By D.virtue

The first voice Xena heard was unfamiliar to her.

“ I can’t believe they made a challenge for that..... WOMAN! To take care of
Me RAH! But that’s ok, I’ll take care of her, and then I’ll take care of all
of them and still have My Princess all to myself. OHhhh....Princess I have
missed bedding you, it’s going to be so nice to get you between those silky
sheets again.Hahahaha.....too bad I can’t stay in this disguise, the police
will surely be looking for a fall guy as well as the Government for the
murders of such prominent men as well as the disappearance of the riches
person on this planet.”

Xena heart was pounding wildly at what she was hearing. It was Rah himself .

“ He’s here! He’s been here disguised, as who? who are you disguised as you

Xena’s voice shook with the rage she was feeling, along with trying to control
her voice so as not to let Diana hear her. Rah answered Xena’s question as if
he had heard it.

“’s been a wonderful run, but now I’m afraid that after I take care
of this Xena woman, I’ll have to return to my own body and leave you to have
to explain all the deaths, while I take my Princess back where she belongs,
with me. hmmm...maybe I should take you guys out first and then deal with the
warrior. But what to do with Diana’s sisters? Hmmmm..I could kill all of them,
but what a waste, ahhh...maybe I’ll take them and put them in my Harem, and
use them to keep Diana in line....yes...I think that is a better Idea.”

Xena then unconsciously clenched her fist as she thought of how many ways she
could inflict the greatest amount of pain for the longest period of time until
Rah died a horrible death. Xena’s mouth curled into an evil smirk and her eyes
smoldered at the thought of the exquisite torture she would put him through,
Xena was now working herself up into an uncomfortable, yet needful state but
she didn’t have time to take advantage of it. So she decided she would use the
pent up energy to take care of Rah.

Diana was just about to rinse herself , while Xena planned her next move, she
put the earrings on so that she could listen to the whole conversation of the
men, and also keep Diana from hearing. Suddenly Xena burst through the bath
door startling Diana.

“ Xena?! What is it?”

Xena stood looking at Diana for a long moment before she reined in her raging
hormones. Then Shaking her head slightly, she leveled her gaze on Diana’s

“ Rinse off and get in here.”

Xena ordered, then turned on her heels and left the room, leaving Diana
speechless. Diana then shook her head and she quickly rinsed herself and put
her robe on and went into the bedchambers.

Xena sat at the table waiting for Diana to come out, in the meantime Xena
figured she would pretend like she was remembering something when Diana came
into the room, and when she did she Diana saw Xena massaging her head as if
she was recalling something.

“ Are you ok?”

“ I’m fine . I just recalled something, anyway, I told you I don’t like to
wait when I’ve given a command.”

Diana swallowed hard but maintained her eye contact with Xena.

“ Yes, it won’t happen again.”

“ See that it doesn’t. Now come here and sit down, I need you to do something,
and not question me about it.”

Diana strided over to where Xena was and sat down as she had been told.

“ I need you to call your sister Lena, and tell her to have one of your
chosen called to the office, I...think it should be.... Nino, that’s the name
I just remembered and I remember that he seemed to be the one that the rest
seem to follow behind.”

“ Why?”

Xena’s eyes went to slits, as her nostrils flared.

“ What did I just tell you?!”

“ I’m’s habit....I won’ t do it again.”

Diana said trying to regulate her breathing as Xena tried to calm her temper.

“ are REALLY trying My Patience. Not another word, ok?”

Diana nodded her head not sure whether to answer with words would be

“ It’s ok to answer me.”

“ Ok.”

Diana said cautiously.

“ Good....NOW make the call.”

Diana slid out of her chair and strided to the phone and made the call. After
she had finished she returned to tell Xena she had done it, and the details of
the call, only to find Xena running her hand through her hair, the way she
always did when she was gearing up for battle.

“ Ahem....?”

Diana cleared her throat to get Xena’s attention, Xena looked up over her brow
at Diana and saw where Diana was looking and she removed her hand from her
hair and said ,

“ Well?”

Diana told Xena what she wanted and then she added her own before she went

“ What’s going on that has you gearing up for battle?”

“ What are you talking about Consort?”

“ You always run your hand through your hair when your about to go into
battle, usually a tough one.”

“ My head had an itch.”

“ What aren’t you telling me Xena?! I...mean My Lord Xena?”

“ Consort I told you what I was doing, now leave it alone and be silent.”

Diana crossed her arms over her Chest and turned on her heels and started to
storm away back to the powder room, but Xena didn’t have time for Diana’s
pouting or her mood.

“ Consort! sit down and don’t move! I don’t have time for your pouting and

“ Well if you would just tell me what’s going on I wouldn’t have an


Diana went to the floor at Xena’s feet, from a backhand to her cheek.

“ Consort I have told you time and time again to just do what I tell you to do
without commentary, and still disobey me...well I have ways of
making you listen, and I can tell you all of them are unpleasant.”

Xena spoke through clenched teeth at the now trembling but silent Diana, who
sat on the floor holding her cheek and looking into the flames of Xena’s eyes.

“ Get up Consort, I have a lot to teach you and very little time in which to
do it.”

Tears came to Diana’s eyes at the tone of Xena’s voice and rather than getting
up, she went to her knees, and placing her hands in her lap, and bowing her
head, she sat as still as a board, except for the trembling that was causing
her body to move.

Xena stepped back and took a deep breath at the sight, she turned on her heels
and went to sit back in her chair as she watched Diana sitting humble before
her once again.

“ what are you doing?”

Xena asked hiding the fact that she already knew.

