By D.virtue

“ How much further ?”

“ It’s about an hour from here.”

Diana said looking out the window, gauging their location.

“ Good. “

Xena said with a lustful gleam in her eyes.

“ We have time.”

“Time for what?”

Diana asked slightly confused.

“ This.”

Xena said , then begun to unfasten Diana’s blouse, and to her approval Diana
was not wearing a bra. Xena laid Diana back along the car seat and kissing her
passionately she slid her hands down along Diana’s neck and on to her chest
where she caught the tightening peaks in her fingers and she squeezed and
pulled and pinched at them.

“ Mmmmm...... “

Diana moaned into Xena’s sweet mouth, as her chest rose to meet the
stimulating fingers of Xena’s hands as they continued their passionate kiss.
Xena soon broke the kiss and blazing a trail down Diana’s neck to her waiting
peaks, Xena covered one completely and vigorously and hungrily sucked hard on
the tender nipple.

Diana was now squirming and moaning as Xena consumed first one then the other
nipple, taking her drink from them rather than the now forgotten glass of

Xena ravished Diana for most of the ride over to 1st street, then when Martin
came over the speaker and announced they would be arriving in the next few
minutes, Xena thought about continuing, but knew she had to end their little
tryst for the time being, although she was extremely tight and needing , she
consciously tamped down her raging hormones and then leaning to Diana’s ear
she whispered,

“ sorry Consort , we have to stop. “

“ Nooo....., not yet please I need you so badly, please Xena?”

Xena loved to hear Diana beg her to take her, not that she really needed to ,
because Xena would take Diana with or without the asking. But it was a turn on
to Xena to hear the need in Diana’s voice.

“ I know kitten, but we’ll be there in a moment, and I don’t think it would be
a good idea to let Martin see you like this, no telling what he would do,
possibly go back and tell the guys.”

“ haaaa,, haaa....N...o....he....wouldn’t do that.”

Diana said breathlessly, Xena smirked and then she said,

“ you never know, why take the chance?”

“ Ok, ok, but one last one, please?”

Xena nipped at Diana’s earlobe and sucked it into her mouth, Diana moaned and
started to become painfully tight, Xena moved down between Diana’s soft velvet
thighs, and once there she seized on Diana’s clit and sucked with ardor,
Diana’s hips flew up off the car seat and just as she was about to release the
car slowed. Xena instantly looked out the window and saw they were pulling
into the front of the large grand building.

“ Consort we have to stop.”

“ Xena please not yet Gods not yet please, please Please My Lord Xena?”

“ Kitten we don’t have time, we’re here.”

Diana was breathing hard and her heart was pounding out of her chest.

“ I can tell Martian not to open the door that we will do it?”

Diana said breathless. Xena leveled her gaze on Diana and then said with

“ No, now get up.”

Diana registered what Xena had said and she sat up and looked out the window.
and seeing that they had indeed arrived she said in utter frustration..

“ MAN! what lousy timing!”

Diana said out of breath as she fumbled to straighten herself before Martin
stopped. Xena saw Diana struggling with her clothes and once she had rapidly
finished fastening her own, she leaned forward and efficiently and expertly
fastened and straighten Diana’s clothes. Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes in
appreciation and Xena smirked at what she saw.

“ What ?”

“ We’re going to have to finish this sometime soon.”

“ What? This what you so abruptly stopped?”

“ Yes.”

“Why? I mean not that I don’t agree but where?”

“ Your eyes, my little Consort, I love the color on you, but it may shock a
few people, and we definitely don’t want the guys to see your eyes this

“ did it.”

“ I know.”

Xena said with a sheepish smile. Diana just pouted.

“ Don’t worry I’ll find a way to....... calm you.”

Xena chuckled.

“Ha. ha. ha.”

She then had Diana fix her hair back up and Diana immediately redid Xena’s
hair, and had just finished just as the car stopped and Martin got out of the
car and walked around to open the door on the other side.

Xena stepped out first. Her long shapely legs leading the way, then Diana
followed with her own long shapely legs. Once they both were out they were
stared at once again. Everyone who was standing outside either talking to
clients at their cars or those coming in or leaving and all the visitors to
the beautiful looking building.

