Certain Chance
by Dana L'Wood

May 5th, 2002
Uber - Dungeon


Disclaimer: This story contains consensual (consciously and unconsciously), graphic, BDSM sexual activity. Don't like it---don't read it.
I would like to say thanks to Klancy7 for offering encouragement, beta reading, tech support, friendship, sisterhood, and follow through.
Certain Chance
by - Dana L'Wood


Jungle heat is different than the heat in coastal Managua. It puts an extra weight on things. Movement slows. Chance turned in her saddle to check on Tracy. She wanted less distance between them now that the jungle thickened. Her experience told her that staying together was a survival measure. The jungle could swallow and digest her less seasoned lover in a matter of hours. There were countless dangers the young woman could not recognize or handle alone.

Tracy watched her lovers back as she swayed in the saddle in front of her. She felt her legs turning to jelly and wondered if she would be able to walk when Chance finally gave hint of making camp. After three days of this step by step plodding in grueling heat, the girl was grinding teeth with irritation. She knew that when they did stop, her work would begin.

For the third night in a row Tracy would be lugging heavy packs from the horses. Then she would have to sort everything out so that she could get to what she needed in order to cook the damn meal. That is what she did on this little jungle jaunt. She cooked; she cleaned and made everything nice. Christ! she thought, and what the hell happens if I just want to sit? She knew what would happen and even in this bad temper, she wasnt willing to risk it.

Chance pulled up and stopped her horse. She sat still and silent. Her hand went up as a signal for Tracy to do the same. Once satisfied that the surrounding jungle was not harboring some lurking evil, Chance turned again and looked at her partner. She could see that Tracy was brooding and somewhere beyond patient. A smile touched her mouth at the look on that beautiful face. So whats the matter, Trace dont you want to stop? she asked teasingly. She was aware that her little dancer was more than ready to stop and had been for some time. She wasnt trying to irritate the blonde; she just wanted the right clearing for their camp. This was it.

Tracy seethed. Can I get off this shuffling mountain of a horse now?

Sure, Babe. Chance tried innocence. Something wrong?

Youre pushing it, Chance. Tracy hissed. She grabbed the saddle horn and swung a leg up and behind to lift her off the wretched saddle. She wondered if she would ever have a bath again.

Chance raised her brows. She opened her mouth to respond but was held still by the sight of her beautiful lover dismounting that horse with impeccable grace. She could say that her Tracy was anything but clumsy. It seemed that no matter how tired, she moved with a fluidity that could only come from the disciplined practice of the dancer she was. The soldier thought that Tracys agility might prove handy one day. For now, it was distracting though and Chance wanted to get the camp together before the rapid onset of jungle darkness. She pushed herself down from her horse and set to the job.

Tracy complained inwardly about her role as domestic engineer on this trip. Yet she knew she was good at taking care of the things Chance would rather leave than do. It was clear that she was providing organization and efficiency that Chance appreciated and was fast growing dependent on. Tracy was beginning to understand that not only did she belong as life mate and partner to the guerrilla, she was also part of a mutual destiny that was as natural as time.

After all was done and the meal was finished, Tracy relaxed into thinking about her life with this incredible six foot, muscle bound woman. Chance was unlike anyone she had ever been with. Yet an unmistakable sense of familiarity chimed through her from the first meeting. She loved the beautiful fighter within minutes of that meeting. She didnt know how or why this could be true it just was. All irritability was gone now and Tracy settled in to that feeling of happiness that blanketed their relationship.

Tracy looked up from the fire and saw that Chance was looking at her. Those intense blue eyes could pin her to where ever she happened to be sitting, standing or lying at the time. Her blood rushed hot to her core. She recognized that particular look, as a prelude to pleasure that would not be put off.

They had not made love since leaving the city four days ago. It was enough time to build a tension in both women. Especially since each of them spent hours of quiet travel thinking about what actually transpired that last time. Not only did Tracy come out as a natural bottom for Chance they each underwent a transition that they were both aware of and understood, but neither of them could put to words. It was an integral acceptance of whom and what they were to each other in a way that seemed to include a span of centuries spent living together and apart.

Tracy felt herself swallow. She held still, knowing that Chance would either speak or move and she was to wait. She kept her eyes on the soldier. She watched as Chance rose up from her place by the fire standing tall and still.

Take off that shirt, Tracy came the soft and clear command. Chance felt a need pulsing in her. She wanted to see the naked body of her dancer. She wanted to watch her strip slowly, removing clothes as ordered, one piece at a time.

