by Eva Allen

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BE ADVISED: This story includes the depiction of sex between two
consenting adult women. If this offends you, please find something else
to read!

SEXUAL VIOLENCE WARNING: A rape occurs "off-stage" during the course of
this story. It is not described in detail, but its aftereffects, both
physical and emotional, are. If this type of subject matter is likely
to upset you, please be kind to yourself and avoid reading this story.


"Xena, why won't you tell me where we're going?"
"Because it's a surprise."
"Oh," said Gabrielle and frowned.
Xena glanced briefly at her companion and smiled before returning her
attention to the trees around them. They had been walking along this
narrow woodland track since mid-morning, and now the sun was halfway
down the western sky. More than an hour had passed since they had met
another traveler. Argo's hooves clopped softly on the hard-packed
earth, and birds called back and forth among the trees. Xena's sharp
ears took in these sounds and then dismissed them, remaining alert to
catch anything that seemed out of place.
"Is it pretty there?" asked Gabrielle.
"The place we're going."
"Oh," said Xena, bringing her thoughts back to the conversation.
"Well, yeah, I guess it is."
"Have I ever been there?"
"Do you think I'll like it?"
"I hope so."
Gabrielle was silent for a moment, and Xena could almost hear the
wheels turning inside the blonde head.
"Will we be the only ones there?"
"As far as I know."
They walked on a few more paces, then Gabrielle said, "Will it be . .
. romantic?"
Xena stopped and turned to face Gabrielle. "What kind of silly
question is that?" she asked in mock sternness.
"It's not a silly question! It's a perfectly good question!"
"Oh. I see." Xena had to work hard to keep from grinning. She
strode forward again, and Gabrielle scurried to catch up.
"Well, will it be?"
"Will it be what?"
"Romantic!" Gabrielle skipped around in front of Xena and began
walking backwards, watching the Xena's face. Xena gave up trying not to
smile. She stopped again and laid a hand on Gabrielle's shoulder. "I
suppose we could make it that way," she said, raising one eyebrow
suggestively. The joy that lit up Gabrielle's face sent an unexpected
thrill through Xena's body, and she quickly bent and kissed the bard on
the lips.
"Mmm, this is going to be fun," Gabrielle murmured, as they started
walking again. Then after a few moments, she said, "I just have one
more question."
"What's that?"
"Are we almost there yet?"
Xena laughed. "Yeah, we're almost there. We could have made it in
less time, but I wanted to stick to back roads." She scanned their
surroundings once more.
"You're still worried about Garron, aren't you?" Gabrielle said.
"A little, but he probably won't follow us. I just want to be
careful, that's all."
"He made some pretty nasty threats."
"Yes, and if he got the chance, he'd act on them," Xena said. "We're
just not going to give him the chance. Some people make threats and
it's all talk, but not Garron--he means what he says. He can be really
vicious, especially when he's angry. And he's clever, so that makes him
even more dangerous."
"Well, we certainly made him angry enough, rescuing all those girls
he had kidnapped so he could sell them at the slave market!"
"Yes, we made him angry, but here's the thing about Garron. He tends
to get one idea in his head and that's all he thinks about--at least
until the next idea comes along. Right now he's thinking about getting
his revenge, but next week he'll have some totally new obsession. I
figure if we can just stay out of his way for a few days, he'll forget
all about us and we won’t have to worry about him anymore."
"I hope you're right about that," said Gabrielle. Then, with a
well-aimed kick, she sent a rock bouncing down the road.
Xena looked at her friend and saw the worry in her face. "Look," she
said, "I didn't mean to scare you. I honestly think there's very
little chance that Garron followed us. We got out of there pretty
quickly yesterday and covered a lot of ground riding double on Argo.
That spot where we camped last night was well hidden and we didn't use a
fire. There's no way Garron could know about this place we're going
to. And we've come on back roads all the way."
"What about that village we went to this morning?" Gabrielle said.
"That was on a pretty busy road."
"Yes, but we had to get some supplies somewhere, so I decided we
could take the risk. It'll be fine, Gabrielle. Don’t worry about it.
I want this to be fun."
She put her arm around Gabrielle's shoulders, gave her a hug, and was
rewarded with a smile. "Okay, I'll try not to worry," Gabrielle
promised. "Just bring on the fun part!"
