By D.virtue

The Advisors called for Xena’s Royal escorts. When Xena walked out of the
chamber her Royal guards fell into step with her on either side of her and
her entourage. Xena first, followed closely by her Consort Diana, followed
by Gabrielle, then Terais, then her advisors, then finally her servants.
It was Quite a sight.

When they arrived at the banquet hall, the music stopped and the announcement
was made.

“Ladies and Gentlemen and Honored Guest May I now announce the arrival of

The large Doors opened and The Conqueror and her entourage entered. All of the
guest were now standing after hearing the announcement to render their
respect. As Xena and her entourage entered and made their way to the Head
banquet table. Everyone bowed and stayed that way until The Conqueror had
taken her seat, her entourage remained standing with everyone else. Then The
Conqueror said,

“ You may sit.”

Everyone then took their seats once again. Queen Ephiny and her Royal
household sat at the same table as The Conqueror and her entourage. Ephiny’s
Amazons sat to the right of the Royal table as did some of the Other
Dignitaries and their entourage. On the other side of The Conqueror’s table
sat Dignitaries along with their group as well as The Captain’s and their
2nd’s. The hall was full of people all staring at the front table.

“My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

The Conqueror answered as the organizer requested for the servants to be
called to serve the appetitizers and beverages as the start of the 10 course
meal. As the servants were placing the appetitizers, and drinks before
everyone. The Organizer called for the start of the entertainment.

First up was jugglers. They juggled flaming sticks, then daggers, then swords.
After a time the jugglers finished and received standard applause. Next the
fools were up. They were quite good and received numerous laughs, even Xena
chuckled at times. They soon finished and exited. The 1st course was now
finished and the 2nd was served. The entertainment at this time was the
musicians, they played different selections both fast and slow, and then
through the 3rd , 4th and 5th courses they played background music so that
people could talk among themselves.

“ Lord Xena everything is quite wonderful. You do throw a Celebration. The
entertainment and food is excellent.”

Ephiny said. Xena slightly bowed and then said,

“ I think so too. What do you think Diana?”

“ Amazing. “

“ Really? Why is that?”

“ because, entertainment here is different than what I thought it would be.”

“ In what way?”

“ I.. It’s just that for the type of occasion this is, the entertainment is
not stuffy and dry.”

“ So you like it?”

“ Very much so. as a matter of fact I’ve added to it.”

“ In what way?”

Xena asked.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Lord Xena, you once said that I could be a part of the entertainment when
you gave a party, well I am now happy to say I wish to add my talents to those
that have already performed and those yet to perform. If it is ok with you?”

“ Gabrielle I am quite pleased that you would choose to perform for Me and my
Guess. Please proceed.”

Gabrielle then stood as did the men at the table. Gabrielle made her way to
the center of the hall where all of the other guess had performed. The
Organizer announced her and Gabrielle went into her Bard mode.

“ Ladies and Gentlemen I have a poem to share with you this evening. It is a
poem of to twin souls, brought together. I call it “Twin Souls”
Would you like to hear it?”

Gabrielle asked the audience.

“ Yes! Yes! Do tell! “

Came the shouts from the guest. Diana smiled as did Xena and the others at the
Royal Table.