“ I...I’m sorry , this is the only way I know to show you that I do respect
what you say, and I want you to forgive me for angering you when you already
have a lot on your mind.”

Diana answered without looking .

Xena studied her and watched her and slower than the last time her anger begun
to abate, her temper subsided, and she meditated to calm herself further.
Finally she spoke to Diana.

“ No more Consort, I hope you understand me, no more, I will punish you next
time, and if you want to go back with me you had better do exactly as I say.”

Diana raise her head to look up into Xena’s eyes, she couldn’t believe Xena
meant what she had just said, but when Diana looked into Xena’s eyes she say a
look she had not seen before on her Xena, it was then that Diana actually
thought Xena would leave her. Diana tried to swallow around the tightness in
her throat to answer Xena but she couldn’t get the words out so she just
nodded her understanding.

Xena felt bad that she had to treat Diana the way she was, but she couldn’t
let Diana’s impulsive behavior loose, otherwise she could lose the very reason
she was there.

“ Come over here and sit down.”

Diana went to her feet and strided over to sit where she was told.

“ Consort , I don’t have time to explain things.”

Diana was now gazing into Xena’s eyes as she spoke.

“When we get to the Mansion, you are to stay right by my side at all times,
unless I say differently, is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good, I want you to know that no matter what happens, I don’t plan on
losing, we will get home, as long as you do what your told.”

“ My Lord Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“ Are you going to tell me what’s going on, or am I to be left in the dark? I
thought we were in on this together, especially considering it does involve

“ Diana, right now there are things, I don’t want you to know, but I can tell
you there is a good reason behind that. You have to trust me that I know what
I’m doing.”

“ I do trust you....with my very life .”

Xena let a small curve pull at the corners of her mouth, and then she said,

“ That’ s good to know.”

“ But you still haven’t told me anything other than that your not planning on
telling me anything.”

“ You got it Consort.”

Xena said with finality. She then went into what she wanted Diana to do when
they got to the Mansion.

“ Your not going to be in the room with us? Where are you going to be?”

“ I’m going to be in the adjoining room with your other Chosen listening to
yours and Nino’s Conversation.”

“ Ok, Ok, but I still think there’s something more your not telling me.”

“There is.”

Xena said raising a brow at Diana. Diana understanding that she was about to
cross the line decided to drop the rest of her line of questions. Xena
slightly tilted her head and she picked up a grape and popped it into her

“ Let’s go.”

She said as she glided to her feet and headed for the door. Diana stood up and
strided after her, as they got to the door that would exit to the hallway Xena
stopped and turned suddenly causing Diana to almost run into her.

“ What?”

Diana asked somewhat startled by Xena’s abrupt change of Direction. Xena
Didn’t say anything , instead Xena grabbed Diana’s arm and swung her around to
where her back was up against the door. She then put both her hands on either
side of Diana’s head, and looking deep into Diana’s chestnut colored eyes,
Xena took her lips and was about to swipe her tongue across Diana’s teeth when
she remembered who she was, so she stopped only long enough to say one word.

“ Open.”

She then went back to feast on Diana’s sweet lips and Diana was feasting on
Xena’s, Xena kissed Diana with such passion that Diana was becoming weak in
her knees. Xena started kissing Down Diana’s neck, and then she ran her hands
over Diana’s blouse that was straining against Diana’s full breast with her
taut nipples, which Xena pulled at and pinched at, then she quickly
unfastened Diana’s blouse and took one of the peaks into her mouth and she
sucked hard and long on the delectable peak.

Diana was slowly sliding down the wall when Xena finally stopped. Holding
Diana up with one hand she refastened Diana’s blouse and steadied Diana on her
feet. Xena saw that Diana’s eyes were now matching her own Sapphires.

“ Delicious, Consort.”

Xena was extremely tight, but she had known this tightness before, and she
recognized it was just her battle lust presenting itself. Diana on the other
hand, was so very tight that she was having a hard time slowing her breathing
down, yet along her heart rate.

Xena then moved Diana out of the way of the door and went out. Diana in the
meantime held onto the walls of the hallway as they made their way to the
elevator. Xena and the operator were waiting on Diana who after a moment
appeared in the doorway of the elevator, flushed to her roots and eyes
sparkling with Desire and need. Xena figured if Diana was aroused she would
not have the concentration to wonder what Xena’s ultimate plan was.

When the two got into the car Diana immediately went to close the privacy
glass, but Xena knew if she let her then she would end up taking Diana there
and then in the car.

“ Leave it Consort.”

Diana looked at Xena somewhat confused but she did not question it, she left
the glass where it was. During the ride to the Mansion Xena spoke mostly to
the driver and every now and then she would clarify something with Diana.

Diana was not only feeling extremely frustrated sexually, she was also feeling
the frustration with this Xena’s behavior, she felt like Xena was more
concerned about her plan than she was about her, she felt like a fifth leg on
a horse, useless, but deep down she knew the reason for Xena’s behavior, she
knew Xena was just focused on getting them home, but that didn’t ease her
frustration, she pouted most of the way over to the Mansion, and once they
were a mile within the Mansion Xena finally said with some irritation to her

“ Consort you have been pouting most of the way here, what is the problem?!”


“ Then stop acting like there is ! I won’t let your moods affect what we have
to do.”

“ We? hmm...seems more like you.”

“ What?! Diana You know why I am doing this! You know..... we can forget about
all of this and I go back without you?”

Xena said with exasperation. Diana chewed her lips and then she said in an
uncertain voice.

“ Your right, I’m just making what your trying to do harder. I’m sorry.... But
you wouldn’t really leave me would you?”