Xena began watching the left side of the track more carefully now,
looking for a certain path she remembered. "I hope I can find this
place again," she muttered. "It's been several years since I've been
there. Maybe it doesn't even exist anymore."
"You mean you brought me all this way to a place that might not even
exist?" Gabrielle exclaimed.
"It could happen. When you're with me, you just have to take your
chances!" Xena grinned at her partner and then looked at the trees
again. "Aha!" she said suddenly. "That might be what I'm looking
for!" Pushing aside a branch, she revealed the opening of a narrow
path. Before entering, though, she took a few moments to listen
carefully and look all around them again. Satisfied that no one was in
sight, she led Argo in among the trees.
"Here," said Xena, handing the reins to Gabrielle. "I'm going to go
just a little ways ahead. You bring Argo." The dirt on the path was
dry and hard-packed. That was good, Xena thought; they wouldn't leave
any tracks. She glided off through the trees, staying a few paces in
front of Gabrielle and Argo.
It took only a few minutes to reach the clearing. At the edge of it,
Xena stopped and motioned for Gabrielle to stay back. With eagle-sharp
eyes, she scanned the area, but saw nothing unusual. Birds flitted from
tree to tree, chirping in an unconcerned way. And only a short distance
from where she stood, a squirrel rummaged busily through the leaves.
Everything was pretty much as she remembered it. On the other side of
the short, grassy area, stood a small, wood cottage. Its thatched roof
looked a little worse for the wear, but with any luck, it would still
keep out the rain. Behind the cottage was a narrow line of brush and
trees. Beyond that, she recalled, was a wide meadow where the grass
and wildflowers grew almost waist-high by summer's end. From her left,
Xena could hear the soft babbling of the clear creek which bordered the
Smiling, she turned around and beckoned. When Gabrielle reached her,
she took Argo's reins and said, "Close your eyes." Gabrielle grinned
and squeezed her eyes shut. Xena guided her to the edge of the clearing
and stood behind her with her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders. "Now
look," she said.
There was a sharp intake of breath. "Oh, Xena! It's wonderful!"
"I was hoping you'd like it."
"I do! It's so charming and sweet and--" she turned a smiling face
to Xena, "it's just perfect for us! How long can we stay?"
"I don't know . . . a few days, maybe a week. We'll have to see how
bored we get with each other."
Gabrielle punched her in the arm. "You silly thing! We're not going
to get bored!" She turned back toward the cottage. "Can I go look at
"Let me go first, just to check it out. It will only take a
second." Xena handed the reins back to Gabrielle. A few strides of her
long legs took her to the cottage door, which stood slightly ajar.
Drawing her sword, she paused, listening carefully, then abruptly kicked
the door open. On the threshold she stopped again, waiting for her eyes
to adjust to the dim light before she stepped in.
The cottage was tiny--only one room with an earth floor. A stone
fireplace stood at one end, its stick-and-mud chimney rising through the
peak of the thatched roof. By the wall opposite the door, a pile of
straw served as a bed. The only furnishings were a rough wooden table
and two benches in the center of the room. One window in the front wall
let in a little light and fresh air.
Xena backed out of the cottage, then walked around behind it to check
out the shrubbery. The breeze blowing from the meadow smelled of warm
grass and flowers. It had definitely been a good idea to bring Gabrielle
here, Xena decided, smiling.
In front of the cottage again, she slid her sword back into its
scabbard and called to Gabrielle. "Come on! The coast is clear!"
While Gabrielle inspected the cottage interior, Xena pulled the
saddlebags, blankets, and cooking gear off Argo's back and dropped them
on the ground. Then she began uncinching the saddle and breast collar.
"Xena, I absolutely love it!" Gabrielle said, as she came back
"Good!" Xena responded. "Why don't you take this stuff inside, and
here's the wineskin, too."
Gabrielle picked up the gear and carried it inside. Xena followed
with the saddle and set it on the floor. Straightening up, she suddenly
found Gabrielle's arms around her neck. "Thanks for bringing me here,"
the bard said. She pulled Xena's face toward her and they kissed, then
kissed again.
"You know," Gabrielle murmured as she nestled her face against Xena's
neck, "you're not very cuddly when you're wearing your armor. Why don't
you take it off?"
"I will, Sweetheart," Xena said, kissing the top of the blonde head,
"but not yet. There are some things I need to do first."
