The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls:

Part 6- Who Is Conquering Whom?
Shana and Kye


Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, and the Persians do not belong to us. We are just borrowing them for a while, and will return them all unharmed, although Xena and Gabrielle will be a lot happier. Any other characters belong to the bards, in some form or another.

Violence: Hints of it.

Language: Yep, quite a bit of offensive language this go round..

Sex: Uh...yep! And plenty of it...there's so much sex you can't even see the plot! You know the rhetoric, if females having sex with other females offends you, OR if you are under the age of 18, best be moseying along.

Spoilers: One Against An Army

Author's Notes: There are two scrolls for each part of the series. One is from Xena's point of view, the other is from Gabrielle's point of view. One of the authors believes Xena and Gabrielle were lovers on the show. The other doesn't, but has a healthy imagination. Can you figure out which is which?


Xena's Scroll

Battle lust…blood lust…just plain lust. Emotions I was very familiar with indeed.

And emotions I had been battling with for far too long.

At the time, my head was remarkably clear. Gabrielle had only finished her cycle on the day before, and had given me the go that she wanted me to make love with her. And make love we did, long into the night. We were traveling through beautiful Grecian countryside, and the biggest skirmish we had been in over the past week was trying to agree on whether we'd have fish or venison for supper. At peace with the world and each other, our lovemaking was gentle, unhurried, and beautiful. None of our climaxes would change the way we saw the world, but at the same time, the total effect of our time together would long serve as one of those encounters we'd reminisce. "Remember the night before the Persians attacked?"

Gabrielle should have been worn out that day, but instead she was full of nervous energy, admitting she had been practicing some of my battle moves including the flip. I was delighted with her eagerness to learn, but there was something nagging at me, a foreboding sense of trouble that I couldn't shake as I tried to urge her we needed to be on the move. It's not intuition exactly, sometimes Gabrielle swears I can simply sniff the air and declare there's a problem leagues away. But I was sensing danger ahead, and my premonition, if you want to call it that, was accurate.

The situation quickly made itself known, and it was grim. Gabrielle, her kind heart dominating her, had been critically injured, and we spent long talks trying to convince each other what the best course of action would be. I was desperate to save her, and knew I could do so if I got her to Thessaly where I could find an antidote for the poison the arrow had carried. Gabrielle realized that, but even in the delirium which was threatening to overpower her firmly made me promise to stay and fight the invading Persians. If they didn't succumb to me at Tripolis, they would soon take over the whole of Greece. It wasn't the first time that my love for Gabrielle would cause me to want to damn the Greater Good, and it wasn't the first time she'd convince me otherwise. The ironic thing is, it was my love and respect for Gabrielle that did the convincing.

But now it was over, and someone had smiled on us once again and allowed us to emerge from the other end of the tunnel sore and injured and weak, but alive and together. Gabrielle's health was still uppermost on my mind…the scratches and cuts I had received in the battle were long on the road to mending, but she still had a cough, and she tired too easily. I kept us on the move, tracking the retreating Persians until I was sure they were headed back to their cursed homeland, but was keeping a wary eye on my bard at the same time. I insisted she ride in front of me when we traveled, and she didn't complain. During the trip, she'd rest her head against my shoulder and I spent as much time watching her sweet innocent face as the road ahead. It made the hot blood coursing through my veins rush even more, but despite the darkness of my yearnings, it also kept me at bay from acting out my basal urgings.

After five days of travel, I was certain I had been successful in turning away the Persians. I told Gabrielle so over the light of a campfire, as we settled in for another night on the cold hard ground. She had crawled on top of me, as I insisted she do since she had been hurt. I didn't want her to catch a chill from the damp earth, and my body kept her warm throughout the night. My discomfort helped remind me that she wasn't strong enough for what I had in mind, and therefore, I didn't really mind waking up feeling like my ass was frozen to the bedroll.

Tonight she snuggled in, and I felt her treacherous pink tongue licking at the crease of my neck. "I'm feeling MUCH better, Xena," she whispered, even as her hands began to tickle over my ribs. She wriggled her lower half against mine, and nestled her face between my shift-clad breasts, going for the full effect.

I swallowed hard, and she felt it. She looked at me with confusion and amusement in her emerald eyes, knowing there was something I wasn't telling her. She knew there was something different I wanted, but also knew I wouldn't tell her what it was until I was ready. It was a game we played as I introduced her to different realms of our lovemaking…the first time had been after the incident with the Furies, but I had sprung other "surprises" on her since then, and each had been more rewarding than the next.

"What is it, Xena?" she asked, her voice soft and sounding oh-so-innocent. "Don't you want me to make love to you?"

I hugged her fiercely to me, probably squeezing her too tightly. "Gabrielle"…I drawled out her name in a hoarse voice, almost a wheeze. "You're not feeling up to what I…need. Trust me."

She shivered against me, and my thighs tightened involuntarily around hers. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, her eyes still wide.

"Later," I managed. "Get some sleep." I pulled her face up for a long close-mouthed kiss, and she snuggled back in to her nest, content that she would soon be well satisfied. I silently thanked the gods that she had finally learned a measure of patience when I was like this; when she tormented me too much, I had a tendency to rush things, and I wanted to enjoy this slowly. I felt the blood lust continue to simmer and steeled myself to letting her get some much-needed rest.

I awoke first the next day, and rolled out from under her sleeping weight, making Argo comfortable, and then moving through some of my sword drills. That wasn't physical enough for me, and as my wounds were virtually healed now, I began practicing some of my more complicated flips and jumps, trying to wear myself down. I don't know how long she had been watching me, but when I paused to catch my breath, she was standing nearby, a hand firmly planted on one of her breasts. "Gods, I want you," she whispered.

