Cruel love III

By Chiva


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This takes place four months after the last story.


"I’m really tired Ephiny I’m going to bed see you in the morning."

"Okay it’s late anyway and the ride back was long, see you tomorrow."

"Xena I’m home." She called out as she walked in the hut really tired from her trip back from negotiating with a neighboring village just north of the border. Xena did not hear her come in. Xena was sitting up in bed with Tara sitting on her with her legs wrapped around Xena and moaning. Xena had her arms around Tara's waist lifting her up and down hard while sucking her nipple into her mouth. Gabriele was in shock she just stood there watching them go at it.

"Uuuuhhhhh… Oooooohhhhhh… Yyesss… Xe…Xena. I.thinnn… uuhhh… Godssss!"

" Come on Tara Cum for me you little whore!"

"Yyyeeesss… I’mmmm… ccccuuuuminn!"

" OOOOhhhh. Yyeess… Ttaraaaaa!"


Gabriele closed the door and ran of into the night she could not believe what she had just seen and in her own hut.


Tara jump off of Xena before Xena had a chance to cum.

"Dame you Tara what the fuck do you think your doing bitch?"

" Xena you can’t do that and you know that. What would happen if I let you cum inside me and I got pregnant!"

Xena grabbed her and turned her over on the bed.

" Xena not that way I don’t like it like that it hur..FUCK!!!"

" That’s it take it like the whore you are!"

"Ohhh… GGGOood…X..XENAAAA… not sooo…. Hhhaard!"

"OOOOhhhhh… Yyyyeeeesss… I’mmm… OOOOhhhhhh!"

Xena keep fucking her until she came. Tara was crying and started to get up.

"Where are you going?"

"Xena that really hurts I don’t like it that way and you know that!"

"It’s your fault not mine, You won’t let me cum the way I want to so stop this shit and get back in bed we are not done yet!"

"Xena I’m tired and I’m sore so fuck off!"

Xena got out of bed and grabbed her by the arm and threw her onto the bed.

"You little bitch I am not going to let you talk to me that way!"

Xena started to hit her; Tara was trying to move away and yelling that she was sorry.

"Please Xena not again I’ll do anything you want please just stop hitting me!"

Xena was really turned on by this and pined Tara on the bed and started to take her.

After Xena came she got off of Tara and told her to get out.

" I don’t ever want to see you again you little whore!"

Tara grabbed a sheet and ran out of the hut crying. Ephiny came out just in time to see Tara run from the hut and could not believe what she had seen; she walked over to Gabriele’s hut and looked in from the open door.

"What just happened? Gods it smells like a brothel in this place! Where is Gabriele?"


"Xena where is Gabriele?"

"When did you two get back?"

Xena was looking for something to cover her naked body but Tara took the sheet that was on the bed so that left her with nothing.

"Shit Xena we came home over a candle mark ago! She was coming strait to bed she was tired."

"I haven’t seen her are you sure she was coming home?"

"Xena I just saw Tara and from the look and smell of it I would say you are in deep shit!"

"You think Gabriele came home and saw us together?"


Gabriele was walking back to the hut she had stopped crying and she was really mad.

"Ephiny can you please wait outside?"

"I’ll be close by if you need me!"

Gabriele closed the door and turned to Xena who was still naked.

"I’m not even going to ask you why. I just want you to get out!"

"Gabriele think about this first please it’s not what it looks like!"

"I saw you and that bitch, She was ridding you Xena and you’re still naked so unless you think I’m that stupid!"

"Gabriele please I love you honey!"


Xena took her clothes and put them on and walked out of the hut.

"Watch her for me Ephiny."

"I will Xena."

Xena took off.

"Ephiny can I stay with you I don’t want to sleep in that bed!"

"Sure Gabriele let’s go you can stay for as long as you like!"



One month later….


"Gabriele you have to tell her."

"I know that Ephiny I’m just not sure how to do it."

"Look maybe if you talk to her mother she can help you out with this!"

"Is Mia still with Pony?"


"Maybe she can come with me."


"I’m sorry if I interrupted anything can I come in?"

"Please come in I was just saying good by to Mia!"

"I can see that!" Gabriele said with a smirk. Mia was pulling up her shirt and fixing her hair. Pony was trying to fix her leathers.

"I have to go Mia, hope you have a safe ride home"

"Thank you Pony see you in a week!"

Pony hugs her and walks out.

"I see you and Pony are really getting along!"

"Yes we are I think I’m falling for her!"

"That is good news Mia!"

"How can I help you Gabriele?"

"Tell me is Xena still living at home with your Aunt Cyrene?"