She left the embrace and headed out the door. Argo had wandered over
to get a drink from the stream. Xena went to the mare and stroked her.
"Let me get that bridle off of you," she said. "and you can eat your
fill of sweet meadow grass." The horse raised her head and rubbed a
dripping muzzle against the warrior's cheek. Xena laughed and began
unfastening the buckles.
"Hey, Xena! I have an idea!" Gabrielle came trotting across the
"You often do," Xena remarked dryly.
"Know that pile of straw in the cottage? Well, it's kind of old and
musty--did you notice? So what if we cut a whole bunch of fresh new
grass to put on top of it? We could make it really thick, and it would
be like our own little love nest, all soft and sweet-smelling--just like
a meadow! What do you think?"
Xena pulled the bridle off over Argo's ears and turned to look at
Gabrielle, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "And just how
are you going to cut all this grass?" she asked.
"We could use your sword."
"My sword!" she exclaimed. "You want to use my sword to cut grass?
My sword, which I keep polished and sharpened and ready to slice an
enemy in two at a moment's notice? That sword?"
Gabrielle grinned. "Yep, that's the one I was thinking of!"
"Humph!" Xena started toward the cottage, carrying the bridle.
Gabrielle tagged along, keeping up a stream of suggestions. "We
could cut this grass right here in the clearing. It's almost up to our
knees and it's hard to walk in, anyway. There'd probably be enough to
make a nice bed."
At the cottage door, Xena tossed the bridle inside and then reached
out for Gabrielle's hand. "Come with me," she said and led her around
behind the cottage. "You want grass? I'll show you grass!"
On the other side of the trees, they stopped at the edge of the
meadow. The grass here was thigh-high, and intermingled with all kinds
of wildflowers. Gabrielle slipped her arm around Xena's waist and they
stood there for some time, watching the bees wandering from flower to
flower. The sun was warm, the breeze soft. Finally, Gabrielle looked
at Xena and said, "Do you know how much I love you?"
Xena smiled down into the green eyes. "I think I've got a pretty
good idea."

* * *

They carried one of the blankets out to the meadow and began piling
it full of grass. They worked side by side, Xena using the sword and
Gabrielle a dagger. The work went quickly, and they had almost filled
the blanket when Xena straightened up suddenly, her eyes fixed on a
movement in the grass several paces away. Shifting the sword to her
left hand, she reached out her right toward Gabrielle.
"Hand me the dagger," she said in a low voice, her gaze still focused
on the place in the grass.
Gabrielle froze in mid-cutting stroke, then handed over the weapon.
"What is it?" she whispered.
Xena took the blade in her fingers, hefted, and then quickly hurled
it. There was a sudden movement, a squeal, and then silence.
"I hope it's our supper," said Xena. She handed the sword to
Gabrielle, then waded through the grass to the spot where the dagger had
disappeared. In a moment, she was back, prey in hand.
"Mmm, rabbit stew!" said Gabrielle. "My mouth is watering already."
They carried three blanket-loads of grass into the cottage. While
Gabrielle arranged their harvest into a comfortable mattress and spread
their bedding over it, Xena gathered firewood and then sat on the
cottage doorstep and skinned the rabbit.
"I'll light the fire," Gabrielle offered. "I hope this chimney draws
all right. Which saddlebag are the flint and tinder in?"
"I don’t know--you'll just have to look." Xena brought the pieces of
meat in and laid them on the table. That's when she noticed the clay
mug full of wildflowers. "Well, isn't this fancy," she said, "flowers
right on the table!" She picked up the mug and breathed in the sweet
aroma. "Too bad you won't get any wine, though, since you used your mug
for a vase!"
Gabrielle looked up from the saddlebag she was rummaging in and
grinned. "Actually, it's your mug, but I'll be glad to let you share
"Hmm," said Xena. "Did you find the flint yet?"
"No. Oh wait, here it is!"
"Good. You go ahead and start the fire and get supper going. I want
to look around again before it gets dark."