I growled at the picture she made before me. Her hair was pulled back, but a few tendrils had come loose during the night and the golden strands flew around her head enticingly. Her legs were slightly parted, and my eyes raked up the muscled calves and thighs. Her breath caught, and I glued my stare at her tight abdominals, the stomach that afforded me the perfect pillow when I wanted to watch her eyes while I took her. She claimed she couldn't see the beauty I saw in her, but Zeus, what a temptress! Her golden light was the source of all my fantasies, my fantasies of loving, rapture, and…conquering.

"I want you too," I finally said. "Are you sure you're ready for me?"

I took a step toward her, and she took a step back, seeing the look in my eyes. She knew I would never hurt her, but I could be…demanding at times. And I know she sensed this was one of those times.

"I trust you," she said. "But please tell me what you are feeling."

I had to mentally slap myself as I realized I was frightening her. I had for so long kept my feelings to myself, and it was still hard sometimes to be open with her, especially when I was battling demons she was unfamiliar with. Should I tell her what my brain was signaling me? Perhaps…

I saw her relax as I willed my expression to change. I took her hand and pulled her to sit on the fallen tree trunk beside me. I took her other hand and looked deep into the sparkling depth of her eyes. "What am I feeling? I'm feeling too many things. I feel the anger in me at what the Persians forced me to do…make a decision that almost made me lose the only thing I value. I feel victorious because I know I was able to defeat them, only because I couldn't lose the only thing I value. And I still feel the lust for battle racing through me, the lust of wanting to control the only thing I value." She started to speak, but I shook my head. "No, I don't want to hurt you…or humiliate you. I want to…claim you in a way that leaves me no doubt that I can always protect you, connect with you, and love you."

Her mind was struggling, I could see, to grasp with the words I had spoken. I hadn't expressed myself very well, and rarely did when it came to her, but she seemed to realize I wasn't ready to come totally clean. "What do you want me to do?" she asked finally.

I felt a little guilty being so secretive, but a sudden wave of her arousal reached me and I realized she liked this little game. "There's a town less than a day's ride ahead." I told her, my mind firmly made up. "There's an inn there that we can stay in. I need to get.something…and then I'll make you mine."

Her soft hand came up to caress the side of my face. "I can wait till then," she vowed. "If you'll give me a kiss."

A kiss? A simple little pressing together of the lips? Surely I could handle that without my body overreacting. "Okay."

I moved in and her eyes closed as my mouth touched hers, and then she took over. Her fingers curled into my sweaty hair, and her mouth opened against mine. Her tongue came out to plunge between my gasping lips and she stabbed it in and out with a rhythmic manner that sent an immediate signal to my core. Gods, as usual, she understood far better than I thought. Finally she drew back, her eyes slightly narrowed in pleasure.

"It better be good," she challenged.

I know my eyes had to widen at her defiance…and I felt my vagina do the same. But I wouldn't let her get by with too much confidence. I knew my eyes turned to silver as I leaned down to her ear.

"Oh, it will be," I assured her in my evil growl.

She gulped audibly and pulled herself from me, straightening her clothes as she stood. "Then we should be going," she said with a smile, and I realized she had wanted to see that response from me. She could play me like a lyre.

We broke camp quickly, and I told her she had to ride behind me today. I had been content the last few days, being able to stroke her arms, her stomach, the sides of her breasts, just feeling my love near me and knowing she was safe in my protection. But today, that kiss had made me realize she was feeling very up to whatever I wanted, and I could no longer restrain myself from touching her more demandingly if she rode in front of me.

I hadn't counted on her touching me though, and once again, my timid little bard was working me to a frenzy. She started the trip by working on my shoulders and my neck, massaging each muscle then lavishing it with her tongue until I shivered with the wetness. It wasn't just where she touched either. I was sure the skin covering Argo's saddle must be soaked. She moved to my arms next, and they received the same treatment. I tried to distract her, with a "Gabrielle, I'm sweaty and dirty," but she was not to be deterred. She gave a little hum of response, and went on to lick each inch of uncovered skin she could reach.

The front of me offered more of a challenge, as it was almost all covered with leather and armor, but she was very resourceful. She stroked my thighs, and realized they were growing tighter, not more relaxed under her ministrations. I heard her groan in my ear something about having them wrapped around her, and then her nimble little fingers were at my breastplate. Her slender digits had long ago found a hidden path among the swirls of the design, and her fingers stroked my nipples until I was sure they were jutting out beyond the brass armor. Her face was buried in the back of my neck, licking…sucking…marking.

As we neared Retivius, I finally gained control and wrenched myself from her clutches as I jumped down from Argo. She started to follow, but I held a hand up. "Oh no, my little bard," I chuckled. "I want you right where I can see you so I don't do something we'll regret."

She smiled sassily at me, and wiggled forward on my saddle, making sure I caught a glimpse of the top of one thigh as she moved. She grasped the saddle horn in both hands. I'm sure my eyes bulged when she stroked her hand up and down it a couple of times. Gods, she COULD read my mind. "As you wish, Xena," she said sweetly.

I finally let her dismount outside the inn. She knew I'd want her to secure the room and a bath…it was an unspoken routine. She fastened our money pouch to her belt, and turned to look at me. I pulled her to me, and oblivious to any prying eyes, pressed my hand to her ass and pulled her tightly against me. "I'll be a few extra minutes," I told her. "Get a quick meal if you want…you're going to need your strength."

"What about you?" she asked, her eyes sparkling at my words.

"I'm going to have my fill of bard meat tonight," I husked, and got the response I wanted.

"Gods, Xena," she muttered as I released her. I watched her legs tremble as she entered the inn.

I settled Argo in and secured the items I needed, and was in the inn within a half hour. The innkeeper seemed to be waiting on my appearance. "Upstairs, third door on the right."

I don't even remembered if I nodded at him, as I moved to follow his instructions. I didn't need to…I could have smelled her arousal from here.