“ In a heartbeat, you have to remember, I don’t remember you the way I
supposedly use to, therefore I can and will leave , even a delicious beauty as
yourself right here and go back and find someone less irksome.”

Xena narrowed her gaze slightly, making her expression appear even more

Diana lowered her eyes and then said quietly, as she turned to look out the
window of the car.

“ I’m sorry, I’ll try to behave the way you want me to.”

Xena studied Diana for a few minutes before she spoke.

“ Good Consort.”

Xena simply replied. When they arrived at the Mansion the two women looked at
each other and then Xena exited the car with Diana following . They were
meant at the door by Lena who was taken to the side by Xena and everything
that Lena had been told to do by Diana , she told Xena where the device was
and where Nino was and everything else.

“ Good, now I want to go and talk to the ..boys... Diana you are to go to the
library and wait there for Nino to come. Lena said he should be back any
moment, since he had just called saying he was a few minutes away.”

Xena then turned and started to walk away with Lena, when she glanced over her
shoulder and saw that Diana was still standing at the door looking around.
Xena told Lena to get the other’s together and she would meet them in the
adjoining room. She then turned and strided back to where Diana was standing.

“ Are you ok?”

Xena asked slightly startling Diana.

“ Oh..oh yes, it’s just that I have a feeling something terrible is about to
happen and it sort of scares me.”

Xena saw that Diana was indeed trembling when she opened her arms to allow
Diana to feel her secure arms around her. Diana inhaled slowly and took a few
deep breaths before she moved back to gaze into Xena’s eyes.

“ Be careful, I love you.”

“ I will, you too. I can see why I would fall in love with you, see you soon?”

“ Hmm...yes.”

Xena gave Diana a tender kiss before she allowed Diana to go to the library.
Xena watched Diana look around the hallway as she made her way to the library,
once Diana was out of sight Xena immediately headed in the direction that Lena
had gone to get to the other adjoining room, Xena didn’t want to be seen
coming out of the library by any of the Chosen, she didn’t trust any of them
at the moment and figured that if she was seen coming out then Nino would be
warned to look out for possible traps, so she figured to enter into the
adjoining room by way of another door.

Xena made it to the room to find 11 of Diana’s Chosen walking around talking
and every now and again taking food off of a platter along with some type of
drinks that a servant was serving. Xena was seen by Gerard first and he voiced
a greeting to her.

“ Welll...The Conqueror is to talk to us...”

“ Gerard that isn’t necessary.”

“ I don’t know Terrance, I think it is, I mean who does she think she is? it’s
bad enough she was allowed to keep Diana with her now she shows up here
calling for us to be here because she wants to talk to us about some

“ Well the least we can do is listen to what she has to say, besides it’s
obviously about Diana.”

Doc said directing the statement to Xena. Who only nodded her head slightly to
indicate he was correct.

“ Why are you dressed like that Warrior?”

“ What?”

Xena asked casually.

“ In your warrior garb.”

“ These are my clothes.”

Xena answered matter-of -factly., not wanting to cause them to see her as a
threat just yet.

“ Oh, ok... anyway what is it that you wanted to talk to us about? Is it about
the Challenge?”

“ Sort of.”

Xena said scanning the room and the people within. As Xena did so she let her
instinct guide her with each man her gaze landed on. All seemed to be ok ,
until she got to Gerard, her instinct told her to watch him, so that’s what
she would do doing this meeting.

“ Gentlemen, I wanted to see all of you to clarify a few things.”

“ What things?”

“ About your feeling for Diana.”

“ What about our feelings, you already know how we feel.”

“ Humor me.”

“ We love and care about her the same way you claim you love and care about

“ No, you don’t, I would never allow someone to use me to hurt her if I could
do something about it.”

“ What are you talking about? We would never allow anyone to hurt her, and we
resent the fact that you would even suggest that!”

Gerard said with a little too much zest.

“ Really? “

“ Yes really!.”

Xena heard Nino enter into the Mansion, and was greeted by Lena who told him
Diana was waiting to talk with him in the library. Xena then sped up her
conversation with the guys.

“ You say you care about Diana. Then why are you guys helping Rah to hurt

“ careful your treading on thin ground making accusations like
that !”

Max-a-Million growled at Xena, who only spared him a cursory glance.

“ So your saying you didn’t know you were helping him against Diana? Give me a

“ I’m not only saying it, I can assure you we have not been helping Rah.”

“Welll...maybe I was wrong?.....But let’s just see shall we?”

Xena said taking one of the pins from her weapons belt and laying it down on
a small table that was in the middle of the room.

“ What’s that?”

One of the Chosen asked. Xena eyed him and then said with a smirk.

“ You’ll see....or should I say hear.”

“ Wellll....Diana what are you doing here?”

“ I wanted to talk to you.”

“ Why?”

“Because I figured if I could get through to you about how I felt about Xena,
then it would go a long way in convincing the others to let her and I go back

The other Chosen was surprised to hear Diana’s and Nino’s voice, especially
one of them.

“ What’s going on here? How dare you bug this house!”

Xena said nothing just watched Gerard as he started to get antsy at hearing
Diana’s and Nino’s voice. Xena was curious as to why he was reacting in such a
way, when it obviously didn’t bother the others the same way. Xena’s red flags
about Gerard were popping up with every passing moment.

“ It that what you thought?”

“ Yes.”

“ Hmmm..... you are naive aren’t you?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I have no intentions of telling them anything, in fact I plan on taking care
of a few people....if you get my meaning?”

