"Gabrielle, if this is going to hurt, then maybe I shouldn't be doing this,"Hercules said with regret. No sooner had the words come out of his mouth Gabrielle had thrust her hand outward, giving Hercules a good pinch to his flow of blood. Hercules very quickly released the pain pressure point, causing Gabrielle to scream with pain, but also release the pinch she had put on him.
After about three minutes, Gabrielle jumped up and commanded, "Let's go. Xena's counting on us."

Chapter Ten-XENA

Xena was crying in earnest. As Caesar ran along dragging Xena behind him, Xena's cries were growing louder and louder as she was dragged through the forest. Although he had reset both of her legs, he knew that the way he broke them, that they weren't completely healed yet.
"Shut up. As soon as we get to the cliff, you'll be able to roam free, all the way down to the bottom," Caesar laughed when he saw her eyes grow huge with fear.
"Hercules and Gabrielle would never let you lay one finger on me. Although you want to think that you're holding the upper hand in this, you're wrong," Xena managed to get out between cries. Just then something caught her eye. Seeing that there were two girls up ahead having a picnic, she knew that they couldn't be anyone other than Princess Diana, and Meg.
"Look at the tracks you're making Caesar. I'll tell you what- I'll stay here and you can go clear our tracks. My legs are in too much pain to fight or run away from you," Xena crossed her fingers, praying that her plan would work.
"All right. But just too make sure that you'll stay, I will just go ahead and tie you to this tree,"
Xena reluncticly let Caesar tie her to the tree. When he was finished, Caesar smiled and walked away. About five minutes later, Xena yelled aloud to Meg and Diana. Hearing her, they ran and untied her.
"Xena! Whoever died to you to this tree?" Diana asked in confusement.
"It's a long story, so I'll explain later. I need you two to pretend that you are me. Meg, I want you to go after Caesar. Diana, I want you to come with me,"
Hastily telling Meg and Diana what to do, Xena and Meg switched outfits, while Diana kept a look out for Caesar.
"Now Meg, remember, my legs were just reset from Caesar breaking them. When Caesar comes back from erasing his trail, start to yell at him with hate and disgust. Also, every now and then, let out a small yell or sob," Xena quickly explained to Meg as she tied her to the tree.
"Xena, what about fighting? Sure, I can fight pretty well, but not as well as you. I'll tell ya what, why don't you teach me how to throw this Shamrock," Meg said nervously and excitedly.
"First of all Meg, it's called a CHARKROM. Second of all, I don't need to fight because of my legs. Oh yeah, pretend that you have a tremendous headache," Xena explained to Meg in an irritated voice.
"Bye Xena!" Meg yelled in a nervous voice.
"Good luck Meg!" Diana yelled in a frightened tone.
Good luck to you too!" Meg yelled.

Chapter Eleven-The Plan

Hercules, Iolas, Joxer, and Gabrielle were roaming the forest looking for Xena, when out of nowhere they heard a noise. At first it sounded like a tree shaking, but then it became clear that somebody was up in the tree.
"Show yourself!" Gabrielle yelled out.
Surprisingly, whenever the person jumped out of the tree, it was Xena!
"Xena! Thank goodness you're all right! Where have you been? How did you escape? Where's Caesar?" Gabrielle asked in relief.
"Those are all good questions but I'll answer them later. Here, read this, then meet me on the west-bridge in an hour," Xena replied before disappearing from sight.
This is what the scroll that Xena had given them looked like:
1. Gabrielle, come dressed in your Amazon outfit.
2. Hercules, come dressed as Aries.
3. Iolas, come dressed as a peasant.
4. Joxer, come dressed as Miss Known World.
5. All of you must come well armed, and don't be confused by what you see.
6. Gabrielle, find Ephiny, and dress her as Aphrodite.
7. I'll explain when you get here.
After reading this, the group looked around in amazement. Only Gabrielle knew what was going on. She tried hard not to laugh when she saw Joxer's face.
"Okay everyone, listen up. Everybody do exactly like Xena says and meet up on the west bridge in an hour. See you all later!" Gabrielle yelled before grabbing the scroll and disappearing around the corner.

