By D.virtue

Diana made her way over to the three of them and was about to sit down, but
then something told her Xena wanted her to sit with her on the large matching
sofa chair. Diana walked over to the chair and sat down and put her legs over
Xena’s and crossed her ankles, and placed her left arm over the back of the
chair. Xena just let Diana stretch her legs over her as she watched with a
smirk. Gabrielle and Terais both swallowed hard and quite a few times before
one of them finally found their voice.

“ So... been busy?”

Gabrielle asked innocently. They all looked at her and Diana raised her brow
at Xena and then said,

“ Xena’s been wearing me out, literally.”

Xena’s mouth dropped opened that Diana would admit that outright and too
Gabrielle and Terais. Xena actually blushed from the brazen statement.
Gabrielle blushed also and Terais chuckled at both of their reactions, until
Xena gave her that icy glare. Terais then quieted and looked over at Diana
who was smirking.

“What’s wrong Xena, your not embarrassed by what I said are you?”

Xena looked over at Diana and she then smirked and said,

“ Embarrassed by what is true? No, but I’m sure by the time this evening is
over one of us will be blushing every time the other even glances her way.”

Diana visibly shivered and cut her eyes to Gabrielle and Terais to see if they
had noticed and sure enough they had, they were both sitting with their hands
covering their mouths trying to avoid eye contact with Diana. Xena in the
meantime never took her eyes off of Diana, so when Diana looked back at her
Xena had her brow arched and she had her lips slightly pinched together.

Diana licked her lips and tried to think of anything else other than what Xena
had said to keep from blushing, but the moment the thought flashed across her
mind she blushed. Her nipples immediately tighten. Xena watched everything
and purposely made comments about what she saw.

“ Don’t you ladies find it fascinating to see a physical reaction happen to
Diana’s nipples when she blushes?”

Diana’s mouth now dropped open, but Xena closed it. Diana tried not to look
at Terais and Gabrielle, but she just knew they were watching her, especially
since she once again was blushing.

Xena only smirked and then started running her hands up and over Diana’s
thighs, she then headed straight for Diana’s nature, and Diana was ready to
move but Xena said,

“ You know ladies My Consort has been obedient these last few days, I mean so
much so that even with what I’m about to do she knows not to move. Isn’t that

Diana caught the subtle command and immediately let her muscles relax.

Gabrielle then said to Terais.

“ I think their still in total heat, and their about to make out again right

“ I think your right. My Lord Gabrielle and I don’t want to stop either of you
from continuing your activities of the last few days.”

“ Don’t worry you want. Besides I didn’t invite you here to have to watch us,
but to socialize and eat with us.”

Xena’s fingers now had made their way into Diana’s nature.

“ I plan on seeing just how weak I can make my little kitten, As you saw she
had to use her staff to walk in here because her legs were to weak to support
her on their own. It’s like she said I have been wearing her out, but I’m
sure you can understand why, especially you Terais, I mean look at this body.
These wonderful nipples.”

was now using her other hand to touch and squeeze at everything she spoke of.

“Ha... Xena?! Don’t do this to me.....HA....Ahhhh...Xee..nn..a...”

Diana was having a hard time concentrating due to Xena’s strong fingers pump
into her nature while Xena’s other hand was being used to twist and pull and
squeeze and pinch at her nipples.

Gabrielle was finding it fascinating to see someone being worked up in such a
way, even though it was her sister being worked up. Gabrielle’s interest was
not her sister but the technique that Xena was using to stimulate a woman, it
could have been any woman.

“ Gabrielle, your interested in becoming an Amazon. This is one of the
lifestyles of the Amazon Nation, they tend to prefer the company of a woman
than a man, due to the natural bond one woman has to another. Women tend to be
more sensitive to the needs of the other.”

Xena was pretending like she didn’t noticed that Diana was getting close, she
kept her ministrations up while she educated Gabrielle on the Amazon ways.

Diana in the meantime was no longer interested in the conversation, she was
now totally absorbed by Xena’s ministrations to her. Her arms were now
wrapped around the back of the sofa seat and her nails were digging into the
back of the seat, as her head was tilted backwards over the sofa.

“ Is that why you and Diana are so good together?”

“ Partly, but our bond goes far beyond any that exist. we are one, like I
know that no matter when I tell Diana to release she’ll do it, even if we just
started. I also know that when she does I will also, to feel her and see her
worked up into such a frenzy is such a turn on for me. She calls it a Control
thing, maybe it is, but I know that she wants nothing more from me than to
please me, And I in turn want nothing more than to make her happy.”

“ Xena that is sooo...beautiful”

Gabrielle said with using the proper address of Xena. Xena noticed but said
nothing, instead she answered Gabrielle’s statement.

“ Your just as much a softy as your sister here.”

Xena said as she leaned back on the sofa seat. Then she said to Gabrielle and

“ why don’t you two go and make up plates for us and bring them back over here
when their all done?”

“ Ok.”

Gabrielle said without thinking why Xena wanted them to do that, when the
table was right there. Terais caught on a few moments later after she and
Gabrielle had started to walk to the table.

“ OH!”

“ Oh, what?”

Gabrielle asked.

“ Nothing, I was just thinking about something.”

Terais said quickly hoping Gabrielle would accept it and let the subject drop,
which she did.

Xena in the meantime now was leaning over Diana and sucking on her taut
nipples, Xena had told Diana to not make anymore sounds. Diana of course said
she didn’t think she could do that, but Xena gave Diana a choice that to diana
was not even a choice, either do it or they stop. Diana immediately said ok.

Xena was sucking hard as well as biting on Diana’s nipples, at which point
Xena begun to drink cool water from Diana’s nipple. Xena pulled and bit a and
sucked harder and harder, Diana only whimpered at the assault her nipples were
receiving. Xena was so tight that she told Diana once she had allowed her to
release then Diana was to do everything She was doing to her.

Diana agreed and when Xena’s fingers started teasing at Diana’s core, Diana
whimpered out,

“ Xena? please?”

“ Ok kitten give it to me.”

Diana then threw back her head and shut her eyes tight and let her ecstasy
wash over and through her. It lasted for quite a while, as did Xena’s. so much
so that neither of the two noticed when Gabrielle and Terais had come back
over carrying the plates. Gabrielle and Terais both stood there watching the
two women. both obviously not aware of them due to the ecstasies they were
experiencing. Terais and Gabrielle both felt a pulse of energy run through
them and they both shuddered at the effect .

Xena and Diana finally came out of their ecstasies and it took them a few
moments to get their breaths, it took Diana a little bit longer but after a
few minutes, she two was calm. They both looked up at Terais and Gabrielle
holding the plates and looking as if they had been through an earthquake.