Gerard seeing his and Rah’s plan coming apart and fearing that Rah not knowing
he was being listened to would say who was helping him decided to try and grab
the device. But....Xena who had been watching him discreetly grabbed it before
he did. when he ran to the wall holding some swords, he grabbed one of them
and charged at Xena. Xena blocked the sword with her own and then backhanded
him as he came forward.

Gerard whirled around and brought the sword down and across the front of Xena
intending on cutting her across her chest but he missed and Xena jumped over
and behind him, but he did the same to her only he didn’t make it to the
ground, for as he was just straightening to land Xena brought her sword
upwards and then across, catching him in the abdomen and slicing him from his
groin to his chest and then cutting across the chest. Gerard fell down dead.

The treatment Diana had done to Xena’s weapons made them into the same deadly
weapon as the breast dagger Xena carried down the front of her leathers.

The other Chosen was shocked at what had just occurred. But they held their
temper until they found out what was going on.

“ Warrior what is this all about?! Do you realize you just killed one of
Diana’s Chosen?”

“ Of course i realize what I’ve a matter of fact I’m not sure if I’m
done. Don’t you see? He was working with Rah, he got scared at hearing Diana
and Nino talking.”

“ What has Nino got to do with all of this?”

“ Well if you guys would shut up and listen you’ll find out.”

They eyed each other, while Xena still held her sword ready to cut down any of
the rest who may have an issue. Diana’s other Chosen finally said,

“ Ok, warrior, we’ll do things your way for now, but God help you if we don’t
see your point.”

“ No! Gods help you if you don’t see MY POINT!”

Xena said with a sneer. the other Chosen backed up and sat down and Xena
looked at the dead Chosen and then stepped over the body and went to stand by
the door to the library as she casually watched the other Chosen and listened
to the conversation taking place between Diana and Nino.

“ What do you mean take care of a few people?”

“ I was thinking .....why should I continue to share you with any of these
other guys, I mean I am the better Chosen, they listen to me, so why should I
share you when I can have you all to myself?”

Nino said leering at Diana. Diana was slightly uncomfortable with Nino’s
staring at her, and became more so when he headed over to her. She stood up
presumedly to stretch her legs, but it was really to not be caught in a
position to which she would be vulnerable.

“ What about Xena?”

“What about her? I plan on killing her, as well as the others, I don’t need
them any more.”

Nino said without a second thought. Diana flinched as if someone had just
struck her.

“ What are you talking about, You can’t do that!”

Diana exclaimed.

“ Sure I can.”

Nino said flatly. Diana sat stunned for a moment, while her mind processed the
information. Meantime in the adjoining room the other Chosen were shocked and
angry that Nino would even think to say something like that. They looked back
at Xena and she saw her opportunity to draw them on her side.

“ Wellll now boys...”

She said as she strided over to the table.

“ I think I made my point.”

“ I can’t believe this! Nino has been using us?!”

“ Not Nino.”

Xena interrupted, the men stared at her and then James asked the question they
all were thinking.

“ What do you mean not Nino, of course Nino, who else could it be?”

“ Rah.”

Xena hissed. All of the men’s jaws fell open.

“ Wh..what ...what?! Rah? How do you figure that that is Rah?!”

“ Because I know.”

“ How? You have never even met him, how could you possibly know that was him?”

“ Because I do, he made a visit to our hotel, remember the beating he put upon
Diana, well the device that you’ve been listening too had been planted a while
ago and I overheard him plotting what he was going to do to all of you and
then what he was going to do with Diana’s sisters. Now you have heard for
yourselves his plans from his very lips. “

“ We’ve known Nino a long time and as long as we have known him he has always
been like the leader of us, but for him to plan our murders, I for one have a
problem with that.”

Doc said with contempt.

“ I agree, but that still doesn’t prove that Nino is Rah, you will have to
prove it to us warrior.”

Xena rolled her eyes and then she said through gritted teeth.

“ Fine you want proof, I’ll give you proof.”

She turned her back on the men and closing her eyes she sent Diana a thought.

“ Consort, don’t react, just listen I’m starting to remember more and this is
one of the things I have remembered, I want you to tell Nino that you need
something to drink, that your mouth is dry, and then I want you to go and get
it and then rather than going back to the library come into the adjoining room
where you will wait with these other guys while I have a talk with Nino. Do
you understand?”

“ Yes.”

Came the returned thought.

“ Good Girl, do it now.”

Xena then turned back around to find the men looking at her waiting.

” Well warrior how are you going to prove this to us?”

“ Wait.”

Xena said, then Diana’s voice was heard.

“ Nino I need something to drink, my mouth is very dry.”

“ Fine , I’ll have one of the girls bring you something.”

“ No, I would rather go and get it myself, I need some air.”

“ Are you planning on leaving the Mansion Diana?”

“ No, I’m just thirsty.”

“ I don’t believe you, I think you are planning on leaving.”

Nino said with an ominous tone to his voice. Xena heard it and had moved to
the door of the adjoining room ready to charge through should Diana get into
The men also heard the change in tone and were on their feet also waiting by
the door. Xena turned to them and said,

“ when Diana gets here, keep her here.”

“ What are you going to be doing?”

“ winning the Challenge.”

Xena sneered.

“ Nino, now why would I come all the way over here only to leave within five
minutes. I’m thirsty and I’m going to get something to drink, do you want

Nino studied Diana for a moment still not totally convinced, Diana saw the
doubt and she figure she could remove it.

“ What?! do you want me to do give my word that I’m not planning on leaving
the Mansion?”

“ YES!”

