By D.virtue

The next morning Diana awoke and got out of bed and called to the servant to
go and prepare breakfast. She also told the servant that she should make
should everything was perfect, otherwise, The Conqueror would problem be
offended. When the servant was just about to leave Diana called to her and

“ make sure there are plenty of strawberries and raspberries, as well as other
fruit .”

The servant bowed and ran out to go and have the meal prepared.

Diana thought about getting dressed ,but then she realized she would probably
only have her clothes on for a brief moment, therefore making it a hassle to
have to get dressed and then undressed within the same hour.Diana went back to
the bed chambers and watched to see if Xena had moved at all from her spot of
last night.

“No , not even an arm.”

Diana then went to wait for there breakfast so that the servants would not
have to be announced by the guard. After about thirty minutes the servant
returned followed by three other male servants, all carrying trays of food.
Diana told them where to set up the food within the bed chamber.

Diana then watched all of them file out and she turned to return to the bed
chamber, but then she thought to lock the inner lock of the outer room. So
just as she was heading over to it , she heard Xena’s voice call her, at first
it was somewhat hoarse ,but then It was strong, and demanding an answer.

Diana raced to the the door, flipped the lock, and then turned and raced
back to the bed chamber door, at which point she slowly opened the door and
looked in to see Xena sitting up with her arms crossed over her chest.

Xena’s eyes were narrow and flashing and she had a grimace on her face.
Diana eased her way into the room and closing the door with her hands behind
her she leaned back onto the door.

“Good morning Xena, sleep well I hope?”

Diana asked as congenial as she could. Xena’s eyes narrowed more, and Diana
swallowed hard. She then asked....

“ Did I do something?”

“ Yes!”

“ oh, what?”

“Come here and I’ll tell you!”

“Oh that’s ok Xena I can hear you from here.”

Diana said nervously. Xena then cut her eyes to Diana and cocked her head, she
then said,

“Consort get over here now!”

Diana started walking towards the angry warrior and she came to stand at the
bedside. she was chewing her lip and she tried to look anywhere but at Xena’s
eyes, but The Conqueror knowing how Diana was trying to avoid looking at her
to avoid being intimidated, but she was not having any of that, she wanted
Diana to be uncomfortable, so she said,

“Diana look at me!”

Diana brought her eyes to look into Xena’s and her breath caught. Diana was
feeling like a child under Xena’s scrutinizing gaze. Diana’s eyes started to
form tears, but Diana was determine to not let them fall. Diana then took a
few calming breaths and then she asked,

“ Are you going to tell me why your upset?”

“ Where were you a minute ago?!”

Xena practically shouted at Diana.Diana jumped at the harshness and the tone.
The tears were now threatening to fall. Xena saw them and said,

“They better not fall.”

Diana quickly wiped her eyes to prevent the tears from falling. she then said,

“I..I was just locking the inner lock.”

“ Why was the door unlocked in the first place?!”

“Xena you don’t have to yell at me, I’m not a child!”

Diana feeling her own temper rising, raised her voice at The Conqueror.

The Conqueror then reached up and grabbing Diana’s arm she pulled her down
onto the bed.

“ Consort, who do you think you are talking too? I asked you a question and I
expect an answer.”

Xena said through clenched teeth, while holding Diana inches from her .

“I had unlocked the door to let the servants in so they could setup breakfast
for us. I thought maybe you would be hungry after last night.”

Diana answered with courage.

“ Xena looked over at the table loaded with food . loosen her grip on Diana’s
arm. She didn’t let go but she soften her eyes at Diana. She then said,

“Diana, I was upset with you because you weren’t here when I woke up. I’ve
always hated waking up alone, whether in this bed or anywhere else. I made
an oath to myself that if I ever found the right person that they would not
get out of the bed before I said it was ok. And now that I have you, My little
Consort. I will be damned if I allow you to get out of this bed until I say
it’s ok!”
Do you understand what I’m saying Diana?”

Xena’s hands now leaving Diana’s arm and going to her chin.

Diana relieved to know that Xena was not upset with her about something last
night, and she could see that Xena was sorry for her harshness even though she
didn’t say the words. So Diana tried to lighten the mood and she said in a
whimsical voice..

“ This is a control thing right?”

Xena was not amused, and Diana saw it so she said ,

“Yes, Yes, I definitely understand , no fog here, crystal clear, yep no way
anyone could miss it.”

Diana rambled out, hoping Xena would not continue in her bad mood.

