Cruel Love II




This is a very alt fanfic so if you are not into f/f sex go someplace ells because these girls are all over each other in one way or another

J You have been warned read at your own risk. This story is about living with an abusive person. It's kind of on the cruel side so if you don't like to read about how Gabriele get slapped around then I don't think you should read this. Also I am going with the beliefs that Xena is half god so it kind of gives me room to playJ

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"Dame girl! If you go out like that we are going to have to put guards all around you".

"Thanks Eph, you think Xena will like it?"

"Well if you were my wife I wouldn’t let you out of my site! Xena is one lucky woman."

"If you say so Eph. Before she went with the hunting party she was spending a lot of time in that village. We haven’t well…you know in a while now."

"Well friend when she sees you in that she’s going to know what she has been missing."

"Ephiny do you know if Xena’s mother has arrived yet?"

"Yes and she came with Xena’s cousin Mia, I didn’t know Xena had a cousin."

"I think I remember Cyrine talking about her once."

"Well I can tell you if I didn’t have pony!"

"That good looking?"

"Girl she has had all the Amazons asking about her!"

"I think it’s time I meet this cousin of Xena’s."


"Are you sure Xena is coming to the party?"

"I hope so Mother Cyrine, She is due home today."

"Aunt Cyrine I’m going to the food hut for a snack."

"Mia I want you to meet Gabriele, Queen of the Amazons and Xena’s wife."

"It’s nice to finally meet the woman who got the old warrior to settle down."

"Thank you Mia, why don’t I have someone bring you and Mother Cyrine lunch?"

"That would be nice Gabriele. We can start getting ready for the party Aunt Cyrine."


"Hey Xena! What do you think about this?"

Pony is sitting with a port in one hand and someone’s breast in the other.

"I think you have had more than you can handle my friend!"

"Very funny, coming from a warrior that has bedded almost every women in this dive!"

"What’s the matter Pony you want some to?"

"No thank you! I don’t know how you can touch Gabriele, much less fuck her, where do you get the energy?"

"Shut up Pony!"

"I hope the other Amazons caught something out there."

"I hope so. You think anyone will tell we did not go with them?"

"Solari told them we had to find something in the village."

"Well they better hurry up it’s getting late. I hope they didn’t go home with out us."

"Your telling me, Xena we have to get home for your party or Gabriele will have my head. She told me to make sure you got there in time to wash and dress!"

"Well I’m sure she will be upset at both of us for this one."


The party had started over three candle marks ago, Gabriele had started drinking the wine like it was her last drink in life. She was very upset that Xena had not shown up for her party. Most of the other hunters had arrived already.

"I think you had better see to our Queen, Eph, she looks like she is going to leave with Xena’s cousin."

"Like I could stop her Solari, where is Xena at anyway?"

"Pony told me they had to find some thing in the village."


"Yup! Said it was important and we should go hunting without them."

"They didn’t even go hunting with you?"


"I’m going to talk to Xena’s mother for a second, don’t let Gabriele out of your site!"

"Yes my Regent."


"My daughter has been doing what?"

"I’m sorry but it’s true, according to Solari they didn’t even go on the trip."

"Why would Xena spend all that time in a whore house? I thought she was happily married to Gabriele!"

"Well it’s not really a whore house, it’s a tavern. All the girls go to the tavern at night."

"Do you go to this TAVERN as well Regent Ephiny?"

"No ma’am!"

"What about Gabriele?"

"No, Xena won’t let her go. Told her she is never to step foot in their if she knew what was good for her!"

"I see, tell me has Xena ever hit Gabriele?"


"Has Xena ever hit Gabriele?"

"I have never seen her hit her, but I don’t think Gabriele would let Xena hit her."

"I think Xena needs a good talking to, and I’m just the person to do it!"

"Ephiny! Gabriele and Mia have gone to the tavern."

"How do you know that Solari?"

"Well ma’am, I was going to get a drink and someone was saying that they would not want to be in Xena’s shoes when the Queen catches her at the bar."


"So are you going to tell me where we are going?"

"Um…I thought we could go into the next village and have some fun. Xena hasn’t come home and she probably won’t come back till tomorrow.

"Gabriele aren’t you worried about her? I mean the other hunters got back in time."

"No I’m not worried about her, she kind of has a habit of not coming home on time."

"Okay if you say so. What is there to do in this town?"

