By D.virtue


Xena immediately flipped Diana so that Diana was now on the couch and she
over top. Xena torn Diana’s blouse from her body and then cursed when she saw
the bra.

“ What the......! what is this?”

“ it’s a bra.”

Well from now on no more of these, in fact you will not wear anything for the
next few weeks, is that clear?”

Xena then ripped the bra off of Diana.

“Xena I...I...can’t walk around naked all day everyday.”

Diana was finding it hard to speak due to the ravishing her face and body was
receiving from the hungry passioned filled Xena.

“ You can and will.”

Was Xena’s only response to Diana’s statement.

“ Damn ! where is the fastener to this thing?!”

Xena asked in frustration and rising irritation at all the clothing Diana was
wearing, she wanted and needed to see and feel Diana’s nude body under her
hands and eventually under her body. Diana smirked and although she was about
to explode from her own need she thought she would let Xena struggle for a
moment or so more.

“ Where is it Diana?!”

“ What?”

“ Damnit Diana! Don’t play with me right now. where is the fastener to these

Xena stated in a low almost growl of a voice. Diana’s body was flushed from
her own needs consuming her, but she was not ready to give in to Xena just

“ Here let me up and I can take them off, it’s a trick to it.”

“ let you up?! You can’t be serious? I’ll just ripped them off the same way I
did everything else.”

“ Xena only a moment .Pleaseeee?”

Diana had decided to really get back at Xena, but she had to get out from
under her first in order to do anything. Xena’s breathing was ragged and her
eyes were wild with desire.

“ OHH......OH OK! But hurry up!”

Xena rolled off of Diana and sat leaning against the armrest of the couch as
she tapped her fingers on the armrest. Diana rolled to her feet and she
methodically began to remove the tricky pants. Slowly she pushed them down
over her round hips,and firm behind, slowly down her soft firm thighs, slowly
down her own long legs and finally she stepped out of them.

Xena was about to lose total control she knew if she did she would probably
her Diana out of sheer passion and hunger to have her.

“ Come here now.”

Xena said through clenched tight teeth. Diana looked at her and her own eyes
read the same, but now she was feeling mischievous, so with a raising of her
brows, she stepped back and said,

“ I don’t think I will, I am quite hungry and that food over there looks

Diana then turned on her heels and headed for the large table. Xena in the
meantime was trying to register what just happened, and then .....once she

“ Oh no you don’t I’ve waited for this day for 2 plus damn years and I will be
damn to Tartarus if I let another minute go by. Now you get over here now and
I may be willing to forgive this act of disobedience.”

Diana looked over her shoulder, to see the warning in Xena’s eyes that she
knew was there considering the tone of voice.

“ My Lord Xena, I am so hungry.”

“ So am I! But not for that type of food.”

Diana blushed a deeper shade on top of the constance flush her body already

“ How about if we eat first and then take care of ....our other needs, I mean
you have to admit by the time all is said and done it maybe days ....”

“ Weeks!”

Xena corrected. Diana swallowed hard and then finished her statement.

“ weeks later and starting out hungry will only make us starved by then.”

“ Come here.”

Xena would have gone to Diana, but at the moment she was so tight she didn’t
know if she had the strength to move her legs that many times to get to Diana.

“ I a minute.”

Xena now clenched her teeth and said in a low growl.

“ Consort if you don’t come here right now, I promise this encounter will be
painful at many sensitive points, if you know what I mean.”

Diana looked at Xena’s clenched fist and her set jaw and she decided it was
time to let this game go for the moment. She strided back over to where Xena
sat and Diana stood before her. Xena looked up over her brows at Diana and
without saying a word she ripped off Diana’s panties. Then she grabbed Diana
around the waist and whirled her around onto the couch.

“ I was just playing Xena.”

Diana said trying to pacify the irritated Conqueror.

“ Oh is that right? Even after I told you not to? Funny, I didn’t find it
funny in the least, in fact I am quite upset about it.”