“ Listen well... as I tell... the tale.... of Twin Souls, who did not know.
Two people from different places, yet the same in many ways, both denied, but
soon they find, twin souls do they not know? For they fuss and fight like cats
and dogs, but Twin Souls they do not know. How could they know ? One from
there, and the other from somewhere... other.. than there. Passion, Fire ,
Power. They both possess, and yet Twin Souls they do not know. How could that
be? For even the blind can see, Twin Souls. Yet they do not know, look! look!
For we all see, why can’t thee? Twin souls they do not see. Beauty and Skills
they both possess. and yet Twin Souls they do not know. An Artist’s dream, a
Writer and Bards muse, the two do lend their being too, and yet Twin Souls
they do not know. How could it be? We all see. Eyes of Sapphire, Eyes of
Chestnuts, think their different, thus their reason do blind? No I say, for
even then when passion fills, eyes become, mirrors of the one that passion
does burn for. Twin souls I do declare, how is it that they do not see,
forgive my forthrightness, if you will, but I must know . Twin souls how does
one not know? We see! Why can’t thee? One Controls the other resists, yet Twin
Souls they really must admit. The darkness held both for a while , but light
did shine and burn away those shadows that did cloud. But now they must see
Twin Souls, how could they not? what excuse exists? For Twin Souls not to
know? I don’t know ,but still they don’t know Twin Souls when face to face.
To live.. or die.. for each would do for the other , they would do no less,
although they each would have a problem with ,such a deed. for Twin Souls they
do not know, but to allow one to die for the other.... surely would not do.
For each would follow, to Elyssia or Tartarus, it does not matter. For Twin
Souls they do not know. Why? Why? Why? Do they not see, Twin Souls, they have
to know. A mirror image in ways unbelievable, by those who see, Twin Souls
when the two do stroll. Face each other, and you will see, Twin Souls, we
all know. With feline grace and deadly dances, I know you know Twin Souls. Do
you see? Your twin... there! She dances for her mate. One for the other, Yes,
Yes, You do see ! Love, that shines when in one’s presence. Yes ,Yes, we all
see, and does thee. Twin Souls, finally do they meet and know Twin
Souls you both now see .”

The room is silent everyone waits and then when sure.....

Thunderous applauses erupts!

“ Wonderful! “

“ Excellent!”

The exclamations of appreciation goes on for a bit. Then It quiets just a
little and Diana stands and says,

“ Gabrielle all I can say is..... BRAVO little sister.”

Then The Conqueror’s stands and says,

“ Gabrielle , A bard no better that I have seen, and I do echo your sisters
words. BRAVO little one.”

Ephiny then stood and said,

“ Truly The Conqueror does speak the truth a little one you are indeed, but
your skill and your persona does tell a different side, a wisdom that is
innate and all I can say is..... BRAVO. “

With those last words the three started clapping again, as did everyone else.
Gabrielle blushed and finally made her way back to the head table. On her way
she was congratulated by everyone she past, and finally making her way back to
the head table she was hugged by everyone there, and given a kiss on the
forehead by The Conqueror and Diana.

The 6th and 7th courses were served doing Gabrielle’s poem and the eight and
ninth were filled with dancers. Diana soon asked to be excused for a moment so
as to relieve her full bladder, at least that’s what she told Xena. Xena
looked at Diana and said,

“ Hurry back.”

“ I will.”

Diana answered and proceeded to head out of the banquet hall via the back
entrance. Diana did that so Xena would not get worried about her being
somewhere other than the same room. Although there was nothing to worry about,
but Diana knew Xena and how protective she was of her.

Diana made it to the dancers hall and she quickly changed. the other dancers
had just finished their routine when the final course was coming out. they ran
back to the changing room and changed quickly, then all of them including
Diana went back to the front entrance of the hall and waited outside the
closed doors until they heard the announcement.

“ My Lord As A final closure to this evening events I would Like to announce
that the dancers have got together and asked a particular special dancer and
singer to join them in a few routines for your benefit. “

Xena nodded for the organizer to proceed. She then looked around for Diana’s
return and was getting a little restless that Diana was not back yet. She
started to send one of the servants to locate her when she heard the doors
open and who walks in but Diana.

Dressed in different clothing a genie looking outfit once again but with veils
flowing from it. The only skin showing was her arms parts of her thighs and
legs as well as cleavage and her belly button, to which she had a diamond
inserted. Xena’s mouth fell open as did everyone else's as Diana entered
singing. Singing a song from her time. But of course she wouldn’t tell them

As Diana song the dancers spread around her in a half moon. Their movements
were slow and rhythmic. Diana also danced as she song. She performed erotic
type moves. twirling slowly to the beat and gyrating her hips, she was
mesmerizing, her song resonating in everyone's ears while her dancing caught
and held every eye. Xena’s especially. She sat back in her chair with amorous
eyes riveted on Diana. Diana’s moves were catlike in grace as she made her
body wave sensuously, starting at her shoulders and making the movement glide
to her hips. Diana danced towards Xena never once taking her eyes off of her
as Xena never once took her eyes off of Diana.

