By D.virtue

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Part 5.

After 3 and a half months of searching for the slave Diana, The royal guards
came to another village where they went through the same routine they had
gone through in all the other villages and towns.
Two of the soldiers would dress in peasant clothing and mix into the general
population looking for the slave.

Dreadus and Baris were chosen to perform this duty this time. They had been
with Xena since the war against Cortese. They knew the Warrior very well, and
they knew The Conqueror would punish all of them if they did not find the

They Dressed in the peasant garb and made their way to the moderate size
village. It was midday and the sun was high in the sky, the air was
comfortable with a mild breeze blowing. Dreadus and Baris were walking
towards one of the Taverns when they saw her. Diana surrounded by people all
talking and whispering to her during the telling of a story by a young woman.
They were whispering to Diana about how good the young girl was and that the
young girl was lucky to have met Diana.

The two soldiers also noticed that when the slave excused herself from one
group to go and sit somewhere else where she could sit and listen in peace to
the young girl and the tale she was telling , she would immediately be
surrounded by another group, all vieing for the young woman’s attention. They
also noticed how the Town’s Elders came to the slaves side and shooed the
villagers away and told them to let Diana enjoy the Bard’s tale.

Dreadus, changed his direction as soon as he saw her, but Baris, he only
stood and watched for a few moments. Then he too headed back out of the town
as casual as he could. When the other soldiers saw them returning so soon,
they became concerned that something had happened that would not please The
Conqueror .The Captain Of The detail was told of the two soldiers return.

Jaris a handsome man met the two and asked them what had happened that would
bring them back so soon to the camp. Dreadus saw the concern and putting it
to rest very quickly he said

“ The slave is in the town, we saw her just as we were heading to the Tavern
to start our search. She was outside of an inn, listening to a bard, whom
she seem to be acquainted with from what we could tell.”

“Are you sure that it was her?”

“ Sir, there is no... way you could confuse her with anyone else.It would be
like confusing someone else for our Lord Xena. Yes sir I’m sure.”

“Great !”

Jaris then turning to one of the faster soldiers, he told him to get word to
the Conqueror about their discovery. The soldier saluted and went to go for
his horse to ride back to the Palace when he heard Baris.

“Sir, I would like to go also.”

“Fine, go.”

Baris saluted and they went to their horses. It would take them 3 days to
get there.

In the meantime, the captain told the men ,

“we have to setup a continuous watch so that the slave does not leave without
us knowing.”

The detail and the captain began to make their plans. It was Dreadus who
voiced a improvement in thier routine plan, one that The Conqueror herself
would be pleased with. They would go incognito into the town wearing peasant
clothing, that way they could watch Diana from a distance.

He also told them how they could place themselves in all the major areas of
the town, one to watch the tavern, two would watch the inn, another to watch
the marketplace, and a few to watch the area around the village like the local
swimming holds and bath house’s etc., and they could switch the watch daily
with the soldiers outside the village, that way there would be different
faces around. The soldiers outside the village would then be here when The
Conqueror arrived.

Meanwhile, The soldiers that had been sent back to tell The Conqueror the new
of her slave, had made it back in the three days and went to Terais The
Conqueror’s 1st lieutenant. The soldiers reported that they had news for
their Lord and requested an audience with Lord Xena. Terais said she hoped
It was good news. The Soldiers looked at her then at one another , she then
informed the soldiers of The Conqueror’s foul mood and that she was ready to
send out other soldiers to find all of them and have you brought back and
punished for failing to complete your ordered duty.

The soldiers had become visibly nervous about having to explain to their Lord
why it had taken so long, but they hoped there explanation would be enough to
satisfy The Conqueror. So they were told to go and clean up and report back
to the lieutenant in a 1/4 of a candlemark and she would have them announced
to The Conqueror. The soldiers saluted and left in haste to get cleaned up.