Xena looked at Diana and told Diana to do as she had told her to do .Diana
then got up and using her staff she moved to the larger sofa, once there she
sat somewhat in the middle and Xena stood up and took her’s and Diana’s plates
from Terais and Gabrielle and went to sit on the couch the same way Diana had
sat with Xena on the chair. Diana ran her hands over Xena's. thighs and then
ran one up and into Xena’s jewel.

“ MMmmm....”

Xena moaned as she took a bite of meat .

“Have a sit ladies.”

Gabrielle and Terais both turned around and sat in their chairs once again
this time they focused on their food. Not because they were embarrassed by
what Diana and Xena was doing but because of what they had done unexpectedly.

“ OHHHH kitten....”

Diana had now opened Xena’s robe and was now sucking on Xena’s breast and
nipples, as well as pumping her fingers into Xena’s jewel. Xena in the
meantime was eating and enjoying the company and the food and especially what
her consort was doing. after a while of restraining herself she finally let
loose and both she and Diana once again experienced their long and drawn out

Again both Terais and Gabrielle felt the pulse of energy flow through them,
and again they shuddered, but this time they both went weak in their bodies
and had it not been for them sitting in the chairs they would have surely

Once Xena’s and Diana’s ecstasies had ended once again they both rested, Diana
was now lying between Xena’s legs, with her back leaning back on Xena’s chest
and Xena had one of her arms wrapped around Diana’s waist. she used her other
arm and hand to reach for the plate of food and Xena proceeded to feed Diana
and herself.

The two of them were now watching Gabrielle and Terais with interest.

“ What’s going on you two?”

Xena asked. Gabrielle and Terais looked at each other and Terais was the one
to answer.

“ My Lord, I think we both had an unexpected reaction to you and Diana’s

“ Really ? What type of reaction?”

“ We or at least I experienced a pulse of energy go through me.”

“ Me too!”

Gabrielle said somewhat excitedly. Xena smirked and Diana smiled and said,

“ It’s ok, you just had mini orgasms.”

Gabrielle’s mouth dropped open.

“ Bu...Bu But how can that be? I’m a virgin?”

“ Yes but your still a human being, and it was that part of you that reacted,
even though you had never experienced the actual act of making love.”

Gabrielle became thoughtful and finally she said,

Wow if that’s any indication of what lays in wait for me when I’m ready, then
I can hardly wait.”

Gabrielle then blushed to her roots from the looks she got from the other
three women in the room. Then Xena said in all seriousness.

“ As long as you do wait until your ready and I say it’s ok.”

“ But..?”

“No but’s Gabrielle, I will not allow someone to take advantage of your

“ Ok, when we’re in agreement, although I don’t think I need your approval
seeing how I’ll be a grownup then?”

“Grown or not you’ll never be grown enough that I can’t turn you over and
reddened your backside. Gabrielle swallowed hard and flushed at the calmness
in Xena’s voice.

“ Ok, no problem. I wait until you say you approve. got it!”

“ good girl.”

Xena said as she casually ran her fingers over the sleeping Diana’s breast.

“ She’s had a busy few days.”

“ I’m sure, you both have.”

Xena smiled at Gabrielle and then she said,

“ I’ll let her rest ...for a while before I start back in on her.”

Terais and Gabrielle both laughed.

The three of them talked for quite a while, until finally Gabrielle said,

“ it’s been a great evening, I really enjoy talking with you My Lord. “

“ I feel the same way.”

Gabrielle smiled and then she turned to head for the door but then changed her
mind and headed back to Xena who by this time had worked her way out from
under Diana and was about to pick her up when Gabrielle tapped her on the
shoulder and being still bent over from her previous intention she turned
around and Gabrielle kissed her on the cheek and turned and ran to the door to
catch up with Terais.

Xena being taken completely by surprise stood straight up and just watched the
young girl leave the room. Xena was touched that Gabrielle felt close enough
to her to her to do that. She smiled to herself and then after a moment she
turned back around to lift Diana up and when she did she found Diana was
watching her.

“ What?”

“ She loves you. Like a daughter would love a mother you know?”

“ Diana.”

“ No Xena, I’m serious, she sees how much you love and care about me and she
was just so overwhelmed by it that she couldn’t speak. So she chose to show
you. You have quite a way with the ladies Lord Xena.”

Diana smiled and then she lifted her arms up for Xena to come to her. Xena
stood looking down at the woman who had captured her heart so completely. she
then went into Diana’s arms and Diana raised up on her elbows and tilted her
head so that Xena could kiss her. Xena did not miss the action and she
immediately seized upon Diana’s sweet lips.

They made love over and over, each time more passionate than the last. Xena
had moved them into the room and was once again using the aromatic vile to
wake Diana.

“ I’m hungry for you kitten, I’m sorry I can’t let you rest just yet. But
eventually I will.”

Diana was squirming and flexing and stiffening and moaning and groaning and
pleading. While Xena was moaning and biting and sucking and drinking and
tasting Diana, utterly consuming Diana yet again.

“ Gods !! Xena! Pleaseee...?!”

Diana finally begged as Xena started in on her again.

“ Five minutes...please...?!”

Diana begged breathlessly. Xena looked up at Diana from her position between
Diana’s legs. Diana was too weak to even try to move away from Xena’s
ravishing appetite. But she knew she was not only exhausted, by dehydrated,
famished and just plain wore down. Her limbs felt like they were made of jello
and the only thing she could move was her fingers and head and neck.

“ I just want you a few more times and then I promise I’ll let you rest. Ok

“Xenaaa... I am so thirsty and hungry and weak , I want to continue but I have
to get something to drink and eat and I have to rest. Please?”

Xena crawled up Diana’s body and said,

“ If I let you rest now, do you promise to let me have you for as long as I
want to when you’ve rested?”

“ Xena your insatiable These days.”

“ No I just have such a need for you.”

“ Actually I understand that I have the same need, but it seems as though your
able to last longer than I am. I think it’s that we are literally addicted to
one another because of the oneness of our very souls.”

“That’s exactly how I see it. It’s as if I don’t have you for any length of
time I get restless and agitated.”

“ Yes, I would say we are both one. But right now this one needs to drink
something and then eat. I’ll get you something to drink first, and then I’ll
call for Dancea to have some more food brought up.”

Xena started to get off the bed but found her own legs a bit weak, but Diana
didn’t bother to notice that but instead she said,

“ Where are you going?”

“ To get you something to drink.”

“ No, I want you to come here and help me on top of you and I will get my
drink from you.”

“ what are you talking about?”

“ Xena your breast?”