The sun had dipped below the treetops, sending long shadows across
the clearing. Xena scouted back along the trail to the road, then made
a wide circuit through the woods around the cottage and meadow. She
moved slowly, watchfully among the trees, making as little noise as
possible. She scanned the sky for signs of smoke rising from a
campfire, but saw only the wisps rising from the cottage chimney. Argo,
grazing in the meadow, raised her head and wickered softly at Xena's
approach. The warrior princess stroked the mare and laid her face
against the warm neck. "You like this place, too, don't you, girl?" she
said. "It would all be perfect if I could just shake this nagging worry
about Garron." Argo shook her head and snorted. Xena moved to Argo's
head and rubbed the velvety nose. "Thing is," she continued, "I can't
see any sign that he followed us, so why do I keep worrying that he
did?" The mare nuzzled her neck, and Xena laughed and kissed her on the
nose. "Okay, I need to get back to Gabrielle. Good night, Argo."
As she started back along the far edge of the meadow, Xena caught the
scent of something juicy. "Blackberries!" she exclaimed. The brambles
were nearby and heavy with fruit. She plucked a berry and popped it
into her mouth, savoring the sweet taste. She hadn't come prepared for
berry picking, though. How could she carry enough of them back for
supper? After thinking for a moment, she loosened the laces of her left
forearm bracer and slipped it off over her hand. Holding it upright,
with the small end resting in her palm, she quickly filled it up with
berries. "That ought to do it," she said, and headed back to the

* * *

"It smells good in here," Xena said as she pushed open the door.
Gabrielle looked up from her seat at the table, where she was cutting
up vegetables by candlelight, and smiled. "The rabbit meat is already
in the pot. I just need to add these and then let it all simmer for a
The glow of the candle on the golden hair and smiling face made Xena
catch her breath. She moved to the table and sat down on the other
bench, never taking her eyes off Gabrielle, who was now bent over her
work again. Xena took a berry out of her bracer and held it out.
"Look what I found for dessert!" she said.
Gabrielle glanced at the berry and then at Xena. "I thought we were
going to have something else for dessert," she said coyly.
"Mmm, well, we can have that, too." Xena grinned. "Open your
mouth." She fed the blackberry to Gabrielle, then leaned over and
kissed her gently on the lips.
"Very sweet," said Gabrielle, chewing thoughtfully.
Xena got up and looked around for something to put the berries in,
finally settling on the frying pan. She laid her bracer on the floor
near the saddle. Her sword and chakram she placed close to the bed, so
they would be handy if needed in the night. Then, sitting down again,
she removed her shin guards and began unlacing her boots.
Gabrielle carried the vegetables to the fireplace, where she dropped
them into the pot and stirred the mixture. A moment later, she was
kneeling in front of Xena, helping undo the boot laces. "You were gone
a long time," she said softly. "I was starting to worry. Is everything
all right?"
"Everything's fine. I just wanted to make a really thorough check."
Gabrielle tugged on Xena's boot and it slid slowly off. Then she
pulled off the other one. Xena wiggled her toes and flexed her ankles.
"Ah," she murmured, "it's always a relief to have those things off."
"Yeah, that's why I took mine off before I started cooking,"
Gabrielle said. "Ready to do the armor?"
Without a word, Xena raised her arms and Gabrielle unfastened the
buckles. Then, standing up, she lifted the whole contraption off over
Xena's head. "You've already done part of my job for me," the bard
said, indicating the arm where the bracer had been.
"I always like to be helpful," Xena said, holding out her other arm.
Gabrielle unlaced the bracer and removed it, followed by the smaller
ones from the upper arms.
When all the armor was off, Xena, still seated on the bench, caught
Gabrielle's hands and pulled her around to stand in front of her. "Sit
down," she said, nodding toward her lap. Gabrielle laughed, straddled
Xena's legs and sat. The warrior brushed Gabrielle's hair back with
gentle fingers and admired again the effect of candlelight on her face.
"You are so beautiful, Gabrielle," she said softly. "I'm a lucky
woman." Then pulling the bard toward her, she began to kiss
her--quietly at first, but then with growing passion.
Gabrielle ran her hands over Xena's back and shoulders, her breathing
quickening. "Maybe we should go directly to the romantic portion of the
evening," she whispered into Xena's ear, "and eat supper later."
"Mmm, there's a thought." Xena kissed the base of Gabrielle's throat
and continued up her neck.
"Are you hungry?" Gabrielle asked.
"Uh-huh. In more ways than one!" Xena said, nibbling at her lover's
Gabrielle giggled and squirmed with pleasure. "So what do you want
to do?" she asked.
"I don’t know. It's a tough decision."