Tracy was aware that her obedience was still in question. Could she do as she was told without first being whipped? Her hand went immediately to the buttons of her shirt, which she removed without protest or display of feeling. She just did it and waited.

Now that bra. Take it off and throw it in the fire. You wont be wearing it again.

The pretense of apathy was dropped. Tracy shot her eyes up to meet the mercenarys deep blue gaze. Are you serious, Chance? she ventured softly. She did not want to give her bra to the flames. She watched Chance fold her arms across her chest and lift an eyebrow as if she might ponder the question. Tracy spoke quickly. Its just that I might need it I mean for a good reason. I. I might have to go into a town somewhere and you know how you hate it when men stare at me. Tracy was sure that would be something Chance would want to consider.


Chance stood in silence savoring the wide-eyed hopefulness. Finally she spoke. Take it off now, Tracy. Her voice was barely audible. Then, Move!

The little blondes whole body jumped at the command. She stood up. She pulled at the straps until they were off her arms. Aware that watching her strip was arousing Chance, Tracy slowed up a little. She pulled the bra cups down off her nipples and let it rest there a moment before twisting it around to bring the clasps in front. Her beautiful mounds swung loose and jiggled with the movement. She heard the intake of breath as the soldiers eyes sponged up the scene.

Tracy used the moment. Please dont make me burn it, Chance. She said. Take it away from me and keep it somewhere. I wont even ask for it. She pulled it away from her and held it up dangling in the still, jungle air.

Somewhere behind the haze of lust that was forming fast, Chance recognized the sense that Tracy made about her possible need for the thing at a later time. She smiled and brought a hand up to snatch the offensive bra from Tracy. She dropped her arm to her side and watched the girl in front of her.

Tracy was ready to comply fully now that the burning bra issue was resolved. She had her boots and stockings off with minimal tugging in only seconds. She figured that was not so sexy to look at and got it out of the way. The trousers coming down over her hips and dropping in a pile around her ankles was very sexy however. Tracy had Chance for sure when she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her little panties and pushed them down over her perfect round ass. She paused just before sliding them down her thighs. When they were loose enough to drop she let go and stepped out of them. She stood naked before her mate.

The sight of the most beautiful woman she had always known, standing naked and obedient, mesmerized Chance. The firelight danced across the perfect body lending an aura of mystical grace to the dancer. It was a sight that sent Chances heart and mind reeling into a time so far back she swayed with the impact.

Need surged in her, raw and wild. She walked up to Tracy, stopping just as her own clothed body touched the naked one. She lifted Tracys chin with a curled finger. What a face! Open your eyes, Tracy. Look at me. The soldier looked into the green of Tracys eyes. She saw what she needed to see.

Slowly, Chance backed up several steps away from a trembling dancer. She watched Tracys face carefully. Reaching down, she undid her belt and pulled it from her waist. The swallowing motion of that beautiful throat was visible. She watched realization and fear change Tracys face. She smiled and spoke in a soft low tone. Tracy, walk to the big Boabab tree and stand facing it. I want you to hold on to the vine hanging from it.

Tracy wanted her mind to go numb. She dared not disobey. But she couldnt move. Chance She saw a dark eyebrow rise. There would be no challenge. Still, she couldnt move. Chance stepped forward fast. She gripped an arm and pulled hard. Tracys whole body jerked forward. Wait Chance, I was going please I will go. Too late, she was dragged and shoved up against the tree. Her breasts mashed into the rough bark. Tracy heard herself cry out at the pain of the slam against the tree and the iron grip on her arm. I was good, Chance I didnt do anything. Why? Tracys throat caught in a sob. There would be no talking Chance down from what she wanted to do.

Chance let out a low growl. She felt the beast just barely under control in her gut. She let go of Tracys arm. The girl stood against the tree crying. Her body shook deliciously. Chance felt like a wild cat, playing with its prey. Why? she purred hotly into the small blondes ear. Oh my little slut, you know you dont have to do anything bad to get your ass whipped. Ill do it because I want to. Ill do it any time I want to. Isnt that right? She licked Tracys ear then said. Hold on to the vine and dont let go.

Tracy reached up and curled her hands around the strong vine. She began to cry. She never seemed to be able to contain the pleading. She always wanted to be strong but Chance scared her. It was a natural thing for her to cry at these times. The slick juice from her center seemed to gush in testament to how the fear mingled with desire to bring on a pinnacle of excitement. She felt Chance back away a pace. Eyes closed now, she waited. It came.