Despite all my fierceness, my bard had a sense of romance. The sun had not yet set, but she had pulled all the curtains in the room, and lit several candles. The room smelled of lavender, and I realized she had scented the bath water that was in the tub in the corner. A damp towel on the side of the tub told me she had already taken her bath. She was sitting in an overstuffed chair in the opposite corner of the room, dressed in…nothing. Her legs were crossed demurely, and her hands were planted firmly on the arms of the chair.

"I thought we'd skip the preliminaries," she said, her eyes meeting mine.

Gods, she impassioned me! She knew each and every one of my buttons, and pushed them at just the right times. "Good idea," I said through clenched teeth, and in three long strides, I was in front of her. Her hands lifted toward me, but I shook them off. "Stay put," I said, kneeling.

"Xena" she breathed as I pulled her legs apart, and draped them over my shoulders.

"Hush," I whispered, "Scoot up."

I heard her whimper as she did so, and I began to kiss her inner thighs. Gods, she was baby soft there, and I just rubbed my face against them, letting them sooth my hot cheeks.

"Xena" she whispered again, but I silenced her by pressing a hand to her lips. I know she wanted a kiss, but I couldn't give her one yet. She sucked two of my fingers in and I felt the pull down to my center.

"Good girl," I told her, and I straightened my head to look at her folds. I wasn't disappointed to see she was drenched.

"I'm thirsty," I told her, and I slowly and maddeningly moved the tip of my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, gathering her juices on my tongue before swallowing. She tasted so sweet! I watched as the dry area was quickly flooded with more moisture, and clucked my tongue. Zeus, I loved this.

The only word she seemed to be able to form was "Xena", as I made love to her with my mouth. I pressed my nose to her clitoris, teasing it until I could feel it throbbing, but concentrated on stiffening my tongue and pleasuring her opening. I plunged it inside as deeply as I could, and wiggled it in a manner that caused her to wiggle back in an exciting way. I heard her grunt above me as her pleasure rapidly mounted. It had been only a week, but she seemed as desperate as I was.

I drew my tongue out and licked her again repeatedly, this time my tongue starting at her clit and working all the way down to the tiny entrance at her backside. This made her uncomfortable at times, but she seemed far past her inhibitions at this point, and she allowed me this joy. My hands crept up over her stomach and on to her breasts, even as her legeatedly, this time my tongue starting at her clit and working all the way down to the tiny entrance at her backside. This made her uncomfortable at times, but she seemed far past her inhibitions at this point, and she allowed me this joy. My hands crept up over her stomach and on to her breasts, even as her legs tightened around my shoulders.

"Xena"…it was becoming a whispered chant as I dove into her vagina again, my mouth slurping erotically against her engorged flesh. I could sense her closeness, and my own thighs tightened as I pumped juices into my breeches. If I wasn't careful, I was going to climax just from HER pleasure. I looked up at her, and drew my mouth free. My splayed hands had a nipple caught between my second and third finger of each hand.

"Do you want to come?" I asked her, knowing she loved it when I talked to her at these times.

She nodded with yet another whispered, "Xena".

I chuckled against her flesh, and my fingers tightened to squeeze her nipples. "You'll have to do better than that."

"Yes, Xena…"

Her pleading eyes and that strangled whisper satisfied me, and I sucked her enflamed clit into my mouth, my chin pressed lower at her sensitized flesh. I loved to watch my bard orgasm, and my eyes locked on hers even as her own green orbs were fluttering shut. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, which vocalized rapidly as I brought her over the edge.

"Xeeee-nnnn-aaaaa" I rather liked hearing my name that way, and determined to hear it again. Her second climax was much quicker, and it rumbled through both our bodies like a runaway stampede.

"Gods, I see stars," I heard her wheeze as I licked up more of her cum. Her hand came down to the hair at the side of my left ear. "Let me catch my breath."

I chuckled again, delighted in her intensity, and pulled back my head, to let her see her juices gleaming on my face. "Catch it quickly, My Love," I told her. "That was just a warm-up."

Her breath…and her breasts…were still heaving as I stood and pulled her into my arms. I carried her to the bed, and set her down on it, and stepped back intentionally. Her eyes followed my every movement as she followed my unspoken command not to move.

"I need a bath," I told her, and started to undo my armor.

"Let me help," she pled, but I shook my head.

"Oh no you don't. You just get to watch. Make yourself comfortable."

She surprised me shrugging, then plopping over on her stomach, so her eyes could watch me in the bath. I smiled a secret smile, and after removing my boots, walked to the tub, my back turned to her.

Slowly, I removed my leathers, then my shift, and my back still to her. I really wanted to see her reaction when I removed my breeches, but outweighing that was arousing her curiosity. I bent and removed my breeches, and heard her gasp.

"What is THAT?"

I smirked over my shoulder at her. "Surprise," I said, and sill facing away from her, I lowered myself into the bath. Only then did I look at her.

"Xena, what are you wearing? Is it some kind of chastity belt, because if you think I'm not going to touch you, you're-" her voice trailed off as realization sunk in. Her thoughts more than likely went back to the movement of her own hands on Argo's saddle horn. She had no idea how close she had been.

"Oh, gods," she whispered.

"Do you trust me, Gabrielle?"

No hesitance. "Yes."

"Watch me take my bath then."

I wanted to take my time, but was too aroused to be too teasing. Still, I couldn't resist raising each limb slowly, as I worked the bath sponge over my body. She licked her lips as I lifted my right thigh, then my left, and when my hands lingered too long out of sight; she began to grind against the bed.