“ Oh, OH! ok I like your idea a lot better.”

So Xena got back on the bed and laying down on top of Diana she then rolled
them over so that Diana was now on top. Diana smiled and said,

“ That’s better.”

And then she went to work on Xena’s breast and nipples, after a few minutes
Xena’s breast was producing a vitamin and mineral filled drink for Diana.
Diana drank for over two hours without stopping for longer than 10 seconds or
so. Xena in the meantime was perspiring profusely due to her holding back her
releases. After Diana had Quenched her thirst Xena told her in a low seductive

“ Ok kitten, now I have need of your services.”

Xena then rolled them back over and she looked at Diana and said,

“ Are you ready?”

“ Yes, but I’m still hungry.”

“Don’t worry I think what I have plan will help ease that feeling.”

Xena smirked. Then she positioned herself over Diana’s face and then lowered
herself. Diana immediately took to the pleasurable task of pleasuring Xena.

“ Mmmm....Kitten.”

Diana used her talented tongue to delved deep into Xena’s core. And once there
she let the tip of her tongue tease at the opening to Xena’s core. Xena
shivered deep inside and then her core begun to quiver uncontrollably and her
muscles twitched and tightened . After a few more moments of wonderful
pleasuring. Diana was rewarded.

“ AHhhhh.......oooooo........AH!!!”

Xena’s liquid fire coated Diana’s tongue and Diana feasted on the strawberry
flavored cream. She pulled more and more from Xena, until Xena had to remove
herself from over Diana and once she did Diana Looked into Xena’s eyes and
said in a satisfied voice.

“ MMMMM....I feel so much better, I’m even stronger see?”

Diana lifted her arms and herself upon to her elbows, but she was only able to
move her feet when it came to her trying to move her legs.

“ Well at least I can lift my arms and things again, you had me completely at
your mercy, and you took advantage of that.”

Diana said with a smile. Xena arched her brow and said with a wry smirk.

“ Maybe a little, but if I really wanted to take advantage of you, you would
be unconscious again and I would continue to take you until I was completely
sated. And by the way, I’m happy for your strengthening experience. But now if
you want to rest you had better do it now, before I’ve rested enough?”

Xena waggled her brows at Diana and Diana caught her hint.

“Gods! Xena I’ can’t believe you, Well I can but man....”

“Rest kitten.”

Diana watched Xena for a moment and then she started to say something else and
Xena rolled Diana and herself over once again and covering them both Xena held
Diana in her arms as she fell asleep. Diana followed a moment or so later. The
two slept like that for a while with Xena on the bed and Diana laying on top
of her. with Xena’s arms wrapped around Diana’s back.

The next morning Xena awoke and gently rolled them over just enough to lay
Diana out on the bed. Xena gazed at her for a few minutes then she got out of
the bed and covered Diana and tucked her in. Diana immediately curled into a
small ball and rolled over onto her side she was holding Xena’s pillow in her
arms and she buried her head in it as she snuggled into it.

Xena watched Diana’s movements and she thought to herself how adorable they
were, and she regretted getting up at that moment because she figured rather
than Diana snuggling up to the pillow it would have been her. This thought
sent a warm sensation to Xena’s abdomen and just as she was ready to
acknowledge it with a “Hmm” Diana moaned at that moment, and then Xena saw a
smile cross Diana’s lips.

Xena knitted her brow together at Diana’s sleeping sounds, but then she shook
her head and said to herself,

“ No, she’s probably just dreaming about something?”

Xena then cleaned up and put a robe on and went to call Dancea. After telling
Dancea to bring up some food, Xena returned to the room and sat in one of the
comfortable chairs watching Diana sleep. As Xena watched her, Diana would move
and stretch in ways that sent that same warm feeling down to Xena’s abdomen.
Again whenever Xena started to acknowledge it, Diana would moan and snuggle
more into Xena’s pillow.

“ Hmm I wonder?”

Xena thought to herself. Then she purposely visualized her and Diana over the
last few days. Xena was getting extremely tight at the reverie, and just when
she decided to stop the provocative reverie, she opened her eyes to see Diana
squirming in the bed. She also heard her.

Xena stood up and walked over to the bed and once she was standing by the bed
she saw that Diana’s breathing had increased and had gotten to be almost
ragged until Xena stopped her reverie.

“ Now isn’t that just to delicious to pass up?”

Xena said to herself. She then stripped out of her clothes and got back in the
bed and she slowly begun to kiss Diana awake. Diana moaned at first from the
light feathery kisses then moaned louder from the more determined ones and
finely she was awake and she and Xena were feasting on each others sweet
mouths as if they held the secret to life.

After a while of the passionate kissing, Xena finely broke their kiss and
asked Diana whether she was able to lift her legs yet.

“ Yes, a little. Why?”

“ I wanted you to be awake when I introduced you to something I just
discovered about you. And I wanted to make sure you couldn’t go anywhere until
my little experiment was finished.”

“ Xena? What are you going to do, I know it’s not anything bad but still I
have this feeling that the only who is really going to enjoy this is you?”

“ No, I promise you, you’ll definitely enjoy it.”

“ Really? What?”

“ Before I show you, I want your word that you’ll not even think about asking
me to stop.”

“ Xena that’s not fair.”

“ Your word.”

“ Maybe I don’t want to see it?”

“ Ok.”

Xena then begun to get up off of the bed, but Diana caught her arm.

“ Ok, Ok, you win, I won’t ask you to stop.”

Diana then begun to pout, but Xena assured her again.

“ Oh, don’t worry, I won’t wear you out.....too much.”

Xena said with a smirk.

“ Ok, so what is it you want to show me?”

Xena then laid back on the bed and Diana knitted her brows.

“ What are you doing?”

“ you’ll see. Lay down.”

Diana gazed at Xena for a moment more before she finally just laid down on her
side facing Xena. Xena was sitting up with her eyes closed and one knee bent
resting one of her arms on it. Xena then started to fantasize about how she
would take Diana after this little demonstration.

Diana after waiting for a few minutes raised her arm in confusion and then
laid back on her back with her arms folded behind her back. Then when Diana
started to think about what Xena was doing she suddenly felt a tightening in
her abdomen.

“ Ahh! “

One of Diana’s hands went to her abdomen and she rubbed the area in a
massaging type of way. then when she thought it had past, she again felt the
tightening and this time it was more intensive than before.

“ Ahhh!! What’s going on?”

Diana said more to herself, than Xena, who was still sitting next to Diana,
but now she wore a smirk on her face.


“ Hmm?”

“Xena, I am feeling a bit ....tight.”

“ really?”

“yes. Ahhh!! ohhhh....”