“Now are you hungry?”

Diana asked coyly. Xena smirked and then she said,

“I will be as soon as I get my morning kiss.”

Xena half smiled, Diana smiled fully
Xena’s hand leaving Diana’s arm and going to her chin. she pulled Diana to
her. Xena then said,

“Remember what I’ve said Consort.”

“ How can I forget? You’ve made yourself abundantly clear, I can assure you of

“ Good as long as we’re clear.”

Xena then brought Diana’s lips to meet hers, by holding Diana under her chin.

They kissed tenderly, at first, but soon Xena had swipe her tongue over
Diana’s teeth and they were once again feasting on each others sweet mouth.
Xena Had now removed her hand from under Diana’s chin and placed it around her
waist and with no effort she had brought Diana onto the bed next to her
without ever breaking their kiss. Diana yelp at the action, but continued to
feast on Xena’s mouth.

Diana was wearing one of Xena’s robes when the servants were in the chambers
and she had not yet removed it when she came to the bedside.
Xena was somewhat irritated that Diana had the robe on, but she understood why
she had put it on, so she untied it at the waist and ran her hand underneath
it to remove it from Diana arms and shoulders. Finally Xena broke their kiss
and Diana actually gasped for air when she was finally allowed to take in the

“What are you trying to do to me? take me out by way of oxygen deprivation, or

“I thought you could hold your breath for a longer period of time?”

“I can, but goodness, give me some warning, like give me a look from across a
crowded room that tells me what your plan is, and I’ll prepare.”

“I don’t think I like that idea, well maybe giving you a look, but I have to
think about using it as a warning, I like the idea of catching you off guard,
it makes it exciting.”

Xena then having been slyly looking at Diana’s nipples harden with each of her
words she then looked into Diana’s eyes and with a wick gleam in her own and
lighting speed she seized Diana’s nipple into her mouth and was suckling and
biting with vigor. Diana’s head flew back onto the bed at the same time her
back arched, and she screamed out,

“ Gods! X.e.e.n.a.a.a.a..... Ohhhhhh....G.o.d...ahahahhaahhh......”

Diana’s fingers digging into the bed linen and would have went into the bed
itself if it were not for the resilences of the bed. Xena then noticing
Diana’s abdomen muscles start to twitch almost constantly knew Diana was close
to going over and she didn’t want her to , at least not right now she had
other plans for Diana, especially after what she had done last night.

Diana was nearing her point especially when her breast starting producing.
Xena suckled for a moment more drinking the sweet fluid, all the while
watching Diana’s abdomen. When Xena saw that Diana’s ecstasy was imminent if
she went any longer she then without notice..... removed her mouth off of
Diana’s nipple and jumped out of bed and said with a smug yet innocent smirk,

“ I'm starved let’s eat.”


Diana’s breath had caught in her throat upon Xena removing her mouth so
abruptly. Xena strided over to the table and sat down and bringing a
strawberry to her mouth she took a bite while watching Diana struggle to
compose herself and understand what she had just done to her. After a few
minutes Diana took a few deeper breaths and with effort calmed herself. She
then raised herself up onto her elbows with even more effort and after
catching her breath again she glared at Xena and then asked,

“ Why did you stop like that?!”

Xena feigned innocent once again and said as amiable as she could,

“I was hungry.”

Diana looked at Xena as if she had turned into a hydra right before her eyes.
She could not believe what she was hearing. Xena saw the look and with an arch
of her brow she then said,

“Besides Consort, you were about ready to release.... and I don’t remember
giving you permission, so I did you a favor by stopping when I did, so be

Diana’s mouth had dropped open, she was astonished. Diana after looking at
Xena for a few moments she fell back on the bed and laid there shaking her
head in disbelief, she then starting laughing, and before Xena knew what was
happening Diana was in a fit of laughter. Diana curled on the bed with tears
running down her face laughing and holding her belly.

Xena sat and watched Diana laugh and she chuckled at what she was seeing. She
then said,

“ Ok Consort that’s enough, come here.”

Diana now stopped laughing and looked over at Xena and once again she was
surprised. Xena was completely serious. Diana laid back for a moment more and
chuckled, she then rolled off the bed and reaching for the robe she had
previously had on she picked it up to put it on, when she heard Xena’s voice,

“ No, leave that.”

“ But Xena?”

Xena feralled her brows and said,

“ I don’t like repeating myself, and I won’t.