Diana had a seductress type smirk on her face, one brow waggled slightly at
Xena, and Xena arched her’s as she slyly ran her tongue between her teeth.
Diana saw and pinched her lips together to keep from loosing her composure,
during her dance. Diana danced to Xena’s table and proceeded to lean forward
over the table, then slowly and provocatively she turned over to her back all
the while never taking her eyes off of Xena.

Xena not being able to resist touching Diana she glided her fingers down to
Diana’s exposed cleavage, just stopping at the point where Diana’s clothing
was covering her. Diana then gave Xena a coy look and then slid out from under
her hand, Diana blushed when Xena ran her tongue over her lips and then raised
her brow to emphasis.

Diana then danced slowly danced her way back to the center of the hall where
the other dancers had returned to after dancing to the different tables.
Although they were pretty much ignored, they didn’t mind because they were
enjoying watching Diana also. They had never seen a dance like that which
Diana was doing yet along ever been taught to do one as such.

After a while longer the music begun to fade and Diana rotated her hips so
that at the end of the song she was turned halfway around. Her upper body
facing to the left her head looking over her left shoulder, her hips facing
away from the head table, her legs slightly bent at the knees and left leg
slightly crossing the right, with Diana resting on her right heel, while the
left foot has just the toes touching the floor.

Then....just as everyone was wondering why the other Dancers had left the
floor and why Diana remained , the musicians started playing again, this time
the tempo was that of an upbeat song, also from Diana’s Time. Just as the
first cord was struck. Diana Turned rapidly and before anyone knew what was
happening Diana had gone into another dance. this time it was a strip tease
type dance. She also song the words. Think of the song By Whitney Houston,
“How Will I Know.”

she danced in the center for a moment. turning her body using her hips a few
times, then she used her hands to show the song as she moved around the floor.
She pointed to Xena , then closed her eyes to indicate the dreaming, then she
pointed to Xena’s eyes ,then to her own eyes , then raised her hands over her
head and spread her arms indicating the clouds above,then she waved her body
to indicate losing control. she then closed her eyes and opened them fast to
indicate waking from her dreaming. She then crossed her arms over her chest
asking “how will I know, if it’s really love” Diana then pointed to her head.

Diana danced and sang the words then she did a spin and when she had stopped
she no longer had the pants on but instead, just thong bikini panties covered
by the veils. Those people who were drinking or eating something at that
moment literally coughed and sputtered, practically choking off of the new
sight. Xena in the meantime, was just about to take a drink when Diana had
made the unexpected turn. and she literally stopped the progress of her drink
in her hand just at her lips. Her eyes became conspiratory with Diana’s, but
she also added a look of challenge to it. She arched her brow while at the
same time finally taking a slow drink and watching Diana over the rim of the

Diana smirked and she danced her way over to Xena, after the table was
separated leaving Xena open to Diana. As Diana got close a part of the song
came up and it allowed her to somersault over Xena’s chair to where she was
now behind Xena’s large comfortable chair. Everyone followed Diana’s every
move including the flip.

But Xena, instead of looking around her chair she cut her eyes to the side
where she heard Diana’s singing. Then Diana in a snake like move snaked around
the chair and into Xena’s lap. Diana was now sitting crossways on Xena’s lap,
still moving and sliding around on Xena’s lap. Diana then turned and straddled
Xena’s Thighs. She then swayed her shoulders and with a provocative look in
her eyes she leaned forward and at the part of the song where it was just
music for a moment Diana whispered in Xena’s ear and said,

“ You Like My Gift?”

Diana then leaned back and with a wink at Xena, she then she leaned backwards
and stepped over backwards off of Xena’s lap. thus bringing her feet up and
back. ( Back flip sort of.). Diana then came to a stand again as she twirled
around and Xena leaned forward and with a wick smirk on her face she caught
hold of the veil part of Diana’s panties and she pulled them away as Diana

Diana was surprised, but she did not show it. although everyone choked again,
this time on their own air. Diana however continued to sing and dance but her
eyes were locked on Xena’s who were now smirking a gotcha type smirk.

Diana then as her song was coming close to ending she did another twirl and
this time when she stopped and the song ended. the room, full of men and women
whom had know or had sexual encounters all prematurely released. Some just
shuddered, some shivered, still others trying to hide the fact that they had
just released, only made quick inhaled breath type noise, and of course there
were those who just couldn’t help it, they exclaimed their pleasure.