The building looked like it was all glass, but it had crystal windows, with
intricately designed rotating doors, marble and granite floors with wall
decorations. The building was a work of art and had won many awards, although
Diana was not proud of the building because of the awards, but because of who
it reminded her of and the fact that she missed her so much.

Xena looked around casually, while Diana smiled and then said,

“ So what do you think?”

“ It’s beautiful, but I didn’t expect anything less. “

Diana smirked and said,

“ that’s a first.”

Xena looked at her and with knitted brows asked,

“ What is?”

“ Your missing something.”

Diana said simply. Xena looked at her and then back at the building and then
as if struck across the face she spotted the large sign indicating the name of
the building, made of precious jewels with Diamonds and Sapphires making up
the name of the building. Xena was struck dumb as to how she could miss such a
magnificent thing.

She looked back at Diana and with a look that was deceiving to others looking
on, told Diana exactly how she was feeling about what she was seeing. Diana
then asked in her seductive voice that only Xena recognized what it was and
the meaning of Diana’s words.

“ like my Gift? “

Diana raised a brow at Xena and Xena finally found her voice and said in a
hidden meaning tone.

“ We will talk about this, you can be sure.”

Their gazes at each other lingered a moment longer and then Xena said in a
tightening voice,

“ let’s go inside.”

Diana heard the strain in Xena’s voice and she knew it was there because of
Xena trying to hold back her emotions. So without further comment they
strided into the building. Xena was now about to see Diana in her element.
Diana entered the doors just ahead of Xena and just as she did her employees
begun a barrage of greeting at the owner of the company that they were all to
happy to be working at, especially considering they were all well taken care
of by the company with personal interaction with Diana and her Chosen at

“ Good morning Lady Diana.”

“ Good morning.”

“ Good to see you again Lady Diana, we missed you.”

“ Thank you Thomas, nice to see you all also.”

The greeting went on all the way to the office. Diana stopped many times and
Xena was becoming agitated.

“ Diana let’s get to where we’re going , now.”

Xena finally said whispering so that Diana was the only one to hear her. Diana
not only heard the words she heard the warning, she looked at Xena and
received a look that told Diana ,

“ Let’s get there.”

Diana smirked and Xena arched a brow. Finally Diana said with humor,

“ Ok.”

The two women finally arrived on one of the floors where she had an office
located, she liked to be among those who worked for her so as to be
assessible, although she had a suite on the top floor she had to do some
things on this floor before going there, so when Diana and Xena entered onto
the bustling floor, everyone stopped to acknowledge the arrival of Lady Diana
back with claps of hands and verbal greetings.

Xena was impressed to see such affection for her Consort and she casually
scanned the room, while they had stopped once again for Diana to accept the
acknowledgements and to return her own acknowledgements of the fine job
everyone had done while she was away tending to other things.

After a bit of time had past Diana soon excused herself and Xena and made her
way to her executive secretary’s desk, who was standing waiting for Diana.

“ Lady Diana ! Welcome back, I’ve missed you so much here at the office .

Tracy said as she handed Diana the incoming mail and messages, that were
addressed to her but was being handled by Lydia.

“ Tracy, it is wonderful to see you again also, how is your family? “

Tracy beamed at the personal inquiry, and Xena smirked to herself at the
closeness Diana had with her and everyone else.

“ Oh! their during wonderful, my husband Jon always asked about you and the
fact that he wants a rematch in your ongoing game of Chess, although you’ve
beating him every game, he still thinks the last one was close, even though
you beat him after 5 moves.”

“ Ha, ha, ha, is that right? Tell him he’s got it.”

Diana said squeezing Tracy’s shoulder, who became a little emotional at the
gesture and placed her hand on top of Diana’s.

“ It is truly good to have you back Lady Diana.”

Tracy said as she swiped at a tear with one hand. Diana smiled and with
another squeeze said,

“ I’ve missed you also Tracy. “

Tracy finally removed her hand from atop Diana’s and looking behind her she
gave a small smile to the stoic face woman who was watching their interaction
with interest. Diana saw where Tracy’s gaze had traveled and to ease Tracy’s
concern Diana introduced the two.

“Tracy Markham, this is T.C. A new Associate I’ve hired. T.C. This is Tracy
Markham my administrative Coordinator, they use to be called executive
secretaries, I interchange the terms sometime. Anyway she will assist you with
anything that you need or want.”