In the meantime, Xena was holding a meeting with some of her advisors and a
few kings and their war advisors, going over plans to obtain the lands to the
south of her realm, when Terais was announced by the Sentry Guarding the
Counsel Room. Xena told the Sentry to send the Lieutenant in and then close
the door behind her. The Sentry saluted and went and summoned the lieutenant
in and closed the door.

Terais entered and waited to be acknowledged by Her Lord. Xena was just
finishing an explanation to Trazen,

“If we send our armies along that route along the shore they could be trapped
between the defending forces and the sea. I don’t like that idea at all, but
if you want to take Your army that way then you will be on your own until your
forces could meet us at the agreed upon location. “

The others agreed with The Conqueror, they knew of her vast experience with
war, proof being that she was The Conqueror and ruler of most of the Known
world. So, with no support for his plan, Trazen submitted to the others. Xena
was never concerned, she knew he would,as well as, the others. Because she was
an excellent tactician and they all knew it. Xena smiled to herself at her
victory .

Finally, Xena acknowledged her 1st who immediately came to stand in front of
The Conqueror. She saluted and said,

“My Lord, Your Royal soldiers have been successful in their ordered duty and
has requested an audience with My Lord. “

The Conqueror’s eyes narrowed, and a questioning brow was raised at the 1st.
The Lieutenant seeing the look bowed her head slightly to indicate yes ,
that it was regarding the slave.

“Send them to me, Now!”

“As you wish My Lord.”

Saluting Terais turned on her heels and briskly walked to the door and went
out. The others in the room could not help but pickup the Crypted message.
One finally dared to ask,

“ What was that all about?”

Xena had turned her back to think when she heard the question , turning half
way back around and looking over her shoulder she spoke through clenched

“A Slave.”

The king who had asked the question, now paled at the look in The Conqueror’s
eyes. He was from one of the few lands that was allowed to stay under his
rule with his assurance that his kingdom would supply wanted items to The
Conquerors Royal household, and her soldiers as needed or wanted. The king
could have sworn a black cloud had settled over and into the Warrior’s eyes.
He then decided he wanted to be anywhere else, but in her present, so he said,

“I..I.. think we’ll go and leave you to your business?”

“Yes, I think that’s a wise idea.”

She said with a sneer.

The group rose from their chairs and in rapid succession disappeared through
the door. Xena was left alone with her thoughts of what she would do to Diana
once she got her hands on her. She had thought of how she had planned to send
a messager to Jaris to tell him to bring Diana back. But then thought
better of the idea, because of what she knew about Diana. Xena knew her
soldiers were the best trained soldiers anywhere, she also knew Diana was
capable of handling them all though not all at once but she probably could
take out a great number of them if she wanted to.

Xena also knew that she would have to go and get Diana because both she and
Diana knew who could win against who. This thought made The Conqueror smile
to herself.

The Conqueror continued to think about what punishment to inflict upon the
escaped slave and where she would dole it out at , whether there where ever
she was, or wait and bring Diana back to the Palace. While thinking about
these things, a knock came at the door and upon being summoned to enter the
Sentry stepped in and Saluted and announced Terais and the two Royal soldiers.

“ Send them in.”

The Sentry saluted and went to motion for the three to present themselves
before the Conqueror.

Xena, in the meantime, had moved to a table that had fruit on it, plucking a
grape she turned to watch the door for the three to enter. When they entered,
she motioned for them to approach and give her the report she had been waiting

The Soldiers noticed the Conqueror was well healed from her injury.

“You have good news about my slave, I hope.... for both your sakes... “

The Conqueror said this in a low meaningful voice.

“My Lord we have found her, she is at a village three days ride from here.”

“Three days?! It took you months to find her and she is only three days ride?!

The soldier now trembling said in in a shaky voice

“My...My... Lord,it seems the slave has been there for a while, judging by the
Townspeople behavior towards her. “

“ What do you mean?”