Xena and Gabrielle were the only two who did not loose their control, and even
as Ephiny and Terais and the other Amazons did, Xena only looked around
casually and then she stood up and walked over to where Diana stood. Once
there Diana said,

“My Lord Xena, I hope I have pleased you in my own small way?”

As she bowed low in front of Xena. Xena now wearing her Conqueror face,
brought her hand under Diana’s chin and lifted her up to her full height and
just a little past, to where Diana was now standing on her tiptoes. Diana
could not read Xena’s mood, but she hoped it was as she was feeling , tight as
a drum.

“ I have never been so......”

Xena drew out. as everyone in the room waited with bated breaths to see and
hear if The Conqueror was angry with her Consort or pleased with her.

“ Pleased. As many have said, you My Sweet Consort was made to be made love

Diana blushed and trembled as Xena drew near to her lips. Their lips met and
Passions fire was ablaze. When Xena finally broke the kiss, Diana’s eyes were
turning sapphire. then the room erupted into thunderous applause. Daggers
pounding on the tables, feet stomping, cups knocking on the tables. and every
voice in the room yelling their utter appreciation of the singing dancing and
the dancer. This went on for a long period of time and when it finally ended,
Xena and Diana who had stood looking at each other and around the room.
Finally, they turned to each other again and Xena said,

“ Tease me will you?”

Diana knitted her brows at the statement and just as she thought she had it
figured out she started to smirk. But she was wrong, for the next thing Diana
knew Xena had brought her hands up to the tassels covering each of Diana’s
taut nipples. Thus providing a erotic yet powerful view of Diana’s full firm
breast , but not the nipple. But Xena was quite proud of Diana’s nipples and
she was feeling devious. So when Diana started to smirk , Xena having gripped
the tassels each in one of her hands. She looked Diana in the eyes and said

“ Tease me kitten, I am the Queen of seducers.”

Xena then yanked the tassels off of Diana’s already taut nipples, and Diana’s
eyes went pure sapphire as she tighten further from the unexpected exposure.
Xena then turned and walked away from the trembling Diana, as the room once
again released from the sight of Diana’s taut nipples tightening further
before their eyes.

Xena was now sitting back in her chair and she simply motioned for Diana to
come and sit with her. Diana moved slowly but still with catlike grace to
where Xena sat waiting for her. Diana made it to her and Xena pulled her onto
her lap with Diana’s back to her and with Diana’s legs straddled over both of
Xena’s. The table was then rejoined and Deserts were now being brought around.
Those who were still conscious talked of nothing else but Diana’s dancing and

“ Lord Xena?”

One of the guest spoke.

“ Yes?”

The Conqueror replied.

“ Lord Xena, you are quite blessed to have a rare treasure as you have in your
Consort. Your words that she was made to be made love to is probably the
truest thing I have ever heard. Her beauty and her sensational body is far and
away unmatched by any that I have ever seen, Except you Lord Xena. I
congratulate you on your find of such a Consort.”

With that Glasses were raised and toasted to The Conqueror and her Consort.

“ Thank you lady Xestling, I can not argue with you. I am the most fortunate
person alive to have such an exquisite Consort as I have in Diana.”

Diana looked over her shoulder just as Xena pulled her close and proceeded to
caress her. Diana was trembling continuously, although the only one’s to see
it was the head table. Although all of the guest were turned on at the sight
of Diana only wearing a pair of bikini panties, and her magnificent body. So
much so that The Conqueror was asked many questions by her guest.

“ Lord Xena? what would it cost me to have your Consort for one night?”

Dignitary Bergus asked.

“ Nothing.”

The Conqueror responded.

“ Nothing?!”

“ Yes nothing, because It will never happen. I don’t mind if others look, but
no one should ever touch what’s mind. I don’t like to share you know.”

Everyone laughed, but they knew, The Conqueror was deadly serious.

“ Lord Xena? Seeing how you don’t share, which I’m sure all of us can truly
understand why, would it be possible for your Consort to teach our slaves how
to please us the way your Consort has done without ever touching any of us? we
would pay be more than happy to compensate you for the time it would take her
to train them, of course?”

