A Country Inn

by: J. Browning

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The hot sun beat down from high above. Two weary travelers made their way through a dense forest. One, a great warrior, rode on the back of a golden mare. The other, an accomplished bard, struggled to keep pace on foot.

'I'd better slow Argo's pace a little.' Xena thought to herself as she eased the mighty steed to a calmer pace. "Gabrielle, are you sure you don't want to ride for a while?"

"Xena, you know how much I dislike riding . . . " she started to argue, but realized how badly her legs were aching. "you know Xena, you're right. Perhaps I will ride for a little while."

The warrior smiled knowingly as she helped Gabrielle up into the saddle behind her. With a fear of being so far off the ground, Gabrielle hugged her arms tightly around Xena's waist. The warrior savored the contact. She was well aware how strong her feelings were for her friend. The previous night, Xena had exerted every ounce of self control when she and Gabrielle shared bedrolls due to the cool night air. The warrior was sure the bard had feelings for her, so she hoped daily that the bard would admit having those feelings. Until then though, Xena would suppress her desires. She could however enjoy the sensations of having Gabrielle's body so close to hers. Xena leaned back into Gabrielle's arms and let her eyes drift closed.

The bard loved the feel of Xena's body against hers. She knew the warrior's feelings for her ran deep, she had seen that on many occasions. She was not sure however, if Xena's feelings went beyond strong friendship. Gabrielle had decided long ago to wait for Xena to make the first move. She wouldn't push the warrior because she knew Xena would send her away. As her thoughts drifted into loving fantasies about Xena, the bard's hands began to draw lazy circles across Xena's stomach.

'Why is she doing that?' the warrior wondered to herself. She dared to hope that her greatest fantasy was coming true, 'She does feel the same way I do!' Xena smiled. She leaned back further and pressed her armor plate into Gabrielle's chest as she moaned deep in her throat. Gabrielle lowered her head to kiss Xena's neck. The warrior knew if she didn't stop Gabrielle soon, she wouldn't be able to wait until they made it to the next town. "Gabrielle, wait . . . " the bard thought she had went too fast, "let's go slow, okay? I love you with all my heart and soul, but I need you to be sure this is what you want."
"Xena, I am sure. YOU are what I want. I have loved you for a long time, but you're right. As hard as it will be-we should go slow." Xena tilted her head backward slightly and planted a slow, tender kiss on Gabrielle's lips. They continued toward the small town with their fingers entwined in each others' hands. The bard rested her head lightly on Xena's shoulder, enveloped by the feelings of safety and love she felt.

It seemed, to the warrior, like it was taking forever to reach the town. 'I have so many things to do to make this night perfect- I have to prepare.' she thought. As she formulated her plan in her mind, the bard napped gently on her shoulder. 'I should do something special for Gabrielle tonight. Not just another night by a campfire. She loves inns, maybe I could get a room for tonight. Yes, that's what I'll do, hmm, I'll have to think of something to get separated from her for a short while though. Oh, I can't believe this is finally happening!' Xena was practically glowing with joy and excitement. They reached the town in about two candle marks. As they arrived, Xena gently woke the sleeping bard. "Gabrielle, love, time to get up. We're here."

The bard lifted her head and frowned at the bright sunlight. "Huh? Oh, okay. We're here to pick up some supplies, right?"

"Yes. Why don't you go to the stables and buy some oats for Argo, then take her just outside of town and make camp? I'll be there soon." Xena hoped this was enough to get Gabrielle to leave.

"What? Why don't I just wait and we'll go together?"

Gabrielle had a look of fear on her face. Xena knew she was afraid something was wrong. She placed her hands on Gabrielle's arm, "Gabrielle, I saw some rough looking fellows when we came into town. I don't want you to get hurt, please just go. I promise I will meet up with you soon."

Gabrielle's face softened a bit, "Xena, that's sweet, but you know I can take care of myself."