"Yes didn’t she tell you that when you saw her two days ago?"

"I did not ask."

"Tell me are you guys ever going to get back together?"

"I can’t say why? What has she told you?"

"It’s just that she never really leaves the tavern unless she comes to visit with you and she is really hard to be around!"

"Why is that?"

"She is just really strict with me and it’s getting really old I’m almost twenty years old and she still thinks I’m a virgin!"

"I’m assuming she has no idea that you are seeing Pony!"

"No she would kill me if she knew about us! I told her I was going to see my father for a week, that’s why you didn’t see me while she was visiting you. I know you did not say anything about me or she would have took me with her!"

"Are you going back soon?"

"I’m going home after the noon meal why?"

"I wanted to go with you but maybe we should wait for a couple of days!"


"Well if we go now we will arrive tomorrow at this time and I don’t think that hickey on your neck would be gone by then!"

Mia put her hand to her neck and started to blush.

"Thanks I would be in deep shit!"

"We can go the day after tomorrow it should be lighter by then!"

"I hope so. Thank you!"


"Xena what did Gabriele say when you talked to her?"

"Mother I think she wants out of our marriage!"

"Honey you can’t blame her now can you?"

"I know mother I just wish she would listen to what I have to say to her."

"Xena there is nothing you can say to make it better. You cheated on her!"

"Mother I love her and I don’t want to loose her!"

"What did she tell you?"

"She told me she missed me we even kissed but she also told me that things are more complicated now and she was not going in to this knowing how I am!"

"All I can say is you have a lot to make up for daughter!"

"Mother we also have another problem!"

"What would that be?"

"I saw Tara yesterday and she told me she missed her monthly blood. Mother she thinks she is pregnant!"

"Xena are you sure? Could it be someone else she was with!"

"She told me she was faithful to me but I’m not to sure about that!"

"What will come of this Xena? Gabriele will never come back to you if she thinks Tara is pregnant!"

"I know mother that’s why I’m not going to tell her until I know for sure."

"Xena why didn’t you give her the herbs after you two…?"

"I just didn’t think about that!"

"I don’t trust that little one she is so young Xena, she is what, about Mia’s age?"

"Yes she is. Speaking of Mia mother, are you going to let her do what she wants with who ever she wants to?"

"What are you saying Xena?"

"Mother you know she is seeing someone. I don’t think she went to see her father do you?"

"Xena she is young let her enjoy life!"

" Fine mother but I hope she is being good!"



Three days later….


"Aunt Cyrene look who I found!"

"GABRIELE! Come give me a hug daughter!"

"How are you mother Cyrene?"

"Just fine daughter."

"Is Xena around?"

"Yes up in her room, She has yet to come down for morning meal."

"I need to talk to her but I also need to talk to you first!"

"Come sit down talk to me."


Later that day…

"Just tell her Gabriele, I know you two have much to work out!"

"Thank you mother Cyrene!"



"Come in!"

"Can we talk?"


"Can we talk?"

"Yes please come in love, Sit down!"

Gabriele closes the door and sits on the bed next to Xena.

"Before you say anything Gabriele I just want you to know that I love you very much and that will never change!"

"Thank you Xena, I love you too but we need to talk!"


Gabriele was very nervous being in Xena’s old room she could remember the last time they were alone on this bed!"Talking was not something they really did that night.


"How is your father Mia?"

"Aunt Cyrene can I tell you something?"

"I already know but go ahead!"

"How do you know?"

"It’s in your eyes, Your in love am I correct?"

"Yes very much!"

"And you did not go see your father correct?"

"Yes, Please don’t be mad at me! I just told you that because Xena would not let me go any other way!"

"You know Xena already suspect you are seeing someone don’t you?"

"Well I’m not telling her anything! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt!"

"Mia she will know even if you don’t tell her!"

"Aunt please don’t I will tell her in do time, just not now!"

"I strongly suggest you stay away from her for a day or two!"

"Why is she in a mood again?"

"Not that I know of, But that thing on your neck will put her in one!"


"Gabriele I’m telling the truth I have not been with anyone!"

Xena starts to kiss Gabriele on the lips; Gabriele starts to kiss her back they stay like that for a long time just kissing each other.

"Baby it’s been a long time!"

Xena tells Gabriele and starts to kiss her neck. Gabriele starts to pull away but Xena starts to suck the skin in her mouth remembering how much her wife enjoys it.

"Xena please I have to tell you something!"

"I love you Gabriele let me make love to you!"

Any thought that Gabriele had about talking went out the window. It had been along time and her body just had a mind of it’s own.

Xena laid her on the bed and started to take her top off.