Xena was nibbling at Diana’s neck and caressing her highly stimulate breast
when she they heard the question. Diana saw Xena raise her brow, and she knew
instantly that Xena was considering it.

“ I will give your idea some thought.”

Xena then started to go back to her feasting on Diana, but just as Xena
touched Diana’s neck with her mouth. Diana stiffened. Xena noticed it

“ What is it Diana?”

“ You can not be seriously thinking about making me train anyone in what I do
for you?”

Diana asked in a low voice so that only Xena could hear.

“ Actually, it’s not a bad idea, i mean you are a Consort, and who better to
train other potential Consorts than the best there is, you?”

Diana now sat up on Xena’s lap rather than laid against her. Xena pulled Diana
back close to her and she whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ We’ll discuss this later.”

“ No, I want to discuss it now, I’m not going to do it .”

Diana said flatly. Xena not wanting to get into an argument with Diana at the
present time decided to end the conversation for now.

“ Not another word Diana, I said we will discuss this later, is that clear?”

Diana thought about where she was and the reason behind Xena ending the
conversation and she finally realized that it was not an appropriate place to
disagree with Xena, especially if she planned on having her constant bed
partner provide her with the release she so desperately needed. So in thinking
this Diana decided to concede to Xena, and at the same time make up for
talking back at that particular time.

“ Your right Xena now is not the time.”

Diana turned her head to look Xena in the eyes, and she found a hint of
irritation playing in them. Diana then snuggled closer to Xena and running her
hands up and down Xena’s Muscular thighs, Xena soon started her caressing
again. after a while Xena excused herself and Diana from the guest and she
lead Diana to their chamber. Once there the Sentry opened the door for The
Conqueror and her Consort and then closed it behind them.

Once Xena had Diana in the room she turned on her heels and with hunger in her
eyes she pushed Diana up against the door and started walking towards her.
Diana was startled by Xena’s sudden actions, and a little surprised she had
intended to bring up the conversation of earlier and as she thought about it
the more she wanted to clear the air about it.

“ Xena? we need to talk about that training thing.”

“ No.”

No? what do you mean no? You said we would talk about it later, well it’s
later, and I want to talk about this.”

“ I said no, and I meant no, we will talk about it when I say so, but right
now I don’t want to talk about anything or anybody except me taking you over
and over and over again until you are unconscious, and even then I may not let
you rest. You made me wait for three days, you then perform dances so
provocative that you not only cause me to become so stimulated that I had to
consciously meditate to calm myself so that I did not lose my control.The only
people that I saw that did not orgasm as a result of your dancing and singing
was Gabrielle and myself. I figure Gabrielle didn’t because she has never know
intimacy with anyone at her young age, and me because I was able to control
myself and I had plans for you once I got you along. And now that I have you
along, I’ll be damn if I’m going to hold myself back any longer, from what I
want and need. and that’s you Consort.”

“ But Xena......?”

Diana started but was silenced by Xena’s hand, and then silenced by Xena’s
lips upon her’s.


Xena and Diana kissed as if they were each others only source of food. Diana
was now trying to remove Xena’s clothes, but every time she got hold of Xena’s
Royal Robe, Xena would move her hands.


Diana said as she tried to get her hands on Xena’s robe. Finally Diana brought
her hands to the top of the robe and just where the stitching was she gripped
it with her fingernails and she ripped it off of Xena. Xena broke their kiss
and stepped back to look at her Royal Robe now torn completely off of her and
Diana holding the front part of the robe.

Xena raised her brow at Diana and Diana could do nothing but blush.

“ Why did you do that kitten? “

Diana continued to blush, and then in self defense she said,

“ Well, you wouldn’t let me remove it the other way, so I removed it the only
way I could. I had to be able to touch you Xena. I’ve missed you so much, and
to have this robe in the way....well I couldn’t hold back. I’m sorry, I’ll
mend it.....later.”

Diana smirked.

“You are so adorable kitten. Come here and finish what you have started.”

Diana didn’t argue, she just went straight to work stripping Xena out of her
clothing. Diana finished within moments and Xena was now completely nude, but
Xena then looked at Diana and cutting her eyes to Diana’s hips she tilted her
head towards her.