The warrior did know this to be a fact, but she still had to give Gabrielle a reason to leave. "Oh, I know, but I just . . . well, after what was said this afternoon . . . I guess I'm just . . . "

Gabrielle smiled widely, "Okay, it's okay. I understand. I'll take Argo and make camp. BUT, don't be long!" She jumped up and planted a quick kiss on Xena's cheek. She took the reins from Xena and led Argo away, deep into the town toward the stables.

'Finally!' Xena thought. She quickly headed for the inn located in the middle of town. Once there, the warrior found it harder than she had planned to book a room for the night. After assuring the owner of the inn she was not there to cause anyone trouble, he reluctantly gave her a room. She left the inn and went to a fruit stand to gather some of Gabrielle's favorite fruits. She was having a wonderful time, feeling carefree and happy. Just then, three men took her by surprise from behind. One grabbed her arms, while the other two started to laugh.
"So, Xena. It looks like you're getting soft since you changed sides," one of the men said.

"No Micanus, not soft-just good!" Having said that, Xena flipped backward over the man holding her. She planted her feet and hit him twice in the head with her fists. He fell to the ground quickly as the other two men rushed at her. A loud battle cry and some fancy footwork, and the three bandits were beaten and running away. Xena smiled slightly, turned to the fruit stand owner, and said, "This will be all. How much is it?" She paid the man 10 dinars and took the fruit basket to her room. Once Xena had gathered everything she needed and prepared the room just the way she wanted, she left to get Gabrielle.

At the meager campsite, an anxious bard waited impatiently. 'Where is she?' Gabrielle thought to herself, 'Maybe something happened to her!' Just as she jumped up to run into the town, the warrior appeared in the clearing. "Xena!" Gabrielle ran into the warrior's arms, "Where have you been?"

"Sorry," Xena started, "I guess it took me a little longer than I thought."

"Yeah well, I'm just glad you're here now. Come on, I'll make dinner."

Xena took Gabrielle by the arm. "Wait, I have a better idea. Stay here for just a minute. I'm going to go check on Argo, I'll be back shortly. I have a surprise for you."

"Ooh, I like surprises!" Gabrielle said, with an evil glint in her eyes.

Xena smiled and walked out to where Argo was grazing. She petted the horse gently on the neck. "Hey girl," she began. Argo whinnied. "I want you to stay here tonight, okay? I'll be back for you in the morning." The golden mare seemed to understand what the warrior wanted. With that issue solved, Xena returned to Gabrielle. She looked deep into the bard's green eyes. "So, are you ready?" she asked.

"Ready for what?" Gabrielle retaliated.

"For your surprise!"

"Oh, right. Yes!"

"Good, come on then." Xena started walking back toward town.

"Where are we going?" Gabrielle asked.

"You'll see. Just follow me."

The bard smiled, "Don't I usually?"
Xena shook her head at her friend and took Gabrielle's hand in hers as they walked back to town.

"Okay," Xena announced, "now close your eyes."
"What?" Gabrielle inquired.

"Come on, it will make the surprise better. Please?" Xena pleaded.

"Oh, all right," Gabrielle conceded.

"Thanks," Xena replied with a huge smile.

Xena lead Gabrielle through the town, making sure the bard didn't peek. As they neared the inn, Xena's breath caught in her throat. 'I can't believe I'm this nervous. I hope she likes what I've done. They entered the inn and Xena lead Gabrielle up the stairs. The bard's excitement was rapidly growing. The warrior hardly ever surprised her, so she was sure this would be quite a fantastic ordeal. When the pair reached the door to the room, Xena swiftly scooped the bard up into her arms and carried her into the room.

Gabrielle was caught by surprise when Xena picked her up. Her awe continued as she opened her eyes. The air was permeated by flowers that filled the room. On the bed lay a basket of the bard's favorite fruits. Rays from the setting sun filtered in the room giving everything a surreal quality. In the room adjoining the bedroom, a tub full of steaming hot water was waiting for the both of them. "Xena, this is exquisite!" Gabrielle gasped. "I can't believe you did all this for me!"

An astonished look came over Xena's features. "What do mean you can't believe it? I would do anything for you Gabrielle. You are my heart and soul. I wanted to do something special for you-something you deserve. I love you," the warrior said as her ice blue eyes became misty.