Diana was now moaning and groaning, as she squirmed in the bed next to Xena.
Xena now had her eyes open and she was watching Diana as she experienced
Xena’s new found connection with Diana.

“ Gods! Xena?!”

“Yes.... kitten?”

Diana’s breathing was now rapid and becoming ragged.

“ What’s going on?”

“ Feels good doesn’t it kitten?”

“ are you doing this?”

“ Don’t know, but I figure it’s because of our oneness. I love being able to
visualize what I am going to do with you first and have you all hot and
bothered and waiting for me to take you.”

“ It’s a power thing again, isn't it?”

“ hm, maybe. But I love it.”

“ I’m sure you do...Ahhh.....oh goodness.....Ok, Xenaaa... you made your
point.....Ahhhh......mmmmm...ok, ok, ok.”

Diana was now curled into a fetal position holding her lower abdomen. After
another 20 minutes Xena decided it was time to physically take Diana. Xena
rolled Diana over onto her back once again an kissed her forehead and then her
eyes and then her nose finally she whispered into Diana’s ear.

“ Now I’ll put what I saw to action.”

Diana shivered to her core. Xena then proceeded to kiss Diana tenderly at
first , but soon her passion and Diana’s didn’t allow that to continue to long
before the two of them were feeding once again off of each other. They made
love until the next day, with Diana whimpering for Xena to allow her a few
minutes to catch their breaths between encounters.

“ Consort your not asking me to stop are you, especially considering you gave
me your word that you wouldn’t?”

Diana thought about her request but then she realized she wasn’t asking Xena
to stop but to allow her a few moments to catch her breath.

“ No, I just need a moment between in order to keep up with you, that’s it. My
legs are once again jello and my arms are not far behind. Please?”

“ I don’t know, I’ve gotten into what I’m doing.”

“ Ok fine, just go ahead and sap my strength, but know this, I had plans of my
own for you, but.....since I don’t have the strength to even lift my arms yet
alone move other than squirming beneath you, I guess I will have to forget
about it.”

“ Hmm, what more can you do that we have not already done?”

“ I have a few things we haven’t tried yet, but.....I don't have the strength,
oh.....well....ho hum?”

Xena bit the inside of her cheeks to keep from laughing and she said,

“ Ok. I have something that I was trying not to use on you but if you have
your heart set on doing whatever it is, then I can help with your strength

“ Really? How? and better question than that is why haven’t you use it

“ Yes, it’s a drink of sorts, and as to why I haven’t use it on you before
well.... your being helpless as a kitten with me turns me on.”

“ It’s that power thing this time isn’t it?”

Diana smirked as she remained laying flat on her back . Xena got off the bed
and went to get the drink as she was going Dancea who had been waiting in the
sitting area until she thought it was safe to knock, finally did so.

“ Come.”

“ My Lord, your meal?”

“ Over there Dancea.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

Dancea setup only taking quick glances over at Diana laying on top of the
covers with her head at the foot of the bed and her arms and legs lying spread
eagle, as if The Conqueror had been taking her and then remembered something
and jumped off the bed leaving Diana like that.

Diana smiled at Dancea, and Dancea blushed and turned quickly back to her
work. Xena saw the whole thing and after she found what she was looking for
she walked close to Dancea and bending down without taking her eyes off of
Diana, Xena sort of scolded Dancea.

“ That’s what you get for not minding the business your suppose to be

Dancea looked up into the serious eyes and she immediately dropped them and

“ Forgive me My Lord?”

“ Forgiven, but I won’t forgive the next time, clear?”

“ Yes My Lord, Thank You My Lord.”

“ Go.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

Dancea exited the room in rapid succession.

Xena returned to the bed and Diana having seen Dancea’s quick exit asked Xena.

“ What was wrong with her?”

“ I told her I didn’t appreciate her minding my business.”

“ Who? Me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Xena! that was very nice of you, now you go and apologize to her.”

Xena gave Diana an incredulous look, and then said,

“ You must be delirious?”

“ Xena, she was just surprised to see me sprawled out here spread eagled and
not moving, as if you just left me for a moment to go and get something and
then come back and start where you had left off at on me.”

Xena looked up and down Diana’s body as she laid at the wrong end of the bed,
and once she thought about how Diana actually looked she then chuckled and

“ Ok, you maybe right, but I won’t apologize for something that was not her
business, she knows better, now if she was someone who had not been with e for
this many years, then I would probably think about it, but as it is, she was

“ Fine, your just being stubborned.”

“ Take it back or else I will leave you weak as a kitten and continue to take
you until I’m exhausted.”

“ You wouldn’t?”

Xena raised a brow and smirked. Diana inhaled slowly, and then laid her head
back and said ,

“ Fine, I take it back, you My Lord Xena are not stubborn.”

“ As long as we’re both in agreement.”

Xena said with a smirk. Diana smirked back.

Xena walked over to the end of the bed and lifting Diana up with one hand she
then put the drink to Diana’s lips and Diana drank until Xena removed the
small vile.

“ Mmm, that was good. What was it?”

“ Just a herbal mixture. You should start feeling stronger in a few minutes.”

Xena then laid Diana back down and tossed the vile over to one of the chairs.
then she positioned herself over Diana and she once again started a her
journey southwards.

“ OHHH...”


“ G.o.d.s...OOOooo....wh...oooo... Xena!”

Xena was engrossed in what she was doing and in the sounds she was eliciting
from Diana, and it just made for a more voracious appetite.

“ You are sooo..good kitten. So very good... mmm....”

“ A.H.H! Xena?!”

“ Yes.”

Diana’s hip without her realizing it had raised off the bed and she was now
trembling continuously as her ecstasy took over. Xena thrusted her fingers
deep into Diana’s core, first two, then three, then four. Xena then pumped
without mercy into Diana’s Core as Diana climaxed.

“ Ahhhhh....yes kitten , give me what is mine.”

Xena’s head went back slowly as she let Diana’s ecstasy cover her hand. As
Xena felt every spasm against her hand she allowed her own body to response to
Diana’s and she went over the pleasure edged cliff.

After both of their ecstasies had ended, Diana slipped into a light
unconsciousness. Xena laid down next to her and they both slept for the rest
of the day. the next day. Diana was await before Xena and she looked at the
sleeping woman and she smiled and said .

“ Finally, your sated enough to sleep, which means I was able to rest.”

Diana then turned her attention to her limbs.

“ Let’s see what works.”

She moved her arms and hands and shoulders.

“ Good, At least I have my strength back in my upper body. Now what about you
legs do you work?”