“ Xena come on now, you know I would never keep myself from you...I couldn’t
even if I wanted to which I don’t, I was just playing, I’m sorry...please
don’t be angry, i just want to enjoy being with you. Besides it’s been so long
since I teased you. Your quite sensual when your mildly frustrated. It turns
me on.”

Xena thought about Diana’s words, and although she was not happy with Diana’s
timing she had to admit she too did just want to enjoy being with her Consort
/ lover again.

“ You play a dangerous game kitten, especially when my passions are so high.”

“ forgive me?”

Diana said with a small smile starting at the corners of her mouth. Xena saw
the smile and decided she want and needed to see it in full.

“ Yes kitten, I forgive....this time.”

Diana broke into a full grin and then a contrite smile at the conclusion of
Xena’s statement. Xena’s heart flooded with emotion at seeing Diana so happy
once again, even if it was going to be for a few weeks.

“ Give me what is mine Consort.”

Xena commanded in her familiar way towards Diana when she wanted a kiss.
Diana smiled and then raising up onto her elbows she tilted her head towards
Xena, who immediately grabbed a handful of Diana’s hair and tilted her head
more while she captured Diana’s lips and with an overload of passion flowing
through both of them Xena swiped her tongue across Diana’s teeth and was
pleased to see Diana had not forgotten the meaning.

“ Mmmm....mmmmm.......mmm....”

Diana moaned as she feasted on Xena’s delicious tongue. Xena was moaning her
own pleasures at the taste of Diana’s sweet mouth once more against hers.
After over an hour of just feasting on each others mouths and tongues, with
Diana needing to take a break for air every now and then. Xena finally broke
their passionate kiss.

“ Ahh! You are truly edible my sweet sensual beauty!”

Xena said straining for control of her racing hormones. Xena then moved to
Diana’s neck and there she sucked and nipped and even bit at Diana’s tender

“ Soo.. goood, mmm...I’ve missed you kitten, mmm....”

Xena groaned as she tried to consume all of Diana’s neck. Diana in the
meantime was squirming underneath Xena who only seem to become more hungry for
the squirming figure under her.

Xena then moved down Diana’s neck to her breast and once there she kissed and
sucked and nipped and bit at the soft pliant flesh.

“ Oh.... Xena....You are the only one to make me feel like this, could only
make me feel like this. I love you so so so much. Please don’t leave me?”

Xena was just moving to her favorite part of Diana’s breast when she heard the
plead in Diana’s voice and words. She immediately brought her head up to look
Diana in the eyes although Diana’s eyes were heavily lidded she knew Xena was
looking at her so she focused her eyes on Xena’s eyes.

“ Diana I will never leave you. Never!”

Diana now let the fresh tears fall from her eyes, and Xena took a moment to go
back up and hold Diana in her arms to provide the security she knew Diana
always found in her arms. She whispered a few words of comfort and Diana

“ Now I want to finish what I started.”

Xena said as she gave Diana a quick passionate kiss. She then returned to
where she was just before Diana made her statement.

“ Ohh I’ve missed these beauties. They are truly the most magnificent nipples
I have ever seen.”

Xena then decided at the last minute she want Diana as open to her as was
possible. So she to Diana’s yelping surprised scooped Diana up and carried her
to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. she then in rapid succession got her
golden box out and brought it over to the bed and placing it on the table she
took out the leather straps and everything else she figure she would use with
Diana, including the smelling vile.

“ Xena please don’t tie me down? I want to be able to hold you.”

“ You will still be able to do that ....later. But right now I need you
completely my way.”

Xena said hoping Diana understood. Diana although she didn’t want to be tied
she did understand what Xena was saying. Xena tied Diana’s wrist and spread
them so that they were wide apart, then she tied each of diana’s ankles and
again she spread them so that Diana’s legs were wide apart and her womanhood
was open to Xena’s complete view.