Nino chimed in at the fact that Diana would not break her word.

“ Fine Nino, I give you my word that I will not leave this mansion when I
leave this room to go and get something to drink. Better?”

“ Yes, you can go.”

“ you want something?”

“ No, I’ll have plenty to drink when I have you in my bed.”

Nino leered. Diana shivered unnoticeably at the thought and then she turned on
her heels and strided to the door and left the room, she would have to go and
get something to drink as she had gave her word but it would be quick.

Meantime Nino had went back to talking to himself.

“ My little princess will soon be mine again, sooo nice to think . Soon I
will kill all of the others and Diana and I will return to our home on my
Planet, where I will have her every time I think of her, ha....which will be
every few minutes. Wow! I can hardly wait to touch those beautiful lips and
those two perfect breast, and suck each one dry, and then experience the taste
of her essence once again...OOOoo... Diana you have no Idea how much I am
going to enjoy having you again.”

Xena’s eyes were flames now as she heard how Nino would take Diana over and
over again. She turned her head to glare at the men and then through bared
teeth she spat at the men.

“ Convinced?”

They nodded, somewhat shaken at what they had heard.

“ Anything you need Xena it’s yours.”

Dwayne stated. Xena cut her eyes to him and said,

“ Keep Diana in here!”

“ Fine.”

Just then Xena felt Diana coming before she heard her, she waited for Diana to
get to the door and just as she touched the knob of the other door Xena went
through the library door.

“ Where’s Xena?”

“She’s talking with Nino.”

“ Did you guys hear what Nino has planned for you?”

“ Yes, but we’re not worried about his plan for us, we’re concerned about his
plans for you and your sisters.”

“ My sisters, what about them?”

“ We’ll talk about them later, right now we need to tell you some things that
Xena asked us to do.

Diana looked at the men in a new light for the first time since she had been
back, she no longer looked at them with loathsome, but more as she had when
she first met them.

“ ok.”

Diana cast each of them a small smile, To which they returned with love in
their eyes. Xena had had the men remove the body of Gerard knowing it would
upset Diana if she saw it, and no telling what reaction Diana would have to

They went in to what all they had found out and what they would do about it
depending on the outcome between Xena and Nino. They saved the most important
information until last.

“ Diana you need to sit down for this last part.”

“ No, I’m fine, just tell me, I don’t won’t Xena in there to long it’s already
been a few minutes.”

“ Diana there is no easy way to tell you this I ‘ll just say it
straight, Nino Is Rah.”

“ What...?”

“ Nino is not Nino, he’s Rah, Rah has been using Nino’s body for years now,
and we didn’t know until Xena just told us her suspicious and then when you
left the room to go and get something to drink he confirmed what Xena had

Diana had went pale, at the information just given her, she staggered
backwards as Doc told her each thing.

“’s not can’t be true.....I would have known it was him, I
would have felt it......I can’t believe it, I’ve been sleeping with Rah all
these years....GODS! that explained why he liked calling me

Diana couldn’t finish her words choked off in her throat by the sheer
magnitude of who she had been with for all these years. Suddenly Diana heard
Xena’s voice.

“ So Nino..... you think your going to have Diana all to yourself, huh?”

“ Xena... I didn’t hear you come in, welcome, well at least I won’t have to go
and find you.”

“ No, wouldn’t want you to have to go out of your way your Majesty...”

Xena snarled as she pulled her sword, and Nino looked at her slightly amused
that she knew who he was.

“ So... My Dear Conqueror you know who I am, huh? Now how could that be?
hmmm... a bug of some sort....I’m amazed I fell for such a simple ploy, oh
well no need to keep this disguise.”

Rah then stepped back and crossing his hands in front of his face in a fan
form with his palms facing out he changed into his true form. Xena tightened
her grip on her sword as she watched Nino Change to Rah.

After Rah had changed Xena was slightly surprised to see a tall somewhat
muscular, bronze skinned raven wavy shoulder length haired man standing in
front of her holding a large sword of his own. Dressed in a gleaming armored
warriors outfit.

“ I see I surprise you at how I look?”

“ It makes no difference what you look like, because in the end it won’t

Xena hissed at Rah.

“ ha, ha , ha, ha, ha, ha are quite funny, but I must correct you, it
will matter to Diana, to wake up everyday and see blue green and brown colored
eyes greeting her.”

“ The only blue eyes that will greet her every morning will be these.”

Xena stated referring to her own. Rah’s jaw tighten and then he swung his
large sword at Xena. Xena blocked the swing and then brought her sword around
to try and cut across his abdomen, from there the deadly dance’s pace was
rapid and wearing. Xena had not thought Rah to be as strong as he was, each
blow sent slight echoes through Xena’s body.

“ XENA!!! She’s in there with Rah! GODS I got to get there !!!!”

“ No Diana you are to stay here with us!”

“ NO! Xena’s in there with someone who could kill her! Move!”

“ No, Xena asked us to keep you in here.”

Diana had tears streaming down her face as she thought of Xena in the room
with Rah , and her other Chosen keeping her from getting to her. Her heart
ached at the thought of anything happening to Xena as a result of these Chosen
keeping her out of the library.

Her eyes went to slits as she snarled at the men blocking her way.

“ Get out of the way...NOW!”

“ No Diana.”

Diana’s eyes were wild looking as she ran to the wall and pulled another sword
off of the wall, not noticing that the other was not there. She then turned
back to her other Chosen and said through clenched teeth.

“ I don’t won’t to hurt any of you, but I will kill each and everyone of you
if you don’t get out of my way.”

“ Then you will have to kill us then.”