Diana knitted her brow for a moment then she looked down and saw what Xena was
talking about. Diana instantly slipped out of her underpants and then went
back into Xena’s strong arms and they proceeded to ravish one another with
kisses. Xena swept Diana up into her arms and without breaking their
passionate kiss Xena took Diana to the bedchamber and laid her on it. Xena
then broke their kiss and she let Diana go.

“ Don’t move from here.”

“ Wh...why?”

Diana asked breathlessly. Xena didn’t answer but just turned on her heels and
disappeared off of the bed, she returned after a moment and once again she
had that wonderful golden box of her’s that Diana had come to love, especially
since it seems there was always some new gift that Xena wanted to try on her.
This time was no different. Xena came back to the bed and laid the box on the
bed next to Diana.

Diana started to get up to look at whatever Xena was going to get out of it,
but Xena wouldn’t allow Diana to look.

“ I said don’t move kitten.”

I just wanted to see what all was in there?”

“ No.”

“ Why?”

“ I like the looks on your face when I bring something out of here.”

“ hmm.”

Xena smiled and then she opened the box while Diana laid on the table
trembling. Xena soon found what she was looking for. Xena pulled out what
looked like a deflated phallus, she knitted her brows together at the sight of
it, but Diana learned that looks could and usual were deceiving when it came
to Xena’s many gifts.

Xena then brought out a small vile of what looked like oil to Diana. Xena then
brought out those wonderful clear gloves. Diana’s eyes were a shining sapphire
and she was already breathing rapid as her heart continued to beat so hard
that Xena could hear it with her sensitive ears.

“ My.... kitten, your little heart is beating extremely fast. Is there
something that you see that you like?”

Xena said teasingly.

Diana blushed and Xena leaned down and whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ OO...., my little kitten is so ready for me.”

“Xena...don’t tease, just come here.”

Xena then nipped at Diana’s ear . Diana shivered to her spine and then when
Xena took Diana’s ear lobe into her mouth and she sucked and bit on the soft

“ ahhh...mmmm, Xe..naa, don’t”

Xena sucked a few moments more and then she stopped and pulled back to look
into Diana’s eyes.

“ Tease kitten, no...., I want to hear you beg me to take you. and then I’m
going to make you promise me something just before I do.”

“ Xena you are teasing me.”

“ we’ll see.”

Xena then put the gloves on herself and then Diana. She then put the soft
paper thin belt on with the long flat part laying against her abdomen. Next
she took the vile with the oil on it and she opened it and looked at Diana who
was restless already and said,

“Open kitten.”

Diana looked at Xena for a moment and then when she saw Xena arch her brow she
opened her mouth. Xena let a drop of the oil fall into Diana’s mouth onto her
tongue. Diana swallowed and then Xena sat back on her heels and watched as
Diana’s body begin to react to the oil. Diana was now writhing on the bed,
moaning and stretching her body, then curling and stretching again, in such an
erotic way.

Xena touched Diana’s thigh, and it was as if Xena had touched Diana’s core

“ A.H.H.H !!! X.E.N.A !! WH..Wh..What was that?!”

“ An enhancer kitten. I wanted to what the effect would be on you. Your so hot
with out it. I could only fantasies what it would be like with this on board.”

As Xena was talking the oil was now completely affecting every part of Diana.
her nerve ending were now as sensitive as if they were on the surface of her
skin. So when Xena ran her fingers down Diana’s thighs once again Diana’s eyes
went wild. She leaped at Xena and in so doing caused her and Xena to roll off
of the bed, head over heels. When they came to a stop Diana was on top with
her wild sapphire blues locked on Xena’s lust filled eyes. Diana cocked her
head at Xena as if challenging her to try and stop what she was going to do.

Xena raised a brow at Diana and bearing her teeth she started to grab Diana so
that she could roll them over but Just as Xena moved Diana seized her lips and
was kissing her fiercely, so much so that Xena was moaning, and becoming

“ MMMMm...mmm....mmmph..!!”

Diana broke the kiss and proceeded to Claim Xena’s long supple neck, once
there she sucked and bit at and nipped on it for a long time.

“ Ahhhhh, yesss... kitten....”