Xena said while at the same time rising and walking to stand in front of the
soldier who was speaking, upon doing this the soldier lost his ability to
speak, and was now stuttering, almost uncontrollably as he looked into the
Icey Blue eyes with fire dancing behind them.

Baris noticing the The Conqueror’s anger building with every passing moment of
his fellow soldiers inability to speak now spoke up and said,

“My Lord,”

Xena turning her head only to look at the speaker, bored her eyes into him
indicating, now that you have my attention it’s best you finish.

‘What Sgt. Jexan has said is true, it does appear she has been there for
awhile now.The people there seem to be quite taken with her. It seems that
everyone who saw her, wanted to gain her attention. Anytime she was alone, it
was only for moments. The Town’s Elders seem to be happy to escort her
around. the children all enthusiastically waved at her.”

“ So, my little slave has ingratiated herself into the town?”

The Conqueror said more to herself than the soldiers.

“Yes, My Lord. “

was the response nevertheless.

Xena returned her attention back to the soldier and simply said,


So without further invitation he went on. He told The Conqueror two
particular things that he noticed.

“My lord there was a young girl who appeared to be a bard she seemed to be
everywhere the slave was. I also noticed 2 women Warriors who were standing in
one of the doorways.They were talking and every now and again they would
point towards the slave.

He then stated the look he thought he saw in their eyes,

“ it appears My Lord, they want her, “


” for themselves.”

with those words The Conqueror turned and faced the soldier and with one
hand lifted the man off of the ground by his neck.

“Are you telling me that my property is about , if not already being soiled
by some other warriors?”

The Conqueror said this through white clenched teeth. Baris turning white as a
sheet with eyes bulging from fear and the air being slowly cut off gasping
, sputtering and coughing he said,



“Lord, the other soldiers left there were going to watch and protect her if
need be.”

“How?! How will they protect My Property without exposing themselves to

The other soldier found his voice long enough to tell the Conqueror what he

“My, My Lord?”

Xena looking over her shoulder at the now verbal soldier said


“My Lord, we were told before we left that the other soldiers would dress in
peasant clothing and go into the town and blend into the town.”

The Conqueror looking at the two men, finally, dropped Baris, he stumbled for
a moment trying to suck in as much air as he could, Finally after a few
moments he composed himself to stand at attention once again before The

Xena in the meantime had walked back to the table and without turning around
she asked,

” Where?”

“Poteidia, My Lord.”

“And your sure it was her?”

“Yes My Lord.”

“Who saw her?”

“ The credit has to go to Baris and Dreadus.”

Xena turned to look at the soldiers.


“My Lord It was he and Dreadus who saw the slave first and returned to the
camp to inform all of us. It was also Baris here who knew the name of the town
since none of the rest of us did not see a sign post.”

Xena walked back towards the soldiers and went to stand in front of Baris
once again.

“How is it that you could recognize my slave from such a distance?”

The young man blushed inspite of his intimidation by The Conqueror’s present,
and he stated,

“My Lord the first day you brought her here I remember saying to some of the
other soldiers, The Conqueror has the best taste that I have ever seen
anywhere, and in all things it seemed, from soldiers, to foods, to clothing,
this palace and its decorations, to Companions. “

Baris finished blushing a deeper red and averting his eyes from the intense
scrutiny of his Lord. Xena let out a laugh and lifting the young soldiers
head, and looking deep into his eyes she said,

“You would like to have her wouldn’t you?”

Xena knew the answer, but wanted to hear the soldiers answer.

Baris not sure if he should answer decided to be honest and he said,

“ Yes My Lord, I think any man , or woman would want to be with her she’s
beautiful, but so are you My Lord.”

Xena smirked at the young soldier, but then let his face go, turning on her
heels she said

“ Go see my treasurer tell him to give you triple the standard reward for a
job that I am Well Pleased with.”

and turning her attention to the other soldier she finished,

“you are to receive the standard reward as are all the other soldiers...
Except Dreadus who is to receive double the standard.

The two soldiers said with big grins on their faces,

“Thank You, My Lord. Thank You” By your leave My Lord?”