Diana’s breathing was ragged and rapid and she eyed each of her men and seeing
that they were set to die , she lowered the sword and then turned on her
heels and flew out the other door that she had come through, they knew where
she was going and knew she would get there in a matter of moments so in order
to keep their word to Xena they went through the library door.

They came to a stop when they saw Xena and the real image of Rah engaged in a
terrible battle, which seemed as though Rah was winning from the way Xena was
breathing. Xena chanced a quick glance over at the library door and not seeing
Diana but seeing the sword of Rah coming at her she flipped over him and
landed by the opposite door, just as diana came through it.

Diana’s heart stopped as she saw Rah and Xena engaged in a deadly dance. Rah
saw Diana and spared her a evil smirk, and then he started taunting Xena.

“ Conqueror...look who’s here to see your death.”

Xena glanced over and saw Diana paled by Rah and she yelled to Diana.

“ Get out of here Consort!!”

Diana shook her head and having heard Xena’s demand she answered.

“ No!”

And Charged at Rah with the sword she was holding.


Xena Shouted as she saw Diana make her move.

Rah of course saw her also, and figured her impulsiveness would get the
better of her, he flipped over her and landed behind Xena who was now
distracted by Diana’s charging.

Diana turned in time to see Rah taking aim at Xena’s back.

“RAH NO!!”

Rah laughed and then said as he moved to inflict the deadly sword into Xena’s

“ Your mine again Princess, forever !”

And with that he moved in what seemed like slow motion to everyone else except
Diana and Xena.

Diana screamed for Xena to watch out, and just as she dived to push Xena out
of the way, Xena had moved and the sword in Rah’s hand embedded into Diana’s
left chest.


Diana screamed as she fell into Rah’s arms and he held her horrified at what
he had just done.

“ Princess can’t die...I’m sorry I didn’t mean for this to
happen...wait.....I can sa..... AGH!”

Rah Screamed as he too was now impaled by a sword. He looked up to see Hatred
and utter evil raging in the Sapphire eyes that glared down at him.

“ Die.”

Xena said with death in her eyes for Rah.

“ I can save her.”

Rah said as he felt his life blood flow from his own body and mingle with that
of Diana’s. Xena’s eyes registered the words and She immediately Lowered both
Rah and Diana to the ground.

“ How?”

“ In my chest armor is a vile,

Rah went silent. Xena shook him trying to get him to finish telling her how to
save Diana.

“ You bastard! Tell Me! Tell Me!”

Xena screamed at the now still lying form of Rah. Doc ran over to her and she
drew her sword on him ready to kill anyone who came near her or Diana.

“ Stay back! “

She sneered as she removed the sword from Diana’s chest and holding pressure
with her hand and using her thigh to cover the back she spoke to Diana.

“ Kitten....Kitten can you hear me? Please wake up, don’t leave me, you once
said you would never leave me, I’m holding you too it.”

“ Xena I know how to save her.”

Doc said as he sent one of Diana’s sisters to go and get some water, while he
had retrieved the vile Rah had spoke of.

Xena never even looked at him she just continued to talk to Diana.

“ Kitten answer me!”

“ Xena....?”

“ Yes! Kitten It’s me.”

“ Ar...are you ok?”

“ Fine, I just fine.”

“ r.a.h....?”

“ He’s dead kitten.”

“ Kitten? Yo....our ....mem......”

“ yes kitten I got my memory back, be quiet you need to rest.”

“ am I hurt?”

“ A little.”

“’t feel like a little....I ...I...fe...el...weak....”

Diana looked down at Xena’s hand and then she knew for sure.

“ I thought so.”

“ Your going to be fine.”

“ Xena...don’t kid yourself...I’m not going to be fine.....”

Diana went into a fit of a coughing spasm and Xena saw blood on her lips, and
knew the sword not only had hit her heart but also her lung.


Diana said breathless from the spasm.

“ I don’t want you to blame yourself for this, I chose to do this.”

“ Why did you not listen to me? I told you I would handle things.”

Xena scolded Diana, as tears ran down her face.

“ Xena....I couldn’t bear to see you lying dead, especially at the hand of
Rah...he was such a vile man..”

“ Diana quiet your going to be alright.”

“ No Xena I need to tell you.”

“ Xena I’m sorry I disobeyed you...again, but I’m not sorry for the reason I
did it. I love you so very much my soul would be tormented the rest of my days
if I lost you.”

“ So you leave me to suffer that torment?”

Diana gazed up into Xena’s troubled Sapphires.

“ No...never, I will always be here.”

Diana said point to her heart, but this did not pacify Xena.

“ I don’t just want you here, I want you here with me in body spirit and

“ Here Xena let me give this to her? Diana drink this.”

Doc held the mixture to Diana’s lips and helped her to drink while Xena held
Diana across her lap. Diana drunk what she could and choked slightly on some
of it. Doc then removed the drink and sat back on his knees.

“ How long?”

Xena asked.

“ I don’t know, she’s lost a lot of blood, she will have to rest for at least
a few weeks.”

“ Fine we’ll stay here until she heals.”

“ Xena I don’t know if it is going to work ..she may still ...die.”

“ No I won’t allow her to die!”

Xena spat as she glared at Doc.

“ Consort? Consort?! open your eyes and look at me.”

Xena said in her Conqueroring voice. Diana heard Xena’s voice through her fog
, and she slowly opened her eyes to look into Xena’s determined eyes.

“ You will not die, you will fight to live, do you understand?”

“ yes.”

Diana said weakly, and then Xena added with a turn in her lips.