“Hello Ms. T.C. It is great to have you working with us, Lady Diana is a well
loved boss, that all of us would do anything for.”

“ Hello Miss Markham, nice to meet you, and I do agree with you.”

Xena said acknowledging the young woman’s statement, Tracy smiled and then
Xena turned to Diana and said,

“ We have some things we need to tend to right now.”

“ Oh, yes, of course, Tracy ? please let Lydia know that I am here, if she
doesn’t already, she wanted to see me about something. I’m also going to close
my Shades for a bit, I’m not quite ready to see a lot of people, but maybe I
will be later, right now just have Lydia come here in 2 hours, I have to go
over some things with T.C. ok?”

“ Yes Lady Diana I’ll make sure your not disturbed. Lady Diana?

“ Yes Tracy?”

“ I love your lens.”

“ My lens?”

“Yes the Sapphire one’s your wearing their very becoming on you.”

“ Oh, yes, thank you Tracy. “

“ Your welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you Ms. T.C.”

“You to Miss Markham.”

Xena said returning the acknowledgement once again. Diana and Xena went into
Diana’s office and Xena closed the door and Diana picked up a remote and
turned and pressed the button and it and the shades to the office were closed.

“ Can anyone hear us?”

Xena asked. Diana turned around and walked to the other side of the desk and
put her feet up on the corner the way she had seen Xena do so many times.

“ No, and plus my door automatically locks.”

Diana added as Xena stood studying Diana and how she was sitting.

“ Comfortable?”

“ Quite thank you, now what did we need to talk about so urgently that you
practically pushed me down the halls?”

Diana asked feigning innocents. Xena raised a brow at the young girl and then
she said,

“ Come here and I’ll not only tell you, but show you as well.”

Diana cut her blue eyes to look over at Xena now sitting on the large sofa
with her
feet up and crossed at the ankles, with arms crossed at her chest. Diana was
once again feeling playful although tight as a drum, but she felt like
teasing, although she wasn’t sure how Xena would take it or for how long.

“ oh but T.C. I’m quite comfortable over here like this, I can see why you
sat like this a lot of times.”

“ yes it is comfortable, but I want you to come over here, and DON’T call me
T.C when we're alone Consort.”

Diana heard the reprimand.

“ Sorry, just playing.”

“ Well I’m not in the mood, I have needs that I want taken care of.

“ Oh, ok I’ll call for Tracy to take care of whatever they are, remember
that’s what she’s there for.”

Diana said teasingly. Xena’s brow raised and then furrowed.

“ Is that what you use her for Consort?!”

“ Excuse me?”

Diana said looking Xena straight in the eyes due to the change in Xena’s tone.

“ You know how I feel about repeating myself.”

“ I know, but I’m a little confused about the question.”

“ Why ?”

“ Why?!” why would you think I .....use her like that?”

“ You stated that, that’s what she was for.”

“ I was kidding, I would never let anyone take care of those needs of yours,
that’s my pleasure to do that! “

Xena’s expression soften and then she said,

“ Ok then come and take your pleasure.”

Diana got up and went to stand before Xena. Xena motioned for Diana to undue
her blouse so that Xena could get to her breast. Diana did as she was told and
went to her knees, Xena turned and placed her long legs over Diana’s back and
exposed her jewel to Diana’s gaze.

Diana leaned in and inhaling deeply she went to work feasting on Xena’s jewel.

“ Ahhhhh......good girl.”

Xena said as she intertwined one of her hands in Diana’s Ebony hair, while
leaning back with her other arm back behind her head. Xena moaned and
shivered as Diana touched each and every stimulating area of Xena’s jewel,
which was pretty much everywhere. Finally after a bit Xena’s body stiffened
and she called for Diana to go over with her. Diana was happy to oblige.

After a few moments to catch her breath Xena then pulled Diana up her body by
her hair and Diana was still breathing somewhat rapidly. Xena pushed the young
woman back onto the sofa and crawled up her body and taking her soft lips into
hers Xena Kissed Diana passionately and smiled at the strawberry taste she
knew was from her jewel, that she had chosen for Diana to enjoy.

Xena then broke their kiss and leaning towards Diana’s ear, which always seem
to be more sensitive when she was highly aroused, Xena whispered,

“ I love your gift, I am so very touched by it, I love you Consort.”

