Cruel Love

By Chiva


This is my first fanfic I hope it goes well with you guys.

This is a very alt fanfic so if you are not into f/f sex go someplace ells because these girls are all over each other in one way or another

J You have been warned read at your own risk. This story is about living with an abusive person. It's kind of on the cruel side so if you don't like to read about how Gabriele get slapped around then I don't think you should read this. Also I am going with the beliefs that Xena is half god so it kind of gives me room to playJ

Part 1

Xena and Gabriele had just arrived in the amazon village, Ephiny was so happy to them she hugged Gabriele and kept her arm over her shoulder while they walked to the queens hut that Xena and Gabriele would be sharing.

I can't begin to tell you how good it is to see you two, what brings you two this way? Not that I'm complaining.

Well Ephiny, Xena and I wanted to take a vacation and talk to you but that can wait till tonight.

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine Ephiny, Gabriele and I would just like to rest a bit, but we can talk tonight at dinner. Let's go Gabriele I'm tired.

Xena started to walk in to the hut leaving Gabriele out side with Ephiny. They both watched her walk away.

What's with her Gabriele?

She's just tired, you know how Xena is when she's tired, just a big old grouch! Anyway I'll see you at dinner Ephiny, I'm kind of tired my self.

See you at dinner then, do you want me to send someone to wake you up for the evening meal?

Yes, thank you Ephiny.

See you then.



Gabriele walked in the hut to a very upset warrior princess, she started to walk over to the bed when Xena started to tell her what she thought of Ephiny's happiness.

Just once I would like to come to this village and not have that woman all over you.

Xena she was just happy to see us.

You mean you; "she wasn't trying to feel me up!"

Xena she was not trying to feel me up!

I know she wants you Gabriele, I see how she looks at you.

Xena please don't start that again, I'm going to wash up I feel dirty.

Gabriele started washing up while Xena stood watching her, Xena walked up behind her and put her hands on Gabriele’s hips and started kissing and sucking her neck.

Xena! "Stop you're going to leave a mark!" Xena we don't have time for this right know!

I want you love, I want you now!

"Xena please!"

Xena stopped what she was doing and turned her around by the hair looking her in the eyes with rage.

"What the hell is wrong with you Gabriele? I can't even touch you with out you fighting me every step of the way!"

Xena not know, I want to get some sleep before dinner, you should do the same it's been a long day and it's going to be a long night.

I forgot they will probably want to throw a party for the return of their queen, I'm going to go and get a drink see you at dinner Gabriele.

"Xena please, come and lay down with me you need to rest not drink!"

"I don't want to rest I want to fuck Gabriele!" but sense I can't do that I will just go drink and find something to do.

Xena don't start this here, I just don't want every one to here us that's all.

What the hell, Gabriele you are my wife and if I want to make love to you I can, and I'm not going to let some fucken amazons take that away from me.

Xena what are you doing?

What do you think I'm going to do? I have need for my wife and I don't care who hears us, now get on the bed before I get mad at you for not obeying me. Gabriele knew better than to argue with her when she was like this so she just did as she was told.

Xena was trying to show her who was in charge of their lovemaking and she was not about to make it easy, she started to suck on Gabrielle's neck really hard to be sure and leave a mark so that everyone would see that she belonged to Xena.

Xena um.... My um.... Xena please!

Your mine babe all mine and after this they will all know who you belong to. Xena kept thinking as she thrust her fingers deep into Gabriele; she kept marking her neck to make sure nobody would thinks twice about her wife.

Oh gods Xena yes! Um.... oh...uh...yes babe yes right there!

Xena could feel her bard near her climax, she loved to suck on Gabrielle's nipple just before she went over, it always made her cum harder, and Xena always followed right after.

Oh...gods Xena that...uh...uh...uh...yes ...babe...yes...XENAAAAAA...

You are one of the loudest lovers I have my little one.

Gabriele tried to catch her breath but once she heard what Xena said she started to think about it.

Xena what do you mean by that?

Nothing we better get cleaned up we don't have much time.

No! Why did you say that, are you sleeping around Xena? We are married remember that or are you trying to tell me it's alright to do that in are marriage, because if it is...

She did not get to finish her sentence before there was a knock at the door.

"Yes what is it" Xena yelled out thankful for the interruption.


Dinner is ready we are waiting for you two so shake a leg, Solari told them threw the closed door.

"We will be there in a minute." Gabriele yelled back still looking at Xena.

Come on babe let's go eat, I know you're hungry after the work out I just gave you.

They both washed up quickly and went to eat.

As they walked they got a lot of stares from passing amazons some would look away when they saw that they had be staring.