“ And then Consort I will KILL you, for disobeying me. Do you understand?”

“ yes.”

And then Diana fell into unconsciousness. Xena lifted Diana gently and carried
her to the bedroom that was Diana’s when she was there. She laid Diana on the
bed and begun to dress Diana’s wounds. The next few days had Xena standing
duty watching over Diana.

Xena would talk to Diana even though she knew Diana was unconscious, but it
was something Diana had once told her about feeling better when she was
unconscious when she knew Xena was nearby talking to her.

Diana remained unconscious for over two weeks with her pulse weak and
threaded. Diana and Xena was visited By Diana’s sisters with each of them
offering to sit with Diana so that Xena could get some well needed sleep,
finally one day Lena came into the room and and offered to sit for as long as
Xena wanted, while she got some sleep.

“ You need to rest Lord Xena.”

“ I’m fine, I’ll rest when I know Diana is out of danger.”

“ No, you’ll rest now , that way when Diana wakes up you won’t scare her too

“ Lena I’m not in the mood.”

“I can tell, but that’s not the point, Diana would never forgive us if we let
you fall ill because you were being stubborn.”

“ She’ll get over it.”

“ Lord Xena, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way....Gods forbid you do,
I’ll end up looking like a pretzel. But I have to say this. You are not the
only one who is worried about Diana, and it is not fair that you are the only
one to gain comfort at being able to watch over her, we her sisters care as
deeply as you do, and we would like to help care for her, especially
considering that you two will be returning home when Diana is well, and we
won’t see her again.”

“ Xena expression was hard at first, but as the young girl spoke Xena realized
what she was saying was the truth.”

“ Your right.”

“ I am?! I mean I know, and I’m glad that you agree.”

Xena smirked at the boldness of the young girl and she actually saw faint
similarities in Lena’s character to that of Diana’s, both were bold and could
be pushy at times. Xena smiled at the thought of Diana badging her about

Then she was brought out of her revelry by Lena’s voice.

“ Ok, get up, you can sleep in my room for the next few nights, I’ll stay
right here in the chair.”

Xena showed some doubt about leaving Diana’s bedside at all, and Lena saw it
and again she reassured the protective Conqueror.

“ I’ll watch over her as if she were my very own sister.....oops guess I have
no choice I already am, now go.”

Lena said with some authority to her voice. Xena stood and crossed her arms
over her chest and Lena smiled and said in less of an authoritative voice but
more of asking. “ If that’s ok with you?”

“ Better. “

Xena then leaned down and kissed Diana tenderly on the lips and told her I’ll
be close, your sister Lena thinks I’m being selfish.”

Xena said raising a brow at Lena who suddenly blushed to her roots at the look
she received from the Conqueror.

“ Ha,ha,ha,ha, ha, tooo...much.”

Xena exclaimed when she saw the blush.

“ What?”

Lena asked in confusion.

“ You blush at the same look as Diana, I just found that quite interesting.”

Lena blushed further and went and sat down in the chair that Xena had just

“ Didn’t mean to embarrass you Lena.”

Xena said in a more relaxed voice. Lena crossed her arms over her chest and
she pouted. Xena walked around to look at Lena and then she chuckled and said,

“ Thank you Lena.”

“ For what?”

“ For letting me see my Diana in you, your so much like her you know that?”

“ Yes, that’s because I have for years tried to be just like her.”

“ Well you’ve succeeded.”

Xena then walked over and Kissed Lena on the top of her head and whispered in
her ear.

“ Don’t let me catch you asleep in here.”

Lena turned her head to look at Xena and saw she was serious. Xena raised her
brow a little more and then she turned on her heel and went out the door.
When Xena laid down on the bed in Lena’s room she was asleep almost before her
head hit the pillow.

While she was asleep she had a dream.

“ Conqueror?”

“ Hmmm, who’s there?”

“ It is I Rah.”

Xena’s dream eyes shot open, although Xena though she had awaken.

“ Rah what are you doing here your dead?!”

“ Calm down Conqueror, your safe and your right, I am dead, I just had to tell
you something before I was gone for good.”

“ You can’t be gone soon enough for me you bastard!”

Xena hissed. Rah understood and he shared her anger, at himself.

“ I know you won’t believe this, but I had no intentions of ever hurting Diana
like that,all I wanted was to love her.”

“ What do you know of love you bastard, all you did to her was hurt her, you
killed her family and made her kill in return, you deceived her at every turn,
you tried to turn her against me and her other Chosen, You had her kidnapped
as a child and you changed her very D.N.A. as and infant, you kidnapped her
back from me to bring her here where you continued to charade as Nino knowing
full well that if she knew who you were she would have NEVER let you bed her
without a fight, you speaking of love and me believing you is like me
believing Hades’s Watch dog only wanting to lick the hand of any who would
dare try to escape. Hah! So don’t come to me with your lies, I’m not Diana and
I know the game and I play it very well you can see.”

“ Your right, I have not acted like someone who was in love, but more of
someone who was hurt and vindicative and jealous, But I only acted like that
because I do love her. But believe it or not that’s not why I’m here.”

“ Then why?”

“ first of all , is she alive?”

“ For now.”

“ Good, then Doc was able to tell you how to save her?”

“ Yes, no thanks to you.”

“ Aha but you should at least give me that, I did give you the means by which
to save her.”

“ Fine, is that what you wanted to tell me?”

“ Thanks, but no. Did Doc tell you what you must do?”

“ What I must do? No .”

“ He didn’t tell you that you are not to be at Diana’s bedside when she first
wakes up?”