That belt sliced through the thick jungle heat and came down on Tracys bare flesh with a resounding crack and snap. She squeezed the vine and pulled herself up. Her hips thrust forward and bucked her into the tree when that blazing sting hit her ass. The scream that flew from her was replete with pain. So it began and just kept coming. The little blonde held that vine as if it were her life. She could hear Chance making sounds of pleasure at each swing of the thick leather. A rush of hot desire hit and throbbed at her core.

Chance felt her breathing change and go ragged while watching her lover writhe and jerk against that tree with every slam of the wicked belt. She listened to Tracys screaming, soaked it in, rode it, loved it. She began to yell out obscene descriptions of what she would do next to her little dancer. But the fighter knew Tracy couldnt hear much at this point. She stopped the whipping and stood back. She was panting from the exertion of it all. She stood quietly and stared at the beautiful girl before her.

The strap stopped hitting her backside but Tracy continued to hold on to that vine. She still bucked and writhed at the burning bite of Chances belt. Screaming was reduced to cries and whimpers. The girl knew the whipping was over but the pain was not. She did not dare move from her place at the face of the big tree. Her breasts felt like they were rubbed raw from scraping and jutting into the bark as her back arched with each blow. She heard Chance behind her. She sucked in a breath of air and tried to still her fear of what may be next.

The soldier tore at her own clothes in an effort to get naked. She was not going to be smooth about this. Watching Tracys lovely body quiver, seeing the red welts raise, jammed flashes of intense heat into her center. She needed to fuck Tracy. She needed to make the girl drink her juices while she came. She wanted to watch Tracys pussy spread wide for her fist. She stepped in close and whispered. Time for your fucking my slut. You get to choose a cock in your naughty ass or a fist in your cunt.

Tracy already experienced the options. Both were painful. But she was wet. She was dripping with the need for filling. A a fist. she answered softly. Her sobs waned for now. She felt her powerful soldier pull her away from the tree at last. She was laid down on a bedroll on her back. She winced and cried out but it didnt matter. Her Chance would not be careful. She cried out again when Chance raised her legs until her knees mashed against her sore breasts.

Chance was driven. She held the girls legs up and pushed fingers into her. She sawed back and forth pushing hard until her whole hand was in the now pleading blonde. She watched Tracys reddened, and scratched breasts rock while she fisted her. Chance could feel Tracy tighten around her fist. She fucked her hard. As soon as she heard the pleas turn to moans she knew the girl would be cumming.

Tracys climax was intense to say the least. She felt like she was full, full of Chance. She saw those blue eyes flash. She felt right in Chances control. Feeling helpless as Chance rammed her made her cum with a force unimagined. Tracy screamed out her ecstasy in a torrent of cries. Chance pulled out slowly. Ahhh Tracy let out a long breath at the loss. She thought she might pass out. Her legs were released and straightened to accommodate the beautiful guerrilla.

Chance was suddenly sucking Tracys sore nipples, one after the other. She straddled her beautiful dancer. Pulling upright, she gazed at Tracys ecstatic face. Her voice was like liquid fire spreading right to the core of the dancer. Im not finished slut you pass out and you will wake up strung high on that tree. Chance loved how those green eyes cleared to attention with realization and fear. She jumped up, grabbing Tracy by her already bruised arm. When she had the girl on her knees, Chance growled. Suck me good little girl and you better make me happy.

Tracy held still on her knees while Chance stood with legs apart in front of her face. She thought she might melt from the hot sense of being owned by this incredibly powerful woman. Any other time, she was an equal partner. But now she was owned and it thrilled her. She felt Chances long fingers wrapping into her hair. Her head was pulled forward. She smelled the desire from Chance. That cunt was dripping and Tracy wanted to drink. She lurched into cunt lips and labia with her hungry mouth.

Tracys eagerness and talent with her hot tongue drove Chance to bucking against her face in ecstasy. As soon as the beauty began sucking on her swollen clit, the soldier cut loose with a ferocious howl to the jungle around her. All other night sound stopped at the feral scream. She felt a multitude of beings within her. Everyone she had ever been jammed into this orgasm. By the time she finished pulsing into her lovers sweet mouth, She saw full flashes of hot sexual ritual so old it could not have been written about.

Late into the night, Chance thought about that climax. She held her sated lover close, whispering her love in a language neither of them really understood, or questioned.


The End - Certain Chance - by Dana L'Wood

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