“ Mmmmm... My Lord Xenaaa....I love youuu...”

Xena smiled against Diana’s ear and then she took the lobe into her mouth and
sucked and bit at it, as Diana shivered and shuddered at the stimulating
sensation. Xena soon moved back to Diana’s lips and once again she feasted on
it, once again delving deep into Diana’s sweet mouth.

“ Mmmhmmm... your so sweet....”

Xena moaned into Diana’s mouth. while Diana moaned and groaned back into
Xena’s. Xena’s hands were now spreading Diana’s legs and one hand made it’s
way to Diana’s soft silky nature. She let her fingers run over Diana’s
pulsating clit, and she caressed and rubbed and pulled at it.

“ Ahhhhh..... Xeennaa.....Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyy.......oooooo.”

Diana moaned still into Xena’s mouth, who only was turned on more by Diana’s
pleasure sounds. Xena soon moved her talented fingers to the entrance of
Diana’ nature and she felt how wet and ready Diana was for her to take her,
but Xena lingered around the entrance, teasing as if she were going to enter
but not quite breaking the plane of the entrance.

Diana tried to move her hips to push against Xena’s teasing fingers, but every
time she did Xena would take her hand away, so Diana was left to wait for Xena
to decide to take her.

“ Xenaaa please?”

“ Please what Consort?”

“ Pleaseeee....?”

“ I don’t know what you want Consort, tell me and I’ll do it, whatever you
want. But you have to tell me.”

Xena said teasing Diana knowing that Diana was just barely able to speak as it


Diana screamed. Xena laughed and then went back to kissing Diana passionately,
she broke the kiss and this time Xena said, everything you want, everything
you shall have Consort, and with that Xena said,

“ Reform My Little Shield.”

Diana’s eyes fluttered open at the words and she was going to say something
but instead she screamed.

“ G.O.D.SSSSS!!!! “

As Xena suddenly thrusted three fingers deep inside of Diana through her
shield straight to her core. Diana’s hips went to lift off the sofa but Xena
purposely let her weight rest on Diana, so that Diana would not be able to
move away. Xena thrusted into Diana with force and vigor, the rhythm she had
set was one that rapidly built Diana to her peak. Diana was not able to move
any part of her hips or legs due to Xena’s body positioned just so over her

“ Ohhh your so wet my little Consort.....soooo very wet for me, your Lord and
Conqueror, give me what is mine, cum for me and me alone, now....”

Xena’s provocative words and stimulating voice and actions were making Diana,
who was already highly aroused before they started, now was deliriously,
panting as Xena pumped her strong fingers against her core, when Diana heard
Xena’s permission to release Diana immediately threw her head back and let her
ecstasy take over her.

“ Ahhhhh... yesssss, sweet sweet warm and creamy.....”

Xena was lost in her own ecstasy at Diana’s release and not being able to hold
back from feasting on Diana's sweet nectar. Xena lowered her body so that she
was positioned between the legs of the still ecstasy feeling young Consort.

Xena rapidly removed her fingers and replaced them with her gifted tongue.
She thrusted her tongue deep into Diana’s cream filled nature and begun to
feast on the sweet cream. Diana’s hips in the mean time flew up and stayed as
she released harder due to the new sensation that was now taking over her

“ OHHHHh........Xeennnnaaaaaa!”

Diana moaned through her ecstasy as Xena let her tongue bathe Diana’s core and
push at the front of that core. Diana continued in her ecstasy for a while
longer and Xena experienced it with her. When Diana finally was spent and her
body went limp and fell back onto the sofa, Xena crawled back up Diana’s body
and stopped at her nipples.

“ I know you want time to catch your breath Consort, but I can not pass these
beauties up .”

Xena warned Diana before she seized upon the taut peaks, with her mouth and
fingers. Xena sucked and licked and bit and pinched and pulled at the peaks
and when they started to produce she drank deeply from each one of them. Diana
was squirming at the stimulation and was once again ready to release at Xena’s
approval, to which she didn’t have to wait long seeing how Xena herself was

They both went over once again this time the intensity was so deep that it
caused both of their bodies to shake while they released. Finally after the
ecstasy had passed they both fell to the sofa, with Xena on top of Diana, both
breathing hard and rapidly, their hearts beating at the same thudding beat
that pounded against the inside of their chest, both were perspiring quite a
bit and Xena knew even through her exhaustion that they had to get cleaned up,
seeing how Lydia would be arriving soon.