“ Rah...if this is some type of ploy of yours to separate Diana and I I swear
I will find you in what ever Tartarus your in and I will .....”

“ Xena I swear on the life of Diana that this is not a ploy.”


Xena raged at Rah.

“ Conqueror by doing so it shows you how truthful I am being, you know I would
never want Diana to come to any harm like that.”

“ Xena considered Rah's words and after a long silence she said through her

“ Fine, tell me what your talking about?”

“ Conqueror, because Diana was injured by a weapon from my planet, she will
respond to the effects of that weapon.”

“ Which are?”

“ when she first awakes she needs to see someone she has absolutely no fear

“ Well that’s not a problem then, she doesn’t fear me.”

Xena said confidently. Rah smirked and Xena scowled.

“ Conqueror, you can not believe Diana does not fear you, your very title
sends chills through her, why do you think she is in awe of you, she not only
longs for you but she also fears you, and it is because of those opposing
forces within her that causes her to thrill at the sight of you. No Warrior,
this time your wrong, Diana can not see you when she first wakes up from her
coma, she must see one of her sisters, or a friend, but I think a sister would
be the best thing for her, or it could be all of them at once, the point is it
can’t be you, or any of her other Chosen.”

“ You mean the men who are no longer looked upon as her Chosen.”

Xena interjected, Rah smiled a sincere smile and nodded his head in

“ Anyway, you must stay away from her when she awakens for 1 month, she can
not see you or them , because if she does rather than the emotion of love
surfacing first it will be hate and anger, and if that happens it will be a
long road to get her back from the darkness that will take over her soul.”

“ Are you telling me she will not remember me?”

“ She will remember you if she is allowed to be with those she does not fear
the first month, after that then you can see her, but I must warn you, when
she does begin to remember she will think you deserted her and she will be
quite angry about it, there is even a chance that she will not forgive you.”

Rah looked at Xena who was watching him with dubious eyes.

“ Conqueror I sworn on Diana’s life, I have no ill feeling towards you, I see
how much she loves you and was willing to die for you, I can not take that
away from her, I wouldn’t, I think you are The Chosen, for the two of you have
bonded in ways that none of her others or myself even came close to.”

“ Fine. I won’t let her see me for one month...but Rah I’ll find a way to get
to your planet and I will destroy it.”

“ Then it’s lucky for me I’m telling the truth.”

Rah then faded from Xena’s sight with only floating words echoing.

“ I did and do still love her even in my death, take care of her Warrior.”

Xena then truly awoke from her dream, and shaking her head she rushed down to
talk with Doc. Doc related what he knew and apologized for forgetting it, but
because of everything that was happening he just didn’t think about it.

“ So it’s true?”

Xena asked one last time.

“ Yes. I’m sorry.”

Xena then ran her hands through her head and brought them to rest under her

“ Ok, ok, I have to find somewhere where Diana can move around freely without
running into someone who causes her any fear. Damn!”

“ Lord Xena?”

Xena looked up over her brows without moving her hands, from under her chin.

“ What?”

Kim flinched at the curtness but she understood.

“ I think it would be best if you took Diana back home with you to your time.”

“ But I wouldn’t be able to take care of her.”

“ Right but Gabrielle could.”

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes, her and Terais could take care of her.”

“ Terais is dead, she was killed before I came here, as far a Gabrielle is
concerned , where could Gabrielle look out for Diana?”

“ How about at the Amazon village, Gabrielle is an Amazon now isn’t she?”

“ Yes, that may work...”

But as Xena thought about it she figured it wouldn’t work after all.

“ No. That would not work, too many of the Amazons want Diana for themselves
and I’m sure that if any were able to circumvent Gabrielle and get to Diana
and seduce her I would probably end up bringing out the dark side of Diana,
because of what I would do to any of them who touched what is mines!”

Xena forced out as her jaws tighten at the thought of having to destroy anyone
else who dare to look at Diana the wrong way.

“ I know...”

Timothy exclaimed.

“ What?”

“ Why don’t you have her taken to Gabrielle’s home village where the people
obviously loves her and she felt at home with them when she had escaped from
you that first time.”

Xena took a deep breath through her nose to calm her frustration and
resentment she was feeling for not being able to be the one to look out for
Diana in her most critical time.

“ Well?”

“ Yes.”

Xena then stood and walked towards the stairs to the bed chambers.

“ When do you plan on leaving?”

"tomorrow, I need to make sure I get things arranged so that Diana will not
have any transition problems.”

“ Can we see her?”

James asked with hope in his eyes. Xena stopped and turned to look at him and
then she looked around the room at all of the people Diana had known and
loved, she felt nothing for the men, but her heart ached for the girls.

“ Yes.”

Xena then strided up the stairs to Diana’s room, she opened the door and
watched Diana for a few moments before she entered the room. She went to sit
by the bed and she spoke tenderly to Diana as she slept in her unconscious

“ We’re going home tomorrow Kitten you and me. We’re finally going to be
together without the fear of someone from here coming after you. Your mine

Xena allowed the guys to come in and see Diana and say their final farewells
to the woman they would all miss deeply.

After the men had all said their goodbyes individually they turned to Xena and
said with their hearts in their hands.

“ Thank you for saving her from him, we will always be grateful for your
protection of her, we know as long as she is with you we won’t have to worry
about her, but if you ever need any help just let us know.”

“ Your welcome, and I won’t.”

Xena said matter-of -factly. They bowed with deep respect showing in their
eyes to the woman who had beaten them in the contest for Diana’s heart. Xena
The Conqueror was indeed The Chosen.

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