Looking at Xena for a moment more and then looking at the robe, Diana then
dropped the robe and strided over to where Xena was sitting. Xena watched
Diana approach her. She watched Diana’s catlike movements, her firm breast
gently bouncing with their taut nipples pointing at her. Xena placed another
strawberry in her mouth while she watched Diana come closer and closer.

Xena felt her body tensing the closer Diana came to her, within a moment she
realized she was responding to Diana the way Diana had responded to her, only
the closer Diana came, the more she wanted her to get to her. She for some
reason felt she needed Diana near her, with that thought she decided Diana
would spend the whole day with her.

“What are you thinking about?”

“ just things.”

“Like what type of things?”

“Like I want you to sit down.”

Xena arched her brow, and looked at Diana thoughtfully. Diana sat in the
chair right to the right side of Xena at the table. She then reached for the
grapes. Taking a few of the grapes she started popping them in her mouth, just
as she was swallowing Xena asked,

“ So what happen last night, that kept me in bed way past my normal rising

Diana almost choked on the grape she was just swallowing.

“ excuse me?”

“ I think you heard me.”

“ Yes, I did, I just meant ....where did that come from?”

“ I want to know, obviously something must have happened for me to have slept
so late?”

“ mm.....not really, it was....”

Diana wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell Xena everything, for fear that she
would get upset at her for taking such advantage of her. Although Diana did
feel that Xena had it coming especially considering that that’s exactly what
Xena had planned for her. But then she thought, if it had been her she would
like to know exactly what happened also, and so thinking she decided to tell
Xena exactly what had happened and what she did.

“ Diana, tell me, now.”

“Ok, but promise me you won’t get upset?”

“ no.”

“Why not?”

“ because I said no.”

Diana then feeling like she was going to go through an inquisition sat back in
her chair and said,

“fine, but there’s no reason for you to get upset about anything, it wasn’t
like I did anything.....that you would not have done.

Xena raised a questioning brow at that and Diana seeing it smirked and said,

“Ok, ok, maybe a couple of different things, but all good!”

Diana finished raising her hands up to emphasis her point.

“ I’ll see won’t I ?”


So Diana proceeded to tell Xena every detail of what had happened and what all
she had done, she even told Xena why she had done it. All the while Diana
watched Xena for any change in her mood. But of course, Xena kept any hint of
a mood to herself. She just sat and listened to Diana. She was not really
trying to find out what happen for she knew already everything that had
happened last night, she just wanted to see if Diana would be completely
honest with her especially when she thought Xena to be in a vulnerable state.

Diana finished telling Xena every detail of last night and she sat and waited
for Xena’s reaction.

Xena casually reached for a slice of orange and slowly taking it into her
mouth she watched Diana for a few moments, finally after eating the fruit Xena
turned her chair so that she was no longer as close to the table as she had
been. Diana shifted in her chair out of some apprehension, but she did not
move from the chair and her eyes never left Xena’s face.

Xena then said,

“come here.”

Diana arose from her chair and stepped over to Xena’s chair. Xena then patted
her thigh to indicate for Diana to sit. Diana sat so that she was facing Xena
more so than not. Diana then said,

“ You don’t remember any of what happened last night?”

“ No, actually I remembered everything, I wanted to see if you would continue
to be honest with me, especially in a situation where you thought I was
vulnerable, and would possibly get upset with you.”

“ Why would I lie? it’s not like I would do anything to hurt you, as a matter
of fact ,I thought you were truly enjoying my...... focused attentions.?”

“ yes, I thoroughly enjoyed.... your focused attentions, but you have to admit
you did think about not telling me everything, right?”

“ yes....but only for a split second. I then I realized That if your truly
to trust me with everything about you then the best place to start that trust
is to be honest about the most intimate aspects of our relationship. So once I
thought about that, the decision to continue with the honesty factor was

Xena pulled Diana to her and she kissed her fiercely and thoroughly. So much
so that Diana afterwards was lightheaded. Xena smirked and said,

“ By the way, do you remember what I said? That if I liked what you did how
you would then be subject to pleasuring me whenever I chose as well as me
having you whenever also?”

A wick smirk came to Xena’s face and Diana blushed to her roots. She then
said trying to speak through a constricting throat.

“ I had no doubts that you would.... like it.”

“ don’t get cocky.”

“ I’m not, but I know my talents.”

“I’ve had other lovers, who had talents also.”