The bard hugged Xena's neck and kissed her furiously, "I love you too Xena. I always have and I always will. Furthermore, I don't deserve anything more than you. YOU are everything I want."

"Thanks," the warrior began as she carried the bard toward the steaming tub, "but now, how about that bath?"

"Mm," Gabrielle said as Xena placed her on the edge of the tub and began removing her clothing. "You know Xena," she said between gasps of excitement, "you can be quite romantic when you want to be."

"You make me want to be," Xena said, her eyes dark with desire, "everything I do is for you." Once all of the bard's clothing was shed, Xena quickly began removing her own armor and leathers. She lowered Gabrielle into the water and swiftly joined her in the tub. Xena explored

Gabrielle's entire body, as if trying to memorize it inch by inch. She cupped the bard's face and rubbed her thumbs over Gabrielle's jaw line and down her throat. Soft moans of pleasure and desire escaped the bard. The warrior's hands then proceeded lower on Gabrielle's body, cupping each breast firmly, before finally moving south to capture her thighs. Xena leaned in for an agonizingly slow kiss. Her tongue darted out to caress Gabrielle's lips, asking permission to enter. Gabrielle quickly parted her lips, granting the request. Tongues met and fires ignited deep within both women. Xena broke the kiss first, taking in much needed air. "Gabrielle, you are so beautiful. How did I ever get this lucky. I've found my other half. You make me whole, Gabrielle."

It was the bard's turn to become misty-eyed, "Xena, I think that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." Crisp, green eyes met azure ones, "make love to me Xena, please."

"You will never have to ask me, Gabrielle. I've wanted this for so long," Xena replied honestly. She sat back against the wall of the tub as she pulled Gabrielle onto her lap. Her mouth found the bard's lonely earlobe as her hands began the exploration once again. The warrior found herself becoming quite excited simply by the contact of their bare skin. Even in the water, she knew her juices were dripping down her thigh. Xena's hand traveled south, stopping briefly to pay homage to both of Gabrielle's breasts, then continuing on until she found the golden triangle she so longed to touch. She rested her hand atop the blond curls, cupping Gabrielle's center gently.

Moans of anticipation were coming frequently from the bard's lips. A mangled 'please' urged Xena on. She dipped into Gabrielle's core as the bard gasped in elation. Xena stroked the length of Gabrielle's center lovingly, only lightly caressing the hard bundle of nerves. The warrior claimed the bard's mouth once more as she slid two fingers deep within Gabrielle's sex. Both women emitted muffled cries of pleasure at the intimate contact. Soon the bard found a rhythm with Xena's thrusting fingers. "Yes, oh yes. Unnghh, Xena!" the bard gasped as she ground her body hard against the warrior's hand. As Xena massaged the nub with her thumb, she could feel the bard getting close to release. She snaked her free arm around Gabrielle's waist and held her tight. With one final thrust of her hand, the bard stiffened, then went limp as the waves of pleasure washed over her body. "XEEENAA!" she cried out the warrior's name as her climax took over. Xena pulled the bard's weakened body close to her own until the convulsing eased. "Wow!" Gabrielle exclaimed after her breathing had returned to normal, "that was amazing!"

"I'm glad you liked it!" Xena exclaimed, still holding Gabrielle in her arms.

"I love you Xena."

"I love you too Gabrielle, with my entire being. This whole evening is just for you."


The bard's lips turned slightly up at the corners as she leered ominously at the warrior. "I thank you immensely, my warrior, but now . . . it's my turn," she said as she lowered her head to once again capture her lover's lips.

Any thoughts the warrior may have had about the evening belonging strictly to Gabrielle were silenced when the bard claimed her mouth forcefully. Quickly, Xena was lost in the feel of Gabrielle's hot tongue dancing in rhythm with her own. A deep, low growl came from the warrior's throat as Gabrielle grasped the back of Xena's neck to deepen the kiss. Their bodies were moving against each other with an age-old rhythm only they could hear. The bard began her exploration of the warrior's body. When her fingers lightly brushed over Xena's nipples, the warrior drew in a sharp breath. "You like that, don't you?" Gabrielle asked, not needing an answer. Xena only nodded her head. In an effort to keep the warrior speechless, Gabrielle took a deep breath of her own and ducked under the water to tease the already erect nipple with her tongue.