Finally you guys showed up I thought you two had maybe found something better to do, have a seat we can start this celebration and really start to enjoy our selves.

From the look of things I would say Xena found something better to put in her mouth than food, wouldn't you say so Ephiny?

Pony! Behave its not like you never had one ether.

"Oh... that's not all I've had, but you know that."

"PONY!" I'M sorry Gabriele you know how pony is when Xena is around, they just have to tease each other.

Hey pony! "Ephiny finally get you pussy whipped or what?"

Well you're one to talk warrior princess.

And what is that suppose to mean pony!

That's it Xena sit down and stops trying to pick a fight with pony, Ephiny what are we going to do with these two?

Pony stuck her tongue out to Xena and sat down with Ephiny she was about to say something when something caught her eye.

What happened to your chin? God's Xena you gave her one they're to! You must have been excited.

Gabriele was turning every shade of red and she tried to change the subject, she knew Xena would leave a mark she usually would. Xena is a very jealous and possessive person it took some time to get use to it but I think I can handle it now.

Xena would you like something to drink?

I'll get it Gabriele; I was going to get some wine for my self anyway, how about some amazon wine Xena or is it to strong for the great warrior princess!

Bring it on pony will see who's standing up in a candle mark or so. Xena and pony got up to leave.

Bring some for Gabriele and me to love.

I see a lot of new faces around.

Yes we found them traveling towards are village, they escaped from slavers and had no where to go so they came here, a little wild but very nice girls, I believe there where 10 of them from 17 to 20 summers old.

I'm glad the amazons took them in then. Ephiny I wanted to talk to you about something but it's going to sound a little weird.

You know you can tell me anything Gabriele.

Xena and I are going to stay for a long time maybe finally settle down, she wants to start a family but being on the road really isn’t the right place, so we came home.

That’s wonderful! Although I can’t see Xena letting someone well you know get you in the family way.

That’s the thing Ephiny do you remember how we told you about Ares and Xena’s mother well, Xena is half god and well one of her gifts she has is to sire children.

"Xena can make a baby, With you, Just you and her, "WOW! I can’t believe it." So does Xena have a...


Sorry, just wondering!

I don’t know how that part works but I can assure you she is all woman!

Just then pony and Xena walked up and handed them their drinks.

So what are you lades talking about?

Ephiny was just telling me about the new borders for the nation, weren’t you eph!

Um yes I was.

Hey Xena what’s say you and me go to the tavern in the next village?

Sure why not I could us some fun about now.

Gabriele is it ok with you if I steel the warrior princess for a little while, we will be back before dawn.

Xena please don’t get in any fights tonight.

Babe I’m fine I just want to unwind ok, besides you could use the time to catch up on things with Ephiny.

Ok, love you.

Love you to babe, bye.


Have you seen the new chicks, man are they hot!

I saw them at the party, who are they pony?

Some babes that got caught up with so slavers, Ephiny is letting them stay in the village.

So have you had the pleasure?

"Hell no, Ephiny would have my ass!"

Come on pony you’re talking to me here, I know you.


So tell me are they going to be at the tavern?

Xena you are truly a dog!

"Yea, yea, but you love me."




Um Xena we better go home it’s getting late.

Xena had one of the girls on her lap and she was kissing her neck and fondling her breast threw her top.

In a minute pony, I’m having way too much fun. So sweetheart are you going to show me you room or am I going to take you right here on my lap?

Come on Xena we can come back tomorrow if you want I’m sure she won’t mind, will you.

Xena wants to stay and I don’t think you should be telling her what to do, right baby?

"Yea, I’m the warrior princess."

"A very married warrior princess!"

"Xena you’re married?"

And so what if I am?

Well wont your wife get mad at you?

I’m a warrior, besides who is going to tell her? Now are you just going to sit there or are you going to kiss me?

Well, ok!

"Gods I love the way you smell!"

Xena put her hand under the girls skirt and started to fuck her right at the table, she would take her hand out every so often and put her fingers in her mouth,

Um… you taste good too.

Xena what if someone sees you, "shit I shouldn’t have let you drink so much."


The girl started to buck her hips; she bit into Xena’s shoulder sucking it so she would not scream so much.

"That’s it baby cum for me!"

Xena people are starting to stare at us.

"Damit pony, stop being such a fucken baby!"

Look babe I’m going to go can I see you again?

"Oh… yes you bet you can."

Good, now put your underwear back on.

Are you sure you want to leave Xena, I haven’t returned the favor, don’t you want to…

Look honey, Xena and I have to get home so just take a cold shower!


Xena is that you, are you ok?