Xena saw the sight and a warm wavy feeling ran through her body.


Xena sat on her heels on the bed between Diana’s spread legs and she just
gazed over every part of Diana from her ebony colored hair on her head to the
soft chiselled features of her youth face, down to her long graceful neck to
her firm, yet soft delectable breast with the two soldier like nipples
standing at attention. down to her firm ticklish abdomen and sides, down to
the soft downy ebony hair covering the blood filled lips of Diana’s outer
nature on in to the glistening entrance into Diana’s savory nature.

Xena placed her hands on each of Diana’s legs and she let her hands caress the
soft skin as they moved upwards. Xena allowed the palm of her hand to caress
over Diana’s nature and then she moved them up to Diana’s abdomen and as she
did so she leaned further and further up Diana’s body. Diana was tempted to
speak but decided not to. She knew what Xena was doing, she too would do the
same as soon as she got a chance.

Xena came down right where she had left off at Diana’s taut nipple. This time
the only thing Xena did before taking them in her mouth was adjust the gloves
she had put on.

Xena then wet her lips with her tongue and she slowly let her tongue run up
and then down the peak. It immediately tighten further.

“ Ah...!”

Xena again ran her tongue the length of the tightening peak.

“ OHHH.......”

Diana whimpered, as she tighten her grip on the leather straps binding her

Xena was in no hurry despite her great need, she found her need to rediscover
Diana greater. So she continued in her pleasure filled albeit torturous way.

Xena slowly brought her lips to the top of the aching peak and she sucked just
the top of the nipple into her mouth using her tongue to control how far the
nipple went in. She teased at the top of the nipple captured between her lips
and tongue. Xena let her tongue do the work on the top of the sensitive peak.


Diana moaned as her need was slowly consuming her. Xena then slowly let sucked
the nipple into her mouth and down to the juncture, once there she she sucked
hard and then lighted and slowly reverse her previous course back to the top,
never letting the nipple out of her mouth completely.

“ OOOOO....Ohhhhh......G.o.d...s...s...s......Xe..naaaaa......”

Diana was squirming uncontrollably, but the binds held her in place enough to
not distract Xena from what she was doing. Xena again sucked the exquisite
peak into her warm hungry mouth once again straight to the juncture.

“ h..uh..h...uh...uh....h...uh.. Xe..naaa pleaseee.... Gods!”

Xena sucked hard on the highly sensitive nipple and then after a few minutes
of doing that, she bit down hard and waited to hear Diana’s passioned filled
cry and promise.


“ No. I have to much I need to do with you before I do that Consort.”

Xena then returned her attention back to her previous task. Diana’s nipples
had begun to produce cool spring water for Xena to drink due to the heavy
perspiration that was presence on Xena’s brows, from holding her hormones in
check while she rediscovered everything about Diana’s body.

After a few moments of drinking the refreshing water from Diana’s breast,
while Diana squirmed and pulled at her binds trying to get loose, but this
time Xena remembered what happen the last time Diana was so worked up where
she broke free of the bindings, Xena had these specially made to her
specification, for the sole purpose of using on Diana.

Xena then placed one of her hands on the nipple of the breast she had just
sensitized. now she moved her lips to the other, where once again she let her
tongue lick up and down the solid peak.

“Mmm...MM....mM...mmm... YOUR Torturing me on purpose! Aren’t you Xena?!

Diana accused through her great need to have Xena take her. she figured she
could provoke her and thereby Xena would succumb to taking her. But Xena held
her control and recognized instantly what Diana was doing.

Xena then slowly sucked the peak into her mouth while at the same time her
other hand with the glove on begun to suck it’s captured nipple in and out
hard and rapidly.

Diana’s mind went blank for lack of being able to categorize the two euphoric
causing sensations. One rapid and hard the other slow and sensual. Diana’s
body was trembling and shaking as if someone were trying to wake her from a
deep dream.