"Steady there," I gave the familiar command. "I'm just washing." I lingered over each breast, then dunked my head under the water, soaking it. I scrubbed the soap into it, and could see Gabrielle's fingers making clenching motions. She loved to wash my hair, but I had to be in control tonight. I dunked my head again, and then used the pitcher she had lovingly left by the tub to rinse the rest of the soap from my tresses. I stood again, and with my back still to hers, used the rest of the water to rinse the rest of me. I grabbed up my towel, and dried as much excess water from my body as I could, making sure a particular new area was completely dry.

My back still to her, I growled, "Are you ready for me, Gabrielle?"

She paused a second, then replied tentatively, "I'm ready for you, Xena."

Slowly I turned, and gauged her reaction. Her eyes were locked in mine, but slowly they began the descent down my body. They stopped cold at my midsection, and her face darkened in a blush. "By the gods."

I felt my center contract. Fresh moisture streamed into an area that was only touched by bathwater a second ago. My eyes left hers, and traveled to the carved piece of wood that was harnessed to my mound. "I had forgotten all about this little beauty," I told her casually, my fingers moving down to stroke over the length of it. "Not all the weapons I had left behind at Tripolis were spears and arrows. Although I guess this is a spear of sorts."

She was speechless as she listened to me, and continued to watch the phallus.

I took a step closer, pausing only to slick my wet hair back over my shoulders. "It's a remarkable design really. The harness was useless though…I guess I hadn't cleaned it good enough and it had fallen apart. So I had to get a new one. " I touched the wet leather which had constricted nicely around the sides of my thighs. "This one is tighter…see there's a nice little nub at the base that ensures I feel everything I do with it." I stroked it harder, and the nub I spoke of pressed into my bundle of nerves. I groaned with the sensation of that combined with watching Gabrielle's face.

The phallus was only about six inches long, and of a reasonable girth, but Gabrielle had only been with one man, and I could sense her apprehension. I asked the question I asked often. "Do you trust me, Gabrielle?"

Unflinchingly, her eyes met mine again. "I trust you," she answered.

Suppressing a triumphant grin, I closed the space between the bed and me rapidly. "This is my cock," I told her, the pleasure at the eroticism racing under my skin. "Suck my cock, Gabrielle."

Her expression told me she had never done this, but by the gods, what she lacked in experience she made up in enthusiasm. Her cheeks were still aflame as she reached out and grabbed my ass, and pulled the phallus toward her mouth. She sucked in as much as she could, and pulled me tighter to her.

I felt each movement of her mouth against my clit, and my excitement soared. Gods! I had to regain control. "I want you to get it good and wet," I rasped, my hand stroking her bobbing head. "It's already hard enough, but you're going to want it as wet as you can get it."

She renewed her already incredible efforts, and her tongue began to stroke the length of it from underneath, until she reached my body and continued the lick. The little vixen!

"Good and wet, " she muttered as her tongue made the trip again, this time burying between my labia. My clit was firmly covered by the base of the phallus, but she could make me come just by her tongue at my opening.

Her actions darkened my thoughts. They came unbidden into my mind. I had already pleased her with my mouth, and now it was HER turn to please me. And pleasing me wouldn't consist of a climax on her lovely tongue. No, I had to ease my lust in a different way, by fulfilling the action I had promised earlier…by conquering her.

"That's enough!" I snarled, and I yanked the wooden object from her grasp, and stepped back from the edge of the bed.

I stood towering above her, my hand deliberately stroking the new appendage, and watched as she fell back to the bed, startled by my barking tone. Oh gods, she was trembling! I had to take a deep breath, and the realization sunk in. I didn't really want to conquer Gabrielle…I wanted to love her. I wanted to worship her and bring her pleasure. I wanted to share with her.

I felt the lust ease, as a wave of pure desire replaced what had been any negative emotions that had existed a few seconds ago. She looked up at me with her sparkling green eyes, her legs slightly parted, and I could see she was trusting me not to hurt or humiliate her as I had promised her. She was opening herself for me…willing to give whatever I needed, and suddenly, I needed to feel her arms around me.

I know my expression softened, as I leaned forward resting my hands on the bed beside her, and pressed my face to hers for a long, sensuous kiss. Her soft mouth opened to me as well, but instead of plundering its depths, I caressed it, licking the inside of her cheeks and teasing with her tongue. She gasped against me, and I felt her lower half arch toward me.

I smiled against her mouth, and pushed my hips forward until the head of the phallus was nestled between her lower lips, directly under her erect clitoris. I moved my hips slowly, in circles, letting her get used to the sensation, and then lightly penetrated her. I knew she could handle the size, but didn't want the whole idea of it all to frighten her.

"Xena…" she murmured against my mouth, her hands coming down to rub across my lower back and then lower.

"Let me love you, Gabrielle…"

"But Xena…" she was trying to speak, but I had closed my eyes in an effort to control my lower half, and I was having a difficult time concentrating on what she was trying to say.

"Xena!" She got my attention this time when she squeezed my ass tightly to punctuate her voice.

I was literally quivering, as I snapped back to the present. "What?"

"This isn't what you promised me…" Her eyes brimmed with sincerity and love, but I was confused.

"What do you mean, Gabrielle?"

She hesitated, then pulled me tighter against her. "You promised to claim me…make me yours. I want you to lose control with me, take me the way you want to. I know you won't hurt me…you couldn't. But…I want to do what you want me to do. Tell me what to do, Xena."

In her aroused state, it was amazing she could make such a lucid declaration and in MY aroused state, it was a sheer miracle I could understand what she was saying. The lust and passion in me both soared, intermingling until I could only see the truth. She was so in tune with my heart that she wanted what I wanted. Gods, did I love her! I gave her another kiss, more searing than the last, and I let the darker desires creep back into my expression. She shivered again, but this time I saw the shiver was brought on by her excitement, and she whispered with a tiny hint of a smile, "Oh yes, that's EXACTLY what I want, Xena."

"On your hands and knees!"