"Oh Gods, Gabrielle. That feels so good," Xena breathlessly replied.

The bard resurfaced for air and looked deep into Xena eyes, "You are so special to me, you know that right?"

A wide smile crossed the warrior's features. She leaned down and gently kissed the smaller woman. "I do know," she said quietly.

Gabrielle wasted no more time with words. She trailed kisses down the warrior's throat into the hollow at the base of her neck. Xena braced herself against the side of the tub with her hands as the bard's hands went traveling the entire course of her body. Gabrielle cupped each breast firmly in her hands and caressed the rock hard nipples with her thumb. As she paid each due attention, Xena's breathing became rapid and uneven. When the bard reached the warrior's most intimate of places, Xena did something Gabrielle had never heard before-she giggled. The giggles must have been contagious because soon both women were laughing nearly uncontrollably. The warrior contained herself first, "this isn't exactly how I thought our first night together would go, "she stated between giggle fits.

"I know," the bard started, still laughing, "I'm sorry, but I've never heard you giggle before." She leaned up and kissed the warrior. "I guess you're finally going soft on me!"

Xena's face grew serious, "I've always been soft on you. That's part of the reason I never admitted my feelings before. Most of my enemies know that you are my friend. That alone puts you in danger, but if they knew you were my," she paused, "well, you would be their first target. I couldn't stand the thought of losing you. But I was afraid my not telling you would make you leave me too."

A realization suddenly hit Gabrielle like a ton of bricks, "you knew I loved you? How?" Gabrielle asked with a frown.

Xena arched an eyebrow and smiled, "you talk in your sleep." Noticing irritation on the bard's face, Xena continued, "now don't be upset. It hasn't been that long that I've known. I just needed for you to admit when you weren't asleep. I had to be sure, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I'm not upset, I just can't believe we wasted so much time in finding each other!"

Xena laid light kisses all over the bard's face and lifted her into her arms. She carefully stepped out of the tub, set Gabrielle down on the edge, and began drying her with a towel. Xena then dried herself and retrieved the two white shirts they always kept in the saddlebags. After dressing herself and Gabrielle, Xena took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. The warrior eased the smaller woman onto the mattress, "are you hungry, love?"

"Mm," Gabrielle replied, as her eyes drifted slightly closed, "in more ways than one."

A surprised Xena smiled. She picked up some of the strawberries she had collected earlier and began feeding them to the awaiting bard. As Gabrielle suckled Xena's fingers getting every last bit of juice, the warrior's desire was growing once again. Xena offered the bard a slice of nut bread, but Gabrielle quickly tossed it back in the basket. The smaller woman swiftly rolled over until she was straddling a very astonished warrior princess. "You will give yourself to me, won't you, Xena?" the bard asked with authority.

Taken slightly aback, Xena replied, "um, Gabri . . . "

"Yes or no. Those are your only two choices, now which is it?" Gabrielle surprised even herself with her aggression. She just knew in her heart Xena wanted to be able to completely let go and trust somebody. This was her attempt at giving Xena that freedom.

As shocked as she was, Xena had to admit having Gabrielle speak to her that way, was indeed arousing her to new heights, "yes," the warrior finally replied.

"Good," Gabrielle said, her voice void of any emotion. She rose from the bed and fetched Xena's breast dagger from the nearby table.

"What are you doing?" Xena asked, her interest now very peaked.

Gabrielle covered the warrior's mouth with her hand, "no talking unless I give you permission, understood?"