Diana spoke to her troubled area. Diana moved her toes and then her foot and
then finally her legs, while they weren’t her full strength, they were strong
enough to carry her and do some jumping. Diana thinking along that line eased
out of bed so as not to awaken Xena and then she tentatively stood up.

“ Great! oops, great, I can stand again. Man it’s a trip. to be made love to
so much that I couldn’t even walk because of my legs feeling like jelly, man
it’s go to stand on my own two feet.”

Diana started walking around the room stretching and testing her limbs, mainly
her legs. She walked over to the table where the food use to be that neither
her or Xena ever got a bite of due to their activity of the last day. Diana
then thought about how hungry she was and how hungry Xena would probably be.

Diana went to Dancea’s quarters and asked her to have breakfast brought to the
room for Xena.

“ What about you My Lady?”

“ Oh I’ll get something, I think I will go an visit with Gabrielle for a
while. When My Lord wakes will you tell her that I am with Gabrielle?”

“ Yes of course.”


Diana then went back into the room and seeing that Xena was still asleep Diana
figured that Xena must have really wore herself out with all that energy
constantly flowing through her body, she needs to rest. Diana thought. Then
she went to clean herself up. after which she was about to get dress and Xena
Cleared her throat.

“ Hmhum?”

“Xena? I thought you were still sleeping?”

“ I’m sure. What are you doing?”

“ I...I was just getting cleaned up and then I was going to get dressed.”

“ No, I mean what are you doing out of the bed?”

“ I....”

Xena just tilted her head at the stumped young Consort.

“ Come here.”

“ Xena I....I “

“ yes? you ....what?”

Diana walked back over to the bed and sat on it while Xena rested on her elbow
on her side.

“ I’m sorry, Don’t be upset with me...please?”

“ why shouldn’t I be Diana? you know better.”

“ I know, I just ..forgot.”

Diana said hesitately knowing how Xena feels about her forgetting anything,
which was a rare thing but when it happened Xena usually blew a gasket.
Xena narrowed her eyes and sat up.

“ You f.o.r.g.o.t.?!”

“Xena I know you hate when I forget things but I didn’t mean to disobey you
....really, I was so happy to be able to stand on my own two feet after days
of not being able to, that when I did stand I just sort of forgot about not
getting out of the bed until you said it was ok. Please? please don’t be
angry? I’ll make it up to you.”

“ How?”

Xena said with a scowl.

“ I’ll ...I’ll... I’ll do what ever you want.”

“ You’ll do that anyway.”

Xena said raising a brow.

“ Ok, Ok your right, but! I won’t do it again.”

“I was just excited to be able to stand with feeling like my legs were made of

Diana got under the cover while Xena held it open for her.

“Lay down.”

Diana nervously did what she was told.

“ Over.”

Xena said motioning for Diana to turn onto her belly.

“ Xena please?”

“ Over, Now.”

Diana turned onto her belly and put her head on her folded arms. Xena smirked
and then rather than putting the coverings over Diana she laid them back away
from her. Once Diana was on her belly Xena said in a low warning voice, while
emphasizing her point.

“ Don’t...”




Whack !!


“ It...”

Whack !!

“ Xena?! Please?”

“ Again!”

Whack !!!

“MAN ! I won’t ! I won’t!”

“ ok then turn over.”

Diana hesitate for a moment and then slowly turning onto her side and then
onto her back , she looked at Xena with knitted brows, and tears in her eyes.
Xena’s expression soften and Diana realized that was the end of her lesson.
Xena then let a faint smile come to her lips and Diana although having just
been scolded...sort of .... she jumped up and straddled Xena’s thighs with her
legs and begun kissing her.

Xena immediately recovered after a initial surprise at Diana’s actions. She
then intertwined one of her hands in Diana’s ebony hair and pulling the
excited young Consort off of her lips she looked deep into Diana’s eyes and
with all the love she felt she said,

“ I love you too Diana.”

Tears fell as Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and held her close.
Xena choked on Diana’s reaction to her words and she just held her tightly to
her. After making love for a few hours Diana and Xena got up and got dressed
and went into the sitting room where Dancea was resetting the table with the
food due to it having gotten cold from waiting for the two women to come out
and eat.

The two of them ate everything on the table and after finishing Diana and Xena
left to do some things including visiting with Gabrielle.

The next year went by rather under eventful except for the occasional
disagreements between Diana and Xena, and Xena’s punishment of Diana at times
for her stubbornness. Xena’s Realm was prospering. Xena’s and Diana’s bond
could not be any stronger, the love they had for each other was as obvious to
everyone as night and day. Although The Conqueror was able to maintain her
stoic mask in public, even while Diana teased at her or did seductive things
in front of her or too her.

Their sexual appetites for each other was intense. They would go for hours
on end and sometimes days, with Diana ending up on the weak side for a day or
two, While The Conqueror would seem as though she was ready to do battle with
an army all on her own.

This out of all the rumors that went around about Xena and Diana was the
reason the commoners as well as Noblemen and women would gawk at the two of
them whenever they went outside the Palace walls for some event or meeting
that The Conqueror had to go to.

When Xena did a visit to one of the many towns or villages in her Realm. The
peasants would talk amongst themselves at how Beautiful the two of them were
together, and how their beauty could make the Gods themselves cry. The
Conqueror was not know as a tyrant any longer, but a hard but just Ruler,
who at times showed her dry humor in dishing out punishments for the lesser
petty crimes.

The people had now come to love and respect their Ruler and her Consort Diana,
who by the way was now also known as Lady Diana, in Xena’s time also.
Gabrielle and Terais continued to work on Gabrielle’s skills, as a bard, and
also a future Amazon. Diana and Xena reminded Gabrielle that when she was
ready she still had to present a convincing case before them why she should be
allowed to become an Amazon. Life was as good as it got and Diana could not
love her new life any better even if she had been born there to start.

“Diana , I can’t believe you’ve been here for over a year and a half already,
so many things have happened and all the changes this place has gone through
because of’s just amazing.”

“Ha, Gabrielle all of these changes didn’t happen because of me, maybe some
but definitely not all.”

“Ha yourself, the most important change happened as a direct result of you.”

“ And what change might that be?”

“The Conqueror.”


“ Oh, is that all you can say about the influence you’ve had on her, is Oh?
“Diana as a direct result of the two of your’s relationship, The Conqueror is
a loved Ruler where now people even argue over just how loved she is.”

“ Ok, your right about that one, but It was Xena’s choice to change, and if
you remember it was she who came to me to make the challenge in the first
place for us to try this relationship, and for me to come and give myself to
her willingly, as a result she would try to change.”

“Yes I remember that, but I also remember her saying that the only person
whom she would even think about changing for was you.”