She hurried to do my bidding, her tight little backside daring me to fuck her. She sensed my mood, and knew not to question me. "Scoot up," I snapped, and gave her a sharp slap on that beautiful little butt. It would leave no mark, but got her attention. She yelped, and hurried to do my bidding, juices pouring down her thighs as she did. I knelt on the bed behind her, and wrapped a long arm around her midriff. Goosebumps broke out over her skin.

My other arm steadied myself on the bed near her ear, and she pressed her head against it. I leaned forward to the unprotected side of her face. "I'm going to fuck you, Gabrielle," I whispered, my voice anything but gentle. "I am going to pound your little cunt until all you can see is those stars you talked about earlier. I am going to invade your soul until all you know is the feel of my cock in your little pussy and the touch of my body on yours. And you are going to explode into a million little pieces, all of them with my mark on them. Do you understand?"

I heard her breath come out in a sob as she realized the intensity of my need. "I understand, Xena."

"Do you want this Gabrielle?"

"Gods, yes. I want you to take me."

The depth of her trust drove me closer to losing my control, but I held back as I pressed the phallus into her opening. I barely penetrated her. "You want me to take you?" I taunted.

"Gods, yes, Xena, do it!"

"Do what, Gabrielle?" I had to hear the words…had to. I didn't always, but this time, I had to hear them.

"Fuck me, Xena."

"Fuck what?"

She drew in a ragged breath, and I knew her face was flaming with the rush of blood to her cheeks. "My cunt, Xena! Gods, fuck my cunt!"

"Anything for you, my love," and I plunged in without ceremony, and she lifted from the bed with the power of it. My arm was wrapped securely around her though, and she landed quickly. I opened my mouth to question her again, but she beat me to it. "Yes, Xena! Yes…that's what I want! Give it to me!"

What happened to "take me"?, I vaguely thought as began to thrust, reviling in the sensations. The wooden phallus had no give and plunged through her depths mercilessly as I humped mindlessly at her. She responded perfectly, gasping and mewling and making little sounds I had never heard before. She moved her hips back against me, causing the thrusts to press even harder into me.

I could see her glorious breasts swinging heavily with each thrust, but grabbed her to me, pulling her upright on her knees before me. I plunged quicker into her, wrapping my hands around her breasts and squeezing her nipples. My own nipples were pressed firmly into her back, and she wiggled her ass against me. "Do you like this, Gabrielle?" I asked, "Being fucked by your warrior princess?"

"Yes," she screamed. "More!"

Her response was always perfect, and somehow, my hips moved even rougher, reaching new spots inside her. I couldn't resist. "Did Perdicus fuck you like this? Did he make your sweet little cunt cry out in pleasure?"

"Gods, Xena," she moaned against me. "No one else could. Only you." I left one of my arms pressed into her straining breasts, and reached between her tightened thighs. My fingers brushed the glistening wood, which felt hot to the touch, and then felt her pulsating clitoris. I tweaked it in time with a nipple, and whispered. "Give me your mouth…"

She turned her head, and my own pressed to hers, in no time claiming the identical rhythm. She was beginning to sway, as I know I was overriding her with sensations. My mouth on hers, my fingers on her nipples and clit, and my cock ravaging her was taking its toll, and she was reduced to quivering and panting before me. My own clit grew impossibly tight, and the pressure was becoming unbearable.

"Gonna come all over you, my bard," I managed between deep breaths. "Will you come with me?"

"Yes, Xena…yes!"

She fell forward on the bed, and I followed, my fingers and mouth never leaving her. My thighs were beginning to burn with the effort, and my sight began to black out. Oh gods, here I come.

"Now, Gabrielle!" I tweaked her clit hard and she screamed, and then tumbled over into the abyss, my arms holding hers as I fell beside her. My thighs pressed hard against the back of hers, and my clit was pressing just as hard at the nub as I rode out the climax. I know I was crushing the breath from her, but she didn't fight me as her own rapture continued to overtake her. My hand was soaked in her pleasure, and even as my tongue stopped its pillaging movements, she was continuing to kiss me.

"Thank you, thank you," she whispered over and over again.

I looked into her eyes, still dilated with aftershocks and brimming with tears of sincerity. Once again, my bard had met my urges with silent urges of her own, reassuring me that what I felt was something she could deal with, even desire.

"No, no, thank you," I finally managed to respond, pulling myself up slightly so I wasn't squishing her. My center still throbbed, but she had eased my blood lust considerably.

She pushed slightly, and I rolled off her, the phallus jutting obscenely into the darkening room. Her eyes widened, as she seemed to come to terms with the fact that this erection was permanent, and would always be there when she wanted. I saw her eyes studying the harness, then looking at me questioningly, and I nodded. "It's adjustable," I told her. "But tonight, it's a part of me."

"I understand," she whispered, for what seemed like the thousandth time. One hand came out to stroke my wet hair, the other on the phallus. "I want to ride you, Xena. Will you let me?"

My own passion hadn't subsided an inch, and as she climbed on top of me, the polished wood pressed into my center. This position would cause me to climb even higher, and I had avoided it the first time to ensure she liked what was happening. "All night, if you want, Baby," I croaked as she began to rise up and down on me. "Just make sure you hang on."

She anchored herself with a hand on each breast, and began to move. I swallowed hard at the wicked glint in her playful eyes.

Just who was conquering whom?

Gabrielle's Scroll

Loving Xena the way I do, I never take our safety for granted. Even though she is a fierce warrior and extremely capable of holding her own in battle, I am always a little nervous when we go up against the enemy, whether it's a small gang of wannabe thugs or an entire Persian army. I have seen her receive so many wounds, and am always holding my breath until her recovery. I know that any one day could be our last.

We had been on quite a high…our lovemaking sessions uninterrupted and perfect. Gods, she was the ultimate lover, always launching me to heights of desire and euphoria I never dreamed of reaching. Her love is a substance of which I never wanted to be deprived.