Gods Xena you look a mess! Are you drunk?

Babe I really don’t want to talk right know. I would rather do other things with my mouth!

Xena it’s late and I have a full day tomorrow.

But babe I’m horny, you know how I get when I’m drinking, I need you love.

You can’t even stand on your own much less anything ells.

Gabriele started to undress Xena and put her to bed, Xena was so drunk she fell on the bed taking Gabriele with her. Gabriele turned her to her side and scooted in with her and started to fall asleep, just then Xena decided she was not sleepy anymore.

Xena stop that!

Come on honey let me have you, you know you want to.

Xena started to tear the bard’s clothes off of her and take her.

"Xena you’re hurting me stop, Xena I can’t handle you like this you get to rough with me."

Xena grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one hand, then started to force her legs open with her knees, Gabriele was trying to get loose but Xena held her tight, Xena put three fingers in her with out warning. Gabriele could do nothing to stop her, she knew she would be sore in the morning from the way Xena was taking her.


Gabriele woke up and eased her self off the bed trying not to wake Xena up; she was on her way over to the food hut when she ran into Ephiny.

Gabriele, sweet Airtimes what happened to you?

It’s nothing Ephiny, just a little sore.

Did you hurt your self? What happen to you?

Ephiny really I’m fine just a little sore, it will go away in a little while.

Ephiny saw the blush on Gabriele’s face and understood what had happened, with a grin she asked for Xena.

She’s still sleeping, Ephiny don’t make such a big deal ok it doesn’t even hurt anymore.

Are you trying to tell me Xena did this to you? I can’t believe she had the strength, pony told me Xena could hardly ride Argo much less anything ells.

Funny Eph,very funny!


"Come in!"

Sorry Xena, I saw Gabriele with Ephiny and thought I should make sure everything was ok with you two.

Pony we are fine, why wouldn’t we be?

Don’t you remember last night, you and Tara?

Tara who?

"Xena the girl you pick up at the bar!"

Pony are you sure or are you trying to be funny?

"Xena, you were fucking her at the table! She even gave you that!"

Pony was pointing to the red and purple mark on Xena’s shoulder.

Gabriele gave that to me.

Xena I saw her do it.

You are so full of shit, first, I’m naked and in my bed so it’s sure Gabriele and I fooled around, second, she would have told me or thrown me out last night.

I’m telling the truth girl, you and that girl were all over each other last night, you told her you where going back tonight to see her.

"Shit, Gabriele is going to freak!"

Well you could let her think she did that to you, it was dark and she was asleep when I help you in. Maybe she won’t know.

Xena got out of bed and started to wash up, Pony started to talk.

Xena do you love Gabriele?

You know I do pony.

Then why the whore last nigh?

What, you never cheated on Ephiny?

Ephiny and I have an understanding, I stay faithful and she lets me breathe if you know what I mean!

Well Gabriele and I, how can I put this… she loves me and I love her but sometimes I just need a little extra.

Does she know about the little extra?

I think she suspects it but does not know for sure.

What are you going to do?

Well first I’m going to go get some tea I feel like shit.

But what about the hickey?

Well I’ll deal with that when I have to.


So Xena did you sleep well, you look like you could use a drink.

Very funny Ephiny!

Morning love. (Kisses Gabriele and takes a seat next to her)

Is that all you are going to eat babe?

From the look of things she already had some warrior wife, gods look at your shoulder.

Hey I can’t help it if my wife can’t get enough of me! Right babe, babe what’s the mater? Why are you sitting like that?

Xena please shut up. (She gets up to leave and Xena follows her)

Gabriele what is wrong with you?

"You did it again didn’t you, who was it Xena who was the whore this time?

Gabriele what in are you talking about, what whore?

"Don’t try to lie Xena, I know you were with someone last night!"

Gabriele stop yelling and listen to what you are saying. I was with you last night.

Xena that bite on your shoulder did not come from me.

Are you telling me we did nothing last nigh! Because from the looks of it you sure did something.

Xena you where so drunk last night, you took me against my will and keep on doing it and telling me you were not going to stop until I was finally pregnant.

So we had rough sex maybe you bit me during one of your orgasms; it’s not the first time I have taken you like that.

"Xena I was so scared you where going to hit me I didn’t have an orgasm! I just laid there and let you have your way until you fell asleep."

Gabriele that does not prove anything.

"Xena I could taste her in your mouth, do you know how disgusted I was with you!"

Gabriele… honey… I was drunk I don’t even remember coming home or making love to you, baby you have to believe me.

Why Xena, you told me you would never do this to me, do you think I don’t know about the others?