Xena nodded her acceptance.
The bard placed the dagger next to Xena's leg. She then began to unbutton the white shirt and remove it from Xena's body. Swiftly, she used the dagger to cut two long strips of material. After returning the dagger to the table, she lifted Xena's hands above her head. The bard tied the warrior's hands snugly around one of the bedposts. 'I can't believe the great Xena: mighty warrior princess is actually letting me tie her up!' the bard thought. Gabrielle then proceeded to tie the remaining pieces of material around Xena's eyes and mouth. With no protest from the warrior, Gabrielle continued. Starting at the warrior's toes, she planted feather-light kisses over Xena's entire body. With one arm supporting her, Gabrielle covered the whole length of Xena's body with her own as she kissed the warrior hard. Their tongues battled for control in their mouths. The bard spread the larger woman's legs apart and lowered her knee between them. As Gabrielle's knee touched Xena's center, juices practically poured out of both women. As the warrior's breathing became extremely erratic, the smaller woman drove her knee repeatedly into her core. Gabrielle's tongue and knee kept rhythm with Xena's body as she thrust her hips up to meet the bard. Needing to hear Xena during their passion, Gabrielle said, "You may speak if you desire."

Xena let out a breath she had unconsciously been holding, "Oh Gabrielle, I love you . . . I need you . . . I . . . " she tried to express the feeling she was having.

Gabrielle kissed her intensely, "I know, I love you too." The bard brought her free hand down across Xena's stomach. The warrior's muscles quivered under her touch. Her hand traveled farther south until it was resting upon the place where she was most needed. "Xena," the bard said surprised, "you're so wet."

"Oh please Gabrielle, don't make me wait any longer. I want to feel you inside me, now!" the aroused warrior pleaded.

"Yes, my love. Anything for you." She dipped one finger into Xena's core, stroking the length of her sex lovingly. Without warning, Gabrielle drove three fingers deep inside the warrior's opening.

Xena gasped aloud, "Yes, oh Gods!" She arched her hips to draw the bard's fingers in deeper.

Gabrielle thrust her fingers in and out of Xena as her thumb gently caressed the hard bundle of nerves.

"Harder Gabrielle, please," Xena begged.

Not denying her warrior anything, Gabrielle rubbed the nub harder in a circular motion. When the bard latched onto the warrior's earlobe and began sucking hard, Xena lost all coherent thought. Without the gift of speech, the larger woman just grunted and moaned in time to the thrusting fingers deep within her. Much to her disappointment, Gabrielle withdrew her fingers and kissed Xena gently.
"By the Gods, why did you stop?"

She lifted the blindfold off Xena's head. The bard smiled mischievously, "Oh I didn't stop, I'm just changing positions." She shifted herself until her head was resting comfortably between the warrior's legs.

Xena gasped in excitement and anticipation of what was to come. "Oh yes Gabrielle, do it, please!"

The bard flicked her tongue over the slick folds. She loved the way Xena tasted, "mm, so sweet . . . " she mumbled. The warrior's scent was absolutely intoxicating. Unable to wait torture Xena any longer, Gabrielle began caressing the swollen nub with her tongue as she once again drove her fingers deep withing the warrior. Her tongue matched the thrusts of her fingers as she worked Xena hard. Feeling the larger woman near her release, the bard latched onto the bundle of nerves and sucked hard. She continued pumping in and out of the warrior as Xena's climax began. With one final flick of her tongue, the warrior's body was encompassed with convulsions as the release claimed her body. Gabrielle held on tight as wave after wave washed over her lover. She lapped at the juices flowing out of the warrior.

Xena managed to sputter, "Gabrielle wait . . . I need to breathe."

The bard reluctantly agreed and rose from between her legs. She kissed her tenderly on the mouth. The warrior could taste herself on Gabrielle's lips. Xena managed to roll over onto her side and pull Gabrielle into a fierce embrace. As the bard settled her head on Xena's shoulder, she whispered, "I love you Xena. More than you probably know. I have since the beginning, I will forever."

The smaller woman noticed a tear falling from the warrior's eyes, "I love you too, Gabrielle. You are my best friend and now you are my lover. It's the only way it can be and the only way I'd have it."

The bard smiled at Xena's words as her eyes drifted closed. Locked in each other's embrace, both warrior and bard quickly found sleep. They dreamed of peace and love, and each planned the rest of their lives together.

The end

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