All Xena heard was a shaky “ AH...” from Diana and then a long exhaled
breath that only stopped when Xena finally freed both of Diana’s nipple. Xena
wasn’t sure if Diana had just orgasmed or not although she didn’t think Diana
would, especially after what had happened the last time she accidentally lost
her control.

“ You didn’t just.....?”

Xena started to ask, when Diana shook her head side to side, unable to speak
due to the closed off air way from the lump in her throat and the tears that
ran down her face.

“ Why are you crying then?”

Xena asked out of concern. Diana tried to speak but was unable to. Xena then

“ Use your mind to tell me why.”

Diana simply shook her head slowly side to side. Xena was confused and begun
to think something bad had just happened to Diana.

“ Diana? look at me! Are you hurt?”

Again Diana shook her head side to side, but Xena needed something different.

“ Consort if your not hurt, pull on the leather tie on your right.”

Diana pulled on the tie, and Xena’s heart beat once again.

“ Is it just that your overwhelmed by what I just did to you?”

Diana nodded her head in acknowledgement to Xena’s question. Xena smirked and
then said,

“ You scared me. I thought something bad had happened to you.”

Xena begun to lecture Diana, when suddenly she heard Diana’s strained

“ My Lord Xena Are You Going To leave Me In such need or lecture me? I need to
know so that If your intentions are to lecture me I can just die right now
from my unfulfilled need, want , desire, Hunger, LUST, PASSION! OR WHATEVER

Xena laughed out loud.

“ No Consort I don’t plan on leaving you in such GREAT need.”

With that Xena leaned back down and begun kissing and biting and nipping at
Diana’s ticklish abdomen and sides. She then made her way to the downy covered
nature of Diana. She blew a gentle breath upon the hairs and watched them move
gently like blades of long grass caught in the breeze of the evening Zephyr.

“ Mmmmm......”

Diana moaned. Xena then brought her hands down and parted Diana’s outer lips
to reveal that succulent clit of hers.

“ Ahhh, yes another favorite.”

Xena said more to herself than to Diana. She then brought her lips to it and
kissed it.


Diana jumped at the initial contact. Xena then ran her tongue over it slowly
at first and then more rapidly. Diana was again near delirium and the only
sound she could make was a weak....

“ ahhhh......”

Xena then sucked the peak into her mouth and again she ravished it. Diana was
trying to move her hips so that her nature was even closer to Xena, so that
Xena could take more of her into her mouth if she wanted, not that there was
anything left outside of Xena’s mouth. But of course Diana was not able to
even move an inch closer due to her ties.

“Mmm, so ...good.... Consort....sooooo good.”

Xena said through the side of her mouth, as she sucked. Then all of a sudden
Xena closed her teeth somewhat tight on the peak and Diana’s movements froze

“ Xe....Xee..nnnaaaa?”

“ Hm?”

Xena asked innocently.

“ Are you going to bite it off?”

Diana asked trying not to move a muscle.

“ No, I just wanted to see if there was anything new, like this producing a
sweet juice or something?”

“ AH... If You let go....I more inclined to answer you?”

“ No you don’t need to I have the answer.”

“ Then please let go?”

Xena smiled and then abruptly let go.

“ GODS! Xena.”

Xena didn’t answer Diana’s statement but instead slid her tongue to the
opening of Diana’s nature.

“ Ahhhh. Gods Woman! Pain and pleasure is that it? OHHHHH....My

Xena then thought about something.

“ Consort? When was the last time you were with one of them?”

Diana was in and out of delirium by this time so she was sure what Xena had

“ Wh...what?”

“ I said when was the last time you were with one of them?”

“ A month or so ago I think, Why?”

“ Good.”

Xena then said,

“Reform My Little Shield”

Then she slid her tongue in until it touched the familiar shield. Diana jumped
at the initial contact, but Xena ignored it and continued to push her now
transformed tongue into it.