“ Ok, your right, maybe I did have a direct effect on Xena.”

“ Maybe?”

“ Ok, Gabrielle, I did. Anyway I am so happy I decided to take her up on her
challenge, despite my initial concerns and worry that she was a woman. I mean
, I remember thinking how in the world could some woman possibly satisfy me
in bed, irregardless of how beautiful she was.”

Diana went into a reverie type of state, while she and Gabrielle sat by the
lake having a picnic just the two of them, due to Xena and Terais having gone
to settle a dispute within her Realm. some small matter that required The
Conqueror’s attention personally.

Xena did ask if Diana wanted to go, but Diana said she would spend some time
with Gabrielle, and the fact that she would see her later tonight didn’t make
her feel as though she would be alone for to long. So they had kissed in their
usually passionate way with Xena holding Diana under her chin, and Xena and
Diana confessing their love for one another as they had come to do daily.
Then Xena and Terais and a quarter of Xena’s army rode away.

“But ?”

“ But I found that I have never been so.... so....utterly satisfied in bed in
my entire life. I get tight just thinking about her. Her eyes have this way of
ravishing me without ever touching me and I can’t help but blush to my roots.
And that’s another thing, I had never blushed so easily and so much as when
I’m with her or she looks at me in that certain way. Gabrielle I am
overwhelmingly happy with her, my life , you , Terais, everyone and
everything. I absolutely love the three of you more than I love my own self.
and if I haven’t said it lately, I’ll say it now. Thank you for being in my
life and taking me into yours, You have been the best sister I have had.
Outside of my blood sister, but even then you couldn’t be any closer than she
was to me.”

Diana opened her arms and Gabrielle came into them due to the emotions Diana
had elicited from her with her words and openness.

“ I love you Gabrielle, and no matter what happens , I want you to know how
much I love you. And I also want you to do me a favor, although it won’t be
necessary, but you never know.”

“ What ?”

“ I want you to tell Xena and Terais something, should anything ever happen to
me, ok?”

“ Nothings going to happen to you.”

“ Oh I know, but just look at this as a moment of expression.”

“ Ok, what do you want me to tell them, should anything happen to you?”

“ Well first tell Terais that I considered it an honor to haven’t gotten to
know such a warrior as herself and that she will have my undying gratitude for
the way she has treated and protected you as though you were her own sister. I
consider our friendship to be a deep and lasting one and I love her as such.”

“ That’s beautiful Diana, I know she would really love to ear that.”

“ well it’s how I feel, anyway after you’ve told her that I want you to tell
Xena that
irregardless of what has happened to me, she is The Chosen and nothing will
ever change that , My love for her could not go any deeper. she is literally a
part of me, I feel her desires as she feels mines, and I don’t just mean
sexually, I mean soulfully, I have always had a need for her, a want , and
even a longing for her, even that first day, I just didn’t admit it to myself
or her at that time. But now I see it was always there and I don’t regret not
one day since I meant her. I love her with my heart, my soul, my mind , my
essence. It is she and she alone who has disciplined me, I have learned some
of the most incredible things about myself as well as other things that I
never even thought could possibly relate to me. She is the most Dynamic woman
that I have ever meant. I know for a fact that there is no other woman out
there as well as man who is as Dynamic as she is. I still stand in awe of her
when she strides into a room. Her presence is so powerful that one just has
no choice but to recognize her entrance into a room. Her confidence in things
is like her strong arms embracing you, one can not be insecure about things
when she is around to back you up. Her strength is incredible, both physical
and psychological. The only part that no one sees but me is her insecure side
as it relates to me and her concern about losing me. Although I try to
reassure her that that fear is an irrational one, because I plan on being with
her until she physically pushes me away, and tells me she doesn’t want us to
be together any longer. She is my very heart Gabrielle and I could not be any
happier than if we were physically attached breast to breast.”

“ HaH! like she would ever push you away.”

“ I know, but I just want her to know that will be the only way for her to get
rid of me. I love her to my very being. Even now I can feel she is irritated
with someone at that meeting she and Terais is at. “

“ can you hear her thoughts?”

“ Not right now, because she is too far away, but she’s not too far away for
me to feel her emotions, at least not right now.”

“ How far would you have to be for neither one of you to not be able to feel
the other?”

“ Different time.”

“ Oh, that makes sense.”

“Diana I have something for you, that I’ve been keeping, sent the first day I
saw you walk into my village.”

“ What ?”

“ a diary of sorts.”

“ A diary, who’s yours?”

“ No, it’s actually an account of your time here. all the things you have done
since you have been here as well as all the people you have meant. I tried to
write their words to you verbatim, but because I didn’t hear a lot of them
first hand I had to go off of what you or Xena or Terais and any of the other
people who were around when you meant someone or did something. It’s all here,
it’s like an historical account of your life here. I even wrote what you just
told me in here, and when we finish I’ll write the rest.”

Diana had jade colored tears falling from her eyes as she now gave Gabrielle a
big hug and squeeze . Gabrielle hugged Diana back and after a few minutes to
gain their composure Diana final spoke again.

“ Gabrielle this is the best gift I have ever received since I’ve been here
besides the fact of all of you in my life. Thank you, I will cherish this for
the rest of my life and I will keep it up as you have lovingly started it for
me. I have never thought about a diary before.”

Diana said with a big smile for Gabrielle.

“ I figured that, although I couldn’t see why you wouldn’t have one, your life
is incredible, and I’ve actually started writing about it for future readings.
I wrote it as you had told me your life was like and how you came to be who
and what you are today. I also am doing the same with Xena and Terais. It’s a
little work, but I love It. After all I am a Bard.”

Gabrielle said with a slight laugh at the trueness of her statement.

“ Who better to write it than the best Bard ever. But I do hope your also
writing yours?”

“ Yes. but my life isn’t nearly as interesting or exciting as all of your’s
especially you and Xena.”

“ that’s only because your still young, you just wait until you’ve lived
longer, I can almost guarantee your life will become just as interesting as
all of ours. Especially if you stay here with Xena and me. And stay even after
I’m gone, if that should ever happen. Not that it will mind you.”

“ I had no plans to leave even if I become an Amazon.”

“ Good, I’d feel better knowing you were where Me or Xena or Terais could
protect you.”

The two young girls talked for a while longer and then they sat and just
enjoyed the evening together just the two of them. Gabrielle wrote down their
whole conversation of the day.

“ Diana I need to go and get another scroll I’m starting to run out, I’ll be
right back, Here you hold this, you can read it if you want it is for you and
about you after all, Plus you can correct any errors you might find, not that
you will find that many.”

“ Is that right? we’ll see?”