For a moment, neither one spoke, but the nuzzling continued. Then
Gabrielle straightened up and looked at Xena. "Well, you know," she
said, tracing a line with her finger down Xena's nose to her lips, "you
were really embarrassed the last time your stomach growled while we were
making love."
Xena caught Gabrielle's finger gently with her lips and teeth. "Mmm,
I remember that," she mused. "Maybe that means we should eat first."
"Eat supper, you mean."
"Gabrielle!" Xena said, feigning shock. "I can't believe you said
that! You used to be so innocent!"
"I've been hanging around with you too long, I guess," Gabrielle
said, laughing. With a quick kiss, she slipped off of Xena's knees and
went to the fireplace to stir the stew.
"Shall I open the wine?" Xena asked.
"Good idea. I still can't believe we bought a whole skin of wine
just to bring with us--we've never done that before."
"Well, maybe we should do it more often." Xena rummaged through
their pile of belongings until she located the wine and their second
mug. Carrying them back to the table, she filled the mug almost to the
"In fact," Gabrielle continued as she poked the fire and added a few
more sticks, "I couldn't believe how much stuff we bought in the village
this morning--fresh vegetables, bread, cheese, wine, even salt! Where
did you get the money for it?"
"The people in the last town took up a little collection. They were
glad to have their daughters back, safe and sound." Xena knelt down at
the hearth next to Gabrielle and held out the mug with both hands. "You
first," she said.
Gabrielle put her hands over Xena's and drew the mug toward her.
"Here's to us," she said and drank, then moved the mug toward Xena.
"To us," echoed the warrior, smiling over the rim of the mug.
After that, they sat at the table, the mug between them
"How much money did they give you?" Gabrielle asked.
Xena laughed. "Oh, are we still on that topic? Twelve dinars."
"I thought you didn't like to accept money from people."
"I don't, usually. Or if I accept it, I like to give it to someone
who really needs it."
"So why did you take it this time . . . and then spend so much of it
on us?"
Xena shifted her weight on the hard, wooden bench, then turned
sideways so that she could stretch her legs out toward the fire. She
met Gabrielle's gaze for a moment and then looked away. "I guess I
wanted this to be special . . . for you . . . for us. We've never
really had much time alone together, and it's been, what, a couple of
months since we first became lovers--"
"It's been two months and--" Gabrielle stopped to calculate, "sixteen
Xena laughed. "Yes, well, I might have known you've been keeping
track. Anyway, I know it was selfish of me, but I thought maybe it was
okay to indulge ourselves for once. And I've still got five dinars
left--I'm sure we'll find something useful to do with that."
Gabrielle gave Xena's hand a quick squeeze. "Hey," she said. "Even
a warrior princess deserves to have a little fun sometimes--and so does
her sidekick!"
"You think so?"
"I know so!" Gabrielle picked up the mug and took a long drink from
it. "How'd you know about this place, anyway?" she asked, setting the
mug down and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
"Oh, I have my ways," Xena said, winked, and took a big swallow of
Gabrielle was silent for a moment, watching her, then asked, "Have
you ever been here before with . . . a lover?"
Xena blew out her breath softly and smiled. "No, Gabrielle, it was
nothing like that. I came here two or three times with my army; one of
my scouts discovered the place. The first time we had several wounded
with us. We took care of them in the cottage here and the rest of us
slept out in the clearing. The other times we just came here to lay low
and rest up for a few days between battles--or I guess I should say
'raids.' Those times I slept in the cottage--alone--and the men slept
outside. I don't know why the place is here--who built it or lived here
or anything like that. I hadn't even thought about it for years."
"I'm glad you thought about it now," Gabrielle said. Getting up, she
went to the fireplace and began stirring the stew again. Then, without
looking up, she said, "Xena, can I ask you something? You don't have to
answer, if you don't want to."
"Okay." Xena wondered what kind of question was coming. Picking up
the mug, she took a sip.
"Well, I was just wondering, uh . . . how many people have you slept
Xena started and choked on her mouthful of wine. "Whoa, Gabrielle!"
she said, coughing. "Now you're getting into territory you don't really
want to be in!"
"Okay, I'm sorry. I never should have asked that!" Gabrielle busily
poked at the fire and added more sticks.
Xena coughed again and then sat studying her lover for a few
moments. "Come over here and sit down," she said gently.