I love you babe only you please forgive me, it will never happen again.

Is it me Xena do I not please you in bed?

No Gabriele it’s not you babe, I’m just an idiot. Come on love please we need to get over this if we want to be happy. You are going to be the mother of our children.

Xena I love you but you have got to learn to not drink so much.

Whatever you say babe.

Good now lets go eat I’m hungry.

Maybe we could go back to our hut and really make up.

I would really love that but I’m kind of sore from last night.

Baby I’m sorry about that I hope I didn’t hurt you, tell you what I’m going to take Argo for a run you go have your breakfast and I will see you in a candelmark ok.

Xena you have to eat something first.

I’m ok baby I’m just going to have some tea, but I will see you later and we can have lunch together, love you. (kisses Gabriele and leaves )


Xena was brushing Argo down in the stable after her run when she felt something. Who ever you are come out. Zeus appeared in front of her.

Grandfather what can I do for you?

Well Xena we need to talk, I’m not good at this and I can’t find your Aunt Aphrodite.

What do we have to talk about?

Just then Airtimes appeared. Father you wanted to see me.

Thank you very much for showing up when you did, Xena has come to the next stage in her life, and needs to know what changes will happen to her.

What do you mean by that?

What father wants to say is that I get to tell you about… what do you call it puberty I think.

That is ridiculous I know about puberty, I’m marred for crying out loud!

I will leave you two alone for this, call if you need to.

Just then Aphrodite appeared, Hey baby cakes time for the bird and the bees god style!

Someone tell me what is going on!

Look Xena when you reach the age of thirty your body is able to do things mortals can’t, like how do you think you’re going to knock up that pretty little wife of yours.

Aphrodite is right (I never thought I would say that in my life) on your thirtieth birthday you will be able to do things with your body, you will also go threw some very difficult changes.

You are going to be one horny warrior princess!

Thank you sis for clarifying that to her.

No problem!

What about Gabriele getting pregnant?

Xena you will fell that change when it happens.

What is going to happen, will it hurt Gabriele? Because if it will then forget it!

Look babe believe me she will enjoy it!

Xena when you mate with her just go with your instinct it will happen naturally. From that time on you will be able to sire children, it may take time to get her pregnant or it may not it all depends on the person.

And babe, just so you know if you keep fucking around like you have, you may want to be careful not to knock them up!

That enough Aphrodite!

She has to now this Airtimes, I’m sure your queen won’t want the Amazon Nation full with Xena’s basterd children! I have to go, love you guys!

Xena for the sake of Gabriele please be careful, I don’t think your marriage would survive that.

I will, thank you for the talk.



So what have you got in the basket?

Just some things I got from the food hut.

Would you like some wine?


Xena what’s wrong?

Babe I need to tell you something.


Well you know tomorrow is my birthday… anyway I had a visit with Airtimes and Aphrodite.

About what?

Well they told me that on that day I will go threw changes and then I will be able to get you pregnant.

That’s great Xena but why are you so quiet?

Well I’m not sure what kind of changes I’m going to go threw; however they did say that I would be very horny.

"Gods, more than you are now!"

Very funny!

Other than that I really don’t know what is going to happen.

Well what ever happens I will still love you!



How is the birthday girl doing?

She’s fine I hope!

What is that suppose to mean?

Well let’s see, she woke up about dawn and woke me up in a very interesting way. We have been at it all this time! I had to tell her I was hungry so she would let me go. "She just looks at me and she wants to fuck me."

"AH pore baby!"(Ephiny tells her laughing)

So did you two find out how you are going to get pregnant yet?

No she doesn’t think she has reached that level yet.

Well good luck my friend.

Xena walked up behind Gabriele and Ephiny could see the lust in her eyes.

I thought you where going to eat?(she put her arm around her wife’s waste)

I am baby; I was just talking to Ephiny.

Happy birthday Xena, how does it fell to be thirty?

Fine thanks for asking. I’m going to take Argo for a run; I’ll be back for lunch.

Ok honey, see you then.


Xena was at the lake just looking at the water when Tara showed up.

Can I help you with something?

That all depends, why didn’t you come back last night? I waited for you.

Look I don’t even remember the other night, so if I did or said anything I’m sorry.

Maybe this will help you remember me!

Tara started to kiss Xena on the shoulder and put her hands on her breast, Xena pushed her away.

What’s the matter Xena I won’t bite unless you want me to!

Xena was having a hard time controlling her hormones and Tara was not making it any easier, she started to undo her shirt.

Come on Xena I know you want some of this.

Look little girl you don’t know what I want.

Come on Xena you didn’t think I was a little girl the other night when you fucked me!