This time I was the unexpecting target of a poisoned arrow and wondered if I would be the one who did the leaving this time. An all-out battle with the Persians had erupted, but Xena still made my recovery her main focus. I had to make her promise to not leave the battle, no matter what happened with my life. I can't say that I would be able to make her that same promise if she was the one so near to death. Before, I had followed through with what I thought she would have wanted-the greater good. But now…my love has grown so immense for her that I would do anything to spare her life.

When it all ended, we were both very exhausted and each had lots of healing to do. The wonderful part was we were going to be able to heal together. While our love for one another was stronger than either of our bodies, it was just the incentive we needed to heal as quickly as possible. As soon as I was strong enough, we began traveling again. She sat me in front of her on Argo's saddle, and I would wake up not even realizing I had drifted off to sleep. My body felt so weak and limp, but with Xena's body as my support I could rest peacefully. Leaning against her with her arms wrapped around me, I had no worry and certainly no fear. Only anticipation for the next time she clothed my naked body with her love.

Since leaving the armory in Tripolis, she had me literally lie on top of her to sleep, just to keep me off the ground. It had been so chilly at nights lately, and she was worried that I would get pneumonia having the wound so close to my lung. By the time a whole week had passed, I was aching more in other places than where the arrow had entered my back. I had grown stronger and so had my need to make love with Xena.

Welcoming the night skies to our campsite, I intentionally took my time crawling up her body in order to lie down, and then pressed my weight a little more into her mound than necessary. I knew she had to be missing our lovemaking as much as I had…maybe more. She seemed to be resisting me tonight, but I knew it wasn't because she was not interested. She was either afraid of being too rough or there was something she had in mind as another educational retreat on my behalf. "Don't you want me to make love to you, Xena?" I asked looking into her eyes, feeling the heat rise from her center. She had to be as wet as I was, and while I might not be quite strong enough for an all-nighter, I certainly could stand to see stars once or twice. She squeezed me tightly between her thighs, and her scent only made me crave her more. She told me I wasn't up to what she had in mind, and I could tell it must have been intense, because she insisted I get some rest. It took me longer than usual to go to sleep, although I simply enjoyed lying as near as possible to her, listening to her heartbeat and knowing it was all she could do to not touch me. Hastening the time we made love, I knew it was going to be as exciting as the first time, if not more. There would be no holding back, thanks to whatever it was that Xena had hidden in that incredibly creative mind of hers. I smiled to myself, so happy to be with her; so grateful we were both alive and almost well. Like I said, I never take anything for granted.

I woke up to the noise of a sword swooshing through vacant air, and rolled over to see Xena in a full workout. She only would do this for two reasons. She either anticipated facing another enemy, or she was working off horny energy. Sensing her mood, I pretty much knew she was increasing her endurance to wait until we could be together. Just what did she have in mind? I loved smelling warrior sweat in the morning, but I preferred it to be dripping from her naked body onto mine.

I got up from our bedroll and walked closer, my breath being taken away by her beauty, her flexing muscles, her agility, and when her eyes met mine, all I could manage to say is "Gods I want you." She just looked at me, and we were so drawn to each other. The force between us had only multiplied since our separation of touching each other. It's almost like we were also being healed from the inside out…our hearts and souls were being rejoined after being so damaged through all our hardships these past several months. Our love had endured and it was time to step into a new height of emotional and physical love.

"I want you, too. Are you sure you're ready for me?" She seemed a little aggressive, and while I was never afraid of her, it was the unknown that bothered me more. "I just want to know what you are feeling, Xena." Sensing my uncertainty, she came to me and we sat down, her gentleness coming through and calming me as she always did. She began to explain to me that she was feeling so many things. The extreme fighting with the Persians and the risks involved in possibly losing me had caused her to reevaluate her love and need for me. I knew then she had been feeling the same urge that I had…we completed each other, and we needed a way to show it and to prove it. She wanted to claim me as her own, and there was nothing I wanted more. While I didn't fully understand how she wanted to do this, I was willing and very ready to find out.

Much to my excitement, she said that tonight we would stay at a nearby Inn, and nothing could have made me any happier. She said she needed to get something when we got into town, and I didn't have any idea what she had in mind. The anticipation was going to be the hardest part of it all. My lover had always exceeded my imagination, but never disappointed.

I asked for a kiss, and as she leaned in to touch her lips to mine, I immediately wanted to dissolve into her, to get as far inside her as possible. My tongue claimed its rightful place inside her mouth, and the sensation of feeling her tongue moving against mine only made my center flood with desire. I had waited as long as I could, and by the time we settled into our room this evening, time would definitely not be wasted; only relished and fully appreciated.

She told me to ride behind her today, which was fine with me. I would be able to touch her all the way into town, and guarantee that she would be ready to love me with all the passion she had been carrying inside her. I felt the same way, and had the advantage of starting my foreplay much earlier. Still, just touching her made me even wetter, so I was preparing both for an evening of pleasurable obsession.

I could feel goose bumps rise on her skin when I began to rub and lick in all the right places. I loved moving her hair to the side of her neck and then covering her skin with my fully open mouth and tongue, licking a path down her neck and then sucking in slow, drawn out motions. If I could only get my mouth on her chest, we'd never make it to Retivius. Rubbing her thighs in front of me and then up to her breastplate, I had become so wet, with my clit swelling as I pushed in closer to her ass. It must be the most incredible sensation to be able to go inside your lover and make that "connection". What I would give to have that ability.

When we got into town, we usually agreed on a place to eat. This time, she told me to find something to eat and she would meet me back at the Inn. Telling me I would need my strength, I found the hunger gnawing at my stomach quickly forgotten and the throbbing between my legs the only thing I wanted to quench.