Gabrielle sat, and Xena handed her the wine mug. "Let me try to
explain something," she said. She waited until Gabrielle met her gaze
and then went on. "You know who I was and what I was . . . before. I
slept with a lot of people--a lot of men--back then, but that didn't
necessarily mean I loved them. Sex was just a tool that came in handy
for me in doing my job. I used it to reward men, to control them, to
make alliances. It had more to do with power and politics than with
She paused for a moment, picked up the mug Gabrielle had just set
down, and took a sip. Then she went on. "I know you've probably never
thought about sex in this way, but can you try to understand?"
"Yes, I think I can," said Gabrielle, "but you don't look at sex that
way now, do you?"
"No, of course not. That's one of the things that changed for
me--one of the things Hercules helped me see. Since then, I have only
slept with people I truly cared about--people like Herc and Marcus . . .
and you." She reached out for Gabrielle's hand. "You're the only woman
I've ever made love to, and I swear by Aphrodite that I love you more
than I've ever loved anyone else." She raised Gabrielle's hand to her
lips and kissed it. "Isn't that what you really wanted to know when you
asked me that question?"
"Yes," Gabrielle whispered. "Thank you, Xena."
There were a few moments of silence, then Xena said, "As long as
we're doing personal questions, could I ask you something?"
Gabrielle looked a little surprised, but she nodded.
Xena took a deep breath, then let it out. "When we make love, do you
ever feel--" she paused, looking for the right word. "Do you ever feel
disloyal to Perdicas?"
"Mmm, well, yes, at first I did--a little. But then I thought about
how Perdicas would want me to be happy, and I am happy--being with you.
Besides, it's not the same, somehow."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that Perdicas and I grew up together; he was like a brother
to me. I loved him a lot, but it was a different kind of love from what
I feel for you." There was an intensity in her green eyes that struck
deep into Xena's heart. "With you," Gabrielle continued, "I feel
something deeper, like--it's hard to explain--but like we're two parts
of the same whole. I feel as if we were somehow destined to be
together--that we always have been and always will be, throughout all of
time. I guess I see us as soulmates, Xena. That's the best word I know
to describe it." She stood up suddenly and turned away. "You probably
think I'm crazy, saying all this, but it's how I feel." Then she turned
back to look at Xena. "Do you think I'm crazy? Have you ever felt any
of these things I'm talking about?"
"Yes, I have," Xena said, in a voice that trembled slightly, "but I
never had such beautiful words to describe them." She stood up and
wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, burying her face in the golden hair,
breathing in the scent of her. How long they stood there, she didn't
know, but finally she let go. "Hey," she said with a smile. "Is that
stew ever going to be ready?"

* * *

They didn't talk much while they ate, content simply to enjoy each
other's nearness.
"I think this may be the best stew you've ever made," Xena said at
last, as she scraped the bottom of her wooden bowl.
"It is good, isn't it? Do you want some more?"
Gabrielle quickly refilled both bowls while Xena used a dagger to cut
a couple more slices of dark bread from the loaf they'd bought that
"The bread's good, too," Xena said, biting off a big mouthful.
"This is fun, isn't it--kind of like children playing at keeping
house," Gabrielle said, with a grin. "Maybe you should retire from the
warrior business and we could settle down someplace in a cute little
cottage like this. I could write scrolls and bake bread, and you could
putter around in the yard--maybe grow vegetables or something. What do
you think?"
Xena looked at her with one eyebrow raised sardonically. "Sorry,
Gabrielle," she said, "but somehow I don't share your vision."
Gabrielle laughed. "I didn't think you would. I really can't
imagine you as anything besides a warrior . . . and a lover," she added
Xena grinned crookedly and reached for the frying pan full of
berries. "Here, have some dessert," she said with a wink.
They fed berries to each other, giggling, until the fruit was all
gone and their lips and tongues were stained purple.
"Are you still hungry?" asked Gabrielle.
"Only in one way now," Xena said. Reaching out, she pulled the bard
toward her and covered the soft mouth with her own. As Gabrielle's lips
parted, Xena slipped her tongue into her lover's mouth and began to
explore the teeth and velvety tongue. Her breath quickened, and she
heard Gabrielle's do the same. Standing up, she pulled the bard up with
her and felt Gabrielle's arms wrap around her in a tight embrace. Then
she bent and trailed kisses across the warm neck, where she could feel
the pulse beating ever more rapidly.