“Doesn’t matter, they were from my past.”

“ what past? Long past or recent past?”

Xena didn’t want to talk about her past about two other lovers who had given
her some minimal pleasure, a long time ago.

“ long past, but does it matter?”

“ no not really, it’s not like they were anywhere in my league as a lover,
besides I am your Consort.”

“ Diana, I said don’t get cocky.”

“ and I said I wasn’t being cocky, I just know what I’m capable of ....unless
your telling me they were better than I was?”

Xena saw the concern in Diana’s eyes and even though Diana was being cocky,
she knew what to do to handle that. But for now, she had to tell Diana the

“ No I’m not, You are the best lover I have ever had and will ever have, and
because of that You are MY Consort to have when and where and however I

“ I thought not, but one never knows. And by the way, don’t get carried away
with that whenever thing, I do have some say-so as to whether I feel like it
or not.”

Diana said this in a casual voice, but Xena took it as a challenge.

“ Is that right?!”

Diana heard the undertone and looked at Xena, who still had the same face she
had had through Diana’s story, so dismissing the perceived tone she said ,


Xena’s eyes narrowed at the thought that Diana figured she could deny her
anything, especially her Consort. So Xena decided to humble Diana so that she
would remember who she was and for whom she was there for. So Xena said in a
casual voice,

“ we need to get dress, I have a lot to do today.”

“ Ok and while your doing what you have to do, I’ll spend some time with

“No! “

“ What? What do you mean no? Why not?”

“Because I said so.”

“ But why? you said yourself that you had a lot to do today, I just figured I
could spend a while with Gabrielle and then join you later for noon meal?”

“ You will stay by my side the whole day, and I don’t want to hear another
word about it. You can see Gabrielle tomorrow, besides, I think she will be
preoccupied with her reading.”

“ Xena, I’m sure Gabrielle wouldn’t mind the interruption, especially by me.”

Xena narrowed her eyes at Diana, and through a set jaw she said,

“Not another word.”

Diana thought about throwing and attitude but soon thought better of it, she
knew Gabrielle would probably be engrossed in her reading and although she
wouldn’t mind the company she would benefit from the scrolls, so Diana looked
up at Xena who had gripped her waist tighter after her last statement, and
with a coy smile she said, running her fingers down Xena’s chest casually,

“ I’m sorry, your right I can see Gabrielle tomorrow.”

looking up into Xena’s eyes to see if they had soften any, Diana found that
they had, and Xena was now looking upon Diana with expectant eyes. Diana
smiled and leaning forward on Xena’s thigh she place her lips tenderly upon
Xena’s. Xena pulled Diana closer to her with one hand and with the other she
swiped the table and pushed all the remaining food off onto the floor, she
then lifted Diana up onto the table and she whispered into Diana’s mouth,

“Reform my Little Shield.”

Xena then laid Diana on the table so that she was lying flat upon the table on
her abdomen with her feet on the floor, and Xena turned away and headed for
the table by the bed, Diana was about to rise and follow and Xena said,

“Stay there!”

Xena took the phallus she had used before, she returned to stand behind Diana
who was once again rising to see what Xena was doing, but this time Xena held
her down upon the table and having placed the phallus on she leaned over Diana
without touching her with the phallus and she said,

“ I want to feel you again.”

Diana thought about the meaning of Xena’s words and at first she could not
figure them out..... but just then she realized the meaning and just as she
was about to think to say something....Xena pushed into her in one swift

“ OWWWWwww!!”

Diana screamed as tears ran down her face. Xena leaned close to Diana’s ears
and said,

“I know that hurt, but I needed to feel you... it . I have such a need for
you, I want to consume everything that is you. I could make love to you
forever and never get filled, your sooo......deep, soo....soft....and yet so
very tight.”

Xena then proceeded to thrust in and out of Diana with abandon, while Diana
after listening to Xena’s words she gripped the sides of the table and was
pushing back with the same abandon as Xena was. They had found such a
enriching rhythm that they both were groaning and moaning. Xena who had been
lying flat on Diana with her front to Diana’s back, was now standing up and
gripping Diana’s behind, she ran her nails over them and Diana shivered, she
kneaded them and again Diana shivered.

Xena then laid flat on Diana again and gripping Diana’s behind once again they
continued to dance the beat of both their hearts. After over two candlemarks,
of Xena and Diana making love in many different positions all of which were
upon the table, and both of them lather in sweat after multiple orgasms they
finally laid upon the table for a few minutes more to catch their breaths,
which only took a moment or so. But as Diana was going to get off of Xena’s
hips and thus the phallus, Xena’s grip tighten on Diana’s waist.