I told the Innkeeper that my friend would be back shortly, and to please point her up to our room. I requested a plate of fruit to take upstairs, and after settling into the room, I took a warm, refreshing bath, and nervously-- yet barely able--waiting on Xena to finally arrive. I decided to lure her to me as soon as she walked into the door, and didn't dress after my bath. I sat in a nice, feathery chair, so that I would be the first thing she saw when she walked through the door. The candlelight gave the room such a romantic effect. Her bath was waiting, but I couldn't.

She appeared in the doorway, tall, dark, and determined to free the longing that had mounted within each of us. Her eyes locked with mine, and she was almost instantly at my feet, kneeling in front of the chair before the door shut and locked behind her. Wanting to hold her, she instead pulled my legs apart, having me scoot me closer to the edge of the chair, and then draped them over the back of her shoulders. She kissed her way up on the insides of my thighs, enjoying her travel the entire time. Looking at my drenched center, her response was, "Mmmmm, I'm thirsty." She immediately began licking me, and then thrusting her tongue firmly into my center, making me so open and ready for her. That reply alone was enough to almost make me come. She made me wild with desire, and I simply wanted to give my body to her, to submit to her mouth, letting her tongue go wherever she desired.

I was already so close, and then she looked up at me and said, "Do you want to come?" She was massaging my breasts and squeezing my nipples, making the sensation between my legs even more intense. "Yes, Xena…" was all I could say. She teased me, but she knew me too well, and started sucking my clit, licking between my swollen lips and making me climb higher and higher until I felt like I would explode into her mouth. She knew how to perfectly keep the sucking pressure applied to my clit as I came, and the intensity of our orgasm was so good. As soon as I came down, she lightly began licking my lips, even holding them open so she could cover from top to bottom, and my second orgasm came within seconds. It was just as powerful, leaving me limp with pleasure tingling throughout my entire body.

I could tell my body had been quite weak, but all I needed was a few moments to regroup and I would be ready to go. I wanted so much to touch Xena. It had been much too long, and I wanted to swallow her moisture, to take a part of her inside me.

She picked me up and carried me to our bed. "I need a bath", she said as she started taking off her armor. I wanted to help, but she made me stay on the bed until she finished. She told me all I could do was watch, but that was quite okay with me. I was enjoying the comfort of our privacy and certainly the conveniences of a bed and warm bath. Knowing we had all night, I knew I would have my chance to touch her. Besides, I liked her dominating personality as a lover…it turned me on to submit to her. The paybacks were much worth the willingness to do what she said.

As her armor and leathers hit the floor, my eyes and everything else on me opened wider-first, in anticipation to see that gorgeous body. But then they opened wider because of what I saw. At first I thought it was some kind of chastity belt. Although I had never seen one, I had heard of them. Speaking before thinking, I said, "What's THAT?" Xena, is it some kind of chastity belt, because if you think I'm not going to touch you, you're-", but then I realized what it was. I hadn't seen one of these, either, only heard of them. Mainly at the Amazon camp one night, but I was more embarrassed than inquisitive. It was something I had been impatiently waiting on Xena to "bring up", so to speak.

"Oh Gods…" I said as my heart kind of stopped. I knew I wanted to her actually fuck me. I had longed for her to really be moving in and out of me. I also knew that Xena's creative ability at lovemaking would give us both unique pleasure. She would really get off on the power of making love to me in this way. Stimulating her mentally by having conquering power-claiming her post-yet loving me so gently from her heart that it made our unity of souls and bodies perfect. Without blemish, without want.

"Do you trust me, Gabrielle?" Her voice seemed quieted and deepened. I could feel the temperature of my body rising. "Yes." There was no doubt. One thing Xena always did when leading me into the Unknown was take total command, and we always left quite happy on our return each and every time. I trusted her more than anyone on this earth. I wanted her more than anyone on this earth.

She seemed to take forever, slowly driving me crazy by making me watch her rub over her own skin, my imagination running wild with what she looked like behind the wall of that tub. I was so relieved when she washed her hair…she had to be almost finished. She stood up and turned her back to me before I could see her front. She finished rinsing her hair and body, and then grabbed a towel and began to dry off. She finally asked, "Are you ready for me, Gabrielle?" She turned around and I froze for a second, looking directly into her eyes, and then saw what she was wearing. It seemed that she had stored her "attachment" at Tripolis with the rest of the weapons. Simply feeling shocked that she had not mentioned this to me; I was trying to deal with all of it at once. I was quite ready to have her take control of my body, and the lust and desire that had built within us since I had been hurt came together at the perfect time.

She grabbed the smooth, carved piece of wood held by her leather harness and gave her own little moan, letting me know she could feel what was happening on the other end of it. I had only been with Perdicus, but Xena had certainly had enough of herself inside me with her fingers. "Do you trust me?" she asked, and I told her yes. She closed the distance between us, and stood directly in front of my face. "Suck my cock, Gabrielle." Oh my gods. I had no experience with this, but I just pictured how good this would feel to Xena and made it real in my mind. Bringing her pleasure made me so wet, especially seeing her eyes close and her head go back when I grabbed her ass and pulled her inside my mouth. I worked my way down her shaft until I could lick her wetness that was seeping down. She was getting lost in the moment as much as I was, but she suddenly stopped me.

"That's enough!" she said sternly, and pulled herself away from me. I fell back onto the bed, sort of shocked by her almost angry snarl. I wanted more than anything to give my body completely to Xena. Maybe she didn't want me touching her body. I simply looked up at her as she stood so tall against the bed. I desperately wanted her to be inside me, and all I knew to do was show her with my body that I was ready for her.