“ Owwwww....... Xe....naaaaa?”

Xena used her mind to talk to Diana.

“ It’s ok Consort I just needed to feel you this way. “

Xena continued to push her tongue into the shield. she felt the fibers of it
start to give, she heard Diana crying, but still with passion filling her
voice. Xena pushed further and further and further still feeling every fiber
give way to her pressure. With one final push Xena’s tongue went through the
shield and Diana Screamed.

“ Ahh.... now that was quite fulfilling.”

Xena thought contently as she then pushed her tongue to Diana’s core where she
immediately begun to bath it with her talented tongue.

“ Hmm... you are so damn good Consort!”

Xena exclaimed as she tasted Diana’s naturally sweet nature. Then Xena brought
the tip of her tongue to the front of Diana’s core and once there her tongue
had a mind of it’s own, or at least that’s the way it seemed to Diana, who was
moaning and pleading with Xena for release.


Xena’s tongue was now pumping against Diana’s core, while at the same time
pumping into Diana’s nature. After long eternity seeming time had past, with
Diana and Xena completely bathe in perspiration Xena finally said,

“Give yourself to me Consort, so that I can reclaim you.”

Xena’s words were simple and to the point. Diana heard and immediately
screamed her acceptances of Xena’s statement.


Diana’s exclamation and reaffirmation that she was still Xena The Conquerors,
served to topple Xena over ecstasies cliff. Her mind chanted.


She chanted this in her mine the whole time her and Diana were lost in
ecstasy. After over an two hours of their extended ecstasy Diana collapsed
onto the bed. Xena untied Diana’s restrained limbs and she held Diana, but
Xena was not only holding Diana to have a close, but Diana was totally
oblivious to the fact that Xena was now ready to ravish her the way she had
initially planned before her need to rediscover took over.

“ Diana?”

Xena whispered into Diana’s ear. Diana didn’t answer, she just rolled over so
that she was now almost on top of Xena. Xena smirked conspiratororily.


Xena whisper in a singsong voice. Still not a sound just a firmer hold around
Xena’s waist. Xena smirked again and this time she let her fingers talk for
her. She ran them down Diana’s back to her round firm behind. Xena kneaded the
flesh in her hands and finally received what she was waiting for, a moan from

“ mmmm....”

“ You like that huh, kitten?Well let’s see what you think of this.”

Xena then reached onto the table next to her and putting on three of her
fingers what looked like a miniaturized phallus she then brought her hand back
to Diana’s behind and slowly she slid her hand around between her and Diana’s
abdomens, down to Diana’s downy hair and finally straight into Diana’s nature.

“ Ah!”

Diana exhaled through her mouth as she rolled over onto her back due to Xena
pushing her over, so that she could have a better angle at which to work. Xena
was now licking her lips.

“ Your going to love our new toy Consort.”

Xena whispered to the semi unconscious Consort. Xena then said,

“ Reform My Little Shield.”

Once again Diana was put in a virginal state. Xena then slowly applied
pressure to the inside of the small phallus that soon began to grow to a large
one, that remained fitted on Xena’s long fingers. Xena then slowly pushed into
Diana’s still slick nature. When she meant the shield she said to Diana,

“ Here we go.”

Xena thrusted the phallus deep into Diana, whereas Diana’s hips flew off of
the bed, and she screamed once again, in her semi unconscious state.

“ OWWWWwww! AHHHh, mmm. Haa..haa...haa...haa.....mmm....”

Diana moan after the initial pain, as Xena thrusted into her with abandon and
conviction, as she emphasized each point with a thrust.

“ Your mine Diana! “

“ Haa....!”

“ Mine!”


“ I will be the only one who beds you when this is all over!”

“ Haa....!”

“ You belong to no one but ME!”


“ The Conqueror !”

“ Haa...haa...haa...ahhh....haa......haaa....haa....haa....ha....!”