Turning on their heels the two headed for the door, just as they reached the
door they heard the Conqueror say,

“Boys, it’s ok to look at her,”

turning to look the two in the eyes she finished, but don’t ever touch, My
property without My permission, clear?”

Both soldiers looked at each other and taking the meaning as it was intended
said in unison

“very clear My Lord!”

dismissing them once again with a wave of her hand they disappeared out the

Terais who had been standing by the table with the fruit, finally spoke.

“My Lord what do you plan to do now that you know where she is?”

“ I plan to go and get what belongs to me, and I will kill any who touch

Xena said controlling her rising temper at the thought of someone else having
her slave.

“You know I don’t like to share?” She finished.

“My Lord?”


“My Lord if I may be so bold?”

“Bold about what?”

“My Lord,”

Terais said trying to find the right words so as not to offend the Conqueror,
for she has seen the results of offending The Conqueror.

“I was just wondering why this slave is this important to you, I mean.. I
know you told me you thought she was special and that you wanted to possess
that , but I can’t help but wonder what could be so special ...other than the
fact that she is Beautiful and all?”

Terais said this last part with a little to much emphasis, and it was not
missed by Xena.

“I mean you’ve had other slaves.”

Xena sat down in one of the chairs around the table she leaned back and
stretched her long legs, she crossing her ankles and putting her arms behind
her head she clasped her hands locking her fingers together, then leaning the
chair back so it was on two legs she finally, cocked her head and raising an
eyebrow she assessed the woman in front of her.

Terais was tall, but a foot shorter than herself, suntanned skin with sun
streaked brown hair and brown eyes, slim frame, some curves, good looking and
strong,and fearless, this is what gained her the title of 1st lieutenant.
she knew Terais was in love with her, but she had no use for her as she
believed that those she took to her bed 99% of who could not please her
ended up being punished by death, whipping and or slavery being sold to some
other king. She liked Terais and didn't want to have to have her punished in
such a way, especially considering she was an Amazon princess and that the
Amazon’s were not under her realm... at least, not yet.

She finally answered the soldiers question,

“ Like I said before there are so many special things about her that I plan on

“Like what My Lord?”

“Well,for one thing, she looks so young, but she has the wisdom of an
elder. The fact that she was able to jump from my bedroom window and not get
hurt, the fact that she made it to that village without my soldiers seeing
her and on foot none the less? I don’t think she’s from here.”

Xena did not elaborate on her last statement, but instead turned the
question on Terais.

“Don’t you think there are some special things about her worth discovering?”

arching a brow at The woman.

“ Well, yes My Lord, I guess there is, but maybe she’s a God or something?
I mean she is unusually Gorgeous!”

Again Terais said this with too much enthusiasm. Again the tone not missed by
the Warrior, who answered and said,

“No, she’s definitely not a God., and if I’m reading your last statement
right, I want to know something, are you telling me you want her also?”

standing and walking over to the now embarrassed woman, Xena smirked at the
flushed woman.

Terais trying to gage the warriors mood finally giving up said,

“My Lord, she is so very beautiful , and that body... it looks incredible in
her leathers.... “

Xena actually Laughed out loud and placing a hand on Terais’s shoulder said in
a conspiratory voice

“If you think she looked good in the leathers you should see her without

Terais actually turned a crimson red and laughed nervously and said,

“really? I can only imagine My Lord.”

“ No you can’t her breast are impressive and they taste so sweet....”

Xena was ready to go into detail when she noticed how flushed the woman was
from what she had heard already, so letting the woman off the hook she removed
her hand from the woman’s shoulder and said ,

“Have my horse readied.” Terais you are to come along with me.”

“Yes My Lord.”

Terais bowed and after being dismissed she went to have The Conqueror’s horse

Xena went to sit back down, and allowed her thoughts to return to their
previous track about her and the slave’s too brief of an encounter.

The End of part 5
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