Spreading my legs apart for her, I wanted her to see what she had done to my body. Sucking her cock had made me drown in my own wetness. She took a deep breath and leaned down to capture my mouth with her own. Words were not necessary, because she was able to gently reassure me she was going to love me as promised, and it was then I realized she was needing her lust to be satiated by feeling powerful and strong. She was, after all, the Warrior Princess. She had waited so long to be with me, and all the pent up desire, lust, fear of losing me, and all these emotions over the past two weeks had been flowing through her veins…her lust to conquer what was hers. And I most definitely was hers. This new experience for us was going to open the door to a wonderful new realm of lovemaking.

As she kissed me so softly, I was the one overcome with pure lust. I arched my hips so that my mound came up to meet her, wanting her inside me, making me hers. I felt her mouth break into a grin. She moved the phallus just enough to rub my clit and between my very open lips, just barely moving the head inside me. Making her moves circular and slow, I didn't want to hold back any longer. "Xena…"

"Let me love you, Gabrielle." She was being very patient, like she was giving me time to get used to her new body part. "But Xena…" I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was going to, and I knew deep down she would enjoy this more if she could feel free to move as she pleased. Grabbing her ass, once more I said, "Xena!" "What?" she said as stopped her movements and she looked at me rather startled.

"This isn't what you promised…you promised to claim me…make me yours. I want you to lose control with me, take me the way you want to. I know you won't hurt me…you couldn't. But…I want to do what you want me to do. Tell me what to do, Xena."
This had to be perfect for my baby. She meant everything to me, and so did her satisfaction. As perfectly as she had loved me with just her mouth and her hands, I could not wait to experience her talent in this way. The degree of pleasure was going to be immense.

She welcomed the invitation with a little smile, totally understanding what I was saying. "On your hands and knees!" she commanded, and I hurriedly moved to the new position, feeling wetter than I had ever been in my life.

She wrapped her arm securely around my waist, and from behind, I felt her swirl her fingers around my sex. "Just had to have a taste…" She leaned forward so that her arm was on my left side, and I leaned into her stance. Coming up from behind, she began talking to me, making my arms tremble as I held myself up on the bed. I pushed my ass into her, feeling the phallus between us. "I am going to pound your little cunt until all you can see is those stars you talked about earlier. I am going to invade your soul until all you know is the feel of my cock in your little pussy and the touch of my body on yours. And you are going to explode into a million little pieces, all of them with my mark on them. Do you understand?" She didn't know how ready I was. Gods how she excited me talking to me this way. "I understand", I weakly panted, trying to maintain my breathing.

"Do you want this, Gabrielle?" Barely penetrating my opening, she had to know she was making my entire body a huge ball of putty. "Yes, Xena, please do it…."

"Do what, Gabrielle?" She was making me play along and it was taking every ounce of control I had left to respond to her, but I knew I had to say it like she wanted it.

"Fuck me, Xena!"

"Fuck what?"

"My cunt, Xena. Gods, fuck my cunt!"

She entered me in one thrust. I gasped as she lifted my body off the bed, but she was holding me securely around the waist. She came up behind my ear, but I couldn't answer any more questions. Not giving her opportunity to talk, I said, "Yes, Xena, this is what I've wanted. It's so good. You're so good."

She began shoving herself inside me, and moaning and exhaling very erotically. This made me wetter than ever, and she held onto each side of hipbones, obviously feeling just as good as I was. I never knew it could feel this way, and just the thought of it being Xena's cock was pushing me over the edge faster than I wanted to come. "Did Perdicus fuck you like this? Did he make your sweet little cunt cry out in pleasure?"

"Gods, Xena, no one else could. Only you."

She reached and pulled me up, her breasts on my back, staying inside me. We were almost sitting, and she brought her hands around to my breasts. "Gabrielle, I love you. I want you to come for me."

She continued her thrusts, touching areas inside me I had never known existed. Moving my hair to the side, she began sucking my neck. She knew the exact spot that got to me, and with her inside me, this spot really felt great. She reached her right arm around to my waist, and went down to my hair and starting feeling my swollen lips. "You are so wet, baby. You're close. I can feel you tightening down on me." She rubbed my juices in my mouth, and I sucked her fingers in hard. "Give me your mouth, Gabrielle." I turned my head and drove my tongue inside her mouth, nothing but passion guiding our course. She touched my nipples and clit with her wet fingers, and she was feeling this pleasure just as much as I was. Hearing her low moan in my ear, I began climaxing. I fell forward, moving my ass towards her. "Xena…gods…harder."

She followed me onto the bed, pounding my core and told me, "I'm going to come with you. Hurry, I'm waiting on you, Gabrielle…" and at that very moment, my entire body seemed to spiral into oblivion. Feeling like a rushing waterfall, my orgasm lingered, and the sensation was nothing like I had ever known. Our sweat-soaked bodies slapped against each other, and we both came with such force. We were making a favorite memory that night.

She lay on top of me and we continued to kiss, sweat pouring, juices dripping, and we didn't move for several minutes. Finally she pulled out of me. My entire body tingled, even my mouth, but I had never felt more completely satisfied. I had never felt so good.

She rolled off to the right, and I turned my face to look at her. She brushed my bangs back, and said, "You alright?" I smiled, and said, "Perfect." Looking at her long body lying on the bed, I saw that her erection was still in force. I thought of what I would like to do to her, this time with me behind the phallus. I wasn't sure she would be accepting of me making love to her in that way, and decided not to bring up the subject. "I want to ride you, Xena. Do you mind?"

Knowing the answer, I mounted her, and even though this was my first experience, I must have done it just right. I leaned down, hovering over her face. "Do you want me to take all of you, baby?" "Yeeessss…" she managed, as I started kissing her, and then slowly let the tip of her cock slide inside me. She gently moved her hips forward, and I slowly slid down, until she was completely inside me, my wetness covering her, dripping onto her. The sound of our lovemaking went long into the night. Conquering or being conquered…both ways can work beautifully.

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