Xena moaned as she exposed more of her neck to the starved Diana. But she
wanted to take over so she tried to once again get a hold on Diana so that she
could get on top, but once again Diana moved with cat speed and she seized
upon Xena’s taut nipples! her mouth on one and her fingers pinching hard the

“ O !! GODS!! OH...!! G.O.D.’S!!! K.I.T.T.E.N?!! YOUR SO HUNGRY!!”

Diana was sucking and biting and pinching Xena’s nipples so hard that after a
few moments Xena’s breast started producing a sweet cider. Diana drunk
thirstily. She stayed on that nipple until she had completely tenderized

nipple. Then when Xena thought she would get a break Diana switched sides
instantly and was now sucking and biting and pulling on the opposite nipple
while she pinched and manipulated the tender one with her fingers. Xena arched
her chest to allow Diana more of her breast. Diana’s ardored ministration
once again caused Xena’s breast to produce the sweet cider once again. Again
Diana drank thirstily.

Xena’s one arm came up to cover her eyes as Diana tenderized the captured
nipple. Diana was totally delirious with what she was doing and she wanted to
completely consume Xena. she could not get enough of Xena, and Xena was
completely at Diana’s mercy. She didn’t have the strength to move Diana off
of her. especially now that Diana was draining her. Xena was trembling now as
Diana made a beeline to her jeweled area.

“ AHHHH.....Diana?!”

Diana was now feasting on Xena’s clit with abandon. sucking and pulling and
nipping on it.

Xena’s back raised off of the floor at the first touch and Diana caught her in
the air and proceeded to slide her tongue down between Xena’s swollen lips to
the opening of her jewel.

“Ahhh...oo.....ahhhh.....mmmmm...ohhhhh ....o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o...Kitten....”

Diana then thrusted her gifted tongued into Xena’s jewel and Xena immediately
began to rotate and gyrate her hips furiously on Diana’s tongue. Diana forced
her tongue to Xena’s core and she proceeded to ravish her from the inside.

Xena’s head was now turning side to side, still with her arm covering her
eyes. Then all of a sudden Xena stiffened and her muscled twitched while her
core quivered. Diana’s eyes lit up at what was coming and she rather than
slowing her tongues movement within Xena’s jewel she increased her assault.
Xena’s inner muscles tighten around Diana’s tongue and then Diana pushed her
tongue to the front of Xena’s core with the tip and Xena released over Diana’s
sweet tongue and Diana feasted greedily on Xena’s liquid fire.

Diana was gripping Xena’s thighs so tightly that her fingers were digging into
Xena’s thigh as Xena’s fingers were gripping the rug until her nails were
digging into her own hand. After 20 minutes Xena started to relax, But Diana
was not ready for her to and so she begun to move her tongue again.

But Xena was now determined to have Diana the way she had planned. So with
some effort Xena flipped Diana off of her and Diana landed back on the bed
followed by Xena who when she came down pushed Diana back onto her back.

Xena held Diana down as Diana tried to loosen her hold or at least wiggle out
from under her but Xena had leaned forward and grabbed one of the leather
straps and quickly tied both of Diana’s wrist together. Then Xena got off of
Diana and reached for the foot straps.

In the meantime Diana had went to her knees and was trying to loosen the strap
around her wrist. but before she could Xena had grabbed her ankles and
flipping Diana back over onto her back and pulling her legs out from under her
Xena then proceeded to tie one of Diana’s ankles and while she was doing that
Diana was trying to push Xena off balance so that she could prevent her from
tying her down.

Diana was to filled with passion to be tied down she wanted to touch and
caress and kiss all over Xena. But being tied down she would not be able to do
that. So she fought to not be tied down. But Xena was more determined to have
Diana the way she wanted and so she tied Diana’s other ankle down. spreading
her eagle style.

Xena then turned to capture Diana’s eyes with her’s and when she did Diana
flinched at the intensity of Xena’s steely gaze. Xena now bared her pearl
white teeth and she leaned down and whispered in Diana’s sensitive ear.

“ My turn.”

Xena then kissed her way t Diana’s neck and once there she bit into Diana’s
neck harder than Diana thought she would , that Diana yelped and Xena bit down
further and actually drew a bit of blood.

“ Ohhh! Xena!!

Xena moved down to Diana’s breast and immediately seized upon her nipples with
her fingers and mouth again she sucked and pulled and bit hard onto Diana’s
already painfully taut nipples. Diana’s chest arched her head went back as
her hands pulled at her ties. and her heels dug into the bed.