Diana was meeting each of Xena’s thrust with a whimper and exhaled breaths
from the force of each one.

After Xena’s final exclamation she begun to thrust vigorously into Diana,
rapidly and deeply. As she laid down over top of Diana with her hands between
her and Diana. Xena kissed Diana fiercely and then whispered into the young
girls ear once again.

“ Come for your Greatest love Diana.”

Diana even in her semi unconscious state heard all and she threw back her head
as her ecstasy took over. her hips shot up off the bed and she went stiff as
wave after wave after wave of delicious ecstasy flowed from her core. The
phallus absorbed all of it for Xena’s later consumption.

“ Yes kitten you know your mine, don’t you? Yeee.....ssss.”

Xena said shuddering with her own release at the power she had over this
wonderful young woman, as well as the referring sensation the flesh like
phallus sent to her own jeweled area.

“ I love you Diana.”

Xena finally said after her’s and Diana’s ecstasy ended. Once again Diana
collapsed to the bed while Xena withdrew her fingers and the phallus attached
to it. Xena then rolled off of Diana and laid on the pillow next to the rapid
breathing Consort. One of her arms behind her head ,she then leisurely
applied pressure to the inside of the phallus thus making it small once again,
but it now had a small opening at the top.

Xena brought the tip to her lips and she leisurely flicked her tongue over the
top of it . She decided to let Diana wake up on her own rather than using the
vile to wake her, this way she had some time to think about how she would get
the other Chosen out of Diana’s life for good. she discovered she hated
sharing her Consort with anyone for any reason.

“ Hm... Now how do I get you guys to accept that Diana is not to be bedded by
any of you again? Hmmmm.... This is absolutely wonderful tasting, I’ve
forgotten just how wonderful and sweet you are Consort.”

Xena turned her head slight to look over at the woman who provided Xena with
such a wonderful dessert. Xena casually sucked on the tip of the phallus that
was filled with Diana’s essence. Diana’s breathing was beginning to return to
normal and Xena smiled at the thought of how long it had taken her to do so.

“ Interesting kitten it took you a bit to get your breathing back to normal, I
wonder if that’s something new about you, the fact that it took you so long,
or is it just one of the effects of your being unconscious. Hm....I have to
check that out when you wake up. So good!”

Xena said absentmindedly at the nectar she was tasting. Xena laid and thought
of many things and ways she could possibly get Diana’s other Chosen out of
Diana’s life, but none seemed like it would hold all the way through. She
needed to see her Consort with them to see how they interacted.

“ Diana I know you say you only want to be with me, but I can’t get past the
thought that there is possibly something in you that would not want to leave
them completely behind, I hope I’m wrong, I would hate to have to kill
everyone of them to assure that you were mines and mines along. Hm, that’s
funny, you would probably hate me....but hate or not at least you would be
with me!”

Xena talked to Diana and herself the whole time Diana, while drinking of
Diana’s essences. After hours had past Diana finally begun to arouse from her

“ Hmm..... Xena?”

Diana said weakly.

“ Right here kitten. “

Xena answered as she rolled onto her side to look at Diana. Diana opened her
eyes slowly and squinted at the bright light that was filtering into the
otherwise shadowed room. Diana was finally able to focus and when she saw the
sapphires of Xena’s eyes and she smiled. Xena’s heart melted and she leaned
down and planted a tender kiss on Diana’s lips. Diana returned the gesture in

She then raise one of her hands to Xena’s face and when Xena finally broke
their kiss, Diana said with a stronger voice.

“ I love you My Lord Xena.”

Xena was moved by Diana’s words and all she could do was watch the absolute
love shine from Diana’s eyes, her kindred soul. Xena realized she was about to
lose her battle with tears that were trying to form so she said quickly....

“ I love you Consort.”

And then rolled over onto her back and covered her eyes with her arm, as if
she was just blocking the light from her eyes.

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