“ Consort. We have to get cleaned up.”

Diana snuggled against Xena and moaned and purred her rejection of the idea of
moving just yet from her warm cozy covering, which was Xena’s hot body.
Xena kissed Diana on the chest and then moved up and kissed her lips , then
moved up and kissed her forehead, at which point she said as she pulled Diana
up with her with some effort to a standing position.

“ Come on kitten, where’s the bath?”

Diana opened her eyes....barely and through squinted eyes she said,

“ I don’t want to get into some cold water right now.”

“ It won’t be cold this time, unless you give me trouble.”

Diana looked at Xena and then she pointed towards the back of the office. Xena
helped Diana to the room and was pleased to find it not only had a separate
bath but also a shower. She immediately chose the shower and turning on the
faucet she set it to a comfortable temperature.

She then helped Diana out of her clothes and then herself and then got into
the relaxing shower. Xena and Diana bath themselves and then dried and oiled
each other and then Xena realized they didn’t have anymore clothes to wear,
and the idea of having different clothes on in the office was not a desirable
thought, seeing how that would arouse suspicion.

Diana saw the look of concern cross Xena’s face, but she smiled and picking
up the clothes, she took them into another room of the office and once there
she hung them up, and putting a vinyl looking gown length bag over each of the
outfits and sealing the bottom, she looked back at Xena who was watching with
knitted brows, Diana smirked and then she pinched the corner of each of the
bags and the bags immediately inflated and the sound of steam could be heard,
and then air. after one minute, the bags deflated and Diana removed them from
over the outfits.

Xena was surprised and pleased to find the outfits were like new. Diana handed
Xena her outfit and she took her own and they dressed rapidly., straightening
their hair as well. Xena was pleased to find the outfit was even softer than
when she first had it made.

“ I’M impressed Consort, you never seem to stop impressing me, I must admit I
have never met anyone who was able to impress me as much as you are able to
do. I knew the first time I saw you challenging me that you were quite
special, I just didn’t realize the depth of your exquisiteness.”

Diana blushed at Xena’s intimate words and went to give her a hug of

“ Your such a cuddly kitten.”

Xena said recognizing how Diana loved to be held by her. Xena kissed the top
of Diana’s head and they stood there holding one another. Finally Xena wanting
to feel Diana’s lips against her own said in her most convincing commanding

“ Give me what belongs to me Consort.”

Diana looked up into Xena’s now stoic face and eyes, and seeing a hint of
playfulness in them, Diana smiled and tilted her head so as to have her lips
claimed by Xena. Xena did just that. After a bit more of their passionate
kissing Xena finally broke their kiss and Diana was a little unsteady, but
after a moment she steadied while Xena smirked.

“ Well, I can’t help it, you always seem to take my breath away.”

Diana said slightly defensively, letting the double meaning go for the
Xena chuckled and then looking into Diana’s eyes she said,

“ Well now, I guess that takes care of that..... for a while.”

Diana blushed at the obviousness of her needs for Xena showing so vividly in
her eyes.

Xena lifted Diana’s chin with her strong fingers and studying Diana’s eyes she
said with a low sensual voice,

“ You are so beautiful my young Consort.”

Diana blushed to her roots, and Xena let a small smile play at the corner of
her mouth, Diana tried to lower her eyes but Xena added a little pressure to
her chin so that she would continue to look into her eyes.

“ Diana, I will get us home, I promise.”

Tears welled up in Diana’s eyes at the thought of going home, back to her’s
and Xena’s . Xena saw the tears forming and then roll down Diana’s cheeks.
Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist and squeezed, while Xena held
Diana so close one would have thought they were one.

“ I know you will, I have no doubts, but I am so glad your here with me.”

“ I’ll always be here for you .”

Again a squeeze from Diana. Xena kissed the top of Diana’s head, and then
after holding each other until they heard Tracy’s voice come over the speaker
phone, they broke their embrace, but not before Xena laid a spicy kiss on

Diana smiled and then as she passed behind Xena she threw a swat at Xena’s
behind and then ran to the other room, feigning like she had to hurry and
answer, although she knew it was really because Xena was not the type to
let Diana be one up on her.

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