Gabrielle sighed softly and let her head fall back. "Oh, Xena," she
whispered, "you're so good!"
Xena smiled as she gently kissed the collarbones and white skin of
her lover's chest. She cupped one breast in her hand, feeling the
nipple already beginning to harden under the fabric. Kneeling, she
untied the laces and slid the bodice off over Gabrielle's arms. Then
she buried her face in the wonderfully soft breasts, her mouth seeking
and then finding a nipple, kissing it first, then sucking, gently,
gently, then harder. Gabrielle moaned with pleasure, entwining her
fingers in Xena's dark hair. Xena felt her own thrill of pleasure,
strong and deep; her heart was beating faster now, her breathing
becoming ragged. She moved to the other breast, sucking again, savoring
the nipple, using one hand to massage the first nipple at the same time.
After a little while, moving lower, she unfastened Gabrielle's skirt
and eased it down over her hips and thighs. With gentle fingers, she
touched the triangle of golden-brown hair and felt the bard shudder with
delight. Her fingers slipped easily into the warm wetness, over the
tender folds of skin, and then up inside of her.
"Oh!" Gabrielle gasped, as she almost stumbled. Her fingers
tightened their grip on Xena's hair.
Xena slid her hand slowly out of the pleasure place and looked up.
"Hey," she said, "try to leave me a little hair, okay?"
Gabrielle's eyes flew open and she quickly loosened her grip. "Oh,
I'm sorry! Did I hurt you? I just-- You were making me so weak I
could hardly stand, so I had to hold onto something!"
Xena laughed. "Maybe it's time we tried out the love nest," she
"Good idea!"
She held the skirt while Gabrielle stepped out of it, then stood up.
"Now you," said Gabrielle. She turned the warrior princess around,
unlaced the leather dress, and helped her take it off. Xena quickly
slipped off her undergarment and tossed it into the pile of discarded
clothing. She blew out the candle and the two women embraced,
delighting in the feel of skin against skin. Then, suddenly, Xena bent
down and scooped Gabrielle up in her arms.
"What are you doing?" Gabrielle asked in surprise.
"I just wanted to see if I could do this."
"Well, of course you can. You've caught me in mid-air before--surely
you can lift me!"
"I guess you're right," Xena said, crossing the room in two easy
paces and laying Gabrielle on the bed. When she dropped down beside
her, the bard pushed Xena over onto her back and eased her body on top
of the warrior's. Propped on her elbows, Gabrielle traced Xena's
cheekbone in the dark with a gentle finger. "I love you so much," she
whispered. Then their mouths met in a kiss that sent shivers through
the warrior woman's body. She ran her hands over Gabrielle's shoulders,
back, and buttocks, loving the feel of the smooth skin. She moaned
softly as the bard slid her leg between her thighs and pressed it
against her. Then Gabrielle was kissing her breasts, teasing the
nipples with her tongue, sucking in a way that could only make her moan
"Like that, do you?" Gabrielle asked.
"Can't you tell?"
Then Xena felt her lover's thigh again, rubbing so deliciously
against her. She caught Gabrielle's face in both hands, pulling her up
for another deep kiss, savoring the feel of that tongue in her mouth.
She moved her hand down then, sliding it between their bodies until she
located the mound of soft hair and the sweet folds of skin. Gently, she
began massaging them.
"Oh, Xena!" Gabrielle whispered, collapsing against her and burying
her face against her neck.
"Roll over." They turned together, Xena easing herself partway onto
Gabrielle, her fingers still in place, finding now the spot she knew
would give the most pleasure. The flesh tightened under her fingers and
Gabrielle began to breathe in quick, short gasps.
"Is that a good place?" murmured Xena.
"It's perfect--don't stop!"
Propped on an elbow, Xena took one of Gabrielle's nipples in her
mouth again. The bard's body began to move rythmically against her.
She moaned and then moaned again.
"That's it, Darling, you're almost there," Xena said softly. "I love
you, Gabrielle!"
Then Gabrielle cried out, her body arching and spasming with
pleasure. Xena held her, marvelling, as always, at the gift of joy she
was able to give to this sweet woman.
After a few moments, Gabrielle lay still again and sighed. "Mmm,
that was a good one," she said.
"I noticed. Want more?"
Gabrielle smiled coyly. "Yeah, if you're offering."