Diana looked down into Xena’s eyes, and although hers were still filled with
consuming passion, she saw clearly how filled Xena’s own eyes were. Diana
quivered and released at the sight , and in doing so Xena quivered and
released. Both their hearts that had slowed down from the other section but
never returning to normal due to both of their still highly aroused states
were now beating wildly out of their chest once again.

Diana placing her hands on either side of Xena she lifted herself up slowly,
and then went back down the same way Xena shuddered at the renewed sensation,
but not having the patience to go slow at this moment she went to grip Diana’s
hips and move her to the pace she wanted, but Diana catching on to Xena’s
intention grabbed her wrist and pushed them to the table before Xena could
grip her.

But this time Xena was not having any of that, she wanted Diana and she needed
her the way she wanted and would have her that way! So Xena started lifting
her arms back up, but of course Diana now had her mind set as to how she
wanted them to proceed, so she pushed Xena's arms trying to put them back on
the table , but Xena only smirked and although most people would be at a
disadvantage being on their back, Xena was not, even though Diana was
stronger than any of her men, she was however not stronger than The Conqueror,
so with strength and speed Xena had broken Diana’s grip and had gripped her
hands on Diana’s hips and she was thrusting into Diana . Diana in the
meantime having lost the battle threw her head back and let Xena take her the
way she wanted.

“ OHHHhh...., ye, ye, ye, ye ye.....yes.s.s.s.....ohhh! Gods!

Diana’s back was arching so much that she was bent backwards .

es,yes,yes, yes, “

Then when Xena felt her ecstasy was forthcoming, she threw back her head and
shouted to Diana....

“Give me what’s mines............N.O.W!!!”

With those words she saw nothing more than blinding lights flashing behind her
eyes once again. Diana in the meantime had heard Xena and trying to wait for
her say so, and was just about to lose it when she heard it, upon which Diana
screamed her release in answer to Xena’s command.

“Y.e.s! Xena! Yes!”

Diana released!

After their extended visit in the pleasure zone, they both laid on the table
sate for the moment. Diana laying on top of Xena resting at the crook of her
neck, while Xena had her arms wrapped around Diana’s back holding her close.
They past out for a few moments.

Xena awoke first and she ran her hands lightly over Diana’s back which
immediately had goose bumps following where the soft touch had just left.
Diana shivered slightly and then eyes fluttering open she arrived back to

When Diana felt Xena chuckle, she looked up into her eyes and said in a light

“What’s so funny?”

“ I can’t believe how insatiable you are?”

“Me! It was you who wouldn’t let me get up.”

“ I didn’t let you get up, because I didn’t say you could get up. It had
nothing to do with my desire for you.”

Diana had now sat up on Xena while the phallus was still inside of her. She
put her hands on her hips and said in an incredulous voice,

“Oh, yeah, right . Tell me another one.”

Xena arched her brow and said,

“ We have to get cleaned up, otherwise I will be late.”

Diana then asked, as she was lifting herself off of Xena and the phallus, and
then off of the table,


“What all do you have to do today?”

Xena getting off the table and removing and cleaning the phallus, then placing
it back in the box that Diana had walked over and gotten off of the table by
the bed. She then said, motioning to Diana to follow her through the framed

“ I was going to workout with my weapons a bit before going to my meeting at
noon, but I think I prefer to workout like we just did.”

Xena said lustily. Diana just smirked and said to the air,

“ and she calls me insatiable, yeah right.”

Xena then smirked back and continued.

“ After the meeting I have to hold court, and hand out sentences, then it’s
other meetings and briefing and things like that.”

“ oh, ok. You know it will be good to work out with my weapons, it’s been a
while, but I can wait until later or even until tomorrow to workout with them.

Diana had just stepped through the apparatus and was opening her eyes when she
saw Xena standing right in front of her.

“What ?”

“ You’ll be waiting longer than a day before you workout with your weapons,
for that fact before you wear leathers again, My little Consort.”

Diana chuckled at what she thought was Xena’s way of joking.

“Your not serious, right?”

“Wrong, I told you, you are not a warrior any longer, and because your not a
warrior anymore then there is no need for you to wear leathers or carry
weapons. Besides I’ve had some things brought in for you they should be in
that Cabinet over there.”