Diana looked at the first scroll and before Gabrielle had gotten to far away
she said out loud,

“ OOPS! looks like a mistake to me.”

Gabrielle looked back and started to walk back to Diana but diana waved her
off and said teasingly,

“ Just kidding, go and get your scroll.”

Gabrielle feigned being irritated, and then she said,

“ I’ll see you in a bit?”

“ Ok, see you in a minute.”

Gabrielle turned and walked back towards the palace. Diana sat under the tree
reading Gabrielle’s scrolls when... A flash of light blinded her for a moment
. Once she was able to see again she sat dumbstruck.

“ Well, how are you doing Diana?”

Diana just sat staring in disbelief, speechless.

“ Aren’t you happy to see us?”

“ Wh...wh...”

unable to speak for a moment Diana swallowed and cleared her throat, then she
tried to speak again.

“ What are you doing here?”

“ Is that all we get is what are we doing here?”

“ yes, I mean no I’m glad to see you and all but what brought you here?”

“ you.”

“ Me?”

“Yes you? we are your Chosen after all.”

“ I know that, but that still doesn’t answer my question, why are you here

“ To take you home.”

Diana fell aback against the tree and was shaking her head as if to clear it
of some strange blockage that had all of a sudden clouded her mind. Diana then
stood and repeated what she thought she heard.

“ Your here to take me...home?”

“ Yes.”

“ No.”

“ Yes we are.”

“ No your not. Why would you want to do that? for that fact why would you
think I would want to go back?”

“ because it’s where your from, and we want you to come home.”

“ Well I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but THIS is my home now. i have
made new friends , discovered a family and I have become utterly content in my
life here.”

“ Well it’s too bad, but your not staying here.”

“ How do you figure?”

“ Simple this is not your home you were not sent here to find a family or even
friends you were sent her to learn obedience, and now that you have it’s time
for you to return home. Because THIS is not your home.”

“ Oh, but you are so wrong. THIS is my home and it became MY Home the day you
guys dropped me in the middle of that town that was about to be destroyed by
Xena. It became my Home when she beat the stuffing out of me, it Became my
home when she kissed me, it became my Home when I escaped from her and made it
to Poteidia, where I met Gabrielle. It became my home when Gabrielle’s family
took me into their lives and treated me a one of their own, it became my home
when Gabrielle and I became sisters, this place became my home the day Xena
made a challenge to me to willingly give myself to her and I accepted it. This
place is my home now that Xena has made me her Consort. I have willingly and
happily given myself to her and I will be damned if you or anyone will take
that away from me ....Again! You did it once but I won’t allow you to do it to
me again, everytime I find a little happiness something , or should I say
someone always finds a way to destroy my happiness. Well I won’t let you or
any of you do it to me this time. I am totally at peace with myself here.

“ Xena be damned! you were not sent here to become her sex toy, for that fact
any woman’s sex tool. You were meant for a man, not a woman to love. And We
Will be damned if we let you stay here as such with her!”

“ You have no say so over what I do or who I choose to do it with!”

“ That’s where your wrong! we have all the say so as to who your with. We are
after all Your Chosen!”

“ You maybe my Chosen, But she is The Chosen! Therefore she overrules all of

“ So you think. Do you really believe we will let you stay here with HER, a
woman, irregardless of the fact that she is a Chosen. She’s still a woman and
therefore that fact alone nulls and voids her as an option for you to stay
here as her concubine.”

“ It’s Consort is there a differences?”

“ Yes. “

“ Whatever! We’re not here to ask you to come home, we’re here to take you

“ First of all I’ll say it again, I’m not going, my Home is here now,
secondly, what made you come at this moment, right now after everything that’s
has happened and all the other opportunities you could have had to come and
get me before, Why Now?”

The men stood looking at Diana for a moment then one of them finally said what
really brought them there. Or rather who.

“ Rah told us about you and Xena’s activities and how you two have been
behaving like sex crazed weasels. He said you were made to please a man not a
woman. He also said that if we didn’t do something about it then he would. We
figured you would prefer for us to handle this rather than him.”

“ Rah?! Where in the hell did he come from?”

“ He’s been in the picture for quite a while.”

“ What?! What are you talking about? How long?”

“ Almost from the beginning.”

“ And you guys have known this for how long?”

“Since the first day you met me.”

Nino spoke.

“ What do you mean the first day I met you. You were the first one I met after
losing my sister.”

“ I know., and it was Rah who told me exactly what had happen to you after
being with you for a month. He also told me something that he didn’t want you
to know at the time and if I told you he would take you away.”

“ And what was that, you bastard?”

Nino frowned at Diana’s reference to him, but he got past it and told her what
Rah had told him so many years ago.

“ He said that he allowed you to find your sister, only because he wanted you
to feel obligated to him and maybe you would come back to him....”

“ NEVER! “

“ That’s what he said he finally figured out, that you were never going to
come back to him as long as you had your sister.”

“ What are you saying?”

“He said the only way he could assure you would come back to him was to get
rid of your sister.”

“ WHAT!”

“ He said he had Monique’s brother kill your sister in hopes that you would be
so grief stricken with the lost that you would call for him to come and get
you seeing how you would once again be alone.

“ YOU BASTARD< All of you! You knew he killed my sister and yet you never told
me, you let me believe all of these years that it was just her boyfriend who
had killed her for money. But it was Rah who killed her! And you guys knew it!
How dare you show your faces here.”

“ We dare because we love you.”

“ You LIE! How can you possibly stand there and lie to me so blatantly? How
can you say you love me and yet not tell me the truth about something so
painful in my life that I literally wiped out a whole family line. Gods!”

“ Diana you did that on your own. You can’t blame us for that.”

“ I’m not! I blame you for deceiving me all these years. I trusted you guys
to be honest with me and look what it got me. The ultimate betrayal. I have
nothing else to say to you guys, and it maybe that I can’t do anything about
your being my Chosen I can chose to tell you I am full of resentment towards
you. And I’m not going back with you.”

“ Your wrong, we didn’t betray you, and irregardless of how you feel about
that , you are going back ...and NOW!”

They took hold of Diana on each side and then they said ,


At the same time and they started to vanish. Diana screamed.

“GODS NO!!!!”

And then all was still. Meanwhile Gabrielle had made it back to the palace,
and just then Xena was getting out of the Coach she had been riding in.

“Xena! welcome home. Everything go ok?”

“ Gabrielle, yes everything went fine, but I had other things on my mind.”

“ I’m sure you did. It seems that the both of you tend to think the same way.”

Gabrielle smirked and Xena arched a brow at her.

“ So where is my Consort at right now? I’d like to say hello.”