“ AHHhhhhh!!!! MORE!!! GODS!!! MY LORD Y.E.S.S.S.S.!!!”

Diana’s breast was producing cool water, and Xena drank deeply. especially
considering that her and Diana was now perspiring plenty. Xena then switched
sides and worked on the other nipple the same way she had just done to the
previous one. Moaned and purred as Xena ravished her. Diana had her body in
her stretched position as Xena Continued her zeal towards her goal.

“MMmmph... “

Diana was now biting her lower lip as Xena ravished abdomen and side as she
made her way to Diana’s curls. Once there Xena blew into the soft hairs and
Diana’s toes curl out of response to the sensation running up her spine.


Diana’s breathing was uneven and her heart was pounding out of her chest she
needed Xena to take her, and take her now.

“ X.e.n.aa.. I need!”

“ Not yet kitten.”

Xena purred into Diana’s highly sensitive treasure. Xena then flicked her
tongue over Diana’s clit and Diana’s body was now withering and trying to
break her bonds so that she could hold Xena. Xena then thrusted her tongue
deep into Diana through her shield and straight to her core!

“ A.H!!!!

Diana shrieked and then moaned, as Xena’s tongue lavished her core with such
pleasure. Xena then stopped abruptly and withdrew her tongue from within
Diana, and crawled up Diana’s body.

X.E.N.A.A!! No..No..No..No..No.., P.L.E.A.S.E....”

Diana began to weep at the perceived lost as she pulled and strained against
her binds. Xena smiled and then she leaned in closer to Diana and catching
Diana’s face as she turned her head back and forth to the right and left in
agony, Xena gazed deep into Diana’s eyes and said,

“ Calm down kitten....I have no intention of leaving you like this, but I did
tell you what my plan was. I want you to beg me to take you...., it’s a power

Xena said in a controlled, but sensual voice.

T.A.K.E. M.E!! P.L.E.A.S.E..!!!

Xena smiled and then she touched the side of the belt that was on her waist
and the flat phallus grew , at first enough just to insert into Diana’s hot
treasure. Then without warning it grew larger and touched the front of her
core with what felt like a tiny mouth with a busy tongue.

Diana’s eyes and mouth opened wide but Diana didn’t see or say anything, she
only reveled in the sensation shooting and washing over her. She released at
the first contact. Xena also released, Diana was already straining against her
bonds, but it was nothing compared to what Xena did to Diana next....Xena
placed her gloved hands on Diana’s nipples and they immediately sucked the
sensitized rock hard nipples into the gifted mouths of Aphrodite's gifted

“ X.E.N.A.!!!”
Diana finally found her voice and all she could do was scream Xena’s name in
her pleasure.
Diana Without realizing it broke her wrist binds and immediately placed her
hands over Xena’s nipples.

“ D.I.A.N.A.!!! “

After their mutual exclamations, their reality went ethereal. they were both
now floating in Ecstasy’s Mist. Once again their souls met and melted into
each other.

Back in the other world where their actually bodies were, the perspiration was
bathing both of them. their heartbeats beat as one and automatically slowed
down to a protective rate, so as not to cause their hearts to explored. This
was one of the dangers of having one of these two women take a person to
ecstasies realm. other’s hearts could not handle the intensity of the

Another danger that the two of them possessed was that by going to Ecstasy’s
Mist, their bodies literally radiated such palpable energy that if someone was
to walk into the room at that moment they would be caught up in the force and
probably pass out. But as it was that was not a concern because they had
locked both the sitting room doors and the bedchamber doors....or did they.

While the two women let their ecstasy wash over them again and again. There
came a knock at the Door By Queen Ephiny and Terais, it sounded urgent, but
neither of the two women in the room heard it. so after a moment more of
waiting Ephiny ordered Xena’s Royal Sentries to allow her entrance into the
room, but the guards were worried that if they did The Conqueror would be
furious with them.

Ephiny told the Sentries that it was a matter of life and death and that if
they were not allowed in then The Conqueror would surely have their heads
considering what the emergency was. She didn’t tell them, but they saw that it
was something urgent.

end of part 29
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