Xena pointing to a closet like dresser. Diana’s eyes followed where Xena had
pointed and then she turned to walk to the dresser. Xena watched as she
finished dressing in her leathers. Diana arrived at the dresser and opening it
she saw beautiful feminine clothing, sheer outfits, silks, lace, satins, and
other types of soft lingerie type clothing.

Diana looked at the beautiful clothes and said,

“Their beautiful, thank you. But I have no need for these, I have plenty of
leathers. I also don’t need these type of things in this environment.”

“ You do have a need for them, and you will use them from now on. You are My
Consort , and not one of my Warriors, therefore you will dress as I decide you
should, is that clear?”

“ no, it’s not clear. Xena you can not make me wear these things.”

“Really? and since when did this happen?”

Diana saw the anger growing in Xena’s eyes at the thought of having her
authority challenged so to allay the rising anger Diana said,

“ I didn’t mean it the way it sounded, I just meant that because of the
threat of war and or conflict of this time it would be better for me as well
as you if I was allowed to wear my leathers and have my weapons. Therefore I
could assist you if the need arose. Besides I Am a Warrior, and a very good
one. I don’t think it’s wise to restrict one of your best warriors to that of
only a Consort.”

“ Consort I have no need to be protected by you,I can do that for myself or my
guards can do it. You are not a warrior in My army you are my life Consort,
and because of that I choose to feel the softness of you and not leather, or
armor. I have enough armor around me with all of my soldiers, I don’t need any
in my bed unless I choose to wear my armor. And as far as this Time thing
goes, yes it is true that there is always the threat, but I can and will
protect you and Gabrielle and My Realm from any who would make threat. So as
far as I’m concerned there is no reason for you to wear anything other than
what I have told you to wear.”

“ Xena, I told you when I first showed up here that I would give my life to
protect you and Gabrielle, and I meant that. But I don’t think your being fair
to me by making me have to do it in some flimsy little outfit. Besides you
even said that you would trust me with your life If I came to you and I
thought that meant as your Consort as well as a warrior.”

“ Well Diana, you thought wrong, While I do trust you with my life, I feel you
are capable of not only protecting Gabrielle and myself but also yourself
with your hands only, I know you have the skills and whether you are in
leather or silk your abilities will not change.”

“ Xena...?”


Xena raising her hand for silence. She then walked over to Diana and lifting
Diana’s chin up so she would be standing on her toes her eyes flashing from
having to explain her actions she said in a low caustic voice.

“ You will do as I say, now.”

Diana set her jaw and said,

“ fine!”

pulling her chin from Xena’s grasp. Xena stood there with her hand still in
the position as if still holding Diana”s chin, eyes narrowed she debated on
whether to punish Diana for her impudence. but she decided to let it go for
the time being.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“ may I at least carry my staff with me?”

“ I said no weapons.”

“ I know, but I figured the staff is many other things other than just a

“ Diana, your not fooling anyone.”

“ I’m not trying to, I just want to carry my staff that’s it. Besides my staff
doesn’t even look like a staff, it looks more like a decorated piece of wood,
that’s no bigger than 24 inches, it doesn’t present a threat by the way it
looks or anything.”

“ Oh yeah, right . a piece of wood huh. Well if I remember that piece of wood
expanded out to double edged blades on both ends made of the same material my
Chakram is made out of, so don’t stand there and try to convince me it’s not a
weapon, because I know better.”

“Xena honestly, I’m not trying to convince you it’s not a weapon, it obviously
is a deadly weapon, but all I’m saying is that in the detracted stated that it
is in it appears to be a harmless piece of wood. Plus it has the ability to
stay wood when it is extended out depending on where I put pressure. Wait a
minute, how did you know about the double blades?”

“ I picked it up that day you went to the bath by yourself that first day you
came to meet my challenge, and I discovered many things about it and how it
works. It’s quite a wonderful weapon. One worthy of .....My Consort.”

Xena said tilting her head at Diana. Diana hearing the tone, and catching
Xena’s meaning immediately went to Xena and hugged her and said,

“Thank you, it means a lot to me.”

“ Why, because your sister gave it to you?”

“ Yes, but that’s not what I meant. I meant your allowing me to carry it means
a lot to me. thank you.”

Xena let a smile play at the corner of her mouth, she then said,

“ Your welcome Diana.”