Look I’m sorry if I did anything to you so let’s just forget about it ok?

Tara started to rub up on Xena.

I don’t want to forget, I want you to show me…(kisses Xena’s neck) what you…(pulling Xena down with her) need. (Xena started to kiss her first on the mouth then her neck) That’s it baby go with it.

You think you can just pull your tit’s out and teas me with them, if I wanted to fuck you I would, believe me when I tell you you can’t handle me, so back off! (Xena walked away very angry and very aroused)



You think Xena will be happy about the cake?

She won’t mind Ephiny.

"Can I put her face in it?"

No pony, that she will mind.

Wow! um Gabriele…

She looks like someone pissed her of bad!

"shit that’s not anger!"(Gabriele didn’t even know she said that out loud)

Xena grabs her and starts to kiss her, her hands start to wander all over her body.

Honey Mmm… honnney umm… stop(takes Xena’s hand off her ass)

Come on baby let’s go to our hut!

Xena oh gods (moves Xena’s hand from her breast) I’m in the middle of planing your party. (Stops Xena’s hand from going up her skirt) we can umm… "Talk" later.

Pony let’s go check the…(watching Xena kiss Gabriele)

"Yea ok Ephiny, I think I have to "Talk" to you too."

See you two later then.


I’ll be surprised if Gabriele can walk after Xena is done with her!


You said it pony!



Xena was on her back with Gabriele straddling her waist.

"Oh baby I think I’m going to cum again!"

That’s it Gabriele cum for me!

Xena was holding Gabriele’s hips as she rocked them to and fro, both their centers touching and sliding into each other, "baby you make me so horny I want to just keep fucking you!"

"Oh shit!"(Pushing Gabriele off of her)

"What’s wrong Xena, why did you stop?"

Um… Gabriele I think I know how I’m going to get you pregnant! (Looking down at her center, Gabriele followed her eyes to it)

"Like hell you are! It’s so big Xena you are not going to stick that (pointing to her big throbbing cock) in me!"

Gabriele just let me think ok! (Xena touches it and she moans, she strokes it a few times and likes it) God’s Gabriele you have got to touch this it’s fells so good!

Xena I can’t you know I have never…

Gabriele look just stroke it up and down, here give me your hand.

She takes Gabriele’s hand and starts to stroke it.

Mmmm… Gods Baby… that fells so good, (Gabriele starts to do it faster) oooohhhh…uummm…uuhhh…uuuuhhhhh…GGGGG…GGG…Gabriele.

Oh my! Gabriele thought as she sees her warrior cum all over her hand, she can fell the penis jerk as it shoots it’s wade. Xena are you ok?

"Dame girl that was just incredible!"

How did this happen Xena, and will it go away?

Baby I was just thinking about fucking you and the next thing I know I had this.

Well you already had an orgasm so why is it still there?

"Oh baby, I’m far from sated!"

Xena no!

Why not Gabriele? How do you expect to get pregnant!

Xena I still remember the first time we made love and that hurt like hell, I was so sore after, and that was just your fingers.

How about we go really slow. Just lay back and let me do all the work, you can do what ever you like. (Starts kissing her neck) she was rubbing Gabriele’s breast and kissing her deeply, Gabriele felt something pushing in-between her legs.

Xena I think it’s starting to get hard you better move it before it uuuuuhhhhhhhhh… (Xena suddenly impaled her and started in a slow but steady fuck) God’s it hurts Xena pleas stop!

Uh …uh…uh… b…b…baby I uh… uh… can’t it fells uh… to uhh… good uhh… I’ll try and go slower uhhh… shit I uhh… think uhh… I’mmmmmm… cccccccuuuuuuuuuumminng!

Gabriele could fell Xena inside her jerking as she came hard, she could also fell the penis start to harden again this time she was enjoying it, it felt very warm and it was stretching her lips as Xena pumped in and out.

They did this for about two candle marks Gabriele could not take anymore, four times was more than enough for her, Xena could probably go another round if Gabriele let her but her bard was starting to get sore.

Give me your hand baby I’m still hard! Gabriele started jacking Xena off until she came and her cock started to get soft. After a bit of time the penis just shrank bake to where it was before the girls knew about it, Gabriele was very happy she could see her vagina and gave it a kiss.

Baby we need to get up for your party.

That night Gabriele was glowing, she was walking funny but she was glowing. As for Xena well let’s just say she was like a kid in the market she could not keep her hand off of her wife.

One year had gone by and the village was getting ready for Xena’s party. She had gone on a hunting trip and was due back anytime so they would surprise her. (Or would they)

To be continued...


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