"Baby I want to suck on your breast I have missed them so much baby!"

"Gods yes!"

Xena unlaced her top and started to suck a nipple in her mouth.

"Oh Xena that fells so good!"

Gabriele could fell Xena sucking on her nipples hard and then she let go of the nipple and just stared down at Gabriele as if to ask a question.

"Gabriele you have milk!"

"Yes I do."


"Xena we are going to have a baby!"

Xena was so happy she just started to smile.

"Xena are you okay?"

"I’m going to have a baby!"

"No we are going to have a baby!"

"When? How long are you?"

"I think two moons."

"I love you wife!"

"I love you Xena!"

"Are you okay? Can I get you anything? Are you hungry?"

"Xena I’m fine I don’t need anything and no I’m not hungry!"

"We need to tell mother the good news. Gabriele honey you are staying with me… I hope anyway."

"Yes Xena I plan on staying for a day or two why?"

"I want to start this out right and be completely honest with you my love."

"I like honest!"

"First know that I love you more than anything in this world. I will do everything in my power to protect you and our baby."


"But I have to tell you about Tara…"

"No Xena! I don’t want to talk about her!"

"Gabriele please let me tell you what I have to tell you. When I’m done I won’t blame you if leave my and never come back!"

"What do you have to say?"

"Tara tells me she is pregnant."


"I can’t be sure it’s mine until it is born. Until then I will have to take her word for it."

"I see."

"Gabriele I love you and only you and I hope you can forgive me!"

Gabriele walked out of the room and started down the stairs. She was not sure what to do. Deep down inside she knew this was going to happen, Xena had been fucking her way to long for it not to.



Cyrene and Mia started to clean tables when someone walked in.

"I’m looking for Xena."

"Tara what do you want?"

"Look old woman I need to talk to her and I need to talk to her now!"

Cyrene started to say something but stopped when she saw Gabriele from the corner of her eyes.

"Mother Cyrene I will take care of this one!"

"Well, Well, look who looks like the wife is back in the picture!"

"Tara you need to understand something, I am Xena’s wife not you and she has responsibilities to me not you!"

"Given the way things go she now has a responsibility to me to. I did the one thing you could not do Queen Gabriele, I am giving Xena the one thing she has wanted for so long!"

"Tara you where nothing more than a peace of ass for her nothing more!"

"Yes she did come to me for a good fuck! If you had any idea how to please her maybe she would have stayed home!"

"What is going on?"

"Your TOY wants to see you Xena!"

"Believe me Gabriele I am more than her toy, I am going to be the mother of her baby!"

Tara was staring at Gabriele trying to see the shock on her face but none came.

"You three need to sit down and talk this out!"

"Mother is right we need to talk this out!"

"I just need to know one thing. How far along are you Tara and when is the last time you and Xena…?"

"I’m a week late and we have not had sex in a month maybe longer."

"So Xena, the last time was at the village when I threw you out?"


"And if you are pregnant you are sure this is Xena’s baby?"

"Yes I’m sure."

"This is what we will do, Tara if you are pregnant Xena will see that you and the baby are taken care of. But if the baby is not Xena’s you will stay away from her and she from you understand? Xena you are not to see Tara alone. Do I make myself clear on that?"

"Don’t I have any say in the matter?"

"NO, You have done more than your share Xena!"

"Yes Gabriele."

"Xena I will go back to the village and I want you to come with me but you need to understand that I will not take anymore shit from you!"

"Baby all I want to do is love you!"

"You hit once and I will have you banished from the Amazons and I promise you, you will never see your child again do you under stand?"

"I think that is up to me don’t you think?"

"That’s right you don’t know, well Tara I am going to be a mother too!"

Gabriele started to smile when she saw the look on Tara’s face.

"Now if everyone will excuse me I need a nap!"

Cyrene and Mia started to laugh when they saw the way Gabriele put Xena and Tara in place. Xena had never had anyone talk to her like that and Tara was just in shock trying to figure out what had just happen.


Gabriele was now in her eighth month and Xena was living up to her end. Tara had her moon blood the next day after the talk at the inn she was going to Athens to live. Mia and Pony got joined with Xena’s blessing.

"I hope you are happy my love."

"Xena as long as we have each other and you stay away from the port I thing we can be happy."

"Anything for you Gabriele!"


"I have a daughter! I have a daughter!"

"Xena she has black hair and look at her eyes!"

"With green eyes like your mother you are going to be a knock out!"

"Xena what are we going to name her?"

"How about… Patience?"

"I like that if she is anything like you we are going to need a lot of that!"

"Very funny Gabriele!"

"Then Patience it is.

The end.

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