She then bent down and took Diana’s lips and kissed her passionately, while
running her hands up and down Diana’s still nude body. She let her hands
settle on Diana’s round firm behind and pulled her closer to her . Both their
passions building every moment , but then Xena broke their passionate kiss and
said while turning Diana around and swatting her backside.

“Get dress before I decide to take you again.”

“ I can’t believe your actually going to make me wear these things.”


Xena said in a warning tone.

“ ok, ok, just making an observation.”

Diana said as she walked back to the dresser and started shifting through what
she would put on. Diana was purposely taking her time, hoping Xena would
become pressed for time and decide to let her wear her leathers instead, at
least for the day. But Xena growing inpatient with Diana shifting through one
outfit at a time over and over and over, she finally said,

“Pick something ,now.”

“ But I don’t know, should I wear a dress, pants, one piece, two piece, some
of these clothes have multiple pieces, It’s really a tough decision. “

Diana kept her back to Xena so she would not see her smirking.

“Is it now?”

Xena walked over to the dresser and took out a silk three piece genie looking
outfit violet in color with silvers and gold glimmering throughout it. Xena
then got the laced sandals that went with it, as well as the jewels to match.
The outfit was sheer so if it were not for the built in linings of the outfit
placed in strategic places Diana could have been naked. But as it was she was
covered where she needed to be.

After Diana had finished dressing she went to look at herself in the mirror.
The colors brought out her features beautifully. Diana thought she look nice
but she was not comfortable in wearing such clothing, especially around
Xena thought Diana looked like a Goddess, one who was made for loving. She
told Diana after a moment or so of staring at her.

“ your beautiful . I knew these clothes would be perfect for you.”

“ their nice, but I shouldn’t have to wear them.”

“We’re not going there again Diana. Now let’s go.”

Diana and Xena left their quarters and as they exited out of the chamber doors
and was walking down the hall, they heard every Sentry that they past take in
sharp intakes of air at the sight of them. The contrast between them was
amazing and awesome to see. Xena The Conqueror dressed in dark wine color
leathers, with hidden slits for the storage of daggers and other small
weapons, and her sword shining brightly off of her hip. The Conqueror radiated

Diana on the other hand dressed in a light color outfit radiated sensuality,
and softness. They were the perfect looking couple, one strong and powerful
looking and the other soft and vulnerable looking.

Diana and Xena arrived in one of the counsel rooms and after two and a half
hours of discussion Xena finally was told by her advisor Timson that she had
to get to the throne room in the next half a candlemark to hold court. And he
knew she had to change her clothes. So Xena told the Dignitaries that while
she was still not pleased with their plans to acquire the allegiance of the
dead Dignitaries kingdom, she would think over what they had said and call
them back for either further discussion or to tell them that she had made a
decision on how to handle the situation.

Xena and Diana then went into one of the rooms connected to the throne hall
and there Xena changed into royal looking clothing, with flowing amethyst
colored robe. she had a matching headpiece placed on her head. it had a design
of a Chakram and sword with a heart as the background. It was a very powerful
looking design although the headdress was not large at all it was actually on
the medium to small side, It compliment The Conqueror’s head and hair.

After Xena was dressed with the help of her servants, she and Diana went to
the throne room. Diana looked around for a few moments she noticed first off
all of the stairs and she wondered why it was necessary to be way up where
they were and have to walk down all of those stairs, but she figured Xena had
her reasons , the stairs were marble but they landed upon a stone floor Diana
didn’t understand that either but the stones complimented the marble stairs.
Xena told her to come and stand by her throne to the right side. Xena then
told Diana some of the things that would happen during the proceedings.
Diana listened and only nodded.

Diana was surprised that she was so interested in the court system of Xena’s
Realm. But she thought it was due to who it was that ran it. Diana was also
surprised to see so many giant doors so she asked,

“What’s behind all of those doors?”

Xena smiled and said,

“you’ll see.”

Diana looked at Xena in puzzlement, but let it go for the moment. Then she
heard what sounded like locks opening, then the next thing she saw was
The doors sliding back and around to the side to reveal the sun and sky as
well as a court yard. In the courtyard were hundreds of people most kneeling
while the Soldiers stood near with their weapons. It was an amazing sight, so
much so that Diana gasped out loud. She then looked at Xena who only gave her
a half smile without turning her head.

“Wow, this is truly amazing, you are something.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

Diana smiled at Xena’s appreciation of her words.Then a gong sounded and all
went quiet.

end of part 15
continued in part 16
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