Chapter Twelve-Who's Who?

An hour later everybody was at the west bridge wearing just what Xena had requested. When Gabrielle walked out of the bushes with Xena, Joxer thought that he would die. But, he somehow managed to keep from turning bright red.
"So, is everybody ready to show Caesar what we're made of?" Xena asked in an unusual voice.
"Of course we are. Xena, what happened to your voice?" Hercules asked in a rough voice as he tried to sound like Aries.
For your information, Hercules. I'm not Xena- I'm Princess Diana. Xena is looking for Aries," Diana explained in her quiet way.
"Diana! It's so good to see you again! How has your father been doing since the last time that we saw you?" Joxer asked, a tad bit embarrassed.
"Sorry, but I'm afraid that I don't recognize you," Diana proclaimed.
"Don't worry about Joxer. He can be a bit confusing when he's wearing a disguise," Ephiny said, in what she hoped to be Aphrodite's voice.
"JOXER!!! That's JOXER! Why in the world is he dressed like that? And who are you?" Princess Diana asked in a confused voice.
"For now, you can call me Aphrodite. Although, it's just part of the gag we're pulling on Caesar," Ephiny explained.
"All right everybody, listen up! There's going to be a few look-alikes here, so just call them all Xena. Hercules, you need to pretend to be Aries, so you're going to have to learn some tricks on that. Iolas, you're re going to run in and distract Caesar so that Diana can untie *Xena*" Gabrielle explained. Explaining the rest of the plan, they ran off.
"Ayiyiyiyiyi" Xena yelled out before landing in front of the God of War.
"Xena, what a pleasant surprise. If you would excuse me for a moment, I have to go find my good friend Caesar," Aries said.
"Sorry, but I'm afraid that I can't do that. Come with me Aries if you want to find him," Xena said.
"Xena!" Caesar yelled through the woods.
Seeing that she was standing in front of him, in a very nice outfit, nicer than when she was a warlord, made him suspicious of something.
"Come with me Caesar. I promise you great treasures if you just do what I say," Xena whispered.
"Hello Caesar!" Said another Xena, this time dressed in a tramps dress.
"Hi-Caesar," Announced another Xena, dressed as Xena.
"O-MI goodness! Who are these other three people?" Caesar asked in amazement.
"These are Diana, Meg, and Xena. The only problem is that you're going to have to guess which of us is Xena," Said the Xena in the tramps uniform.
All of the sudden Caesar saw a girl that he recognized as Aphrodite walking through the trees. Around her were people that he saw were Aries, a peasant, Miss Known World, and the Amazon Queen.
"Okay. I know what you want. You want me to release Xena. Too bad. I've got her, all three of her, and I'm not letting her go," Caesar said.
Grabbing who he thought was Xena, he ran with her. When a chakrom went through the air, he let her go and grabbed anther one. This one screamed bloody murder as he dragged her through the woods. Grabbing a last one, Aries appeared and yelled at Caesar for being bad to Xena. Joxer/Miss Known World ran through the forest screaming out Meg's name. Hercules/Aries ran through the woods along with every body else screaming out Xena's, Gabrielle's, and Diana's name.
"All right! I'll let them go. But it's only because Miss Known World is a blood thirsty war lord named Jett, Aphrodite is a God, and the Amazon is starting to scare me, the peasant and Aries is one of the best fighting partners in the world, and the real Aries is standing next to me. I'll return someday to kill you Xena. And you'll be sorry when I do." And with that, Caesar left the land forever.

Chapter Thirteen- Good-Bye

"Thanks everybody. I hope to see you all again real soon!" Xena yelled as she and Gabrielle walked through the forest.
"So, are going to return to the amazons, or are you going to travel with me?" Xena asked Gabrielle as they walked through the forest.
"What, and leave this great adventure? I'm going to stay. At least for a week or so," Gabrielle said.
"Got any good stories to tell?" Xena asked.
"As a matter of fact, I do. Wanna here it?" Gabrielle asked with hope in her eyes.
"Do I really have a choice?" Xena moaned.
"There once was a warlord named Caesar......." Gabrielle said as they walked through the woods with Argo at their sides.


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