Xena grinned and descended the bard's body with a trail of kisses.
Then pushing the thighs apart, she eased between them, breathing in the
musky smell of Gabrielle's sex. With her tongue, she sought the
pleasure place again, stroking it gently, tasting its sweetness.
"That feels so good, Xena! Oh! This isn't going to take long!"
And it didn't. Xena held onto Gabrielle's thighs, feeling once more
the wonder of joy coursing through her lover's body. "Again?" she
asked, when it was over.
"No, that's plenty for now. Just come up here by me."
They lay in each other's arms for a little while, and Xena traced
lazy designs on Gabrielle's chest with her finger.
"How did you know what to do?" Gabrielle asked. "I mean, the first
time. If you'd never made love to a woman before me, how did you know
how to do it?"
"Just kind of made it up as I went along, I guess," Xena said.
Gabrielle laughed. "You're crazy--do you know that?" In a quick
movement, she rolled over on top of Xena and kissed her. "Okay, it's my
turn now."
"You just had your turn."
"I mean it's my turn to make you squirm and groan."
Xena laughed. "I'm your willing victim!"
It began simply enough. A little nibbling on the warrior's earlobes
and gentle blowing in her sensitive ears sent shivers all the way down
to her toes. Then it was the breasts again, her nipples teased into
hard knots by Gabrielle's eager mouth. Xena could feel her heart
starting to pound again, and when the bard touched the dark hair between
her legs and then her clitoris, she gasped.
"You're really wet!" Gabrielle marvelled.
"I wonder how that happened," Xena said with a half grin.
She thought she had never felt anything as wonderful as Gabrielle's
tongue stroking her. She thought, in fact, that she might explode with
the pleasure of it. "Oh, Gabrielle," she said, panting, "that's so--"
The wave of sensation burst over her before she could finish the
thought. Writhing and moaning, she clutched at Gabrielle's hair. Joy
coursed all the way to the ends of her fingers and toes, leaving her
tingling and weak with its passing. Then Gabrielle was beside her
again, kissing her, brushing back the hair from her face.
"Want more?" the bard asked with a raised eyebrow.
"No, that one was enough for now," Xena said. "It may have been the
best one I've ever had. Just lie on top of me--I want to hold you."
They lay quietly for some time, as their breathing slowed and their
heartbeats gradually returned to normal.
"Xena," said Gabrielle with her mouth against Xena's ear.
"Do you think it's wicked to be so happy? I mean, when there are so
many people in the world who are poor and sick and miserable?"
"Wicked? No, I don't think so. Maybe if we never tried to help
other people it would be wicked, but we can't save the whole world, just
the two of us."
Gabrielle pushed herself up on her arms and stared down at Xena.
"It's funny to hear you say that, because sometimes I would swear you
really do think we can save the whole world--or at least that we should
Xena considered for a minute. "I guess it's just that I have so much
evil in my past--I don't know how I can ever atone for it." She reached
up and touched Gabrielle's face. "I certainly never thought I deserved
the kind of happiness I've found with you. It's scary sometimes,
because I'm afraid it will all be taken away."
"Don't say that, Xena. You deserve to be happy, and I want to make
you happy."
"Good," Xena said with a grin. "You can start by getting off me now
and pulling up a blanket. I'm too tired to discuss philosophical
questions tonight."
"Goodnight, Love," Gabrielle whispered as she spread the cover over
them. They snuggled up close together and soon were asleep.
When Xena opened her eyes in the soft light of morning, the first
thing she saw was Gabrielle, leaning on one elbow, looking at her.
She closed her eyes again, since they didn't really feel like being
open yet. "What are you doing?" she murmured.
"I'm watching you sleep."
Xena opened only one eye this time. "Why?" she said, and closed it.
"Because I don't get to do it very often," said Gabrielle. "You're
usually up before I am, and if I do happen to wake up during the night,
it's too dark to see you." She touched Xena's cheek softly and Xena
opened her eyes again. "You just look so relaxed and peaceful . . . so
beautiful. And you didn't have any nightmares."
"No. I don't think I've ever had one on a night when we've made
"Well, we know the cure then," Gabrielle said with a wink.
"Yes, I guess we do." Xena smiled and pulled Gabrielle toward her.
They kissed a gentle and lingering kiss, and then they made love
again--tenderly, slowly--the way two people do who have all the time in
the world to spend together.


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