"There is a tavern in town that the girls are always talking about, I hear it’s fun and it’s always full of interesting female strangers."

"Female strangers?"

"Well… it’s an all girls bar. I have always wanted to go but Xena would never let me."

"Are you sure we should be going then, I mean what if Xena find out? Won’t she be mad at you?"

"Hey no more talk about Xena, pass me the wine skin cousin!"

"It’s your butt Gabriele, hope you know what you are doing!"



"I’m tired, one more game and we go home."

"Sure I’m loosing all my money to you anyway Xena. Ephiny is going to kill me for this I can fell it! Xena, Tara’s coming down the stairs, she has an evil look on her like she’s up to something!"

"Fuck Tara! I’m getting really tired of her she is worse than Gabriele!"

As Tara came down the stairs she noticed Gabriele walk in with another woman and take a seat at one of the tables. From the way they walked they looked like they had one to many.

Mia and Gabriele sat down and ordered port and started talking to each other.

"Tell me how long have you been Xena’s cousin?"

"Shit you really are drunk aren’t you?"

The waitress put down the drinks and bent down to Gabriele's ear.

"If you need anything just call me, Blondie."

"But your hair is brown?"

The waitress starts to laugh; she puts her hand on the bard’s shoulder.

"Look honey, you can call me what ever you want to, as pretty as you are!"

"Thank you um…Blondie."

"Gods you are drunk!"

"Mia lets not worry about…. Well I forgot what I was going to say!"

Mia and Gabriele start to swallow their port.

"Look Blondie I’m off in a minute, why don’t I join you girls, I will bring some more port for you and your friend and we could have a good time just the three of us!"

"Sure that would be fun the more the merrier!"

The waitress got the port and sat down next to Gabriele they all started talking. After a bit the barmaid had her arm around the bard’s should and their it stayed.


Tara takes a seat next to Xena and starts to rub her thigh.

"I’m not in the mood Tara." takes her hand away from her. "Xena you’re always in the mood!" starts to rub Xena’s thigh.

"Get the fuck away from me Tara! I have had more than I’m going to take from you bitch!"

"Don’t talk to me like that Xena, I’m not your WIFE!"

"No you’re not my wife. My wife is not a WHORE!"

"Sure looks like one to me!"

Pony starts to choke on her drink as they all turn to where Tara is pointing.

"Looks like you ain’t the only one sticking it to her!"

"Shut up Tara!"

"Now Xena maybe its not what it looks like!"

"Pony are you blind? That bitch has her arms around my wife! And look what she is wearing!"

Xena gets up and walks over, she is standing right behind Gabriele and the waitress, just then Mia looks up.


"What! Where?"


"Oh my gods!"

Xena grabs the waitress and punches her in the face knocking her out; next she pulls Gabriele up by her arm and turn around to Mia.

"Get up!"

"Xena I can explain!"

"Shut up Mia!"

"Who is Mia?"

"Me I’m Xena’s cousin."

"Lets go NOW!"

"Xena you’re hurting my arm! Xena!"

"If you would listen to me your arm wouldn’t be hurting now would it?".

"What did I do wrong?"

"What the fuck do you think you are doing in this place Gabriele?"

"Xena why are you so mad?"

"Did you like that bitch all over you?"

"Xena she was not all over me!".


"I was just having a drink with Mia."

"I thought I told you not to drink?"

"Well what do you want me to do, you didn’t show up for your party!"

"So you come to the tavern and get drunk and act like a slut!"

"I am not acting like a slut!"

"Shut up and get on the Argo!"

"No Xena I know you, We go home and you will hit me!"

"If you don’t get on this horse I will do more than hit you!"

"Xena I didn’t think you would be so mad!"

"You fucken thought wrong! Now lets go home."

She garbed her and pulled her up in front on Argo after she got on. Xena was watching as Pony had to help her cousin on to her horse, after they all got on the horses hey were on there way.

"What the fuck are you wearing Gabriele?"

"Um…I had the tailor make it for me, I thought you would like it."

"I can see your breast from where I’m sitting, I just bet she could to!"

Gabriele didn’t say anything after that; the ride home was fast and quiet.


"Ephiny I think you better come look at this and bring Xena’s mom!"

Out in the square Xena was pulling Gabriele down from the horse and she was telling her to go to their hut and not to come out.

"Mia go to sleep, you look like you could use it!"

"Yes Aunt Cyrine."

She turned to look at Xena.