“ I’m sure you would, it’ll probably take four days for you to to say hello
after you were only gone for a few hours.”

“ Maybe. So where is she?”

“ I left her in the garden, by the lake, she was in one of did she
put it? Oh yeah, her expressive modes.”

Gabrielle laughed and Xena chuckled.

“I’ll go and find her .”

“ ok. I’ll be back , I’m just going to get another scroll .”

“ Hm ok.”

All of a sudden Xena heard the scream and then the tightness she had been
feeling was gone.

“ DIANA ?!!!”

“ What is it Xena?!”

Gabrielle called in bewilderment.

“ It’s Diana! some things happened! Tell Terais to meet me by the lake with a
scouting party!”

“ I’m coming with you.”

“Gabrielle do as I said, and then meet me by the lake. Now go!”

Gabrielle ran to the stables to where Terais was overseeing the return of
Xena’s horses and Coach. Xena shot off towards the lake.

“ Terais! Terais!”

“ Gabrielle? what is it?”

“ It’s Diana, some things happened. “

“ Where Gabrielle?”

“By the lake. Xena wants you to bring a scouting party and meet her at the

“ Let’s go. “

Terais then turned to one of the other soldiers and told him to bring a
hundred scouters to the lake!

“ Now!”

Terais and Gabrielle then grabbed the reins of one of the returning horses
and jumping into the saddle she reached down and helped Gabrielle up into the
saddle. They rode all out to get to the lake.

In the meantime Xena had made it to the lake and was inspecting the area for
any clues as to where Diana had been taken. Xena had made a complete search of
the area by the time Terais and Gabrielle came riding up.

“ My Lord? did you find anything?”

“ Nothing to tell me who took her! I see there are only three sets of tracks
one of them are Diana’s, she was trying to keep from going with them, but they
were obviously stronger than she was.”

Xena” s men showed up and she immediately ordered them to start a search of
the area, and to bring all clues no matter how small or insignificant they
think they are, they are to be brought back to her. The men immediately begun
a search meter by meter, as Gabrielle and Terais stood out the way with tears
rolling down their faces. Xena was to involved in the search to think about
how she was feeling. All she knew was she had to find Diana, and no matter how
long it took she was not going to give up.

The search went on throughout the night and into the next day, with Xena

leading the search and not taking any breaks. Terais tried to coax Xena into
resting but she was rebuffed and told to get to work looking rather than worry
about something that was none of her concern. Xena became more and more
desperate the longer Diana was gone. Gabrielle cried most of the time, but
when she wasn’t she stood out by the lake just looking for some sign of Diana,
not that she really expected to find any. the only thing that was found was
the diary Gabrielle had given Diana the day she disappeared.

Everytime Xena looked at Gabrielle her stress level increased because of the
fear she saw in the young girls face. She understood that look because she
felt the same way. But she had to maintain her mask in order to keep Gabrielle
from completely losing it. Especially seeing how Gabrielle looked up to Xena
as a mother figure.

“ Where are you Diana?”

Xena said to herself. Xena offered huge amounts of money for the safe return
of Lady Diana. She put out a proclamation that should anyone see or find Diana
they were to inform the Ruler immediately and that person/s who reports the
finding and it is confirmed they their family would receive a position in the

The people of the Realm had no problems with the proclamation because they all
loved Lady Diana and they knew how much The Conqueror loved and missed her.
The only thing Xena had from Diana was the diary that Gabrielle had given to
Diana, and the one that Xena found and thought it was Gabrielle's. She only
looked at the first few pages of it and seeing Gabrielle's writing she assumed
it belonged to Gabrielle.

But when everything had quieted down and Xena finally took a break from the
search, she remembered the Diary and went to give it to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle I think this is yours?”

Gabrielle looked at the Diary and took it and squeezed it as she cried, Xena
took Gabrielle into her arms and held her and then sat down on the couch with
Gabrielle in her arms. She held her until she quieted and then Gabrielle sat
up and then moved to sit on the couch next to Xena.

She looked at the Diary and then after clearing her throat she said to Xena
what Diana had said to her.

“ Xena this is yours now, it was a gift to Diana from me, about her life here
with us, everything she had done everywhere she had been and everyone she had
met since being here, including the love of her life.”

“ Is that what she said?”

“Actually, her words were deeper, you can read them their on the last page I
think, unless she added something since I left her by the lake. “

Xena opened the diary and turned to the second to the last page and there she
saw for herself Diana’s own words, written in Gabrielle’s handwriting.
Xena immediately begun to read Diana’s last words to her before that fateful

I want you to tell Xena that
irregardless of what has happened to me, she is The Chosen and nothing will
ever change that , My love for her could not go any deeper. she is literally a
part of me, I feel her desires as she feels mines, and I don’t just mean
sexually, I mean soulfully, I have always had a need for her, a want , and
even a longing for her, even that first day, I just didn’t admit it to myself
or her at that time. But now I see it was always there and I don’t regret not
one day since I meant her. I love her with my heart, my soul, my mind , my
essence. It is she and she alone who has disciplined me, I have learned some
of the most incredible things about myself as well as other things that I
never even thought could possibly relate to me. She is the most Dynamic woman
that I have ever meant. I know for a fact that there is no other woman out
there as well as man who is as Dynamic as she is. I still stand in awe of her
when she strides into a room. Her presence is so powerful that one just has
no choice but to recognize her entrance into a room. Her confidence in things
is like her strong arms embracing you, one can not be insecure about things
when she is around to back you up. Her strength is incredible, both physical
and psychological. The only part that no one sees but me is her insecure side
as it relates to me and her concern about losing me. Although I try to
reassure her that that fear is an irrational one, because I plan on being with
her until she physically pushes me away, and tells me she doesn’t want us to
be together any longer. She is my very heart Gabrielle and I could not be any
happier than if we were physically attached breast to breast.”

Xena sat and cried, cried for the lost of her only true love, she cried for
being away from Diana in her moment of need, she cried for the fear and pain
she felt Diana was in in her heart when she was taken. Xena cried. But she
never gave up searching for Diana. Xena did not cry again, even after the
death of Terais in a sneak attack that put Gabrielle in the position of
receiving the right of cast from Terais, thus making her an Amazon princess.

Xena had her army out searching for Diana everyday for two years, and

I would love to hear what you think of this story, I have been asked to make
a part 2 sooo.....I have. It’s Called what else “THE CHOSEN 2.”
Thanks for all the support and all the e-mail you have sent me about my story
i truly was inspired. I hope you enjoy the follow up story as much as you have
enjoyed this one. Thank you all :)
Sincerely virtue....

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