"If I were you, I would keep a better eye on her! She is only 18 summers and already looking for trouble!"

"Nice to see you to daughter!"

"We can talk in the morning, I have a drunk wife to attend to!"


"Yes mother?"

"I hope you aren’t going to do something you regret later!"

"Mother I will handle my wife as I see fit!"

"Fine, and Xena?"


"Happy birthday."

"Thank you Mother."

Xena took care of Argo and tried to calm her self down. She just kept seeing Gabriele with that woman and it pissed her off.

Ephiny started to throw Pony’s things out of her hut telling her she was not going to be lied to.

"Babe I love only you, please think about this!"

"How could you do that Pony? You lied to me."

"Eph we had to stop in the village on the way home from the hunt!"

"You and Xena never went on the fucken hunt!"


"So don’t try to lie to me!"

Pony knew she was caught so she just garbed her things and went to sleep in the woods. All the other Amazons tried to act like they heard nothing but Ephiny was yelling at Pony from the top of her lungs.


Xena entered her hut while Gabriele was putting on her nightshirt.

"You can give me that thing you had on."


"Because I’m going to throw it away!"

She gave the dress to Xena and she tore it in half then put it in the fire.

"If I ever see you in anything like that again, You won’t be able to sit for o week!"

"What ever!"

Xena garbed her hair and held her to her.

"I will not have you talk to me in that way! Now what do you have to say for your self?"

"I did nothing wrong! You are the one who should be apologizing to me!"


"No Xena! You think I’m that stupid? I know what you do out there! Your little whore can’t keep her moth shut!"


"Don’t try to lie it’s not going to help you. I know everything about her. Did you know she was only 19 summers old? Or are you in to that sort of thing?"

"Gabriele that is more than enough from you!"

"Why you can’t handle the truth?"

"I’m warning you!"

"You are going to hurt me anyway so I don’t care!"

Xena pushed her to the bed and slapped her on the face.

"Well I’m glad you can still touch me in some way!"

"What are you saying?"

"Well you haven’t laid a hand on me in so long that was not in anger! It’s like you get off on hurting me and cheating on me! Why?"

"Is that what you want?"


"You want me to fuck you!"

"Xena this is not about sex it’s about love!"

"I do love you Gabriele you are my wife!"

"And what of the whore?"

"Gabriele for almost a year we have been trying to get pregnant. And it’s just too much for me. Every time we made love it was like a chore to me. I stooped enjoying it after a while, So I turned to Tara for the other stuff I was missing in you, in our love making "

"Why didn’t you talk to me?"

"I felt like I failed you. You should be caring our child by now."

"Xena I don’t think you failed me, I always thought I failed you."

"Look I’m sorry, I have been a fool and I won’t blame you if you want to leave my."

"I love you and I will not leave you, I just have one thing to say about your extra activities!"

"Anything you want love!"

"I want you to stop seeing Tara and I want you to talk to me if it get to be to much. Do you understand me?"

"Honey I will do what ever you ask of me."

"I also think that maybe we where trying to hard to get pregnant. No more pressure, If it doesn’t happen soon then I can live with it. We are both still young and have time."

"Honey I think I love you more if that’s possible. Lets go to bed you look tired my love."

"Good idea."

Later on that night.



"I’m sorry for every thing."

"I know love, I love you honey!"

"I love you too babe!"

"Honey I think we woke something up!"

"Me too!"

"Can I try something, Maybe if I got really imaginative, it won’t fill like work to you!"

"What did you have in mind babe?"

"Um. You will see!"

They started to kiss each other Xena had her hands in Gabriele’s hair. Gabriele was stroking Xena over and over really slow.

"Gods baby I like that it fells good. Oh yea! More babe…. Mooore!

"Not yet honey!"

Gabriele went down on her and started to like at the head of the penis.

Hhhoooooooooo…….WH..Where did you learn that? Hhhhuuuuuuu…Babe don’t stop.

Gabriele started to suck on it putting the shaft in her mouth, moving her head up and down. She could fell it start to jerk and then she felt the hot juice that was all Xena squirt into her mouth. She started to swallow it.


Xena was starting to get soft so Gabriele started to like at it again and put it in her mouth sucking very softly while it started to get hard. Then she put herself over it and slammed her self on to Xena’s shaft.

"XXXXEeeeNNAA…Gods you’re so big!"

"Ride me baby just like that!"

They both came at the same time.


Four moths later she was pregnant.



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